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Twitter Tweets 2

“Birds flock with their kind; so truth returns to those who practice it.”
(Sirach 27:9)
The Most Recent Tweet: U.S. President Donald Trump.
(The date above the tweets reflects the date WE tweeted our reply)

Ontario Premier Doug Ford @fordnation

July 11
Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted: To our newly sworn-in cabinet, and our skilled team of MPPs - we have a critical task ahead of us. But I know our team is ready and no matter what, we will never forget that we owe this opportunity to the people.
Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Trudeau wants to COMMANDEER "the moral standard" - by using his LIBERALS, to INFLUENCE, CABINET members, to VOTE, 'a certain way' - so as to ENSURE, that the LIBERALS REMAIN, in power.  Trudeau ALSO wants to 'BULLY' other PROVINCES - into  ACCEPTING, 'the Liberal AGENDA' - which is ACTUALLY 'AGAINST, Canadian values'.  As TRUDEAU went SO far, as 'to FORCE the pipeline, to go THROUGH' - by BUYING it with taxpayers' MONEY! - SINKING, the Canadian economy FURTHER, into debt. And he Trudeau DOES it under the guise of "the NATION'S best INTEREST"?  It's TIME for CHANGE.  It's TIME, for a CONSERVATIVE party, to take OVER.  It's TIME for, Doug FORD, to RISE to the challenge! - to REPAIR, 'the DAMAGE', that the LIBERAL party has done to the nation.  STARTING with his own PROVINCE. The DIFFERENCE between the LIBERALS and the CONSERVATIVES? - is that the CONSERVATIVES believe in 'fair VOTING' - and 'PEOPLE having a voice'.  Whereas.  the LIBERALS - SIMPLY believe, "they ARE the voice of the people!" - "THEY will tell the people, WHAT to believe, AND what they WANT! - AND what the moral STANDARD is!"   They will IMPOSE it, on EVERYONE!
July 12

Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted: We will respect parents, teachers and students by getting back to basics and replacing failed ideological experiments in the classroom.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:It COULD be 'easily proven' - IF people, as in "PROFESSIONALS" would take the time to DO so - that, exposing young CHILDREN, to "gender IDENTITY ideological EXPERIMENTS" - and to 'being INSECURE', ABOUT their "born gender" - CAN in FACT! - cause "PSYCHOLOGICAL and EMOTIONAL distress, and HARM". And so HOW MANY! - "kids" - have actually grown UP, BELIEVING - because of 'that ONE, EXPERIMENT' they HAD - with 'the same GENDER' - ACTUALLY, ended UP, with "SERIOUS, psychological issues".  It can EASILY be PROVEN - that EXPOSING CHILDREN, to "GENDER experiments" is 'a FORM of child abuse'!  The PRESSURES of SCHOOL? - are 'ENOUGH'! - FOR them.  And THEN, the teachers WANT to THROW in, 'CONFUSION' - into the CURRICULUM.  Parents are "FREE to RAISE their CHILDREN, with the beliefs THEY want to instill in them" - HOWEVER, that should not be 'IMPOSED', on EVERYONE. And THOSE who 'enforced, such a CURRICULUM'? - of "gender DYSPHORIA" - are ACTUALLY responsible, FOR! - the choices that 'those kids' MADE - as 'a RESULT, of BEING exposed at an EARLY age, to something they cannot even COMPREHEND'! - as they struggle with 'BASIC education'.  In FACT, the #Liberal AGENDA - was to 'OVERWHELM!' - the child - with 'THEIR world view' - so that they CAN'T! - make, 'a clear decision'.  Because the Truth IS, "kids, have IMAGINATION" - AND the Liberals know that. It is 'GOOD'! - that FORD, is bringing back 'the OLD curriculum' - where it is BASED on "ACADEMIC education" - NOT 'trying to form, the MINDS, of kids, to THINK a certain way', at an early AGE - about 'such CRUCIAL, and IMPORTANT, decisions'!

July 19

Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted: Today I announced that Ontario will stand with the people of Saskatchewan to fight the federal carbon tax. We will be joining their legal case to prevent the federal government from imposing a costly carbon tax on the people of our great provinces.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so, if FORD is not able to prevent the CARBON tax, from being "enforced", in ONTARIO - THEN! - there is ANOTHER mode of action, that he could TAKE - by ACTUALLY, gathering the SIGNATURES, of ALL the small BUSINESSES, who would be AFFECTED, by 'the carbon tax increase' - and ALSO, SPEAKING, with the OTHER Premiers of the OTHER Provinces who are ALSO "opposed", to the CARBON tax - and invite THEM to do 'the SAME' - with the local BUSINESSES, of THEIR Province.  And if NECESSARY! - FORM "a class ACTION lawsuit", AGAINST the federal government - for trying to IMPOSE! - 'a CARBON tax', on ALL THOSE, who are AGAINST, the IDEA! - of climate change, being a PROBLEM.  WHY should the CANADIANS, HAVE to PAY, extra TAX? - when CLIMATE change, hasn't EVEN been PROVEN! - as "a REAL problem".  And, that #JustinTrudeau, is trying to FORCE! - the CARBON tax, on ALL Canadians - as he USED Canadian TAXPAYER MONEY, to BUY the PIPELINE - to 'get AROUND, the LAWS, of the individual PROVINCES'. The federal government has 'no right to IMPOSE, a CARBON TAX, ON all CANADIANS'!  And #Trudeau KNOWS this.

July 27
Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted:  "I promised to reduce the size and cost of government, and end the culture of waste and mismanagement. More politicians are not the answer. These changes will dramatically improve the decision making process, and help restore accountability and trust in local governments. For too long City Council has failed to act on the key issues facing Toronto. Less Councilors will mean a more efficient government, and more action on key issues like transit, housing and infrastructure."
Reply from @Real2Witnesses: With regards to having "FEWER POLITICIANS"? - LESS politicians, means that things will get done 'a lot QUICKER' - and there will be 'LESS INTERFERENCE', and 'LESS red tape', to GO through. It will be "BETTER overall, for the City of Toronto".  But 'the PEOPLE, in POWER'? - ESPECIALLY the Liberals - do NOT! - WANT, the city COUNCIL to be reduced in SIZE - because THAT means, 'FEWER positions of power' - and FEWER "OBSTACLES", to 'the Conservative AGENDA', to RESTORE Toronto.  And so, what Doug FORD needs to be made AWARE of - is that, "LIBERALS, will go SO FAR, as to PAY, 'actors', to PROTEST! - what he is doing" - just "REGULAR people" - offering them, MONEY! - to protest - so it LOOKS like there is 'OPPOSITION', to his PROPOSAL. And THAT is actually "an ABUSE of the PUBLIC voice".  Doug Ford should ASK, the PROTESTORS who were PAID to protest, to come FORWARD, and 'PAY them!' - $100.00 EACH! - JUST, for coming forward, and being EXPOSED.

July 27

Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted: Let's get Toronto City Hall moving for the people. Less politicians, gridlock, and dysfunction. More progress on building transit, repairing infrastructure, and reducing housing backlogs.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: In ORDER to solve the gridlock PROBLEM in TORONTO? - the BEST thing would be, for the PROVINCE, to actually "BUY, the 407 toll route" - and REMOVE the tolls! - altogether.  Because, simply based on 'PSYCHOLOGICAL reasons' - PEOPLE don't want to pay "TOLLS" - ESPECIALLY with the GAS PRICES, the way that they ARE - and THEY will 'AVOID', using "a TOLL route" - and spend MORE HOURS, in traffic - SIMPLY based on "principle".  Look to VANCOUVER! - as "an EXAMPLE", of how 'a TOLL route', was "a bad IDEA"!  Because PEOPLE, would actually 'look for OTHER routes', and AVOID, 'the TOLL' altogether.  And THIS caused "a GRIDLOCK".  And ALL "the alternative ROUTES" were JAMMED with CARS.  And, they could hardly AFFORD, the TOLL bridge.  And so, the City of VANCOUVER, was FORCED! - to remove the TOLL. If TRUDEAU! - can buy "a PIPELINE"! - to actually IMPOSE, "a BAD idea", on Canadians? - then ONTARIO, can PURCHASE a TOLL route - and make it FREE! - for people to USE - that would actually 'HELP Canadians', and 'HELP the City of Toronto'.
August 04

Doug Ford @OntarioNewsNow Tweeted: We promised to use every tool at our disposal to protect Ontario jobs and families from the Trudeau Liberals’ carbon tax. This is why we are issuing a court challenge against the unconstitutional tax at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: HOW does a carbon tax make SENSE? - with ALL of the FOREST fires, that are going on, in ONTARIO, and in various PROVINCES.  The FORESTS are LITERALLY "burning" - creating LARGE amounts of CO2.  WHO is working to 'put out the FIRES'?  Is TRUDEAU?  Or is HE more INTERESTED, in "another TAX", that makes no SENSE. If PEOPLE want to reduce "carbon EMISSIONS", then, they need to START, by being 'more VIGILANT', about PUTTING out, the FOREST fires!  MONEY needs to be DIVERTED, to 'fighting FOREST fires'!  But PEOPLE don't need to be 'TAXED', in ADDITION to the homes and the PROPERTIES, that they are LOSING! - BECAUSE, these fires are 'so out of control'.  There NEEDS to be "a COMMON SENSE SOLUTION" - NOT another tax.  Canadians, are 'maxed-OUT' on their taxes.  Even as people switch over to electric VEHICLES, there IS still as much "smog", in the CITIES - AND in ADDITION, "smoke, from FOREST fires".
In a Tweet on August 08, Ford attached a province of Ontario news release to one of his Tweets:  News Release - Ontario Contributes $100 Million More to Battling Forest Fires 

August 14

Doug Ford @OntarioNewsNow Tweeted: Ontario to launch safe online cannabis sales on October 17. Regulated private retail sales starting on April 1, 2019. The minimum age for consumers will be 19.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so what the Ontario GOVERNMENT has effectively BECOME, in the Eyes of their Creator - are "DRUG pushers".  Even THOUGH they DO it under the DISGUISE of "LEGALIZING, drugs".  The problem with MARIJUANA being 'the HEALTH side-effects of it' - and 'the ADDICTIVE nature' it fosters in individuals who USE it.  It is even worse than TOBACCO.  And yet, now, the Ontario Government wants to make it readily AVAILABLE, for YOUNG people, to use - as YOUNG as 19 years old!  And THIS in effect, will introduce YOUNG people to marijuana, BEFORE they begin drinking, at the age of 21 - as more United States YOUTH will want to VISIT CANADA - just so that they can 'get HIGH'!  And so now even MORE people are going to be "STONED", and SEDATED - THROUGHOUT these End Times - THROUGHOUT 'the Time of the APOCALYPSE' - as an ALTERNATIVE to "waking-UP! - TO the disasters, that are HAPPENING, all AROUND them".  MORE and more PEOPLE are going to be 'turning to SYNTHETIC highs - through marijuana - IN Ontario - and THEN! - they will 'turn to the BOTTLE', and THEN they will get behind 'the WHEEL of a car' - and DRIVING will become MUCH more dangerous!  And THAT'S just "a simple FACT, of cause and effect".  And it will NO longer be 'MOTHERS against DRUNK drivers' - but "mothers against drunk AND high drivers".  And so THIS is what the Ontario GOVERNMENT accomplished - with the help of taxpayer's money - and by following the LEAD of Justin Trudeau.
August 15

Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted:  We promised to restore trust and accountability in Ontario’s finances. Today we announced that the experts at @EYCanada will lead a comprehensive line-by-line audit. The party with the taxpayers’ money is over. #onpoli

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so why IS 'the global media' so MUCH against Doug FORD? - and the REAL CHANGE and REFORM that he is BRINGING, to Ontario's GOVERNMENT legislature?  WHY didn't the people who were in charge BEFORE him, make these changes?  Why DIDN'T they 'WANT' the Ontario GOVERNMENT, to be "ACCOUNTABLE", for taxpayer's money?  Why DIDN'T they WANT, "FULL TRANSPARENCY"? - so that the PEOPLE, were 'INFORMED', and KNEW! - HOW their MONEY was being SPENT - and exactly WHAT, the Government, was doing - and what KIND of 'LAWS', were being PASSED, and CHANGED?   With DOUG Ford - HE! - is bringing "a paradigm SHIFT" in POLITICS! - to LESSEN, 'the BURDENS', of the TAXPAYERS.  BECAUSE he SEES himself, as 'one of the PEOPLE' - NOT as "a politician", PUSHING 'his OWN political agenda'.  Doug FORD is NOT RUN, BY, 'the deep STATE' - or by 'people of POWER' - who have their OWN! - agenda for Ontario.  But as his campaign PROMISED, he is "a government OF! - the people, FOR the people".  And it will be "quite the REVELATION" - that they FIND! - after they FINISH, AUDITING Ontario's finances.
September 03

Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted: NAFTA is vital for the hundreds of thousands of Ontario workers whose jobs depend on trade. I have been in contact with U.S. governors to discuss the benefits of trade for jobs in both of our countries. We will continue to work with the federal government to protect Ontario jobs.

@Real2Witnesses: HOW is it even "REALISTIC"? - for the Canadian GOVERNMENT, to HOPE in "a free TRADE DEAL"? - with the United STATES - after TRUDEAU, "BRUTALLY! - BOTCHED! - ANY trade deals!" - with THIS Administration.  BECAUSE, he was 'BLINDED', by his DESIRE, to PEDAL, the "DEEP state NARRATIVE" - that was for the PURPOSE, of trying to sabotage Trump's PRESIDENCY.  TRUDEAU! - acted, 'HOSTILE', towards the United STATES - and, the United STATES, simply RECIPROCATED.  Because,TRUDEAU, does NOT HAVE "the Canadian WORKERS' best interests", at HEART - but he was 'WILLING to SACRIFICE', ALL of those Canadian jobs! - BECAUSE, of his EGO.  HE, 'tried', to EXERT "MAXIMUM PAIN", for President Donald TRUMP - by INFLICTING! - "RETALIATORY tariffs", ON the United States imports - on CANADA Day! - during CANADA'S Birthday Celebrations!  HE "made it PERSONAL".  And so, BECAUSE, of the "HUBRIS!" - of Trudeau - the Ontario WORKERS, are about to lose, their JOBS.  THEREFORE - WE are CERTAIN! - that if Doug FORD, 'paid a VISIT' TO the Trump Administration "on behalf of ONTARIO"! - NOT! - 'the Federal Government, of Canada' - that he WOULD, "work out a DEAL"!  Because, President Donald Trump, is "REASONABLE", and "FAIR", and WANTS to negotiate "good TRADE deals" - NOT "bad ones!"

(- from our August 31 Tweet response to Trudeau...) Need more PROOF of Trudeau's bullying and vindictiveness?  Story:  Chocolate vs. steel: A look at Canada's strategic tariff retaliation strategy  "This list [- of retaliatory tariffs drawn up by Trudeau...] was clearly drawn strategically to exert maximum pain politically for the president" (May 31, 2018 story)   
Ontario Premier Doug Ford really needs to phone U.S. President Donald Trump, to negotiate a PROVINCIAL trade deal, with the United States - since the prime minister of Canada, values SELLING out, "to the deep state anti-Trump Liberal narrative", over the needs of Canadian workers.  Just tell him the Two Witnesses gave you a referral, because Doug Ford strives to work to help the PEOPLE, not 'the deep state'.
September 18

Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted:  The Legislature has resumed sitting to debate the Efficient Local Government Act. While the Official Opposition tries to delay this important legislation, our government remains focused on giving the people of Toronto a more efficient City Council.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so why IS there, 'SUCH an OPPOSITION', to a SMALLER, more EFFICIENT GOVERNMENT?  When, it is THROUGH 'a SMALLER body of GOVERNMENT', that laws will get PASSED - changes will be MADE, much QUICKER - and GRIDLOCK will be REMOVED - and PROMISES will be DELIVERED to the PEOPLE.  And WHY, IS, 'the charter of RIGHTS' being questioned? - when what Doug FORD, is doing, is "PERFECTLY legal", and 'what he was ELECTED to do'.  He promised "a smaller GOVERNMENT for the PEOPLE" - and he HAS 'the legal MEASURES', to follow THROUGH!  But then the question IS, WHY, is AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, getting involved? - when it isn't a QUESTION, of "a human RIGHTS violation"? There was no "violation". The notwithstanding CLAUSE - still STANDS! - because it's STILL "on the books".  And if people want to CHANGE THAT? - they will HAVE to wait, for ANOTHER election day - when THEY are 'the ones, who are the ELECTED officials'.  But, Doug FORD - has 'a JOB to do' - and he HAS "a TEAM of WILLING! - participants" - to make SURE, that TORONTONIANS, are treated "FAIRLY".


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau
July 6

@Real2Witnesses: Did you know that by imposing HIGHER taxes on U.S. imports, the Canadian Government is in EFFECT, diverting more "true DOUGH" from the pockets of Canadian citizens, into the Canadian government COFFERS?  And so, can you now guess...  WHO started the TRADE war? 

July 6

Trudeau tweeted:  I'm confident I didn't act inappropriately, but I think the essence of this is people can experience interactions differently and part of the lesson we need to learn in this moment of collective awakening ... people in many cases. Women, experience interactions in professional contexts and other contexts differently than men"

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Trudeau recently commented: "Women, experience interactions in professional contexts and other contexts differently than men".  And so he CLEARLY believes that women do NOT share EQUALITY of PERCEPTIONS, with men... thereby making himself an ENEMY of the #metoo movement!  When Trudeau said, "women, experience interactions in professional contexts and other contexts differently than men" - he was proclaiming to ALL the nations, that women do NOT share EQUALITY of PERCEPTIONS, with men.

July 9

@JustinTrudeau Twitter channel: The  Liberal government plans to extend its NATO leadership role in Latvia for several years, CBC News has learned. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will  "deliver a strong message" of solidarity during his bilateral visit to the Baltic state, said several sources from Defence, Foreign Affairs and other government departments.  Canada's mission leadership role faces a self-imposed government deadline of spring 2019. It is now expected to continue for at least another three years. Announcing the extension might serve the Liberals well in the current political climate.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  And NOW, Trudeau is ready to SACRIFICE Canadian SOLDIERS - in LATVIA - for an even LONGER period of time - AS "an actual POLITICAL stunt!" - in order for HIM, to be seen as "a great LEADER" - who is 'NEEDED' - and who will be around, for a long TIME. THIS is "a GROSS abuse of his political INFLUENCE" - during this TIME; ESPECIALLY with all of the GROPING allegations.  And so the LIBERALS are SIMPLY 'trying to distract EVERYONE' - from the fact that TRUDEAU, IS indeed! - "a hypocrite!" - AND "a liar" - because he WON'T 'HOLD himself to the same STANDARDS, that he HOLDS those to, in his OFFICE!
July 18

Trudeau tweeted: "Skilled new Ministers. Veteran leadership. A strong Cabinet, positioning Canada for even more growth and success."

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Trudeau MUST be held accountable!  Why ISN'T he 'being HELD accountable'? - for ALL of the public HUMILIATIONS, that he CAUSED, CANADIANS?  When HE is 'the ONE who started the TRADE war' - WITH the United States.  He THINKS that by changing SOME, of the CABINET members, that the PEOPLE will FORGET - what HE DID, to President TRUMP? - and how that is 'COSTING, CANADA, a lot of MONEY'!  Because NOW, the U.S. PRESIDENT, IS! - taking CANADA - and BASICALLY 'SUING them'! - as he TAKES them before the world TRADE organization - and DOES so, through ALL of "the proper legal CHANNELS".  And THIS is 'what Trudeau, has ACCOMPLISHED', ON the world stage.  AND he NEEDS, to resign!  Someone ELSE needs to take his PLACE - who is "a REAL, DIPLOMAT" - and who CAN and WILL make, "common SENSE, negotiations" with the United States - in ORDER for both countries to BENEFIT; NOT "lose".

July 17

Trudeau tweeted: You’ve been in our hearts, Salma. This is wonderful news to hear – Sophie and I wish you all the best in your continued recovery. Vous étiez dans nos pensées, Salma. Quelle merveilleuse nouvelle. Sophie et moi vous transmettons nos meilleurs vœux de rétablissement.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: HOW can Trudeau, claim to 'care' about ONE PERSON... one CHILD? - who is RECOVERING, from a rare DISEASE? - while at the same TIME, promoting 'the SPREAD, of ABORTION, in 3rd world countries'? - and even having CANADA, PAY, Billions of DOLLARS, TOWARDS, 'MURDERING, the CHILDREN, in other COUNTRIES'?  So, does he 'REALLY care', about LIFE?  OR, is he "serving his OWN self-INTEREST"?  WHAT about, 'how absolutely UNPATRIOTIC', he WAS - towards TRUMP? - when he VISITED, CANADA, for the SUMMIT meeting.  He was "all SMILES!" - and HANDSHAKES! - to Trump's FACE; but as SOON, as he COULD - when he THOUGHT! - he wasn't being watched - he INSULTED, the President of the United States.  And that is "ONE LEADER", insulting, "ANOTHER leader" - who was 'the HOST'!  But the #CBC MEDIA won't ALLOW you to 'FOCUS, on THAT fact'.  WHAT about, how TRUDEAU, is SIMPLY 'GOING, WITH, the ANTI-RUSSIAN NARRATIVE' - as TRUMP, is 'doing what HE can', to be "diplomatic" and reach OUT - and to REDUCE if not 'BAN', nuclear PROLIFERATION, with Russia.  And so WHY is TRUDEAU, 'mouthing off the SAME, media narrative' - that GOES against, 'PRESIDENT Donald Trump's ACTIONS', during the Helsinki SUMMIT?  BECAUSE - the GLOBAL MEDIA - including Trudeau - is being PUPPETED, BY, "a SHADOW GOVERNMENT" - that is REALLY in control; and they WANT WAR!  Because "WAR", PROFITS! - the RICH.  It's THAT simple.
August 15

Trudeau tweeted: A few years ago, I delivered this speech to @MISCCAN on diversity in Canada, and how it makes us the freest people on Earth. We are all strong and free because we support each other’s freedom to be who we are.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  If one READS Trudeau's speech or LISTENS to it - it is CLEAR, that he is SIMPLY, using "BUZZ-words" - like "INCLUSION", and "DIVERSITY" - while at the same TIME, avoiding ANYTHING 'specific' - as to how THOSE 'WORDS', are BEING, IMPLEMENTED in society - in CANADIAN society.  So his ENTIRE SPEECH? - is REALLY about, 'NOTHING'!   And HOW is it POSSIBLE? - that it could be 'SO! - VAGUE, AND deliberate at the same TIME'?  It is not "HUMANLY possible"!  But, the TRUTH, WILL! - prevail.  JUSTIN TRUDEAU, has 'a COMPUTER' write his speeches.  JUST like, the MOVIE scripts are generated by, 'ARTIFICIAL intelligence' - so TOO! - are 'POLITICAL SPEECHES' GENERATED in the same way.  Which is why the politician feels 'so CONFIDENT'! - in what they're saying - because it was 'WRITTEN, by a SUPER-COMPUTER'.  And the Truth WILL come out! - that, there are "PAID, CONTROLLED, OPPOSITION PEOPLE" - who ASK Trudeau, 'SPECIFIC QUESTIONS', at his gatherings - that he ALREADY has 'his VAGUE and generic response' ready - to answer with.  And THIS GIVES! - Trudeau 'the ILLUSION of being INVINCIBLE'! - and "UNTOUCHABLE"!  BUT - TRUDEAU, will be brought DOWN - NOT by any HUMAN hand - but by the CREATOR, of the Universe.  Because HE is "a DECEIVER and an antichrist".

And this is the same "SUPER-COMPUTER" - who wrote OBAMA'S SPEECHES, AND! - who continues to write antipope francis' SPEECHES, and homilies. The video of Trudeau's speech mentioned above, with the transcript is at the following link: 

 Justin Trudeau shuts down hecklers...
Trudeau uses PAID HECKLERS in order to SHOWCASE his SCRIPTED fake persona - the one the deep state gave him

Here is a SAMPLE of Trudeau, using 'PAID ACTORS' at his "TOWN HALL meeting" - to CONFRONT him!  And NO one hears, what the ACTORS, are YELLING.  They put on 'a BIG SHOW'.  And they are NOT even SURPRISED [- at 3:48], by 'the POLICE' - who are ESCORTING them - OUT, of the building.  It is very REHEARSED and very STAGED.  And, NOTICE that the POLICE officers are "VERY GENTLE"! - with the two paid actors - as though THEY were 'acting' themselves.  AND notice how in Trudeau's response, he said 'ABSOLUTELY nothing'.  BUT! - he claimed to have "RESPECT for everyone in the ROOM" - while asking the ACTORS, if THEY had "respect"?  And, AS rehearsed [- at 1:58], they said they DIDN'T, have respect for ANYONE.  It was ALL "a big show"! - to make TRUDEAU look, "like a HERO".  And here's ANOTHER question:  WHY would someone with Lou Gherig's disease [- who Trudeau mentions at 1:11 in his prepared response...], BRING up at a town hall MEETING, that they needed MEDICATION?  And WHY would Trudeau share that story - EXCEPT 'to APPEAR, as a compassionate prime minister'. (August 17, 2018 update) 

The very next day after we posted this above August 15 Tweet, Trudeau engaged in yet another scripted exchange, with an actress who posed as a heckler, during a corn roast in Sabrevois, Quebec, on Thursday, August 16, 2018.  The video reveals that this exchange took place in French - and yet there is a CAREFULLY worded partial transcript in ENGLISH, that the Liberal-run media outlet "CBC", STRATEGICALLY provided at this link: 

Here is a condensed version of the loosely scripted exchange that took place between Trudeau and the Heckler actress - an exchange that was for the purpose of drawing out the following talking points, that Trudeau made.

Heckler Diane Blain:  "When will you give back the $146 million to Quebec (- that you gave to illegal immigrants)?  I'd like your response. I'm a senior, and I'd like a response."

TRUDEAU - was BLATANTLY intolerant of her question, and REFUSED to answer it, as he REDIRECTED the attention of the people to the following...:  "We invested billions of dollars for the Canada Child Benefit... This intolerance regarding immigrants does not have a place in Canada.  This intolerance of diversity, you do not have a place here... Madam, Canada was built by waves of immigration... what makes us stronger as a country... your intolerance does not have a place here... We are Liberals here, we know that diversity is a source of strength, never a source of weakness and madam, your fear, your fear of others, your intolerance does not have a place among us... there will be intolerance in the coming months.  There will be attacks in the coming months...I am tolerant of all perspectives, it is you, madam, who is intolerant, and you don't have a place in this beautiful gathering of Liberals..."

Heckler Diane Blain was detained ON CAMERA during her heckling by RCMP officers, as a veiled threat from the Liberal party to anyone who speaks out against them, or disagrees with their perspective.  And Trudeau's THREAT that she did not have a place there, was DRILLED into the viewer and the people at the gathering, as it was turned into VISIBLE IMMEDIATE POLICE action and intervention, causing direct personal and bodily harm, trauma, and intimidation.  So Trudeau FLAUNTS his use of intimidation - as a mob boss would do so. Trudeau in fact, is REVEALING by ACTION to EVERYONE - that he is prepared to IMMEDIATELY use INTIMIDATION through police bullying tactics, in order to CONTROL the people, AS he proved that it is HE in fact, who is INTOLERANT to ALL those who don't agree with him.  And he proved this by NOT stopping the police officer, who in TURN, harassed the woman - who simply wanted to get "a STRAIGHT ANSWER", to her question, and voice her opinion. (August 22, 2018 update) 
August 30

Trudeau tweeted:  DYK? Ministers sit on different committees in cabinet to help move priorities forward. With Parliament set to resume for the fall, read the new list of committees and their members: 

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Trudeau stops pushing "the climate change HOAX" - as he announces... "The Cabinet Committee on Environment, Climate Change and Energy has been renamed the Cabinet Committee on Environment and Clean Growth".   But at the same TIME, in order 'to save FACE'! - he states, at the BOTTOM of his list of priorities, "The Government of Canada’s top priorities... fighting climate change."  The reason the Canadian government is making these CHANGES, is so that 'WHEN'! - "the climate change HOAX", is exposed GLOBALLY, they WON'T have to 'shut DOWN', the Cabinet COMMITTEES, who are CALLED, "CLIMATE change".  Already, Provinces in Canada, are REMOVING "the carbon tax" - because they KNOW it's "a bogus tax".  Ontario Premier Doug Ford boldly tweeted on August 30, "Your [Ontario] government will fight to ensure that no carbon tax scheme is ever imposed on the people of this great province."

September 06

Trudeau retweeted:  CSA astronaut @Astro_DavidS is preparing to spend six months aboard the @Space_Station. What does his training look like? Like this... (propaganda video attached to retweet)

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  We TURN, to our CREATOR - the Most High TRUE GOD, and ask for HIM, to TURN, the 'so-called SPACE agency', and the SPACE program, and the SPACE station - ABSOLUTELY inside-out!  So that, the PEOPLE, can SEE! - EXACTLY - that THEY have been 'deceived'.  And THAT, in fact - "ASTRONAUTS" - ARE! - "the biggest deceivers, of the PEOPLE" - as they LIE, and TELL THEM, that "they have BEEN, to PLACES" - they have NEVER been! - nor ever WILL, be.  THAT'S why "it's a DREAM".  It's not REAL.  THIS "so-called SPACE MISSION"? - is JUST "a distraction", for CANADIANS!  Because, Trudeau's GOVERNMENT knows - and TRUDEAU himself - that, we are LIVING in 'the Time of the Apocalypse' - a time when 'people need to get RIGHT with their CREATOR' - or PERISH!

September 08

Trudeau tweeted: How do we create a strong economy that businesses want to invest in? By investing in Canadians & the middle class. Watch this clip from my discussion at @DeloitteCanada’s 2018 Partner Meeting in Ottawa: (video)

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: The "problem" that Trudeau HAS? - is that the CANADIAN government, "under HIS leadership", actually botched the G7 meeting, AND! - ANY hopes of NAFTA, WITH the current Liberal government in power.  The "PROBLEM" is, that TRUDEAU actually 'DESTROYED! - Nafta' - because he REFUSED, to BALANCE out the TARIFFS, with the United STATES.  Therefore the North American UNION, HAS been SEVERED.  Now "the deep state", in CANADA - RELY on the North American UNION - rely on CANADA, the U.S. and MEXICO, being CHAINED! - together - ECONOMICALLY - as "one ENTITY".  That "UNION", has been 'BROKEN!'  Therefore WE cannot see HOW, the deep state, WOULD in fact 'back Trudeau to WIN', the coming ELECTION.  Because under HIM? - he FAILED to get the PIPELINE approved, through "PROPER legal channels".  And his "carbon tax charade" was an utter DISASTER!  Trudeau would be better off RETIRING from politics, and WORKING at a local Tim Hortons - because that's REALLY, 'ALL, the kind of SKILL that he HAS'.  Because his POLICIES for CANADA, have been "half-BAKED" - much like the DONUTS that arrive, at the local Tim Hortons - needing to be warmed UP, before SERVING.  And THIS is how Trudeau could, 'ATTEMPT to make reparations', for how BADLY! - he sunk Canada/U.S. relations.  As Trudeau, has PROVEN himself to be "a PUPPET" - because, if you LISTEN to 'how he speaks' - EVEN about economics - he DOESN'T say ANYTHING of substance.  In FACT - THIS is his idea of economics: "THINK about it, someone with MORE money in their pockets, to SPEND, to INVEST, there are LOTS of COMPANIES that are going to figure out ways of making MONEY off of them if they have money to SPEND. And that WILL boost the ECONOMY, that will boost GROWTH".  HERE, Trudeau is actually 'leaking OUT', the fact, that HE! - is injecting MONEY, into the Canadian ECONOMY - ONLY to get VOTES, AND! - to get that money BACK in the end, FROM the CANADIANS, whom HE, 'filled their POCKETS'!  And so TRUDEAU is actually boasting, that HE! - has FIGURED OUT a way, of making MONEY - off of CANADIANS! - as HE, is LITERALLY, 'trying to BUY, their VOTES!' - and DISGUISING it, as "an economic BOOST".

And Trudeau's "shady political antics", are no secret - as even MORE people are beginning to CLEARLY see, what his personal agenda IS.  For a better understanding of the Liberal Party's vote buying strategy, here is a video by political commentator Stephen LeDrew: The politics of buying votes 

A compassionate debriefing:  This is to help all Canadians, deal with 'the REALITY', of what we just posted above.  Fact! - Tim Horton's donuts, ARE "fresh baked" - when they come out of the oven, at their FACTORY.  They are THEN "flash-frozen", and shipped to the local franchise - where they are RE-heated, and served, SEEMINGLY as though they JUST came out of an oven, and THEN placed, next to a sign that says "fresh baked".  We didn't want to unpack this in the paragraph above, because really, this is "a Trudeau Tweet reply section" - not really about donuts - even though, there is a strong connection... and we didn't even MENTION how Trudeau is now fighting for "FULLY baked" Canadians, through the FULL legalization, of marijuana - taking effect, in about 5 weeks, as it now stands.  And so, the REAL question is, WHEN will "a FIRED Trudeau" (- not "fried"... "FIRED") actually consume his first FRESH marijuana donut at the local Tim Hortons?  Suggestions?  Anyone?  Please, no wagering!

Canadian Progressive Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer @AndrewScheer
September 10

Scheer tweeted: Canadians believed Justin Trudeau when he said he’d balance the budget in four years. He broke that promise. Justin Trudeau’s legacy of debt really does affect the next generation of Canadians. None of us would leave our kids with the bill. Why is Justin Trudeau doing it? (video)

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Many Canadians, can NOW SEE! - that Justin Trudeau, was "all TALK" - but that he USED his TIME, in GOVERNMENT, to ACTUALLY 'GROW government' - while MAKING, the PEOPLE 'POORER'.  When ELECTION time would COME around - he would just 'THROW BENEFITS', at people - hoping to 'buy their VOTE'.  Under Justin Trudeau's LIBERAL government - the SPENDING was "ASTRONOMICAL"!  And SO, HE actually 'ADDED, to the Canadian deficit' - instead of DECREASING it.  JUST like the United STATES - Canada TOO, has gotten INVOLVED, ECONOMICALLY, with "TOO many countries".  WHY should the Canadian TAXPAYERS, for example, 'PAY, for PROGRAMS, they don't BELIEVE in' - and ALSO, 'supply FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS, with ABORTIFACIENTS'?  Trudeau, SPEAKS about "diversity", and "inclusion" - BUT, when it comes DOWN TO IT? - THOSE who are 'AGAINST the liberal AGENDA'? - are actually 'OPENLY attacked - VERBALLY' - and INTIMIDATED.  Justin Trudeau's "MAFIA government", MUST come to an end!  Vote for Andrew SCHEER - and YOU will be doing "the right THING, for Canada"!

September 17

Scheer tweeted:  If [- like Leona Alleslev - who just abandoned Trudeau's Liberal Party, and chose to stand with Sheer instead...] you supported Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in the last election – and you are frustrated or angry with his ineffective leadership – know this: You are both welcome and needed in the Conservative Party of Canada.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  Even "elected OFFICIALS", can LOOK at 'the situation', and state, that CANADA is in - at this CRITICAL time, in human HISTORY - and make "the RIGHT choice"! - by LEAVING the Liberal party - and by JOINING, the Conservative GOVERNMENT. BECAUSE? - the CONSERVATIVE Government, has 'the DETERMINATION', and 'the DESIRE', to DO! - what, is RIGHT! - for the people.  BUT! - the LIBERAL party, has ONLY PROVEN, themselves to be, "INCAPABLE, of DEALING with the CHALLENGES, that have ARISEN".  They are ALL about, 'POLITICAL speech and RHETORIC' - as they say "ABSOLUTELY nothing, of substance".  AND - SOME LIBERALS, are finally beginning to SEE, 'the Truth' - that it is TIME, to LEAVE! - Justin Trudeau BEHIND! - in the DUST!  JUST as HE! - has left, MILLIONS! - of Canadians, "in the dust" - DURING, 'HIS time', as Prime Minister.  ALL he CARES about - is 'CARRYING out, his FATHER'S legacy' - of a 15 year term.  He has "NO care for the people".  But he CARES about himself!  AND, he CARES about, "the AGENDA", of those, who do NOT have, 'Canada's BEST interests', AT heart.  TRUDEAU, is "for the CORPORATIONS" - NOT for the average, CANADIAN worker.  Why ELSE, is he PUSHING, 'the CARBON tax'? - or, 'the PIPELINE'?  TRUDEAU is "a PHONY as a THREE dollar bill"!  And HE has brought more GRIEF! - AND confusion, to CANADA - and he HASN'T SOLVED, the PROBLEMS!


"pope francis" @Pontifex

July 7
Posted by @Real2Witnesses: In a recent article, pope Francis WARNS, AND denounces ‘sterile hypocrisy’ of those who turn a blind eye to the world’s poor.  But Jesus, has a DIFFERENT perspective, "For you always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me." (Mt 26:11)  Francis in EFFECT, is distracting the PEOPLE, with 'the CAUSE, for the POOR' - while he HIMSELF, lives VERY 'richly'. The roman catholic hierarchical institution, 'takes IN', around a BILLION dollars a WEEK, from peoples' OFFERINGS.  Where do you THINK, that MONEY is going? Pope Francis is "a FRAUD", and "a DECEIVER, of the masses" - just like ALL of 'the religious leaders', out there.  Hear what JESUS' perspective is, on the religious leaders of these TIMES. Watch with Captions at this, 

The Religious Leaders are All Selling Sellvation...
Twitter played the first 2 minutes 20 seconds of the above video

July 25

pope francis tweeted: Prayer is never in vain: it always brings forth something new that, sooner or later, bears fruit.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: WELL then! - OUR prayer, is that "Francis", would be exposed as "the ANTIPOPE and ANTICHRIST and FALSE PROPHET" - SPOKEN of, in the book of REVELATIONS - that he Truly IS!  AND that, he WOULD be "thrust DOWN, from his EMINENCE" - AND forced to resign!  We SEE you!  And SOON "your DIRTY deeds", will be exposed!
August 07

pope francis tweeted: The Eucharist is our “reservation” for Heaven: Jesus leads us on our journey towards eternal life.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  WHAT is your "PEARL of GREAT PRICE", my PEOPLE? - but your SOULS!  And YET, you would 'CLING to your RICHES', and to 'your WORLDLY kingdom' - INSTEAD, of my Son's TESTIMONY... YOU, ALL, would see 'the WORLD', as "more PRECIOUS, than the GIFT of SALVATION"; and you DESIRE, your OWN 'source' - of 'bread'. And WHAT is THAT?  But 'the BREAD of self-DECEPTION and self-AFFIRMATION'. You FEED your DEMONS! - my PEOPLE; but you DO not 'miss your SOULS'!  You have ALL, gone ASTRAY! - in your HEARTS, and in your MINDS!  And you WORSHIP 'the ABOMINATION of DESOLATION'! - WHETHER you want to BELIEVE it, OR not! And you ALL believe that you are "saved"... SIMPLY by BELIEVING in my Son's NAME!...  Do YOU not KNOW that 'the DEMONS'! - BELIEVE! - that JESUS, is "LORD"?!... Do YOU not KNOW that 'the DEMONS', BELIEVE in JESUS?!  Are ANY OF THEM 'going to be SAVED'? 

August 14

pope francis tweeted:  Evil tries to convince us that death is the end of everything. But the Risen Christ reveals a new dimension of eternal life!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  With this statement, FRANCIS, in EFFECT, is IMPLYING, that everyone who DIES, goes to HEAVEN - and 'RISES, with CHRIST'.  But that goes against even the TEACHINGS, OF, the roman catholic hierarchical institution, on HELL.  Because Hell DOES exist!  And MANY people GO there.  Yet Francis cannot SAY, that 'even ATHEISTS can make it to HEAVEN' - while at the same TIME, calling them "EVIL", because they BELIEVE 'death is the END'.  And so "the NEW dimension of Eternal LIFE" - that Francis' DEMONS are REFERRING to? - is ACTUALLY 'the Eternal Lake of FIRE' - where those are HEADED, who continue to FOLLOW him.
August 15

pope francis tweeted:  Mary, Mother of tenderness who is always near, teach us how to live and have faith.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: What "FRANCIS", in EFFECT, is IMPLYING - by that STATEMENT? - is that 'the Blessed MOTHER', never TAUGHT her CHILDREN, 'how to LIVE', or 'how to have FAITH'.  And in FACT, it is 'the ENEMY' BOASTING - THROUGH francis - that the CATHOLICS have absolutely 'NO idea'! - about HOW they are called to LIVE.  The Blessed Virgin MARY, has SPOKEN OVER the years - and VISITED VARIOUS countries - and GIVEN, 'COUNTLESS Signs'.  And, has SHOWN, the PEOPLE - even, what she LOOKS like!  Has APPEARED, with 'WARNINGS' - about 'WHAT the call IS'!  And yet "FRANCIS", would REDUCE! - the Role of the Blessed Virgin MARY - as though she NEVER, 'CARED' - and was 'INDIFFERENT', towards her CHILDREN.  And THIS is because "FRANCIS" is INDIFFERENT! - towards the SOULS, under HIS care.  And the TRUTH will come OUT!  And he WILL be exposed, as "the DECEIVER and the ANTICHRIST", that he IS.  If there is ANYONE OUT there - who is ACTUALLY 'YEARNING to HEAR, from their TRUE Spiritual Mother - who DOES care! - and who OFFERS them hope'? - we ENCOURAGE them, to visit the following LINK: 
August 19

pope francis tweeted:  The Eucharist, Jesus the Bread of Life, is the beating heart of the Church and renews in us the impulse to love.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Francis is not referring to "the love OF Jesus Christ the LORD - the Most High TRUE God - the SOURCE of all Love".  HE is referring to 'the FALSE jesus, of the ROMAN catholic HIERARCHICAL institution' - who AFFIRMS people, in their SINS - AS they embrace, 'the empty BREAD, of self-DECEPTION', in their churches.  WITH "the CATHOLIC ABUSE SCANDAL", going on - WITHIN, the ROMAN hierarchy - FRANCIS will be SURE, to FOCUS PEOPLE, on 'the LOVE, of his christ' - which IS in fact "the ANTICHRIST" - which IS! - in fact - 'the SPIRIT, that INFLUENCED, those PASTORS - to take ADVANTAGE, of small children' - and to GO against, 'their PURITY'.  And ALL the PASTORS - ALL the priests! - in the roman HIERARCHY - are "FILLED! - WITH that spirit".  And it is only 'a matter of TIME' - before the Most High TRUE God, UNCOVERS, 'the GRAVE, SINS' of the roman hierarchy'.   
August 20

pope francis tweeted:  May the Holy Spirit grant us the grace of conversion and the interior anointing needed to express before crimes of abuse our compunction and our resolve courageously to combat them.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so the question IS: GIVEN! - francis' STATEMENT - to the institutional CATHOLICS EVERYWHERE - does ANYONE! - have "a CLUE", of WHAT, he actually said? - or EVEN 'what it MEANS'?  OR - does it leave 'CONFUSION', in the heart, of, the READER?  We will TELL you: FRANCIS did not WRITE, his speech. It was WRITTEN, by a SUPER-computer - that knows 'CONCEPTS', and 'WORDS' - but cannot LINK the two, TOGETHER.  In OTHER words, FRANCIS, is "a CON"! - as he CONTINUES, to NEGLECT, 'the FLOCK, under his care' - because ALL he is INTERESTED in, is 'PUSHING the LIBERAL, agenda'.  And the ONLY reason, he came FORWARD - to say ANYTHING! - about 'the abuse cases' - is to save FACE.  And soon this WILL be revealed.  For he has 'NO care'! - WHATSOEVER - for the CHILDREN - now ADULTS - who were 'DAMAGED' - and who CONTINUE, to be 'DAMAGED', DAILY - through the ONGOING, 'sexual abuse' - IN the roman catholic hierarchy.  For FRANCIS, is "a POLITICIAN" - NOT 'a man of faith'. He is "the son of PERDITION". And HE is 'LEADING, the BILLION, PEOPLE, UNDER him - to the Lake of FIRE'!  And THAT, is "JUST a fact".

August 25

pope francis tweeted:  Our world needs a revolution of love!  Let that revolution begin with you and your families! 

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so the question IS, "WHERE is the LOVE, OF, GOD - the CREATOR - in francis' STATEMENT?"  YET he will FOCUS, the PEOPLE, on 'turning to their family UNITS'.  Yet the FAMILIES, are 'BROKEN' and 'ENSLAVED - to MUCH SIN'. Yet FRANCIS, will NOT, 'LOOSEN, the BONDS'. He CANNOT, 'FORGIVE sin' - nor HEAL, anyone!  NOR is he CAPABLE, of showing "True LOVE" - because HE forgets, 'the CREATOR' - and puts "MAN'S love", as a SUBSTITUTE, for 'the DIVINE Love', of the CREATOR.

pope francis tweeted: Is there anything precious that endures at all? Even love itself? Love is God’s dream for us and for the whole human family. Please, never forget this!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Love ENDURES all THINGS - but not "HUMAN love".  But 'the LOVE, that can ONLY come FROM, the CREATOR, of the Universe'.  FRANCIS is in fact "sowing DOUBT, in his followers".  And he is 'ADMONISHING them, NOT to FORGET... LOVE?'  And LOVE is NOT! - 'the CREATOR'S DREAM, FOR the human FAMILY'.  Once AGAIN, francis FORGETS, "the Love of GOD" - because to HIM, 'the PEOPLE' are god.
August 31

pope francis tweeted:  I ask our Blessed Mother to intercede for the healing of the survivors of abuse and to confirm every member of our Christian family in the resolve never again to permit these situations to occur.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  What GOOD? - is PRAYING, for the HEALING, of the SURVIVORS, of abuse, in the ROMAN catholic HIERARCHY? - IF - "francis", will do NOTHING! - to INTERVENE, and STOP, 'the ONGOING, sexual ABUSE, of young children' - AND! - of ADOLESCENTS.  BY, "his NEGLECT" - FRANCIS, is 'PERPETUATING, the CRIMES, of the PEDOPHILE PRIESTS'.  And the TRUTH! - WILL come out - WILL be revealed!  And "the SKELETONS" - in, the roman CATHOLIC HIERARCHICAL institution, will 'RISE'! - and TESTIFY, AGAINST them.  There are MANY things! - that francis WOULD be doing - IF! - he TRULY, DESIRED, to REMEDY, the PROBLEM of "sexual abuse", UNDER his watch - and UNDER the watch, of 'the BISHOPS!' - of the roman catholic hierarchy.  If the CHURCH was 'SERIOUS, about changing its WAYS'? - then they would STOP! - "the non-DISCLOSURE agreements", from BEING, MADE, to the ABUSE victims.  But THEY would actually, 'CALL! - ALL the abuse victims to come forward' - and to MAKE their ACCUSATIONS, and their charges KNOWN! WHY, ISN'T, francis CALLING, the ABUSE victims, to come FORWARD?  Because, HE is "the highest ranking OFFICIAL", in the roman catholic HIERARCHY - and 'by his ACTIONS', desires, that the VICTIMS "remain SILENT, and PAID-off"! - JUST like 'the prostitutes', that the priests ALSO visit.
September 03

pope francis tweeted:  True peace is a gift of God that springs from healed and reconciled hearts and reaches out to embrace the entire world.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Francis, is "COMPLETELY indifferent" - to WHAT, the True Roman Catholic FAITH teaches - AS he TELLS! - his followers, "to REACH out and embrace the entire world".  When ACCORDING to the Creator of the UNIVERSE - "FRIENDSHIP WITH the WORLD - IS to be at ENMITY, with Him" (James 4:4).  What HAPPENED? - to the TEACHING, of 'RESISTING, the devil, the flesh, and the world'?  Did FRANCIS FORGET?  Or - IS he in fact 'ENCOURAGING his FOLLOWERS, to embrace, the SECULAR world view' - and 'SECULAR christianity'?  WHERE is 'his ANOINTING, in the TRUTH'?  He doesn't HAVE it!  ALL, he HAS, is "FLOWERY words", with NO substance.  And those, who CONTINUE to follow him, can ONLY be led, 'FURTHER away'! - from Jesus Christ the Lord - into "the ABYSS! - of FRANCIS', mind".
"Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, is not of the Father but is of the world.  And the world passes away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever."
(1 John 2:15-17)
More and more people, are beginning to notice, that francis is losing his mental faculties.  And that is "Just the BEGINNING" of the Creator's JUST response, to ALL "the LIBERAL theologians".  Because the choice to be "LIBERATED from their Creator", IS the choice to be insane. 
September 06

pope francis tweeted:  Remember the more you give yourselves to others, the more you will receive and be happy!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  Is THIS? - what the ABUSERS, tell 'their VICTIMS' - BEFORE, the MOLESTATIONS BEGIN?  Because this STATEMENT is 'so GENERAL' - made by francis - it COULD mean - 'ANYTHING'!  Because he DOESN'T have the TRUE Holy Spirit; but he is FILLED with 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST' - and 'that SPIRIT' - THROUGH the PASTORS, 'MOLESTS', the children.  Francis is "all about FEELINGS".  And it is 'those same FEELINGS', that the PASTORS cannot 'BRIDLE', anymore - for they don't HAVE 'the Grace, to DO so'. SOON! - "pedophilia", WILL become, 'an EPIDEMIC'! - in the R.C.H.I. - and they WILL be 'forced to CLOSE the churches'.

pope francis tweeted: Jesus came down on earth so that we could go up to heaven: this is the mystery of the Cross.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  FRANCIS! - is basically PREACHING, that JESUS came 'DOWN, from Heaven' - and SACRIFICED, HIMSELF, by WAY of the Cross - so that, EVERYONE! - could gain AUTOMATIC entrance.  THAT is FALSE!  The WAY to HEAVEN, is 'HARD' - and, the GATE is NARROW - and VERY few people, FIND it. Through FRANCIS' THEOLOGY, he is ACTUALLY PREACHING "an ALIEN GOSPEL" - ONE where there is 'NO WORK INVOLVED', for "christians", to ACTUALLY, 'MERIT entrance', into the Kingdom of Heaven - but that Jesus came DOWN, so that everyone could go UP!  That NEW kind of "ELEVATOR christianity" - is NOT! - going to get ANYONE, 'closer, to going, to the Kingdom of HEAVEN'.

September 19

pope francis tweeted:  Meek and humble of heart, close to the people, with compassion, with meekness and tenderness. This is Jesus.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  Jesus Christ the LORD, is "the King of HEAVEN".  And HE, is "the Just JUDGE".  And, HE is exposing antipope francis - as "a MAFIA boss"! - who was SPECIFICALLY installed, in the VATICAN - to BRING, 'money', BACK, into the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION - because antipope BENEDICT, looked 'so DEFORMED', and had TOO many sex-abuse SCANDALS, going on, during 'HIS time' - as, "pope".  And so, FRANCIS, was brought IN, because, of 'his ABILITY, to DECEIVE others'.  He was "propped UP by the illuminati".  And he has NOTHING! - of SPIRITUAL substance, to SAY.  BUT, HE, WILL, tell, people, "FLOWERY words" - even QUOTING the Saints, from the past - as LONG as he can keep, the ONE billion, "CATHOLICS", IN the churches, GIVING money, WEEKLY.  THAT'S, 'his MAIN, goal' - as WELL as PUSHING, "the BOGUS, teaching, or RELIGION, on CLIMATE change".  He WILL be 'brought DOWN, by his Creator' - SWIFT and sure!  Because, with ALL of the SEX-abuse cases, PILING up - he WON'T be able, to WITHSTAND, 'ALL of the VICTIMS', who will come FORWARD - demanding "RECOMPENSE".  Antipope FRANCIS, has "much BLOOD, on his hands".  And he KNOWS this!


The One World Government used their A.I. to restrict our Tweets, so that they are ONLY visible on our Twitter news feed, because they don't 'LIKE' what we're EXPOSING.  And THEREFORE, we WILL! - shout it LOUDER, than ever BEFORE! - what our CREATOR, is REVEALING, to the NATIONS.  And we will make SURE! - that our "TWEETS", are VISIBLE.  (August 02, 2018)
Screen shot from 48 minutes into Episode 1 of the SPIRITUALLY TOXIC TV series, "The Young Pope"
The text in the top left of the screen - reveals the subtitles leading up to this screen shot.

As an affront to their CREATOR - the ILLUMINATI, came out with a new series - back in 2016 - called "The Young Pope".  And, it is COMPLETELY scripted BY "artificial intelligence" - using 'BITS and PIECES', of Pope Peter's BACKGROUND, and PERSONALITY, and CHARACTER - SUPERIMPOSING on "the corrupt institution".  In the first episode - the illuminati actually BOAST! - of 'WHY! - they are so focused, on our STORY' - 'Why the deep STATE is focused, on us' - and 'WHY! - the artificial INTELLIGENCE, is focused - ESPECIALLY, on the Testimony'.  Because the Testimony REVEALS, and is KNOWLEDGE, of "things to COME" - for it IS, 'the True Holy Spirit of PROPHECY'.  And, WE do not encourage ANYONE! - to watch this series, OR to discern it.  Because it is 'FAR too spiritually toxic'.  The very first SCENE, is "a boast, that Antipope FRANCIS, was raised UP, through the SACRIFICE of ABORTION".  And so the TWEETS page, is very IMPORTANT - as the Most High TRUE God - in fact, 'STEERS, the way History UNFOLDS' - AND! - at the same time REVEALS, 'the CHOICES, that the people are MAKING', on the global stage.  Because the TRUE Holy Spirit, of the Most High TRUE God, IS 'the ultimate source, of ALL Knowledge'.  And, 'the DEEP state' and the illuminati - and the CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS - as in "the one world GOVERNMENT", are ALL! - aware, of the TESTIMONY'S existence.  But, they will NEVER 'call attention to it' - because, JUST like the INSTITUTION - sought to BURY it - they TOO! - are seeking, to bury, 'the Truth' - at ALL costs!  As they CONTINUE to "DOWNPLAY", the systematic DECLINE of the WORLD - and the fact that we are ALL living in 'the TIME of the Apocalypse'. (August 16, 2018 update) 

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