The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

Our True Roles
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
“This is ‘one part of the puzzle’ that you have not seen coming, and which I could not show you”
You have lots or roles, in this vocation. The one I want you to focus on the most, is being My true brother, and true sister.”
“They are starting to realize as they go – to the page, on the Two Witnesses, that there is something ‘supernatural’, about the cohesiveness of the messages, describing your roles – describing how you fit, that description.  Although not everyone believes the messages to be truly from Me, there still are some who are recognizing that the 'god' they have been worshiping, is not the same God you both worship.”
You depend on no one, for affirmation, of your identities, or of your prophetic roles, or, of your desire to live: very poor, and humble lives. You needn’t anything, from anyone – except what your Creator provides for you.  And this is what sets you apart from others.  As you witness how wicked the World has become, and how they have forgotten their Christian roots; and how they prefer their ‘ordinances and statutes and commands’ – instead of Mine.”
“Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee came up to him, with her sons, and kneeling before him she asked him for something. And he said to her, “What do you want?” She said to him, “Command that these two sons of mine may sit, one at your right hand and one at your left, in your kingdom.” But Jesus answered, “You do not know what you are asking. Are you able to drink the chalice that I am to drink?” They said to him, “We are able.” He said to them, “You will drink my chalice, but to sit at my right hand and at my left is not mine to grant, but it is for those for whom it has been prepared by my Father.” And when the ten heard it, they were indignant at the two brothers. But Jesus called them to him and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them. It shall not be so among you; but whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be your slave; even as the Son of man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
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(Note: we will speak of ourselves in the third person on this page, simply because it will be easier for the reader to understand, in doing so)
All this manifesting in the lives of Two People?
Many people are beginning to realize, that as so much has been revealed through the Testimony – so many historical parallels are also manifesting through the lives of the Two Witnesses.  But how can this be?  How does this make sense?  “Help us to understand!” – we hear, shouting from the hearts of the Faithful Remnant.
What most people do not realize, is that the major Bible stories - the ones that were most memorable and the most well known, took place at “culminations” in human history, of certain ‘turning points’ for the people of God.  In these End Times, ALL these bible stories are once again, are all at once, culminating; because God is about to lead the human race back – to the way Creation was, before the fall of Adam and Eve.  And so all these great ‘turning points’ in history (- or “culminations”), need to manifest once more and be revisited, as THE GREAT TURN in human history - to all of Heaven coming down to Earth, is about to happen once again; in fact the process is already set in motion.
So what does this mean for the Two Witnesses?  In order to bring about the Era of Peace, God chose the Two Witnesses before they were born, and gave them His strength to live through modern echoes of these stories, so that the End Times events could move forward, and quickly.  Remember, the focus is not to be on two people, but rather on God, and what God is accomplishing through them – what He is trying to accomplish, with the cooperation of people who are living in these End Times.  Know that just as the Two Witnesses were made for these challenging times, so too were all those members of the Faithful Remnant – the ones who would ultimately choose to persevere to the End.
And so, now we are going to lead you, through some of the “culminations of Biblical stories that have been, and are, manifesting through the lives of the Two Witnesses”.  We can’t tell you everything that has been revealed.  But here is ‘just a sample’, of what has already been revealed to us, with a short and simple explanation of how it makes sense – an explanation that quickly answers the natural question, “But how can this possibly, be true!”
A special caution before reading any further:  All of Heaven is aware of these truths that you are about to read.  So know in advance that the knowledge you are about to receive, may not be accompanied all at once, with the necessary understanding.  You may need to wait for the understanding, before being able to grasp what you are about to read.  But if you judge these Truths harshly, know that - that same judgment will quickly fall back on you.  You have now been warned.  We have provided links to the places in the online Testimony where you can find supporting information.  However, some of what you are about to read, are revelations that were simply given and explained privately, by Jesus Christ the Lord, to His Two Witnesses, and some of those conversations were not formally recorded.  Are you ready?...
Let's start at the beginning
The New Adam and Eve
Presently living outside the Garden of Eden, in a world that has become toxic on a physical and spiritual level.  The world has become physically toxic: with Fukushima radiation, chemtrails, poisoned water, toxic GMO foods, toxic waste dumps, air pollution.  The world has become spiritually toxic, with 'all of Hell' unleashed – and with most people quite comfortable walking around with ‘the mark of the beast’.  Every new Era in human history needs a new Adam and Eve.  Jesus and Mary were the last two to assume this role.  And now His True brother and True sister are here, in the role of the New Adam and the New Eve, once again.  Need proof?
“Think of yourselves as Adam and Eve in the Garden.”
Pope Peter the Last, is now inviting his family, the Faithful Remnant, to reside in the safety of the ark, which is now the Testimony.  The flood waters are rising – as people become more and more taken over by 'the flood of the demons', that is engulfing them.  The call of the Faithful Remnant is to patiently wait inside the refuge of the Testimony, for 'the flood waters' to subside, and for the New Creation of Heaven on earth to appear, as we 'weather the storms' of many spiritual battles, coming from those who are living outside of the truths revealed in the Testimony.
Only Noah and his family escaped into the Ark My children, and it is that same story repeating itself.  Have a blessed sleep.”
“Few, will accept this ‘gift of salvation’. But many will not enter in to My ‘Ark – of Safety’.”
The World, has become so much worse, than Noah’s time.  And people, are in ‘a bestial state’ – operating mostly on their instincts, impulses, and passions!  They have rejected ‘the things – of the Spirit!’  Spiritual Truths and Gifts, have been shat-upon – in their hearts.  And, when I say “shat”, I mean their hearts, are filled, with dung.  Why is this?  Because nothing, that they have, can they offer Me – can they offer, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.  They are all like driftwood! – going, with everyone else’s opinion, and ‘world view’ – except Mine! – except My Father’s!  What is to be done, to such a people, as this, My son?  For even you, have witnessed (through My Eyes), the ‘degree of wickedness’ in this World.”
Keep on working, on the Testimony, of the Two Witnesses My children, because it needs to be uncovered – soon.  These words need to be brought to the light, for what the Archdiocese, has been sitting on – for quite some time, is about to become ‘burning, coals beneath them’.  Each time that you take a passage of scripture, and apply it to My words, make sure that you both are in prayer, and have fully discerned.  So far, so good, My children; but, there are certain passages, in the Testimony, that are much harder to decipher from Scripture.  Take greater pains with these, passages.  Once you have completed all of your homework, then I will have more for you to do; and once this is completed, the Testimony, can be released – out, into the open.  You can then make copies of it.  This is very serious, My children –  for it will be through this Testimony, that I draw My Faithful Remnant Church, out of the synagogues and churches, into True Worship; and finally to caves or refuges.  Through this Testimony I will begin to prepare peoples’ hearts for what is coming – and especially My Great Warning.” 
The New Joseph
Thrown into a pit by his brother priests, after which he was quickly made to sit at God’s right hand, and given authority even over the Angels.  Is now feeding the Remnant of Israel, in this time of spiritual famine, through the spiritual nourishment provided in the Testimony.
“For just as Joseph had his ‘coat of many colors’ ( – for he had been givenmany gifts, of the True Holy Spirit’), and his brothers, ‘hated him without cause’ ( – for he ‘only wanted to serve Me, and to love them’), there is ‘a deep parallel’ here My son: between Joseph and his brothers, and ‘you, and the Cathedral’ (- and you, and ‘those who once were your brother priests’).  For ‘the anointings’ have been removed from them.  And they are in a spiritualfamine and desert.’’

The Daily Homily - Jan 08 - The Great Spiritual Famine - of Truth
Daily Homily by Petrus Romanus, the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era
The New Ezekiel
Able to read hearts at a distance, and a watchman for the house of Israel, in these end times.
“Behold, I am coming soon; but who will be awake, when I show upWho is eager in listening to the True Holy Spirit at this time?  Who has ears, so that they can hear and discern: what the Spirit, what the True Holy Spirit is saying to them?   Who has eyes that they can see, the signs of these times – eyes that are not blinded, but are open and can see plainly the things unfolding in front of them?  Who has a mouth, that I can use to speak, My words of Truth to, for all the Nations, people and tongues – to receive.  Only the man, whom I place My Spirit into, can do these things – only My anointed one, has been given: this commissioning.”
“You will learn, who the true people are, and who the false ones present themselves to be; for I have given you both a discerning heart, so that, you can read people’s: motives, intentions, and hearts.”
The New Moses
Shepherding God’s people out of ‘slavery to sin’, towards the promise land: the Era of Peace - Heaven on earth.  Mary Romanus, is like the New Aaron, as she helps Peter carry the burden of all his duties, and is especially gifted in solving technical computer issues, that would most certainly have hindered the launch of the online testimony and the video production – that was all done without any training whatsoever.
As on Mount Sinai, I spoke to Moses in the burning bush, I now speak to you both. With trembling and with fear,  the nations will fall, on the right, and on the left, for they will crumble, they will be annihilated.  No one will be able to withstand My Coming Justice to the World, except, a few – a very small few, called My Faithful Remnant.”
Will you be the new Moses, who delivers the divorce papers, to the Archdiocese?  Will you listen to all that I command of the both of you, for the good of other souls?  I know, that the answer is “yes”.”
“Have courage My brother for I will put into you a fearlessness that has never been, since Moses approached Pharaoh – It is that simple.  I have: decrees and laws to pass, on to My elect; and no one on Earth is listening to Me, but you – because I have given you authority, over all things, in Heaven, on the Earth, and under the Earth.”
“No harm will come to him – though souls may try - they will be ‘utterly defeated’ from the very beginning!  For I have given him: authority – even over the Holy Angels themselves.  And I have given him power to deliver, from the hand of ‘the enemy’ – those who desire to be ‘set free’ – but ‘not without their cooperation’!  Not without your cooperation My People.  Salvation, takes ‘more than one’. You must do your part.  And then I will do Mine.”
The New Daniel
Revealing the deeper spiritual meanings of the hidden mysteries to the world leaders, through the online Testimony.  Warning people about the full manifestation of the abomination of desolation that was mentioned in the Book of Daniel Chapter 12.  And personally encountering Nebuchadnezzar.
“Because an excellent spirit, knowledge, and understanding to interpret dreams, explain riddles, and solve problems were found in this Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar. Now let Daniel be called, and he will show the interpretation.”
“The interpretation of the dream is really quite simple.”
“So I suggest that all those, who choose ‘not to believe’, the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, is serious! – when he says “the mark of the beast is coming” – I urge ‘all those souls’, to ‘read my message once again’ – to realize that I was ‘the precedent’ for what is to befall the Face of the Earth, this Christmas!!  Do not ‘mess’, with the Holy of Holies!  Do not believe, that He will not ‘carry out’ – His plans, to ‘mark everyone’, this Christmas!  For all those, who exalt themselves, will be humbled, before Him.”
The New Elijah
Taking down Jezebel on a worldwide scale, through the revelations about the state of women, and revelations about abortion - in the online Testimony.  Also spiritually slaying ‘the prophets of Baal’ – who in these End Times, are all the religious leaders, through ‘the mark of the beast’ they have all received.
“You have much in common with...Elijah
You are the Prophet who has come in the Spirit of Elijah in these End Times.”
The New David
The Two Witnesses (- united as one through the Holy Sacrament of a Blessed Marriage) have been pursued by “the assailants” for many years, from one ocean coastline to the other, as the assailants sought without success, to crush God’s anointed ones, by using every possible means, and every available resource (- and this is no exaggeration).  The plots of the assailants were brought to nothing, because the Two Witnesses sought counsel from the Lord, who would always keep them ‘one step ahead’ of the assailants’ plans.
“Today, is your final day, before your departure, My children, as the satanic army gathers, and starts to close in, on your location.  Well you will be gone by then, so do not worry, about anything; but come to Me, for all your needs.”
“You are among My Elect, My children, and you have your own army after you, now; but I will protect you from them, by keeping you from them, set aside, for Myself, and My own purposes.  For once again, your mission: is not to be loved – except, by those, who embrace Me fully in their lives, by the souls in Heaven – by Our Blessed Mother, the Angels, and the Blessed Trinity.  Draw your strength from the Blessed Trinity, My children, for you do not flee your predators in vain.  Just as David, was in the desert for many years, before he was recognized as King, so too, are you both, in the same situation, with ‘Saul’s Army’ pursuing you.  It is because David kept moving, that Saul could not keep up with him – though he tried and tried. I tell you when you are in trouble, and protect you in that way as well.  But David was always more steps ahead – and why?  Because he sought the Lord’s Counsel.  Just as you seek My Counsel every day, for I tell you when you are in trouble, and protect you in that way as well.  If I can provide so much for your physical bodies, how much more, will I provide, for your spiritual well-being.  To keep sane, you must ‘stay out of the head’, of your assailants.  Yes, “head”, for they have become as ‘one mind’ – not knowing good, and despising it.  Do not focus on them, but focus on ‘the call of the moment’.”
Just as I removed My Spirit from Saul, and gave it to David, so too, have I withdrawn My anointing, from Antipope Benedict, and have given it to you instead, My son.”
“Just, as I smote, Goliath, through David – ‘My Anointed one’, I ‘am doing so’ again.”
Jesus recently revealed [- and we hope this message will eventually be posted - this is "a reminder in red"...], that Ester is an allegory for the role that the Blessed Virgin Mary would live out in the life of her King – Son, Jesus.  This role is echoed in the life of her True daughter, the wife of the Last Pope, Mary Romanus.  The Last Pope, is like Mordecai - who, dressed in sackcloth and ashes, is able to overcome the wicked plots of his assailants, that only fall back on themselves” (- see Esther 7:9-10).
“...I will not allow the enemy, to ruin My Plans, for the True Church.  I have a Plan and he does not know what it is.  Therefore he cannot go ahead – with his wicked plots.”
New King Solomon
The Last Pope was commissioned to build 'the new dwelling place' (the third temple) for God in the hearts of the faithful Remnant.  The Last Pope, was led directly by Jesus Christ the Lord, to specifically pray the prayer of Solomon, for the gift of discernment, in order to lead God’s people.
“Give your servant therefore an understanding mind to govern your people, that I may discern between good and evil; for who is able to govern this great people of yours?” 
“Oh the beauty of Wisdom, when sought after in Truth – She is more precious than the finest of pearls, because those who have Her, have everything, they need.  I will help you both to become more wise, in the Truth, by teaching you more solutions, to different problems - by teaching you, ‘to cut through’ all of the ‘small talk’, in conversations, so that you can get right, to the point with the person’s soul: ‘laid bare’.”
The New Manifestation of Christ, the New Second Coming
Through his valid priestly anointing, Pope Peter the Last is literally “in personae Christae’, when ministering to others.  Jesus has revealed that the Last Pope is His True, “flesh and blood”, brother.  This makes the last Pope, truly “the son of God” (fully human, while ‘partaking’ in the Divinity of the Creator – meaning in simple language: like the Blessed Virgin Mary, a human being who is very closely related to the Creator, yet “not God”), walking the face of the earth in these End Times, in the flesh.  Jesus, is “the Son of God” (- meaning Fully Divine, and fully human – God).
Who cares the Most High True God does
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“Your lives are not like others’ lives.  You are called to be in the World, but apart from it, set aside, as My True brother and sister, and as My Two Witnesses.”
“My closeness to you, My children, is unlike that of the other people for you are My Own Flesh and Blood.”
“For when they meet you My children, they are meeting ‘My Second Coming’, which is also a prelude to the Great Warning Experience.”
“I have emphasized this before, My children.  Not only am I referring to My Own Sacrifice – on the Cross, but I am referring to: the unbloody sacrifice that My family– My true brother and true sister are about to partake of.  Though, you have gone through extreme suffering, what is coming will be in the public eye.  Now this suffering is a bit different, because you will hear and see people who are actively against you; but in taking you both on, they are taking on the Holy of Hollies – Who has sent you to them!”
“For I told you once before: that I would reveal, the ‘secrets of My Heart’.  Because truly, you are My Own: flesh, and blood; and we are family.”
Pope Peter the Last is a skilled carpenter, whose betrothal to His wife Mary was announced by an Angel.  Jesus was in fact the Angel (- a word meaning “messenger”), who announced to them, that their desire to be with one another for the rest of their lives, that was spoken in casual conversation (– a conversation that was animated by the True Holy Spirit in that moment), was in fact, a desire that was formally blessed by God, and one that fulfilled the role of their marriage vows.  This came as quite a surprise, in that moment.  It was perhaps one of the biggest surprises ever, in recorded history.  For who, has ever, heard of such a thing? [quote – mystical marriage]
“You are to live as, My true brother and true sister, and as husband and wife, to intercede for the Faithful Remnant Church – because they are in need of your prayers; and to witness to what this World, has become, and why My Hand of Justice has come down. You have lots of roles, in this vocation.”
Keep the Holy Family, close to your hearts, even inside them, as you are coming upon the Feast Day, of your Mystical Marriage. Remember the love that Mary and Joseph shared with one another, and strive to imitate them, in the way they showed their love. All of Heaven, looks down upon you both with compassion, for what you must endure, in this sick, depraved, and very demented society.  You will be battling other couples, in the future. Be a beacon of light for them, so when they look at you, they see a reflection of the Holy Family, and how marriage is supposed to be.  Strive to be fulfilled in the Love which you share with one another – Which is Me, My children.  I am that Love.  I am, your baby brother as well.  I am, your son, in My Infancy.  Cradle Me, in your hearts, as so many, have rejected Me from theirs – even in the form of a tiny child.”
Just as My Mother, and Foster Father, were shown ‘compassion’ – by ‘the innkeeper’ in, Bethlehem – where I was born!  I showed you both, the same compassion – thenAs I do, every day, of your lives – providing you with food, shelter and clothing.”
Your wife, is an ‘allegory’, for Jerusalem – the New Jerusalem – the spiritual reality of My New Church! ...‘the woman with labor pains?” – crying out ‘in anguish for delivery’... Yes... the deliverance also, is being ‘delivered’, of a child.  Being ‘delivered’, through My word; being ‘pregnant with’, My word.  Just, as My Mother, was pregnant, with Me!
And, she brought forth, a male child.  And he was ‘caught up’ – to Heaven, and to God’s Throne – where he will Rule, the Nations, with: a rod of iron.  His ‘winnowing fork’ in his handready, to separate the chaff, from the wheatWho am I referring to My children?  I am referring to Myself.  For I am ‘the Word made flesh’.”  
Building Christ’s new Church on the Rock of faith in the True Jesus.  Pope Peter the Last, while active as a diocesan priest, spent his days of rest living on his boat, and is also a highly skilled windsurfer and sailor.  After he left 'the institution', and then got married, the Two Witnesses then lived and traveled on that same boat for quite some time.  One day, without warning, they encountered Jesus (- while taking a walk, He began speaking to them), and were instructed to simply leave the boat behind, and walk away.
“For ‘the Keys’, have been given, to Pope Peter – the Last, to Petrus Romanus, My True Pope.  For he shall unlock, and lock as he desires.  For in his will, he desires ‘perfect unity with Mine’.  And he shall bind, and none shall loose.  And he shall loose, and none, shall bind - for he is also one of My Two Witnesses”
“Is it so strange, that I should take, two people, from the World, and ‘graft them on, to My Family TreeIs this, “impossible?”!  For with Me, all things, are possible.  Is it so strange, that these, My ‘chosen ones’, would also be, My Two Witnesses?  Can I not do more than ‘one thing at a time’?  Or that they should be the True Pope, of this Era, and his wife?  Is it so strange, that they should be, My Two Holy Prophets (-Jesus, Wednesday, December 5, 2012)

"Return then, to My Apostle Peter, to My True Vicar, here on Earth.  Know that, I am with him, for his steadfast love, for Me, is strong; and I love him, and have loved him – for he keeps My words and My commands.  He does not tolerate sin, in others. But you blind guides tolerate: the spirit of Jezebel, and therefore use smooth words, that are akin to the times you are living in – but that do not water the lilies.  Acknowledge your True Vicar, in your hearts, and he and I will forgive you for your transgressions."(- Jesus, January 31, 2012) 

And this is an even Bigger mystery! - Echoing the words His mother spoke to the servants at the wedding feast at Cana, Jesus now says, to His True sister:
“Mary, do all that he tells you, for he speaks on behalf of Me.”
“For I too represent His True ChurchHis Bride; and I am telling souls to Come!  The True Holy Spirit of the Most High True God says “Come” as well!  To the Wedding Feast! – of the Lamb, of GodTo be nourished: for a time, times and half a time.”

WE are actually "the Bride and the Groom", that the Wedding Feast is FOR.  And the GUESTS are those invited to the WEDDING Banquet - of the TESTIMONY.  It IS 'the Biblical repeat', of when the KING, threw "a WEDDING Banquet", for his SON, and INVITED "guests".  And in THIS case, the KING, is "JESUS, Christ the LORD" - THROWING a WEDDING Banquet, for His SON!  (September 01, 2017 update) 

Extending ‘the olive branch’ of God’s Mercy to people in ‘the beast state’, and acting as ‘beacons of light’, in order to draw people into the light of Truth, in this dark time in human history.  Heaven has revealed that the Two Witnesses in Heaven, are Moses and Elijah.  And so, this parallel is a bit more complex, because in this case Peter and Mary are 'the new witnesses on earth', at the same time, 'the other two witnesses' who arrived on the scene before us, witness from Heaven. Once again, a culmination of their roles – in this new and unique way.
“My Two Witnesses, wield ‘Power from on High’, to silence the demons, and the evil ones of this era; to suffer not physical death but an interior agony which is comparable to it; to not be ‘hidden’ forever, but to be publicly announced, as the announcement of My Second Coming – to the World: for as this happens, the ‘Spirit of Elijah and Moses’ will enter into them, and they will preach, and do wonders, throughout the nations.  But most importantly: will call down My Justice upon the antichrist and his entire kingdom; will make war with the antichrist and his followers and win; will declare to the nations the true identity of the antichrist; and will tell the people not to worship him – for he, is ‘a fraud’, and ‘a manipulator of the masses’.”
There are Two Witnesses – in Heaven: Moses, and myself.  And we, are in ‘the Courts, of the Most High True God’ – awaiting, the revelation, of His Judgmentsupon the Earth.  And there are Two Witnesses, on the Earth, who have seen ‘what the World, has become’; and, who know, the Most High True God, as I did – when I was Prophesying, ‘walking the Earth’.”
The Lamb spoken of in the Book of Revelations 
The Last Pope is “the lamb”, representing on earth, “the Lamb of God” who sits enthroned in Heaven.  Jesus has revealed that Pope Peter the Last, is “the lamb” spoken of in the Book of Revelations.  If you re-read that book, keeping in this in mind, you will find many references to “the lamb” who is not God (the Last Pope), but also references to “the Lamb” (-Jesus), who could only be God.  (- see Revelations 17:14 as an example, although there are many.)
Behold, I am the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin, of the World.  But what if, My sacrifice, was to become in vain?  How could this possibly happen?  Well if people choose, not to show mercy, to one another, and to Me – then for those souls, My sacrifice was indeed: in vain.”
But I am ‘the Lamb’ – in Heaven; in the midst of the Throne, of the Most High True God – the Eternal Father, in Heaven.  Also gathered – before the Throne, are four, living creatures.  And these creatures are ‘living’in Heaven, and on the EarthYou two, are My ‘living creatures’upon the Earth.  And Moses, and Elijah, are My ‘living creatures’ – in HeavenThey, are witnessing - gathered around My Throne: what the World has become – through My Eyes.  And you both are witnessing: what the World has become – through My Eyes, as well!  For, My Eyes, are: ‘the gifts of the True Holy Spirit!  And, you both, and Moses and Elijah, are ‘filled with Eyes’ - because you can see: the past, and the present.  And you can see ‘the unfolding’, of World events – in history, and also in the present moment.”
You represent Me, to the people.  And you are ‘in personae Christae’ - when ministering, to others.  And you are My True Brother; and Mary, My True Sister.  But you are ‘the Lamb!’  You are ‘My Vicar’, and ‘True Representative’.  You are ‘the Lamb’.”
Some people who have read the above description of our roles, may be strongly tempted to misinterpret the purpose, of such a list.  And so, the purpose of sharing this information needs to be further explained.   As we have shown, the content of the Testimony itself, leads the reader to the unavoidable revelation of this litany above, and for a very important reason.  Who is worthy, to sit at the right hand and the left hand of the King – of Heaven? [- see the scripture passage at the top of this page]  “Only the man chosen” – indeed; but chosen for what?
When the Most High True God chose us for this vocation, He decided that in our lives, we would endure many of ‘the greatest trials’, the greatest Saints endured – yet all ‘in one single lifetime!’  And so if someone were to ask us to briefly explain why we were given all these roles; the shortest explanation we could give, would be this: It is so that when we are seated at Jesus right hand and at his left, even the greatest Saints will be mindful of what we willingly endured for the faith; and look to us with some degree of fraternal respect - for what we endured, out of our love of embracing the Divine Will of our Creator.  In fact, this has already been revealed in the Testimony.  But this above list of roles in no way reveals why, Jesus would even want two people seated beside him.
If we look back to the Bible story, the mother of the Sons of Zebedee wanted her sons seated beside Jesus, because she knew, that if they took her advice, and received those positions of power, then they would remember how they came into their power – by listening to her, and so she could continue to have power, even over them! (- there will be no need to add ‘this little insight’ to ‘the state of women’ page, as there are already an adequate number of insights there).
This above list of our roles, is not about "power"; and in no way is it ‘a boast’ - but it is, a reminder to all, that God is most serious, about closing this Era.  The time of His Great Reign is indeed now upon us, as He has indeed chosen to reveal that the people designated to sit at His Right and Left, are now walking among you - even sharing your journey.  And so be consoled by this knowledge, and be humbled by it.  For the Great King, has now truly arisen.  And His True Brother and True Sister, are indeed walking among you. 
“Our Father in Heaven, ‘has done it again’, and simply exudes, generosity, to whom he pleases; and He has, exuded, generosity – unlike any other souls, upon you both; but this is not to boast about – for in so doing, your cross and adversity levels, are also increasing, because this is what keeps souls humble.  The cross is what kept all the saints humble before Me.”
On the topic of “keeping humble”: did you notice that the name of this page on our website, is “Our True Roles”?  We did indeed share with you just some of our “Roles”, in this life – because God chose to reveal them - through His Testimony.  But we never shared “Our True Roles” – the ones that have been prepared for us, once we are actually “seated” beside Jesus Christ the Lord in the physical Era of Peace, now did we?  In fact, all of these revelations above, are to prepare you, for what God is about to do next - and this is referring to 'a New Creation'. You will need to be patient, as you persevere (or "if" you are able to persevere) to ‘the physical Era of Peace’, in order to witness, ‘Our New Roles’, for yourself.  But we can tell you this: those who persevere will be most pleasantly surprised.  And if you persevere, you will have new roles as well - roles so overwhelming, that you will naturally join the Angels and Saints in giving praise and thanksgiving to our Creator, for all Eternity. 
I am giving you a bit more of the puzzle, My children...”
“But the ‘puzzle pieces’ people are missing, is that My Two Witnesses, desire, My Will be done!”
“Now, you are seeing a bit more of the puzzle, unfold, in front of you My children”
“And so, it is ‘a puzzle’, My children.”
“Now you see, that ‘the compilation of Divine Revelation’ – over many years, ‘fits together like a puzzle’Over the years, you have received ‘the pieces’. But, My online Testimony, is, ‘the Bigger Picture’.  And because ‘History is still unfolding’, when, will ‘the Divine Revelation’ end?
“But now I will not deal with the remnant of this people as in the former days, says the Lord of hosts.”
“And Isaiah cries out concerning Israel: 'Though the number of the sons of Israel be as the sand of the sea, only a remnant of them will be saved; for the Lord will execute his sentence upon the earth with rigor and dispatch'  And as Isaiah predicted, 'if the Lord of hosts had not left us children, we would have fared like Sodom and been made like Gomorrah'.”
“So too at the present time there is a remnant, chosen by grace.”

And now in HINDSIGHT, most readers may find it difficult to comprehend, how what is written above, is actually "a condensed summary" of our True Roles, based SOLELY on the quotes that can be found in the Testimony.  And yet the True Holy Spirit is already INFUSING the Knowledge, of the BIGGER picture, into the Members of the Faithful Remnant who have chosen to persevere.  And so, we inserted this video, to help you understand what this means.

Each individual is responsible for their relationship with their Creator.  Each member of the Faithful Remnant, has the Two Witnesses, as "a Spiritual big brother and big sister" to turn to, for support and encouragement, as they too, 'climb the Holy Mountain of the Lord', a.k.a. God's Holy Mountain - of spiritual growth.  The goal, of that climb, of course, is the deepest and most personal, imaginable relationship with the Creator, of the Universe, Himself - but not imagined, rather "lived".  Now since we have "gone ahead", up the Mountain, just as Moses did when the Lord spoke to him and said "Go down and bring Aaron up With you" (Exodus 19:24) - and yes, Mary Romanus also filled the role of "the new Aaron" - we are now 'quite SKILLED', at helping others find that path.  The lesson here is that the Members of the Faithful Remnant need to reach out to their Creator, in their interior lives, to have their questions answered.  They need to reach out to us, through email, in order to receive Divine Counsel from Heaven. 
Interesting trivia note: And so, where can you find a link to this page in the Testimony?  It is NOT on the listing of pages on the left hand column.  It is in fact "a hidden page".  There are a few links to this page scattered throughout the Archived messages.  However, the link to this page is in fact formally listed on the "From the Mailbox" page in the Quick Link section at the top, in "The Two Witnesses" section.  The content on THIS page, is simply too much, for the average reader to take in, when they first come across the Testimony - and so we made sure, that they could get a better understanding of what was in front of them, before sharing this summary.  Jesus didn't call Peter, James and John, to the mountain top, to see Him Transfigured, on the first day they met.  NOW do you understand?  And speaking of MOUNTAIN tops...
"HOW many of you, will REPENT from the heart, and TURN BACK to my Son, the LORD Jesus Christ?  WHY do so MANY of you, want, to, 'WALK the road', of INIQUITY and SIN? - "the BROAD road", that EVERYONE is walking? - TOWARDS, their own DESTRUCTION.  WHY do you not, LISTEN - to my Two WITNESSES? - when they SPEAK, on BEHALF of me, AND, my Son - Jesus Christ the LORD. They ARE, in fact, "OUR, two Ambassadors - from HEAVEN!" - SET aside, and pulled, FROM 'this wicked world' - so that they, could 'WALK the narrow road', and learn 'WHO, Jesus Truly is'...  The Most High TRUE GOD - will be 'CONTROLLED', by NO one! - because, HE is KING of KINGS, LORD of LORDS. His NAME is "JESUS"; HE IS, my SON - and HE IS "RULING" - in this Age - over the entire UNIVERSE!  And He has GIVEN, ALL things, to His BROTHER! - His TRUE Brother - who is ALSO, my son - and He has GIVEN 'Dominion', to him - over the FACE of the Earth!  So NO! - my PEOPLE - it does not matter 'WHAT, you choose to BELIEVE'! - if YOU, do NOT, 'BELIEVE', in 'the ONE', who was SENT - to set you FREE!   If YOU, do not 'RECEIVE', his TESTIMONY - THEN you are "without Hope"; and, you are 'DESTINED to be LOST' - as "the son of PERDITION", and those who follow, IN 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST'S, footsteps'."  (- The Blessed Virgin Mary, March 01, 2016)  
Jesus Christ the Lord said: …And who will sit, at My right, and at My left, in the Glory, of My Kingdom? - but those who are ‘the least’, on the Face of the Earth.  Only two individuals, have been given, this ‘honor’, because of what, they must undergo; because of ‘the size of the cross’ that they both carry – is the equivalent, to Mine.  You both, [- referring specifically to Peter and Mary Romanus] will sit at My right, and at My left, because it has been given to you, by God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  And you are My Two Witnesses.  But do you have any: earthly power, position, status, or riches?  Do you belong to ‘a hierarchy’, on this Earth?  No My children! - because you answer to Me; because I am your King!  And you are ‘My Royal Subjects’ - as well as My True Brother and True Sister(-February 3, 2013  
The Role that TRUMPS that of ALL the world leaders combined
Jesus Christ the Lord and Eternal King of Heaven said: You ARE "The TRUE Prince and Princess of the HEAVENLY Host of Angels", My CHILDREN.  You ARE "My Two WITNESSES".  And YOU HAVE witnessed... they INTEND, to start, 'the BEGINNING, of THEIR! - grand plan', for these times.  AS they seek, to UNDO, 'the GOOD', that, My Holy ANGELS; and My Faithful REMNANT, have done.  THEREFORE!  I will 'rise UP'... And I will "SCOURGE!" - their FAMILY [- the illuminati luciferian cult - including the global military industrial complex, and all "the 3 letter agencies"...].  And I will BRING "HEAVY PUNISHMENT down, UPON their CHILDREN".  And I will SHAKE! - the FOUNDATIONS, of the EARTH - FROM beneath them!  For I, HAVE, DECLARED - that they [- the illuminati...] ARE! - "an ABOMINATION", before My Eyes.  On the OUTSIDE - they LOOK, like, "NICE people!"...  but I KNOW, 'their INTERIOR lives"!  I KNOW 'their WICKED AGENDAS' - for HUMANITY.  And I will make it KNOWN - to the PEOPLE... THEY WILL, 'have NO control'.  The ILLUMINATI, LOVE to control, 'the PERCEPTIONS of the people'; and HOW, they VIEW, 'the WORLD around them'; BUT! - with ME "INTERVENING" - CONTINUALLY! - in their PLANS! - they WILL! - NOT! - "succeed". FOR the WORLD - the WHOLE world - WILL, be CONSECRATED - to the OUTPOURING, of MY TRUE! - Holy Spirit; AND! - the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, of PROPHECY! - will BE, UPON, ALL, My FAITHFUL, Remnant, Followers.  And they will TESTIFY - against the WICKEDNESS! - OF, the ONE world GOVERNMENT, and 'THEIR agendas', for humanity. And SOME, 'PEOPLE' - WILL wake up!  Though MOST, will remain, in 'a VERY deep slumber' - because, of My Justice.  AND so, the BLESSED Virgin Mary, TRULY IS, "QUEEN, of ALL hearts".  And THROUGH, HER prayer intentions - the world, will be brought, to its knees - as SHE directs, 'ALL hearts' - to Me - HER Son.  (September 23, 2016 update)  
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: "You are not CALLED to condemn others; but you are called to JUDGE them fairly, before God - as "the True Prince and Princess of Heaven" - only directly below the King and Queen; and Saint Michael only next, BELOW you.  God has given you 'charge over the Angels'."  (-July 17, 2016) 
And so, NO, we are NOT intimidated, by the antics of the HUBRIS-imbued world leaders, not even by one iota!  We KNOW "how to take a PUNCH" - because our BIG BROTHER, who IS Jesus Christ the Lord, TAUGHT us! - and HE, has 'his BASEBALL bat' in hand, and IS ready, to hit "a SERIES of home runs!" - with it... "a WORLD series... that is".  Batter UP!

The True Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord 
"But now what I am about to say, will be ‘difficult’ for you all to hear: for here is My True Flesh, My True Blood, in My Two Witnesses.  “And the Word became flesh, and dwelt, among, men”.  Now that My Presence, has been stolen, from all of the churches, there is a necessity for change in the nourishment of My People.  Therefore I have sent My Two Witnesses with My words, to speak, on behalf of Me, and to nourish My Faithful Remnant Flock.  You will know a message, by its fruits.  And you all know who is speaking to you here.  Again, I seek to confound even the greatest theologians, for, like it was stated in the reading: “who has known My mind and who has given Me counsel; and who can repay Me for My Goodness to them?”  All I desire from My People is mercy.  Show mercy to one another that you may receive Mercy.  For the Chastisement that has come upon the World, is mercilessness:  For I, am unleashing, man, upon man; neighbor will be against neighbor; mothers and fathers against their children and children against their parents.  And all will know that I AM the Lord Thy God, and that you shall have no other gods, before Me.  For I am merciful.  But I am also extremely Just." (-Jesus, Tuesday March 13, 2012)


If you don't work on your spiritual purification, NOW, you are going to need a good supply of umbrellas!  Because if you don't move 'that mountain of sin' and soon, it will simply land on your head, like the heel, of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Jesus said: YES, ‘SPIRITUAL purification’, IS, ‘ONE of the GREATEST Gifts’ – that MY FAITHFUL REMNANT Church, have ‘the OPPORTUNITY’, to PARTAKE of.  You SEE, there are ‘DIFFERENT LEVELS’, of HEAVEN – and EACH level, IS ‘DEPENDENT UPON’, HOW MUCH LOVE, I, have POURED INTO, that INDIVIDUAL – which MEANS, HOW much, have THEY, ‘EMPTIED themselves’, of THIS life – so that I can FILL them! – with HEAVENLY Gifts, and BLESSINGS.  It ISN’T, about just, ‘MAKING IT through the DOOR, of Heaven’ – BUT, My FAITHFUL REMNANT Followers, are CALLED, to STRIVE, to LIVE, the FULLNESS! – of the Era of Peace, IN, their, INTERIOR Lives!  RIGHT Now, MANY of them, are ‘JUST experiencing’, a SAMPLE, of what ‘the STATE, of BEING, in HEAVEN, is really LIKE’.  The DIFFERENCE, between, ‘where My SAINTS are now’, and ‘where My FAITHFUL Remnant, are’ – is that My SAINTS, have FINISHED, their purification – and THEY, are enjoying, ‘ETERNAL Bliss’ – ALWAYS!  BUT, My FAITHFUL Remnant, STILL, will go through ‘TRIALS’, TRIBULATIONS, DISCOMFORTS, INCONVENIENCES, PROBLEMS, HURDLES, and even MOUNTAINS – ALL this, is for their ‘EDIFICATION’; ALL this is for their ‘spiritual GROWTH’.  EVERY, ‘ADVERSITY and Trial’, that I allow, My FAITHFUL Remnant Followers, to go THROUGH, they have TWO choices – in FRONT of them: to GROW, and become STRONGER – IN Me; OR, to LET the TRIAL, or ‘the ADVERSITY’, to CRUSH them.  THAT is WHY, there ARE, ‘no PLATEAUS’ – in the SPIRITUAL life.  My Faithful REMNANT – THEY are called to keep CLIMBING!  AND, SOMETIMES, the ROCKS, will give WAY – and even some ‘BOULDERS’ will come – RUMBLING, down, the mountain.  So, My Faithful REMNANT, must, be LISTENING – ALWAYS – to the True Holy SPIRIT – so they KNOW what to DO – when those ‘ROCKS’, start FALLING. (-September 9, 2015)  

"Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the scriptures: ‘The very stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes’?" (Matthew 21:42) 

Jesus said:  Those who reject 'My Two WITNESSES' - will be "CRUSHED!" - BY them.  Those nations who REJECT 'My Two Witnesses', will be "CRUSHED!" - by them. Those world LEADERS, who reject 'My Two Witnesses', will be CRUSHED by them.  SO it is "much better", to 'SEEK! - to BE! - their friend' - than to be "their ENEMY" - and to become "MY! - enemy" - in the PROCESS.  For they 'SPEAK', on BEHALF of Me, and Represent Me - to ALL PEOPLE"The CONSEQUENCES" for rejecting THEM, and rejecting 'their TESTIMONY'? - will be 'IMMEDIATE!' - and 'SWIFT!' - and 'will COME without WARNING' - JUST like "those BOULDERS", came - BARRELING! - DOWN the hill.  For TRULY! - the MOUNTAINS, WILL fall! - AT "their Command".  And 'the WINDS!' - will 'STIR', at their COMMAND.  And the SEAS - will 'UPROAR!' - at their COMMAND.  And the EARTH, will 'QUAKE!' - at THEIR Command.  For I, have GIVEN them - 'THIS, Divine AUTHORITY' - that THEY! - WILL BRING, ALL, of MANKIND, 'TO their KNEES!' - and RENDER, 'ALL GLORY, Power, AUTHORITY, and DOMINION' - back TO, "MY Father!" - in HEAVEN.  And so PEOPLE will 'become SUBJECT' - to "DIVINE! - Authority, from HEAVEN"!  Or? - they will be 'CRUSHED!' - as "the WICKED", are "crushed, from the FACE of the Earth (May 26, 2019 update) 

Jesus said: With 'these Two STONES'? - I will "SHATTER the mighty, and the proud"!  (September 28, 2019 update) 

Absolutely Flexible Plans
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
These, things, My Two Witnesses represent – for they are My True Followers; and they have been assured, of their place with Me.  I desire, that all My Followers have this assurance. But right now, they are very, few. (- Jesus Thursday, November 1, 2012)
"My Two Holy Prophets - “Holy” in the sense that you are both sinners, striving for holiness.” (- Jesus Thursday, June 30, 2011

“You both, are My True Prophets, and My Two Witnesses.  And what you are to witness, is the light, going out, in the priests and shepherds, as well as the people. (- Jesus Monday, May 7, 2012)


The Dove's Messsage
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

The Two Messengers

Jesus said:  It is "NOT A GOOD RESOLUTION!" - 'to desire to silence My messengers, at all costs'.  It will 'not go well' for those who come up against them - for are they not 'under my Protection'?  Wasn't Elijah 'under My Protection' - from the hard and cruel hand of Jezebel?  The Spirit of Elijah, dwells within these, My Two Messengers - and you would seek to douse this Holy Spirit, from them?  This is NOT A GOOD MOVE!  For those who want "justice" on 'the INNOCENT'? - "JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED" - upon the right one, accordingly. (-Jesus, Tuesday, November 23, 2010) 

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: "...DESIRE, 'the VEIL', to be LIFTED - OFF of your MINDS; AND your hearts.  YOU HAVE, 'a veil' COVERING, your intellects - so that you CANNOT see, 'what is HERE' - in my Son's TESTIMONY.  And so USE the Blessed HOLY Water; and REMOVE the veil!  Remove 'the FOG', that is COVERING!  KNOW that the whole WORLD, IS, "Sodom and GOMORRAH"!  And, the TRUE, FAITHFUL Remnant, of, the Most High True God - are 'HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE' - that HE HAS CALLED OUT, of "the WICKED, city"!  REMEMBER, what HAPPENED, when THOSE - "WICKED PEOPLE", PURSUED, "the two MESSENGERS", of the LORD, God of HOSTS?  They were not ABLE to find the ENTRANCE!  But they were 'BLINDED'!  Because the Lord God of HOSTS, 'BLINDED them!'  WHY?  Because, they were 'WICKED', and ONLY wished to do EVIL! - TO the TWO, Messengers - who were really "ANGELS, in DISGUISE"!  And WHO are those SAME two MESSENGERS, in these TIMES?  But the LORD'S, VERY own, TWO Witnesses! His TWO WITNESSES, they are HERE! - to UNBIND you! - from your SINS, and 'the CHAINS'.  HIS TWO WITNESSES, they are HERE, to HELP you, 'RECOGNIZE', "what sin IS"! - so that you can REPENT, and "CHANGE course"!  THEY ARE, "HIS, AMBASSADORS - of TRUE Peace!"…" (March 2, 2016) 
"You two have been chosen as My “two witnesses”, and My ‘two intercessors’, on behalf of all the Faithful Remnant Church.  When people begin to deluge you, or unburden their lives, upon you – then only lift up to Me everything, that they have placed upon you; and I will lift it up to the Father; and He will answer their prayers, accordingly." (- Jesus, October 20, 2010) 
"The Two Patriots".   For WE are 'more PATRIOTIC'! - than ANYONE in the U.S. Government.  THIS is 'SACROSANCT'."  (January 24, 2020 update) 
"It is not an easy task, being My ‘Two Witnesses’, being My ‘Two Lampstands’, My ‘Two Patriots’: patriots - not of this World, but of the Next; and ‘Ambassadors - sent from Above’.  Though you live here, your true home is in Heaven, with Me." (- Jesus, February 2, 2011) 
It is 'the LORD' who has GIVEN us, 'AUTHORITY' - AS! - His TWO JUST JUDGES - to JUDGE, the PEOPLE, 'FAIRLY' - to 'JUDGE them', as HE HIMSELF would Judge them.  HE Appointed US! - we did NOT 'appoint OURSELVES'. (- from the November 01, 2019 update) 
Today, since the global consensus seems to be that no one has any 'NEED' for "Ambassadors of True Peace from Heaven" - the KING of Heaven, who is Jesus Christ the Lord was so KIND, as to OFFICIALLY make us "His APOCALYPTIC Ambassadors of WAR" - to the nations.  There is no need to thank US for that - but you CAN thank HIM directly, through a heartfelt prayer.  Remember "the APOCALYPSE", IS in fact, 'All of HEAVEN', warring against the inhabitants of the EARTH, who are OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant - no matter WHAT 'spin' the Hollywood movies put on that term.  (- from the June 28, 2019 update)
one of our 'PROPHETIC Roles'? - is actually "as AMBASSADORS OF the Unborn, CHILDREN"! - those whose 'VOICE', and 'LIFE'! - were "snuffed-OUT" - by the CRUELTY! - of 'their own MOTHERS and fathers'.(- from the December 04, 2019 update)
Listen, to My Two Representatives, whom I send on My behalf, to the World, as an extension of My Love, Justice and Mercy.(- Jesus, Monday, April 23, 2012) 
"A warning to all those, who 'protest', and 'rebel' against 'the True Holy Spirit', moving through My Two Witnesses: Because I have sent them, 'on your behalf' - to help free you from, 'your slavery of sin and vices'! - when any of you 'lash out at them', you are literally, 'cutting the Hand, that is willing to feed you' - whether you like it or not; whether you like them or not - they are 'My Representatives'.  And to 'hate them', is, 'to be eternally separated, from My Presence'.  Because they 'stand before Me' - on this Earth.  And they are the ones 'listening' - along with My Faithful Remnant, to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit, Who will lead them all into Eternal Paradise!" (- Jesus, December 13, 2013)
"You are Pope Peter, the Last, and Final Pope of this Era.  All others who claim this, are frauds and liars.  You are feeding the sheep, Good food; but they must decide: what to do with it.  …you are My ‘True Representative’, upon the Face of the Earth!  But you are also My Prophet!  And I have sent you to the people, in the Spirit of Elijah. They are going to see, how serious, I truly AM.” 
"Seek to know ‘the True Me’, My people, because ‘time, is running out’! – and ‘the countdown’ has already begun.  You are running out of time!  I tell you, there are many ‘false gods’, and ‘false images’ of Meon the Earth, presented to you, by ‘false teachers’.  But here, with ‘My Two Witnesses’, and with ‘My True Vicar and Representative, You will find, ‘the perfect image’ of Me; and you will come to know Me, ‘as I truly am’(- Jesus, March 15, 2013)

Defenders of the Faith - The Deposit of the True Faith

Jesus Christ the LORD, has 'GIFTED us', with, 'the DEPOSIT, of the TRUE Faith' - PASSED down, through, 'the SUCCESSION, of, the APOSTLES'.  And, we are ETERNALLY Grateful!(- from the May 25, 2017 update)  
“Think not that I have come to abolish the law [the Commandments] and the prophets [-the Two Witnesses]; I have come not to abolish them [- as BerGOGlio is trying to do through tolerance] but to fulfill them [- passing "the Deposit of Faith" to My Two Witnesses - fulfilling Prophecy]."
(Matthew 5:17)  
"And "the WOMAN"? - is NOW! - getting READY, to give BIRTH - to "the Blessed FAITH, in its FULLEST MATURITY".  For 'SHE', has been BLESSED, by the Most High TRUE God, to DO so.  "The WOMAN", is the FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH.  And THEY, have RECEIVED, 'the Blessed, TRUE Roman Catholic Faith' - AS it WAS, 'INTENDED', to BE received - as in, "WORTHILY".  And "the FULLNESS, of the DEPOSIT of FAITH", has been given TO, 'The Faithful REMNANT' - and 'the POWER of the Most High TRUE God!' - is "OVERSHADOWING them".  And THEY are "under His PROTECTION"."  ( - from the April 28, 2019 update) 
"Last night, as the clock struck MIDNIGHT (- as in, "the DOOMSDAY clock"... struck midnight) - the Blessed Virgin 'stepped IN' - in HER new role - as she wrapped her black MANTLE of Divine Destruction, over the entire planet - under her NEW title, "Mother of Divine Destruction" (- referring to Divine PHYSICAL destruction, manifesting throughout the ENTIRE planet - "God of the Old TESTAMENT" style).  And so "YES!", her Mantle of Divine PROTECTION, is ALWAYS over her Faithful Remnant - the Team that ultimately "WINS!" - in the End... Times, that is.  And since the Blessed Virgin Mary's New Title, makes Peter and Mary ROMANUS in fact, "the True Brother and True Sister of Divine Destruction"? - THAT of course, would be 'a GREAT incentive', for the global military industrial complex, to desire to 'take us OUT' completely - and NOT for DINNER.  But here's the CATCH! - the more people DESIRE 'OUR destruction', and that of the TESTIMONY, and that of the Faithful REMNANT? - the more their WICKED desires - 'FUEL', the CREATOR'S Divine Just Wrath - manifesting THROUGHOUT the planet.  And 'the FUNNY part' is? - that HIS Divine Destruction, ONLY ends, when ALL 'desires', for OUR destruction, are completely gone."  (July 21, 2019 update)  

Oh My!
This was never meant to be a comprehensive list, this is just an OVERVIEW of some of the more basic roles.
Just as The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary  is 'just A SAMPLE'... of her roles.

4 videos, Word Count: 10,000+

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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