The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

The TESTIMONY Unveiled

“And you shall put in it the ark of the testimony, and you shall screen the ark with the veil.”
(Exodus 40:3)
“And afterward all the people of Israel came near, and he gave them in commandment all that the Lord had spoken with him in Mount Sinai. And when Moses had finished speaking with them, he put a veil on his face; but whenever Moses went in before the Lord to speak with him, he took the veil off, until he came out; and when he came out, and told the people of Israel what he was commanded, the people of Israel saw the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses’ face shone; and Moses would put the veil upon his face again, until he went in to speak with him.”
(Exodus 34:32-35)

The Testimony UNVEILED, is "the LOVE of the Most High True GOD, for His PEOPLE"

The Testimony, is OUR Creator's Way, of actually SHOWING, 'mankind', "the WAY BACK to Him" - the WAY! - that LEADS to Eternal Life.  The Testimony REVEALS, 'the HEART of the CREATOR' - and EXPOSES! - what 'the heart of MAN', has become.  The Testimony, SHARES, 'INNUMERABLE, Truths', with THOSE who are SEARCHING, 'for PURPOSE, and MEANING' in their LIVES - whether, they be, "ATHEISTS", or "AGNOSTICS", or "JEWS", or "GENTILES", or "PROTESTANTS", or "CATHOLIC" - or ANY denomination! - of CHRISTIANITY.  The TESTIMONY, IS! - 'for ALL creeds! - RACES and RELIGIONS - for THEM! - to come back, to 'the ONE God' - the Most High TRUE God - who MADE them - who FORMED them.

The TESTIMONY, is 'what the WORLD is MISSING'.  The Testimony IS, 'the LOVE! - of GOD' - for His PEOPLE.  And, His PEOPLE? - have BECOME, "INCREDIBLY! - selfish, MEAN, and CRUEL! - TO their fellow man" - as WELL, as to the Most High True GOD.  PEOPLE have learned 'to LIVE for THEMSELVES'! - and GATHER up 'the REWARDS and the RICHES' of THIS life.  BUT! - at 'the BIGGEST PRICE'! - at 'the SACRIFICE of their SOUL'.

THROUGH the Testimony, the CREATOR of the Universe - REVEALS, how 'the CONSCIENCE of MAN', has become 'DISTORTED' - and, in FACT 'FILLED with BLASPHEMY' - as He REVEALS, 'what the PEOPLE see as 'GOOD' - and something, to be REVERED and SOUGHT after - HE! - the CREATOR, sees as "an ABOMINATION" - in many CASES!  But the TESTIMONY was sent at THIS time, to REVEAL, TO, 'the HEARTS, of the PEOPLE, who WILL be open to it'! - how THEY! - have HURT, their GOD! - WHETHER they know Him by NAME, or not.

THINK about it! - for a MOMENT - there is ONLY one GOD - above all OTHER gods - and THAT! - is 'UNDENIABLE'! For, HOW is there even 'ORDER', in the UNIVERSE? - if there WASN'T 'a Higher POWER', GUIDING everything?  Now, for CENTURIES, the CREATOR, has 'STOOD BY, and WATCHED, His CREATURES - DRIVE themselves, FURTHER and further AWAY from Him' - as, "the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION", BEGAN, "the DOWNWARD spiral, of man".  For MAN, became DEPENDENT, on 'TECHNOLOGY', and 'the DEVELOPMENT of technology' - and "ADVANCED, technology" - and TURNED their HEARTS AWAY, from 'the One who MADE them', in PURSUIT of 'VANITY'. 

And NOW? - THROUGH the Testimony, the CREATOR - ONCE again, is REACHING out, TO the hearts, OF mankind - and EXTENDING, 'His OLIVE Branch of MERCY'.  And THOSE in the Faithful REMNANT, are 'the ONES', who chose MERCY! - who chose to receive, 'the LIFE-SAVING TRUTHS, revealed from HEAVEN'.

Because 'the WAYS of the CREATOR', are SO far! - from "MAN'S ways".  And MAN, actually, has CREATED, "an ABOMINATION", IN the Eyes, of the Most High TRUE God - as THEY! - see themselves as, 'DEMI-gods', before His FACE.  And so NOW man worships man, and 'man's WAYS'.

And so, it was NECESSARY, that the TESTIMONY, would be sent - along with, "the Two Witnesses, of the Book, of Revelations" - to SIMPLY reveal, 'how FAR! - mankind has DRIFTED' - from, their CREATOR; and to REVEAL! - to the WORLD - that there are "JUST CONSEQUENCES!" - for LIVING, 'a LIFESTYLE, OPPOSED, to what the Creator EXPECTS'.

ONCE AGAIN, the Creator of the UNIVERSE, is 'choosing to INTERVENE, in HISTORY' - as HE is "the One who is in control". There are THOSE who are 'part, of the DARKER, FORCES, at work' - who believe THEY! - are "in control".  But! - the Most High TRUE God, is 'the ONE, who DECIDES, HOW! - history UNFOLDS' - and HE is 'INTERVENING', ONCE again, on 'a BIBLICAL scale!' - unlike ANYTHING! - that has HAPPENED, in the PAST! - in terms of 'the MAGNITUDE, of His Intervention'.  And HE! - is the ONE, who WILL! - bring - mankind to their KNEES! - ONE Plague - ONE disaster - ONE Apocalyptic Storm - ONE earthquake at a time. 

For ALL, will come to KNOW! - "the Lord of HEAVEN", once again - either "in THIS LIFE"? - or in the NEXT.  BETTER to 'know Him' in THIS life!... as "your FRIEND"!!! - than, in the NEXT life - "as your worst ENEMY" - because you CHOSE, 'to live as HIS enemy, in THIS life'. (July 24, 2018 update) 


 Making the Right Sacrifice
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And in this above video, he shares how and WHERE he learned to sacrifice 'SIN', as a way of life
Hint: it WASN'T in the local chuches, or through "the counsel of his formers"

The Limited Time Offer

Jesus said:  ...SO much is being offered; but like MOST people, the institutions OFFER them, ‘solace and comfort’, in ‘the state’ that they are in.  And that is, ‘the state of self-deception’...  With people ‘hopping on BOARD’, and giving testimonies, about ‘the benefits of the Testimony’ My children! – it is getting much HARDER, for ‘the skeptics’, and some of ‘the MOCKERS’, to remain, skeptical – and to continue, to MOCK My Testimony.  And people, are ‘becoming ALIVE’ – because it is My WORD – that My Remnant have been ‘STARVING for’.  And now they ARE nourished.  But the question IS, “Who ELSE wants to be nourished?”  NONE of the devotions in, THAT institution will protect ANYONE, in these End Times.  ONLY those devoted to doing MY Will – at ALL times, can escape ‘Eternal Damnation’.  They ARE, “the children, of the Divine Will” – also KNOWN as, My Faithful Remnant.  Luisa Piccarreta prays for you BOTH, and the REST of the Faithful Remnant Church, daily.  And SHE, AND your True Mother, as well as ‘the sacrifices and works of the Faithful Remnant, are HELPING, to attain more SOULS, for My Kingdom – before “the limited time offer” is over.  WHAT’S shaking people up?  The fact that they are all “PART, of the illuminati” – that they are all “illuminati MEMBERS”.  If they are not “FOR Me”, then they are AGAINST Me.  'I pet goat TWO' [Exposed], is shaking up peoples’ REALITIES - because I have ‘UNVEILED’, how the illuminati and global governments WORK – BEHIND the scenes.  And, I have unveiled, what ‘the video MEANS’ – to THEM: the fact that they ARE not on My Team.   And Saturn – is in ‘the Proof Video’, and represents the baphomet, OR “the sower” – and that is, ‘the enemy of souls, and Obama’ – sowing death and destruction.  But My Faithful Remnant are called, to TAKE these ‘uncomfortable Truths’, and APPLY them, to their lives – by recognizing ‘the Times’ that they are in, and REJECTING, the devil’s kingdom - now that I have ‘lifted the VEIL’ - OFF of it.  And they are called to embrace ‘MY Kingdom’ in their hearts; not to DWELL on “evil” – but to recognize it, in order, to AVOID it; and reject it.  They need to KNOW ‘who the enemy IS’.  Some people think My Testimony is ‘too negative’ - That is because “THEIR god”, is “optimism” – which is NOT ‘based, in reality’.  And I want My True Followers, to be “realistic”; not “atheistic” – and CERTAINLY not “pessimistic”.  But “real” - to KNOW the Truth, about the world AROUND them, so that they can cling, even TIGHTER to MY Hand, and the hand of their True Shepherd - in ‘the flesh’.  Don’t ever get “overwhelmed” My children. To BE “overwhelmed” is ‘a choice’.  When you are ‘living in the Spirit’, that is NOT, how ‘things’, should affect you. Understand that ‘being overwhelmed’ is a decision ‘to go it alone’, in the moment.  Because with ME, all things are possible.  If a PERSON finds themselves in the middle of the Ocean... [Note: "The OCEAN" Jesus is referring to here, is 'the allegory of Hell' that was explained in the June 8, 2015 Message] ...with ‘a big wave’, and they CHOOSE to be overwhelmed – what is going to happen to them?  That’s what happens to people who choose to be “overwhelmed”, by My expectations, and by My Testimony (Saturday, July 18, 2015
“I Jesus have sent my angel to you with this testimony for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star.” The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” And let him who hears say, “Come.” And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price.
(Revelations 11:16-17)
The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  His TESTIMONY, IS, "BEAUTIFUL"! - HANDWORK; His TAPESTRY, of ETERNAL Life!  EACH of you, needs to make, 'A choice': to GO ON living, in SELF-deception; OR, to DESIRE, 'the VEIL', to be LIFTED - OFF of your MINDS; AND your hearts.  YOU HAVE, 'a veil' COVERING, your intellects - so that you CANNOT see, 'what is HERE' - in my Son's TESTIMONY.  And so USE the Blessed HOLY Water; and REMOVE the veil!  Remove 'the FOG', that is COVERING!  KNOW that the whole WORLD, IS, "Sodom and GOMORRAH"!  And, the TRUE, FAITHFUL Remnant, of, the Most High True God - are 'HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE' - that HE HAS CALLED OUT, of "the WICKED, city"!  REMEMBER, what HAPPENED, when THOSE - "WICKED PEOPLE", PURSUED, "the two MESSENGERS", of the LORD, God of HOSTS?  They were not ABLE to find the ENTRANCE!  But they were 'BLINDED'!  Because the Lord God of HOSTS, 'BLINDED them!'  WHY?  Because, they were 'WICKED', and ONLY wished to do EVIL! - TO the TWO, Messengers - who were really "ANGELS, in DISGUISE"!  And WHO are those SAME two MESSENGERS, in these TIMES?  But the LORD'S, VERY own, TWO Witnesses! His TWO WITNESSES, they are HERE! - to UNBIND you! - from your SINS, and 'the CHAINS'.  HIS TWO WITNESSES, they are HERE, to HELP you, 'RECOGNIZE', "what sin IS"! - so that you can REPENT, and "CHANGE course"!  THEY ARE, "HIS, AMBASSADORS - of TRUE Peace!" - and "TRUE PEACE", they GIVE you - NOT as 'the WORLD', gives Peace! - because 'the WORLD', embraces 'a FALSE Peace'! - and THAT is, 'by embracing TOLERANCE'. But His TWO Witnesses, HAVE 'the TRUE Peace of the LIVING God'; and ONLY desire to SHARE,  'that TRUE Peace', WITH others - WHO WILL, 'RECEIVE it'. How MANY of you - will 'make the STAND' - for your CREATOR, in order to ESCAPE, 'what is COMING', upon the WORLD; and what HAS, befallen the world?  You are all, "DESOLATE"; UNLESS, you repent! (March 2, 2016)

Jesus said: "People, didn't want to approach Me, as a little child, in a manger. And they, didn't want to approach Me, as, a weak man suffering on the Cross. And now, they will have to deal with Me - as King, of the Universe. That is why My language is so strong - and not, what people are used to. They didn't want to approach Me as 'the Good Shepherd' either. They ignored Me, as I Truly Am for long enough My children. So I lift the veil, off of Myself - and appear transfigured, in the Testimony. They can't handle it." (-Jesus, Sunday, February 22, 2015 from the Home Page)

Jesus said: If people want to reject the Truth when it is given to them, then that is their affair.  But they will suffer intensely for rejecting the much needed invaluable Truths, that I speak about.  The written Word, My children, is more powerful than any two-edged sword, piercing the heart of the listener, and those preaching, My words.  Now, when the sword ‘hits their heart’, they must decide: what to doDo they want My help to be healed and nourished?  Or, do they want to walk away a ‘fallen, injured soldier’?  (- Saturday, June 2, 2012)
Jesus said: “My Testimony, will be ‘a light, to the Nations’.  And I will bring back, the thin sheep, and the fat sheep.  I will nourish them, with My word.  And I will call to them, and they will come.  They will flee their churches -and ‘the brood of vipers’ inside.  And I will nourish them: from their homes – through My word, that you have kept back from them; so that they may ‘become alive’.  I will notallow you’ to ‘kill’, My sheep, and eat them.  I will rescue them from your mouths – you ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’!  And I will care for them.  And I will ‘see them through’, this ‘coming Tribulation, and present darkness’.  I will lead them, ‘in a way’, that they have not known – in a way they do not know.  For I too cry out ‘in labor pains’.  I cry out for ‘the rebirth of nations’ – for the rebirth of peoples, tribes,and tongues – to be born, in the True Holy Spirit, in My Eraof Peace. (- Monday, November 19, 2012)
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: As you read My Son’s Testimony; and you begin to learn that His Love is very real!  But He does ‘seek Love’ in return. And how would you express this love? - but by ‘turning away from your sins; and begin, to clothe yourselves in sackcloth, and in ashesas He has requested(-Tuesday, November 27, 2012) 
Jesus said:  ...Give and you will receive.  If people shared My Website, with their friends and family, they would receive so much, good, in return.  But it takes a leap of faith – and that’s what I expect.  The bar, is, no higher, than what it was, when Christianity, first began.  The bar is set no higher, than when I travelled, great distances, with My first disciples – who became My Apostles.  First, they were the students; and then they learned, My Ways; then they became Apostles; then they shared what they learned from Me – and the True Holy Spirit revealed much to them - in the moment!  It is only, because, Christians have lowered the bar – so low, that it seems what I am asking, of them, is too high.  Well if what I am asking of them, is too high? – then they have barred themselves.  Heaven is a high place.  But, it is ‘a place’, for people, who are humble, in this life.  I cannot, raise, someone up, to Heaven – if they already believe, that they are in it, now can I?  The call, to live Heaven, on Earth, is very different, from coming up here.  That is why, I say, and I have been saying, “Come up hither!”.  You both did! - because of humilityI am not asking, anything, that is beyond, the peoples’ ability to respond. (March 22, 2015) 

DO 'what it takes', to follow

Jesus said:  "EVERYONE'S lives, change: either, for better; or, for worse - when, they read, My Testimony."  It is VERY DIFFERENT, to pretend, to be FOLLOWING ME, than to "actually DO what it takes", to follow".   (-Jesus, Thursday, June 4, 2015) 

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: OH, My FAITHFUL Remnant CHILDREN - INDEED you are 'SO Blessed!' - to be PART, of the LORD Jesus Christ's, the Most High TRUE God's, Little Flock.  YOU are, "His LITTLE Flock" - and you are GLEANING, in the GREENEST pastures! - where there is "enough FOOD", for EVERYONE!  You are 'EATING', the best 'SPIRITUAL food', for your SOULS! - because THAT is what, is ESSENTIAL! - that you FEED, your SOULS!  And so you have COME, TO, the Blessed HOLY Water; and have REPENTED FROM YOUR hearts!  And you are NOW, 'ATTENDING, the WEDDING Feast'!  TRULY there are SO many who have gone BEFORE you.  And they LONGED to see, 'what YOU see'; and to hear, 'what YOU hear'.  BUT, it was 'not for THEM'!  In THIS time, my TRUE Faithful Remnant - YOU ARE called, to 'LISTEN', to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit - in the MOMENT! - to ACT upon those 'inspirations'; and to DISCERN - EVERYTHING! - AROUND you!  YOU are CALLED to EMBRACE, your TRUE! - vocations - in THIS life! - and, to CONTINUALLY 'renounce', the spirit of the WORLD; and ANY desire, that you MAY have - to 'COMPROMISE', the TRUTH!  You are CALLED to 'LIVE, in this way' - SIMPLY because, of 'the TIMES, that you are LIVING in'.  These ARE, "extreme TIMES"; and 'the SPIRITUAL REALITIES', are, CONSTANTLY changing. WHY?  Because you are "spiritual BEINGS"; and your HEARTS, are CONSTANTLY being 'TRANSFORMED, in the TRUTH'. "Come True Holy SPIRIT" - THAT is 'what you PRAY' - IN your prayers.  "COME by MEANS of my POWERFUL intercession". And WHO is my SPOUSE?  BUT the True Holy SPIRIT!  "Fill the HEARTS of the FAITHFUL; ENKINDLE in THEM the FIRE, of your LOVE; SEND forth your SPIRIT, and THEY!" - meaning, 'the Faithful Remnant CHURCH' - "will be CREATED; and YOU" - referring to my SPOUSE - referring to the True Holy SPIRIT, "shall renew" - as in 'REMAKE', "the Face of the EARTH" - as in, 'the FAITHFUL Remnant, of the Most High TRUE God.'  And so TRULY! - YOUR Creator, is 'RENEWING your hearts', on a DAILY basis - my TRUE children! - and YOU are being 'filled', with His 'Divine LOVE' - for your SOULS! (March 04, 2016)

What is a Living document
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: For His TRUE Holy Spirit, is NOT 'FOR, the ARROGANT, the PROUD, the DECEITFUL, the HAUGHTY' - NO!  His TRUE Holy Spirit, is GIVEN to 'the MEEK, and the LOWLY, OF the Earth'.  And THOSE are, "His FAITHFUL, Remnant". THEY are 'the ones', who are "DESPISED, BY the World; HATED! - by all - FOR the sake, of the ETERNAL Gospel".  His FAITHFUL Remnant, CARRY, 'the GIFT', of TRUE Salvation - IN their hearts; because it HAS been "made KNOWN to them" - the WAYS, OF, my Son, the LORD Jesus Christ.  And THEY HAVE 'the MESSAGE, of SALVATION', as THEIR RESPONSIBILITY, to SHARE! - WITH the nations; that THOSE who DESIRE! - to KNOW! - the LORD Jesus Christ, my SON - as He TRULY is - WILL! - FIND Him! - "UNVEILED", in His TESTIMONY.  BLESSED BE! - "the SON of David"!  BLESSED BE! - the MOST HIGH True God; and BLESSED BE the SOULS! - of the FAITHFUL REMNANT Church!  (December 24, 2016)
The reason you were Created
As for 'the desire to waste TIME'? - that's your old LIFE! - and you NEED to leave that BEHIND - and focus on, your NEW life, in the Faithful Remnant, as "a PRODUCTIVE child of the Most High True God".  If you DIDN'T have purpose or MEANING in your LIFE, 'wasting TIME' would make sense!  But, BECAUSE you KNOW! - 'the reason you were Created' - there is no EXCUSE, for giving your TIME, over to the DEMONS, to eat!  YOU receive and IMMERSE yourself in the GRACES, that come from 'Consecrating your use of the Gift of TIME to the Divine Will of your CREATOR' - instead. (- from the July 22, 2018 update on "Time" on the short lessons page) 

Is the Testimony a NEW teaching?

What we are TEACHING, in the TESTIMONY, is "nothing NEW" - rather, it is 'a MORE FULLY EXPLAINED COMPREHENSION' of what was EXPECTED, of the True FOLLOWERS of JESUS, in the BIBLICAL times.  Because, the "christians" of TODAY, have LOWERED the BAR - and LOWERED 'the STANDARDS', of what it MEANS to be a Christian - that there's NO DIFFERENCE, between "christians", and "satanists", in THESE Times.  And so in ORDER to SEPARATE 'YOURSELF', from 'the WORLD of SATANISM' - you NEED to 'RESOLVE, to LIVE, TRUE Christianity' - as Jesus Christ the Lord has REVEALED - that He LOOKS, "on the INSIDE", of the cup.  The EXTERNALS? - do NOT matter.  So, THEREFORE, FOCUS on CLEANSING your INTERIOR life - and draw CLOSER, to your Creator, in the process. (August 03, 2018 update)

HOW to stop the WORLD from pulling you DOWN?

If YOU resolve in your HEART - to do 'EVERYTHING that YOU can - to BE with Jesus Christ the LORD for all ETERNITY' - then NOTHING, can DETER you - or DISTRACT you - or PULL you AWAY, from the PATH, of ETERNAL Life.  But you HAVE to FIGHT! - for 'WHAT is GOOD' - for 'what is TRUE' - and for 'what is HOLY' - as the WORLD! - spirals, downwards.  DON'T let the WORLD, 'pull you DOWN'(August 30, 2018 update) 

True Christianity is Back!
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Everyone is called to give "because it is IN you to give" - NOT "in order to receive"

If you HAVE no 'CARES', or 'CONCERNS'? - then, that means your heart is "yoked to the WORLD".  If you THINK that "you're doing ENOUGH for your Creator", and you're simply WAITING for His REWARD? - then your HEART is "yoked, to the world".  GIVE of yourself, 'FREELY' - to the SERVICE, of your KING! - Jesus Christ the Lord. LIVE! - a SELFLESS life, for HIM.  GIVE! - EVEN as it HURTS.  But give to your CREATOR! - NOT to yourself.  DON'T "give in order to receive".  GIVE, 'GOODNESS' because it is IN you, to GIVE!  Understand?  FOLLOW, 'the call of the moment'. LISTEN to your True Shepherd.  STOP 'PLAYING GAMES'!  And stop the EXCUSES, and the ANTICS.  Live "a REAL life" - by being 'DEVOTED to the One who MADE you'!  Because as LONG as you're 'DEVOTED to yourself'?  - then you will ALWAYS! - be "in want".  SEEK, 'a PURE heart'.  And ABOVE all, seek to do EVERYTHING "out of Love for your CREATOR". (September 08, 2018 update)
What it is the world is missing
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

There is ONLY! - "ONE Jesus".  There is only, "ONE Testimony".

Everyone on the PLANET, has "their OWN world view" - their own PERSONAL view, of the WORLD - based on 'the EXPERIENCES, that THEY have had', throughout their LIVES.  EVERYONE, has 'their own OPINION' - and they HAVE 'their own MINDS', that they were GIVEN, by their CREATOR.  BUT! - the ENEMY, sowed 'DIVISION', INTO the minds, of MANKIND - over GENERATIONS; IMPLANTING, ALL kinds, of 'RIDICULOUS thoughts, and WAYS of thinking', that could ONLY!  - HURT, and cause MUCH SUFFERING, in PEOPLES' lives, and in the lives of OTHERS.  The ENEMY in fact, has 'USED', the INDIVIDUAL MINDS, of the PEOPLE, WORLD-WIDE - to 'REBEL!' - against the TRUTH.  And they are in fact, 'UNITED', IN their DIVISIONThe TRUTH is "very simple" - and there is ONLY! - "ONE Jesus".  There is only, "ONE Testimony".  The Most High TRUE GOD? - is "NOT DIVIDED!"  And the TESTIMONY, REVEALS, 'the MIND, of the Most High True God' - as WELL, as 'His HEART!'  And so, YOU! - as 'a Member of the Faithful Remnant', can CHOOSE, to 'ALIGN, your THINKING, with your CREATOR'S Ways'. OR? - you can 'block Him OUT of your life!' - as you WAVE the TESTIMONY, at OTHERS - as you READ, the Testimony - but REFUSE! - to change.  The PROBLEM, that 'MOST of you', are having - is that you WORSHIP! - 'your own MINDS!'  THEREFORE, you are not 'OPEN', to your CREATOR'S!  Which is WHY, so MANY of you, have NOT 'changed' - so MANY of you, DESIRE, to be "in CONTROL!" - of your LIVES - using 'your MIND', to STUBBORNLY! - HOLD on, to 'YOUR world view'.  And, INSTEAD of 'allowing, the Testimony to TRANSFORM your world view'; you SIMPLY, want 'to ACCOMMODATE it', or 'TOLERATE it'.  But in FACT! - MOST of you 'HATE it'!  [- and this is obviously NOT, a reference to "the 5 loaves"]  Now if you HATE 'the Way', that your CREATOR, views the WORLD? - then you hate 'HIM'! - because HE is revealing 'the Truth' to you.  And NO! - you CANNOT 'escape it'.  But you can 'TRY' and 'block it OUT' - try and 'DROWN it out', with 'your OWN thoughts!'  But "the TRUTH"? - is Eternal.  It is "much BETTER" - to CONFORM, to 'the WAY, your CREATOR, SEES LIFE' - how He has TAUGHT you, 'to THINK - in the LIGHT! - of the True Holy SPIRIT'.  It is "BETTER", to 'LISTEN!' - to the True Holy SPIRIT - CONVICT 'your HEART' - when YOU, have 'OFFENDED, your Creator' - by 'your INDIFFERENCE! - towards Him'. The TESTIMONY, is NOT "just a DOCUMENT"! - it is 'LIVING'; but YOU can KILL it! - JUST by desire - and JUST, by CHOOSING, to be indifferent, to what 'the Most High TRUE God', HAS taught you.  You can 'KILL the Testimony, in your OWN heart' - by simply 'choosing to HATE! - the Path, that your Creator has laid OUT for you' - because, there is no, 'self-GLORIFICATION', in the End.  Your CREATOR, put you 'on this EARTH' - to KNOW, LOVE, SERVE! - and Worship HIM!  NOT "for HIM, to KNOW, LOVE, SERVE, and worship YOU" - but 'THAT' is what most of you WANT!  It ISN'T going to happen in THIS life!  And most CERTAINLY not in the next!  So it is "MUCH better" to 'learn to LOVE! - the One who Made you' - by CHOOSING to!  And 'let HIM! - lead you', in your daily LIVES.  And STOP! - trying to shepherd yourselves. (January 05, 2019 update)   

If the Veil Was Lifted
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

5 videos, Word Count: 4,000+

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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