The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

Alcohol and Other Addictions
Including drug use, sexual addictions, pornography, television addictions,
internet addictions, gaming addictions, social addictions, overeating,
gossip - including 'reading gossip', fault-finding, nostalgia/time travelling,
brooding, ranting, fingernail biting, unforgiveness, chronic failure, and all other habitual sins.
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
“You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.”
(1 Corinthians 10:21)    
“Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy?  Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food.  Incline your ear, and come to me; hear, that your soul may live.”
“Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

"Wine and new wine take away the understanding." 
“It is important to be detached, from all that this World has to offer, and all that the demons offer as well.  For, what good is it, if you unite your daily tasks, to the works of demons?  When you do things with anxiety, and when you seek to do things, in ‘a fruitless way’, then how can I bless the works of your hands?  If My people want to be ‘fruitful’: then they must cast off the deeds of darkness; and reject all sin that lingers in them – that is: all sin – that they have consented to.  They must do: a thorough, examination of their own conscience – so that no ‘stone’ is left unturned in their own souls; so that they can be ‘set free’ from ‘the slavery to sin’.  Sin is what keeps souls in bondage – to the enemy.  And My Wrath is focused upon souls, who ‘stubbornly embrace’ – evil.  No matter how small the sin nor how big it is, My people are called to live without committing sins in their lives that are avoidable’.  If they choose to hold on to ‘secret sins’ while rejecting others, I can not hear, their prayers.  This is what has happened within the institutional churches:  They have allowed sin to govern the lives of the people, and, have given them numerous excuses to embracing it; they have been encouraged to see themselves as “weak”, and, “only human”.  This, is not acceptable, before Me, or God the Eternal Father in Heaven.”

“Never has the World been in such turmoil as it is now.  All kinds of depravity are plaguing mankind.  It is only inevitable that their destruction will come, not through My hand, for I only desire life, but through their own conscious choices.  They are throwing themselves into oblivion.  I am simply not going to bow to their demons.”
“For even the demons below, as well as the Holy Angels above, must obey every word - I Speak.  If I tell the demons to be silent, they will be.  If I tell the demons they can influence or inspire, they can.  If I tell them to come out of someone, they will.”
“Did you think that it would not get that much worse?  My children, now that there are no graces to guide the souls to righteousness and truth; unless they want them, all they have, is their demons, that they have chosen, to build a relationship with.”
“Silence is where I speak to you both, on an individual basis.  I come to your souls daily, through these messages, but you must be silent, in your hearts, and souls, in order to hear Me, and in order, to hear the Truth, being proclaimed.  So ‘no agitation of spirit’ will be there, when I speak, but ‘all agitation’ will be removed.  Because when I come, the demons, either stand to fight, against My Words, or they flee.  And it is when flee, through the soul’s consent, to listen, that I come and speak there.”
“How can satan fight against satan?  Surely his kingdom would not last.  It is what they accuse you of, now, that they accused Me of in the past: calling Me ‘the prince of demons’.  Is that how I cured the lame?  Is that how I cleansed the lepers?  Is that how I cast out the demons of infirmity in the peoples?  Is that how I clothed sinners in True Righteousness – by getting them to repent of their sins before Me?  And if sin, is what the devil wants, and you both are doing your best to be cleansed of it, then what power does he have over you, except that which you give to him?”

Weakness is not an excuse to sin
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“Remember, My children, people are no longer in control of themselves, but most have become ruled, by their demons, which are preferable to Me.  They would rather embrace the very bowels of Hell opening up, than to embrace Me as their Lord and King.  No one wants a shepherd, in this World, My children – especially one who would bring them out of the darkness, of sin and death, into new life; especially when He chooses the most unaffirming ways in doing so.  Nobody, wants to be ruled by anything.  But you see, they are being ruled and governed, but they think it is they, who are in control.  Oh how silly and deprived mankind has become!  To think that they are above the spiritual world.  Not so, I say, not so!”
“I know it is a cold night tonight My children, but let this be a reminder to the both of you, of the cold and hardened hearts, all around you.  They need to be softened, by grace, but few of them will do it the easier way.  They would rather have My Hand and very Heavy Hand, come upon them, then to let go of their current lifestyles, of liberalism, false freedom, homosexuality, anarchy, and an abundance of other sins.”
“Mercy is offered, yes - to those who desire to repent of their sins before Me, I will show them Mercy; but those who seek adultery, lust, pornographic images, beastiality, homosexuality, obesity, and the like, will not be granted Mercy.  Those are the main sins that offend Me My children, along with, abortion, promiscuity, and licentiousness. Lying, is also extremely offensive”
“People, who are embracing grievous sins in their souls, and who refuse to repent of them, will have disfigured faces and bodies after a time.”
“But fraternal correction is necessary, for the whole fabric of humanity is dependent upon caring for one another.  Once souls stop caring for one another, then they start to turn inwards and lose sight of their: neighbors.  Their own sins become more important to them, than helping their neighbor – out, of their own snares.”
“Yes there other people around you, but because of the choices they have made, they have turned themselves into demoniacs.  Now My hand is upon all of them, and the demons must obey: what I ask.  I could cast the demons out of them alljust by willing it; but without their hearts healed, and their addictions lifted, it would not do any good – for long term, but they would just return to their vomit, and their drunkenness, and they would gather up even more evils to enter into them than before.”

Breaking those nasty habits
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
However, now that the World is in a stupor of sorts, and has been put into a spiritual sleep, people are less free now than they ever were before because of the sins they choose to embrace.  And so, they are more easily controlled by their demons, and are truly, in the realm, of demoniacs.”
“As long as these abominations are in their midst, I will no longer come to My people.  They must ‘search Me out’; they must find Me; they must find: My True Vicar here on Earth,and My True Church.  They must desire to be part of this Church, and they must desire to be cleansed of all of their sins, and they must desire reconciliation with Me – from the heart; otherwise it is just a ‘sham’.”
“When you have My Ten Commandments, written on your heart, there is no excuse before Me, for your sins.  I am greatly displeased with your sins, N., but I love you still; and to show you, how I love you, I want you to be healed – from them.  Therefore I am the physician you need.”
“Each measure of knowledge a person receives from Me, is what they will be judged upon, So if you know in your heart who is ministering to you, and if you reject, He who sent him – if you reject, the Truth, from My messenger, then you reject Me also, in that moment.  Sin, is sin; virtue is virtue.  If you want to grow in virtue then, you must be willing to root-out your sins.  Remember “I want to clothe you in a white garment”, therefore I need your cooperation.”
“I am not ‘a passive God’, N., nor anyone to be ‘trifled with’.  When I ask something, of someone, indeed I give them the necessary graces to do what I ask.  This excuse of overwhelmingness, is just a trick of the enemy of your soul.  It is a choice, in the moment how to respond.”
“My Two Witnesses will explain to you why ‘try’ means ‘you haven’t done it yet’; it is that simple.  When I ask you something, you are given every grace, to do it.  Know this: that in this house, everything is being brought to the light: all secrets, all bad resolutions, all sins and all evils – are being brought to the light, that you may be purified, and become: whole – pleasing, unto God.”
“In today’s Gospel My children, I healed the paralytic, first, by forgiving him of all of his sins, and telling him to sin no more, and second – by commanding him to pick up his pallet, and to walk.  And once again, this is: to demonstrate the ‘spiritual realities’ at work; and to demonstrate, what I ask, from souls – that if they want to be healed from any physical ailments, they must first turn to Me to be healed – of their sins, and then their physical wellbeing will follow.  But this is just one of the many ‘proofs’ in scripture, of how I chose and still choose to heal people, from their physical ‘afflictions.’ There are spiritual afflictions that come, through the soul’s choice to embrace sinTherefore, the soul must choose to reject, and repent of all of the sins, it has committed – in order for Me to heal them, from all of their physical afflictions, and spiritual oppressions.”
“The reason mankind is on ‘a downwards spiral’ My children, in the simplest terms: because, of their selfishness; because of greed and because of envy.  These are the 3 major sins that mankind embraces, and holding on to these sins puts ‘a wedge’, between Me and the souls, who practice those ‘wicked desires’.”
“‘False sinners’ call themselves by that name, so that they can embrace ‘false humility’ - they accept their sins, and refuse to change.
“A ‘true sinner’, acknowledges their sins, and desires, to stop, so they do not experience Eternal Death.”
Come, drink of ‘the waters of life’, and be healed of your sins!”
“It is ‘not easy’ for people to ‘die to themselves’, and their own plans, and their own desires,and their own sins, and their own addictions, and their own ‘personal struggles’and ‘start to live’, for ‘what truly matters’.  But ‘the road I walked’, was ‘not easy’ either.  For the excruciating torments, and torture, I had to endure – was much more, than ‘what I am asking’, from My True Followers.”
“Now in My First Coming, I performed signs, and miracles, in order for the people, to believe. But why did I do this?  Because their hearts were so hardened and they ‘needed them’.  Many of the ‘ailments’ and oppression that they had, they brought, upon themselves – because of ‘poor choices – in the moment’.  And with every sin, comes ‘the affliction’, of ‘the demon attached to it’ – so that, unless, the sin was repented of’, the demon would remain.”
“First pray for the Gift of repentance in your own ‘interior lives’, and make ‘a firm resolution’ to abstain, from ‘the sins of the flesh and the World’.  Fast, from ‘all idolatry’. Fast from ‘your own wickedness’.  Give-up your own evil: thoughts, and intentions, towards your neighbor.  And live in the True Peace: and live, in your ‘True Refuge’ – that is, My Immaculate Heart.  And seek refuge, in ‘the Rock’, of Saint Peter, and seek refuge, in ‘the Rock’, of My son – Pope Peter the Last, who was built upon the Rock! – of Jesus Christ the Lord.
Again, My Motherly Heart, yearns for more children. Come to me, and I will lead you, to theLord Jesus Christ!  My people, know that it is ‘only He’, who can save you, from your sins… But how can you live in His Will, when you are all ‘so focused on the World’?  How can you live in His Will? – when you ‘stubbornly embrace sins against him’?  How can you live in His Will? – when you frequent the abomination that makes desolate
“For My people, this is, ‘His website’. And these, are His words, and Mine.  And they are ‘meant to nourish you’. But you cannot receive ‘the gift that is here’, if you choose ‘to stubbornly embrace your sins’!  And so, you must go to ‘the sackcloth and ashes page, and ‘find out what it means to repent’ – so that, you may partake of His Eucharistic Presence here – through His words.”
“But sincethe abomination that makes desolate has been ‘set-up’, I have not, been coming, to souls, ‘in that state’.  For, it would be, as though: I was coming to dwell, within the Egyptians!! – who had ‘other gods’, before Me! – who worshiped their ‘gods of gold, and silver’, iron and wood – ‘lifeless idols’!  I would not ‘enter into them’ and ‘share Myself with demons!’  They why, would I ‘enter in’, and be with people – ‘of this Age’!” 
You, My son, would not ‘bow’, to ‘their agenda’ – to their image, of their god.  You would not succumb to ‘the pressure’, of ‘your brother priests’ at the time.  But they did not know, that ‘how they were treating you’, was the way, they were treating Me.  They saw you as ‘the outcast, who needed to be reformed’.  Even ‘gesturing’, that you go “down south”.  I ‘heard it all’ My son.  “Down south”, is also, an allegory, for Hell.  They wanted so badly to ‘put you into a pit’. Because they hated your ways – as your ‘ways’ were ‘a reflection of Mine’.  Now you have your sins, faults, and failingsJust as the first Peter did!  But I still made him ‘leader’ – over the other Apostles; and, he had ‘to serve’ – serve what?  Serve mammon?  Or ‘beast’?  Serve ‘the evil agenda’ of the Pharisees?  Serve: feminists? (- Yes, there were ‘feminists’ back then My children).  How about: ‘to serve, the Truth’, to those around him – to his fellow, ‘apostles’?  How about, ‘to clothe their nakedness’, when they were in error?  Or to feed them the Truth when they, were hungryHow about, naming, ‘the addictions’ or ‘problems’, around him – so that souls would ‘know what to fix’.”


Do you need "a good FIX"? - for NOSTALGIA?

You WANT the Most High [- "spiritually speaking" of course...] TRUE God, to 'FIX YOUR will, on HIM'!   This IS a good desire!  BUT! - it REQUIRES, that you "CHOOSE! - GOODNESS! - True LOVE! - MERCY! - on your Creator". He ISN'T going to 'fix your WILL on HIM'! - until YOU, 'PROVE!' - that YOU, TRULY desire, to be "HIS child" - and no LONGER "a child of the EVIL one".  WE are not 'closing the DOOR' - on your "ability to CHANGE" - for the BETTER.  But we can STILL see, that you're ADDICTED, to "the DRUGS" - spiritually speaking [- referring to 'what the devil OFFERS you']; but you want 'nothing to DO' with, "the pusher" - the devil!  And THIS is the Truth, that you NEED to face!  And for your SPIRITUAL WELLBEING - it WOULD be best, for YOU, to STOP "revisiting your past"[- because your "DRUG of choice"  is nostalgia...] - as this is NOT helping your situation.  STAY in the PRESENT, moment.  FOCUS on your Creator.  And, CONTINUALLY, ASK Him, to RECREATE you - as "the new N.".  YOU! - need! - HIM!   Yet, you must "WORK for it".  You MUST 'WORK', at your RELATIONSHIP, and "FRIENDSHIP", with Jesus Christ the LORD. (September 14, 2017 update)
Addicted to caffeine?
You need to know that... "it's OK" - to use coffee - as a daily stimulant - to stimulate - your BRAIN!  Because, in these TIMES - that actually helps you THINK at a faster PACE - and you need that.  (October 17, 2017 update) 
Special note:  Know that caffeine laced "energy drinks" - are a FINE example of the old adage, "too much of ANYTHING isn't good for you".  Because TOO much caffeine, can actually cause "spastic bladdar syndrome" - or a sudden urge to urinate.  Know that, your body needs time to EXPEL the caffeine you have consumed during the day, so that you will not be kept up at NIGHT, by your BODY, expelling caffeine throughout the NIGHT.  Small doses of caffeine - in chocolate, coffee or tea, make sense.  Cutting caffeinated foods and beverages out of your diet 4 hours before you retire for the evening, is necessary - in order to have a good night's sleep. 
When you experience the TEMPTATION for strong DRINK

KEEP in MIND that, 'the TEMPTATION for strong DRINK' has been going AROUND, the Faithful Remnant - and that 'CASTS OUT the True Holy Spirit' - if it is CONSENTED to - both PHYSICALLY, or "SIMPLY by desire".  SIMPLY, 'DESIRING to be drunk, with the SPIRIT of the world' - IS enough, to CAST out the True Holy Spirit.  THEREFORE, you DO need to be "on guard" - and RESOLVE, to KEEP 'the True Holy Spirit' - in your HEART, mind and SOUL - and  THAT is 'by RESOLVING, and DESIRING, to remain "SOBER, and ALERT".'  For it is ONLY the True Holy SPIRIT who KNOWS 'how to PLEASE the Most High True GOD' - or 'how to SERVE Him' - or 'how to LOVE Him'.  It is only the True Holy SPIRIT who can TEACH, you 'HOW to be a child of the Most High True God'. (January 26, 2018 update) 

The Sobering Truth of the Most High True God
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Do you see yourself as ENTITLED to the addictions of your former LIFE?

The TRUE Holy SPIRIT is "WILLING and DESIRING to SHARE - SO much! - with the Faithful REMNANT" - if they would SIMPLY choose, to "HUMBLE themselves!" - and NEVER! - 'think HIGHLY of themselves' - even with EVERYTHING they've been GIVEN.  It is "TOO EASY" - because, the REMNANT, is so SMALL - for, them, to DESIRE, to be 'PUFFED up with PRIDE' - as they are, "the Most High TRUE God's chosen people"; but it takes "GREAT, responsibility!" - to BE! - a child, of the Most High TRUE God. And, the ISRAELITES, learned "the HARD way!" - even THOUGH they were "God's chosen PEOPLE" - the MAJORITY of them 'DIDN'T make it' - to the PROMISED land; how's THAT for "a SOBERING Truth" - because 'those ISRAELITES', SAW themselves, as "ENTITLED! - to God's PROTECTION, GUIDANCE through MOSES, and eventual PROMISE, to MAKE it to the Land of CANA. (January 27, 2018 update)  

For those who have been feeding the GRACES to their personal demons

The DEMONS, are! - "your SLAVE masters".  And YOU are "in bondage to THEM!"  The Most High TRUE GOD - desires to set you FREE - but can ONLY do so with your cooperation. If you CHOOSE to hold the course you are on, in response to this email - we will simply respect your decision, because we are detached from people's choices.  We don't want to burden you, with the opportunity to gather Graces from Heaven - if you have absolutely no use for any Graces in your life, except to feed them to your personal demonsLiving the Kingdom of Heaven IS "a burden on the demons", whom you serve.  Time for a new beginning. (March 05, 2018 update) 

Are you STILL "seeking to hide behind the LABEL"?

WE know! - the Truth. No MATTER WHAT "big pharma" says.  No matter what "clinical diagnosis" you've been given. The Truth is - the PSYCHOLOGISTS, and the PSYCHIATRISTS - will give ANYONE "a prescription" - if they can FIND, "a label", to STICK to them - so that they can't be HEALED. AND the Truth is - the medication EVENTUALLY - it CHANGES - them, from WITHIN - on "a BIOPHYSIOLOGICAL level" - and their BODY becomes "dependent on it" - as WELL as their minds.  The problem with the medication, is that it AFFECTS your ability to THINK - and actually, "DUMBS you DOWN".  And SO? - IF you're serious - you will go to the healing, from addictions page on the website [- this page...] - AND - you WILL, ask the Most High TRUE God, to lift "your DEPENDENCY, on big pharma" - and you will REPENT! - of CHOOSING, to be "medicated". We are not telling you to stop, "cold TURKEY" - but - YOU need to take, "YOUR, BODILY health" more SERIOUSLY - as WELL as your SPIRITUAL wellbeing.  Because, with the TRUE Holy Spirit - you don't NEED "medication". And, what they WON'T tell you - when they 'PRESCRIBE, medications' - is that there are "DEMONIC afflictions", that come - as "a PARTING gift".  And so it may 'SEEM' - EXTERIORLY - that "the meds are working" - but at what PRICE? - when you're SIMPLY being "LOADED up, with DEMONS".  The MOST High TRUE God does NOT WANT, 'His FAITHFUL REMNANT', DEPENDENT, on big PHARMA - and they SHOULDN'T be if their HEARTS are "RIGHT with their Creator". (April 21, 2018 update) 

Have people been PRESSURING you to drink alcohol? - with words like, "...Jesus Christ the Lord did drink wine back then."

"Wine and new wine take away the understanding."
(Hosea 4:11)

You need to know that back THEN, wine was used the same way that FLAVOR crystals are added to water today - for FLAVOR.  Jesus understood MUCH more, than anyone around Him - ESPECIALLY those who like to drink, alcoholic beverages.  So don't bow to peer pressure - even when they say that "...even JESUS turned water into wine!" (June 10, 2018 update) 

Of course, with the current trend of legalizing marijuana, many people will surely claim that, "Because God CREATED marijuana, God INTENDED people to use it" - and in doing so, to become addicted to it.  But God also Created the black widow spider, and the rattle snake - and yet, that doesn't mean that God wanted man to stand up at the front of a church, and stick serpent fangs into their arms and die in front of the congregation (  SOME people - will think 'that embracing EVERY evil OUT there, is the CALL' - but that "call", is NOT from their Creator... simple!  And SO? - sometimes, it's best to SIMPLY let the phone ring.  YOU decide whose call you are going to answer!  Because that's "on YOU".
The ONLY approval, that MATTERS? - IN this life - is your CREATOR'S
What matters the MOST is, "Did YOU, seek, to LOVE, serve, and WORSHIP, and KNOW! - the Most High True God - the GOD above all OTHER gods - in this LIFE?" OR? - did you desire, to continue to lift your HEARTS up, to 'FALSEHOOD', and to 'ILLUSIONS', and to 'PRIDE', in your INTERIOR lives?  NOTHING else MATTERS, except that you 'LOVE, your Creator' - WITH your entire being! - PUTTING Him, and 'HIS Ways', above everything ELSE! - and above 'EVERYONE ELSE'S expectations'... Let, those OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety settle, for "SYNTHETIC highs", and "SYNTHETIC happiness".  But the ONLY approval, that MATTERS? - IN this life - is your CREATOR'S. (August 08, 2018 update)  

Did you know that headaches need to be DISCERNED?

KNOW that also, a HEADACHE can be CAUSED, by "caffeine WITHDRAWAL".  And so if you are USED to having, "daily COFFEES"? - it's best, to keep HAVING them.  Because, if you STOP? - that can cause, 'HEADACHES'.  ALSO 'excessive PERSPIRATION and WATER consumption' - can FLUSH OUT the caffeine - and CAUSE a headache as well.  So, HEADACHES need to be discerned - as MANY things can CAUSE one. (August 14, 2018 update)     



(This is the Environmentally Friendly, energy saving way, to address some of the questions, people are asking. 
This is a modified response that was sent to someone who read this page on our website, and then desired to leave their addiction behind them.)
Note: Quitting an addiction is much easier than you think.
Every time the desire for your next 'fix' (- the desire to give in to your addiction) 'wells up' or manifests in you, simply recognize that desire for what it is - an actual demon: 'the demon of addiction', tugging on your 'iron chain', dragging you over, to 'the instruments that facilitate your addiction'.

Now if you WANT, to be forever chained to that demon, then that would be a very comfortable and relaxing experience.  But if you don't want to be forever chained to a demon, then that would be an absolute nightmare!

It's called, "spiritual vision" - looking at the addiction, and seeing the demonic realities that are 'a real part' of that manifestation.

Now, Jesus can 'lift', ALL, your symptoms of addiction, to 'any behavior or substance', if you ask Him to.  If you would simply recognize those symptoms, as demonic manifestations - every time, and reach for the Blessed Holy Water, instead of the demon (- instead of the physical means, of satisfying your addiction), He could 'work with you'.

But if you enjoy, being that demon's "dog" (- specifically, being spiritually chained to a demon in Hell), then there is really nothing Jesus, nor anyone, can help you with.

Is it easy?


Can anyone, make you do it?


It's called "free will".  It's called 'where you're comfortable'.  And YOU, are responsible, for that. 

To help you understand how serious addictions in THIS life truly are, here is a little story:  In the afterlife, there is "a smoking room", and "a non-smoking room".  A child could understand this.  In fact, when I was teaching at the elementary level, I used to explain the afterlife, by sharing the story, of a smoker, who died, and wanted to go to Heaven.  To make a long story short, he went to 'the smoking room'.  Now Jesus has explained, that there is a temporary smoking room, and an Eternal one.  But one thing that is not explained in the Testimony, is that it is MUCH easier, to quit, in this life. 

So what if the demon tells you after reading this page on our website, that because you have embraced the addiction, you are "condemned", or "a demoniac", or that the demon "owns" you?  Does that mean that you have to believe the demon?  You are intelligent.  You can decide that for yourself.  You now HAVE the cure.
Using the deliverance prayer,

Reject 'the spirit of addiction' - to:     (name of substance or habit)_   .

Ask for the corresponding grace, of "Holy Moderation of my Appetites", and for the grace of "being a good steward of the gift of health" (- "health", as in: social, emotional, physical, mental, chemical, spiritual, etc.)
Use the Blessed Holy Water, and repeat the deliverance prayer, whenever you feel a desire to renew the addiction.  If people around you participate in that addiction, inform them that you no longer do, and ask them to respect your choice, by not practicing it in front of you.  If they refuse to cooperate, then in doing so, they have truly revealed themselves, to be your enemy, and it will be time to part paths - unless you want the one they are on.  In other words, you will need to remove yourself from 'the near occasion' of renewing or 'giving into', the addiction as well.  This is not "magic" - it is "a lifestyle decision", that can be strengthened, with help from your True Source of Strength, who is, Jesus Christ the Lord.

Have you GIVEN UP trying to change and OVERCOME your bad habits?

You know where to find and apply the "addictions" page [- this page], IF you want to.  But WE only want you to be, where YOU are "FULFILLED".  And only YOU can 'choose', what Truly FULFILLS you - and THAT is "the BEAUTY of free will".   Now you can't CHANGE WITHOUT, your Creator's HELP - but that means, that YOU need to 'put forth the EFFORT'. And so WHY not, simply offer up a decade of the Holy Rosary, to the Blessed Virgin Mary - DAILY - for the following INTENTION - under her TITLE, "Queen of all HEARTS" - and ASK her, to 'CHANGE, the desires of your HEART' - to BE for, her SON, Jesus Christ the LORD - and to BE, 'for the SALVATION', of YOUR own SOUL - and RENOUNCE, ALL! - of your DESIRES, to 'be FULFILLED, by DEMONS, and what they OFFER you'.  RENOUNCE the demons from the HEART - and CHOOSE, to be filled with GRACES, instead - and ONLY Graces.  DO this DAILY, as "a daily DEVOTION" - because you NEED to form, "GOOD, habits". (June 28, 2018 update) 


L.O.F. out loud!
(Eternal Lake of Fire... l.o.f.)
For those who need "a Memorable ONE LINER" to help them ditch their addiction

Are you one of those people who could REALLY use a bit of motivation to help you quit your addiction?  Because if you ARE, then here are some memorable one-liners we can't hold back any longer.  This is actually a summary of the conversation that began today when Mary and I were sitting in our car at a stoplight - and we noticed a jezzie all dressed in black, hauling on a cigarette in the smokey car next to us, as she started to roll down her window...

Mary Romanus:  She's SMOKING a cigarette...

Pope Peter the Last: Well, if she doesn't mind hauling on glowing EMBERS?  Then she WON'T mind hauling on glowing embers in the Eternal Lake of Fire!
Mary(... turned to Peter with a surprised look on her face... laughs out loud...) Good one! 
Peter:  And for those who enjoy using illegal NARCOTICS and getting HIGH?  Well, they KNOW that "what goes UP must come DOWN" - and so they won't mind "going DOWN into the Eternal Lake of Fire".
Mary(With a look of amazement...) Do it again! 

Peter:  And those PEOPLE who like to take intravenous DRUGS?  Well, if they enjoy "that little PRICK", then they won't mind being "a little PRICK" in the Eternal Lake of Fire!

Mary(l.o.l...) What about those who smoke Marijuana? 

Peter: Well, if they want to identify with "WEED", then they WON'T mind being "weeded out" and thrown into the Eternal Lake of Fire!

Mary:  What about those who enjoy being morbidly obese? 

Peter: Well if they don't mind getting fat and looking like a PIG, then they WON'T mind going to "the PIG roast" in the Eternal Lake of Fire!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to alcohol? 

Peter: Well, alcohol is actually used to fill a FUEL tank, that provides FUEL for an alcohol gas STOVE - and so they won't mind being CONSUMED as they FUEL the Eternal Lake of Fire!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to Prescription drugs? 

Peter: Well, if they like 'LABELS' - then they WON'T mind wearing the label, "SEND to the Eternal Lake of Fire"!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to "a demonic ENTOURAGE"? 

Peter: Well then, they will be SURROUNDED by "friends"... in the Eternal Lake of Fire"!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to "satanic POWER"? 

Peter: Well, they will get a real SURGE of it, when they arrive at the Eternal Lake of Fire"!

At this point, we had pulled into a grocery store, and as we walked towards the store we noticed an EXTREMELY immodestly dressed jezzie walking just a few feet in front of us...

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to wearing tight SPANDEX in public - that is pulled up between their BUTTOX? (... like the woman in FRONT of us...)

Peter: Well if they think 'THAT'S comfortable', then they WON'T mind being told, "Up YOURS! - you can go to the Eternal Lake of Fire!"

As we approached the entrance to the store, we passed a grandmother, speaking to her teenage "goth" granddaughter - all dressed in black with fluorescent green shoes - just as the Grandmother said to her... "Oh! - I LIKE your SHOES! - you look GREAT!"

Mary(- quietly to PPTL)... Grandma narrative, "YOU look GREAT!"  Real LIFE? - she looks TERRIBLE!

Peter:  She's so UGLY, even a BROTHEL wouldn't take her! (- we didn't take a photo, but to get the picture: her face was noticeably PHYSICALLY deformed by the demon of uncleanliness, with acne, and greasy unkept hair - and she wore MAULED and RIPPED clothing at her knees...)
Historical context: There are many sayings in the Bible, that really don't make much sense to the novice reader, 2000 years after it was written.  And so, for all the readers 2000 years from NOW, here is some of the "CONTEXT", that will help you understand "that corresponding TRUTH", above.  In these TIMES, even the GRANDMOTHERS, who are OUTSIDE of the Favor of their Creator - like the one the Two Witnesses passed by in the parking lot mentioned above - those "GRANDMOTHERS", are simply "FILLED to the BRIM with demons" - and filled with HATRED - even HATRED of their own children, and grandchildren for that matter.  And so even the "nice old LADIES", will habitually blurt out, "outright LIES!" to their children - as those grandmothers hate the TRUTH, and they have no regard for the Soul of ANYONE, or for any good THING (- referring to "what is GOOD" in the Eyes of their Creator, of course!).  As for the teenage girls of these End Times?  They like to secretly embrace the identity of "WHORES!" - as they CONTINUALLY shun the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Holy Purity she stands for.  The difficult Truth to HEAR, is that the teenage girls of these End Times have TRADED the image of their TRUE Mother in HEAVEN, for the image of the Hollywood actresses - LIKE that of Julia Roberts, as she "played the WHORE", in the teenage cult movie "Pretty Woman", for example.  And so, in THESE Times, 'the SOCIAL bar', for status among high-school teenage girls, is actually set at how much they can flaunt THEIR social INFLUENCE and POWER, OVER other PEOPLE - as they FLAUNT their "whore-like" appearance, and alluring externals.  And so IN these End Times, to state that "a brothel wouldn't take her" - is to accurately state, that EVERYTHING she is actually trying to ACCOMPLISH by her false externals, is an ABSOLUTE fail!  WHY?  Because the DEMONS she chose to EMBRACE, in order to ACCOMPLISH her goal, of being transformed into "a whore" - those DEMONS, have actually UGLIFIED her, to the point that NO amount of cosmetics, or makeovers, can help her, accomplish her SATANIC goal. Is that "a JUDGMENT"?  In the ABOVE case - it was simply "a passing observation", in the moment.  The reason Jesus APPROVED the inclusion of that "passing observation" in the Testimony, was so that this "historical context", could be included in the Testimony, and recorded, for the historical biblical record.  It is interesting to note, that Hollywood made SURE, that when actresses chose to portray the lifestyle of a WHORE, as "a GLAMOROUS one" - that they DID so, by deliberately HIDING from the viewer, the systematic UGLIFICATION of the Soul, that would be the IMMEDIATE effect of that POOR lifestyle decision.
[... and so yes, if they want to LOOK like a whore, and WALK like a whore, and have the same ATTITUDE as a whore, then... they most CERTAINLY won't mind being PHYSICALLY transformed - from the INSIDE out - by their OWN personal demons - into the REAL likeness of a...  oh YES, we were at the grocery store...]
Meanwhile, back in the car, after shopping for some groceries...

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to TELEVISION and violent video games? 

Peter: Well then they WON'T mind watching everyone around them getting beat up in the Eternal Lake of Fire!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to their FEELINGS?

Peter: Well then, they won't mind 'feeling' the FLAMES of the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to flattery, affirmation and TOLERANCE? 

Peter: Well then they won't mind hearing, "Congratulations! - you are a GOOD and HOLY person! - and YOU have in fact been SAVED! - for the Eternal Lake of Fire!"

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to MAKE-UP? 

Peter: Well then they are REALLY going to NEED some MAKE up... in the Eternal Lake of Fire!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to homosexual acts? 

Peter: Well then, they won't mind going on a date with the DEVIL, in the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  Well I'm seeing a THEME here!

Peter: What about those who like to call the Testimony "HATE speech"?

Mary:  Well, they won't mind burning with Eternal hatred for their CREATOR, in the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Peter: They're going to LOVE! - the Eternal Lake of Fire.  What about those who love GOSSIP?

Mary:  Well then, they won't mind having lots of things to TALK about in the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Peter: They can TALK about it in the Eternal Lake of Fire.  What about those who are addicted to chronic FAILURE?

Mary:  ...well, that's a TOUGH one!

Peter: They can always celebrate their SUCCESS, in getting to the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Note: And so at THIS point, we ASKED Jesus if this conversation was appropriate to post in the WEBSITE.  And HE said: "Well, it's the ATTITUDE My Remnant are called to have towards ADDICTIONS - as ANY of these addictions, WILL 'BAR them', from the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  And with Purgatory, EMPTIED out? - there is ONLY "ONE other place to go":  The Lake of FIRE - BURNING, with HELL Fire and BRIMSTONE - SUSTAINED, by My Wrath! - on ALL evildoers."

Peter:  And SO? - for all THOSE who are addicted to doing EVIL, and calling it "GOOD"?

Mary:  They can do "a good JOB!" - AT burning in the Eternal Lake of FIRE?

Peter:   CLOSE enough!  And for all those PEOPLE who are addicted to PROCRASTINATING what they KNOW they need to do, in order to make AMENDS, with their Creator?  If they put it off LONG enough, they will surely end UP...

Mary: the Eternal Lake of FIRE!  What about those who are addicted to Self-deception?

Peter:  Well, when their life is OVER, someone will need to tell them the TRUTH! - that they are in the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to lying?

Peter:  Well then, they can always CHEER UP everyone around them, as they tell everyone AROUND them how GREAT it is to BE... in the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to brooding?

Peter:  Well... that's just what people do... in the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to GAMBLING?

Peter:  Well once they get there, it will be "a SAFE bet", that they will never ESCAPE, the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to self-WORSHIP?

Peter:  Well, they will SURELY discover that 'the god they worship', has really 'let them DOWN'... INTO the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to FEARS?

Peter:  Well they will QUICKLY learn, what they SHOULD have been afraid of, once they reach the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to REBELLING?

Peter:  They will be SURE to find "INSTANT KARMA", in the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:   What about those who are addicted to false EXTERNALS?

Peter:  Those "externals" will simply melt OFF, in the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  What about those who are "addicted to JEZZIE"?

Peter:  There will be absolutely no change for them, in the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  What about those who are addicted to WICKEDNESS?

Peter:  Since PURGATORY is all emptied OUT - and since HEAVEN is "the place where the GOOD Souls go" - then there's ONLY one place LEFT, for the REST of them... the Eternal Lake of FIRE!

Mary:  What about those who struggle with SEXUAL addictions?

Peter:  Well... that will be a little awkward, when they discover that their "private parts", are the FIRST to go... in the Eternal Lake of Fire!  Why?  Because THAT'S... NOT how flames reproduce!  And KNOW that there will be NO need to be concerned about "immodesty" THERE - as EVERYONE! - will be clothed in their "HOT new fashions"!  In fact, THAT is where you will find "the HOTTEST fashion designers" on the planet!

Mary: the Eternal Lake of FIRE!
Back by popular demand in these End Times - the destination MOST PEOPLE prefer...
The people's CHOICE award for Eternal destinations goes TO...
If it's the afterlife, and you're not in Heaven, you're IN...
It seems like EVERYONE FORGOT that Purgatory WAS actually the TEMPORARY flames OF...
It just keeps getting HOTTER in...
Sure IS hard to find a fresh CIGARETTE in...
The "bullies" in High School will seem like teddy bears in...
Closing note: This is a TYPICAL conversation that Mary and I would have - REGULARLY! This is HOW, we see the WORLD. This is how JESUS, TAUGHT us, to look at the WORLD around us - with "COMPLETE disgust!" - for ALL the "UNGODLINESS", that is TAKING place - in EVERYONE'S faces! - while at the same TIME, being "LIGHTHEARTED, and CHILD like" - being "INNOCENT!" - when it comes, to "EVIL" - but being "WISE", as the SERPENTS, in the PEOPLE, ARE.  'Our WISDOM' comes from ABOVE.  But 'THEIR wisdom' comes from below.  It's that SIMPLE folks!
Contextual noteJesus Christ the Lord has Revealed from His Throne in Heaven, that since the mark of the beast was given to the human race on Christmas day in 2012, approximately a million people each week, have gone to the Eternal Lake of Fire, with some final thoughts, from their Creator.  That would total about 278 million "parting salutations", over the past 278 weeks.  And so for those readers who NEVER want to hear one of OUR "parting salutations" EVER again! - you will need to follow the directions on the website, and simply avoid re-reading this section - at the bottom of the "Alcohol and other Addictions page" - just in case you were wondering. (April 23, 2018 update) 
HomeworkAnd so, NOW would be a good time to find the "one liner" that goes BEST with the addiction that YOU have been struggling to let go of. And while you CONSIDER the REAL IMPLICATIONS of that "one liner" - NOW would be a good time to ask yourself the simple question: "Do I prefer to hold on to the resolution I made to EMBRACE that addiction?"  Or? - "Would NOW be a good time, to make a heartfelt resolution before all of Heaven, to NEVER go back to that addiction EVER again - with the STRENGTH of my Creator, Jesus Christ the Lord?" (- using the Counsel on this page, and the prayers found in the Testimony of course!)  And while you think about that - remember, "PROCRASTINATION" IS an addiction, that YOU can always let go of... in the Eternal Lake of Fire. Why? - because you WON'T be able to put off any longer, the list of things you NEEDED to do, once you're there! (April 25, 2018 update) 


Don't Gamble Your life away
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And so... Just 'how BAD' IS IT?
The Eternal Lake of Fire - a place, that Jesus describes - as... "EVEN the ILLUMINATI would stop following the DEVIL - if they KNEW the TORTURE, that HE, has PLANNED for THEM, in the AFTERLIFE".  In SHORT, "the joke's on THEM!" - as they 'FELL', for the lies of the enemy. (Excerpt from the October 06, 2017 update on the Informative Articles page...) 

What can the Two Witnesses DO? - to help ME carry my CROSS and get the video PLATFORM I deserve?  Here, perhaps we could simply spell it OUT for you...

That is just ONE of the questions that the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant - who are about to be made "PRIVATE members" - are asking themselves.  And why is THAT?  Because THEY are 'the ones who are FOCUSED on what they can GET from us' - AND - from their Creator.  And THEY are the ones, WHO - have ABSOLUTELY NO interest! - in being "our FRIEND" - OR "a friend of their Creator", when the PRESSURE is on - when they are "UNCOMFORTABLE" - or when they're SUFFERING.  They are 'the ONES who are READY to abort the TRUTH in their HEARTS' - at "the SLIGHTEST discomfort" - and BETRAY! - the Son of man - DAILY! - thinking that WE, AND He, WILL simply "OVERLOOK it". THEY are the ones who BELIEVE, they can 'PUT to the side' - 'REALITY', and 'the TRUTHS revealed from HEAVEN' - and "REVEL in the world", as they like - as OFTEN as they like!  They are the ONES, with 'divided HEARTS' and divided allegiances - who are "CHOOSING to be swallowed up" - by the TEMPESTUOUS WAVES, of this Era - AND "swallowed  up by the spirit of the WORLD".  They ARE, "the REBELS! - at heart" - and they WILL 'FIGHT us!' - TO KEEP, 'their REBELLION' - along with 'the OTHER demonic strongholds' that they REFUSE! - to let go of.  And SO like those 'OUTSIDE the Ark' - they will end up... like THEM! - if they do NOT, repent, and turn BACK, with 'TRUE Docility', to the VOCATION, that their CREATOR, CALLED them to.

NOW for "some UNCOMFORTABLE, Truth":  The REASON that each Member of the Faithful Remnant was 'TAKEN, FROM the world, and BROUGHT, into the Faithful REMNANT, TRUE Church' - was so that THEY! - could help US, to carry 'OUR cross'; was so that THEY! - COULD be, "OUR Simon".  Because the WHOLE WORLD! - and ALL "the occult universal ENERGIES", are 'AGAINST us, AND the Faithful Remnant'.  They are 'AGAINST! - the Faithful Remnant' - WHO, have been PICKED out of the WORLD - to HELP the Two WITNESSES, CARRY, their CROSS.  What the Most High TRUE God, is DOING? - is 'CLOSING, this ERA, of TOLERANCE, of EVERY wicked DESIRE, under the SUN'.  And HE! - is 'the ONE', who chose, each of YOU! - out of the world - to give YOU 'the opportunity', to desire to help HIM! - to desire, to COOPERATE, with 'HIS Plan'! - for the Ending of this Era, and the BEGINNING of the NEW.  To HELP the Most High TRUE GOD - IS 'SUCH a BLESSING!'  For IS THAT NOT? - what was EXTENDED, to the Blessed Virgin MARY?  WHAT if she said "NO!"  THEN where, would ALL of us be?  WHAT if her ATTITUDE, was "MY will be done!"...  THEN Jesus would NEVER had been born!  And so for MOST of you - you have 'the POOR attitude' of "HOW can GOD! - make MY life better! - improve MY life! - serve ME! - do MY will! - listen to MY prayers! - get me "MY video platform!" - make ME important!"  But you HAVE, the attitude, of the PROTESTANTS.  And SO? - you'll be cast OUT! [- if you don't change course and FAST!...] But THOSE, who are CHOOSING, to be "SELFLESS" - and to 'HELP' us - to CARRY 'the weight', of CLOSING the AGE - by MAKING "Fruitful video TESTIMONIES" - to reach OUT, to those who WILL FIND them! - EVENTUALLY - those who are CHOOSING to LOVE 'what their Creator is ASKING of them' - and those who are "SINCERELY interested in KNOWING the Divine Plan, of their CREATOR, and ENDING, this wicked GENERATION" - will be 'the ONES to PERSEVERE' - as WE have! - for OVER 10 years!  And the LIGHTER - OUR cross is - the FASTER the Age closes!  And the MORE, the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, SEEK to MAINTAIN, 'their INTERIOR lives' - DESIRING, to BE, "FULFILLED by the True Holy SPIRIT"? - the ONES who are CHOOSING, to SHUN! - "WICKED desires", and choose "GOODNESS" - instead? - the EASIER, 'THEIR walk, and JOURNEY' will BECOME!  If EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, would simply 'SEEK! - to keep their INTERIOR lives in ORDER, and PURE, before their Creator'? - HE, would DO, 'SO! - much, MORE' - in ENDING "this wicked generation". But He HOLDS back STILL! - until, ONLY the "strong Members" are left.  And, that could BE - ALL of you! - IF! - you wanted it!  And the MOST High True God, is 'SO PATIENT'! But WHEN HE SEES, 'people take ADVANTAGE of His Patience'? - then "His HAMMER comes down!" - and "JUDGMENTS are passed!" 
There is NO excuse, for ANY of you! - to STILL be concealing "WICKEDNESS", and "WICKED motives", in your hearts.  YOU can"OVERCOME" - your FALLEN humanity - by SEEKING to be "completely DEPENDENT on your Creator", and "HUMBLING yourself BEFORE Him", as 'a WAY, of LIFE!'  WE are not "PUSHOVER Prophets of the Most High True God".  And, HE is not "a pushover god".  And SO, WE suggest that you ALL, make GOOD resolutions, and EXAMINE 'your CONSCIENCE', before your Creator. Because you can't HAVE, "ONE foot", in the DOOR to the Ark - and ONE foot, TOTALLY, submerged, "in the WORLD"!  Now if YOU think that "these words are harsh!" - they will SEEM, like "a COOL refreshing SPRING!" - COMPARED, to the FLAMES, of, the Eternal Lake of Fire
Where's THAT in the Bible? (click and drag for the answer...)  Romans 11:17-24. (April 30, 2018 update) 
"Soon the World will be remade.  Soon the World will be reborn - anew, refreshed, so to speak.  I will Create all things New, and for those who want to come to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Door is always open - it’s there for them.  And for those who prefer the hot fires of Hell because of rebellion - against the Truth that is in them, well then that is where they will go - because they choose to.  It’s very simple: people must choose teams, and they must know who their allegiance is to." (-Jesus, September 4, 2009) 

Have you been trying to SHARE your ADDICTIONS... with JESUS?

Now WE will tell you - that, the COMFORTS this world OFFERS - are "very limited".  And, the DEMONS, offer 'ADDICTION', as "they CRAFTILY, get the people to BELIEVE! - that the ADDICTION, will 'fill the VOID'," - when EVEN the DEVIL! - knows - that it is 'the TESTIMONY of Jesus CHRIST the Lord' - where it is the WORD, of Jesus Christ, the Lord - that will ULTIMATELY, fulfill THOSE, who desire to be 'with HIM, for all Eternity'.  But He WON'T be 'SHARED, with peoples ADDICTIONS'! And so you NEED to reject 'your DESIRE, to IDENTIFY, as an addict' - FROM the heart! - USE the Blessed Holy Water - and ask for the GRACE, to DESIRE! - to IDENTIFY - AS "a child, of Jesus Christ the LORD".  Because "CHILDREN, of the Most HIGH" - will NOT be 'turned away'.  But LITTLE, "HELLION, REBELLIOUS children" - WILL! (July 06, 2018 update) 

What will become of the DRUNKARDS, in THESE End DAYS?

"DRUNKARDS", will not ENTER the Kingdom of Heaven.  And if people WANT, 'to DRINK themselves, into the Lake of FIRE'? - then that's "on THEM".  But, 'the Blessed HOLY Water' IS there, to BREAK the addiction.  They SIMPLY need, to turn their HEART to their Creator - and 'CARE'!  Because - YOU have 'a JOB to do' - and THEIR addiction, is NOT "YOUR responsibility". (September 24, 2018 update)    
The domino effect
Jason is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF, to be CHAINED to other people's DEMONS, and SINS.

You NEED to understand, that as "a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant" - DEMONS, working through other PEOPLE, will always 'TRY', to exercise 'SOME KIND of godly authority', OVER you.  But, YOU! - are called, to 'RESIST', being UNDER, "the GODLESS" - but YET, in EVERYTHING, you are called to SUBMIT, to the True Holy Spirit - and, to 'the Divine WILL, of GOD the Almighty, and Eternal Father in HEAVEN'.  You, are 'RESPONSIBLE', for "who you CHOOSE to SERVE", in EACH and every MOMENT.  But, you are 'SERVING, someone' - and so it is "BETTER" - with ALL of your HEART - to work WITH 'your Creator' - in serving HIM!  Because 'THAT'! - is "what the Holy ANGELS do" - who CONTINUALLY behold, the FACE, of their CREATOR.  And SO, you can 'ALLOW YOURSELF, to be CHAINED to other people's DEMONS, and SINS' - if you WANT to.  But THAT, is "the FASTEST WAY, to being CUT-off, from GRACES".  Therefore! - once AGAIN, we ADMONISH 'EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT', to RESOLVE! - to submit 'their ENTIRE BEINGS', to the MOVEMENTS of the True Holy Spirit - and not to do ANYTHING, apart, from 'the WILL, of their Creator'. You will KNOW, it is 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', in the INNERMOST depths, of your being - as you will be 'MOVED', gently - towards "GOODNESS".  But do NOTHING! - out of impulse - for THAT is 'the way, of the world'. (October 13, 2018 update) 
YOU need to REALIZE 'the SERIOUSNESS, of what you DID' - based on "the PREMEDITATION involved".  And THAT is why these 'bad HABITS, from your PAST' aren't going AWAY.  You SAY that you won't 'give-IN'; but that's NOT the SAME, as "shunning it!"  And so now WE must ask, 'WHY did you show such DELIBERATE RESENTMENT?'  WHAT did YOU perceive, that would cause YOU, to 'act OUT, with such WRATH'?   We KNOW that this is "VERY uncomfortable!" - but ABSOLUTELY necessary, in order 'to get to the ROOT', of your ILLNESS. (January 17, 2019 update)

For those who have been tempted to get DRUNK since they found the Testimony of their Creator 

And so what HAPPENED, with your DESIRE, to DRINK - in order to SUBMERSE! - yourself - in the BOTTLE - to DROWN out, the TRUTH - was ACTUALLY 'a natural STEP' - in the PHYSICAL world - based on 'where your HEART is', and what YOU have been choosing to DO, in response to ADVERSITY, and TRIALS.  And SO? - you were BROUGHT to 'a POINT, in your LIFE' - where you had 'a CHOICE' - PHYSICALLY! - to TURN to your Creator - or turn to the BOTTLE.  And WHAT you did? - was, 'TURN to the bottle' - at the same TIME! - asking your Creator, for an intervention.  And He SHOWED you, "Extreme Mercy".  But HOW are you going to show YOURSELF, 'Mercy'? - the NEXT time the temptation comes?  Because in fact, you were 'MERCILESS', to YOURSELF - because even though you DIDN'T follow through, it was as though you DID - because you 'FULLY intended on it'.  You SHOULD have turned to your CREATOR, for help, in the moment; instead of BOWING, to your weakness.  (February 12, 2019 update)   

"The ADDICTIONS exchange" can't SAVE you.

It's not "COMFORTABLE", to 'CHANGE, for the better'? - but it's "MUCH more! - UNCOMFORTABLE, to REFUSE! - to change".  THOSE who are'burning UP in the ETERNAL Lake of FIRE', will NEVER change - NOR will they EVER get 'a chance' to.  But right NOW? - you have 'the CHOICE', in FRONT of you.  It's 'peoples' ADDICTIONS', that LEAD them, to the Eternal Lake of Fire.  And 'what YOU have done'? - is SIMPLY, 'traded ONE addiction for ANOTHER' - and THAT'S "not ENOUGH! - of a CHANGE" - in order to 'GET into the Kingdom of HEAVEN', or into 'the FULLNESS of the Physical Era of PEACE'.  You HAVE to stop, 'ALL addictions'!  And you can ONLY do so - WITH the Help of your Creator. You NEED to ASK for 'the Grace of MODERATION in appetites'.  And allow 'the TRUE Holy SPIRIT' to govern over, your APPETITES. (May 10, 2019 update)

For those who are now "ADDICTED to being REJECTED by their Creator".
YES! - you CAN make "a lifestyle, of being ADDICTED, to REJECTION"!  But? - as you DO so? - you DEPRIVE YOURSELF, of Salvation. You WANT to be 'rejected by your Creator' - and you want 'your EFFORTS' rejected by Him as well.  And until you acknowledge this TRUTH? - you WON'T get spiritually better. Why not INSTEAD? - choose to DO things, that you KNOW! - your CREATOR will RECEIVE! - and ACCEPT! - and be PLEASED with! (September 01, 2019 update)

What are the two approaches, to TEMPTATION and to ADVERSITY?

The DEMONS, will ALWAYS give you "an EXCUSE! - to dive into Hell" - because THAT'S where THEY are!  They want you to JOIN them.  But YOU! - have to DECIDE - if you 'IDENTIFY', as a person, who came to the TESTIMONY - who is 'QUITE, SICK!' - with 'sins and ADDICTIONS'.  OR? - if you are IDENTIFYING, as "a CHILD of the Most High TRUE God" - who has LEARNED, HOW! - to THRIVE, as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT". There are two APPROACHES, to TEMPTATION, and to ADVERSITY.  ONE approach?- draws you CLOSER to your Creator - when you 'ADMIT, where you have FAILED' - and you SIMPLY 'resolve to do BETTER' - but "ACTUALLY do better".  The OTHER APPROACH? - pulls your heart AWAY - HARDENS it - and GIVES 'the SPIRITUAL GROWTH, that you HAD received', to the DEMONS to devour.  Which approach have you 'GROWN COMFORTABLE' with? Because if the SPIRIT was 'WITH you'? - there would be "some VERY... IMPORTANT!... TASKS that you would be doing".  Are you reading the more recent Testimony UPDATES?  Because there ARE INSTRUCTIONS, on what "private members" are called to DO. (September 06, 2019 update) 

Theres only one Savior
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
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