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Know that these End Times are a necessary transition, in human History.  Jesus Christ the Lord is NOW, preparing, to return in Glory, to rule over the entire Planet, as its one and only King.  He explained this to my husband and I, just a few years ago, when from His Throne in Heaven, He said:


“My name is Holy of Holies, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and My name is Jesus Christ.  I am coming back as Ruler over all the nations of this Earth.  Those who are with Me, are with Me.  Those who are against Me - against My plans, against My Kingdom, and against Peace, Truth, Justice and Love: Woe to them, they will be cast into the Ever-Burning Lake of Fire, because they have denied Me, and to deny Me, in fact, is to hate Me; to hate Me is to hate Life and Truth.  There is no Life in Hell, neither is there any Truth there.  I desire all to come to the Kingdom of Heaven; but not all will come, because they would rather have their ‘own kingdom’, where they are their ‘own rulers’ instead.  For ‘One Universal Kingdom’, there can only be one King - all others, are traitors, “Judases”, and are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Listen to My words again, My children, and reflect upon them - deeply, for what I am showing you, is the human condition: the condition is called “humanism” and you have already heard it proclaimed.”

(-Jesus, Friday, September 04, 2009


Part of this present transition in Human History – the transition to the Coming Era of peace, involves the Second Coming of Jesus Christ the Lord.  But at His Second Coming, people were expecting “a jesus who is more a reflection of thebeliefs, of each individual”.  But this is ‘not at all’, what it means to be “Christian”.  And so, unfortunately, in these present times, almost all, the people who CALL themselves “christian”, are in fact, quite the opposite.  Jesus explained this to us, in the following words:


“I am the same, as I was, over two thousand years ago!  And I have not changed, to ‘fit into’ these modern times.  There was always a choice in front of these ‘christians’ (– who are really anti-christian), to conform to Me, or: the World, the flesh and the devil.  Many believed that living together outside of marriage is alright.  They believe that if they are sexually active, there will be no consequences.  For these anti-christians have been taught, that I, am a God, of love; but no other attribute do I possess – not for these ‘christians’, who are really anti-christians.  They have been taught: that I bless, sinful choices.  Never, do I bless sin; and never do I tolerate sin!  It only seems as though I am tolerating it – through human eyes.  But with each sin that is committed, and not repented of, comes My Just Wrath and Punishment.”

(-Jesus, Thursday, May 31, 2012)


It is quite shocking to hear, ‘the Real Jesus’, tell people, in plain and simple language, that He is NOT, ‘a god, who tolerates sin’. He said:


“How foolish you ‘christians’ have become, to believe: that love is tolerance. But do you not know, that to tolerate other peoples’ sins, and your own, is to indeed hate them, and yourself?  It only takes an act of the will, to sin.  Any kind of selfishness, is offensive to Me.  Any lack of love in souls is offensive to Me.  All of you are sinners; yet, this does not give you the right, to keep on sinning.”

(-Jesus, Thursday, May 31, 2012)


Now yes it is true, that we are sinners.  And as “sinners”, we do not always make good choices, according to the expectations of our Creator. He expects us to recognize our sins, and to begin taking the necessary steps to fix them - immediately.  Unfortunately, the people of this current generation instead, tend to identify, with ‘the sin’, as ‘a weakness’ – and then knowingly choose to embrace it.  And so what does the True Jesus think, about how ‘the average christian’, is doing, in these End Times.  These words, He shared with us, sum it all up:


“You ‘christians’, you anti-christians, have ‘lowered the bar’ for yourselves.  The ‘bar is set’ so low, you are not even, ‘on the scale’.  This is very sad.”

(-Jesus, Thursday, May 31, 2012)


Now this may also come as a shock to the viewers of this video, but it has now happened!  On Christmas Day, 2012, Jesus Christ the Lord, returned, to Judge the Nations.  He sent the Holy Angels to administer the Mark of the Beast - to almost everyone, on the Face of the Earth.  This was the culmination of His Second Coming – a Second Coming, that began, with the appearance of the Two Witnesses - on the scene.  Jesus explained this, just earlier today [November 25, 2013], with the words:


Remember, the people were amazed that I did not speak like the scribes and Pharisees; but ‘one that had authority’.  I did not come ‘to condemn’, the first time.  Nor did I come ‘with condemnation’, the Second time.  The people, did that, themselves – by their sinful lifestyles, and choices.  They forced, My Hand. And according, to the Will, of God the Eternal Father in Heaven, I acted, against them.  Because, truly the people, have become, ‘My enemies’!   …Those with ‘the mark of the beast, are not ‘following Me’.  But they follow ‘a god’ – made in their own image, and likeness.  The “catholics” – they can have “Francis”, if they want to; because he is ‘everything’, that I am not!  And though he “speaks in My name’, Pope “Francis”, does not ‘follow after Me’ – in his heart. As I repeat the words, in quoting Isaiah, “these people praise me with their lips – but their hearts are far, from Me!” [Isaiah 29:13]

(-Jesus, November 25, 2013)


If this video has touched your heart, and you want to draw nearer to ‘the True Jesus’, who sits enthroned in the Heavens – go to our website, Testimony of the Two  You need to reconcile with Him.  But first you need to receive an outpouring of the True Holy Spirit, by using the ‘Blessed Holy Water’, that He, has instructed people of these End Times, to use.   You will find out how to get this special Holy Water, when you visit our website.  Know that there is very little, time - left.

"Those who are in the True Holy Spirit: will know what this Testimony means; will know, what the release of this information, will mean, for the church; will know, that a ‘Schism’ has been declared."

(-Jesus, Sunday, February 12, 2012


"This may be a shock to you all – but if you had read the scriptures, and discerned My words of caution: “For behold I come like a thief in the night”, and “if the householder had known at what time, I was coming, he would have remained awake, and ready, for the thief who would break in, to his house”.  But you were all asleep when I came, and I have stolen My Presence from all of the churches, and as I have said before I am no longer in your hosts.  Your churches have become: desolate"

(-Jesus, Tuesday, January 31, 2012)


"The one who sits upon the Throne, in-side the Vatican, is not My Messenger – is not my ‘Prince of the Apostles’, but is: a deceiver, and an antichrist.  Not so much by what he says, nor what he chooses to focus on does he deceive the people; but by what he refuses to speak of – by what he refuses to say to the churches, and by his refusal to get his own 'house' in order."

(-Jesus, Tuesday, January 31, 2012)


"Rome, and the Vatican, will fall, with cracked walls, everywhere.  No stone will be left unturned, upon the other, and all will weep and mourn for that great city: for Babylon the Great has fallen, and all will weep and mourn, with a mourning that will last – a lifetime...  Such will be the Fury of My Wrath, against that city."

(-Jesus, Wednesday, April 7, 2010)


"The institution is ‘a sinking, oil, tanker’, and it is causing much trouble for My faithful Remnant followers.  How can they be saved, if they cling to a sinking ship?"

(-Jesus, Monday, February 20, 2012)


"Now the institutional church is sinking, and I am merely ‘cutting it loose’."

(-Jesus, Wednesday, February 8, 2012)


"The church will pay, for what she has done to My little ones, through neglect, and bad leadership.  She will have a mill stone tied around her neck thrown into the sea.  I am referring to ‘the institution created by man’.  Thus the wage of sin is death – not only physical but spiritual.  She has 'spilled the blood of My Saints' for too long, and now ‘My Cup’ has been enkindled against her.  She has become “the great harlot”, ‘the whore of Rome’, and now she will go down, very hard, and very fast."

(-Jesus, Tuesday March 30, 2010)


"Many, are called; but few are chosen – which means many of you will read this, with utter contempt, for the message given – for My words.  And others, will have, an ever-living, burning fire, and desire, to spread this message, as quickly as possible.  The ‘gates of hell’ will not prevail, against My Church – those of My True, Faithful Remnant; but, the ‘gates of hell’, will prevail over the souls of the wicked, within that institution.  I am much more, than “a revolutionist”, or “prophet”, or “kind-hearted man”.  I AM the Living One.  I am the Bread Eternal.  I am Life-Giving Waters to those who would drink."

(-Jesus, Tuesday, November 2, 2010)