The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

From the Mailbox
This is the place on this website, where you can get summaries the very best answers,
 - that other people have already received -
Note: We only post about 1 out of every 10 conversations we have with Jesus Christ the Lord.  He has helped us with every aspect of our lives over the past several years.  He has sent His True Holy Spirit to Guide us through many different situations, with 'the Gift of infused Knowledge' - when He was not speaking to us verbally.  Our unique journey, forced us to learn many practical things, that otherwise, we never would have known.  And so, when you see "Notes" on the website in this color font, know that they are usually based on conversations with Jesus, the guidance of the True Holy Spirit, and sometimes inspirations of human origin.  We are not perfect, as God is.  And so if you notice that one of our topics on this page or one of our notes needs editing - let us know.  We would prefer that this website ONLY contain quotes from Heaven, but Jesus wants to have "a human representative" on Earth - one who can also share what God has taught him, in his own words, as an example to others.  And so He has considered our preference, and assigned us this task. 

For those who prefer "Life on the OUTSIDE" - Membership in the cult of the ninth circle of saturn
Best Bible?  Make sure the Bible you are using is not a protestant, feminist, thematic, NRSV or liberal Bible translation - because the printed words in those editions, are so far from what the Most High True God actually said, that those words in fact, no longer belong to Him - but the words belong to the translators, who spoke instead, "on their own behalf".  And that is why, in some churches, even today, many people have become deceived into thinking, that God speaks with a British accent - in Old English.  The enemy of souls has those 'spiritually poor people' so distracted with their 'regal speech', that they have simply missed the obvious truth: that "to protest", is in fact, "to rebel" - and there is only ONE place in 'the afterlife' that rhymes with "rebellion" - you can figure that out for yourself, but here is a clue: Jesus calls the people who go there, "hellians". This is not to say that all protestants go there.  But the protestants who do go to Purgatory, will not have one iota of protestantism left in them, when they enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  This has been revealed by Jesus Christ the Lord Himself!  And so, it is best to stop rebelling - NOW! - and this is emphasized, to reflect the serious consequences of belonging to that movement - consequences that Jesus has revealed to us. Most protestants do not know, that not only are they named after "the great rebellion", or 'protest', against God - but 'the enemy of souls' put "his stamp" on the protestant Bible, and this is how:  The Bible, used by Roman Catholics, from the 4th century to the protestant reformation, contained 73 books.  The enemy of souls, deceived the protestants, by having them remove 7 books, leaving 66.  Is this not, 'the enemy's stamp'?  You can simply count them, if you are having any having doubts.  The Catholic Edition, also known as the one "with apocrypha", has 73. What is the Best Bible Translation?  The Best Bible edition that we know of, is the 2006 Edition of the RSV Second Catholic Edition or RSV2CE - the one used in all our Bible quotes on this website.  Notice how easy that translation is to read and immediately understand.  Jesus has been speaking to us as we have been using this translation - and so the words He uses as He speaks, often refer to specific passages, that are easier to find, in this particular translation.  And for the record, Jesus doesn't speak with a haughty, arrogant, british accent - and neither should you!  And the word the British use intstead of "LETTER" - as in "A letter of Paul to the Romans" - is "epistle". Why "epistle"  you ask?  Because in their haughtiness, the proud and arrogant prefer to EPISTLE all over the Words of their Creator, with their haughty and arrogant speech - the same kind of speech that the illuminati prefer. Don't be like them. Dost thou understand?  If you want to quote from the bible, and you don't have a SANE version of the Bible yet - simply replace the arrogant words for sane words like this:  Thou becomes you.  Hast becomes did or have.  Shall becomes will.  Walketh becomes walks, etc. But it is better to simply find a RSV2CE translation online.
Bible Concordance? We recommend the search engine, using the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition Bible.  Bible Gateway, is the EASIEST way, through which to access, the ONLINE version, of the Correct Bible Translation: RSVCE (first edition) - unfortunately that version still has a bit of Old English in it - and so we use a hard copy of the SECOND Catholic Edition, to edit out all the arrogant protestant speech.  It would be good to save Bible Gateway to your bookmarks - but it will only save that edition if you have a word like "Genesis" in the search box.  If you don't have it bookmarked - make sure that every time you visit that website, and before you use it, you select the RSVCE mentioned above.  AVOID the "NEW RSVCE" or NRSV on the list of bible translations - it is a radical feminist version, that deleted most of the male references to God, in an attempt to serve 'the spirit of Jezebel'.  No matter how much Blessed Holy Water you use - you need to know that The Most High TRUE God's Spirit of Truth cannot move through a book that is filled with words that are a deliberate distortion of what He has consistently revealed.  The illuminati KNOW this TRUTH - and that is why they put out such a vast buffet of bibles to choose from.  So?  Choose wisely!
Searching the Website?  The best way to search the website is to use the Google search engine.  Of course, when the website is private, or not visible - as happens from time to time, Google is unable to search it. To find a word on this website, enter the following into the search box: "word"   To find a word string on this website, enter the following into the search box: "word string"  Google will then provide a list of pages on this website to choose from.  Once you click on a page, find the word or word string on that page, by using the "find" feature on the navigation bar that appears at the top of your internet browser page. If that navigation bar does not appear, than you will need to open it using your browser options menu. To search the content that is already on your screen, using windows, hold down the "Ctrl" button, and then press the "F" key, to make the search box appear on your screen. 

Saving this Website on my Home Computer?   Know that the TESTIMONY itself, is DESIGNED, to be ACCESSED, ONLINE - because the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, will LEAD you, to the MANY different LINKS!  Yes you have permission to save the website on your home computer, for free - but how?  If you select "Ctrl A" (Select all), and then "copy" - all the tabs, headers and footers will be copied.  To select ONLY 'the text portion' of each page (using a computer mouse), do the following:  Click the cursor on the top left corner of the text that you want, while holding the mouse click button down. Begin to drag the cursor down the page and watch a few lines begin to light up.  Holding the mouse button down, press and hold the"Shift" button on your keyboard.  You can now release the mouse button. Notice that the lit portion of the text remains lit.  Now scroll down to the bottom right corner of the portion of text you desire to copy. Click your mouse button on the corner and you can release the "Shift" button.  Notice the entire selection remains lit, while both your hands are now free.  You can now use the copy function, and paste the selected text onto a Word processing file.  Once you do, it is best to select "Ctrl A" (Select all), and then apply a new font size to the entire selection. (Be the first to email us and let us know if these instructions work on a Mac.  We currently use Windows.)
Vicious responses?  "Listen to me, you who know righteousness, the people in whose heart is my law; fear not the reproach of men, and be not dismayed at their revilings." (Isaiah 51:7)  The people in 'the beast state' have no common sense or reason.  You can not appeal, to 'their common sense or reason'.  You simply need to put the "good food" out there - in the form of YouTube video testimonies, and see, if when you return to "the stainless dish on the back porch" - if anything was taken.  There are a lot of 'strays' out there looking for 'a good home'.  The others are quite content just wandering around, ravaging other beasts for nourishment.  Don't let them ravage you.  And when they try, call down God's Justice by commending them to His Discipline and Care - for He sees and hears everything, and is patiently waiting to intervene, when needed.
Reaching out to Pastors?  All religious leaders who work within the religious institutions, are 'in personae satanae', and have been fully informed in their consciences that God is no longer with them. They have been working for their father down below for so long now, that you need not waste too much of your time with them. They have no "Divine Authority".  They have no anointing whatsoever from above, and are only interested in your money, your tithing, and your pearl of great price - and that is your Soul!   Is Pope Peter the Last "a religious leader?"  Or is he rather, the True Representative of Jesus Christ the Lord on Earth.  Different people will have different answers to this question - but you already know the Truth in your heart.
Responding to Questions?  It is best to be extremely cautious when reading emails from people who are asking questions about the Testimony or about the Two Witnesses.  Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed, that the Testimony has 'absolutely enraged' hundreds of thousands of people around the world: people who hate the Truth; people who are actively trying to snuff out their consciences; people who are losing parishioners, because their parishioners know the Testimony to be True, and know that the person standing at the front of the Religious Institution is 'an incarnate antichrist'; people who wish to do everything in their power, to personally, crush, the Two Witnesses; and worst of all, the people who are simply "in personae satanae".  If you are having trouble with this concept - just recall how the Jewish Leaders and the Roman Soldiers treated Jesus.  Many imposters - people who have professed themselves to be "One of the Two Witnesses", have already contacted us.  That being said, there is no need to inform us, with the news that someone who contacted you, is about to contact us.  If someone is emailing you seeking answers, we prefer that you simply do your best to consistently re-direct them to the Blessed Holy Water page, and to the Contact us page.  The Testimony is full of "good food" and the answers are already there for anyone who is "an actively seeking believer".  But never, assume that a person emailing you, is sincere; but instead, "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves" (Matthew 10:16)

Be sure to read the page on this website titled Spread these Messages - for more information on this topic.

Video Games? 
“Look at the movies and books and CD's people entertain themselves with – not to mention violent and crime filled video games. See the world is desensitized to death.” 
“The ‘mark of the beast’, is ‘a spiritual mark’ that people will receive, because they choose to embrace ‘poison’, for their souls; and ‘incorporate it into their reality’.  Television, is ‘one, of those poisons’Movies, are another one.  Violent video games – another.”
“For I am the Truth, and those who knowingly embrace falsehood and ‘false realities’, have no part in My Kingdom.  There is no television in Heaven.  There is no ‘video games’.   There are no movies, or ‘worldly entertainment.  There, is only room for: peace, love and joy.  Those other things are mere distractions, and rob souls of these.” 
“Oh, if only you were awake! Then, you would have known: what Era, you were living in.  But instead My people, you chose ‘self-deception’, and ‘false realities’ - as a means of coping, with the ‘hard Truths’.”
“For people who are on My team, must learn to be detached, from feelings, emotions, opinions, and desires, that other people choose to embrace.  It is called ‘the gift of Holy Detachment’, and is quite necessary, in being purified from this life – in being purified from all of the worldliness around you.  So other people, have ‘different realities’, - so what does that mean to you?  Nothing, My children; only pity is necessary for such souls.”
“Almost ninety-nine percent of the people, in this world, are living in false realities that they have created – for themselves, as ‘a buffer’, to the truth; or they allow – people to create realities, for them to live in…“And that is why you are living in the End Times; and that is why it is essential, that they read, My Testimony, in order to wake up, out of their false realities, in order to embrace spiritual truths.” 
“It all comes down, to your own personal choice: whether you want to start ‘living in the truth’, or continue ‘living, in your own false realities’ – that you have created, or, ‘have allowed others to create, for you’.”
“Most people do not have ‘room for the truth in their lives’, My children, bombarded by falsehoods and false realities, they constantly, rely, upon these, as their entertainment.”
Looking People in the Eye? The eyes are the window to the soul, and people in 'the beast state' have an ungodly tendency to actively and knowingly try to stare their demons into others.  Do not cooperate. When talking to people in the beast state, avoid eye contact, and avoid 'reciprocal false externals' - such as 'fake smiles', 'nervous laughter' and 'false affirmation'.  You are called to be at peace, to remain at peace, to do what sane people do when they are at peace, and not to get drawn into the antics and tactics of people in 'the beast state'. Ask for the Grace of self control in the True Holy Spirit, if you have difficulty with this minor social adjustment.
Dealing with Relatives? Relatives or "former family members" who are in 'the beast state', are included in your daily prayers, when you pray for the conversion of sinners - but those prayers can ONLY help "those of the Faithful Remnant to BE".  If they are OPEN to it, it is best to share your experience of using the Blessed Holy Water with them, and to respect their decision; because sharing the FRUITS of your Blessed Holy Water, as a small sample, of what YOU have experienced - if they're SINCERE, it can't hurt them.  Know in advance that we do not know of one "entire family" who has benefited from the Holy Water, and who has also been able to share this gift with their relatives - the ones who live outside of their household, in such a way that the Gift was received.  And so it is necessary to pray for 'the Grace of emotional detachment' from your biological former family members who are currently in the beast state. This may sound harsh at first, especially for readers who consider their dog or cat to be a part of the family; but remember this, the animals in the stable at Bethlehem, were never a part of the Holy Family in the Nativity scene - it just seemed that way to some people.  This is so simple, even a child could understand - once it has been explained to them of course.  Here is some Counsel that was posted on December 9, 2015:
"It is best NOT to reach out to your former family, at this stage in your journey – as you have simply just begun, to LIVE the True Faith; and you, have just received, ‘the Testimony’; and you yourself, are only BEGINNING to be transformed, by the Heavenly Graces, that are being shared, with you... You need to know, that your former family, would NOT understand, and they would not RECEIVE your decision, well.  And so, you must ‘sever yourself completely from them’ – in your heart.  Just as Lot and his wife, had to leave Sodom and Gomorrah behind – that is how, you are called, to look, at your former family; because THEY are so HEAVILY involved, in ‘WICKEDNESS’; and they ARE, “Sodomites and Gomorrites” – BECAUSE they belong to ‘the spirit of the world’; and it is explained further, in the Testimony, that only ‘SOME’ – from different families – only a few, would be called, would be taken away, FROM those families, in order to find salvation. Jesus has explained, that most people, will NOT respond kindly to His Call.  And so, you MUST understand, that YOU, and N., are ‘two, of the VERY few’- who have responded, with ‘a WHOLEHEARTED YES!’ – to what Jesus is asking OF you. If you ASK the Most High TRUE God, for ‘a Sign’ – but ONLY so that you may BELIEVE in His Testimony – He CAN, share a Sign WITH you! – if He SEES, that your HEART, is seeking, ‘HIM’ – is TRULY, ‘seeking the Truth’!   And that is why He GAVE you ‘the Sign’. You were not looking for ‘a SIGN’, as ‘an end in itself’; but all the wicked people, who visit His Testimony, on a Daily basis, ARE.  And “the Sign”, is in the middle, of their foreheads!  But they can’t SEE it – OUT of His Justice.  Make sure, that YOU, are ‘sincerely giving thanks, to the Most High TRUE God,’ for bringing you and N. out of Bondage; out of sin and corruption –into ‘NEW lives’ together; new lives focused, on Jesus Christ the Most High True GOD.  And remember: What He is asking of the both of YOU, is no different, than what He expected, over 2000 years ago.  “If anyone loves mother or father more than ME, he is not worthy of Me”.  Meditate upon those words – in order to be made worthy OF Him, you HAVE to leave your former life, behind."
Be sure to read the page on this website titled Formers - for more information on this topic.

Pressed with questions?  NEVER "lie", to ANYONE!  BUT, if  you are 'PRESSED with QUESTIONS' - you DON'T HAVE to GIVE them "the ANSWER that they WANT".  Understand?  Just because someone ASKS you a QUESTION - doesn't MEAN, that YOU, are REQUIRED, to ANSWER, the question 'BASED on their expectations'.  For example, you could say: "THAT'S an interesting question!"   "Why do you ask?"  "I am entitled to MY religious beliefs, and you are entitled to yours..."  "Do your personal demons feel threatened by the Truth?"  "Have you been sleeping well? - because you look very tired."  "How has your conscience been doing lately? - because you look extremely empty inside and unfulfilled... like a walking corpse, in fact."  These are just a few of the MANY answers, that most people are not expecting.  Why not see if you can come up with a list of your own - that you can use, in the PERFECT moment, when THEY least expect it.  My personal favorite, "That's a QUESTION."  But make sure that you are not "getting into the heads", of those with the mark - because if you are "a follower of the True Holy SPIRIT", then that is a place He will never lead you to - as 'the MARK', was HIS "parting gift.  If the people around you aren't drawn to becoming a Member of the Faithful Remnant, then simply allow them to be slowly consumed by their demons; but it is NOT your call, to BOW to their demonic inspirations - even if those inspirations are voiced as a question.  Understand?  Sure you do!

What not to share?  It is not a virtue to share your past sins and failings with others.  Yes, they need to be repented of - ONCE! After that, do not let the demons boast of their victories in your soul to others.  If you have problems forgetting your past failings, after they have been repented of, then you need to forgive yourself, by asking Jesus to allow His forgiveness to flow into you, so that you can use it to forgive yourself. And then ask Him to take the memories of your failings from you, in exchange for His Peace, so that the demons can no longer use them against you. Do not post a video in which you reveal your past sins and failings; better to proclaim your long list of HEALINGS since you became a Member, instead.
Ritualistic Celebrations?  You are now being asked to use your right to freedom of religion, to abstain from secular ritualistic celebrations, that make a mockery of the True Faith.  Allow the True Holy Spirit to reveal these to you. 
For example: Secular birthday celebrations NEED to be downplayed in the Remnant - because they can ONLY stir up 'the spirit of nostalgia' - even IF, a person is truly THANKFUL to their Creator, for the gift of each day.  Each DAY?  Yes!  So what is the point of an annual celebration?  To set the stage for nostalgia afflictions! - that is all it really accomplishes.  Even "the chocolate cake" - simply becomes another notch in "the nostalgia punch card".  So remember to downplay ALL birthdays - until they simply become NOTHING more, than a daily celebration!  You MAY however need to use that ANNUAL day, as a reminder to renew vehicle license plates, in certain geographical locations - then you can celebrate the fact that you most likely will NOT be pulled over, for that infraction; but that is something completely different. 
And concerning funerals: When, ASKING, the Most High TRUE God... He SAID, “BETTER to be among the LIVING, than AMONG the dead”.  So THAT is His Way, of TELLING you, AND us, “LET the dead, BURY the dead” (Luke 9:60).  For TRULY you HAVE ‘disowned’ your FORMER family; and you have ‘no MORE to DEAL with them’.  Instead, commend them ALL! – to the IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine JUSTICE, of their Creator!  It is ALWAYS better to have "TRUE Compassion" on your Creator! - than to focus on the dead. It just makes sense.  And when a biological ancestor dies, while having NO KNOWLEDGE of the Testimony? - choosing to 'shut DOWN', because you are FACED with "an uncomfortable SITUATION", IS "an approach"! - but not 'a GOOD one'.  You KNOW, where your biological ancestor is!  And you KNOW, 'the TRUTH', about 'the spiritual REALITIES'.  And you KNOW how to get through this time.  And you ALSO know what JESUS' response is, to 'those who die'.  This is the same JESUS, who is passing SENTENCE, on 400,000 catholics a week!  And you just WITNESSED, 'ONE of them'.  YOUR 'FORMER', is actually responsible, for WITHHOLDING the TESTIMONY, from "HIS living ancestor".  And so - your biological ancestor's BLOOD is "on your FORMER'S hands" - NOT yours. (August 14, 2018 update)     

What if someone who is reading the Testimony diesActual email: "What instruction is there if someone dies. Please give instructions."  "But Jesus said to him, 'Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead'." (Matthew 8:22)  Know that we DID post "CONFIRMATION videos".  And that "dying person", was not ONE OF THEM.  They're "doing their OWN thing", with the Testimony.  They won't do 'ANYTHING' that we ask of them - as they prefer to LISTEN to "the REBELLIOUS!" - AND be "under THEM". They can't HEAR! - what the True Holy Spirit is 'sharing through us'.  And so we have NO instruction to GIVE them!  [-And so if someone from your local CHURCH asks you, "... but what will you DO when you DIE? - who will BURY you?"  You can always tell them, "a spiritually DEAD person would have to do that - someone like YOURSELF - and I intend to do EVERYTHING I possibly CAN - to make sure that NEVER happens!"] (November 08, 2019 update) 

Entering a Religious Institution? The religious institutions are now all filled with 'the spirit of the antichrist'. 'The abomination of desolation' is now set up in each one.  And so if you are invited to a wedding, a funeral, a bible study, or any other event that takes place in one of those buildings; remember Lot's wife and what happened to her (Genesis 19:26).
Bible Study?  Yes, it begins at the top of almost every page on this website.  You will notice a Scripture passage has been carefully selected and placed in a prominent place.  You can study it, and then you can study the other content on the page, and invite the True Holy Spirit to reveal the deeper meaning, of how they are connected.
Fellowship?  Yes, the Faithful Remnant is by definition, what remains, of 'the True Christian Community' - in 'the Eyes of God' that is.  It is indeed a fellowship of believers, united: in Baptism in the True Holy Spirit, in faith, in instruction (- rooted in the most accurate translation of the Bible, and in regular Divine Counsel that comes Directly from Jesus Christ the Lord Himself, seated on His Throne in the Kingdom of Heaven, and through His True Representative here on Earth), and in prayer.  Together, as we journey to the physical Era of Peace on Earth (- the True Peace that can only come from the Most High True God) - united with the Saints in Heaven, and the souls in Purgatory, we worship, the One True God - the Most High True God - the God Who is above all other Gods - the Creator, of the Universe.  Does this sound like "fellowship"?  Contact us, if you can think of any part of "fellowship", that is missing.

Legal Responsibilities? Being a member of the Faithful Remnant does not exempt you from the laws of the land.  You are fully responsible for your legal obligations, as is everyone else.  There are some unjust laws, but if you decide to challenge them publicly, you do that as an individual, and not on our behalf.  Remember the enemy tempted Jesus with invincibility in the desert. [Matthew 4:8-11] But when Jesus was tempted, He refused to fall. Do likewise.  
Invincible? People in 'the beast state', are not able to allow God's love to flow through them.  They are literally walking demoniacs, and they are completely possessed - and in a state of mortal sin.  And so if you decide that you want to socialize with them 'on their level', what a terrible fall it will be.  You can always use the Holy Water afterwards, but know this, God will not tolerate people who choose to play on both teams for very long.  The desire to turn to back to Him, can only diminish the more you turn away - once you have used the Blessed Holy Water and your soul has returned to you.  If you find yourself struggling in this area, reject 'the spirit of invincibility', and ask for the Grace of the Fear of the Lord.
Weaning off Television? Watching television, is for most people an addiction.  And so, some people will find it very difficult to quit all at once.  The easiest way to wean off the television is to only stream familiar TV shows through the internet.  And of course, removing the television from your home, is absolutely necessary, if you want your Creator to Bless your home.  Perhaps you could make a BETTER effort, at checking out, your local environmental laws, on HOW to DISPOSE, of electronics - such as TVs - in the best way - in "the environmentally friendly way" - but ONLY if it is YOURS; and ONLY if you WANT to. Once your television has been properly discarded, you may find the withdrawal easier, by actively filtering news stories on the internet.  You can learn much about what is safe to watch from the internet links we have carefully chosen, and our videos.
Be sure to read the page on this website titled Television - for more information on this topic.
Using the Internet? We encourage you to choose to limit your time on the internet by reading this website, and by limiting your time on all other 'necessary sites' to no more than an hour (- We are simply passing on this advice, from your Creator - obviously, this is not "convenient", but it is a necessary step, in order 'to wean yourself' off of technology.  This warning is also part of your 'psychological preparation', for the coming Era of Peace).  As you view other websites, we admonish you to carefully, discern all the propaganda - as you 'actively filter' everything you see and hear - doing so will most assuredly result in added spiritual protection, along with even fewer spiritual afflictions.  Fraternal correction is a virtue, so please do likewise.
News Stories? Make sure you read our web site page on Media Propaganda, before taking any news stories seriously.  And whenever you do watch news stories, always remember that all the independent news services are currently being operated by people in 'the beast state'.  If you choose to watch news stories you absolutely must actively filter everything you are hearing and perceiving, in each and every moment.  Failure to do so, will most assuredly result in being afflicted by 'the spirit of the world', 'the spirit of deception', 'the spirit of propaganda' - just to name a few.
Sojourning in the Desert?  This time in human history, when The Faithful Remnant is sojourning, towards the Era of Peace - is the modern parallel, to Moses sojourning in the Desert, leading the Israelites to the Promised Land - to Heaven.  Just as the Israelites were "in captivity" to their 'taskmasters', so too were all those who were released from 'the beast state' - when they were within the religious institutions.  So if at times it seems as if you are alone in a desert, that is why.
Respecting other Christians? So what about all the "good christians" who honor the sabbath by going to church every Sunday, read their bible for an hour a day, attend bible study on Fridays, go to a bible college, sing christmas carols door to door - what about them?   Yes, respect their choice, to worship 'the abomination of desolation' set up in their church.  Respect their choice to be drawn to and filled with 'the spirit of the antichrist' at their Sunday services.  Respect their choice to embrace the Bible, from which God has removed the True Holy Spirit, so that only the demons can lead them through the scriptures - the same way the devil did when he tempted Jesus with scripture passages in the desert. It is good to share your experience of the Blessed Holy Water with them, and to tell them about the website, so that 'the mark of the beast' on their foreheads can be removed.  But if they reject the olive branch, then they have chosen teams.
Hydration?  Almost ALL public water supplies have now been poisoned with mercury, lead, copper, fluoride, synthetic hormones, and other harmful chemicals.  Have you noticed the plague of breast formation on males?  That is because the water supply in some places has high concentrations of synthetic female hormones in it.  It is no longer safe to drink fluoridated tap water.  It is important to find an inexpensive source of spring or filtered water, or the very best home water purification system you can afford.  It is extremely important, to stay hydrated throughout the day, and night.  Strong smelling urine, is one sign of dehydration; but so too is tiredness.  People who drink caffeinated beverages, need to drink extra water and find a good natural source of vitamin C to compensate for the effects.  Dry air in the colder months also means there is a greater need for regular water intake.  Stay hydrated.  It is best to avoid black soda beverages that contain phosphoric acid (- you can research the effects of consuming this highly corrosive and rust-removing acid for yourself).  It is best to avoid beverages containing artificial sweeteners (- they are highly toxic, do the research if you have doubts).  There is such a thing as a toxic amount of sugar intake - the amount that rapidly disrupts your blood sugar levels; and so it is best to wean yourself off of excessive soda soft drink consumption.  You should not be drinking from aluminum cans, because aluminum is very toxic to the brain, and small particles of aluminum fall into the can, every time the tab is peeled off.  Just a reminder that this information is the result of consulting with the King of Heaven, about these issues.  The basic lesson here, is that using 'filtered water' or 'spring water', is the best way to keep hydrated.  Know that many grocery stores now dispense filtered tap water;  and if you can still TASTE the chlorine or metals in the FILTERED water - then the filtering system at the location you purchased the water from, is not being properly maintained.
Food?  Jesus has asked his Remnant to avoid eating red meat. Does that sound "a bit EXTREME"?  It won't after you read the following news story.

'Dirty meat': Shocking hygiene failings discovered in US pig and chicken plants (February 21, 2018 story)

Chicken and fish are the acceptable forms of meat for now.  Avoid eating GMO foods in as much as you are able.  GMO foods are all poisoned - it is really that simple.  There are more and more stories surfacing in the news, about extremely harmful effects, of eating GMO foods.  Do the research yourself if you have any doubts; but you have now been warned, and are now fully responsible for the kind of food you choose to consume.  Also it is best to only eat the amount of food, that you are able to burn off, each day.  Avoid eating large quantities of salty snack foods, as it is quite easy to get salt poisoning from eating too much of them at once; and you would do well to carefully monitor your salt intake when eating those foods, and drink lots of water to flush out excessive salt.  Home popped NON-GMO popcorn made from dry bulk corn kernels is a filling snack.  But snacking on CEREAL - made from seeds, oats, and bran, is a MUCH healthier and filling snack alternative.  Know that drinking excessive water, can be harmful.  Know that consuming MSG or monosodium glutamate is not healthy.  So get informed - concerning these health tips, and always use common sense and reason.  And remember, most of the things we are emphasizing on this page, are the things that Jesus personally emphasized to us, as He helped us to make healthier choices. 
Several Members of the Faithful Remnant have asked us for diet tips.  And here are some of the most BASIC things we have shared with them.  In your diet, each day, you will need to eat fresh and inexpensive fruits like apples and whatever else is reasonably priced; bananas are good to have each day - especially with cereal, and a bit of yogurt.  Also you will need vegetables - like lettuce, green onions, diced shallots and shredded carrots along with peeled and sliced apples for salads.  Ranch dressing and SWEET balsamic vinegar (not the kind used for marinades) are great salad toppings.  You can hopefully find affordable cheese - that you can slice or shred to eat with your salad; and you can even have cheese slices with toast and jam for a snack.  Hard boiled eggs chopped up, make for a good salad topping.  For breakfast, we found that LARGE ROLLED OATS - about 5 heaping tablespoons, immersed in hot water in a bowl, for about 5 minutes, served with 3 tablespoons of real peach yogurt that is made with REAL SUGAR, and topped with a teaspoon of flax seed - makes for a very nutritious breakfast.   Know that you need to be hydrated, THROUGHOUT the day, in order to avoid fatigue AND injury.  You will need to take aspirin (also sold as A.S.A or acetylsalicylic acid tablets - a natural substance that was discovered in the bark of the white willow tree) with water every 4-6 hours, to help you heal from all the toxins in the environment; always follow the recommended dosage, and precautions on the container.  You will also need snacks throughout the day - like fruit and inexpensive crackers and perhaps even some inexpensive trail mix. Tea or soup in a thermos - to take to work with you every day is a good idea.  Spaghetti is a cheap dinner; you can buy noodles, and the sauce (sold in a bulk plastic container) separately, and serve it with "a pan-fried and steamed vegetable" like squash, or non-gmo carrots.  Of course parmesan cheese is good, but sour cream is also a good topping for spaghetti - when it is served with vegetables.  Read the cooking instructions on the packages of everything I mentioned.  Perhaps a nearby store sells hot and ready rotisserie chicken - ready to eat.  If so, some fresh bakery bread, and fresh lettuce, and REAL mayonnaise, and Louisiana Hot Sauce - can be used to make a very good sandwich, sprinkled with fresh ground pepper of course.  You will need a second hand pepper mill that has a metal grinding wheel, to fill with fresh pepper corns, if you don't have one already. Remember to ALWAYS have "a VARIED diet" - as that is how you were MADE, to eat.   For breakfast - you can alternate oats with fried egg sandwiches - served with a mild hot sauce like Frank's, or ketchup - even blueberry jam and green onion goes well with fried (in olive oil), or slow cooked scrambled eggs and Frank's.  There, does that sound good?  It is - you'll see.  You will need to make a shopping list, and take care of your health.  Think of your body as a car - if you don't feed it, by topping up all the needed fluids, it won't run very well.  So remember to drink orange juice every day for breakfast (- fresh squeezed or "not from concentrate" is better if you can afford it), and perhaps cranberry juice from time to time.  Gingerale, is also good to have occasionally.  Consuming green tea - not too strong a brew - is a very healthy beverage.  Know that chamomile (- tea) and lightly cooked rosemary (- a spice added to eggs, potatoes or tomato sauce) are "natural sedatives" - and will surely help you relax when you need some extra help from your diet.  For those who don't have much cooking experience, this will get you started. 
What about spicy and hot food?  It is GOOD to have spicy FOOD - ESPECIALLY "curry", ONCE in a while - as it is 'GOOD for the DIGESTIVE system'.  And YES! - it IS "SPICY, and HOT" - and will cause your PORES to open - and all the 'TOXINS', will come OUT.  This is "GOOD".  And this is one way to stay HEALTHY - and can help cure 'ALL KINDS of ailments'!  (June 07, 2019 update)

Exercise?  Exercise is necessary.  A twenty minute cardiovascular workout at least three times a week, is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  A good refreshing walk or hike on the other days is also a good way to keep healthy.  Always ease yourself into new physical activities slowly, in order to avoid injury.  Common sense and reason are a necessary part, of making good decisions about how you want to maintain your physical health - so use them.  SWIMMING AT PUBLIC PLACES - there is no such thing as "a refreshing dip" anymore, in these End Times - because of the spiritual and physical realities.  With all the people, "BELOW the water line" - what do you think is COVERING the waters?  The public swim areas have been cursed, by the Creator of the Universe, in these Times - and so it is NEVER safe, for those who are "aboard the Ark of Safety", to take a dive below the water line.  Understand? 
"Exercising self-CONTROL" is an important part of an effective fitness program. It is IMPORTANT - to EAT healthy - and to EXERCISE the right way.  The MEAL plan that we HAVE, on the "from the MAILBOX" page - IS there for a reason!  We DEVELOPED that - BECAUSE of 'how hard we PUSH ourselves'.  And SO? - you SHOULD, at least USE that, "MEAL plan" - as a GUIDELINE.  Don't allow the ENEMY, to get you to "OBSESS, with your BODY IMAGE" - because THAT is what, "BARBIES" do.  You're not "a BARBIE" are you? - so... EAT healthy, and EXERCISE, regularly.  And that's - how you keep off the WEIGHT.  And, don't eat ICE cream, after 7 o'clock.  Don't have more than one BOWL.  Just a few scoops - makes SENSE - as it's HIGH in sugar.  If you EAT "fatty foods" before bed - that is the SUREST and FASTEST way - to gain weight - OVERNIGHT. (April 08, 2018 update)  

Rest?  The words in the Bible clearly reveal that 'there is no rest for the wicked' (see Isaiah 48:22, 57:20-21).  And those in the occult world, are doing their very best, to rob the Members of the Faithful Remnant, of their much needed daily rest.  And so, over the years, Jesus Christ the Lord, has given us the antidote to their attacks.  Use it.  And if you should find it difficult to sleep at night, simply call on Jesus and Saint Michael to heal you and deliver you from whatever afflictions you are experiencing, while using the Blessed Holy Water; and repeat the deliverance prayer that is mentioned at the beginning of the Bedtime Prayer.  Also, it is highly recommended that you take a 15 minute rest, in the middle of your day, as needed. DUE TO ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT'S USE OF ELF WAVES AS A MEANS TO CONTROL THE POPULATION, YOU WILL FIND AN IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR QUALITY OF REST, IF YOU USE EAR PLUGS - remember to always use ear plugs with caution around young children.  You will also need to make sure you are not sleeping on a boxspring, with a metal antenna array inside it.  Here is some additional information: It is best to shut off the computer and the cell phone, at least an hour, before you plan on praying your bedtime prayer.  Best to give yourself, at least 2-3 hours, after watching and discerning any PsyOp, before you can expect, to be able to purge your subconscious, and get to sleep.  The uncomfortable Truth is that "sleep deprivation", is not a virtue.  In order to have a good night's sleep, you need a consistent chunk of time, allocated to that daily part of your stewardship, of the gift of your health.   And for the record, the horizontal time you need is about 9 hours - given the spiritual, physical and psychological attacks the Remnant are now under.  Anything less than 7.5 is in the category of "sleep deprivation".  And did I forget to mention, the mandatory 15 minute nap in the middle of the day – a time set aside for Resting in the True Holy Spirit? (- if possible that is).  The natural healthy biorhythms kick in, after you begin your night time sleep pattern at a consistent time, for about 2 weeks.  Know that sleep deprivation does affect your feelings and emotions.  In fact the devil, uses it on people, as a form of torture, through the OWG interrogation specialists.  If you find that you are unable to get to sleep, after praying your bedtime prayers, then reject ‘the spirit of restlessness’, and ask for the Grace of Holy Slumber.  If you have a lot on your mind, and are actively thinking, this will interfere with the Grace to go to sleep.  When this happens, the Members of the Faithful Remnant are to simply lift up everything that is stirring in your Soul, and give it all to Jesus Christ the Lord, and trade it for His True Peace.  Restlessness can also be caused by caffeine consumption, within 4 hours of bedtime; and that includes the caffeine sources of coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate.  If you wake up in the middle of the night because of a spiritual attack or a bad dream, immediately deflect the attack back at those who sent it, by asking Jesus and Saint Michael to do so.  Then use the Blessed Holy Water, and bless your room with it as well.  You will find that by following this advice, you will quickly become a better steward of your natural biorhythms, and as a result, you will have much more energy and vitality, during each day.  And yes, Jesus did speak to His Two Witnesses, on many occasions, about working WITH the “natural biorhythms” He Created, to help human beings get a good night’s sleep.

And make SURE, that "TECHNOLOGY", is all turned OFF, by 10 pm.  THIS will help you wind DOWN. Unless, you are going to bed EARLIER. But you need at LEAST, one hour FREE! - of technology - before, "bedtime".  (October 17, 2017 update) 

Why the 15 minute nap is ENCOURAGED during the DAY?  The reason the 15 minute naps are ENCOURAGED during the DAY - is because, as a Member of the Faithful Remnant - your life is "very DIFFERENT, from others" - asYOU are 'called to be SPIRITUALLY awake', and DISCERNING, your INTERIOR life - AND 'your surroundings' - all the TIME! - while you remain "in PRAYER". And the SPIRIT of the world, can take its TOLL, on your SOUL - THAT'S why, you need to 'take a BREAK, during the day' - EVEN if you don't SLEEP; JUST 'to lay down', to RELEASE some TENSION, is 'ENOUGH'.  And LET the True Holy SPIRIT 'GUIDE you', as to 'how LONG, you need to REST'. It could be ANYWHERE from 5 minutes, to half an HOUR - depending on 'what you need'.  (July 28, 2018 update)   

Radiation?  Members of the Faithful Remnant Church are all protected from Fukushima Radiation poisoning.  This assurance has been given from Jesus Christ the Lord Himself.  So be at peace.  This is just one of the "privileges", of Membership, in the Faithful Remnant.  Aluminum laced chemtrails?  No problem!  Lead poisoning? - buy bottled tap water, and avoid fast food soft drinks that are made with city water.   Now do you get the idea?
Physical Injury or illness?  Unless it is an emergency, it is best to pray first before seeking medical attention.  If it is an emergency, it is always best to pray while seeking medical attention.  Use the Blessed Holy Water and the deliverance prayer to reject: 'the spirit of injury' or 'the spirit of infirmity' or 'the spirit of INFLAMMATION', or 'the spirit of PAIN' - or even perhaps a combination of those manifestations.  Then pray and ask your Creator to reveal the sin that is associated with the injury or illness.  Next, ask The Most High True God - to reveal the solution, or course of action, He is calling you to take?  The gift of discernment and patience are needed in order to be able to receive His Divine Counsel - and this requires much more EFFORT, when experiencing discomfort.  Common sense and reason must also be used in every situation.  If you are finding it difficult to find peace, while seeking the solution, put on the Armor of God.  Remember, one of Jesus' titles, is "the Heavenly Physician".  He does indeed make house calls.  So, call on Him, using that 'Title' - call on Him, in humility, and in faith.  But if you choose to turn to prayer, while at the same time, knowingly neglect to seek the necessary medical attention that you need, know that God does not like being 'put to the test', and does not respond well to being pressured to bow to 'the will of man'.  Many people have perished because they refused to take necessary action in an emergency situation, through the use of common sense and reason.  Do not add to their number. 
Do the Members of the Faithful Remnant need "Health Insurance"?  The decision on whether or not to get health insurance, is completely up to YOU - because YOU'RE "the one who is going to be PAYING for it".  Yes, it is True that Jesus Christ the Lord IS "the Heavenly Physician"; but even SO, if you're GOING to get 'PENALIZED in your TAXES', you may as well get the health insurance - JUST in case!  But AGAIN, it is "YOUR decision".  It is NOT "on us".  We have SEEN situations WHERE Remnant Members, NEEDED "health insurance" - because, their SPIRITUAL life, took 'a DIVE'.  And SO, it's BETTER to HAVE IT - than NOT - because, you don't KNOW, what 'your FUTURE', is going to be LIKE.  But EVEN so, WE 'STRONGLY advise' against, spending ANY amount of time in HOSPITALS - ESPECIALLY with all, of the DISEASES, and the FLU bug, going around. Hope that HELPS!
And for those Faithful Remnant Members who are caring for a minor, who is suffering from physical illness, and who is showing no signs of improvement, despite all your efforts - you need to know THIS: "If your child is not getting better, you are legally and morally bound to take your child to a MEDICAL physician or doctor, for actual medical care."  You are still required to DISCERN, ALL the recommendations they GIVE, and to REFUSE ANY treatments they suggest that you KNOW will harm your child - like abortion, euthanasia, mercury-laden vaccine injections, and prescription drugs - drugs that you KNOW will only do them harm, based on your own research - just to name "a few basics".  Because medical decisions require both "an informed CONSCIENCE", AND the use of common sense and reason.  And it would be BEST to keep in mind, that almost EVERY doctor and nurse, in THESE times, is ONLY allowed to function in the medical profession, AFTER having been invited to participate in the satanic act of a live human abortion.  And so ALWAYS keep in mind, "the psychopathic NATURE of their profession", BEFORE putting ANY faith whatsoever, in "THEIR recommendations".  (November 16, 2017 update) 
Dental Care?  Have you noticed that there are warnings on tubes of toothpaste, cautioning parents about the toxicity of sodium monofluorophosphate, and cautioning parents to supervise children under 6 years of age when brushing, to make sure that the toothpaste is not swallowed?  This is a clear indication to all consumers, that there is something EXTREMELY TOXIC that the manufacturers are putting in the toothpaste - NOT, "something medicinal".  Did you know that Dentists were using highly toxic mercury, in dental fillings, for decades? - even while they KNEW, that many of the fillings would ultimately fall out and be INGESTED.  Did you know that daily flossing, is NOT good! - for oral health?  These are simply important informative points worth considering.  Jesus has instructed us, to avoid flossing every day - however, He has revealed that flossing on every other day is in fact the healthy practice.  He has also advised us to use a warm salt water oral rinse at least once a day, before bed - and know that affordable NATURAL sea salt - the kind that is often sold for gourmet COOKING, works best.  In these End Times, it is BEST to AVOID "the dentist" - in fact, it is BEST, if you AVOID the dentist, COMPLETELY! - and TRUST, that your CREATOR is "taking CARE of your teeth" - as LONG as you, do YOUR part.  If you have a cavity, know that FLOSSING, every second day, and swishing around your mouth, edible SEA SALT dissolved in warm water - even TWICE a day! - for 5 minutes each - is GOING to help your TEETH.  Brushing more OFTEN - especially after each meal and immediately after eating sweets, is going to help as WELL!  Common sense and reason are always necessary when considering health tips, and when considering how you wish to implement them into your daily life.  Is it necessary to buy expensive "FLUORIDE-FREE TOOTHPASTE"?  There really isn't enough fluoride in the TOOTHPASTE to cause HARM - unless you deliberately ingest it of course. It is 'the ACCUMULATION, of fluoride', over MANY years, that can cause harm. And you are "under the Most High TRUE God's, HEAVENLY WITNESS PROTECTION program".  And even RADIATION! - cannot harm you. (June 22, 2017 update)

Hair Care?  "Does not nature itself teach you that for a man to wear long hair is degrading to him, but if a woman has long hair, it is her pride? For her hair is given to her for a covering." (1 Corinthians 11:14-15) For the men - as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, it is VERY important, that you MAINTAIN, "a CLEAN SHAVEN look", from now ON.  THIS, is HOW, the Most High TRUE God, is ASKING, the MEN, in the REMNANT, to PRESENT themselves - AND, with short hair.  Basically, "a MAN'S haircut".  It is not a good idea to shave your scalp; nor is it a good idea to have long hair like a woman.  For the women - the Blessed Virgin Mary is asking "her TRUE daughters" to cut their hair, in such a way that it grows no longer than to your collar bone.  Braided hair, is REALLY not appropriate, for the REMNANT - because, it actually looks like, "SNAKES, mating".  This WAS addressed in the Testimony - as, ANOTHER woman, ALSO braided HER hair - UNTIL! - she learned the TRUTH.  And HAIR for the WOMEN, is ONLY to come to the SHOULDERS - lest it be used as "an ALLURING weapon" - AGAINST, their own PURITY. You can always do some research in the state of women page if you need more details.  (February 01, 2018 updated)   
Know that you ARE called to be "a good steward of your appearance" - and that includes, grooming the hair on your head.  The appearance of HAIR, is actually a reflection of "sanity" - and that is actually common knowledge.  Hair is deliberately made to look "CRAZY" on people who want to be perceived as being CRAZY - in parades, circuses, and other public events.  And so, the question WE often ponder is - are YOU, CONCERNED about that part of your appearance? (April 17, 2018 update)   
Hawthorne?  For years, Jesus has been recommending the Herbal Supplement known as Hawthorne. The capsule form - one capsule per day is fine.  The health benefit of this naturally occurring herb, is a significantly strengthened immune system.  It is the only herbal supplement Jesus has recommended using. Common sense and reason are always necessary when considering health tips, and when considering how you wish to implement them into your daily life.

Supplements are not going to help in any WAY - aside from Hawthorne and ASPIRIN (a.s.a.) - because, of all, the poisonous ADDITIVES - that the "health and pharmaceutical companies", inject, INTO, their pills.  "COPPER", for example - a poisonous metal that manyh people are already ingesting due to copper plumbing - is added to MANY multivitamins.  Instead of ingesting toxic additives, it is MUCH better to have lots of fresh fruit juice, and drink lots of WATER, throughout the day.  (October 17, 2017 update)   

What to wear?  Here is some common sense advice on the clothing topic - based on our many conversations and consultations with Jesus Christ the Lord, obviously.  It is best to stop wearing synthetic clothing next to your skin.  Some people thought this means, that they have to wear cotton jackets; but that would only make sense, if you wore your jacket next to your skin.  It is best to wear 100% cotton clothing next to your skin, as it breathes the most and is the most comfortable to wear.  Any clothing that is 80% cotton and above is quite alright.  Of course wool, and cashmere are natural fibres as well.  Leather, is NOT good to wear, except for footwear (and belts - when necessary) - simply because it is what the beasts wear.  And because the spiritual and physical realities are intertwined, walking around literally under the skin of a beast, is NOT spiritually healthy - especially now that most of the people have the mark of the beast (but keeping leather on your feet from time to time, will remind you that unlike the illuminati, you are called to live ABOVE the beasts).  Know that wearing synthetic fiber jackets is better than leather.  Know that it is becoming more difficult to find cotton socks - but they do absorb sweat and body oils, much better than the synthetics, and wearing them results in healthier feet.

Best to avoid wearing any large logos or name brand symbols on your clothing (many clothing logos and artwork are in fact veiled satanic symbols).  Avoid becoming a free billboard for major brand name advertising - don't promote the name of a company, as you walk down the street.  Small brand labels that aren't visible from a few feet away aren't that important.  Once you address the problem of free advertising on your wardrobe, you may even want to reconsider the free advertising on your vehicle, if you have one. Vehicle advertising can only be removed with great skill and patience, in order to avoid damaging the paint job - but if you take the time to do so, on the vehicle YOU OWN!!! - you WILL notice a tremendous difference.

Best to stop wearing, and get rid of all black, red and grey clothing when you can, and wear colors that reflect light (not absorb it).  Pink is a normal color for women to wear, and that is why the Jezebellians like men to wear pink - because it is a woman's color; not for men.  Speaking of "Jezzy", notice how almost ALL the Jezebellians are wearing black now, and are walking around like black holes, sucking the light and life out of everyone around them - on a spiritual level?  Notice how there is currently A PLAGUE of black spandex?  This is actually a symptom of the reptilian plague... What?  Yes.  Snakes have very tight skin, and they shed it.  This is exactly what the Jezebellians slither into, in the morning, and slither out of in the evening, their tar, black, skin - also known as "spandex".  DON'T be like them (especially if you are male).  If you see a Jezebellian wearing spandex, that isn't black... Yes, that's still snake skin - snakes come in different colors, and the Jezebellians know that all too well in their interior lives.  If this sounds a bit extreme, then ask yourself this question:  Did the Blessed Virgin Mary EVER appear, wearing spandex? - but she DID appear with her heels digging into the back of a serpent, now didn't she?  Hmmm, now why would that be?

And on the topic of modesty, You NEED to remember, "modesty" - it is VERY important.  And so your bare SHOULDERS need to be COVERED; and the collar of your SHIRT should be NO LOWER, than 3 finger lengths, in width, BELOW your collar bone - JUST, as a rule - for both genders.

You need to know, that it is BEST to avoid wearing, ANY type of jewelry, in these End Times.  And of course that means that it is best to avoid wearing any metal necklaces or metal jewellery - wedding rings made from precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, are obviously necessary - as they are symbols of a special covenant, that now ONLY EXISTS through the use of the Blessed Holy Water.  Earrings are very nice to look at; but once again, why did the Blessed Virgin Mary, the QUEEN of Heaven, never appear wearing 10 pounds of precious metals? - or ANY metal for that matter?  Religious medals are no longer necessary.  If you want to wear a religious medal or metal crucifix, then take a good look at it, and wear the memory of it in your heart.  Understand?  Some manufacturers are now deliberately putting excessive amounts of lead into religious metal objects, as a means to poison Christians.

What about wearing a NECKLACE?  The neck "LACE" actually symbolizes all of your ADDICTIONS - it symbolizes all the "LEASHES" that the enemy has AROUND you.  They really wouldn't SELL, if they called them "LEASHES", now WOULD they?  But if you look carefully at a DOG, you will see that many of them have a CHAIN, around their neck, so that they can be "on someone's LEASH".  Don't be "on someone's LEASH".  Understand? - ESPECIALLY when a DEMON, is tugging on it.  Some women are 'drawn TO the expensive NECKLACES' -  because, THEY are ADDICTED to CONSUMERISM and MATERIALISM.  And so they MANIFEST that "SPIRITUAL addiction", in the "PHYSICAL realities", by wearing, 'a very EXPENSIVE necklace'.  OFTENTIMES you will see "a STONE! - pendant", attached to a NECKLACE - symbolizing, "the ROCK-HARD, HEART!" - underneath - that the woman SEES, as "GLAMOROUS" - and as 'a TROPHY of her personal accomplishments', in the relationships in her life.  When you see a person wearing a LOCKET, or a small PHOTO case around their neck - that means that the person is addicted to being CHAINED to 'the demonic CLUSTER' of the person whose IMAGE is in that locket.  Any type of religious object worn around the neck, like pendants with SAINTS on them? - HAVE to be RE-Blessed by the TRUE Holy Spirit USING the Blessed Holy Water (- provided by all, of HEAVEN - to SINCERE and CONTRITE, REPENTANT SINNERS).  But in these Times it's "NOT recommended".  Will wearing a metal necklace in these End TIMES somehow make 'an alien tech attack' even WORSE? - Yes, in fact a metal necklace acts as an antenna and transducer (- see diagram) - and just like the antenna array built into many box spring MATTRESSES - in THESE Times, necklaces do 'THEIR part', in re-directing all the 'alien tech frequencies' out there, to their intended target.  And now that you are "an expert on NECKLACES", the next time you see someone wearing a ROCK, hanging from a CHAIN around their neck - of course, the obvious question to ask, is, "Do you know what ALL the people who wear ROCKS around their necks have in COMMON?..."  (November 19, 2017 update) 

Replacing your wardrobe:  If you want to make the above changes all at once, and you find that following the above advice, leaves you with only a backpack of clothing, then don't be too concerned.  You will need to wash your clothes every day, for a little while.  But know that Second hand stores are a good place to start, if you just want comfortable cotton clothes.  Some practical advice: always keep in mind, that if the seams of the clothing are wrinkled and look terrible in the Second hand stores, then the clothing will only look worse, when you wear it.  Best to pick the clothes that don't have wrinkly seams, and instead, have smooth seams and nice collars.  There is really no need to buy new clothes, except for socks and underwear, or clothing that is on sale - most of the time.  There are always exceptions, revealed as you follow the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in the moment.  Have fun with that. 
And concerning cosmetic makeup: Focus on carrying Jesus in your heart, and you won't WANT or NEED to wear a mask (- this closing comment was officially approved by Mary Romanus).  "Did Eve need cosmetics, before the fall in the garden?" (- a profound question pondered by Petrus Romanus.)  In other words: Better to turn BACK to your Creator, in order to fix a fallen countenance; than to bury it under paint, as a means to foreshadow a bitter end!  Simple.
On the topic of long fingernails - or "talons", or "claws".  Claws are DESIGNED for "capturing PREY".  And so, obviously, women who have 'a DESIRE to wear long FINGERNAILS' - need to reject their desire to BE "sexual predator jezzie".  And ask instead, for the Grace to desire to be "a True Daughter of the Blessed Virgin Mary" - who would NEVER! - wear, long NAILS.  If a woman wants to have 'WEAPONIZED hands', at all times! - then how 'soft', could her heart, POSSIBLY be?  And so, whenever you SEE 'the talons' - alarm bells should be going off... "DANGER!"   (November 12, 2017 update) 
Concerning tattoos? - a.k.a. "body graffiti" - As LONG as you aren't 'IDENTIFYING with the image, of the TATTOO'? - and you are recognizing that, 'THAT IS your OLD LIFE' - and 'a FRUIT, of a POOR choice' - SIMPLY, choose to FORGIVE yourself.  The Most High True God already HAS.  Know that there won't be any "tattoo parlors" in the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth - and that all those who 'MAKE it', WITH tattoos? - will notice that the ink miraculously fades away.  Some Remnant Members have already experienced this.  (February 28, 2018 update) 

Daily Routines  To knowingly neglect 'the spiritual realities', is to knowing neglect one's salvation - and we are living in a time, when that is the choice, most of the people on the face of the earth have already made.  Do not choose to be like them.  The current spiritual realities - for those who are doing their part to cooperate with their Creator, can only get better.  Read the Prayer Page; learn the prayers; pray them.  Read the Testimony for at least 15 minutes each day.  You can do so, by watching the Daily Homily and by reading the Daily Spiritual Lesson, and by watching our other videos as well.   Read this page, to learn how others are coping with these extreme times in human history.  Choose to be a survivor.  Do what your Creator is asking you to do.  Live.
Spiritual Realities  The abomination of desolation is now set up in all the religious Institutions, and has full manifested on a global scale since October of 2009.  The mark of the beast was given to almost everyone on the face of the earth on Christmas Day, 2012.  The world in which we now live, has never been in a worse spiritual state, since the creation of the human race.  So the fact that you are reading this, statistically, is the spiritual equivalent of reaching the summit of Mount Everest.  Some people after reading this, will choose to spiritually 'slide back down to base camp 1'.  The truly exceptional souls, will choose to look around, and see an even higher mountain peak, called "the Physical Era of Peace on Earth" - and they, will choose to continue to climb, spiritually, until they get there. There are "climbers", and there are "sliders".  Climb.
Spiritual Focus  Obviously, people can focus on different things.  Here are the things the members of the Faithful Remnant need to focus on.  Focus on God's love for your soul.  Focus on looking at yourself, and at others, through the Eyes of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Focus on DOING, what the Most High True God is asking of you in each and every moment - through the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit of the Moment.  And here is the one very important thing, that the Most High True God has revealed to us recently: 'the enemy of your soul' does NOT want you to focus on rejecting the bad resolutions you have made in your interior life.  And so, whenever you recognize 'a recurring temptation' (or 'an evil spirit') manifesting in your life, focus on rejecting the resolution you first made, to embrace that "tendency" or "sin" or "evil spirit" - by using the deliverance prayer to do so; this way, the stronghold in your soul will be broken, and you will experience much relief in doing so.   Always ask for 'the corresponding Grace', when you use the deliverance prayer, to 'fill the spiritual void'.  There is much to think about and reflect upon here.
Spiritual Precautions   It is not spiritually safe to socialize with those in 'the beast state', except for the purpose of sharing the Blessed Holy Water with those who wish to experience what you have experienced from using it, and to share this website.  People with jobs obviously need to communicate with others - but this is very different, from "socializing".  There is nothing wrong with being 'a very private person' - "private" that is, in your relationship with your Creator in your interior life, and "private" in your constant 'spiritual communion' with the other members of the Faithful Remnant, in your interior life.  A special spiritual precaution for all women who experience menstruation: it is absolutely essential that you consecrate you time of menstruation through prayer, by "uniting your shedding of blood, to the shedding of blood of Jesus Christ the Lord on the Cross".  It is good advice.  Turn to the True Holy Spirit and wait on 'the gift of understanding' that you need in order to be at peace in doing so.
Spiritual Attacks  Spiritual attacks will happen.  But know this: according to 'the spiritual laws', The Most High True God's Heavy Hand of Justice, can come down, when they do.  And so, God, the Almighty and Eternal, Loving Father in the Kingdom of Heaven, allows the Members of the Faithful Remnant, to experience spiritual attacks, from the occult world from time to time - but only so that He, can respond, with His Heavy Gavel, from His Throne in Heaven, with His Divine Justice!  Remember, Jesus said (140109 Daily Homily) "Do not be concerned about those people who are against you, My children - because 'what they are getting in the End', is 'so much worse', than 'what they are able to dish out'."  So, know that for short periods of time, God will allow certain spiritual attacks from the occult world, to manifest.  During those times, you are called, to use the gifts you have been given, for these uncomfortable moments - to ACT!!! - to act by striving always to stay focused on your Creator; to stay at peace in your heart; to pray for spiritual protection by asking Jesus and Saint Michael to defend you and deliver you from all the spiritual attacks.  The attack will end.  Divine Justice from Heaven will come down heavily upon those who sent it. Some of the weaknesses you were embracing will be very apparent, and it is then, that you will need to use the deliverance prayer, to ask Jesus, to whisk off some of 'the lead that came to the surface' (- this is part of the allegory for refining gold in the crucible).  Then 'strive to be at Peace' in your interior life, and move on with your day.
Financial Security? The Members of the Faithful Remnant are under "the Heavenly Witness Protection Program" - but does THAT mean, that they are "protected from paying their BILLS"?  We know that it is "uncomfortable", being indebted to people, financially - but, you are NOT called to live "a life of comfort".  And the MONEY that you DO earn - you NEED to LEARN, to spend WISELY.  And THIS includes, taking RESPONSIBILITY, for your finances - and MAKING, "GOOD decisions"... Understand?  PAY your bills!  (April 08, 2017 update)  And AS you are paying them, know that there is a new trend emerging in the Global financial arena, where banks can now simply steal your money, with no consequences, and the Government can now steal your pension.  We understand that this trend is now growing, globally.  We have been advised, by "our financial adviser" (in Heaven), to withdraw all our funds from our bank account, except that which is needed to pay our monthly bills.  We have even cashed out of any and all pensions.  We want you to know, that if you choose to do likewise, there are risks, that you will be taking, on your own, as it will be entirely your decision.  What are the risks?  If the money is not stored in a safe place (- a safe is the first place where the burglars look), then it can easily be stolen.  Some police forces, if they find a large amount of money in your home, for any reason, will simply take the money, claiming that you possess it for illegal purposes, and you may never see it again.  People who see you read this, paragraph on our website, and then discover that you are taking this website quite seriously, may see you as an easy target.  So there are indeed many factors to consider, when you consider your financial security.  But soon, and when you least expect it, you may one day realize that the banks were the absolute worst place, to save your money.  If you do decide to withdraw funds, you may want to consider doing so gradually, so as not to draw too much attention to yourself.  And for Heaven's sake, don't go to Casinos - unless you are there SOLELY for the buffet.

Concerning Life InsuranceAs for "LIFE insurance"? - you HAVE "the best life insurance POLICY" - WITH, your CREATOR.  And so as LONG as you are still PLANNING, on REMAINING FAITHFUL to HIM? - as "an Official Member", of the Remnant - you don't NEED "life insurance".  Because LIFE insurance REALLY, is for those, who are 'OUTSIDE the Most High True God's Heavenly Witness Protection Program'. (May 10, 2018 update)

Financial Responsibilities?  Who is responsible for your finances?  YOU are!  So REMEMBER, we SPECIFICALLY, TOLD you, that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE, for "YOUR FINANCES"!   But here are just a FEW, basic considerations, worth pondering: Do you have outstanding loans that need to be paid back? - then make sure that you are paying them back - or that you have made the necessary arrangements with your lender.  Have you checked your credit score recently, to find out if there are any outstanding debts that you have somehow overlooked?  Perhaps now would be a good time to do so.  Sitting down with a financial advisor at your local bank, you can easily ask for "a SOFT check" on your credit score - just to make sure that there are no major red flags on your report. If you have a credit card, are you consistently making your monthly minimum payments? (- and it's always best to add a few dollars extra).  Have you arranged with your bank for "AUTOMATED withdrawals from your bank account to cover your monthly minimum payment"? Do you have an overdraft plan set up on your bank account so that you are not gouged through massive NSF charges by the bank, every time you go over your balance by a few cents?  Are you living within your means?  Do you have a monthly budget?  Do you have things at home that you don't use, that could be sold off in the local online buy and sell, to help pay your bills with?  Are you buying quality second hand items, in order to avoid paying for unnecessary overpriced new items?  Do you take time to pray and discern the call of the moment, whenever you are tempted to buy something impulsively?  Remember, these are just a FEW, BASIC considerations - when it comes to your PERSONAL finances.  Best to take some time to think of a few more, now that you have started.  (June 21, 2017 update)

Storing Supplies?  It is important to have enough food, water and heat to survive a power outage, or an unexpected natural disaster.  So make sure you have thought about the things you would want to have available, should you lose power, and heat, for an extended period of time.  Remember that dried foods including pasta tend to have a longer shelf life.  Also remember to put the date on the food when you store it, and check the "best before" date before you use it.  It is essential to be aware of any safe natural source of drinking water in your area.  But know that you should not be eating canned food on a daily basis, as there are harmful metals - such as lead, that gradually seep from cans into food.  And so, know that jars are better than cans, especially when it comes to storing food over long periods of time.
Spiritual Protection?  You are responsible for your own spiritual protection.  You have all the tools you need, on the Our Daily Prayers page.  You simply need to use them.  Know that 'mortal sin' immediately results in the loss of your Guardian Angel - and so, it would be best to avoid all sin, and to get back up quickly, whenever you should slip or fall - in a small, or great way.

Protection while driving?

Here are a few important things to consider when driving - in addition to all the other common sense rules.  Because of all of the "insane" drivers out there - it would be BEST to CONSECRATE your vehicle, to the protection of Saint Michael the ARCHANGEL - to the Divine Will and PLAN of the Most High TRUE God, AND to the protection, of "Our LADY, Queen of the HIGHWAY"!  Remember to wear your seatbelt.  You will always need to pull over your vehicle to a safe location and put it in "PARK", before using any handheld communication device.  Watch for spiritually insane pedestrians and bicyclists who in THESE Times, may be impelled at ANY time by demons, to simply step out or swerve in front of your vehicle.  And remember, it doesn't make sense to be in the habit of swerving your car or truck in order to avoid hitting small animals - as that habit, can actually put people in MORE danger, than the little critters; better to simply apply the brakes, while maintaining control of your vehicle - and if that feeds the crows, then good for THEM!  Bring filtered water with you and stay hydrated on long drives; and remember that air conditioning will rapidly dehydrate you.  It is better to keep some sealed trail mix in your vehicle, as a healthy alternative to fast food, when you need some.  It is best to NEVER drive during the evening hours when you are regularly asleep - as your natural sleep cycle can override your ability to stay awake.  If your vehicle has "fuel injectors", make sure you regularly use a suitable "fuel injector cleaner" - BEFORE the injectors plug up, and stop working.  Be sure to do an engine oil change every 3000 to 5000 miles, while checking ALL the fluid levels at every gasoline fill up.  Remember to check your tire pressure visually, and with a tire pressure gauge from time to time. And my personal favorite driving tip; before entering an intersection from a stop sign, always look both ways TWICE - as that may ONE day, make up for "the OTHER person, who POORLY looked, once". (April 13, 2017 update)  DRIVE… with CAUTION… LISTEN… CONSECRATE your VEHICLE, to the PROTECTION of Saint MICHAEL… EVERY time! - you go for a drive!  NEVER 'PRESUME', that the protection IS there!  This is not 'to SCARE you'! - but 'to MOTIVATE you'! - to turn to your CREATOR - and LEARN to be "dependent ON Him" (November 09, 2019 update)

Skeptical?  We too were skeptical when all this began to happen in our lives, and so we can't blame others for going through that stage.  You have seen the page on this website that presents the proofs of our identity, and you know the truth in your heart, about who we are, and who we represent.  And so there is no excuse for embracing 'the spirit of doubt'.  Use the deliverance prayer and reject that spirit, and ask for 'an increase in the Grace of Faith'. The spirits of 'fears, doubts, worries and anxieties' work together, so it is best to reject them all, whenever one surfaces.  Know that the enemy of your Soul, is the one who plants the WEEDS of doubt, in the field of your Soul; better to pull those weeds out as quickly as they appear, lest your Creator, weed YOU out, of His Remnant, when you least expect it!  The same goes for all those who may experience temptations at times, to smoke marijuana: "Don't get 'weeded out', of the Remnant".  And for the skeptics:  Best to be all in, or all out - because Jesus has made it quite clear, what He does with "the lukewarm".
Credentials?  Apart from the undeniable fact before God that "you know who is speaking to your heart" through these messages, we have discovered the following:  Interwoven throughout our Messages, from Heaven, are "puzzle pieces", to various topics, that seamlessly fit together and are listed on our Website - on the various topics pages.  This in itself, is a proof, of the Authenticity of the Messages - for who, could possibly do such a thing within the limits of the human intellect? - especially when the messages are spread over years, and yet come together, with little or no repetition, as defining statements that do not contradict each other, and are completely compatible with 'how God has operated in the past'.  Unfortunately for YOU! - "the READER" - you are "without excuse" - and are now FULLY culpable, before your Creator, for refusing to become a Member of the Faithful Remnant.  You had better hop on board the Ark of Salvation and fast - or the Graces and the Desire to do so, will be forever withdrawn.  Not, "what you were expecting" - we know.
How much Longer? How long did Abraham have to wait for God's promise to be fulfilled?  How long did Moses sojourn in the Desert?  How much longer can the world continue, on its current course, as this desperate spiritual famine continues?  Stay tuned.  Jesus said: "Why would mankind believe, that I am doing everything ‘so quickly’ – in their time?  When – if they knew the Scriptures, they would know, My timing is very different!   How long did it take, from ‘the timing of My Birth’, to My Crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension?  Did I pack it all, into a few years?  I only started My public ministry, when I was in My thirties.  Does that give you ‘a timeline’, My People?  God the Eternal Father in Heaven desires to work, within ‘His Schedule’ – with the way He has planned, everything out." (-Jesus, Tuesday, December 10, 2013)
The Countdown?   Yes the Faithful Remnant IS TRULY in "a countdown" to the Coming Era of Peace.  Will we have to wait 40 years, as Moses did, until he reached 'the promised land'?  Good question. Our best response?  Jesus said, "My Testimony, will reach, ‘all of the Nations’, round about [- as is proven by the red dots that appear on the map at the bottom of each page]; and after, I have received their ‘response’ – to it [- referring to "the NOVENA - FOR, the systematic REMOVAL, of COUNTRIES - from the face of the Earth" - that ended on July 22, 2018...], then, My Divine Justice, and Wrath, will be unleashed – according to God the Eternal Father in Heaven’s Will,and Plan.  People, do not realize, My son, that they are indeed ‘proxying, on behalf, of their own Country’ [- as it has been WRITTEN, and is by now FULLY understood, by the WHOLE human race, "For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get." (Matthew 7:2)  And so it should come as NO surprise to ANYONE! - that, "the Apocalyptic mortality rate for each country", will NOT be less than the TOTAL number of abortions, that were committed, in each country - no matter HOW much prayer is offered, by the people of each nation - "it's SIMPLY too late!"].  And their response [- to "the OLIVE Branch" that was EXTENDED through the Two Witnesses, in the above Novena] is, ‘a reflection’, of their Nation.”  (-Jesus, Tuesday, March 19, 2013)  You can find out how many more nations there are [-for the Divine Justice of the Most High True God] to reach, at the top of the first "For the Judgement of the Nations" page.  But know this, He could reach ALL the remaining nations [- with HIS Divine Just Wrath - that is a DIRECT response to "the CONTINUAL INJUSTICE of abortion"...] in just ONE day, if He chose to. (updated - only in brackets, on July 23, 2018)
Specific Dates? Jesus said: "Man can keep guessing, at ‘what I am going to do’, and when.  But they will most certainly get it wrong – every time.  Though all My words are fulfilled." (-Jesus, Tuesday, December 10, 2013We CAN give you THIS specific date: TODAY! - Today is the day, when you need to do something.  Because yesterday will NEVER exist; and tomorrow, will NEVER get here.  All you have, in fact, is now - this very moment.  And if you don't want the Testimony to transform your life, with the Truth, from your Creator - why would you EVER want to spend time with Him, in Eternity?  HE knows that; WE know it; and now you are fully responsible, for what you choose to do next.  Use the Blessed Holy Water and repent from the Heart, while you have this opportunity to enjoy the Gift of Eternal life.
Consolations?  Yes, the only "consolation" you need to be mindful of, is the consolation, of experiencing, in these times of "extremes", the 'extreme Peace - of the Most High True God, dwelling in your heart.  It is truly the beginning, of the Era of Peace - set up, in your heart.  It is the exact opposite, of what is set up, in all the religious institutions, on the face of the earth, at this 'spiritually insane' point in human history.  Jesus embraced His cross.  His followers are expected to do the same.  His True Followers, are expected: to journey through these End Times, with their hearts united to His; to desire to see everything through the Eyes of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven; to always wait, on the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit of the Moment before speaking; to use the Blessed Holy Water often; to discern spiritual attacks and use the Deliverance Prayer as is necessary; to strive to always embrace the Peace of the True Holy Spirit in your heart.  And I will now share one of my favorite sayings - the saying I wanted carved on my tombstone, before I became the Last True Pope, and it goes like this: "As long as the Sun is shining in your heart, it doesn't matter what the weather is like outside".  The "cross" your Creator is asking you to carry, is to live, everything that God is asking of you, that you just read in this paragraph - live it to the fullest, in each and every moment of your life.  In doing so, it will not really matter, how much time is left; in doing so, it will not matter, if this moment is your last.  Yes it is good to share the Testimony, but remember that once it is rejected, you are called to follow the example of your Creator, and allow the people with 'the mark of the beast' to find consolation in 'the spirit of false peace' - and that is the peace they 'feel', as they tell themselves: they have no sin; they are good, holy and saved; they do not have the mark of the beast; the abomination of desolation is not set up in their church.  We will see how that works out for them.
Why This is Important?  Jesus has proclaimed from His throne in Heaven, a New Era - one He has named, "Jehovah Jaira" - meaning, "God reigns over all".  Yes the Most High True God Reigns over those with the MARK, as THEY live "the Era of the Damned".  And the Most High TRUE God Reigns over the Members of His Faithful Remnant, who now live "the Era of the Testimony".   This Era - the Era of Jehovah Jaira, has now begun.  It has begun in the hearts of His Faithful Remnant followers.  Heaven will soon come down to the Earth - and manifest physically, and Jesus will walk the face of the Earth once again in the flesh!  But first, He must destroy the world in part, and then fully renew it.  And now that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been completely abolished, we are living in a time when the Most High TRUE God HIMSELF! - WILL provide the means for expiation of sin.
"And Abraham lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, behind him was a ram, caught in a thicket by his horns; and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered it up as a burnt offering instead of his son. So Abraham called the name of that place ["Jehovah Jaira" - because with the abomination of desolation set up in all the religious institutions, the LORD will provide a suitable sacrifice for the expiation of sin.  In other words...] The Lord will provide; as it is said to this day, 'On the mount of the Lord [- the Mount the Faithful Remnant are climbing, as they "FLEE to the HILLS" (Matthew 24:15-25), in these END Times, AS instructed by the Two Witnesses foretold in the Book of Revelations, Chapter 11...] it shall be provided'." 
(Genesis 22:13-14)
Walking With God?  All those in the Faithful Remnant, are now, preparing - being trained, to personally walk with Divine Counsel from God, the Creator of the Universe, in the coming Era of Peace, when it fully manifests.  So now, get used to being docile to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit of the Moment, and the words from Heaven on this website.  The more you are docile to the inspirations of your Creator, moving through His words posted on this website, and the more you are docile, to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit, moving through His True Representative on Earth, Pope Peter the Last - the more the True Holy Spirit will begin to manifest in your interior life, and bestow gifts upon you - Eternal Gifts, for the Coming Era of Peace, and to help you get through this difficult transition.
144,000? This is 'an allegorical number' - the number of the Elect, the Faithful Remnant.  So if you should find out you are number 144,001 - it's alright, you made it!  No one is going to tell you, "sorry, we're full"!   The Faithful Remnant, is like an echo of the time Jesus was walking the Face of the Earth.  Let us reflect on the words of the prophet Isaiah, "The remnant of the trees of his forest will be so few, that a child can write them down." (Isaiah 10:19)  And so, if you are one of the very few, know that God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven began the Israelites, with one father - Jacob, and his 12 children; Jesus Christ the Lord began the Christians, with 12 apostles; The True Holy Spirit, is beginning the Faithful Remnant, with just a handful, of believers.  It has to start somewhere!  And if you think about those previous stories, you will soon realize, that the numbers remained small at first, for quite some time.  And yet, Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed to His Two Witnesses, that His Remnant, also includes the Saints in Heaven, the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and the Unborn in Limbo.  And so, the True Faithful Remnant of the Most High TRUE God, actually outnumber, the entire population of the planet - according to, "the One WE count on!"

The Ark? The Testimony is indeed 'the Ark of the New Covenant'.  See on the Blessed Holy Water page, how the new Covenant of Marriage, is being brought to the world, through "the Vessel" of the Testimony.  The Testimony is the place where people in these End Times learn how they can get the Blessed Holy Water they need, for that Covenant.
The Rebuilding of the Temple?  Yes, your heart, was made, to be "the Temple of the True Holy Spirit.  Continue to rebuild it, by purifying it with good choices, as you use the Blessed Holy Water, and the Daily Prayers. 
Why make a video?  One of the best ways to communicate to a global audience in these End Times, is simply by posting a video, to any website that posts videos for free.  We prefer to use YouTube.  When you share your faith with others, and they can hear your voice, and see you at the same time, much more is communicated to the listener.  Many people have already discovered the Graces that are sent from Heaven, when they share their faith through posting a video.  If you decide to do so, please record in "landscape" view - where the image screen is wider than it is tall.  And let us know when your video is visible, by sending us a link to it.  If you are speaking in your video from the heart, and you Truly want to be a Member of the Faithful Remnant, we will then add your video to our YouTube Channel.  Here is a LINK to the information on how you can sign up for one.  
Have you been finding it difficult to make a video recently?  It would be GOOD for you to read the FOLLOWING Message - once a DAY! - UNTIL! - you are ABLE, to "produce FRUIT" - by making a VIDEO - at least ONCE a week!  Because a LOT of what, the Blessed Virgin MARY shares - APPLIES, to "your SPIRITUAL life" - at THIS time in your journey.  (October 11, 2017 update)

What to include in your video?  There is a reason why God chose you, and led you to the Testimony.  Your ancestors in Heaven have been praying for you to find it, for quite some time now.  Look at your life.  Try to figure out how your unique perspective on life, can be instrumental in reaching out to others - to plant 'the seed of Truth' in them.  Re-trace how you came to realize that the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, is truly the one spoken of in the Bible, in the Book of Revelations, Chapter 11; and then share that path with others. Remember to include the answer to the questions, "WHY do YOU want to BE a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT?  And how did you FIND the Testimony?"  You will be spiritually richer for all your efforts in spreading the Testimony.  Take your time - pray the Burning Bush Prayer slowly and from the heart, and use the Blessed Holy Water before you begin.  Relax.  Do many recordings, until the True Holy Spirit reveals to you, that you now have, the right one - and this may even happen the first time.  It is best to prepare and use a printout of what you want to say, with 14 to 16 size font  - and edit the wording as much as is necessary to get a natural flow and feel.  And so, what would you think about writing out a short testimonial (that takes from 3 to 10 minutes to read), that answers these questions:  How long have I been reading the Testimony?  Do I believe that the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, that is now posted online, by Petrus Romanus, is the one spoken of in the Bible, in the Book of Revelations, in Chapter 11?  Do I believe that Peter and Mary are indeed the Last Pope and his wife?  Do I believe that Peter and Mary are the True Brother and True Sister of Jesus Christ the Lord?  How has my life changed for the better, since I began reading the Testimony? 
Helping children to make a video?  For parents helping children to make a video, here are some tips.  Encourage the child to speak directly to people's hearts, in their own words.  Remind them that if they touch a person's heart, in just the right way, by allowing the True Holy Spirit of the Moment, to flow through them, to the person watching their video, then perhaps that person would cooperate, with all the Heavenly Gifts, and choose to be just one more friend, to have, for all Eternity, in the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is best to avoid using scripts with young children; but instead to prepare a list of questions to ask them - and then simply allow them to testify to the answer, in their own words.  It would be good for the listener to be able to hear the question being asked as well.  Remember to always use the Burning Bush Prayer and the Blessed Holy Water and pray from the heart as you do so before you begin.  Here are some sample questions, you may wish to include:  Who are the Two Witnesses?  What makes them different from other people?  Why do you think that Pope Peter the Last, needs a website?  What do you think is the most important lesson in the Testimony? What do you need to do, in order to get to the Kingdom of Heaven?  What happens when you use the Blessed Holy Water?  Why do the people in 'the beast state' need to use the Blessed Holy Water? What is the first thing you want to do when you finally meet Jesus face to face?  Is there anything else that you want to say to the people who are watching this video?
CAMERA REQUIREMENTS FOR A BASIC VIDEO:  We do not recommend using the camera on a phone or iPad or computer to record videos - but if that is all you can afford, then it will have to do.  If you have an Android cell phone or a digital camera with a video feature - as long as there is a removable data storage card, or an interface cable that comes with the device, then you will be able to easily transfer the video file to a computer.  You can also upload the video file directly from the device, to YouTube.  A web cam that has a microphone is also easy to use, as it connects directly to the computer as well.  But a web cam that records at less than 12 frames per second will produce a very choppy video. 
FOR A MORE SERIOUS VIDEO  :  Once you have made your first Video testimony, following the above guidelines, if you still desire to make videos - as a way to spread the message of the Testimony, then this following information is essential:  There is no need to spend a lot of money.  Most old digital cameras that produce at least a 12 megapixel image, will have a built in microphone and a video feature that produces at least a 30 frame per second (30 fps or 29.97 fps) video - but it is always good to confirm this before buying.  Second hand used digital photo cameras are relatively inexpensive - and only a small fraction of the cost of a new one.  Make sure the camera has enough digital storage space to store the length of video you wish to use it for.  Make sure the camera has either a removable data card or an interface cable with which to upload the video once it is recorded.  Make sure the battery on the camera - if it is rechargeable, will still hold a charge.  If you use a data card, know that data card readers are sold very cheaply at discount stores.  Remember that a newer android phone, has better video recording features, than an older 12 MP photo camera.  In other words, you might find that the phone you have been using to talk on every day, has the video camera, that you are about to use, to produce and upload videos, for the world to see. We used an android phone for our first several videos, and found that the quality was acceptable.  And ALL our Mass videos, were in fact recorded on a camera that was designed to take photos, but had a video feature as well.
FOR A VERY SERIOUS VIDEO:  For starters, you will need a device that will output at least a 16:9 aspect ratio video, with 720HD video output capability, in MP4 video format at 30 frames per second.   Know that Faithful Remnant Members are now successfully uploading 1080HD 60fps videos to YouTube.  Contact us if you need more specifics.
VIDEO EDITING: Video websites like YouTube now offer free video editing features.  So you do not need to worry about a long pause at the beginning or end of your video.  You have time to press the record button, compose yourself, and begin when you are ready - this time at the beginning or end of your video, can be "trimmed" out, with the video "trim" feature.  It is best to do so immediately after uploading your video, and before publishing it, or making it "public".  Also there are a number of other color and brightness adjustment features that are already included on the free video upload websites - and so it is not necessary to edit a basic video, before it is uploaded. There is an entry level free video editing program called "VideoPad".  But be forewarned, there are many technical details that you will need to learn, in order to be able to use a video editing program. We strongly recommend that you do not purchase a video editing program until you first practice editing on a few free programs, in order to see how far you can get.  If you are unable to use the features on a free video editing program to produce a video, then you will not be able to use one you buy.  It is that simple. 
This section is here for people who have ALREADY recorded their personal testimony - but who want to know some "secrets", as to how they can make their NEXT video better, with VERY LITTLE EFFORT.  And so HELP people – to COME to the Testimony, and RECEIVE, ‘TRUTH and LIFE’.  We DO invite you to make more VIDEOS – because the more you DO them, the EASIER it will become – to share your FAITH, with others.  DO NOT make it “complicated”, for yourself; but, SIMPLY ask the Most High TRUE God, for the STRENGTH, to record.  It can take ALL, of 20 minutes! – from the TIME, you pray a decade of the ROSARY; write down a few THOUGHTS, read the SCRIPT, over a FEW times, EDIT the script, AS necessary, then READ it on CAMERA!  That being said, here are some of our BEST tips - to help you testify to the nations.

1. Please keep all videos under 10 minutes.  Need more time?  Make another video.

2. Turn to the True Holy Spirit for Sincerely Nourishing Content that has touched your life.

3. Always dress in a NICE, BRIGHT, casual shirt, and make sure you are properly groomed.

4. Always cite the source and date you are quoting, when reading from the Testimony.

5. Set the script or notes BESIDE (not above or below) the camera, and practice what you are going to say.

6. Face the brightest source of light - whether you are indoors or outside; and LOOK at the camera LENS, not the video monitor screen.

7. Sit or stand close enough to the camera, that the microphone can pick up your voice (3-4 feet)

8. Set up the camera height HORIZONTALLY to your FACE and use the "FACE DETECT" focus feature if available.

9. NEVER record outside in a windy place - as the wind sound WILL overpower your words.

10. Always pray at least a decade of the Rosary IMMEDIATELY before recording.
1.  It would be best to avoid recording a 2 part or "multipart" series - because what will you do if one part is not approved?
2.  It would be best not to mention the name of another Faithful Remnant Member or the Name of another Faithful RemnantVideo - in your video - because what will you do, if they decide to fold, or if for any reason their video gets pulled?  YOUR video will then need to be edited, or removed.  And so here is an AWESOME question for you:  What are you going to do with this video, if "that person you mentioned" jumps off the Ark? - are you just going to delete it?  Or are you going to add a text box that says "So and So" fell of the Ark?  Or did you have something else in mind?  These are important questions.  So remember the implications of mentioning the names of other Remnant Members, when making a video.  Know that an alternative option, is to put the information in the description box, and say in your video, "For ADDED information on this topic, see the description box below this video" - AS an example - that points the viewer to another Member, or to another video.
3. If you don't have the camera at eye level - if you have it lower for example - then you will need to tilt your head towards the camera - otherwise, the viewer will be looking straight up your nose.  This is very embarassing to hear about - especially if you forgot to clean it before recording.  We really don't want to send out any more emails like that.

4. To quote Jesus, "Do not be "ASHAMED"; and LOOK, the people - the VIEWERS, in the EYE; and speak from the HEART; and let them KNOW, OF, your CONVICTION - IN the Truth - as YOU 'acknowledge ME', before MEN - I TOO, will acknowledge YOU, before My FATHER, in HEAVEN.  For THIS, is 'HOW, He has PLANNED it' - from since, BEFORE, the beginning, of TIME!  Pray at LEAST a decade of the Rosary, for the necessary GRACES, to have a SUCCESSFUL Recording - BEFORE pressing the record button, from now on."

5. Don't mention physical Signs or future dates in your videos, because you Truly DON'T know what is going to happen.

6.  Remember, WHEN you record videos, they DON'T NEED to be LONG.  EVEN 5 MINUTES of SUBSTANCE, is BETTER, than TWENTY minutes of RAMBLING.  Understand?

7.  PLEASE do NOT SABOTAGE the audio in your future videos, by setting up the camera in a windy location. 

8.  For the men, it WOULD be best if you were CLEAN shaven for ALL of your FUTURE videos; and for the women - please comb your hair before recording.

9.  If you are "camera shy", why not READ, a FEW TIMES, in FRONT of the camera, to GET out, "the SHYNESS", and "the NERVOUSNESS".  Take, 'a FEW takes', and submit 'the best ONE'.
10.  Because of all the dark mater pouring out of CERN, it is best to ONLY record during daylight hours.

THE FIRST STEP - Yes, the BEST WAY, to PREPARE to record a video TESTIMONY, is to FEED your SOUL ‘the FOOD’, from the other Faithful REMNANT Members – until you are SIMPLY ‘overflowing, with GOOD inspirations to share’. It is always best to watch some of the other Faithful Remnant Videos first, to see how everyone else approached the task – to see what worked, and what didn’t.  We have learned many secrets to making a quick and easy videos, after producing almost 200 of them - and we will now share with you some of those basics.
Video TOPIC - Need a Video topic?  FOCUS on how the Testimony, has CHANGED your life FOR the better - THAT is what people, NEED to hear! - the Faithful Remnant to BE, especially.  WHAT have you been able to receive, from the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the Lord, thus far?  Is there ANYTHING – ANY good inspirations? - that YOU would like to share, with your brothers and sisters in the REMNANT, in a VIDEO?  It is BETTER, if you WAIT, on the INSPIRATIONS, of the True Holy SPIRIT, for a VIDEO, idea – and do ONE video, at a TIME!  For a NEXT video topic, perhaps, you could put together something, to ENCOURAGE, the Faithful REMNANT, to RESOLVE! - to THRIVE, as "REMNANT Members" - as YOU have.  And 'SHOW them!' - the KIND of ATTITUDE that they NEED, in ORDER to thrive.  And what sets you APART, is that you SIMPLY 'DESIRE, to serve your CREATOR' - and you are "NOT, seeking UPWARD mobility", in the REMNANT.  And we ask the Most High TRUE God to PRESERVE in you, "that VERY NECESSARY disposition towards Him". (July 15, 2017 update)

"What has pierced your SOUL?" - It is best not to focus people on "SIGNS", to point to "the VALIDITY of the Testimony" - because the TRUTH, is that 'those who FOCUS on Signs', WILL MISS, what is RIGHT in FRONT of them! - that is 'the WORDS of their CREATOR'.  What is MOST IMPORTANT, is that the PEOPLE, KNOW, the Testimony, to be 'the Voice of the Most High TRUE God' - WHEN they READ it; EVEN 'as they HATE it'!  LET the WORKS testify for themselves.  REMEMBER, you are not making VIDEOS, to PROVE, ANYTHING! - to ANYONE! - you are making VIDEOS, to TESTIFY, AGAINST, "the WICKED, generation" - by SIMPLY 'TELLING them the UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS' - in SUCH a way, that YOU! - are, 'DETACHED', from their response.  FOCUS more, on SHARING, 'the TRUTHS in the Testimony', that have PIERCED your SOUL - and that APPLY, to the viewer, as WELL!  Because [- if you are an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant, then...] you are 'a PROPHET of the Most High True God' - THIS means you SPEAK the Truth; AND you are NOT, TRYING, to gain points with ANYONE! - EXCEPT, your Creator.  (January 21, 2017 update)

Preparing the SCRIPT - TAKE your time with the SCRIPT, and INSPIRATION – make several EDITS, or CHANGES to the script, if you NEED to.  And then, when YOU are satisfied, WITH, the script – you know it is READY!  From NOW on, a minimum of THREE minutes, for a video - THAT is what we are asking, from ALL Members.
PRAY First, THEN record – We KNOW, that some people do not ‘LIKE’ making videos – if that applies to you, then simply PRAY, for ‘the SINCERE Grace, to LOVE it!’ Make sure you pray the Burning Bush Prayer while using the Blessed Holy Water before recording your video.  MAKE sure, that you, pray your DELIVERANCE prayers – FIRST.  And if you know how, MAKE sure that you offer a decade of the ROSARY, for ‘a successful RECORDING – BEFORE you record. ASK for the GRACE, of Holy ZEAL – to SPREAD, the Words of your Creator, to others.  It’s THAT simple! 
LOCATION and Time of DayDo videos ONLY, in DAYLIGHT hours, with natural light.  If you decide to do a video indoors, be sure to record in a BRIGHT room, while facing the source of NATURAL light.  NEVER record a video in your bedroom, as that is not, and never will be, "an appropriate place" to invite a Global audience.  It's called, "boundaries".  And NEVER record yourself, “in the CORNER”

CAMERA Height and DistanceThe camera should be at shoulder height and in most cases, no more than three feet away from the person being recorded (for sound quality reasons primarily).  Remember to speak up, by projecting your voice - as you will get better sound quality that way.  The further you are away from your camera, the more the sound quality will diminish.  For an up-close video, your nose should be in the center of the camera frame. DO NOT PUT THE CAMERA AT WAIST HEIGHT - put a box on your desk, or a picnic table instead (- because people do NOT want to look up your nose... REALLY!... we don't!) 

Camera STABILITY – If you don’t have a tripod, then some painter’s tape or duct tape and cardboard can be used to stabilize the camera.  If you choose to put the camera on a box on your desk, it is best not to lean on the desk and shake it, or bang the desk as you are speaking.

Lighting and Sound – DON’T make it, more COMPLICATED, than it NEEDS to be!  YOU can make ‘GREAT quality videos’ – just by sitting in your LIVING ROOM, with a NICE BRIGHT LIGHT on your face, HOLDING the script a EYE level – LOOKING at the black camera lens dot.   Best to sit a few feet AWAY from the wall, so that shadows do not become a distraction in the video.  You could ALSO, just SIT at your kitchen TABLE, as well. It DOESN’T HAVE to be “fancy”; it JUST needs to look, like YOU know what you’re doing!    It is best to ALWAYS record your video in daylight, to avoid a grainy image, and so that the viewer can see the whites of your eyes.  If you record your video outside, make sure it is not in a windy place, as the wind blowing over the microphone will create a loud scratching sound that will overpower your words at times.  If you want to record with your back to the Sun, it will help if you can face a large white piece of bristol board, to reflect the light back at your face - otherwise, your face will be very shadowy.  Using an inexpensive white reflective board, when recording in bright sunlight, to reflect the light, will almost always make a better video - just situate the board outside the view of the camera.  It IS a good idea to do a test video shoot if you are not sure.  Project your voice, LOUDLY enough, so that the VIEWER, can HEAR, the MESSAGE, you are SHARING. 
PHYSICAL Script Height – if you are going to use a script, it is best to hold the script at camera height, and just outside of the view of the camera - BESIDE the camera, not below it.  This way, people can see your eyes.  MAKE sure, that, you, are LOOKING, AT the Camera as much as is possible – looking at the camera LENS; and NOT ‘off to the side’.  If you make the mistake of setting your script down on a desk or on your lap, and reading it - you need to know that it will appear to the viewer, as though your eyes are actually closed, throughout most of your video - as what they will see, most of the time, will be your eyelids.  The best way to communicate to the viewer of the video, that you are actually SPEAKING to them, is to always look at the black camera lens, while recording.  It is best to NEVER look at the video monitor screen, that has the image of your face on it, while you are recording.  It is alright to look at the video monitor screen BEFORE you begin recording, to frame the video, and to fix your hair; but the focus THEN needs to shift to the actual VIEWER of the video, as you turn to look at the CAMERA dot instead.  Make SURE, that you, are in EYE contact, with the viewer.  LOOK at the CAMERA lens, and SIMPLY 'DESIRE, to PROCLAIM the Truth, WITH Love'.  It is easiest to tape a script with LARGE PRINT to cardboard, and put that beside the Camera, than it is to rattle papers, throughout your video.
HEARTFELT EFFORT and SINCERITY -  YOU need to allow, your CREATOR’S LOVE, to flow THROUGH you to the viewer, when you are PRESENTING, such ‘INVALUABLE TRUTHS’, and NOURISHMENT.  It is IMPERATIVE, that YOU do not ‘block the FLOW of the True Holy SPIRIT’.  LET the Most High TRUE God’s WORD TRANSFORM you – EVEN as you proclaim it!  Video projects, are NOT about, ‘just getting it over and DONE with’!  You need to put 100% effort, into SHARING, the Gift that you’ve been GIVEN.  Because no “HALF measure”, will be received!  REMEMBER you need to reject ‘the demonic CLUSTER’ of your former IDENTITY, on a daily BASIS, and ASK for the Grace to live your TRUE identity, as ‘a child of the Most High TRUE God’.  And WHEN you do a VIDEO, you NEED to practice reading the SCRIPT, and UNDERSTANDING what is THERE, so you can SHARE, ‘THAT understanding’, with the VIEWER!  You NEED to know what you are SAYING; and to GIVE the words MEANING.  And you NEED to PROCLAIM them, with CERTAINTY!  Once again, remember, you NEED to be ‘at TRUE Peace’, when RECORDING
When you are ready to press the Record Button - YOU will need to DO the video – ALONE – BY YOURSELF.  You do not need ANYONE else, to hold the camera – because, the video, is between YOU, and your CREATOR.  You are doing it in front of HIM – to share, ‘HIS Truth’, with the Nations.  YOU, will need, to PRAY, for HEAVENLY Strength; make SURE, you pray a decade of the ROSARY, asking for the GRACES, for ‘a SUCCESSFUL recording’.  But that is only PART of it – you NEED to WAIT, until you are ‘at TRUE PEACE with your CREATOR’ - when you are RECORDING a video.  There is ‘NO sense’, in AFFLICTING people, with YOUR AFFLICTIONS, as you talk about the TESTIMONY; it SENDS the wrong message!  Understand?  In other words, NEVER PRESS THE RECORD button, if you are not at TRUE Peace, in your interior life.  And remember, DO NOT RECORD WITH THE CAMERA ON ITS SIDE - UNLESS YOU WANT EVERYONE TO WATCH A VIDEO WITH LARGE EMPTY BLACK SPACES ON EACH SIDE OF YOUR FACE.  Video screens are wider than they are tall.  So make sure your camera is HORIZONTAL, NOT on its side, before recording. Also, if your camera does not have an autofocus feature - then you will need to manually focus the camera, on some object that is at the same distance, that you will be from it, when you are speaking - this may sound like a small point, but there are in fact many Remnant videos, where the camera was actually focused on the wall behind the person speaking, and the person speaking was blurry as a result; now you have the solution to that problem.
Clean up the start and end points in your video - After recording, you can always remove the very beginning and end of your video (- where you can be seen turning the camera on and off), by using the “TRIM” feature, that is free and included when you sign up for a free YouTube Channel.  The Trim feature is explained on the YouTube “Enhancements” page - Please refer to the content at that link, to help you upload and present your video.  Did you know that you can adjust the contrast and brightness of your video, on that same video edit page, on YouTube.  Content at that above link will also show you how to remove the black bars from the sides of your video, if it was recorded with an outdated 4x3 video screen frame.
Save the Video as UNLISTED before sharing it with us - Make sure your video is saved as "UNLISTED", before sending us a link to it, as you wait for approval.  ALL videos, that are made by Faithful Remnant Members, NEED to be UNLISTED, and sent TO us.  SIMPLY send us the link.  We will then REVIEW your video, and LET you know, if it PASSES or not.  Why is this a necessary step?  THIS is to protect, the TRUE ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITH, that is CLEARLY declared, IN the Testimony.  BECAUSE, PEOPLE are coming, from ALL kinds of DIFFERENT religions, and BELIEF systems - it is CRITICAL, that ALL VIDEOS, be SCREENED, first - SO that, NO "TOXIC SPIRITUALITY", creeps IN - unbeknownst TO them. 
Make LOTS of videos! - KNOW that the MORE videos, you produce, the EASIER it will BE, to MAKE them! - and the MORE Graces will be gathered, to your SOUL!  But please ONLY send us ONE video - at a time!  WAIT for our "GREEN light", BEFORE, you record ANOTHER one.  WHILE you WAIT, for OUR FEEDBACK, SIMPLY NOURISH yourself - with, the Faithful Remnant VIDEOS; and reading the Testimony.  When we say, "It WOULD be best if you ONLY worked on ONE video at a time" - That means 'ONE script' - RECORD - SUBMIT the video - WAIT for our FEEDBACK - before making ANOTHER script.  Because EVEN with VIDEOS - you NEED to PACE yourself.  Understand?
Why all the red bold above? - Those are the "automatic video fail" points.  If those basic requirements are neglected, then HOW can the video pass? If your video is not approved, because of your spiritual state, then you will NEED to take a break from making videos - UNTIL, you are 'OVERFLOWING, with Graces'.  Do not TRY to FORCE, the words, OUT of YOURSELF - and onto PAPER; or onto a SCRIPT.  Your personal relationship with your Creator, and your Spiritual Health, needs to be your top priority - because how can you make a nourishing video, if you neglect the Source, of every good thing? - Who IS your Creator!  Get nourished FIRST; then extend the benefits you have received, to others.  Understand?  Thank you for your efforts!
Computer Forum?  It is because most members of the Faithful Remnant need to use their computers, in order to have access to the Testimony, that this section is here.  As you can imagine, the task of creating a website and multiple videos, has required a lot of computer use.  In the process, we have found that there are some really good computer programs out there - for free, that we use on a regular basis.  We are not endorsing these products, nor is this a formal recommendation, nor do we receive any benefits, special features, or financial kickbacks from the companies behind these products, for mentioning them (- as they are all "free").  This section is here, solely, for those of the Faithful Remnant who are interested, in knowing about the free computer programs that we are currently using.  If you choose to upload any of the programs we mention to your computer, you do so at your own risk.  There are indeed risks in adding new programs to your computer, and you should be informed as to what some of them are:  Downloadable programs, often come with optional additional programs, that are automatically selected for download - and if you do not first read every step in the download process carefully, and then deselect the additional programs, you could end up with some really annoying piggyback programs - and some of them ARE impossible to remove.  We always carefully read EVERY step in the download process, and deselect the additional programs, add-ons and toolbars as a rule.  It is always best to read RECENT customer reviews of any program you are considering - and make sure there are no NEWLY ADDED computer viruses that come with it.  For example, the Auslogics Defrag program that we were using at one point, now has MANY viruses attached to the download - and so we no longer recommend it.  Once programs are added to your computer, some of the options they offer, if selected, can change your computer, drastically - and so you had better know what you are doing, before playing with the options.  Make sure you create a "system restore point" on your computer, before adding any new programs - and remember to reboot (shut down and restart) the computer after EACH program is installed (- as downloading MULTIPLE programs at once, can cause problems, if you don't do them one at a time, followed by a reboot).  
Here are some of the programs, that we have found helpful for our PC (we do not use these on a Mac):  Mozilla Firefox Browser, AVG free (antivirus), IObit Advanced System Care, IObit Uninstaller, Driver Booster (IObit), iObit Smart Defrag Free, Defraggler, CCleaner, Malawarebytes Free (for identifying and removing trojans, and rootkits), The current edition of Free YouTube Downloader will no longer download 720HD and some people have reported viruses attached to that program - the current standard, and so a different program is now necessary.  Note if you decide you also want to use any of these programs, then you first need to check to see if the one you are interested in, is compatible with your current operating system (Windows or Mac).  You will also need to find either the original website that offers the program, or find a safe secondary website that offers the program.  You will also need to make sure the download is secure - and what this MEANS is, READ "REVIEWS" from OTHER people who have downloaded the program - and ALWAYS read the WORST "one star" reviews - to find out if there are any VIRUSES that are attached to the program - BEFORE you download it, at your own risk. is the only secondary source for free downloadable programs that we use - however, we have found problems whenever we have accidentally clicked on any of the advertising on that website.  And so, now that you have been warned about many of the risks associated with modifying your computer, always remember, if you choose to modify your computer in any way, make sure all your important information is FIRST saved on an external USB or disc before doing so; and be prepared to take your computer to a service technician, if you make a serious mistake, or should find, that you are no longer able to use your computer, at all.  At this point in time, people interested in purchasing a new computer for the purpose of making videos with EXPENSIVE VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE, should consider a computer with the fastest Intel i5 or i7, chip - as the video card is integrated into that chip - also consider having 4-8G of RAM.  Know that a used "gaming computer", will often meet the requirements of the newest video editing software. The entry-level FREE video editing software we recommend is VideoPad Free Edition.  It isn't "easy" at first, but you can search for some instructional YouTube Videos that focus on that video editing program, and quickly learn how to use it.  If you are upgrading your PC (personal computer), know that the BEST computer is one WITH Windows 7 installed - because Windows 10 - is quite the learning curve.
IF SOMEONE OFFERS YOU THE USE OF A COMPUTER?  The ASSAILANTS would LOVE! - to supply the Remnant, with "computers" - that they put "KEY LOGGERS" on - and "BACK DOOR PROGRAMS" (- remote access to your computer) - ONLY so that they can gain ACCESS, to 'the very PRIVATE INFORMATION', and passwords - being shared.  In case you don't know, a KEY LOGGER program runs in the background, as it RECORDS every key stroke that is entered in the keyboard, into a "LOG" - for FUTURE reference. THEREFORE, NEVER log in to the TESTIMONY or to your email on a "FORMER'S" computer, or PHONE.   Make SURE that YOU are 'the ONLY one', with ADMINISTRATIVE access, on the computer.  And if EVER you get a computer as "a GIFT"? - you FIRST - NEED to take it to the local COMPUTER store, to check for SPYWARE and "KEY LOGGERS" and REMOTE ACCESS PROGRAMS - JUST to be safe - BEFORE using it of course! (April 17, 2018 update)  

Did you know that it is necessary to calibrate the display color of your monitor? - and it is really quite easy to do so.  In Microsoft windows - simply click on the windows icon that appears in the bottom left corner of the display.  In the search box, search for "calibrate display color" - and then follow the steps.  Taking a few minutes to do so, will help you to more accurately EDIT, the color in your videos. (June 09, 2018 update)  

Opting out or Choosing to Leave?   Note, most of the following was written BEFORE the mark of Cain was introduced:  Yes, people can opt out of being a member of the Faithful Remnant - a few people have already freely chosen to do so.  How is this done?  Remember the Israelites, as they sojourned in the desert - not all of them made it to the Promised Land, even though they were "the remnant of Israel".  And so too is it in these End Times.  People who knowingly choose to embrace 'mortal sin', as a way of life, can not be members of the Faithful Remnant.  Everyone knows the expression, "birds of a feather flock together".  And so, everyone who wants to socialize by "flocking together" with people in 'the beast state', will indeed, be 'clothed in their feathers' (- the feathers of beasts, which is an allegory for demons).  It is no longer safe to reach out to them for the purpose of sharing the Testimony and the Blessed Holy Water.  Do you think people in Heaven like to protest God's ways, or form little groups to do so?  And so, people who choose to embrace 'the protestant spirit' - or doubts in their hidden interior life - those who resolve to continually complain about what God is asking of them, will be treated, the same way, the Israelites were treated in the Desert, when they protested, and doubted, and complained: "And the people complained in the hearing of the Lord about their misfortunes; and when the Lord heard it, his anger was kindled, and the fire of the Lord burned among them, and consumed some outlying parts of the camp." (Numbers 11:1).  Yes temptations will come, but to knowingly embrace them, and to refuse to use the deliverance prayers when they surface, is to knowingly neglect one's salvation - and God respects that decision.  Finally, in order to follow one's Shepherd to 'the Promised Land', it is important to remain focused on the True Shepherd (- and His True Representative here on Earth).  So do not focus on the spiritual attacks and afflictions; rather, treat them like fleas or mosquitos - passing inconveniences, that simply deserve a little 'swat' - yes swat them with heartfelt words from "Our Daily Prayers".  Those who choose to neglect prayer, and focus instead on the doubts the demons offer them, neglect their True Shepherd in doing so, and end up growing further away from Him - to the point where they may never be able to find their way back to Him.  So stay focused on what the True Holy Spirit is asking of you in each and every moment, and you will most assuredly make it, to the physical Era of Peace.  If ever you feel overwhelmed by a spiritual attack, use the Blessed Holy Water, go to the daily prayer page, and clothe yourself in the Armor of God.  You will experience immediate relief, and then will be better able to discern the specific attack, and use the deliverance prayer to make 'the necessary adjustment'.  And consider using ear plugs when you sleep, to get some relief from the ELF waves.  Just make sure you can still hear your alarm clock when doing so - especially if you use it to get to work on time.
Opting back in or Choosing to return? Did any of the Israelites in the Desert, who chose to leave the Remnant of Israel, ever return? Did Lot's wife, when she looked back, then rejoin Lot, on his journey?  That being said, Jesus has revealed, that once people choose to leave the Faithful Remnant, they simply will not 'desire' to return - for a time, at least.  If you are one of those who have opted out, know this: we would love to have as many people join us on our journey as possible.  We have learned from some of the people who opted out, that they did so because they "desired" to be a member of the Faithful Remnant - but only because they truly wanted "all the rewards of Heaven" - and - "all the benefits of Hell" (- referring to those 'benefits' that enticed them to leave in the first place).  That, is the definition of "lukewarm".  And so, they can not have "the best of both worlds" - even if that is what they truly desire (- but only as a manifestation of 'the spirit of self-deception').  People who have 'opted out' are encouraged to pray the Daily Prayers from the heart - because the Truth remains: if you persevere - putting your 'whole heart' into the prayers, and use the Blessed Holy Water as instructed, and DO, what God is asking of you, then God most certainly Will, have Mercy on you.  For an even better understanding, it would be good to read this message from Jesus, that was recently sent, to a person who had opted out.  But know this: It is MUCH more difficult, to start from scratch, than it is, to turn to your Creator, to climb over the hurdle that is currently in front of you - and MOST people who leave, are NOT ABLE to return - because their Creator simply REMOVES 'the desire' to return, FROM them.  So don't opt out, PRESUMING you will ever WANT to return - because we can guarantee, that 'a desire to return', isn't guaranteed.
Waiting for an email, Website or Video Update? If you ever you notice that there has been no reply to your email - no video, daily message, or update posted for some time, then it will usually be for one of the following reasons: The message received on that day, may be a personal message from Jesus, to someone who has contacted us, seeking Divine Counsel, and we may be in the middle of relaying that message to them.   We may be changing locations, due to the pursuit of the assailants, and not have access to our website.  We may be in the middle of a video project.  We may be experiencing technical difficulties or in the middle of a technical upgrade.  We may be helping one or more Members of the Faithful Remnant who are experiencing extreme challenges and who are in need of Urgent and Extreme Divine Interventions in their lives.  Or, we may simply be busy - going about our daily lives, in other ways - as we DO work for a living.  The Testimony has more than enough "FOOD" - as Jesus likes to call it - to nourish your Soul as you wait.  If you are experiencing an unusually strong desire, to hear from us, or to always have the latest update, as soon as WE have it - then you may need to do the deliverance prayer, and reject 'the obsessive spirit', and pray for the corresponding Grace, of Patience. The best way to exercise patience, is by waiting - a good workout indeed!  So join us in waiting, for the full manifestation, of the Physical Era of Peace.  That being said, you can always find the most recent website edits, by turning to the True Holy Spirit of the Moment, and asking Him, where to find them.

And AS you wait, know this: We have already given you all of the Counsel, you could POSSIBLY need! - in order to OVERCOME, 'those STRUGGLES' - THEREFORE, REFER to the previous Counsel.  And PRAY, for the GRACE, to APPLY, the LESSONS, to your LIFE!  SHOW US, that you actually, WANT to change - by DOING what is NECESSARY! - in ORDER to change for the better. You HAVE access to the GRACES.  And you HAVE access, to DEMONS!  CHOOSE!  You CAN'T have both. (June 22, 2017 update) 

Important Website Updates?  Yes, we update this website frequently - often with new messages, scripture passages, notes, and summaries of email responses we give.  We have read some pages on this website more than 10 times, and even we, are STILL learning new Truths, as we continue to doing so.  And so we expect all those who love the Truth, to allow the True Holy Spirit to lead them, to various places on this website, in the moment.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant who have posted a video Testimony, are now receiving many email Messages - Divine Counsel from Jesus Christ the Lord, moving through His TRUE Representative on Earth - messages that are not being posted on this website.  If people want to read this Testimony, and "sit on the fence", then they simply will not receive the Divine Counsel that those who have made video Testimonies are receiving.  What about the poor children around the world who have Souls, and yet do not have any way to learn about what God is asking of His Remnant through His Two Witnesses?  That is a good question.  In fact I asked Jesus, that question, myself:  He will reach them through "infused knowledge".  He will simply infuse in their Souls, the knowledge they need, to survive these End Times; the same applies to those who cannot afford or access a computer. Not what you were expecting, we know.  But then, don't forget, the Jewish Leaders, 2000 years ago, weren't expecting their Messiah, to arrive on the scene as Jesus Christ the Lord - now WERE they!  (Yes, they were not "WORthy").
Is the True Roman Catholic Faith a Cult?
Note: The following is just a quick overview of some basic considerations, on this topic.  And the Members of the Faithful Remnant, are encouraged to USE these inspirations - this content, to help EACH of them, ELABORATE - based on their OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE - SHOULD they ever be inspired to make a video that touches on any of these following subjects.

And so IS the True Roman Catholic Faith a cult?  Are the Members of the Faithful Remnant, part of a cult? 

YES! - ALL those who are NOT Members of the Faithful Remnant, All those who are OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety, are Members of a cult - a death cult - that is known to all of Heaven as "the ninth circle of saturn" - because that is in fact what the illuminati - a secret society of luciferians, has named it; THAT is the name they gave, to their secret cult - that has now spread far and wide.  How far and wide?  ALL those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant are NOW part of "a culture of death" - and they are all doomed to die, AS members, of THAT cult.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant are intelligent enough to shun death - and many of them have already begun to experience the gradual effects of reverse aging - through the Gift of the Blessed Holy water - the Fountain of Eternal Life.  The Heavenly Gift of Reverse Aging can begin, once Faithful Remnant Members reach the chronological age of 30.  And if that sounds difficult to believe - simply look at the YouTube Videos of some of the older Members, when they made their first video - and then look at them in their most recent video - and see the difference.  Many of them are already beginning to show visible signs of reverse aging.

ARE the Members of the Faithful Remnant part of a suicide cult? 

YES! - ALL those who are OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety - those who are NOT members of the Faithful Remnant - according to the LAW of the LAND - a law that ENCOURAGES euthanasia - are by that fact, "LEGALLY defined", as being part of a suicide cult - a cult that encourages suicide.  They have been brainwashed into calling suicide, "euthanasia" - and many of them do in fact engage in religious suicide rituals - where they gather around suicide victims, and celebrate the act of suicide - even calling doctors and religious leaders, and news reporters, to join in their little "rite of passage to certain death" - all dressed up with the multisyllabic word, "euthanasia".  Once again, the Members of the Faithful Remnant shun death, in all its forms.  And unlike the people in the death cult OUTSIDE the ARK, all Members of the Remnant are encouraged to dispose of ANY and all firearms, if they have any - simply because the FAITHFUL Members, are FULLY protected, by the Holy Angels, instead.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant are encouraged, to encourage others, to escape "the death cult" that is running rampant, outside the Faithful Remnant - by testifying to the TRUTHS, that have CONVICTED their Souls, through testimony videos. 

ARE the Members of the Faithful Remnant being brainwashed?

YES! - ALL those who are OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety - those who are NOT members of the Faithful Remnant - are most certainly, being brainwashed - by the mainstream media, and religious propaganda that is coming from all other religions out there.  The Global governments have taken over the mainstream media - in order to brainwash everyone who watches it, with the One World Government agenda.  Verify the facts for yourself: Behind the scenes, a small handful of corporations have bought up almost every major media outlet on the planet - in order to make sure that the OWG has complete control of the minds of the people; and they have even set up their own "controlled opposition", by raising up the government controlled "alternative media outlets". The members of the Faithful Remnant, are encouraged, to SHUN all forms of brainwashing - and that is why, they have been told to throw out their televisions, and turn off their radios; they do this so that they will not be sucked into the world view that is systematically being indoctrinated into all those who simply absorb the propaganda, or stare into that icy cold box from Hell.  And if that SOUNDS a little extreme, ask yourself THIS question:  "Can ANY love flow through the television?"  Get the FACTS: It is an icy cold box, for icy cold hearts - to stare into, as they are systematically brainwashed, with everything it presents.

ARE the Members of the Faithful Remnant living in a false reality?

YES! - ALL those who are OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety - those who are NOT members of the Faithful Remnant - are most certainly, living in a false reality.  And the desire to do so, actually draws them to movie theatres, video games, TV shows, and living in the false realities presented by the mainstream media.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant are encouraged to SHUN all those false realities, UNLESS they are in the act of consciously and ACTIVELY discerning, what they are perceiving.  Whenever the Members of the Faithful Remnant are exposed to the false realities being embraced by those outside the Remnant, they are encouraged to remain in prayer, and "in the front SEAT" - so that they do not get SUCKED INTO, ALL the false realities that are being STUFFED INTO the minds of those outside the Faithful Remnant.  The Global governments are promoting false realities, in order to distract weak-minded individuals, as they gradually become indoctrinated with "the death cult of the ninth circle of saturn" - the cult that is currently being promoted by its front men: Obama, and Antipope Francis.  Simply COUNT! - the number of deaths, the average television channel presents to the viewer, every hour - and SEE, "the cult of death", false reality, in action!  And SO, the Members of the Faithful Remnant are ALWAYS encouraged to LIVE, in the TRUE reality - of ETERNAL LIFE! - by ALWAYS, STAYING in the front seat, as they CAREFULLY discern and reject, ALL the false realities out there.

ARE the Members of the Faithful Remnant on drugs?

YES! - ALL those who are OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety - those who are NOT members of the Faithful Remnant - are most certainly, dependent on Big Pharma Drugs - and they ALL have medicine cabinets FULL, of DRUGS.  They like to inject brain-deadening MERCURY, into themselves by proxy - as they take their precious vaccines.  They want to be dependent on man, as they SHUN their Creator, and SHUN the IMMUTABLE fact - that they get SICK, because of their SINS.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant are encouraged to TURN to their Creator, and make PEACE with Him, as a means of avoiding serious illness and certain death.  It just makes sense.  And if that sounds a little extreme - "...the wages of sin is death..." (Romans 6:23) - then the warning in the Bible, that is never read at the funeral homes, is not read, because people see it as being "extreme".   Jesus of course WAS "the exception" - as HE died, for the sins of those who would ultimately REPENT, and TURN AWAY, from their sins, BEFORE they perished.

ARE the Members of the Faithful Remnant embracing and living a false identity?

YES! - ALL those who are OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety - those who are NOT members of the Faithful Remnant - are most certainly, embracing and living a false identity.  Do those outside identify with being "good, holy and saved"? - Watch them as they leave their religious institutions, and you will quickly find the answer.  Do they identify with a Hollywood actor, or character? - Watch them as they leave the movie theatres, and you will quickly find the answer.  Do they identify with a character in a video game? - Watch their behavior and choices, as they play one of those "games", and you will quickly find the answer.  Do they identify with being hollow shells? - Watch the children as they play with dolls, and you will quickly find the answer.  Ask questions.  Seek the TRUTH - seek the TRUE answers.  And the Truth IS, that the FAITHFUL Members of the Remnant, are ONLY growing into their TRUE and AUTHENTIC identity, the MORE they read the Testimony, and the more they DO what their CREATOR - the One who actually WROTE their "owner's manual" - asks of them.  The "FAITHFUL", Members of the Remnant are simply, EACH, being CONFORMED, to their authentic self - as they strive to DO, the WILL, of their CREATOR - that is being INFUSED, IN, their INTERIOR lives, in EACH, and EVERY MOMENT - FROM Heaven.  And the wide range of authentic character traits that are displayed in each of their testimony videos, TESTIFIES to this immutable fact.  Being a Member of the Faithful Remnant, is for those who desire to connect their INTERIOR life, to their CREATOR, in each and every moment.

Note: Are YOU "feeling" a little EMPTY inside, as you read this?  Become a Member of the Faithful Remnant - and be FILLED, with TRUTH, and LIFE!  Or perish with ALL those outside the Ark of Safety.  The choice is yours - and you most certainly DON'T, have much time left, to make that decision.

ARE the Members of the Faithful Remnant trapped in a cult that they need an intervention to be freed from?

YES! - ALL those who are OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety - those who are NOT members of the Faithful Remnant - are most certainly, CHAINED to their SINS, their ADDICTIONS, and to "the death cult of the ninth circle of saturn" - and they are DESPERATELY, recruiting NEW members, to JOIN their cult - to GO to their brainwashing and indoctrination centers.  But here in the Faithful Remnant, "freedom of religion" means that all people are free to believe, whatever religious belief system, they wish to believe in.  And ALL Members of the Faithful Remnant, are FREE to leave, and stop practicing, the True Roman Catholic Faith - if EVER, or WHEN ever, they freely choose to.  The Two Witnesses, live alone, as they fulfill their Heavenly Calling, that is clearly stated on the Home Page of this website: they share "IMPORTANT MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN, WITH NEW WARNINGS".  And so, are YOU offended by the Testimony?  If so, KNOW, that ALL of HEAVEN, finds YOU, "offensive" - and there IS no place for you in the Kingdom of Heaven, unless you repent.  "For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 5:20)  If you want to "TRY" to remove a Member from the Faithful Remnant - be sure to make a short video of yourself, BEFORE you do so - and then compare it with what you look like with your mental faculties REMOVED, by the Holy Angels, AFTER you try - and then send it TO us.  We would like to post the contrasting videos on our Website, as a means to warn others - but only with your permission of course!  If you are reading this AFTER you tried an intervention - then be SURE to look at a recent photo of YOURSELF, BEFORE you tried, and then ask "a FRIEND" - who was NOT involved - NOT "if", but "HOW" you have changed, since then.  And please, USE "the scientific method" as you do so.  We will ask the Most High True God to TURN UP THE EFFECTS of FACULTY removal - to HELP you, with your OBSERVATIONS, AND conclusions - so that they WILL in fact, be accurate, and True. 
Membership in the cult was given "FREE OF CHARGE" - to almost everyone on the planet, on Christmas Day, 2012.  The Creator of the Universe - being "INFINITELY Generous" - in His Great WISDOM - SAW, that almost EVERYONE, preferred to be "a member of a CULT" - rather than have a Soul that is set ASIDE for Eternal LIFE.  Spoiler alert: We all know that "Santa Claus" can't possibly go down everyone's chimney in one evening - but the Holy ANGELS of the Most High True God CAN, and DID administer "indelible Spiritual baphomet forehead tattoos" - BILLIONS of them! - in just a matter of minutes, on THAT day!  Of course, that's all just a part of history, at this point in time - but "refreshing" to look back on, just the same; "Praise BE to the Most High True God's Divine JUSTICE!" - is EXACTLY what they chant in Heaven - just saying.  Now at this point in the paragraph, you might be thinking that it is no longer possible to join that cult.  Not so!  Because those who LEAVE "the death cult of the 9th circle of saturn" - ARE ALWAYS free to RE-join - to renew their interior torments that is - at any time.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant, who want to "join that cult", once again, can simply do so, by removing their testimony videos, or by making them private; it is really quite simple - it's FREE! - and only takes about a minute of their time.  Do we encourage anyone to join that cult?  No - and here is "a simple case study" as to why:  You see, the members of THAT cult are continually being brainwashed by the One World Government luciferian agenda - moving through the illuminati, who have been working behind the scenes for many centuries now.  The illuminati like to offer human sacrifices to the devil - and so they decided to spread their "culture of death", by BOLDLY setting up "abortion mills", all around the planet - right under everyone's noses.  The luciferians, moving through the front line workers at Planned Parenthood - convinced "weak-minded women", that "rape, justifies the even WORSE crime, of MURDER" - and not just going out and murdering "a random stranger on the STREET" - but murdering, the closest, most innocent, most sensitive, and most vulnerable, and most dependent person in their entire existence - in their entire story, of their life - the innocent child in their womb.  And THE WOMEN LISTENED to those front line workers at Planned Parenthood - AND THEY MURDERED! - their innocent babies - in exchange for "FULL ADMISSION to the FATHER OF LIES" - residing IN their wombs, instead. Soon afterwards, this act of human sacrifice, began to sound "SO appealing" to OTHER blood-thirsty psychopathic women, that other "seemingly random women" - who simply became pregnant, began to want to sacrifice the life of THEIR innocent baby, to the devil, or "the god of convenience, in that moment".  And THAT! - is how they each obtained their AUTOMATIC admission and membership, into the human sacrificial cult of the 9th circle of saturn.  And so, when we say that the whole world has become the luciferian cult of "the ninth circle of saturn" - that IS in fact, "the NICE way to say it".  Everyone outside the Faithful Remnant is in "the cult" - is living in a world that is now MORE than 3000 times worse, than the cult of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Sound APPEALING?  Not to the FAITHFUL Members of the Remnant. 

How to do a successful intervention in order to remove someone from the cult?

Here in the Faithful Remnant, at the time of writing this, we have already successfully removed more than 100 people from "the DEATH CULT of the ninth circle of saturn" - and statistically speaking, we are only getting BETTER at it, as each day goes by.  Unfortunately, at LEAST 4 out of 5 people who were ONCE Official Members of the Faithful Remnant, prefer to return to their worship of the devil - with a renewed mark of the baphomet on their foreheads - to signal their former peers, that they are PROUD - "MARCHING proud!", to be "back in the cult".  Know, that there is only so much that we can do to help them.  So for starters, it is important to understand that "a successful intervention", in no way implies that in the long term, you will be able to stop someone who sincerely prefers to dive into the Eternal Lake of fire, face first.  Sure, you can show them the path to Eternal Life - you can show them the Burning Bush Prayer, and the instructions on how to obtain the Blessed Holy Water - and even the daily prayers that are necessary in order to re-establish, even the most BASIC connection with their Creator; but, realistically speaking: only the smallest percentage of them, will be willing to part with their precious demonic entourage - their "reward in THIS life", for their sinful choices.  "A successful intervention" requires careful planning and timing of course. OBVIOUSLY! - the person NEEDS to "BE there!" - WATCHING, the Faithful Remnant videos - that testify to the fruits, of escaping 'the cult of the 9th circle'.  The Faithful Remnant videos WILL help "call them OUT" - of the death cult.  But only the ones who are "CHOSEN", by the Most High True God, will ultimately CHOOSE, to be "UNBOUND, from their personal demons and sins", as a way of ETERNAL Life.  In other words, "Many are called, but few are chosen." (Matthew 22:14)  Know that these are really, "just a few thoughts on the topic"; I really hope to find some quality time to improve this section in the future.  For example:

The inculturation process, what is expected?

People who want to leave the Faithful Remnant, and return to the death cult of the 9th circle of saturn - need to be made fully aware, of what is involved.

1. They will need to "drink the kool-aid".  They will need to turn a blind eye, to the brain-deadening metals that are being deliberately added to municipal tap water - referring to the toxic mercury, lead, copper, and aluminum levels, that are added along with the fluoride that is injected into municipal tap water.

2.  They will need to live without a conscience, as they tolerate everyone's sins.  And in doing so, they will be tolerating the physical sensation of demons - crawling all over them, and even creating burning sensations, on their bodies, from time to time.

3.  They will need to tolerate the right of everyone around them, to murder the unborn.  Remember, in THESE Times, if ever you see a woman popping a pill at the local coffee shop, she may indeed be taking her abortion medication, as she goes out to celebrate "her right", with her friends.

4.  They will need to submit to the systematic brainwashing propaganda that is continually flooding them through billboards, movies, television, radio, newspapers, tabloids, and magazines - and even the opinions of the multitudes of brainwashed victims, all around them.

5.  They will need to get vaccinated - and experience an immediate illness that will most assuredly follow that injection, as a Sign to them, that it is only making them worse, not better.

6.  They will need to somehow believe that the more than 100,000 people who are dying each day, and who are listed on the obituary page of the local newspaper, AREN'T going to the Eternal Lake of Fire.

7.  They will need to believe that the thousands of different religions, that all contradict each other, are "ONE" - somehow.  Not quite sure how that works - but that is just what they do out there.  Perhaps we will just let Antipope Francis continue to explain that to everyone.

8.  They will need to embrace the wickedness of all those around them: by greeting them with insincere words; by physically embracing both them AND their demons; by bowing to peer pressure, to attend ritualistic social celebrations; and more! 

9.  They will need to learn how to recognize the demonic verbal inspirations, coming out of ALL those with 'the mark' - as somehow resonating with their, "new path in this life" - a path of social conformity and tolerance APART from their conscience - a path APART from their Creator - a path APART from their Soul - a path APART from Salvation - and a path apart from ANY hope, of Eternal Life, whatsoever.

10. This is a symbolic number - and in this case, one that simply represents "everything ELSE they do".

Cult indoctrination from the earliest formative years

The following case study will in fact succeed, in giving every reader, "a clear picture", of how everyone OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, is being prepared for their specialized role in the death cult of the 9th circle of Saturn - from the earliest formative years of their life.  Warning: Once you read this, and discover what has been hidden in plain view for decades, you may never be able to forget it.  And so, without further ado, let's begin.  Let's consider the case of an average young 4 year old female in the luciferian cult of the ninth circle of saturn; we will call her Jane - "Jane Doh" (- no relation to "the FICTIONAL Homer Simpson" by the way).   Jane's mother - a typical female luciferian cult member - who habitually switches between the multiple personalities in her interior life - desires to begin the formation of multiple personalities in her daughter's interior life - so that her daughter will simply become insane - "BAT SHIT CRAZY" insane - like her mother.  And so her mother, gives Jane, her very first Barbie doll, and leaves her alone to play with that doll.  It is a completely lifeless, hollow shell - with a mask of painted false externals - "accessories not included" - at least at THIS point in time.  Over the next few months, Jane learns how to play with her doll, and quickly learns that her doll is completely helpless, and is unable to protest, no matter what she does with it.  Jane had already observed other children talking to their dolls; and as a result, she now desires to talk to her doll too.  And so, in the middle of one unforgettable day, her mother snickers with delight, as she hears the sound of "Jane's first demonic words" coming from the play room - as Jane's voice becomes distorted, and begins to speak some of the first guttural inspirations from her personal demons.  Jane can actually hear those inspirations she is voicing - she can hear them in her interior life, as she begins to gather the demonic cluster of her doll - a group of demons that will continue to dwell inside Jane - from the first moment she desires them; the demons were simply waiting for the invitation.  It wasn't too difficult for Jane to find those demonic voices - as she could simply remember the many demonic sounds and demonic conversations she had heard, as she watched cartoons on TV.  Those same demons that entered into her - as she opened herself up spiritually while watching TV - those same demons will now give her the words that her lifeless shell of a playmate will speak - words that she can imagine, are coming from an actual person.  The more time she spends with her doll, the stronger and more active the demons become, as they build an easily identifiable demonic cluster inside her - one that she easily disassociates with - because she tells herself convincingly, that the words her doll speaks, are actually coming from a different person in the room.  But the more Jane disassociates from one of her FIRST multiple personalities that she is learning to foster in her interior life - at the same time, Jane is IDENTIFYING with the outward APPEARANCE of that doll.  Jane sees Barbie's painted face, and begins to desire, and begins to make secret resolutions in her interior life, that she wants a painted face just like that, when she grows up.  Jane sees Barbie's figure, and does the same.  Jane sees Barbie's wardobe; her sports car; her lavish lifestyle - and resolves, that one day she will have all those things, no matter what the cost.  You see, Jane has already learned, that material possessions are simply being HEAPED upon Barbie - who never works, but can only lead a life of vanity and sloth - the life that Jane begins to secretly desire.  And so, Jane begins to foster that false reality in her interior life - the false reality of "the world that Barbie sees" - as Jane continually imagines herself, LOOKING through Barbie's eyes - the eyes of the satanic personae she created.  Jane soon sees the girls around her, dressing like Barbie, painting their faces like Barbie, and even talking in the demonic personas that THEY, created, while conversing with THEIR childhood dolls.   Finally, as she approaches her teen years, Jane is invited to try wearing makeup - the same makeup Barbie wears.   After Jane puts her makeup on - she notices that people start looking at her differently, and treating her differently.  It is then that Jane has "her personal epiphany" - and KNOWINGLY CHOOSES to present her DISASSOCIATED personality to others, WHENEVER she puts on her makeup.  And so when she puts her makeup on, she at first CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSES, to flip from "her authentic personality" - the one her Creator gave her - to "her satanic personae", the one the demons formed.  As a few days go by, she flips back and forth several times; until ONE day, she decides to wear makeup from the time she gets out of bed in the morning, until just before she retires for the evening.  Jane was very tired that day, and found no time, to speak and live, through her authentic personality.  Several days like this follow - and then, after receiving much false affirmation from her female peers, Jane secretly resolves to NEVER go back to her AUTHENTIC self, because she gets so much attention, hanging out with the other girls, as she puts on her mask of false externals.  Now, taking the cue from several "popular" peers, she begins to desire "a BIGGER personal platform" for her demons.  She then looks forward to her high school prom, where she can fantasize about being paraded around like a queen; she looks forward to being chosen as a bridesmaid - and treated like royalty.  She then begins to experience "secret surges of SATANIC POWER" in her interior life - the more IMMODESTLY she dresses; and she notices that this happens, EVERY time "her false external immodest antics", get the attention of a passerby.  That "surge of satanic power" becomes a highly addictive drug for her, and she secretly resolves to experiment to find new ways to get "a hit of that drug", each and every day.  She then desires to go even deeper into the Barbie world - that is surely by now, or so it seems, to be manifesting all around her.   But one day, in the not so distant future, she gives birth to a child - and discovers that her Barbie figure is now FINISHED! - kaput!  But she is delighted to discover that she now has a baby daughter - who at first appears to be very hollow, and empty inside.  And so now Jane can continue living her fantasy, by projecting her demonic persona onto her daughter, and setting the same demonic stage for "little Barbie" - or "Baby Jane" - or whatever she wants to call "her little monster".  Whenever she speaks to her newborn daughter, "Adult Jane" summons a false personae voice - the SAME satanic voice she first used, when she played with her hollow empty dolls.  And so the vicious cycle continues - until! - one day, "Adult Jane" hears about the Testimony of the Two Witnesses.  "Adult Jane" hears about how people are losing their makeup, and their false externals, and confronting the sick satanic resolutions they made throughout their lives - so that they can get right with their Creator - so that they can have a HOPE, of experiencing Eternal Life with Him. "Adult Jane" discovers and can easily SEE, that the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant are not only being HEALED, from their false externals, but that each one of them is in fact re-discovering their UNIQUE identity - the identity that their CREATOR gave them - the identity that sets them apart from everyone else in the world, as "a unique Child of the Most High True God".  This makes "Adult Jane" EXTREMELY angry!!! - because "the CREATOR the Remnant speaks of", looks nothing like the god she worships and conforms to - as her WORLD! - was created by Barbie.  "Adult Jane" in fact worships whatever her demons tell her to worship, as they carefully lead her to "her father down below" - the father of lies, the father of false realities, empty promises, satanic personas, and illusions.  And that is in fact how her story ends.  "Jane" never broke out of the cult of the ninth circle of Saturn - simply because, she, like everyone OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant Church, is a victim of that death cult - that cult of death: spiritual, physical, and Eternal, death!  Did you enjoy reading this case study?  Do YOU want to be "a victim of Jane's satanic cult"?  Or do you want to escape "Jane's CULT"? - and Become a Member of the Faithful Remnant Church - the only TRUE Church of Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High TRUE God, in THESE End times.   CHOOSE wisely.  Time is running out.  Perhaps we will talk about "Ken" later - or not.  Surely by now, you get "the picture".  And AS you throw out all the dolls in your home, please remember to direct them to the local landfill site, and NOT the local thrift store.  The illuminati cult members will of course be KEEPING their dolls, as they will be needed, to help indoctrinate their futureless, and PROFOUNDLY empty, generations of cult followers.

Cult isolation agenda through the use of social pressure tactics?
Yes, the people in the death cult of the 9th circle of saturn have consistently been using a variety of social pressure tactics, as they have made multiple attempts at coercing the Members of the Faithful Remnant into becoming "isolated, from their Creator!"  The people outside the Faithful Remnant, have KNOWINGLY embraced "a lifestyle of being FULLY cut off from their Creator" - as they EMBRACE 'the mark of the beast' and 'the mark of Cain' - not only as "parting GIFTS" from their Creator; but as "TROPHIES, of their independence from, and full out rebellion AGAINST, their Creator".  Know that a LOT of people, have JUDGED, 'the Faithful Remnant', as "a CULT"; and that the PEOPLE, in the REMNANT, are "ISOLATED".  BUT the Truth is: NO one is "isolated"; they are FREE, to come and go as they PLEASE; and they are FREE, to COMMUNICATE with 'whom they CHOOSE to communicate with'.  The PROBLEM IS, that MANKIND has TURNED, "social PRESSURE", into "a GOD" - that is to be WORSHIPPED, "above everything else". THAT is not True - because the Most High TRUE God, is to be, 'at the FOREFRONT of everyone's HEART, and MINDS' - ESPECIALLY, in the Faithful Remnant!  And BECAUSE He is "ABSENT from the hearts, and MINDS, of those, OUTSIDE, the Faithful Remnant" - they have been GIVEN, 'the mark of the BEAST', or 'the mark of CAIN'.  It is THAT, simple!
Did you know that psychiatrists and psychologists and doctors are studying and scrutinizing the Testimony and the Faithful Remnant? 
This following update, is addressed TO the Members of the Faithful Remnant Church.

PPTL: WE are going to intercede, on BEHALF of the Faithful Remnant - for, 'the Most High TRUE God', to make an EXAMPLE, of ALL of those, so-called, "PSYCHIATRISTS", and "PSYCHOLOGISTS", and "DOCTORS", who are "STUDYING, and SCRUTINIZING, the Testimony, AND the Faithful Remnant".  ALL those, in "the MEDICAL, profession", have FAILED! - "THEIR medical exam" - in the Eyes of the Most High True GOD.  They have FAILED! - "THEIR mental evaluation"; and, ALL they can offer people, is FALSE hope, through BIG PHARMA drugs, and LABELING!  THEY! - are responsible, for "the SCARS!" - that BILLIONS of people, CARRY, around WITH them - BECAUSE, they are DEPENDENT, on "Big Pharma" - THROUGH, "the MEDICAL, profession"; THROUGH "their recommendation", AND prescriptions.  WHAT you need to realize, is that, ALL THOSE, who have, labeled ANY Member of the Faithful Remnant, as, 'having some sort of MENTAL issue' - are ONLY! - calling down JUDGMENT, on THEMSELVES; because, THEY are the ones, who are "SCHITZO"; THEY are the ones, who are "MENTALLY DEFICIENT"; THEY are the ones, who OPERATE, through INSPIRATIONS, that COME, from 'the DEMONS', that THEY, seek COUNSEL from.  The COUNSEL that WE GIVE - comes from the Most High TRUE God - and HE offers, "a PERMANENT solution", to peoples' PROBLEMS; and He offers HEALING, and a RENEWAL, of the mind. Remember -EVERYONE, OUTSIDE, the FAITHFUL Remnant Church, HAVE been "BRANDED!" - BY their Creator - AS "insane" - both SPIRITUALLY, AND mentally - as WELL, as EMOTIONALLY! - and PHYSICALLY!  SO remember, it DOESN'T MATTER, 'what THOSE, OUTSIDE, the ARK, SAY, about the REMNANT' - their "OPINIONS", and their "JUDGMENTS" - are DROSS! - to the Most High TRUE God.  DO not, 'give IN' - to, their PSYOPS!  Even THEY know - the so-called "PROFESSIONALS" know - that THEY! - are trying to PSYOP, and DECEIVE, the REMNANT - in the COMMENTS they leave, on their CHANNEL; and underneath their VIDEOS!  Know THIS - they labeled JESUS [see the June 8, 2016 update for details] - does 'that label' STICK TO HIM? - in ANY WAY?  DO the WORDS, of 'THOSE, who are HOSTILE, TO HIM' - mean ANYTHING?  NOT at all! He doesn't LISTEN to them; and NEITHER should YOU.  DO not, take, 'the WORDS', and INSPIRATIONS, from DEMONS - to your HEART!  RECOGNIZE, 'the SOURCE', OF, "those WICKED, INSPIRATIONS", coming FROM: your former FAMILY; and, all those "so-called PROFESSIONALS".  Understand?  "THEIR time", is COMING to an End; and, there WILL BE "NO happy ending" to their story - BECAUSE, INSTEAD, of 'desiring LIFE', and 'desiring that OTHERS have life' - they will FOREVER! - be "ADVOCATES, of DEATH, and DESTRUCTION".  YOU have chosen well! - AS a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT; you have chosen "LIFE". All THOSE, OUTSIDE 'the Ark of SAFETY' - "the Ark of SALVATION" - have CHOSEN, "ETERNAL SEPARATION, from the Most High TRUE God", AND "death"!

That was quite a long introduction.  Because, the Faithful REMNANT, is NOT "a CULT" - it is "a SMALL, faithful few - GROUP, of TRUE BELIEVERS, in the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the LORD".

The TRUE Roman Catholic FAITH, of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH, is exactly THAT: it is "a FAITH".  NOT "a RELIGION" (- and most certainly not a cult).  If you READ, the Testimony - you will come, to UNDERSTAND, MORE, about, 'what the REAL Jesus - the TRUE Jesus, expects, from, His True FOLLOWERS'.  ALL the RELIGIONS, of christianity, and catholicism - have ONLY managed, to DISTORT - after GENERATIONS, 'WHO Jesus was', and 'WHAT He expected, from TRUE Christians'.  And NOW 'the bar' is set SO low! - in the INSTITUTIONS, that, PEOPLE - LABEL, the Faithful REMNANT, as "RADICAL", or as "FANATICS" - but THAT is only because, the ones doing 'the LABELING', their "MORAL BAR", is set 'SO LOW!' - that it SEEMS, that, what the Faithful Remnant is LIVING, is only "a DELUSION", or "IMPOSSIBLE".  BUT! - the Truth IS, the whole WORLD, is IN, "a great DELUSION"; AND, there is 'a VEIL', covering the INTELLECTS, of EVERYONE, on the planet.  And it is THROUGH, the Most High True God's TESTIMONY, that HE is INDEED, "LIFTING that veil".  JUST BECAUSE, JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, SAT, WITH "TAX collectors and SINNERS" - and ate and DRANK with them - does not MEAN, that He "CONDONED", their SINS.  Jesus does not TOLERATE "sin", and THAT, is what ALL! - "christians", CONVENIENTLY suppress - so that THEY can embrace: IGNORANCE, CONFUSION, and CONCERN - instead.

  We hope you have enjoyed this brief overview, of this most interesting topic.  WE sure did!
A special note for the former members of the Faithful Remnant.
Many people may be wondering why so much care was taken above, in exposing the global culture of death in these End Times, as "a luciferian cult".  It actually has to do with helping all the spiritually insane psycho-therapists out there, to better diagnose the FORMER Members of the Faithful Remnant, after they freely chose to renounce "the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith".  When people LEAVE  the True Roman Catholic Faith, they ALL suffer from severe depression - even if they can muster up false externals for a time.  Men and women alike, in fact suffer from "post partum depression".   "Parting" with WHAT?  When they leave the Faithful Remnant, they part with, or in effect "ABORT", the following: the INDWELLING of the TRUE Holy Spirit - that animates all life; they part with the Gift of Eternal Life and the FOUNTAIN of Eternal Life; they part with their Conscience - that is in fact "the inaudible voice of their Creator" giving them infused knowledge in their interior life; they part with a relationship with their Creator - the ONLY source of Truth and Love and Life in their entire existence...  the list goes on.  "Post partum depression" - you psycho-therapists most certainly can't HEAL them from it; but it would be better to at least TRY, to help them with THAT; rather than discrediting YOURSELVES, as you try to label the Faithful Remnant as "a cult".  It's time to get the facts straight people.  We know that all the so-called medical professionals out there HATE, reading the words of Truth and Life in the Testimony - and so we conveniently put this important diagnostic summary here, after we got your attention with the section on cults... "BECAUSE we care".  You're welcome!

And here is ANOTHER important reminder for all those who are feeling depressed?  Know that, effective today, a new "End Times Plague of SEVERE clinical depression" - has NOW been unleashed on the ENTIRE face of the Earth - but it WILL not harm the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  We know that MANY people have rejected the Testimony - "their ONLY hope of Eternal Salvation" - and in DOING so, HAVE become "severely depressed", AS a direct result.  But little did they know, that as they EMBRACED their "parting gift", of SEVERE depression - they were actually 'PROXYING' FOR: their FAMILIES, their FRIENDS, their CITIES, their COUNTRIES, and CONTINENTS.  And now EVERYONE has a good reason to come to the Testimony, and COME to their senses - in order to "LIGHTEN UP a little!"  "Lighten UP"?  Yes, as in "ALL the way UP, to the Kingdom of HEAVEN - starting with your interior life".  You CAN do it.  But you have to WANT to.  And then you have to CHOOSE to.  No excuses.  You have very little time left.  So WHY "make the WORST of it" - OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant?  YOU can do better! - and now you KNOW HOW, you can. (October 09, 2017 update) 

Does the Testimony teach radical thinking, mind control, and extreme views?

The TRUTH is, that the WORLD! - is "RADICAL" - as in "RADICALLY opposed, to EVERYTHING, of the True Holy SPIRIT, and of the Most High TRUE God".  "TRUTH", has BECOME, 'subjective' - according to what people FEEL; and they're ALL "SINKING", as a result - "DROWNING! - in their FALSE realities, and their FALSE perceptions of self".  BUT, it is the Faithful REMNANT - who have 'broken FREE' - from 'the OCCULT, MIND-control' - moving THROUGH, the spirit of the WORLD - AND! - the MEDIA.  The FAITHFUL REMNANT, are called to be "SUBJECT, to the Most High TRUE God" - ACCORDING, to their WELL-informed CONSCIENCE!  And THAT is, 'what the TESTIMONY TEACHES'.  The TESTIMONY, TEACHES - ALL, of the TRUTH - that SOCIETY, "SUPPRESSES".  The TESTIMONY, TEACHES, 'the RIGHT way'; when SOCIETY, 'PREACHES, the WRONG way'.  The TESTIMONY, TEACHES, 'how to LIVE! - in the Light of TRUTH' - and IN, 'the LIGHT, of, the DIVINE COUNTENANCE! - of the Most High TRUE God', at all TIMES.  "SOCIETY", teaches, people - to HIDE! - their sins - from their CREATOR! - BY calling THEM, 'their own personal CHOICES'; or "LIFESTLYE".  The TESTIMONY teaches, 'WISDOM', and INSTRUCTION - whereas SOCIETY teaches, "FOLLY, FOOLISHNESS, and STUPIDITY".  The TESTIMONY, only, 'APPEARS, to be EXTREME THINKING!' - and "EXTREME VIEWS" - BECAUSE, the majority of PEOPLE, have CHOSEN, to 'LIVE', EXTREMELY opposed! - to the Most High True God.  EVERYONE! - is "FLOATING downstream", and 'drifting OFF, into NOTHINGNESS' - and "STANDING for NOTHING!" - and 'FOCUSED, on having as MUCH "PLEASURE, and COMFORT, and CONVENIENCE", that this WORLD has to OFFER'.  The TESTIMONY teaches, "SACKCLOTH, and ASHES"; TRUE Humility; AND Repentance.  And 'THAT'! - is "DISTASTEFUL" - for, 'the majority'.  They CANNOT! - "STOMACH!" - what the TESTIMONY teaches.   And SO! - the MAJORITY of them, will be "spewed-OUT!" - of their CREATOR'S mouth.  Thanks be to the Most High TRUE God! - for 'His INFINITE Justice' - on the WICKED; AND 'His ENDLESS Mercy' - on His Faithful REMNANT.  Amen. (June 29, 2017 update)

"So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth. For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing; not knowing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. Therefore I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, that you may be rich, and white garments to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nakedness from being seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and chasten; so be zealous and repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. He who conquers, I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I myself conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."
(Revelations 3:16-22)
How is the True Roman Catholic Faith....
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Dont Wait for Disaster
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

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