The Testimony of the Two Witnesses
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"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed one MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
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than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."
The state of women
"woe to man!"
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
So just how BAD is it?
(Perhaps a little "feminist Bible Study time" will help to answer that question...)
“Better is the wickedness of a man than a woman who does good; and it is a woman who brings shame and disgrace.”
(Sirach 42:14)
“Now the serpent was more subtle than any other wild creature that the Lord God had made.  He said to the woman, “Did God say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree of the garden’?” And the woman said to the serpent, “We may eat of the fruit trees of the garden; but God said, ‘You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it lest you die.’” But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not die.  For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”  So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate; and she also gave some to her husband and he ate.  But the Lord God called to the man, and said to him, “Where are you?”  And to Adam He said, “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you, ‘You shall not eat of it,’ cursed is the ground because of you; in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life; therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from which he was taken.  He drove out the man; and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life.”
“So you, son of man, [- a valid reference to Pope Peter the Last in these End Times] I have made a watchman for the house of Israel; whenever you hear a word from my mouth, you shall give them warning from me.  If I say to the wicked, ‘O wicked man, you shall surely die’, and you do not speak to warn the wicked to turn from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.  But if you warn the wicked to turn from his way, and he does not turn from his way; he shall die in his iniquity, but you will have saved your life.”
(Note: I AM going to "SAVE my LIFE!", and as I do so, there just might be ONE woman out there, who wants to live.
I love "feminist Bible Study time.  But then again, I am a little biased, because I LOVE THE TRUTH! - P.P.T.L.
And to all the women out there who think that A MAN named Jesus is NOT their Judge...
"Just SEE how far THAT kind of thinking, will TRULY get you, at your Eternal Judgment!")
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Now if you women are wondering, why you are beginning to feel a little uncomfortable,
It is because you love, to simply BURY yourself, in the MUD
And let's face it: as you read this page, ALL your works are exposed...
By the God, who Created you...  By the God, who IS Judging you... Here, SEE for yourself...
“Who was the first one who listened to satan in the Garden of Eden?  Eve was, and she brought the blood of all of her sin upon the whole human race.”
"When a child dies, through abortion, at least the child will continue on in happiness, because it was free from sin - except ‘original’.  Though these souls can never truly 'see' My Face, or behold My Presence because I am a Just God, they are ‘Forever Content’; but at the same time, they are crying to Me daily, for Justice upon ‘those who stole their lives away’."
“As the women murder children in their womb, so too am I murdered in their hearts.  One out of every four women - depending, or one out of every three women, have committed the act of abortion, or they have encouraged their friend to do so, or they know of someone who wanted to and didn’t try to stop it.  That’s where mankind is at.  This is what they call ‘the better half’?  I say no!  What the World sees as good I often view as evil.”
“… Oh how terrible is the feminist agenda of the collective consciousness of women, how indeed horrifying it is to see so many women united: in their desire to crush Me; to crush the Lord’s anointed; to commit murder.  Why can they not be united in charity and love, in dignity and respect, in humility and patience, in kindness and cheerfulness, in hope and forthcomingness?  Because, in short, they desire allegiance with devil, and his kingdom, more than what I have to offer their souls.” 
“Women, how self-deluded they all are – that is, those of the ‘secular world’, and ‘point of view’.  They shall never be considered as ‘equals’, in My priesthood; but only, in respect to their function, as human beings.  All men are equal, but not the same.”… “Women, who seek power, and control, will be corrupted, and destroyed, by that which they seek.  For are these not the things of lucifer’s kingdom? – a kingdom of darkness, and despair, apart from Mine – only because he chose it.  These women are like him, they are doing his will, and his bidding… “They want a kingdom of darkness; they have it.  If they do not repent of their evil ways, these women will be forever thrown out of the Kingdom of Heaven; for no woman has power or authority there, save, only in the love, that I show them...These women love themselves, more than My service.  They would rather be served, than to truly serve My Will.  They are self-seekers, and will be Judged accordingly.”
“Again, I am showing you both, the condition, of women.  The current state in which they are in, is like that, of LuciferHis kingdom is apart from Mine, and in total darkness, he reigns.  He is the lord, of the under world, and rules over souls, who choose to be like him, like minded.  Forever women have been chained to him, through Eve’s first sin; and women have chosen: to embrace their weaknesses, as their strengths; to embrace their faults, as perfection; to embrace their lies, as truth.  Oh what has become of them all, but so self-deceived… women have sought and still seek to turn everything that is good – into an evil; and to turn, the evils that they embrace, into what is good”
Women, especially, who dress like ‘whores’ - like those of the Babylonian and Egyptian ages, are simply ‘asking for trouble’.  They are hurting men – everywhere that they go, for the man was Created, not to be complete, without his female companion.”
“The women have their rights now, to choose life or death, for their little one, for their baby.  But the time is coming when they shall have no choice.  They call themselves “pro-choice” as of now but soon they will realize, they have indeed been working for the wrong team; and they will be the ones who are sacrificed and their child’s future, ‘for the sake of society’, for the ‘good of humanity’.”
“…the ‘mothers’ who choose to kill their own children, to ‘offer sacrifice’ to ‘the god of convenience’, only, have those souls, praying for Justice to come upon them.  No longer is there any ‘maternal’ tie, with the child.  The child can only see, that it never had the chance, to live.  There is no bond with the ‘mother’ whatsoever.  And women are walking around deceiving themselves, saying that their baby “is an angel in heaven watching over them”.  I say to you No!  The children that they took the lives of, are crying out to Me for Justice upon: their ‘mothers’ - make no mistake it is just ‘a word’.”
The ‘feminist mind’ cannot be reasoned with My children, because it takes humility, to use common sense and reason.  Because common sense and reason, are scarce, so is the ‘fragrant blossom’, of humility.  Now it is possible to use common sense and reason, to make excuses for ‘the wrong team’, and to excuse oneself from following My Ten Commandments.  But this does not in any way justify them before Me, as the words, that they use falsely, will be used – against them.  So they want ‘a god of compassion’; so they want ‘a pushover god’; so they want ‘higher energy – for themselves, to manipulate for their own gain’Well My children there is a price, for playing with ‘too much energy’, and there is a price for making excuses as to why, I, am not God, in their eyes.  People with this kind of mentality are truly ‘the crazy ones’.”
“I have no use, for people, such as these: who delight, in renouncing the truths that have been shared, and who delight in wickedness in their hearts…  What you need, is to take your ‘spiritual lives’ much, more seriously – than you have been.  And realize, that your bodies, are not,’ to be worshipped’ in any way, shape, or form.  Because your bodies will decay, but your soul, will live onWhat is life, My People?  Without, purpose?  Without, love?  Without hope?  Life, can be good – but only if you reconcile, with, your Creator – who desires to be your Savior.  Though I am Just, My Anger - against the human race, lasts: ‘but a moment’.  But My ‘steadfast love’ – for My creatures: for a lifetime.  I discipline you all – even in your own personal lives – apart from ‘natural disasters’ and ‘economic woes’.  And I do this with love in My Heart.  But you refuse to show love – to your own children – by withholding discipline; this only encourages ‘bad behavior’.  That is why discipline is necessary to get man back – on ‘the right track’.”
“I told you, you would witnessthe Abomination of Desolation’ My children – and you haveWhat was standing, in what once, was Holy Ground?  In the place, that used to be, My Sanctuary?  Women, My children.  Out of all of the things, that you witnessed during today’s ‘services’ (it may seem: very small – yet, it is not in My Eyes) - it is the fact, that women, are being allowed, to ‘prance around the altar’, to be ‘lectors’, to have ‘positions of influence’during, the “mass”.  This is one of the reasons – one of the top reasons, that I have left: all of the institutions.  For they have all: compromised, in allowing women, to have the same ‘equality’ as men, in what once, was My Sanctuary.  There is no place for them there – at all, My children.  This is just ‘one more step’ for them, to desire, to become priests.  And they already have this desire – in their hearts – for ‘the seeds of deception’, have been planted – in their souls – through: the affirmation of othersThey believe they have a right to be there.  Then I have a right to leave My children, it is that simple. It is ‘the spirit of Jezebel’ that has: ‘taken over’ all, of the institutions – to the point, where men are simply floundering in their identities and roles, within the religious communityShe – as in ‘the spirit of Jezebel’, has turned peoples’ hearts inwards, towards themselves.  For that spirit only focuses on self, and does not regard My authority – moving through any of My Messengers.  Now the Spirit has fled the churches – that is The True, Holy Spirit.  Why?  Because the people would rather: embrace, the demonic spirit of Jezebel, and affirmation of each other; rather than My True Holy Spirit, who would ‘convict their hearts’, so that their consciences could work.”
“The woman, at the well, represents: all those women, who seek for their truth: in the darkness; in a pit; hoping to be ‘refreshed’, each time they drink from the dark, murky waters. The ‘water’, I was offering the woman, was Eternal Life. But, she would have to give up her sins, in order to ‘drink of this water’... For she did not ‘seek to follow Me’ afterwards, nor give up her sinful lifestyle - That part was not written, in the Gospel. But, through her weakness, and desire: to embrace her sins, I could reach others. The ‘seeds were planted’ – in her soul; but instead of ‘bearing fruit’ in her life, they bore fruit – in others’. Even after she gave her testimony My children, because she would not tell them, that ‘the Messiah had come’, and decided to snuff ‘that bit of Truth’out of her life, she could not receive the rewards, that were set asidefor her.  That is why, I brought up to My disciples: the topic, of ‘the harvesters and the reapers’, of ‘the sowers and the reapers’. For she ‘sowed’ – by her testimony; but others ‘reaped’. For I can use: a mule, to preach when necessary, My children. And ‘the state of women’, has always been this bad – ever, since Eve’s fall; only very, very few, have become Saints."
"Eve’s sin, came from her desire: ‘to know better, than her Creator’. This was ‘her biggest flaw’ My children – that she ‘passed down’ – through her own loins, to future generations: the desire, to prefer the enemy’s counsel, over, the counsel, of her God. Even though, she knew: all, of My Commands - in the moment she was tempted, she chose of her own free will: to believe, that ‘sinning against her Creator’, would make her ‘wise’ - for then she would know, good, and evil. But, knowing ‘good and evil’ has a price with it. As life is not ‘so simple’ any more – for one must discern: ‘the path to take’ – in each moment. For woman, this is very difficult, because ‘the battle wages’ inside her: the desire, to do good; versus the desire, to sinFor the man, in short, My children, it would have been better, if, he was alone in the Garden.  However, because I can see: how History, will unfold; and that good, would be ‘brought out’ – of their sinful choices; the man’s choice, to listen to his wife, above Me; even though, this was happening, ‘on a smaller scale’, I could ‘bring about’: much good, with their free-will choices. Even though there is ‘much suffering’ in the World as a result of those choices, there is a possibility of redemption’– for all mankind, if they want to be free from their sins.”
 Perhaps when Jesus said that Eve preferred the enemy's counsel, He was only referring to only ONE woman...
Women also love to take "snake baths", as this famous poster, that was seen all around the world, even in public shopping malls,
so brazenly illustrated - as the women in the shopping malls, simply walked past it, taking notes.
There WERE NO PROTESTS from "the false feminist camp" about this image.  Do you know WHY? 
Because that is "where they set the bar".  That is what is "MOST COMFORTABLE" for them" - the image deliberately conveys.
“There is a strong ‘tendency’ or ‘inclination’, within all women: to ‘abandon’ their husbands, when ‘times get tough’ - when it appears their husbands are ‘afflicted by much’ - when it ‘appears’ that I have turned ‘against them’, and it seems as though ‘a curse has fallen’.  There is ‘a strong tendency’ – in all women: to believe in ‘curses’ above ‘life’. For example: look at what happened, to Job’s wife when he was ‘afflicted’, and lost their sons, and daughters, and all that he owned: she became ‘a wreck’, and ‘grew insane’ after a time – because she put her faith in all those possessions and even her own ‘bloodline’ – above her faith, in Me... In Zipporah’s case: she fulfilled her role, in Moses’ life at that time; and I knew, the choice that she would make – to take their child and leave. But Moses was fulfilled – with My word, so he did not ‘need’, her support, any longer. I was also giving Moses an ‘example’, of how ‘hearts could change so quickly’. I just finished telling him that I would “harden Pharaoh’s heart”; and then when his wife’s heart was ‘hardened against him’, he knew My words to be true. For I am blameless in ‘all that I do’. ”
“My ‘Motherly Heart’, yearns, for more childrenMothers, do not kill your babies!  Do you not know, that ‘the Wrath of God’, rests upon you. Do you think that you will be able, to escape: His Just Punishment – for your souls?  Do you think, that you can ‘get away with’: murdering the child within your womb?  Because ‘he doesn’t forget’. And surely, ‘they are carved on the palm of His Hand’.  And His Hand, holds: ‘a Gavel’; and punishment is coming upon all of you ‘wicked women’, if you do notrepent in your hearts’before Him.”  
First, man was Created.  And then, woman.  And woman came, from man – that she, would seek, to be ‘perfected’ – through ‘honoring her husband, and Christ’s Headship’ moving through Him.  You ‘wicked souls’ have ‘disordered yourselves’. And ‘the Wrath of God rests upon you’ unless you repent.” 
“It was because of Martha’s sins that I was ‘taken’because of the ‘wickedness’ in her own ‘interior life’ at the time.  And it was for Martha’s sake that I was ‘risen’.  For she did not believe, as strongly, as Mary did.  And she had many ‘demons’ she was battling, in her ‘interior life’; and Martha was ‘sore’, at the Lord Jesus Christ – for my death!... I am learning of His merciful Love, for His children, for the Elect; but also His severe Justice upon ‘wickedness’.  For Martha, it was ‘a very hard lesson’.
“We are those, who cry out to the Lord for Justice.  It is not ‘women who need justice’ – for themselves; but we are the ones who have been ‘poorly mistreated’ by our own “mothers”.  For in, ‘all of our sufferings’, she was the one who was ‘primarily responsible’.  Our blood, is on “our parents’ hands”unless they repent.  For we do not hold, this sin against them, as long as they are ‘remorseful’.
“Life, is not, a choice!  It is ‘a gift’.  You “mothers”, and you “fathers”: have been ‘taking the place’ of the Most High True God.  And you have been the ones deciding: whether or not we live, or die. But we wanted, to live!  And to share our lives with you!  And show you much love from our hearts Now we are ‘forever separated’, and you cannot know us as your sons, and your daughters.  Do not listen to the lies, that “we will be reunited again”!  This can never happen!  So serious is the act of abortion!!  You were ‘our murderers’, and you ‘collaborated’, with the doctors, and nurses – to kill us!  Now how are we to respond to you now?  You don’t know us!  And you chose ‘not to know us’ – so that we are left, with only ‘praying: the Most High True God’s Justice’upon you!  Such afflictions, have ‘come upon you’ – after, we were aborted!  But you cannot hide – your guiltNow is the time to repent of murder!! – so you are not ‘included’, in the Most High True God’s Acts of Justice – on this Earth.  We are ‘not’ “your children”!! And we did not ‘become angels’!  And we are ‘forever trapped’ in our ‘state of being’. Never can we enter the Kingdom of HeavenNever can we see the Saints.  The only consolation that we have, is the Lord Jesus Christ’s Love, for our souls!  But His Love is enough – for He ‘sustains us’.” 
“Do not listen to people, who ‘call themselves’ “pro-choice”.  For we are ‘the result’ of ‘that movement’These, people want ‘the right to murder without consequence’.  But if ‘consequences’ do not come in this life (without repentance), then they will come ‘in the next’.  “Planned parenthood”, we know of.  They are responsible, for putting ‘many of us’ here.  They are ‘an evil organization’ – who want to sacrifice: our souls – for ‘more power’.  They ‘pretend’ to console our “mothers”, that they are making a choice that is “best” – for the both of us!  They lie, they cheat, and they steal.  And we are ‘crying-out for Justice upon them’ as well!” 
We souls, are innocent, in ‘every way’!  And just as the Lord Jesus Christ, was ‘innocent’, of ‘all sin’ – and He was Crucified! – and died ‘an excruciatingly painful, death’! - we die, the same way, every day!  They suck, our brains out, with ‘a vacuum’. They put ‘a tool’, in our heads, and scramble, our ‘insides’; they ‘rip us apart’ – limb by limb, and we can feel everything –ten times more, ten times more sensitive!!! – than if we had been ‘cut from’, the umbilical cord.  Our “mothers” ‘know of our suffering’ but they don’t care!   They become ‘of one mind’ with the doctors, as we are ‘slaughtered’.  It is ‘uncomfortable’ to hear, about the way we are tortured; but it is more uncomfortable to experience it! - the way that we did!  And as we said before, more are added to us, every day.”
“The RU486 pill, is just as evil, because our “mothers”, are pregnant with us!  And we are ‘conceived, in her womb’.  And she ‘slips, this pill inside her’, and never knows, if we were there, or not!  She doesn’t even need to know, if she was pregnant with us!  We feel our “mothers’” hearts, then, ‘a cold wind’! - ‘blows over us’, and we are rejected.  And the life, that had just been conceived, is ‘snuffed out’.  And then we are in the dark.  And then we find ourselves, in, ‘this place’.” 
Contraceptives, are ‘just as bad’ – for they don’t even want ‘the possibility’ of conceiving us!  They hate us! – without cause!  We are ‘an inconvenience’ – in their eyes, and ‘as such’ we ‘must be disposed of’!   And then ‘life goes on’, for our “Mothers”, ‘without us’.” 
“But she feels ‘the pain’ and ‘the absence’Abortion is ‘long-lasting’, and ‘the effects’, do not ‘go, away’!  Because the Lord Jesus Christ, has ‘allowed us to know’, what our “mothers” and “fathers” ‘experience’, once we are ‘gone’. First they go through ‘denial’, then their hearts are ‘eaten at’ – day, by day.  They become, devoured by ‘post-partum depression’.  And the depression never ends!  So they go to their doctor again – for drugs, for some ‘anti-depressants’, and some ‘pamphlets’, on ‘how to deal with their “guilty conscience”’!  But the pills do not help, because ‘our “mothers’” hearts’ are convicted – she knows the truth.  She has ‘killed’… Our “mothers”, can not ‘escape the guilt’!  And then, ‘sickness sets in’Followed by vomitingThey never, ‘tell them’, what, the effects, will beafter, they kill us!  And these are only ‘physical effects’.  Our “mothers” can not enter the Kingdom of Heavenuntil they reconcile, with their Creator.  And we, do not have ‘any remorse’ for them!  For we, are, ‘completely disconnected’ from their souls! We do not have ‘a longing’, to be with them! - as they murdered us!!  If they repent, then they can work on their own relationship, with ‘the Creator’.”
“The Warnings have been given – from Heaven, for souls to repentMost of them won’t.  And they will be sealed… Only the Lord Jesus Christ – through his ‘True Vicar’ here on Earth, can ‘Release them’.  For God the Eternal Father in Heaven, will once again, put everything, in subjectionto His Son.  And His Son, receiving everything – that is His, from God the Eternal Father in Heaven, will subject everything, to His Vicar, here, on Earth – that ‘all would know the Truth’ – that Heaven, is a Monarchy; not ‘a democracy’!” 
(-The Blessed Virgin Mary, Sunday, December 9, 2012)
I was given, visions – of four ‘beasts’… The second beast I saw - was like ‘a bear’, and in its mouth, were three ribs!  And it was made to stand ‘on one side’… But what does it all mean?  It was ‘later revealed’, in this time, to the both of you – the Lord’s Two Witnesses.  And now, it is to be revealed, to the World!... The second beast, the bear, represents ‘the freemasonic agenda’, working, within ‘all the major religions, of the World’ – to form ‘a One World Religion’!  The ribs, in his mouth, represent, ‘the female race’ – for, “the woman was taken from Adam’s rib”.  The freemasons, seek ‘to use’ women, to bring all religions, under One ‘World Religion’; and to use, ‘their Jezebellian tendencies’, against God.  For the freemasons know: it was Eve, who listened to ‘the serpent’directly!  And so therefore, they would move women into ‘the Lord’s Sanctuary’ – where they could be counseled, by ‘the enemy’; as the Lord will not ‘come to them’, there.  It was ‘made to stand on one side’ – means, that the freemasons want to foster, ‘anti-male headship’ in the women – they ‘use’; so they go against ‘the Command of the Lord’ [(1 Timothy 2:12-13)] – that is: to keep silent, as they are not to have ‘any authority’, or ‘to teach’ other men.  Because, ‘the woman, was ‘deceived’, and became ‘a transgressor’– even though Adam was formed first!”
Note: So, just how bad IS it?  We received an email, on July 19, 2015, from a young Jezebellian woman, who has managed to deceive herself, into believing that she is quite comfortable, as she lives outside the Faithful Remnant.  When we both turned to Jesus, for some Divine Counsel from Heaven, these are the words, He wanted us to pass on to her.  We knew when we heard them, that these words are actually for ALL women, who contact us.
Jesus said: And so the question is, "Are YOU an authentic seeking believer?"  Or, are you looking to give My Two Witnesses, "a list of problems".  Are you FOCUSED on your own PROBLEMS?  Or on 'desiring the SOLUTIONS?''  Are you willing to receive COUNSEL?  Or are you wanting to do it "your OWN way?"  Do you WANT to be "overwhelmed" by EVERYTHING I am asking, OF you?  Or do you want to be GUIDED, by My True Holy Spirit?  It IS, much HARDER, for "a WOMAN", to be PART, of My REMNANT.  Because so many "feelings" SURFACE.  And WOMEN, in this 'day and age', tend to be 'GOVERNED, by their emotions'.  Are YOU "up to the CHALLENGE?"  Do you want to BE, like, your Spiritual Mother, in HEAVEN?  Because if you DO, She WILL 'HELP you' - to overcome.  SHE, submitted, to 'male HEADSHIP'. And so YOU must submit 'your expectations', to My Headship - in order to overcome, 'the feminist mind'.

(This is the Environmentally Friendly, energy saving way, to address some of the questions, the men are asking,
after they see, WHAT HAS TRULY BECOME, of their "HOPE", of ever having a TRUE, helpmate...)
"But those who are accounted worthy to attain to that age [- referring to "the CLOSE of the Age"] and to the resurrection from the dead [- obtained through the use of the Blessed Holy Water] neither marry nor are given in marriage, for they cannot die [- referring to "the promise of Eternal Life"] any more, because they are equal to angels [- or "Messengers" - referring to "the Two Witnesses"] and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection."
(Luke 20:35-36)
Jesus said (to the single men, in the Faithful Remnant): Refer back, to the FIRST Counsel, you were GIVEN.  And KNOW, that you are NOT alone.  You have 'FRIENDS', and family, in the Faithful Remnant Church.  I have FORGIVEN you, OF your past, SINS.  I do not even LOOK upon them, any more.  So do not DWELL, on them yourself!  Women, right now, are in 'the WORST, SPIRITUAL, STATE, EVER'!  It is best, to look, at, 'the state of women', page - on My Website.  And UNDERSTAND, that your 'yearning', to BE, with 'another' - your 'yearning', to have 'a SOULmate', is 'HEALTHY' - it is GOOD! - that you desire, to SHARE, your LIFE, with 'another'.  BUT!  YOU, do not NEED, to 'CAST', your PEARLS, before 'SWINE'; nor, before those, who like to wear, "SNAKESKIN".  RIGHT now, ALL women, outside the Faithful Remnant Church, are 'SPIRITUALLY toxic'.  Best, to desire, 'closeness', with your True, MOTHER - in Heaven; your True SPIRITUAL Mother - the Blessed Virgin MARY.  Because SHE is 'the only WOMAN' in your life NOW - that is 'worth her WEIGHT in GOLD'.  And SHE will HELP you, to overcome, 'sexual impurity', and 'the lusts of the flesh'.  CONSECRATE, YOUR purity, to 'the IMMACULATE Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary'.  YOU need 'Graces - FLOWING from Heaven', to get, through these Times.  And you are 'encouraged', to make MORE videos, about how, your life CONTINUES, to Change, and become BETTER - the MORE, you LISTEN, and FOLLOW, 'TRUE Guidance and Instruction, from Heaven'.

PPTL: And use the deliverance prayer whenever you realize that you have sinned, and reject your desire to _________ (name of sin), and ask for the corresponding Grace (Holy Purity in your interior life, and Holy Custody of the Eyes).  The answer was already there, in front of you; you just needed to use it.  Also reject 'the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah' and 'the spirit of sensuality', as these are the spirits that EVERYONE on the planet are being afflicted with - as the whole world, has now become, 1000 times worse than the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were, at the time of their destruction.  The fact is, that the women of today (who are outside the Faithful Remnant), love the mud, and they love their snakeskin.  DO NOT desire them, unless you want "a flood of spiritual gangrene", flowing, into your Soul.  And know that your Creator, can "work with that" - if you decide you want to be like them; if you desire you want to "be one", with them.  Because there is NO room, in the Faithful Remnant, for those who would desire, such wickedness.  it is TRULY better to pray!

And now, for one of THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE Truths on this page (- uncomfortable for the women, that is).  Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed to His Two Witnesses, that the Members of the Faithful Remnant - the MEN (- who are single, because the "helpmate" God MADE for them, chose instead to be a hard hearted Jezebellian - the men they abandoned), WILL INDEED FIND, "a helpmate", in the Era of Peace, if they desire one.  The Most High True God will 'raise up a helpmate from the DUST!' - if necessary, to walk with each single man of the Faithful Remnant, if he so DESIRES one - A GOD FEARING MALE HEADSHIP RESPECTING WOMAN!  (You should read those last words in uppercase a bit louder than the rest of the sentence, just to get a really cool effect).  We have discussed this topic with Jesus many times.  Because it is written in the Scriptures...
"... the Lord God said, 'It is NOT good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him."
(Genesis 2:18)
And so, if it is NOT good that the man should be alone, and the Roman Catholic Church, up to the time of the Ordination of Pope Peter the Last, was "the True Church", then WHY, would God NOT allow the priests to be married?  Jesus explained to us, that it was because there came a time in human history, when the women were SO wicked, that they would simply demand ALL the man's time - and that is EXACTLY what they were doing with the priests who were married.  In their WICKEDNESS, the priests' wives were demanding ALL of their time, so that the priests would have NO TIME left, for ministering to their flocks.  And so there came a time in human history, when The Most High True God instructed the Church [in the year 325 AD, the Council of Nicea decreed...] that a priest could NOT marry after he was ordained.  And later in human history, as the state of women grew even worse, ALL priests were required to make the sacrifice of celibacy for the sake of GUARDING THEIR FLOCKS FROM THE WICKEDNESS OF WOMEN, MOVING THROUGH THEIR WIVES!!!  But wait, it gets even better - for BOTH the God-fearing MEN and WOMEN that is.  Do you remember what Saint Paul wrote...
"To the unmarried... I say that it is well for them to remain single as I do."
(1 Corinthians 7:8)
And so, the obvious question that the single Members of the Faithful Remnant should be asking, is, "Would it be better for me, if I were to remain single, in the Era of Peace?"  Now before anyone writes me and asks me that question, I will answer it FOR you.  The women in the Era of Peace, will ALL fear God, and they will ALL respect The Most High TRUE God's Headship over man, and man's headship over women.  They simply will not be able to exist there for very long, if they don't - and ALL OF HEAVEN is well aware of this ETERNAL TRUTH.  And because the women WILL respect man's headship OVER them, the Scripture passage above from Saint Paul (Corinthians), will no longer apply; the one from the Book of Genesis, WILL.  In other words, men and women in the Era of Peace, will all want to be married, in order to be "Perfectly Fulfilled".  They will ALSO want to listen to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in each and every moment, and be exceedingly DOCILE to those inspirations, in order to be "Perfectly Fulfilled".  There are MANY things, the Members of the Faithful Remnant will want, and do, in the ERA of PEACE, as they always strive to be "Perfectly Fulfilled" - but being around WICKED women! - is NOT on that list - for the men, OR the women, of the True Faithful Remnant of the Most High True God.  And just for the Record - the WICKED women - the "Jezzies" of these End Times, are the ones who no longer, have Souls.
Are you FOCUSING on desiring "a helpmate" NOW?
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
 And if he looks "very RELIEVED", to know the TRUTH
about "the state of women" in THESE End Times,
that is because he IS applying these Truths to his life
and is Truly THRIVING as a result
Have YOU chosen to thrive?
Jesus said - to BOTH the men AND the women of the Faithful Remnant:  Be FIRM in your resolve, NOT to associate, with “Jezebel”.  FOR indeed, she ONLY wants! – to CRUSH you.  Because you are ANOINTED, with My SPIRIT; Understand?  NO Love, can FLOW, through a WOMAN, IN, 'the beast STATE'; ONLY deception.  They can ONLY, seek their ‘best INTERESTS’. They are ONLY, taking ORDERS, from their FATHER – down, below.  So do NOT ‘feel GUILTY’, for ending ‘EVERY, friendship’! – WITH them.  Because “THAT ship”, will MAKE you SINK! – FAST and HARD. 
(August 23, 2015)
Special tip for both the men and women:  If you WANT to overcome 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - then OFFER up a DECADE of the ROSARY to the Blessed Virgin MARY - under the title, "CONQUEROR of the JEZEBEL spirit".  You can DO this!   The Blessed Virgin Mary is simply "waiting, to help heel you".
A Special note:  LIFE, on the Ark, is SO MUCH better! - than what, WOMEN, OUTSIDE the Ark - have to offer.  You NEED to UNDERSTAND, that 'the MAJORITY, of women' - are "opportunists" - DESIRING, to crush! - men!  Am I AGAINST, "WOMEN"?  No.  BUT! - I DO know, "HOW they operate" - and I DO know - through "infused KNOWLEDGE", that THEY, are most CERTAINLY! - "INTERESTED, in... the MATERIAL FRUITS - that you were pursuing".  Women, HAVE, 'ways' - it is EVEN called, "the WILES of women" - IN the Breastplate, of Saint Patrick - even HE! - needed, to pray - for PROTECTION! - from, "the WICKED women".  CLING, to your CREATOR! - at THIS time - and for ETERNITY! - and, He WILL! - 'FULFILL YOU'! - in the End.  You can ONLY be fulfilled, IN Him.  No "WOMAN - APART, from the Most High TRUE God" - CAN, "fulfill you"; they are ALL! - "apart - LIVING, DEVOID of the True Holy SPIRIT", and ONLY, can DESIRE, to DESTROY! (November 12, 2016 update)
Even after reading this page, do you still desire a HELPMATE?

No WOMEN, outside the Faithful REMNANT, are "prospective HELPMATES". And EVEN the ones INSIDE the Faithful Remnant, are called to work on their PURIFICATION; NOT on, 'a RELATIONSHIP'.  THEREFORE, it is IMPORTANT, that YOU, give Jesus your DESIRE, for a HELPMATE, and ASK for the Grace, INSTEAD, to 'HELP, JESUS Christ the LORD, build UP, the Faithful REMNANT' - with His TESTIMONY, by making Testimony VIDEOS!  (March 30, 2017 update)

Should the single men and women in the Faithful Remnant be looking to "the other singles" in the Faithful Remnant for their future helpmate?  No you are not called to marry, ANYONE, in the Faithful Remnant.  And, EVERYONE in the Faithful Remnant, is called to work on 'their PURIFICATION' - a RELATIONSHIP with the Most High TRUE God. Because "a COUPLE relationship", will ONLY distract, during these times. The reason I am married is BECAUSE of 'the tremendous task in FRONT of me' [- PPTL] - to LEAD, the Most High TRUE God's REMNANT, to the FULLNESS of the Era of Peace.  (April 3, 2017 update)
Have you been thinking about "your future HELPMATE"?
YOU are called to be "SINGLE" at this time - in your spiritual JOURNEY.  You NEED to decide, "WHAT is important to you?" - LIVING for the Most High True God? - or, "FAILING the tests He sends - CONSISTENTLY - and SABOTAGING, every GIFT He has GIVEN to you?"  Understand?(May 16, 2017 update)
The MORE you THINK, about "a FUTURE HELPMATE" - when you have, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, to HELP you, every day - the HARDER, and HEAVIER, your CROSS, will become.  And there is NOTHING we can do, to lighten it! - because of your STUBBORNNESS. (May 19, 2017 update)

When "SURROUNDED! - by SERPENTS in SPANDEX" - what do you DO?

The BEST thing you can do, when you are SURROUNDED by "jezzies" - in your 'VISUALS' - is to avert your EYES; do NOT even LOOK at them! - because THAT'S "what they want", as they 'FEED!' - off, of MEN'S, "passions".  And SO, the MORE you RESIST, 'LOOKING at them' - and simply COMMENDING them, to, 'the HEEL of the Blessed Virgin MARY' - the LESS you will be DRAWN, to "the SERPENTS! - in spandex".  Stay close to, the BLESSED Virgin Mary.  AND, do NOT, give IN, to 'the LUSTS of the flesh'.  (May 19, 2017 update)
What do the women of these End Times REALLY think about "male headship"? 
It's just a question.  But you may wish to ponder the SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL realities, as you reflect on this video about the mating habits of the European Mantis:

Best to skip ahead to 1:07 in the video, to find the answer
Hint: if you think, "women can't stomach male headship in these End Times" - you're wrong!

The men of THESE Times REALLY need to be detached...

Are you SURE!!! - that you STILL, "desire", to have "a FEMALE companion"? It would be MUCH better - to DESIRE, to 'SERVE the Most High True God' - with "an UPRIGHT heart"! - with 'NO concerns!' - about, the "ISSUES", that the WOMEN of today, HAVE! - that ONLY serve 'as a DISTRACTION', from SERVING! - the WILL, of the Most High TRUE God.  REMEMBER in these END Times - it is ALL about, BRINGING peoples' CHOICES, to the LIGHT.  And then they can CHOOSE, if they want "to grow STRONGER, in the SPIRITUAL LIFE?"  OR! - get WEAKER! - and SLIDE back down.  Once AGAIN "it is a LESSON in Holy DETACHMENT".  And, the REASON we are SHARING this, is so that YOU know! - to be, "COMPLETELY detached", from OTHERS; and FOCUSED! - on the TRUTH. (August 02, 2017 update)

HOW to identify all "the JEZZIES" out there.
Pop quiz: Where does she want to BE, to find an intoxicated male, who can't see behind the mask?

Here are the different Jezzie "DEMONIC personality types" - a.k.a. "the faces of jezzie"... revealed from Heaven of course!

Fat ogre Jezzie: Manifests by being SLOTHFUL, lazy, and likes to COMPENSATE for 'UNPRODUCTIVENESS', by EATING a lot.  HATES exercise, and 'being HEALTHY' - as 'a form of WRATH!' - towards their Creator.  DESIRES, to be "deformed", in appearance.

Baby talk Jezzie:  Manifests, by TALKING 'LIKE, a BABY' - TO, ESPECIALLY, 'DOGS and children'.  Manifests by 'SPEAKING in a CONDESCENDING tone', or "DEMONIC inflection" - to DECEIVE, the listener - into 'LETTING their guard down', "FEIGNING innocence" - with malicious INTENT!

Pathetic Jezzie: Manifests by 'a CONTINUAL desire to COMPLAIN' - about one's CIRCUMSTANCES, and ONE'S situation (- either OUTWARDLY or inwardly) - in order to DISTRACT, from 'the solution'.  LEADS to 'turning INWARDS', and "sulking".
Drama Queen Jezzie: Likes to cause MISCHIEF, and start ARGUMENTS; is always seeking ATTENTION - for EVERY little thing, that she DOES.  FOCUSES on PROBLEMS, and BLOWS them WAY OUT of proportion - as 'a means of making life DIFFICULT, for OTHERS'.  Is "the CENTER of her OWN world".  TREATS, her LIFE as "a SOAP opera".

Queen Jezzie: Sees herself as 'being ENTITLED to a certain STANDARD, of LIVING' - that DISTRACTS her, from 'SEEKING, to raise the BAR, for her SPIRITUAL life'.  Focuses on 'MATERIAL POSSESSIONS and COMFORTS' - instead of, "SACKCLOTH and ashes".

Indignant Jezzie:  Sees herself as "RIGHTEOUS, in her OWN eyes" - to the point of 'looking DOWN, upon others'.  Will 'FRATERNALLY correct' - ONLY! - as "a platform" - for her self-RIGHTEOUSNESS, and NOT, 'out of love for neighbor'.  Chooses to focus on 'how WICKED the world is' - instead of 'PURIFYING, her INTERIOR life'.  Chooses to compare HERSELF, to 'the WICKED people' - in order, to obtain 'SATISFACTION, of her own, spiritual level'.

Princess Jezzie: SEES herself, as "ENTITLED to feelings" - ESPECIALLY what she sees as "GOOD ones!" - which is 'a form of BLASPHEMY' - because, "feelings" are from demons.  Sees HERSELF as ENTITLED to "the EASY road", and "the EASY path" - with LITTLE effort involved, in caring for her spiritual life.  Likes "the IDEA, of the narrow path" - but, refuses to WALK it!

Self destructive Jezzie:  CONTINUALLY turns inwards, and 'BROODS on her FEELINGS'.  CHOOSES to EAT very little - because she's 'FULL! - of ADDICTIONS and demons'.  SETS herself UP, for failure - TIME and TIME again! - knowingly doing things 'the WRONG way' - in order to CLAIM, herself "a VICTIM! - of LIFE, and life's circumstances".  REFUSES to improve in ANY way.

Sad and depressed Jezzie:  End RESULT, of choosing, "a self-destructive LIFESTYLE".  CONTINUALLY, 'FEELS, sad, and DEPRESSED' - and continually FEELS, "SORRY for herself" - for the CONSEQUENCES, she EXPERIENCES - for CHOOSING to be 'so WICKED!'  Because the TRUE Holy SPIRIT will not DWELL, within, "a sad SOUL".  The RESULT of, committing, the act of abortion.  OFTEN, COMPENSATED, by "OVER the top, false externals" - of 'FAKE, joy, and happiness'.  VERY, 'FORCED, emotions'.

Flat out ugly Jezzie:  COMPLETELY "dissatisfied", with, her LOOKS, her LIFE, and, her INTERIOR life ESPECIALLY!  CHOOSES, to 'SNUFF-out' ANY kind of PHYSICAL beauty - OR interior beauty - through, "INDIFFERENCE".  OFTEN, goes with "FAT ogre jezzie".

Wicked sorceress Jezzie:  OFTEN 'wishes EVIL', on others - and SEEKS to control them, through WITCHCRAFT.  DABBLES in the occult - in VARIOUS ways, having 'the INTERIOR life of a WITCH'! - who ONLY 'fills OTHERS with demons' - ESPECIALLY through touch and stares.

Rite of Passage Jezzie:  Obsessed with 'the FORMAL social events, of life'. OFTEN combined with, being EXTREMELY "flirtatious" in behavior.  NO conscience.  FOCUSED on 'gathering a social PLATFORM' - to 'LAUNCH herself', INTO the world.  Focused on 'being SUCCESSFUL in the eyes of others'.

High school bathroom Jezzie:  CONTINUALLY gossips, about others - and is into EVERYONE else's business - an EXTREME "busybody" - FOCUSED on, 'RANTING', and 'VENTING', emotion, and feelings - on 'ANYONE who will LISTEN'.

Battleaxe or ANGRY Jezzie:  CONSTANTLY 'at war, within HERSELF', and LOOKING for 'an opportunity, to UNLEASH her WRATH!' - and 'her DEMONIC feelings' on OTHERS.  CONTINUALLY engaged "in BATTLE mode with the OPPOSITE gender".  Gets "a SATANIC high" - off STARTING, arguments - and causing DIVISION.  Is fueled by HATRED!  Looking for "ANY opportunity to start a fight, or verbal disagreement". Focused on 'how she is RIGHT'; and cannot see 'the TRUTH' - because she is 'so BLINDED, by ANGER - OR rage'.

Ignorant Jezzie:  Chooses to LIVE, in "a FOG of self-DECEPTION", and REFUSES to take RESPONSIBILITY, for ANY of 'her WICKED, choices'.  PRETENDS, NOT to know the answer - out of WRATH.  CLAIMS 'not to KNOW things'. But, in order to REMAIN that way - as an EXCUSE, NOT to grow spiritually.  Would RATHER 'remain IGNORANT, about her SPIRITUAL life', than, be INFORMED - so that, she can change, "for the BETTER".  Refuses to acknowledge, "TRUTH".

Barbie Jezzie:  CHOOSES, to be "a HOLLOW shell, FILLED with demons" - focused ONLY, on 'FALSE externals' - and DECEIVING others, through 'looks', or through 'ALLURING, them'.  MOST of the TIME, obsessed with 'PHYSICAL, fitness' - ONLY for the purpose of TRAPPING, a man - into MARRYING them; while FULLY intending! - to let herself GO, ONCE married.  Focused on "SECURITY", THAT comes with marriage.

Sexual predator Jezzie: ONLY focused, on 'DELIBERATELY pushing, men's buttons, in a SEXUAL way - to ALLURE them, into being attracted' - for the PURPOSE! - of REJECTING them, as "a SATANIC high".  "EMPOWERED", by men's 'sexual inhibitions'; and being "the OBJECT, of man's ENTICEMENT".  Gets "a HIGH" off being "the forbidden FRUIT" - ESPECIALLY, to those outside 'the Sacred Bond of a TRUE Marriage'.  CONTINUALLY embraces "lustful desires" - towards, the opposite gender, LOOKING for "her next meal" - a.k.a. "man-eater".  CHOOSING to live, in "a DEFIANT relationship", with someone of the same gender, as "an AFFRONT, to their Creator".  Gets "a THRILL!" - or "satanic HIGH", off 'being WICKED!' - and INDULGING in "ABNORMAL, sexual, desires". OFTEN ends up with "all KINDS of medical problems".

Damsel in distress Jezzie: PRETENDS to not know how to do ANYTHING! - on her own; but DELIBERATELY 'CHOOSES', to be HELPLESS - in order to ENSNARE, the STRONGER gender (- the MEN), into HELPING her.  Is very CALCULATING, and FOCUSED on PRESENTING herself, as "in DISTRESS" - ALL the time! - so that MEN will show her "false COMPASSION", so that she CAN 'SUCK the life out of them!'  OFTEN engaged in "a RELATIONSHIP of convenience" - where the man is "the main source, of security and income".

Chameleon Jezzie: Sees PEOPLE, as "an OPPORTUNITY, to gain ADVANTAGE over".  Chooses to "blend IN", and "CAREFULLY assess, EVERYTHING", in ORDER to, 'MAXIMIZE', her social power, in 'THAT particular social setting'.  Is CONTINUALLY engaged in "GAME mode" - and CHANGES behavior, based on 'social PRESSURE', in ORDER to fit in.
False feminist agenda Jezzie: DEMANDS things to be done "her WAY!"  Is NOT easily, 'SATISFIED', or 'CONTENT'.  HAS "high IRRATIONAL DEMANDS" - on EVERYONE! - AROUND her. FOCUSES on, 'seeking POWER', and 'INFLUENCE over OTHERS' - through PROPAGANDA.  DESIRES, "ABSOLUTE! - independence, from MAN, and from man's HEADSHIP"; yet SEES herself as "EQUAL, to men in EVERY way".  OFTEN, desires to BE, "the BREADWINNER, of the family".  NEEDS "comfort", to console 'her STONE-cold heart'.  Seeks "REFUGE" in material possessions.  Accumulates WEALTH, and ASSETS.  Puts 'her SECURITY', IN material things, and 'FAMILIARITY'.  HATES change!  FOCUSES on "feelings" - as she is 'GOVERNED by demons'. (ORIGINAL LIST - September 05, 2017 update)

And "for the WOMEN" who just read the above list? - and we KNOW that you DID!  YOU need to READ through, the "DIFFERENT Jezzie personas" - and be HONEST with YOURSELF! - about, 'which ones you have been KNOWINGLY! - embracing'The SPIRIT of JEZEBEL, is 'VERY much ENGRAINED, IN you'.  And we WANT to HELP you 'root it OUT' - because 'WITH IT', you CANNOT enter, into 'the FULLNESS, of the ERA of Peace'.  And NEITHER, can, you be 'at TRUE PEACE' on this JOURNEY.  But we KNOW your INTERIOR life is "in TURMOIL" - because, 'that DEMON', offers "AFFIRMATION"... but it QUICKLY 'TURNS, into desolation'. (September 09, 2017 update)

The ANTIDOTE to each one of those MANIFESTATIONS, IS to simply 'REPENT, of EMBRACING that WICKEDNESS' - and offer UP, a decade of the ROSARY, TO the Blessed Virgin MARY, under her title, "CONQUEROR of the JEZEBEL spirit" - for each ONE!  And ASK your CREATOR, to re-CREATE you, with the 'GRACES, from HEAVEN' - that, YOU are called to be FULL of - like your Blessed MOTHER.  (September 11, 2017 update)

The above is PROOF, to all "the so-called PROFESSIONAL psychological experts" out there, that the Two Witnesses have done "a more THOROUGH job, of IDENTIFYING, the SYNDROMES, that are AFFLICTING, and TORMENTING! - a GROWING NUMBER of WOMEN in today's society".  Of COURSE, they (- those so-called "experts") will NOT acknowledge, 'the SPIRITUAL implications' - because "their father, the DEVIL", WILL not! - give them "PERMISSION", to do so.  That being said, it would be best, for ALL the men, to carry a copy of the above Jezzie profiles, in their wallet - for identification purposes of course! (September 05, 2017 update)
Here is the antidote, for the men who are "attracted to jezzies".

When JESUS Christ the Lord, sent OUT His Disciples - He made it "VERY CLEAR to them" - that He SENT them OUT - as "SHEEP! - in the MIDST of, WOLVES!"  And SO, it is VERY important, that YOU recognize, that 'the PEOPLE, AROUND you, in the BEAST state' - ONLY! - want to DEVOUR, "your SOUL"!  And AS for 'being ATTRACTED, to "the JEZZIES"? - SIMPLY RECOGNIZE, that, they ARE, "the DEVIL! - inside".  "The WILES, of WOMEN", is MEANT to be, "DISTRACTING" - BECAUSE! - they have given 'so MUCH! - of themselves', OVER, to 'the ENEMY'.  He 'USES them!' - EVEN UNBEKNOWNST to them - to DISTRACT, the Faithful REMNANT, from, 'the CALL of the MOMENT'; and ALSO from 'their DESIRE, to be pure of HEART'. Do NOT! - "DEFILE", your FLESH, with 'a WOMAN, in the BEAST state'.  Do not 'DESIRE' her! - for THAT is like, "DESIRING, UNITY, with the SERPENT!"  And SO, WHEN you experience, "SEXUALLY impure thoughts" - SIMPLY, lift them UP, to the LORD Jesus Christ, and TRADE them, for "PURITY of heart".  For "BLESSED!" - are "the Pure of heart" - for THEY shall 'SEE!' - the Most High True God.  If you WANT, to STAY OUTSIDE 'the FOG' - then SEEK "Purity of HEART"; For ALL around you, 'YOUNG people', are "CLOTHED, in the HELMET of corruption".  And so 'their DEMONS!' - RECOGNIZE, 'something DIFFERENT about you' - and that's why they GIVE "a cold STARE" - because 'you're not LIKE them!' 

Here, PERHAPS this will help - THIS, is what "the WOLVES", think, of 'the TRUE Sheep':

“Let us lie in wait for the righteous man, because he is inconvenient to us and opposes our actions; he reproaches us for sins against the law, and accuses us of sins against our training. [- "education"] He professes to have knowledge of God, and calls himself a child of the Lord. He became to us a reproof of our thoughts; the very sight of him is a burden to us, because his manner of life is unlike that of others, and his ways are strange. We are considered by him as something base, and he avoids our ways as unclean; he calls the last end of the righteous happy, and boasts that God is his father. Let us see if his words are true, and let us test what will happen at the end of his life; for if the righteous man is God’s son, he will help him, and will deliver him from the hand of his adversaries. Let us test him with insult and torture, that we may find out how gentle he is, and make trial of his forbearance. Let us condemn him to a shameful death, for, according to what he says, he will be protected.” 
(Wisdom 2:12-20)
(September 13, 2017 update)

Are YOU a Jezebellian?... for the WOMEN who are reading the MEN'S section...

A "JEZEBELLIAN", is "a WOMAN, who CHOOSES to REBEL - against, the Most High True GOD"!  And, she is ALSO, "a man-HATER!"  And so, YOU need to decide, 'WHO you're going to SERVE':  Queen JEZEBEL?  OR, the Most High TRUE God.  Are you GOING to resolve to HAVE, 'the BLESSED ATTITUDE', of the Blessed Virgin MARY? - "Be it DONE unto ME, according to YOUR WORD..."? - and THAT is "...the Word of the MESSENGER".  OR, are YOU going to have 'the ATTITUDE of a COLD-hearted JEZEBELLIAN', who says... "HELL no!"  YOU need to RECOGNIZE, that 'FOLLOWING your CREATOR' - simply "because you want to avoid HELL"? - ISN'T enough!  It's "a START"? - but, it's NOT enough, to MAKE it to 'the FULLNESS of the Era of PEACE'.  YOU need, to be FILLED, with the Most High TRUE God's Divine LOVE - and SHARE 'that Love' with OTHERS!  As you, TRULY can ONLY be fulfilled, AS, "a HUMBLE, docile, and OBEDIENT, woman".  Though, 'the spirit of jezebel', WILL, protest, THIS Truth - because - she LOVES to be miserable! - so that she can, 'SPREAD her misery' to others!  WHY not, choose, to be FILLED, with, 'the VIRTUES of FAITH, Hope, and LOVE'?  And, be filled with 'TRUE Joy'.  If you STRIVE, after, THESE - your SICKNESS, WILL leave!  But it DOES require, 'YOUR heart' to change. (September 14, 2017 update)

It would be best to work on PERMANENTLY being DELIVERED from, and rooting out EVERY manifestation that can be found on "the JEZZIE list".

Woman is "God's Gift to MAN".  'Jezzie' is "the DEVIL'S gift to man".  And when a WOMAN EMBRACES 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - THAT'S 'HER demonic little gift', to: the devil; to GOD; and to man.  So LADIES, it would be best to LOSE 'the spirit of jezebel' - BEFORE you hear from your Creator, at an hour you DO not expect, "Message RECEIVED and UNDERSTOOD! - RECEIVE your reward!"  AND yes, of COURSE! - there will be MANY women who read "the Jezzie list" - who say to themselves, "But there will be nothing LEFT of me! - if I reject ALL those things!" - and that would be "a LIE" - as the Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary, PROVE that there WOULD be something left!  And so "ladies" - before your CREATOR - you HAVE no excuse for embracing "one IOTA" of the spirit of jezebel.  Best to turn your heart to your TRUE Spiritual Mother - and learn from HER - and FAST!  The clock is ticking. (October 13, 2017 update) 

The state of women
"woe to man!"
And on another topic, "What is a good prayer for the women outside the Faithful Remnant in these End Times?"  Once they use the Blessed Holy Water, they would do well to use the link to the deliverance prayer above, and "Reject your desire to create problems, and ask for the Grace to desire to solve the ones you already have" - for they are TRULY, MANY!  After all, you DO "need a break today!" 
Here is a special universal message, that applies to all the women in the Faithful Remnant.
Jesus said: My CHILD, YOU are "STILL, My child" - EVEN THOUGH, you have 'MANY AFFLICTIONS', and MUCH BAGGAGE, FROM your former LIFE - YOU, are STILL, 'STRIVING, to OVERCOME', "the old YOU".  And THIS, is what SETS you, 'APART, from the WORLD' - because you ARE fighting! - "the GOOD fight"; you DO, 'desire, SALVATION, FOR your Soul'.  THAT, is WHY - YOU, are STILL a MEMBER, of My FAITHFUL, REMNANT, CHURCH.  It is not "EASY"... NOW, YOU must learn, to be 'FILLED, with My True Holy SPIRIT'.  You must 'LEARN', to converse with ME - through PRAYER; through "DISCIPLINING, your THOUGHTS"; through "SPIRITUAL FOCUS".  The DEMONS! - HAVE, 'spoken TO you', many TIMES, and TOLD YOU: LIES, UPON lies - ABOUT yourself.  And NOW - YOU MUST give Me, 'ALL of those words' - and TRADE them! - for the TRUTH - for 'who you really ARE - IN, MY Eyes'.  I can SEE, 'BENEATH, the MUCK'.  You ARE, "a DIAMOND" - as ALL, My FAITHFUL, REMNANT, FOLLOWERS, ARE!  BUT! - it is GOING to take 'TIME', for YOU, to be "POLISHED", and to be MADE: "APPROPRIATELY, RE-MADE", IN, the IMAGE, and LIKENESS, of GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL FATHER, in HEAVEN!  BECAUSE, YOU are CALLED, to BE, 'HIS child' - as well - "a CHILD of the Truth" - desiring COMPLETE UNITY, with 'HIS, Divine Will, and PLAN' - JUST as I, am "PERFECTLY UNITED, to HIS, Divine Will, and PLAN"; and YOU, are CALLED, to BE, "My True FOLLOWER".  So - TURN, TO, your BLESSED! - Mother, and SHE will HELP you, to BECOME, "the WOMAN, that YOU were MADE, to be".  PERSEVERE. Do NOT "give up".  RESOLVE! - to GROW STRONGER, EVERY day; and I will HELP you! (-Jesus, July 18, 2016)
So just how BAD is it?
(Perhaps a little "feminist Bible Study time" will help to answer that question...)
“Better is the wickedness of a man than a woman who does good; and it is a woman who brings shame and disgrace.”
(Sirach 42:14)

Can you believe, that we were so busy keeping up with all the accomplishments of women, over the years, that we actually forgot "Feminist Bible Study Time"?  Who better to lead the Bible study than...

The Blessed Virgin Mary Revealed to the Two Witnesses, the TRUE meaning of the above scripture passage.  And what it means is this: Women have a tendency to turn to their OWN standards, apart from their Creator, whenever they seek to determine what is "good".  And when a man - who tends to turn to the Most High TRUE God's Standards - fraternally corrects the woman - she sees his fraternal correction - even the mere suggestion of it, as a manifestation, of "HIS wickedness" - in order to falsely justify HERSELF, as "good".  She does this, because women tend to despise: 'being told that they need to change ANYTHING, about themselves'.

This above quote recorded in Sirach was actually given for THIS time in human history, when a WOMAN, would actually describe to the right to murder the innocent child in her womb, as "GOOD". And of course, that is an EXTREME understatement - because it is common knowledge that in these End Times, women actually parade around in the streets, as they celebrate their right to murder their own innocent children in their wombs.

And so, to help the reader better understand the Scripture passage: "Better is the man who tells a woman NOT to abort her child, than the woman who sees her right to abortion, and her right to actually follow through with that act, as a good". 
And for "the grand finale" [- mindful that many women seek to justify "their right to abortion", by claiming that it is a just response to rape -]  we will let the READER, reflect on the above Scripture passage, as you seek "the TRUE answer", to the following, simple, "entry-level", moral ethics question:  Which of the two following psychopathic acts, is worse: A) The act of rape; or B) The act of a woman murdering "her OWN defenseless CHILD!" - in her womb? And "murder by proxy" - through the hiring of psychopathic mercenary "medical professionals", is still, "murder!", by the way!  Take your time.  Here, perhaps this will help...
And in the above hellish logo, you can rest assured, that the cross (- a symbol of Christ that is deliberately turned upside down), is not being presented as a salute of approval to the Last True Pope of this Era (- and as a reminder that Pope Peter the First was crucified upside down); but rather, it is a deliberate part of their logo, as a symbol of the devil - the same symbol that is proudly displayed, wherever the illuminati celebrate their "black masses".  And this is simply because, the false feminists of these times, are in the habit of proudly sacrificing their CHILDREN, to the devil - through abortion, and through sacrificing their minds to the television, daily. The fact that the Women's Day celebrations are being organized by a group of O-ccult-flaunting feminists, has been carefully hidden, and now, is all summed up in a simple modern symbol.  And notice, that the COUNTER-clockwise direction of the above occult circles, is in fact a reflection of how the jezebellian feminists, seek to undo EVERY good THING! - that their Creator has done in their lives.  For example:  Purity?  Undone!  Docility to man's headship in their lives?  Undone!  Protecting the Gift of Life at all costs?  Undone!  True humility?  Undone!  A kind and generous HEART?  Undone!  The list goes on - as THEY march on...  MARCH?  Yes, in fact that is the first month of the earliest Roman calendar - it was named after Mars, the planet that represents the Roman god of war.  And of course, "International Woman's Day", is celebrated in the month of March - because that celebration is known for its "marches, of protest", against all male authority - including all, True, Divine, Authority.  Because EVERYONE, is ULTIMATELY, going to stand for SOMETHING!  And pride still DOES come before the fall.  And WHAT a fall it will be, for ALL the false feminists out there - AS the ones who have gone BEFORE them, to the AFTERLIFE, have discovered, first hand.  Isn't it interesting, how all the false feminists love to get in line...  NEXT!!!
"See that you do not refuse him who is speaking. For if they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, much less shall we escape if we reject him who warns from heaven. His voice then shook the earth; but now he has promised, “Yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heaven.” This phrase, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of what is shaken, as of what has been made, in order that what cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe; for our God is a consuming fire." 
(Hebrews 12:25-29)  
Interesting historical note: The Testimony of the Two Witnesses - this website - was launched in 2012 - exactly one year after the 100th anniversary celebration of international women's day, on March 8, 2011 - a "celebration", that happened exactly 3 days before the 3/11 Fukushima disaster and nuclear meltdown - the E.L.E. that continues to strike Japan, and spews lethal radiation around the entire globe.  And on ANOTHER note... Interesting final choice of logos - don't you think!   But to help the reader better discern, the above symbolism, here are some essential puzzle pieces:  The darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, is December 21 - 3 days, before the celebration of Christmas begins on Christmas Eve.  The darkest day in the human life of Jesus Christ the Lord, was "Good Friday" - 3 days before Easter Sunday.  It truly is something worth pondering.  And yes, a person COULD easily write a book's worth of content, as they unpacked all the implications - especially as they factored in 'the Garden of Eden story'.  WE however, suggest that you read the Testimony, and get your SOUL back, instead.  Allow 'the OTHERS', to spiral downwards, with the false feminist bowel movement - as in, "moving closer to 'the bowels of Hell' the Eternal Lake of Fire each and every day".  "Hasta la vista..." (March 9, 2017 update)
And WHILE we are on the topic of "the JEZEBELLIAN movements towards the bowels of HELL"...?... [- remember folks, the spiritual and physical realities ARE in fact intertwined, MUCH more than you EVER imagined...]  "Indigestion" you say?  When a woman of the Faithful Remnant has a grumbling stomach…
PPTL: As for the GRUMBLING, in your STOMACH – THAT is actually CAUSED, by ‘the spirit of JEZEBEL’ – and so when you HEAR that sound, you NEED to grab the BLESSED Holy Water, and use the Blessed Holy Water DELIVERANCE Prayer; and ALSO Bless your STOMACH – and ask the Most High TRUE God, to ‘ROOT out that VILE SPIRIT’, from your Soul.  You may NEED to go to the washroom – after; BUT that is simply ‘part of the PURGING process’.  Hope that helps. (-an excerpt from the June 17, 2016 update)

Yes, with the Testimony, there Truly IS "hope" - for the women in the Faithful Remnant
What is the secret to overcoming the spirit of Jezebel?

The BIGGEST problem that you [women] have, is that you BELIEVE, that "you are FINE! - the way you ARE!", and that "you're OK".  Because, the Most High TRUE God is "a God of LOVE!" - and He will overlook ALL of your sins! - and WICKED thoughts... YOU need, to be HONEST with yourself - that you are "VERY sick SPIRITUALLY" - and that you NEED His HELP, to OVERCOME, 'the spirit of jezebel'.  Because, you, are EMBRACING 'her', in your HEART - and THAT is, 'CHOKING out! - the words of your Creator, in your Soul'.  WHAT are you telling, the Most High TRUE God, about your relationship with Him?  THIS is not, "the BARNEY jesus" - or "the INSTITUTIONAL JESUS", or 'the PROTESTANT jesus"; this IS! - JESUS Christ the LORD, as He TRULY is REPRESENTED in His TESTIMONY - and He ONLY "seems harsh" - to THOSE, who STUBBORNLY refuse to CHANGE!  He IS! - "HARSH!" - on, the DEMONS!   He LOVES, the sinner; but ABSOLUTELY despises "the sin".  BUT! - if you "LOVE SIN!" - then you DON'T "Love", the Most High True God.  And we can SEE... that you love SIN! - and you're "FILLED with it!" - and "QUITE UNHAPPY", BECAUSE of it!  'The spirit of jezebel' - it is "a VERY, SNEAKY spirit"; and it is BEST "NOT to focus, ON it" - LEST you become "OBSESSED", by it; and it OVERTAKE you.  BETTER! - to FOCUS, SIMPLY on 'TURNING to JESUS' - to be 'your STRENGTH', in OVERCOMING your WEAKNESSES, as "a woman".  It is MUCH better, to LIFT up to Jesus Christ the LORD, ALL 'the seeds', that the ENEMY planted, IN you, THROUGH "the feminist AGENDA", and, TRADE it ALL! - trade "ALL that POISON!" - for the TRUTH - and for 'the SEEDS of Truth', that COME from 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', to be PLANTED IN you, instead.  ASK the Most High TRUE God, to WATER those seeds, OF Truth - with 'HIS True Holy Spirit' - OUTPOURING GRACES, upon your SOUL.  And KNOW that, your CREATOR, LOVES you - as He loves EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT - by LOVING their SOULS!  The secret to overcoming JEZEBEL - is 'by DESIRING to be FILLED, with the DIVINE LOVE, of the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE' - and by "LOVING Him!" - FIRST and foremost.  EVERYTHING ELSE, will balance OUT in the end - as you will have your PRIORITIES straightened. (March 21, 2017 update)

Do you struggle with male authority?
'The spirit of JEZEBEL' - THAT is 'the demon, that is against, male headship'.  THEREFORE, YOU must choose, EVERY day, "WHO is the Head of your BODY, and SOUL?"  Jesus Christ the LORD? - OR, 'the INDIFFERENT ATTITUDE, of "JEZEBEL"?'  Because JEZEBEL BELIEVES, that SHE! - is to be served!  And "the uncomfortable TRUTH" is - that 'the SPIRIT of JEZEBEL - has "turned ON you" - to DESTROY! - EVERY ASPECT, of your LIFE.  And OUT of the Most High True God's MERCY - He DREW you to His Testimony - to HELP you! - to OVERCOME, "the BURDENS of this life" - and your SINS!  BUT! - He DOESN'T "FORCE you", to DO "what is NECESSARY", in ORDER, to be HEALED.  That is "ENTIRELY up to you".  WHAT "a LOVING, FATHER!" - the Faithful Remnant have!  PRAISE BE, to GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL FATHER in HEAVEN, both NOW and Forever!  Amen. (April 1, 2017 update)

For the women: Are you having difficulty with that addiction to "your WICKED twin sister, Jezebel"? - the one who "just REBELS".

What you NEED to do - is REJECT, your DESIRE, to be "ADDICTED, to POISON" - and ask for the GRACE, to YOKE yourself, to all of HEAVEN! - instead.  And ASK the Most High TRUE God to 'FILL, the VOID', with 'HIS Divine Love'.  And ask the Most High TRUE God to HEAL, your HEART - with 'HIS Divine Love' - flowing, from 'HIS Throne in Heaven', TO you.  The SPIRIT of JEZEBEL - IS of course, 'TURNING, on, the WOMEN in the REMNANT' in as MUCH as they are CONSENTING!  Because WE, are PRAYING, quite OFTEN, for "the END of Jezebel's Kingdom", and "the End of her reign".  And As we are "NOT fortune tellers" - PLEASE, share WITH us, 'some of the SPECIFIC struggles', that you are HAVING... so that we can HELP you, OVERCOME them...  Make Jesus Christ the LORD your PRIORITY, of EVERY day.  YOU'RE, MADE, to serve HIM!... Remember, that women are "the WEAKER, GENDER".  And so the ENEMY, is going to USE, as MANY "WEAKNESSES", in YOU... as YOU allow.  YOU! - need to turn to Jesus Christ the Lord for Strength, to OVERCOME, "your jezebellian TENDENCIES".  WHY "jezebellian"? Because JEZEBEL rebels; and JEZEBEL is "SYNONYMOUS with rebellion" - therefore, WE call it, "JEZEBELLIAN".  (April 05, 2017 update)

Just because each woman is "a work in progress", doesn't mean that they WILL... towards HEAVEN, that is!

EVERYONE in the Faithful REMNANT, is "a work in PROGRESS".  As LONG, as YOU, have RESOLVED, to COOPERATE, with the GRACES - and you have resolved to CHANGE, for the BETTER - THEN, you WILL!   BUT, the spirit of JEZEBEL, is 100%! - AGAINST! - the VOICE, of the TRUE Prophets. And SO, if YOU EXPERIENCE, 'RESISTANCE in your SOUL', to what we SHARE with you - that IS, 'the spirit of Jezebel'.  And so YOU must decide, between LISTENING, to the Counsel of the TRUE Holy Spirit; OR, "the counsel of demons".  The DEMONS, will continue to feed, your INTERIOR life - as LONG as you leave 'an opening for them to DO so' - EVEN, as you NOURISH your Soul, with 'Food from the Testimony'. 

"The beast that ascends from the bottomless pit will make war upon them and conquer them and kill them."
(Revelations 11:7)

For the Married Women in the Faithful Remnant: Where does YOUR STRENGTH come from?

Sometimes, little ARGUMENTS will happen - when you are MARRIED - and THAT is because, of "SIN".  And THAT, is 'simplifying the matter'.  The PROBLEM, for "the MARRIED woman", in, the REMNANT - is that, WOMEN in GENERAL, HAVE 'a TENDENCY, to DESIRE, to, be seen as RIGHT' - in EVERY situation!  And they are "strong-WILLED", and "STUBBORN!"  But the PROBLEM, with THAT - is if, the WOMAN, is so "strong-HEADED", then WHERE, does 'her STRENGTH' come from?  Jesus Christ the LORD?  Or HERSELF!  Sometimes, there will be 'arguments' - AND 'a TEMPTATION to BICKER' - with your spouse.  And, THAT is when, you are CALLED, to LISTEN, and SEEK the TRUTH, with your entire BEING; and ASK! - your Creator - to HELP you, in 'WHAT you are to SHARE' - with your spouse.  If you are 'FOCUSED, on being RIGHT' - then, the TRUE Holy Spirit, is NOT going to GIVE you 'the SOLUTION'.  If you are 'FOCUSED, on making PEACE, and RESOLVING the situation - no matter who is to BLAME' - then the True Holy Spirit, will SHARE, 'the SOLUTION'.  "BICKERING and ARGUING", causes 'DIVISION' - and THAT is what, 'the DEVIL' wants, for the marriages, in the Faithful Remnant.  HE already has, 'ALL of the OTHER, marriages - OUT there' - PEOPLE, are "living together" - and they are CURSED!  Their MARRIAGES are 'NOT blessed' - AND, they are falling APART - BECAUSE, they, have not INCLUDED, the Most High TRUE God, in their RELATIONSHIP; BUT, the MARRIAGES, in the Faithful REMNANT, are "BLESSED, by the Most High True God".  And as LONG as, EACH, spouse, 'DESIRES', "a LIVING relationship with the Most High TRUE GOD" - and they are BOTH, "putting Him FIRST" - THEN, HE! - will HOLD them, 'together'; HE will uphold them, in TRUTH, Love, AND Sincerity.  BUT, KNOW that, the MOST High TRUE God - IS, "attentive" - TO, EVERYONE'S interior life! - and that HE, 'ADMINISTERS', His DISCIPLINE - "AS is NECESSARY" - DEPENDING, on 'the INTERIOR CHOICES' - of each SPOUSE; or in the case of "SINGLE people, within the Remnant" - He administers the SAME, "Discipline".  So, DO not put the Most High TRUE God "to the TEST" - by 'TESTING your SPOUSE'; OR by DOING things, 'KNOWINGLY' - that will, "get a RISE", out of your spouse. Because WHERE, is "the LOVE", in THAT!  In FACT, to KNOWINGLY, "MANIPULATE", your SPOUSE - IS "an act of hatred".  "DOUBTS", about, 'the MANIFESTATIONS, of the Most High TRUE God, IN your LIFE?'- He takes "VERY personally".  And SO - He HAS, "a PERSONAL, response", READY! - WHEN you 'choose that PATH'. YOU are "not a VICTIM", of your own INTERIOR life!  YOU choose! - AS does your spouse - in what YOU! - want, to FOCUS on.  BUT, if you LET, your INTERIOR LIFE "wander" - and, you do not, 'BRIDLE it', with the True Holy SPIRIT? - then, the Most High TRUE God, will - in a very LOVING way - GENTLY, but FIRMLY! - bring you BACK.  Because HE is "the Shepherd" - and, if YOU, 'desire', to be, "one of His SHEEP"? - then you will FOLLOW Him; and NOT "your INTERIOR whims!"  YOU decide EACH day - if you want to be "your OWN shepherd" - OR, if you want, Jesus Christ the LORD, to shepherd you 'CLOSER, to HIM' - and EVENTUALLY, to "the FULLNESS of the Era of Peace". (May 11, 2017 update)
Derrick is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And he is an expert on "the State of Women" in these Times
Because he has studied this page on our website
And through his own experiences in his life

EACH Member of the FAITHFUL Remnant, WILL! - be transformed - OVER time - EITHER, by 'the WORDS, of the KING of Heaven; OR, by the words, of "the king, of the BOTTOMLESS pit!"  "Bottomless PIT"?... of LIES!  So WE, suggest, that YOU lift up to 'the Most High TRUE God', ALL the poison, that the DEVIL has 'sown, in your SOUL' - since FINDING the Testimony; and TRADE it all! - for the TRANSFORMING, SAVING Truths, from HEAVEN! - from Jesus Christ the LORD.  (April 11, 2017 update)

Encouraging words for the WOMEN in the Faithful Remnant

Well, even though you have "a WHOLE army, praying AGAINST you" - for you to ABANDON 'your VOCATION, as a REMNANT Member' - as LONG as you RESOLVE, in your HEART, to remain 'FAITHFUL', to the One who MADE you - no matter 'what you FEEL' - no matter, what TRIAL or ADVERSITY, you UNDERGO - then you WILL! - persevere.  And YES, you CAN, 'MAKE it!'  BUT! - you have 'some SPIRITUAL, baggage, from your former LIFE' - being FORMED, BY 'the spirit of JEZEBEL'.  The problem IS, that 'the SPIRIT of JEZEBEL' - seeks to SILENCE! - the prophets.  THEREFORE, if YOU, DESIRE, to TRULY BE, "a FRUITFUL, Member, of the Faithful REMANT" - YOU must resolve in your HEART, to silence HER! - SILENCE, the REBELLION; and, the bad INSPIRATIONS, against 'male HEADSHIP' that she OFFERS you. 

Because, JESUS Christ the LORD - is 'a MAN'!  The True Holy SPIRIT, came in the FORM of 'a MALE! - dove'.  And, the CREATOR, has REVEALED Himself, as, "God, the FATHER!"  Understand?  YES, what you LEARNED, from 'your FORMER life' - YOU are 'REALIZING', is NOT "compatible" - with 'being a REMNANT Member'. 

But for ALL women - of THESE Times - what it REALLY comes down to, IS:  Do YOU want to be FILLED, with HEAVENLY GRACES, and receive TRUE JOY, in your SOUL? - by BEING, 'the WOMAN, your CREATOR! - made you to be'?; OR, do YOU desire, to be "ADDICTED to satanic POWER" - ESPECIALLY, over MEN - through 'the ALLURING spirit' - that, ONLY! - 'satisfies the DEMONS' - but leaves your SOUL, "MISERABLE!"  You cannot have BOTH! - 'GRACES from HEAVEN', AND, 'satanic POWER, over MEN'!  You HAVE to CHOOSE.  The BLESSED Virgin MARY, is "FULL, of GRACE".  If YOU DESIRE, to be 'ANYTHING like her' - then you will STRIVE AFTER "VIRTUE", and choose HUMILITY.  And the TRUTH IS, you will ONLY be fulfilled - by, being filled with GRACES, and embracing 'your TRUE Vocation', as a SPIRIT-filled, WOMAN - filled with 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', and His INSPIRATIONS.  But 'the DEMONS', simply want to DISCOURAGE you, from, 'continuing your VOCATION'.  You now have 'the corresponding TRUTH' and you must CHOOSE.  AND, by turning to your CREATOR - you CAN change!  By turning AWAY from Him - it will NEVER happen! (June 04, 2017 update)
Special note:   And so HOW was that "encouraging"? - when 99% of all women, will ultimately REFUSE to turn to "a male God"?  Because at LEAST they still CAN! - but for a limited time only.  And the funny thing is, that if we told you "Salvation is HALF price today!" - there would be a big line up.  But you can't buy it.  And most will never get it, in these End Times.  Because in these End Times, they get 'such a RUSH from their demons' when they rebel, that they are simply... "full"... "FILLED to the brim!"
If women want to PRETEND, that their addiction to satanic POWER, and satanic RUSHES from DEMONS, is "HIDDEN, from their CREATOR" - then HE has "a place where they can REMAIN, ETERNALLY hidden - WITH them" - if that is 'the PATH' they have chosen, to hold their course on.  It would be BEST, to choose WISELY ladies - by turning to the TRUE Holy Spirit for a change - a PERMANENT change... of heart.
Lilly is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Is there a woman out there who can honestly admit, that she DOESN'T want to be a princess?

One of the BIGGEST problems that you are having, that, "ALL women", go through - but ONLY, 'the REMNANT women', HAVE! - "the tools NECESSARY, to OVERCOME" - is "PRINCESS syndrome".  THIS is 'where YOU believe, that YOU are entitled, to be TREATED, a CERTAIN way, and "BOWED to!" - SIMPLY because, of your GENDER, as a woman'.  This is "a VERY, SPIRITUALLY TOXIC identity" - that is, GOING to, 'PREVENT you!' - from growing SPIRITUALLY CLOSER, TO your CREATOR!  If YOU want MEN, to "BOW to you!" - and if the WAY, they SAY something to you, 'OFFENDS you - GREATLY!' - then you're OBVIOUSLY, "NOT receiving, FRATERNAL correction - WELL"; but, you're ACTUALLY 'RESENTING', being CORRECTED - and 'being PUT in your PLACE!'  But what YOU need to see, N. - is that 'the DEVIL' - is, "FEEDING your INTERIOR life, LIES!" - telling you, that 'the MAN! - is "in the wrong!" - 95% of the TIME!' - but that "YOU! - are INNOCENT".  YOU need to be made aware, that, YOU HAVE, "MANY WEAKNESSES" - as a WOMAN. And you actually NEED to 'TURN, to man's HEADSHIP' - and TURN to your CREATOR! - in ORDER, to 'OVERCOME those weaknesses' - and BECOME, 'the WOMAN, that your CREATOR made you to be!'  If YOU 'allow, your INTERIOR life, to be GOVERNED by FEELINGS'? - or 'your OWN PERCEPTIONS'? - or 'your OWN THOUGHTS'? - then that IS! - "the recipe, for CATASTROPHIC FAILURE!" - in your spiritual life.  You are CALLED to be "SUBJECT, to man's AUTHORITY" - and THAT is 'the authority of the TRUE Holy Spirit' - MOVING through man's headship.  STOP "identifying as a VICTIM"; and, SEEK, to 'LOVE life!' - and LOVE, 'where you ARE', and the job that you are DOING; and 'where the Most High True God has PLACED you!'  Stop 'RESENTING' - what your CREATOR'S ASKING of you; and CHOOSE, to be "full of JOY" - of 'WHAT He is asking'.  The DEVIL! - is "filled with hate" - and hates EVERYTHING! - of MAN, AND! - of God.  DON'T be "LIKE him".  ASK the Blessed Virgin Mary, to TEACH you 'how to LOVE' - and 'to be LOVING'.  And this is not a "WISHY-WASHY FUZZY FEELING" love; but it IS, 'the LOVE, that COMES, with self-DENIAL, and self-SACRIFICE! - and 'being UNCOMFORTABLE, in the process'. (June 20, 2017 update)

Note: After reading this above posting, you may NEED to offer up a Decade of the Holy Rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary, invoking her title as "Conqueror of the Jezebel spirit" - to get DELIVERED, from "princess syndrome" - as in, "JEZEBELLIAN princess of HELL syndrome".  Unless of course, you want 'that THRONE', reserved for you, down below.  EVERYONE has to choose. 

Naomi is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

For the women in a BLESSED Marriage in the Faithful Remnant, who want to be TRULY fulfilled...

SEEK to be close, to your husband.  Because TRULY, it IS, 'the Most High TRUE God's, HEADSHIP - MOVING, THROUGH him'.  And, YOU will ONLY 'find FULFILLMENT' - in BEING under your Spouse's headship. If YOU want to 'experience TRUE Joy, TRUE Peace, and TRUE Love!' - then you will seek, to LOVE him, "SELFLESSLY" - out of LOVE for your CREATOR.  And, your CREATOR, will draw, you both CLOSER together - and, 'CLOSER to HIM'.  THAT is 'how it WORKS!'...   For WOMEN, it is VERY, easy, to FALL in, to the TRAP, of 'GIVING love, and AFFECTION' - ONLY! - in order to RECEIVE it.  But, YOU! - are called, to ALWAYS, be "loving"; and to ALWAYS be "giving" - OF yourself - TO your husband, AND to the Most High True GOD - no matter "how you FEEL, in the moment".  Because "FEELINGS" are not BASED on REALITY...  AGAIN - if you only 'GIVE love' - to your husband, in order to 'RECEIVE, love', from your Creator - THAT is "the wrong MOTIVE".  WOMEN have LEARNED, that, "LOVE" - is SYNONYMOUS with, "MANIPULATION".  But that is not TRUE!  "To MANIPULATE someone" - IS in fact, 'to HATE them' - UNCOMFORTABLE as that is to HEAR! - it is TRUE.  YOU need, to ask your CREATOR, to FILL you! - with His Love.  And when you are "FILLED with His Love" - you will have 'LOVE', to give to OTHERS - to GIVE, ESPECIALLY, to your HUSBAND! [- and now you have NO excuse!] BUT! - you ALSO need to use "your FREE WILL", to CHOOSE! - to Love, your Creator.  And THAT is 'by DOING, what He ASKS of you!' - and, by DOING, what, 'your HUSBAND asks of you!' - as HE! - IS! - 'the HEAD', OF, 'your BODY'.  HE is also 'the HEAD of your HOUSEHOLD' - but, the SPIRIT of JEZEBEL, will tell you, that "YOU'RE the head of your household!" - and that "YOU'RE! - in charge!" - of your OWN body!  And ISN'T THAT, what the WOMEN, SAY? - as an EXCUSE, to 'ABORT the child', in their WOMB.  "It's THEIR body!"  But the TRUTH IS, as "a married WOMAN", you are no LONGER, "TWO", you are "ONE".  The DEVIL - who is in fact "JEZEBEL" - tries to convince WOMEN, that they, will NEVER be "FULFILLED", being "SUBJECT, to Christ's AUTHORITY - moving THROUGH, an ANOINTED, man, OF, the Lord Jesus CHRIST".  But the fact REMAINS! - is that IS: 'the ONLY way, that the married WOMEN, in the REMNANT, can be FULFILLED' - and that IS - by 'being SUBJECT', and "SUBMISSIVE!" - TO, their HUSBANDS! Jezebel 'CRINGES' at the thought - and WHERE did 'THAT' lead her? - RIGHT out the window!  Because 'the SPIRIT of JEZEBEL', WANTS to in FACT! - "SPIRITUALLY, KILL! - the women in the Remnant" - WITH their CONSENT!   It is SO much better, to be "SUBJECT, to CHRIST'S Authority - MOVING, THROUGH, your husband!" - than to CONTEND! - with 'HIS GOD-GIVEN ROLE' - and be 'PUNISHED!' - and 'DISCIPLINED'! - by your CREATOR for DOING so. (June 22, 2017 update) 

For the women who are finally beginning to ask, "HOW, can I break free, from the spirit of Jezebel?"

Now you're FINALLY learning "to be REAL with us"! - with YOURSELF.  And that is "a BREAKTHROUGH".   But of COURSE, 'the battle' is NOT over!  Because NOW! - that YOU are 'fully aware', OF, 'how JEZEBEL, has, been WORKING in your LIFE' - to destroy both YOU, and 'any hope, of ENTERING into, the Physical Era of PEACE' - NOW! - more than EVER, you MUST, BE, "ON GUARD" - AGAINST 'that vile spirit' - and you must have 'the ATTITUDE', ALWAYS! - "HOW, can I break free, from the spirit of Jezebel?" Because she's "IN you!"  This is not, "a ONE day fix".  YOU need to work, with your CREATOR, in 'ROOTING her OUT!'  And He can ONLY, 'help you', with YOUR cooperation.  "TRUE Love", is 'TELLING someone the Truth' - no matter HOW, "UNCOMFORTABLE", it makes them feel. And THIS, is 'how, you WILL become, BLESSED'.  Focus on, 'the Most High TRUE God - and 'what HE'S asking of you'  - IN 'the spiritual life' - IN "the JOURNEY."  The SPIRIT of JEZEBEL - wants to pull YOU, 'AWAY' - with YOUR consent!  And so, YOU! - need to decide, EVERY DAY - if you are going to 'FIGHT, that DEMON' - with, 'Grace from HEAVEN'? - or, are YOU going, to fight, 'the True Holy SPIRIT', and His HEADSHIP? - with DEMONS from Hell!  TURNING to the Blessed Virgin Mary, OFTEN, throughout your DAY - ANYTIME you have "strong FEELINGS", about ANYTHING! - and ASKING her, to "dig her HEEL, INTO, the SERPENT, INSIDE you" - is GOING to help.  Either SHE, 'CRUSHES', the serpent - OR, the SERPENT, CONTINUES, to be WRAPPED, around your HEART.  (June 23, 2017 update) 

Have you been "a bit OVERWHELMED" by the state of women in these End Times?

And so WHAT is "the TYPICAL response", IN the women in the Faithful Remnant, to 'the state of women' page, on this website?  FACT: Most of them quickly chose to be OVERWHELMED, at how their INTERIOR lives, are no longer HIDDEN - and at how their secret GAMES, are now EXPOSED for all to SEE.  But the HARD TRUTH IS, that the ONLY reason, that most of them CHOSE to be "overwhelmed", is because THEY! - REFUSED! - to 'PART, with their WICKEDNESS'!  Because if they were naturally inclined to 'SHUN!' - wickedness - they would have IMMEDIATELY renounced, EVERY wicked deed, that was exposed - the INSTANT they perceived it - AND experience "great RELIEF", in doing so.  But their INDIVIDUAL response to "THEIR works", MUST now be exposed! - in ORDER to fulfill Scripture:

(Zechariah's Seventh Vision "decoded"... right AFTER he sees "the flying SCROLL")

"Then the angel who talked with me came forward and said to me, “Lift your eyes, and see what this is that goes forth.” And I said, “What is it?” He said, “This is the ephah [- a dry measure, equivalent to a bushel basket] that goes forth.” And he said, “This is their iniquity in all the land.” [- what has now been revealed from Heaven by the Two Witnesses, on THIS, 'the state of women' page] And behold, the leaden cover was lifted, and there was a woman sitting in the ephah! [- as she refused to be separated, from her wicked works] And he said, “This is Wickedness.” And he thrust her back into the ephah, and thrust down the leaden weight upon its mouth. [- even the Angel could not stand to listen to her] Then I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, two women coming forward! [- more women lining up to embrace wickedness] The wind was in their wings; they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the ephah between earth and heaven. [- the women EXALTED their wickedness, before Heaven and EARTH] Then I said to the angel who talked with me, “Where are they taking the ephah?” He said to me, “To the land of Shinar [- where the tower of Babel was built], to build a house for it; [- for they want to make "wickedness", their HOME - exalting their wickedness to the highest heavens] and when this is prepared, [- also referring to 'the abomination of desolation' in the sanctuaries - that was set up in October of 2009] they will set the ephah down there on its base.” [- as "the object of worship", for all the inhabitants of the land]
(Zechariah 5:5-11)

When lead SURFACES, you are called, to LIFT it up, to Jesus Christ the LORD - so that you can be DELIVERED from 'that TOXIC substance' - and instead receive the corresponding GRACES, you NEED, to make it to the FULLNESS of the Era of PEACE - and THEREFORE 'be PURIFIED! - OF wickedness'.

But INSTEAD, the WOMEN of today, have chosen to cling TIGHTLY to their wickedness - "their LEAD" - as they KNOWINGLY embrace "their MILLSTONE", to their bitter end - their "BETTER end" in THEIR eyes - as most of them simply PREFER "the DEVIL'S works of darkness".  And THAT is why they are so SHOCKED! - that "all the WORKS they have been doing in the DARK" - are now 'brought to the LIGHT', for all the NATIONS, and all of HEAVEN, to behold - in plain view. (September 15, 2017 update)

Note:  "And behold, the leaden cover was lifted"  The women of today really need to find "a better hat".  In the Testimony, it is CLEARLY revealed that the Faithful Remnant, are each "like GOLD tested in the FIRES", of purification; it is as if each MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant, is in 'a RED hot clay vessel' - being PURIFIED, as "LEAD" - or "spiritual IMPURITIES", come to the SURFACE.  And AS the lead surfaces, each MEMBER, is called to DISCERN "the lead" - and then use the DELIVERANCE prayer, to ask "the REFINER" - who IS Jesus Christ the Lord, to Skim it off the SURFACE of their Soul.  But what happens IF a Member of the Faithful Remnant, decides 'to EMBRACE the lead, that SURFACES', instead?
In Zechariah's vision above - isn't it INTERESTING that the Angel shows Zechariah, not "a HOT CRUCIBLE", but "an EPHAH" - a MEASURE of SPACE in a container.  In other words, the VESSEL - a "chaff basket", or clay CRUCIBLE in which the woman was found - was COLD!  And what was on TOP of the Crucible?  But a COLD, LEAD, LID.  And what was UNDER THAT LID?  But a DEMON!  For the WOMEN of today, prefer to be CONSUMED by their DEMONS, until the time of Purification is "no more", and until they BECOME ONE WITH their demons - instead of being PURIFIED, IN 'the Fires of Purification'.  This is for all those who MISSED "the subtle nuance", in Zechariah's vision.  Because WE sure didn't!  (September 16, 2017 update)
And now with that in mind, HERE you will find the shocking explanation as to why there WILL ultimately BE! - "MORE men than women", in the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth. 

HOW can the WOMEN of the Faithful Remnant PERSEVERE? - in THESE TIMES

We KNOW it is "not EASY" for the women in the REMNANT, to DO, "what is being ASKED of them", when they are CONTINUALLY 'IDENTIFYING with, 'ALL the JEZEBELLIAN manifestations', as being THEM'!  But NOW, they KNOW! - that 'the WAY they have been BEHAVING', and 'the ATTITUDE that they have been EMBRACING' - a LOT of the time - is actually "DEMONIC".  Part of the PROCESS, of 'sloughing OFF, the jezebellian BRAINWASHING - is ACKNOWLEDGING, 'HOW', they have been EMBRACING, the MINDSET, of "a WORLDLY, woman".  And now they ALL, HAVE, 'an EQUAL opportunity', to RENOUNCE, 'that WICKEDNESS', and in TURN - TURN to their Creator! - to be RECREATED; "PLEASING", in His Eyes.  BASICALLY, the DEVIL, 'USED', WOMEN, to "PUFF them UP", with so much PRIDE in THIS life - so that they would be 'SURE to fall', in the NEXT.  AND, BECAUSE of their WEAKNESS - he 'EASILY influenced them', to go AGAINST, 'the Most High True God' - in almost EVERY way - and CALL that "a good".  BUT! - HE required, 'something from THEM', in RETURN - and THAT is, 'their DIGNITY! - as, a woman'.  EACH time, "a woman", takes a STAND 'AGAINST the Truth' - and 'AGAINST her CONSCIENCE' - the DEVIL, takes, 'JOY', FROM her - and REPLACES it with "MISERY". And THAT is WHY, SO many WOMEN! - wear "MASKS", and 'lots of MAKEUP' - because they are 'SO unhappy!' - and "MISERABLE!" - with their LIVES.  Because the Truth IS! - ONLY, 'the LOVE of the Most High TRUE God', can FULFILL them; only BEING, 'a TRUE woman'! - can FULFILL them; only being 'a TEMPLE, for the TRUE Holy Spirit to DWELL in', can FULFILL them! - only EMBRACING, their 'TRUE identity', as "a DAUGHTER, of the Most High True God", can FULFILL them - with HIS Love, and JOY.  The devil KNOWS this - and THAT is why, he 'ENTICES' women - ESPECIALLY, to 'fight, against, the TESTIMONY' - to fight against 'LIFE' - and to fight, against 'their OWN dignity'.  And SO, the WAY, for 'the WOMEN of the Faithful Remnant, to PERSEVERE? - in THESE TIMES?' - is by RECOGNIZING, that EVERYTHING they LEARNED, in 'their FORMER lives' - about 'how to BE, a WOMAN' - was WRONG! - and was 'ONLY, preparing them for HELLFIRE!' - and that NOW, they NEED to "radically change EVERYTHING! - about themselves"; but they can ONLY do so, by embracing 'True Humility' - by admitting, that they NEED! - 'a MAN!' - as in, Jesus Christ the LORD - to HELP them, 'OVERCOME, evil', and 'their natural INCLINATION, to evil'; and to OVERCOME, with 'HIS Goodness' - FLOWING through them, AS "a way of life". (September 17, 2017 update)

How did you do on your LAST "jezzie list exam"?

It WOULD be "a good idea", to go OVER, that 'jezzie list' - about once a WEEK - and DO "an examination of CONSCIENCE". ASK the True Holy Spirit, to REVEAL, TO you - if there is ANYTHING on that LIST, that you are holding ON to - that YOU need to RENOUNCE; and be filled with GRACES instead. It REALLY IS "quite SIMPLE" - the PLAN, that the CREATOR HAD, for 'the female RACE' - was to be 'FILLED! - with, GRACE!' - as, the PERFECT example, of this, IS! - in, the Blessed MOTHER, herself - in the Blessed Virgin MARY.  It IS "POSSIBLE", for the WOMEN, of the Faithful REMNANT, to OVERCOME, 'their wicked TENDENCIES' - by embracing 'TRUE HUMILITY', and 'TRUE LOVE' - INSTEAD, of 'what the DEVIL offers them'.  And YES! - it is "HUMBLING", to RECOGNIZE! - that MOST of what 'you became COMFORTABLE with, EMBRACING' - TRULY offended! - your CREATOR, and the True Holy SPIRIT.  But NOW! - you can seek, to be 'PLEASING', to, your Heavenly FATHER - AND, to your Heavenly MOTHER. The TESTIMONY, IS "the PUREST, representation, of the Holy SCRIPTURES" - and SO much more! BUT, in ORDER to be 'TRANSFORMED', BY, this 'life-SAVING Gospel' - one HAS to, 'DIE, to their OLD selves', and EMBRACE, 'their TRUE! - vocation' - and TRULY! "be born AGAIN, in the TRUE Holy Spirit" - born of WATER, and the SPIRIT, and of FIRE.  NOT! - "of the flesh".    EVERYTHING, on 'the JEZZIE list' - SATISFIES, "the DESIRES, of the flesh"; and, it is ALL! - "opposed, to the True Holy Spirit" - to 'the SPIRIT of the Living God' - and there is 'no ROOM, for ANY of that!' - in the KINGDOM, of Heaven - in the FULLNESS of the Era of PEACE; BUT! - it is POSSIBLE, to OVERCOME, 'that ENTIRE LIST, of EVILS'!  But YOU will need to TURN, to 'your TRUE spiritual Mother' - and ask HER for her HELP - and ASK her, for 'the Grace of TRUE Humility' Because ALL those manifestations, ARE! -'manifestations of PRIDE, and REBELLION'. (September 17, 2017 update)  

Important note:  In the above paragraph, it is revealed that "The TESTIMONY, IS "the PUREST, representation, of the Holy SCRIPTURES - and SO much more!"  And so the Scriptures continue to be fulfilled:

“Therefore wait for me,” says the Lord, “for the day when I arise as a witness.  For my decision is to gather nations, to assemble kingdoms,  to pour out upon them my indignation, all the heat of my anger; for in the fire of my jealous wrath all the earth shall be consumed.  “Yes, at that time I will change the speech of the peoples to a pure speech, [- the Language of the TRUE Holy Spirit] that all of them may call on the name of the Lord [- the Most High TRUE God, above ALL other gods] and serve him with one accord From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, the daughter of my dispersed ones, shall bring my offering.  “On that day you shall not be put to shame because of the deeds by which you have rebelled against me; for then I will remove from your midst your proudly exultant ones,  and you shall no longer be haughty in my holy mountain.  For I will leave in the midst of you a people humble and lowly [- the Faithful Remnant].  They shall seek refuge in the name of the Lord, those who are left in Israel; they shall do no wrong and utter no lies, nor shall there be found in their mouth a deceitful tongue.  For they shall pasture and lie down, and none shall make them afraid.” 
(Zephaniah 3:8-13) 
Interesting statistic This page on our website - up to this point - has more than 16,000 "words of LOVE", for women!  Yes, we KNOW you love us too!  Thanks for that!  "...because it is LOVE, to tell someone the TRUTH.  It IS Love, to MAKE someone 'EXTREMELY uncomfortable' - if that will HELP them, to get on 'the right PATH'; or to STAY, on the right path.  It is 'NOT at all', what, the WORLD calls "love".  THEY see, 'the love, that I have, FOR them' as "HATRED".  So WHENEVER you FEEL, 'a RESISTANCE in your SOUL' - to Divine COUNSEL, know that for YOU, it is 'a GOOD thing' - BECAUSE, you know what to DO, whenever that happens.  But for the MAJORITY, of the PEOPLE, who visit My Website, 'that SAME lead', SURFACES, IN them - but it is all DEMONS; and they can only HATE My Word.  And they have 'no RELIEF' from the torments."  (-Jesus Christ the Lord, "your JUST Judge", by the way... July 26, 2015)

The Women in the Faithful Remnant are called to go over 'the jezzie manifestations list' at least once a week.

It is 'for the APOSTLES' - to build up the Kingdom of Heaven in OTHERS.  But YOU! - are called, to focus, on 'being PURIFIED' - of all the JEZZIE manifestations - and 'THAT'S what you DON'T want to spend your time doing' - because, "it is too UNCOMFORTABLE"!  But know THIS: it is ABSOLUTELY necessary - that you 'go OVER, the jezzie manifestations LIST' - at least ONCE a week - and "EVALUATE your CONSCIENCE" - and REPENT! - of 'any WICKEDNESS, that you EMBRACED' - and ask for GRACES instead.  TURN, to your True Spiritual MOTHER - for, 'the Grace, to RECOGNIZE! - the spirit of jezebel' - working IN you; and HOW, to OVERCOME, in the MOMENT - 'her WICKEDNESS'. Know that everything that you are "TRULY SORRY FOR"? - you are FORGIVEN for.  But "PURIFICATION" is ONGOING - it ISN'T "a one-time FIX".  You need to RECOGNIZE that 'you are in a SPIRITUAL battle' - but that you DO HAVE, 'every TOOL', that you NEED! - in order to FIGHT - 'the INCLINATION, to wicked THOUGHTS and DESIRES'.  But, you need to, 'REJECT the spirit of BLASPHEMY' - because SOMETIMES the True Holy Spirit - INFUSES IN you, 'the KNOWLEDGE', and CONVICTS in your CONSCIENCE, that "something is WRONG!" - and, you "brush it OFF", as being 'from a DEMON!'  JUST BECAUSE, it isn't "FLATTERING!" - what the True Holy Spirit is REVEALING - doesn't MEAN, that, YOU have, 'the RIGHT, to call His INSPIRATIONS, "a DEMON".'  The TRUE Holy SPIRIT is going to share WITH you "uncomfortable TRUTH".  The DEMONS! - will tell you "EVERYTHING is fine - JUST embrace, JOYFUL thoughts! - and keep a PICTURE of jesus IN your mind" - while they STEER you! - where THEY want you to go!  UNDERSTAND? (September 20, 2017 update)

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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