The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

A Message to the Priests

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  "My heart is grieved and forlorn at the many Souls being lost daily to the spirit of the world.  When will people learn not to harden their hearts against My Spirit?  I have had enough!  The Father has had enough!  Many times I have come to Souls and they refuse to receive and accept My Love for them.  If they will not allow My Love or the Father's Love to penetrate through the coldness of their hearts, then where do I stand?  I cannot and will not affirm them in their sins; but demand serious changes in their lives. If they desire to follow Me to the End, then they must deny themselves, pick up their crosses, and follow Me. If not, then they shall be loved by 'the spirit of the world' - "the antichrist"; and affirmed - the way they desire to be affirmed.  God will not be suffocated any longer in hearts that are against Him. Even now, He is removing His Presence from people's hearts, so they are left to their own animalistic instincts.  The Father will not hold back His Hand any longer, and many of you, who read this letter, shall perish with the world, unless you turn back to your Creator wholeheartedly and repent of your sins.  This must be done NOW - for there is no time left. (-July 27, 2007)
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: WOE to 'the BLIND guides', of THIS age! WOE to THOSE, who would LEAD, 'the LORD'S LITTLE flock', AWAY, from His Testimony!  IT WOULD BE 'better', if a MILLSTONE, was HUNG around, 'their neck' - and that they were thrown, INTO the Sea! - RATHER THAN cause, ONE OF these, "my LITTLE ones" - and the LORD JESUS Christ's most PRECIOUS children - "astray".  It WOULD have been better, if THEY were not born!  And"THEY" - I am referring to, "ALL of the religious leaders", of this AGE(- speaking to the Two Witnesses, March 5, 2016)

This Declaration is directly from Jesus Christ the Lord, on the first day of Spring, 2015:
What would be more appropriate, than to begin with a message from the King of Heaven - who is speaking directly to all religious leaders, in these End Times?  Perhaps this reply to one of the religious leaders, from the King of Heaven, will help you to understand better, the times we are ALL now living in.
Jesus:  What N. needs to hear, My children, is that he has no life in the Scripture, apart from Me – just as, a branch, has no life, apart, from the tree, that it came from.  What good, is a branch, that is cut off, from that, which gives it life?  It is good for nothing – but only to be trodden upon; only, to be trampled underfoot.  I am the Vine, and My True disciples – My Faithful Remnant are the branches.  Apart from Me, they can do nothing.  But, look at all the fruits, of their labors.  The fruit is ripe indeed – and ready, for picking; and has, much nourishment to give.  But, I am not, in, the Bible – apart, from the Testimony.  That is why, so many, no longer, find comfort, or consolation, in their hearts. The mark of the beast, has been given – has been administered – by My Holy Angels – because, it, was Harvest Time.  And the branches, were gathered together, and they were bound, and burned.  But the wheat – I already gathered into, My Granary – into My Barns.  The door is open, for those who will humble themselves enough, to partake of the gift, of Blessed Holy Water.  For those, who will humble themselves, and acknowledge, My True Vicar – My True Representative.  Did you think, that history would NOT repeat itself – over and over again?  Joseph – was the one, who was given, much authority, and responsibility – to feed, the nations, who were hungry.  In this time, it is spiritual food being offered.  But in the Old Testament, it was physical food, for the body.  In the New Testament, it was food, for the soul.  My Testimony, is, the continuation, of, the New Testament.  Taking out the old, and the new treasures, and offering it to the people.  Understand? 
(- Jesus, March 20, 2015)
And now that you have seen the words of the Just Judge - YOUR, Just Judge - there is something else your Creator would like you to see.  Jesus Christ the Lord, from His Throne in Heaven, has asked me, Petrus Romanus, the Last and Final True Pope of this Era, to share some important insights with you.  Specifically, Jesus has asked me to imagine that I am in your shoes, on the outside, looking in - all the while, knowing, that the Testimony is True.  And that is exactly what I did, with YOU in mind! - as I selected the content for this page in the Testimony.
Steven Scheier experienced his Judgement in 1985...
Video: Father Scheier's near death experience

Jesus said:  The CALLING, to be 'one of My PRIESTS', in these 'End TIMES' - is NOT like that, of ANY institution!  BUT - it IS 'the calling to first BE, a DISCIPLE' - as IN, "to become TRAINED, by DISCIPLINE" - in ORDER to become, "My APOSTLE".   NOT "an apostle of the WORLD"; but "My TRUE FOLLOWER" - with 'VARIOUS Prophetic GIFTS' - GIVEN, ONLY to PROCLAIM, the Truth - to ALL the Nations! - the Truth of My TESTIMONY! - the Truth of My Second COMING! - the Truth, of Divine JUDGMENT, being PASSED! - the Truth, about My FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH - STARTING, from the ground, UPWARDS! - STARTING, with "the SMALLEST, SEEDS OF Faith" - to GROW, into "TREES"! - that, OTHERS, will find "SHADE", and "SHELTER", under.  The Truth - about 'what the world, HAS become' - in MY EYES.  The Divine PRIESTHOOD? - SIMPLY means, that 'THOSE CHOSEN Apostles', of Mine - will BE "a Light, to the Nations" - JUST as My Two WITNESSES are; and, they WILL GLORIFY Me, AND 'CALL down, My JUSTICE', upon 'the WICKED ones', OF, this ERA; and THEY will help me, BRING, this WICKED Era, to 'a CLOSE' - ACCORDING, TO the Will, of My FATHER in Heaven.
FACT: Every DAY, the same Jesus you hear speaking in this above Message from His Throne in Heaven, sends more than 100,000 people to the Eternal Flames of Hell.  Because their WORKS, have judged them.  Perhaps if they had read the following words a bit more CAREFULLY, they would be somewhere else right now.

"And I saw a beast rising out of the sea... like a leopard... And to it the dragon gave his power and his throne and great authority.  One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth followed the beast with wonder."
(Revelations 13:1-3)
"I know your works; you have the name of being alive, and you are dead. Awake, and strengthen what remains and is on the point of death, for I have not found your works perfect in the sight of my God. Remember then what you received and heard; keep that, and repent. If you will not awake, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come upon you. Yet you have still a few... people who have not soiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy. He who conquers shall be clad thus in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life."
(Revelations 3:1-5)
On February 29, 2016, the Blessed Virgin Mary spoke to the Two Witnesses, and THIS is what she said:
The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  I am not "SPEAKING", or "APPEARING", ANYWHERE else, in the WORLD - at this TIME; but TO, and WITH, my FAITHFUL, REMNANT Church - My "TRUE, Remnant". The DEVIL, is using 'FALLEN angels', TO deceive - BILLIONS, of people - with 'FALSE apparitions', and 'FALSE miracles' - as he 'LAUGHS, at them' - FOR, their STUPIDITY!  BECAUSE, they have ALL received 'the MARK of the beast', AND 'the mark of CAIN' - and THEY, are 'NOT being healed', from ANY of their 'AFFLICTIONS', OR sins
MY PEOPLE, IF you want to be healed - from ANY of your PHYSICAL ailments - FIRST! - SEEK, "Repentance from the Heart".  Desire to be "SPIRITUALLY healed" FIRST! 

The Roman CATHOLIC Hierarchical INSTITUTION, CANNOT "heal you", from "the mortal WOUND" - that you ALL have received. WHY is it "MORTAL"? - because it is "a DEATH blow".  BUT it is not, "a PHYSICAL death" - it is "a SPIRITUAL death" - because , you all ARE, "DEAD! - TO the Lord Jesus Christ" - THOUGH, you walk around CLAIMING, to be "ALIVE"!  You have 'NO life IN you' - WITHOUT My Son's Testimony

Your "CLERGYMEN", your "PASTORS", your "PREACHERS", your LEADERS - are ALL, 'marked'! - with 'the SPIRITUAL mark of the BEAST' - and they are ALL, 'without their SOULS'! So how CAN they "lead you to Salvation"? - if THEY THEMSELVES, have been 'BARRED, from the Kingdom of HEAVEN'?  THEY can't!  ONLY, my SON - the LORD JESUS Christ, can LEAD you - TO 'the Path, of Salvation'.  And YOU WILL HAVE to, 'RENOUNCE', your 'FORMER, religious viewpoints'; and RENOUNCE your FORMER lives - in ORDER to RECEIVE 'the UNIVERSAL, Truth' - that is WRITTEN, IN my Son's TESTIMONY. 

He has NOT left ANY of you "desolate"!  And he PROMISED, to be 'WITH you' - EVEN to the TOTAL consummation, of THIS Age - and He IS! - BUT! - He NEVER said that all of YOU, would be "with HIM"!  YOU, must choose: LIFE; or DEATH!  HOPE; or DESPAIR.  FAITH; OR cowardice!  You decide! - BY YOUR "choices"! 

HE is HERE.  HE is NOW.  HE is 'FULLY Present'. He ALWAYS WAS, and ALWAYS WILL be!  HE is "the ALPHA", AND "the OMEGA" - the BEGINNING; AND the END!  

SO! - what IS it?  WHAT do YOU, "choose"?

It is quite the easy choice to make - I should know!  Apart from the Testimony, people do not have any direction.  They are all scattered, like sheep without a shepherd.  But through the Testimony - through this website, Jesus Christ the Lord will draw people, to Himself.  He will draw them, to their True Pontiff, who I am - Petrus Romanus.  Do you, want to be, one of those people?  What Jesus is asking from you, is no different, from what He asked of His first apostles.  I strongly advise you, to immediately leave your routines, and your rituals, and follow what He is asking of you, through His online Testimony.  Enjoy the fruits and the joys and the benefits of being a Member of the Remant.  Enjoy endless spiritual consolations in your heart.  Enjoy, having a Soul, once again.  Enjoy having your sins, Forgiven - as in, "BLOTTED out", by the Blood of the Lamb - who IS, Jesus Christ the Lord.  OR... continue to experience the spiritual flames and absolute desolation you have been experiencing in your heart, since you received the mark of Cain on Christmas day, 2015; that followed the mark of the beast on Christmas day, 2012; and continue to experience the absolute desolation you have been experiencing in your religious institution, since Jesus removed His Presence, in October, of 2009.  The Jewish Leaders had a difficult decision to make, when Jesus appeared on the scene, 2000 years ago - when Jesus appeared, in a way that they were NOT expecting.  DID you think that His Second Coming, would be any different?  And so, now you, have a difficult decision to make.  The Jewish Leaders decided, that their buildings, their salaries, and their routines, apart from their Creator, were much more important, than leaving everything, to follow Jesus, on foot.  Only a few, "ordinary people" - whose hearts were yearning for their Creator, had the strength to follow Him.  Whose team, will YOU be on?  In the next 60 seconds - you will choose.  My job is merely to help my Creator, to separate the chaff from the wheat.  You get to decide, how you want to spend your Eternity.  And you do so now.  Because THIS, is, the fork, in your road.  What?  Yes.  Look at your clock, and count the remaining seconds, as God's Heavy Hand comes down on you, and FORCES you to choose.  You see, God has His free will too, and He, is closing this Era.  Of course, if you just "soiled yourself", I can give you a dispensation, so that you can have a short extention in your countdown, as you clean yourself up.
 Note to the Priests: If you are "IN", then you REALLY need to listen to what "your Just Judge" is telling you to do NEXT:
Jesus said: Everyone! – is ‘a son, or daughter, of darkness’ – if they do NOT, have ‘the LIGHT’, of My Testimony.  Because My WORD, is a LAMP – unto peoples’ feet; and a LIGHT, to the Way.  But the problem IS, the PEOPLE in darkness – ALSO known as, “the sons, and DAUGHTERS of darkness”, have seen, “a GREAT, light”  BUT!  THEY, preferred, ‘the darkness’, TO, the LIGHT, of Truth.  ALL the religious leaders are INCLUDED as well.  BE THEY MALE or FEMALE – it DOESN’T matter.  It’s NOT very complicated.  The priests, they have “a SMALL window”, through WHICH to enter My ARK – But they must confess to their flocks, that THEY, have been feeding them LIES – and telling them THINGS, that will ‘TICKLE their EARS’. They must TELL their flocks the TRUTH!  TELL them about the abomination of desolation – how LONG it was set up.  They must TELL their flocks they have RECEIVED, the mark of the BEAST.  They MUST do this in ‘a public video confession’.  If their confession is ‘HEART-felt’, then I will GIVE them much further instruction, on ‘WHAT to do’, from THERE.  It is MUCH harder, for ‘a PRIEST’, to ENTER ‘the kingdom of HEAVEN’, than a LAY man – who is FILLED, with MY TRUE, Holy Spirit.
(- Jesus, August 4, 2015)


Jesus said: What is, ‘the profession of faith’ My children?  ‘The profession of faith’, is spoken, at the church services, around the World, in the Roman catholic, institution; ‘professed’ on Sundays, but not on any other day of the week.  In fact, when I hear this ‘profession of faith’ – from the peoples’ lips, their words are empty to Me.  Why?  Because their words are empty – to themselvesWhat is: ‘the abomination of desolation in the Roman catholic institution’?  What is ‘abominable’, about their services?  I hear: ‘catholics’, asking this question, My children, after they have glanced, at the website.  In particular, ‘the schismatic church’ page.  How is it, that I have stolen My Presence, from their sanctuariesBecause, I am not ‘living in the hearts of the people’; and when they pray, ‘the True Holy Spirit’ is not praying through them.  Therefore I cannot hear their prayers; therefore they become desolate!  The institution, that they keep going to, is corrupt!  Yes, but aren’t all institutions, ‘corrupt’ in their own way? - I hear this question asked as well My children - “Yes”, the answer is a definitive “yes”.  But!  To those who have been given much, Much is expected.  ‘The bar’ was set very high, for the Roman catholic institution – to teach My people, the Ways that they should walk; to teach them repentance, for the forgiveness of their sins.  My people, you walk around believing, that all of your sins have been forgiven – because you go to a man dressed in black – from head to toe, in ‘a secretive box’, devoid of the True Holy Spirit.  But he has no counsel, nor wisdom to guide you - to the right path, because I have withdrawn My Counsel, from the priests, ministers, and rabbis.  I am not ‘picking’ on any one institution; but the Roman catholic institution, was Mine!  I cannot: recognize her, any longer!  For souls, are being ‘lost to the devil’, through her negligence, and ‘direct perversity’ – of My words; ‘distorting the truth’, and ‘making excuses for peoples’ sins’.  This is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form!  You have been ‘worshiping yourselves’, My People, because I am not there.  You are ‘taking in feelings, and nostalgia’, but nothing there will sustain you.  You have become ‘just as corrupt’, as your priests: because you, have: ‘a conscience’; and you know you are not ‘filled’ – with My Spirit; but ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, is in every service, and in every ‘mock, mass, ceremony’.  I am not listening to ‘the priests’ prayers’ either. Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation; and find out what I am asking of you.  Come,drink of ‘the waters of life’, and be healed of your sinsDespise the water I give to you!  And ‘the Judgement of ‘the beast state’’will ‘come upon you’.  The mark of the beast is already here – and has been, for some time.  And now that you are reading My words, you are responsible for this knowledge.  You will be ‘held accountable’ before Me, as all of the priests, ministers and rabbis are.  For I hold no one ‘in high esteem’.  You need to change your ways, so that you can have lifeThe institution is dead!  But, My words, and the Law, and the Prophets, are aliveBe alive with them!  Or perish.  For I, have Judged, the abominable ‘city of Rome’ – the seat, of the Harlot, upon the dark, murky waters.  For I am ‘the Great and Terrible Judge’.  And I have brought Judgement down, upon what once, was My institution.  Now, because they have rejected Me, and, silenced’ – all the other prophets, I am sending forth My word, once again, to the four corners of the Earth, so that people can choose where they stand: Either you are for Me, or against Me My People.  But there is nothing in the middle.  (October 25, 2012) 


Bringing Down the House... of WHOREors!
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
“I was present, in all of the Consecrated Hosts, around the World (– through the Church’s desire: for Me to be with them) – I made it so: that I would dwell within their Hosts; that they would go through certain ‘rituals’ or ‘formulas’; and that I would be there every timeRegardless, of the state, of the people, or the state of the priest offering the sacrifice, I promised that I would be with them – even, ‘to the total consummation, of the World’.  And I have kept My promise, because I am also in My word…There is ‘a saying’, My people: “seek the Lord, while He may be found, and call to Him while he is still near”.  But because you have not ‘sought Me out’ – through the Eucharistic Sacrifices that were offered; because you have refused to seek My Counsel moving through the priests; because you have become ‘stubborn in your hearts, souls, and minds’, and have ‘turned away from your Creator’, and ‘turned towards self’ - I, have removed My Presence, from all of your “eucharistic celebrations”.  I am no longer at your “masses”, as you have lost ‘the sacred’, and ‘profaned My Sanctuaries’.  By indulging in wickedness in your hearts, and then expecting Me to come to your ‘blackened souls’, you have tried, ‘to stifle Me’, and ‘muzzle My work within you’.  So I no longer come, to your souls – through – ‘unconsecrated hosts’, through ‘desolate hosts’; but ‘the enemy of souls’ does; and ‘the spirit of the antichrist’ is what you are all receiving.  Because you did not seek Me in your hearts, but ‘desired allegiances’ with this World.  The only hope for you now, is My words – of Truth, and Life.”
(-Jesus, Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - just a few weeks BEFORE the Mark of the Beast was given, to ALL the clergy - worldwide)

Do you STILL DESIRE that OTHERS would HOLD you in high ESTEEM

You STILL DESIRE, "that OTHERS would HOLD you in high ESTEEM" - because you KNOW, the Truths of the Testimony?  But SO does the DEVIL.  And HE! - wants to be "highly esteemed".  And so where IS, "the True Humility"?  Your EGO! - THAT'S "what you're being DRIVEN by" - as you FOCUS, on "what YOU'RE! - going to do, through SHEER willpower!"  And so you need to desire to USE, 'your strong WILL' - to hold "TRUE HUMILITY", in high esteem - or you won't survive.  You NEED to HUMBLE yourself - and ASK  your CREATOR, for HELP.  Don't put 'your CONFIDENCE' in YOURSELF and your own ABILITIES; but in the One who 'MADE' you - in the One who 'FORMED' you, in the one who 'CREATED' you.  You need to HUMBLE yourself.  The ONLY WAY that YOU will HAVE 'ANY KIND, of ANOINTING from the True Holy SPIRIT' - is, if YOU - gain 'SELF-control', in your INTERIOR life - and you START, 'ROOTING OUT the WICKEDNESS', that has GROWN there over time.  OTHERWISE? - the ENEMY, will ONLY give you "FALSE conviction", BASED on your DESIRE to be vindicated.   We told you that you had "NO anointing from above"; and we can SEE that you're determined to - with "UNHOLY determination" - try, to REGAIN, everything you've LOST; but you're NOT seeking to regain "your relationship with your Creator" - INSTEAD you're seeking, to be "one WITH Him" - and in DOING so you'll ONLY find, "a kingdom APART from him".  ALL the pastors have BECOME, like EVE, listening to the SERPENT - wanting to "be VENERATED, by the congregation" - EVEN AS! - they embrace, "SERPENTS, in their INTERIOR lives"; but the Gifts of the True Holy Spirit, require TRUE Humility, in ORDER to obtain. (January 16, 2018 update) 

For the PASTORS who have REFUSED, MULTIPLE times - to ACCEPT the DISCIPLINE and the PUNISHMENT FROM the Most High TRUE God

We can tell that 'you have REFUSED, MULTIPLE times, to ACCEPT the DISCIPLINE and the PUNISHMENT, FROM the Most High TRUE God' - and 'the Just JUDGMENT', where He REMOVED! - ALL your TITLES - and all your ANOINTINGS, FROM you!   And as you 'TRY, to FIGHT it, and go AGAINST, HIS Judgment - and REFUSE, this "DISCIPLINE",' - you are ONLY incurring, 'MORE! - Discipline, of a WORSE kind, to come UPON you' - in order to BRING you to 'your SENSES'.  Because you HAVEN'T, 'been brought to your senses' yet - though the ENEMY tries to DECEIVE you, that... "you HAVE!"  And so you NEED to recognize, that "your new VOCATION", is to "RESIGN and RETIRE", from being "a PASTOR".  But NOW, YOU need to be, "a STUDENT, of the Most High True God" - and re-LEARN, what it MEANS, to be 'His CHILD' - as you await "the REVELATION", and as you have CONFIDENCE in your CREATOR - as you wait for HIM, to REVEAL, "your new VOCATION - which has 'NO! - LEADERSHIP or authority attached'."  Only the devil can offer you "a leadership position" at THIS point - just AS, he, has offered all of the religious LEADERS - 'leadership positions in the religious institutions'.  You need to REJECT your desire to be YOKED to the religious leaders of these TIMES; and REJECT your desire to be YOKED to the INSTITUTION - and INSTEAD, ask for the GRACE, to DESIRE, to be "a STUDENT", of the Most High True God, and His Ways.  Instead of INSTRUCTING people - RESOLVE! - to be INSTRUCTED by the True Holy SPIRIT.  Instead of, CONDEMNING people, in your HEART - RESOLVE, to root out the WICKEDNESS, INSIDE you - that merits condemnation.  Instead of 'seeking to JUDGE others' - based on 'what you SEE'; TAKE a look, at, the INSIDE of your HEART - and, RESOLVE, to see 'what your CREATOR sees' - and FIX it!  Instead of "PREACHING", to the REMNANT - FOCUS, on 'LEARNING, from the True Holy Spirit'.  You need to UNLEARN 'the ways, of your OLD self'; and RELEARN, the Ways of your CREATOR - and to learn to be "His STUDENT" - NOT! - 'a STUDENT, of the HIERARCHY, of the INSTITUTION'! (January 16, 2018 update) 

The Religious Leaders are All 'SELLLING sellvation' - a Warning!
A WARNING from Pope Peter the Last and Final True Pope of this Era

For the clergy who have been BROUGHT to the Testimony and who RECOGNIZED 'the Voice of their CREATOR'.

We KNOW, for a FACT, that MANY! - MANY! - MANY! - clergy, have been 'BROUGHT to the Testimony', and 'INTRODUCED to it'.  And EVEN as they RECOGNIZED 'the Voice of their CREATOR' - they felt "THREATENED", by WHAT, JESUS Christ the LORD, was REVEALING, about 'THEIR, TRUE MOTIVES', for being "CLERGY".  And THEY did NOT, 'respond WELL', to His TESTIMONY.  In FACT, they 'STIFLED'! - the Testimony, and the True Holy Spirit of PROPHECY - and made SURE that "their CONGREGATION", did not HEAR of it! - OR, they CONDEMNED it altogether.  And with 'that CONDEMNATION they PASSED', on the WORDS of their CREATOR - they themselves have RECEIVED "Condemnation".  DUE to the fact, that, MANY! - many! - MANY! - "clergy" - have 'DISTORTED the path', to SALVATION - and THEY THEMSELVES, have become "a STUMBLING block", to their CONGREGATION: the BLOOD! - of the CONGREGATION, is "on THEIR hands". For ALL the priests, ministers, and rabbis, who WITHHELD the Testimony, from their CONGREGATION - they will have "a HEAVY PRICE to pay".  They can NEVER be! - "OFFICIAL MEMBERS, OF the Faithful Remnant Church" - which MEANS, THEY will have to suffer DEATH, to ENTER, into the Kingdom of HEAVEN; but ONLY if they RESIGN, from being "PASTORS", and tell their CONGREGATIONS 'the TRUTH', of what they FOUND - of what they DISCOVERED; and teach 'THAT'! - to the people - teach, 'the TESTIMONY', to the people!  And those CLERGY, who FOUND the Testimony, and REFUSED to 'take a stand', with their CREATOR - AGAINST! - the roman catholic HIERARCHY - and 'the abominations going on INSIDE'? - are "BARRED! - from the Kingdom of HEAVEN" - JUST AS antipope FRANCIS, is "Barred". And so, WE are not "responsible", for the Souls lost - IN the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution; THEY are!  And we are not RESPONSIBLE, for all of 'the physical SUFFERING'! - that is in fact 'falling UPON, those ATTENDING'.  But their PHYSICAL SUFFERING, IS "the FRUIT, of rebellion".  And so the CHALLENGE for the PASTORS? - is to speak UP! - FOR the Testimony - FOR 'the WORD, OF the Most High True God' - BEFORE it's too LATE.  Because the clock is TICKING.  Time is running OUT.  And, their PHYSICAL End, is coming soon - because, the PASTORS of TODAY, are "not sustainable".  (July 29, 2018 update) 
What Kind of fruit do you have to share?
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Why can't the PRIESTS and ministers TELL the people, "the UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH"?

Because 'the UNDERSTANDING', that ALL the religious leaders HAD! - when they were 'raised UP' as religious LEADERS (- through some sort of "anointing" or "laying on of the hands" ritual…) - is that they would be SEEN and RECOGNIZED as "living SAINTS" - and that they would be BEATIFIED, by their congregations - for TELLING them… "the GOOD news".  NOT "the BAD news"!  Congregations don't BEATIFY people for telling them "the BAD news!"  And so, in THESE Times - when the True Holy SPIRIT, is REVEALING, "some very bad NEWS", for the PEOPLE?... the pastors, ALL refuse to TELL them - BECAUSE? - that was never 'part of the DEAL!'

In OTHER words? - for SOME "pastors"… "MEGA pastors" even - "the ART of the Deal", was to NEVER to tell the American People, The Most High TRUE God's Judgement AGAINST them, and their COUNTRY - but to only tell them "GOOD news" instead… about economic RECOVERY, decreased TITHING taxes… and stuff like that.   (November 24, 2019 update) 



Judgement Day

Jesus Christ the Lord said: Roll in ASHES! - you "LORDS of the FLOCK".  For 'the DAYS of DISPERSION, and SLAUGHTER' - are 'QUICKLY! - coming UPON YOU'.  And not ONE of you will ESCAPE - not ONE of you who has, 'BETRAYED, Me, your TRUE Shepherd - for the SAKE of FINANCIAL gain'.  For you SACRIFICED, 'your PERISHIONERS', to the DEVIL! - incarnate.  And you WITHHELD the TRUTH - the LIFE-SAVING TRUTH! - FROM, "My PEOPLE".  You 'MUZZLED!' - the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - TO, the point, where 'He would LEAVE you!'  You do NOT have, 'My TRUE Holy Spirit'.  You do NOT have 'ANY anointing, from HEAVEN'.  And you do NOT have ANY! - "commissioning", FROM your bishops. Because your BISHOPS, are "as DESOLATE! - AS YOU are" - ALL the way up, 'the CHAIN of command' - to "the ANTIPOPE!" - "francis".  HE, is "DESOLATE", and FILLED with the DOCTRINES of DEMONS.  He does NOT "know Me"; and I do NOT know HIM.  For he TEACHES and PREACHES "an ALIEN, gospel" - not ANYTHING! - like 'the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith'.  And TRULY? - "HE is on his way out".  And ALL of you! - are "GUILTY, of the HIGHEST of crimes".  And 'the LAKE of FIRE!' - awaits - as you CHOSE, 'to FOLLOW, the false prophet, FRANCIS', and 'his false TEACHINGS'.  You KNOW 'the Truth! - of My Testimony'. And I TESTIFY 'against YOU!' - you "WICKED priests, of the INSTITUTION!" - "YOUR days", are NUMBERED.  For YOU 'remained SILENT' - when you SHOULD have 'spoken OUT', in the Truth.  You CHOSE to TOLERATE, "wickedness", in your "INTERIOR lives" - as WELL as in your congregation.  You 'AFFIRMED PEOPLE' ALL the way! - to HELL.  And, "THEIR BLOOD", is 'on YOUR hands'.  And I require that "FULL RECOMPENSE", is 'PAID!'- for YOUR sins, and OFFENSES.  You "JUDASES!" - of these End Times

My TRUE Representative, My TRUE Pope is "Petrus Romanus" - is "POPE Peter, the Last" - and HE IS "the TRUE CHIEF Shepherd", of, the FLOCK - whose HEARTS, are 'WITH ME', and 'AGAINST! - the SNARES, of the ENEMY' - and 'against, the WICKED SPIRITS of this world'.  HE is "the TRUE SHEPHERD", of 'THOSE who desire, to LIVE by the Truth - and to LIVE by "MY Word!" - as their DAILY Bread'.  And THOSE who have 'MY Word' - abiding WITHIN them - will not 'SUFFER', "the second DEATH" - will NEVER 'taste the Flames'.  But 'YOU disgraceful shepherds!' - have all 'BOWED, to the spirit of JEZEBEL' - who HAD "a most FATAL! - and DREADFUL! - End."  And you WILL, RECEIVE the same MEASURE.  For you SHOULD HAVE, 'chosen to obey ME, your GOD!' - NOT, 'be PRESSURED, by the WAYS, of the people'.  I DISOWN you!  I DO not know you.  You 'DENIED Me, ON this Earth' - therefore "I deny YOU! - BEFORE My Father in Heaven".

“Wail, you shepherds, and cry, and roll in ashes, you lords of the flock, for the days of your slaughter and dispersion have come, and you shall fall like choice rams. No refuge will remain for the shepherds, nor escape for the lords of the flock. Hark, the cry of the shepherds, and the wail of the lords of the flock!  For the Lord is despoiling their pasture, and the peaceful folds are devastated, because of the fierce anger of the Lord. Like a lion he has left his covert, for their land has become a waste because of the sword of the oppressor, and because of his fierce anger.” (Jeremiah 25:34-38, "The Cup of God's Wrath")

Pope Peter the Last:  The priests of the Archdiocese of Kingston offered ME, their TRUE Pope, absolutely no recognition - but instead, handed me OVER to 'the governing authorities', "with EXTREME prejudice".  And in doing so, they set an example for ALL the priests around the world, as to WHOM they should follow, and obey, as their "CHIEF shepherd" - as they preferred INSTEAD, "their BARABBAS", also known as "antipope francis" - who is in fact "a thief and a murderer".  And since that was "the measure they GAVE" - in like manner, and according to 'the Spiritual Laws', I TOO! - have now handed THEM over, to 'the GOVERNING Authorities of the Eternal Kingdom of HEAVEN'.  And so the above Decree STANDS! - as "the MEASURE that ALL the priests who were ONCE VALIDLY Anointed on the face of the earth, shall receive".  Amen. 
Of course, all clergy who went through the motions of the "ordination ceremony" AFTER the abomination of desolation was set up, in October of 2009, were NEVER! - "validly anointed", with the True Holy Spirit - and so THEY (- the ones who were NEVER validly ordained) will not ALL receive 'the FULL Measure' of Divine Justice, that was mentioned above.  But in order for ANY of the INVALIDLY ordained priests of the roman catholic hierarchical institution to be "SPARED"? - referring to the priests who were ordained AFTER October 3, of 2009 - they WILL confess to their flocks, that they have been FEEDING them lies (- and they will have to make this PUBLIC confession according to the terms set above, on this page).  And 'the WINDOW in time' for RESPONDING to this invitation, may only be open for a few minutes, for each of them, to decide, and to resolve, WHAT they are going to do, as the earliest possible opportunity presents itself, to do so.  My advice? - it's easier to endure the HOT FIERY ANGER of a few PERISHIONERS - than it is to escape the ETERNAL Flames, of the Lake of Fire.  And so it would be "BETTER for THEM!" - to simply have a public heartfelt confession, and then persevere "as a layman" through all the discomforts as they choose to follow their TRUE Shepherd (- as He REVEALS Himself in His TESTIMONY), and eventually take one of the lowest places in the Kingdom of Heaven.  And if NONE of them take "this OLIVE Branch"? - then that's on THEM!  But just to make it crystal CLEAR:  NO Mercy, will be given, to ANY of the ONCE validly ordained R.C.H.I. clergy - who are still living - by their Creator.  It has been Decreed from the Highest Heavens, and it cannot be changed. (February 03, 2019 update) 

4 videos, Word Count: 5,500+

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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