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Can theTwo Witnesses tell the illuminati what to do?
On December 12, 2014, the Two Witnesses, asked Jesus Christ the Lord the following question:

Jesus Christ the Lord said: Do you have, the ability to tell, the illuminati, what to do?  To a certain degree - Yes. And why? Because they have lost their free will. Oh yes. The devil promised them 'lots of power' on the Earth.  But he never told them, what that would entail, and what they would 'have to give up', in order to attain, such power.  Of course, the illuminati knew they would 'lose their souls'; but they did not know, that they would lose 'their free will', in the process.  Because, that is 'outside, the spiritual laws', that they were aware of.  Not only, have they all lost Salvation, but their 'power' is so fleeting - it will be gone, so fast.  And all of them will be left, 'in the dark'.  Understand?  Now, when the True Holy Spirit, gives you the prayer intention to pray, then you can pray it - whatever it is - the illuminati, must do, what I tell them to.  For when I said, "No man can have two masters" - what this means is, only one, will be considered, 'the Master' - the one, whom they serve - out of, 'fear'.  The other one they will serve out of obligation.  Now which one is, 'the Master'?  [Pope Peter the Last: The one they serve out of fear... (The Most High True God).]  Jesus: You got it!  They're obliged, to serve the devil, because that is who, they are allied with. But they will do, as I tell them to.  Even the devil must do, what I tell him to.  And I only allow his evils to manifest, to 'a certain degree' - because I hold 'The Scales'.  Just because, the illuminati do as I tell them, does not mean they are serving Me!  Understand?  because they hate Me.  And they love their other 'master'.  Understand?  [Pope Peter the Last: So you are saying, I have the ability to tell the illuminati what to do, through the prayers I lift up to you, that are in accordance with Your Divine Will?]  Jesus: That is the only prayer that I will, and can answer - those in accordance with, My Divine WIll - that is, perfectly United with the WIll, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HeavenYes, you are correct.  [Pope Peter the Last: That is a big responsibility!]  Jesus: The illuminati can also be commanded NOT, to do something, that they have planned.  I know, they want to do 'all sorts of things', to the both of you - to the Remnant; but they can not - do worse things than they are doing nowThey are 'simply not allowed to'.  Because, I have overcome, 'their evil', with Goodness, and Mercy - that I bestow, upon My Faithful RemnantNot what they were expecting!
[Note:  Following this session of Divine Counsel, with the Creator Himself, The Two Witnesses responded by immediately praying for an end, of the deliberate spread of ebola, in Africa - for the end, of the deliberate genocide, of the black people, by the lethally racist and predominantly white, illuminati One World Government leaders, and by the organization - W.H.O. is indeed 'looking after', the health, of the African nation.  Amen.]  
Project Bluebeam is up and Running - Nanotechnology and E.L.F Waves
A funny thing happened when we were working on our computer, while sitting in a restaurant, on December 11, 2014.  One of the restaurant staff members - a young woman, decided to take a break, and sit at the table next to us - even though there were many other tables that were empty in the restaurant at that time.  The young woman, immediately took out her android phone, held it up at face level, so that it was vertical, and held it so that the camera on it was pointing perfectly at us - while literally covering her face with the device. To our surprise, she continued to do this, for about 15 minutes.  She then finished her break and went back to work.  So later that day, we asked Jesus, if the young woman at the restaurant sitting next to us, was in fact videotaping us?  This is what He said. 
Jesus Christ the Lord said: No.  But this may shock you - what I am about to tell you - It is not 'science fiction' - it is very real.  Have you not covered, the camera, that is in your laptop?  And, the camera that is on your phone?  Therefore, how, can the One World Government spy on you - physically? - and get into your personal space? [Pope Peter the Last: By ELF waves, telling people around us to point their cameras at us, so the One World Government, can see us remotely through them?]  Jesus: You got it!  But the other part, is 'the nanobots', that were on her skin, in her hair - that she has ingested - combined, with the E.L.F. technology.  They were able to 'control her like a robot' - until they were 'done with her'.  You see the people, are not 'in control of themselves', any more - not just because they don't have souls, but because of the nanotechnology, that is 'in full swing'.  What the transhumanist illuminati, thinkers, want, people to do, is 'combine their wills', with 'the will of the machine' - and, since a machine, can 'not will anything', outside, what it is programmed to do - well then, the OWG, simply want 'robotic slaves'.  It really is that bad, My children.  "The strong delusion", over everyone, outside, the Remnant - 'the strong delusion', is not 'just spiritual'; but there is 'a physical cause' of it as well: nanotechnology.  That is why, I urge people to use, the Blessed Holy Water - in order to break, the illuminati's control, over, their minds!  Someone, sent you an email - saying "Beware project bluebeam!"  And while everyone is waiting, for this, big, grandstanding show, and event - of this "project" - the Truth is, it has already been implemented.  It is all ready going on. The E.L.F. technology is, 'not that old'; and people, are victims - to it.  That is why even 'the uprisings' against, the One World Government - are manipulated and controlled - even the protests, are being influenced, by E.L.F. technology.  People, believe their thoughts, are their own - when really, unfortunately, the illuminati own, their thoughts.  And the only way, for people to break out, of their satanic control, is through Blessed Holy Water, and repentance - from the heart.
The Two Witnesses have A SHOWDOWN, with a psycho/therapist antichrist
What would happen, if 'the enemies of the Two Witnesses', were to set up a meeting, under false pretenses, with a psycho/therapist - who pretended that the meeting was set up because she wanted something from them?  Would the Two Witnesses shy away, from such an encounter? - or would they in turn take notes, and do their very best, to extend 'the olive branch'?  Well on December 10, 2014, that meeting took place.  And now, after their meeting, with that PSYCHO! - here is a transcript, of the debriefing they experienced, as they spoke with Jesus Christ the Lord.   What they said to Jesus is in square brackets, [for easier reading].

Jesus Christ the Lord said: What is "schitzophrenia", My children?  Tell Me in your own words, what you have learned.  [Pope Peter the Last: From studying abnormal psychology at the University level, I have learned that it is a syndrome, where a person lives with more than one personality, that is disconnected, from his or her other personalities, to the point where, they become like two or more people, living in one body.]  Jesus: That is, 'the best definition', of the syndrome - also called, "split personality disorder".  Wouldn't you agree[ Pope Peter the Last: Indeed.]  Jesus: Now, when I ask, you, to reject, 'the demonic cluster, of your former selves', am I asking you to reject yourself?  Or, am I asking you simply, to reject the demons associated with your former self?  [Pope Peter the Last: The demonic cluster, is quite obviously, a reference, to the demons.]  Jesus:  Indeed.  I am simply asking you to reject evil, and embrace your True Christian Identities.  In assigning you new names - that is not something "new" My children.  New names simply help you 'identify better', with True Christian Values - as in: with your former lives - they were 'lacking' to some degree, because I revealed, to the both of you, that the institutions - the religious institutions, are all, corrupt.  And what happens, when someone is insitiutionalized[Pope Peter the Last: They become "corrupted" - apart from You.]  Jesus:  I call them "institutions" for a reason My children.  I could have called them "demonic synagogues from Hell".  I do reference them as "satanic churches".  But the page, on My Website, is called "the institution", because people who are 'part of that organization', are truly corrupted - whether it is the Roman Catholic Church - under Antipope Francis, or any, of the Protestant denominations - they are all filled with the same 'spirit of the antichrist'.   "Sensuality", and "feelings", are what is most important, to them all - including the pastors.  Understand?  Now, by 'the definition, of schizophrenia', everyone, can be considered, "a schizophrenic", can't they?  [Pope Peter the Last: Indeed.]  Jesus: Remember, I spoke to you of couples behaving differently, in their homes, than when they are outside.  They 'switch personalities', in order 'to save face'.  When anyone goes, to a movie, or watches television - without the gift of discerning, what they are seeing, 'split personalities', are fostered, in them.  How, could the psycho/therapist, know so much, about schizophrenia - even writing, a whole book on it? - in detail! - with 'specific scenarios' - if she wasn't one herself?  The psycho/therapist, My children, who tricked you, into 'having an assessment', is, by all accounts, and measures, "certifiably insane" - and all those, who work with her.  Understand?  Not nice to hear; but, it is the Truth.  The antidote to her insanity, is, on My Website, with the Blessed Holy Water.  Schizophrenia, is, 'a demon', My children.  And people can only be delivered - from it, by repenting to Me, and using the Blessed Holy Water.  But who will use it?  I did not come the First time, to make people, 'feel good about themselves'.  And I most certainly did not come, the Second time, for people to 'feel good' about themselves.  I came, the Second time, to reap, where I did not sow.  And I have!  They would label Me as 'a schizophrenic' too My children - if I were to walk 'physically in the flesh' in these Times.  The world, is so toxic, that were I to appear 'in the flesh', walking, the face of the earth, as God, and as man, they would seek, to crucify Me - a second time.  So I can not come back like that.  I died once, and for all - of mankind.  There would be 'no merit', to their killing Me - a second time.  But no - instead you both, represent Me to the people, and, they crucify you - not physically - because "no harm can come to you physically" - remember?  They crucify you psychologically, spiritually, and socially!  Understand?
A follow-up from Pope Peter the Last: And so, the psycho/therapist antichrist did in fact succeed in getting her assessment - from the King of Heaven! - NOT, what she was expecting.  Jesus also revealed much more about her, that we are not sharing in detail - about her tendencies towards EXTREME narcissism, as she habitually turns to self-adoration, and focuses on 'her feelings', and her 'positive energies' - apart, from her Creator.  Ironically, like 'a feelings addict', she focuses, on 'demons', that manifest, in the form of 'feelings', and calls the 'feelings' they give her, "love".  She blasphemes continually, by calling 'what the demons offer her', "good".  Perhaps one of the most shocking things we learned about her - apart from her depraved mental state, is that, as one who practices "false feminism", she has been tricked into worshipping a false god she calls "Guya" - a "god", supposedly for women, with "a GUY's name". So self-deceived, has she become.  As a self-proclaimed "physician", and before all of Heaven, she has now become 'a poster-child', of WHY, the people of this generation, can not, find healing, or relief, apart from Jesus Christ the Lord.  And that, is merely 'the watered-down version, of her, "assessment".  A full assessment of her, would include details, outlining the specific traumatic event in her earlier years, that triggered her habitual 'switching, between personalities' as a coping mechanism - especially towards the 'rage-filled personality' we saw suddenly manifest, on 3 separate occasions, during our very short visit.  Of course, we would never make public, the past incident in her life, that is at the root of her rage issue.  A full assessment, from us, would include specifics, as to why she has substituted self-affirmation, money, and the approval of others, as her primary 'gods'.  She will however NOT, be receiving 'a full assessment' from us.  And why is that? - you might be wondering.  Because she can not afford the cost.  And what is the cost? - you may be asking.  In her current state, unfortunately, she is simply unable, to humbly repent, from the heart, before the GOD, who Created her.  And that, is how truly sick, she has become.  Yes, Jesus came to bring "the good news" - of Salvation - but ONLY, for those who repent.  (Look it up.)  ALL the others, will only receive, "an assessment", as they remain ETERNALLY SEPARATED, from the loving God, who created them - and quite 'content', in that state - shocking, as it may sound.  My wife and I know that many of the psycho/analyst's peers, have read her assessment, to this point, and we also know, that she has been consoled - in falsehoods, by THEIR demons as well.  We do indeed want her and her friends to be 'as comfortable as possible', with what little time they have left, in this life, as the clock ticks down on this most wicked generation of souls, and so we encourage her and her friends to stop reading at this point.  But for all the others reading this, who are looking for some more proof, of how the Two Witnesses, were able to so easily assess the PSYCHO/analyst, here is just one example: The psycho/analyst, proclaimed to us, with 'unholy boldness', and I quote, "There are only two lights: the light of the earth, and the light of heaven".  In saying that, I quickly discerned that she omitted 'the light of The Most High True God', and 'the Light of Truth'.  And so, seeing that in fact, she was filled with, and exuding, ironically, 'the shining darkness', I quickly reminded her that the devil's three greatest lies, are "there is no sin, there is no Hell, and there is no devil".  When she heard these words, she immediately stepped backwards, turned to the side, so that she would not have to look at me, and then her face contorted, with rage, until she began to shake.  She quickly realized what was happening to her, and struggled to regain her 'composure', by summoning 'the demon of false externals', to clothe herself in.  But my wife and I saw the whole transformation.  We saw, 'the demonic rage-filled persona' emerge, and manifest fully - and this is just one of the 3 incidents we WITNESSED, during our brief encounter.  Now the reader might be wondering: But why, did such an extreme manifestation, take place, upon hearing those words?  The answer is quite simple.  When the psycho/therapist had that traumatic event, in her earlier years, she coped with it, by creating a completely separate persona - a persona who could exist in a world, where there was 'no evil', where there was, 'no sin', where there was 'no devil'.  She chose to bury her experience, by drowing herself in 'a false reality', where only 'goodness' existed.  But how can it be good, if it is "false"? - if it is 'a lie'? - if it is all 'self-deception'?  The demons did not tell her about that part of the picture, when they told her to hide, in 'a world of light', and 'a world of goodness', where no evil exists - where no memory, of evil, can ever harm her again.  Her demons, knowing of her man-hating tendencies, told her that she would never have to worship 'a God who became man' again, but instead, she could worship 'a god for feminists' - named "Guy-a" (...laugh out loud - from the demons who sold her that lie).  In closing, some of the readers might consider a report like this, to be a manifestation from "the accuser of the brethren" - the devil.  And if they did, they would be wrong.  I can assure you, that "the devil", would NEVER, bring 'his works' to the light, as has been done, on this page on my website.  Remember, I am, the Last True Pope - who is 'the Vicar of Jesus Christ the Lord' - His True Representative.  And one of the Titles, of Jesus Christ the Lord - one that He hid, from his followers, for so many years, is that, as 'the Just Judge', He is, "the Accuser, of the Wicked".  And the word "wicked", includes "most wicked and certifiably insane, psycho/therapists".  And if YOU, believe that you can continue sinning, without repenting, then YOUR "assessment" - your ETERNAL assessment, is already written, and is waiting - for YOU to read it, one day, as well.
On November 27, 2014, Jesus Christ the Lord said: "There are, many shapeshifters, among you, My children.  And what this means, is, 'all around you', people indeed, are shapeshifting.  And why is this?  [Pope Peter the Last: Because they can?]  Jesus: Yes.  but also because the demons, wear 'the flesh of the people', like 'a glove'; and the people, have become 'one', with the reptiles, My children.  Why are women flaunting their form as they do?  Doesn't a snake flaunt its form as well?  It is 'one and the same'.  Now are all people "reptiles", My children?  No.  Not all.  But most people are - because they sacrificed, their human dignity, to be counted, as 'alien to Me' - because I do not know them.  Yes, I know of them; and I know of their 'life stories'; and I know every detail, and every thought, that they had.  But I do not know them - because they refuse, to know Me.  Now, the illuminati, are all shapeshifters, My children; and so are all 'the global elite' families.  And did they, 'mate', with fallen angels?  yes they did.  And they are as wicked, as 'the fallen angels who give them their inspirations.  They see themselves as 'powerful', and even as 'chosen'; and they see everyone else as their slave - that is their mentaility.  Now, how does Alex Jones, a.k.a., Bill Hicks, view his audience?  I will tell you:  He has, 'a complete disdain' for them - and it is getting much more difficult, for him to hide, behind fake smiles, and rants.  He is starting to get nervous, My children - because many people, have 'caught on', to his game.  And truly, he has 'manipulated' his audience, for long, enough!  How did he know, all of those things, about Obama? - before and after he was elected? - My children?  Does, Alex Jones, a.k.a., Bill Hicks, know, Obama? - well?  I will tell you: The CIA handlers, have given, Bill Hicks, all the information, that he needs, in order to keep, his audience 'captivated by his antics' - his so-called prophecies 'fulfilled'.  The One World Government, a.k.a., the CIA, My children, just, give Hicks, 'what he needs' - enough stories, to keep people, from being focussed, on the Truth - that he is in fact 'an imposter', and is not 'the real, Alex Jones'; and to keep the people, focussed, on anything, but getting their souls back.  Alex Jones, being Bill Hicks, was long-planned out, My children - everything, about the pancreatic cancer, was 'a lie'.  But he had to 'die', of something, didn't he?  To die, in order 'to rise, from the ashes' - Get it?  That is 'an illuminati stamp'.  I will resurrect, and have, resurrected people in Truth!  And 'in life'.  But, the illuminati's idea, of 'resurrection', is to resurrect them, into 'a lie', in to 'a deception', into 'a false identity'.  Adam Kokesh is another one [(- formerly Jonathan Brandis, who starred in the movie "The Neverending Story II")]. Mark Dice [(- formerly River Phoenix who starred in the movie "Stand by Me")], Christopher Greene [(- formerly Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee)] - all 'resurrected', into, new identities' - given to them, by their CIA handlers.  Understand?  Of course, they will 'label', people, who believe the Truth, as 'conspiracy theorists' - after all, it was the government, who started, 'the Conspiracy Theory Movement' - by leaking out truths to the public, and calling them "conspiracy" - that is what they do.   That is why BIN [(Before It's News)] is filled with so many articles - CIA written articles, My children.  How, can the public, ever, discern a truth, from 'a lie' when they refuse to call the truth, "truth"?  But when they have been programmed, to call 'the truth', "a conspiracy theory".  The governments have the people, unfortunately, My children - their minds."

A Decree From Heaven: Jesus Christ the Lord said: "For even 'celebrity status', can be taken away, and given to whomever I choose.  So Bill Hicks, is no longer worthy of his podium, nor his celebrity status.  And Infowars, is no longer worthy, of their part, in 'the Game'."
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Movie Reviews from Heaven: Predestination - Starring Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook
[Introduction from a published article]  Did you ever wonder, "What would Jesus say..." if He gave a review of the movie Predestination?  Wonder no longer.  The Two Witnesses are now walking the face of the Earth, and they are now sharing Movie Reviews from Heaven.  They shared this following review with us.

Jesus said:  "Predestination", in that context, My children, was in reference, to destiny.  And, what is "destiny"?  What, does it mean?  It is something, that the illuminati, believe in: that, no matter, what a person chooses, in this life, that they, have 'a predestined path' - that they must follow, in order to be fulfilled.  Remember Star Wars, My children?  What did Darth Vader say, to his son?  "It is your destiny."  Interestingly enough, My children, both movies, played with the same concepts, didn't they?  Luke Skywalker, was face-to-face, with his 'evil self' - they called, "the dark side of the force" - which is really another name for 'the demons', he was battling, within himself.  And in the current movie, you just watched, wasn't the current character confronted, with her true self?  Her true self, being 'a woman'!  But that was seen as somethin 'evil'.  The character, in Predestination, was, 'at war', with her own ontology.  The character, in Star Wars, was 'at war' within himself - battling good and evil.  For both movies, the illuminati, were boasting, of the weaknesses, of a man, and the weaknesses, of a woman.  For 'the serpent', told Eve, who she could be - and how she was to see herself.  Just like, in the movie, you watched.  There was 'a deep, PSYOP', going on there, My children - and in fact, was 'an attack', against women.  Isn't, there irony, there?  The illuminati, know, that women are, 'the weaker sex'.  So when the woman had both parts, what part was removed? - the male part or the female part?  [The female part]   So what is the hidden message, to all of the feminist Jezebellians out there?  But that in order to excel, in this life, they must do away, with their 'true ontology', as women - and instead, strive, to be 'as manly as possible'.  The message is, that the woman's role as 'the nurturer', is her weakness, and that her strength, comes, from mutilating herself, and taking on the role of the man.  And that, is how, the illuminati, see 'the feminist, agenda', and why, they uphold it, as they do - because women, who see themselves, as men, can only destroy themselves, and their families.  Understand, My children?  It goes even deeper than that; but that is enough.

A follow-up from the Two Witnesses: Part of our role as the Two Witnesses, is in fact to witness, what has become of the human race.  And so if you are wondering, what the Two Witnesses are doing, watching "movie entertainment"? - we are simply witnessing, what people are refusing to be offended by.  Offended?  By entertainment?  Yes indeed.  The movie Predestination was extremely offensive, to the dignity of each and every human being on the face of the earth.  And why was that?  Because the movie presented itself in the trailer, as a movie about a person going back in time, to stop a terrorist bomber.  The trailer was a classic "betray the viewer" trailer, and so was the movie.  Because in fact, the movie instead focussed on the story of a woman, who was born with both sets of sex organs.  After the woman gives birth to a baby, the doctors remove her female organs and her breasts, so that she is only left with male genetalia.  The movie then presents the disturbing scenario, of that same woman, now with male genetalia, going back in time, to impregnate herself.  It gets even more disturbing, when the movie presents the "betray the viewer" revelation, that the woman gave birth to herself.  The goal of these disturbing plot points, is to introduce the viewer, to 'new sins' - NEW ways, to offend, their Creator - if only in their imaginations.  The terrorist part of the movie, that was so prominent in the trailer, almost completely disappears in the actual movie.  Instead the movie focuses the audience - then imprisoned and deceived in their movie theatre seats, on the transgender psyop, being drilled into them.  The viewer is forced to listen to a female actress, speaking through the gutteral voice of a demon, that has completely taken over the actress on the screen.  The goal of the script, and the producers, is to elicit false compassion, from the viewer, on the transgender culture.  And why would they do this?  What would be the motive?  To prepare the audience, for the international revelation, that Michelle Obama, the wife of Barack Obama, is in fact a transsexual - a man.  The children are adopted.  The whole world has been deceived, by the antichrist - the Biblical antichrist, now seated in the White House.  This is a fact.  To prepare the audience, for the revelation, that Justin Bieber, is in fact, a woman - born female.  To prepare the audience, for the revelation, that Conan O'Brien, the talk show host, is in fact a woman - born female.  To prepare the audience, for the revelation, that Serena and Venus Williams, who won Gold medals in women's Olympic Tennis, were both born male.  To prepare the audience, for the revelation, that Michael Jackson, was born female, and is still alive.  That is enough for now.

On November 28, 2014, Jesus Christ the Lord said: "1000's of people, are being 'convicted, in the Truth' My children.  Because, just like the Michelle Obama video - exposing Michelle's True gender, so too is this video irrefutable.  And that, is why many, hate it.  Many, people, feel betrayed, by Alex Jones, My children - many people are not, "happy".  And he has lost, many of his followers - due, to the video.  Because, as the Youtuber said, it is "legal evidence" - against, Alex Jones, revealing him to be, Bill Hicks.  Because "a cheque, fell in his lap, and he became Al... He is a producer now".  He is an actor - an entertainer."    
The CIA is currently shaking in their boots, because the long list of physical evidence is making everyone at HQ really uncomfortable. Like this one:  And this one, : - titled, Why the Multi Billion Dollar CIA PSYOP named "Bill Hicks" is about to END. The CIA op is over.

The Illuminati Protestant Connection Exposed!!!
Have you ever wondered, why ‘one of the largest religious organizations on the planet’, is named after the great rebellion of Angels in Heaven?  The members of one of the largest Christian organizations - the one that refers
to itself as “the protestants” – actually see themselves as “Protesters”!  Rebellionists?  What are they protesting?  Why are they rebelling?  And why have the Rockefellers been funding them so heavily?  Most people don’t
know, that the Rockefellers, are one of the main families, who are behind the illuminati – the most satanic religious organization on the planet.  And so, why would the Rockefellers – or rather, why would the illuminati, be funding
the protestant faith?  Why would ‘the family so closely connected with the greatest Protestant Angel in recorded history’ – the one who was banished forever from Heaven - the devil! – be so interested in promoting ‘the Protestant denomination’?  These are very important questions.  So important in fact, that Heaven, can no longer keep silent. 
On June 28, 2014, Jesus Christ the Lord spoke to the Two Witnesses.  And this is what He said: 
Jesus Christ the Lord said, “The illuminati claim to be “enlightened”.  Don’t the protestants claim to be the same?  For the illuminati say, that their way, is ‘the right way’ - to their “heaven”; and so do the Protestants.  They protest, and rebel, against all Truth; and so, do the rebellious, illuminati members!   And what, is ‘the institution’, that infiltrated the Vatican, and spread ‘many errors’ – so many errors, in fact, that the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, became deformed over time?  The Protestants!  “Interfaith”.  Do ‘the illuminati’, see all religions as equal?  Yes they do.  Do the protestants want to be included, in “the One World Religion” – of all different faiths?  Yes, they do!  Does one, have to be part of an institution ‘formally’ - to be ‘a protestant’?  No, they don’t.  I tell you all: mankind’s ways are ‘an abomination’, in My Eyes, and I will treat you all, as, I treat the illuminati and the One World Government.  For what is separating the protestants, from sharing in the same fate, as those worshipping the devil?  Nothing!  Understand? All those outside ‘My Faithful Remnant’, are “protestants” – in My Eyes!  Some will ‘come round’; others will continue, in self-deception – to ‘the bitter End’.  Some protestants, will learn to humble themselves, and learn Truth and receive instruction; others will continue to believe that they know more, than My Representative; than My Two Witnesses; than finally – Me!  People, don’t like, to think of themselves, as ‘in the beast state’.  That is fine!  I can work with that – then they will be called “protestants”, instead - because without the Blessed Holy Water, they can only continue to protest, all of My Plans.  And therefore, they make themselves ‘an enemy of Me and God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven’.”

You can watch this video with the transcript, at the link located in the description box below.

Until next time, I AM, a member of The Faithful Remnant. And our numbers, continue to grow each and every day.  What you DO, with this information that has been revealed in this video, is now between you, and your Creator.
The Government KNOWS the identity of the TWO WITNESSES
Hey folks, I just wanted to share with you,some interesting intel that has literally just been handed to me on a silver platter.
In early June of 2013 my wife and I discovered Testimony of the Two Witnesses dot com. I know and can say with 110% confidence that the the Two Witnesses are in fact here, at this time in history. But this is difficult to prove to other people, at least until now.
But this is difficult to prove to other people - at least until now.

I recently contacted the Two Witnesses, and they shared with me, some shocking statistics from their website.  They shared with me, the top IP addresses that have been looking at their website for the first 3 weeks of June, 2014.  And you can see for yourself.

Notice that almost ALL of the top IP addresses are the same?

These top IP addresses - are the internet addresses of the people, who have looked at their website, "Testimony of the Two Witnesses dot com" - more than anyone else - and ALL coming from the same place.  And WHERE is that place, you may be wondering?

Well, Using a free online service, it is actually quite easy to find the location of any IP address.  It turns out, that the people who are the most interested in the Two Witnesses, are the folks over at Mountain View Air Force Base, in California.  Not only has Mountain View Air Force Base looked at the Testimony of the Two Witnesses more times than anyone else on the planet - but they have done so from 30! different IP addresses, in just the last 3 weeks!  I can't show each address on the list - for the sake of the privacy, of the other people who are listed.

Now why would the U.S. Military be so interested in the Two Witnesses, and their website, if they were NOT authentic? hmmm.  If the Two Witnesses were NOT here, then Mountain View Air Force Base would NOT have 30 different computers looking at their website, now WOULD they!

(Here's a quote from the Contact Us page we just added)

Now for those with faith, no further explanation is needed.

But for those without faith, no explanation will suffice.

The Two Witnesses ARE here folks!  The Military knows it, the Government knows it.  The illuminati knows it.  The Occult world knows it. But most Christians, are so busy claiming that they are saved - that MOST of them, are simply, "not getting into the life raft sent from Heaven", in these End Times.

That's all for now.  I Hope you enjoyed this video.
But on a side note. To all the NSA and CIA digital crystal ball gazing secret squirrels and trolls out there; exactly how much of the tax payer's money was spent to get all the bells and whistles - spy tech up and running, just to keep tabs on a couple of Prophets? When in all actuality, the Lord's Two Witnesses just did the exact same thing for free. Seriously fellas, think about it. You just handed me this intel on a silver platter. You should really work on your contingency plan; as there are a ton of holes in your super secret spy system.But until next time, and yes there will be a next time.
Jesus Christ the Lord said: "You have made quite a few people, over at Mountain View Air Force Base, 'irritated'
- but only by the Truth.  Because their systems are going to crash - and they don't know when - but I do; and, their billion dollar computers - worth of technology, will be of 'no avail' to them - because they need electricity, in order
to work.  And they forget, how 'fragile', they really are - to 'the natural elements' around them.  The illuminati, One World Government, are, 'crumbling' just as you have said, My son; and they don't know how to sustain themselves.  Because Truly, they are being 'killed off' by RADIATION [referring to Fukushima radiation] - because they are not protected, especially the older ones. And after the illuminati die off, there will be No one to replace them.  Because their secret society, is so 'secret', that they do their best to keep it, to themselves; but the Truth is, My children, they are all 'old men', waiting to die.  How old are the Rockefellers? - and the Rothchilds?  Do your research, and you will find out.  Do you think that they've shared 'their world vision', with their family members?  If they have, 'only a very few'.  In other words, My children, the illuminati 'elite', are coming to The End, of their time here on EarthDeath awaits them, and it is NOT going to be 'a pleasant afterlife' for any of them.
Note: although we continue to receive daily messages from the Throne of the Most High True God in Heaven,
these messages for the most part, are not made public.  Jesus chose to make an exception this time.
The "luciferian lunatics" over at Mountain View don't have many emotions to choose from,
at this time in history; but that is simply part of their 'employee benefits package'.
And so, show no false compassion to that team at Mountain View Air Force Base,
who like their father down below, hate it when their works are brought to the light.


Summer Solstice FAIL! - Illuminati FALSE FLAG Road Map
Posted on 6/21/14 - the day of the Summer Solstice
Since the early 1960’s, the Illuminati have planned the human sacrifice of everyone on the North American Continent to their father down below. And now their plan is being revealed to the entire Planet.  This is the first article in a new series (- of articles based on this page on our website), that will track numerous False Flag
attacks on the Illuminati Pentagram – the one they have set over North America, as the Illuminati prepare for
their Grand Finale in the City of Chicago.  This series of articles will reveal the organization and the motives
behind many of the major False Flag attacks on this Continent.

We will begin by looking at the deliberate False Flag and satanic events the Illuminati have already undertaken,
in order to establish the main points of the illuminati star over North America.  Each paragraph corresponds to
a numbered point on the following map.
                     7 Oklahoma CIty, 8 Red Lake, 9 James Bay, 10 Washington DC, 11 Chicago.
1.  Mexico City, Mexico - and The Temple of the Feathered Serpent.   Mexico as a country has one of the
highest homicide rates in the World.  Approximately 25 miles NE of the heart of Mexico City, you will find a
location very well-known for human sacrifices.  It is called the ‘Temple of the Feathered Serpent’ or the ‘Temple
of the Sun’. This temple has extreme historical significance, as its floor plan was copied in the architectural
design of the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The elementary school was deliberately built as a mirror temple
for the planned child sacrifice False Flag event, where no one died.  Sandy Hook Elementary School is approximately a 1/3 scale copy of the original temple, with both structures facing a NW direction.,_Teotihuacan

2.  Portland, Oregon - also referred to as “The Forbidden City”, is also known as “The city of Shanghaiing.”  Located at the western tip of the illuminati star, Portland symbolizes the illuminati agenda reaching out into the Pacific Ocean - to all the port cities.  Portland is built on a series of hellish underground passageways that facilitated the human slave trade.  ‘Shanghaiing’ was the act of trapping and/or capturing an individual, often by intoxication.  The intoxicated individual would either be led to a ship where they would be sold directly into
slavery, or they would be lured onto a hidden trap door.  When they fell through the trap door they were immediately seized and held in a cage in the ‘Shanghai Tunnels’ until they could be sold to a ship captain. 
The victim would awake to find themselves enslaved - most times, on a ship, already out in the ocean, with no hope of escape.

3.  Repulse Bay, Canada, is located in the Territory of Nunavut.  ‘The Arctic Circle Arch’ is located at Repulse
Bay Canada, a place that is 66 degrees North – and 66 is a symbolic Illuminati number.  The Arch has three
black bestial heads located on the top of it.  Interesting to note that Illuminati strongholds within the Canadian Government recently pressured the Government to rename the Territory under the northern tip of the Illuminati
Star with the word, “Nunavut”.  More will be revealed on the significance of the name, in future articles.

4.  St. John’s Canada, was named after the beloved disciple of Jesus.  The European illuminati see the
American illuminati as their beloved disciple, and that explains why the tip of the star is located over that city. 
St. John’s is not only the oldest city in North America, but it also has a history of hellish fiery destruction and death.  The city itself was engulfed in flames in 1892, leading to the deaths of hundreds of people - not from
fire, but from freezing and even drowning, as the fires wiped out their homes.  The death and destruction
didn’t end there, as not too far away in Newfoundland, not long after, the ‘Sealing disasters’ took place,
claiming hundreds of lives - followed by the Spanish Influenza, and then the Burin Tsunami.

5.  Haiti has a dark history of being involved in the slave trade, and its history is also deeply rooted in occult teachings and practices.  In 2010 Haiti experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that resulted in a human
death toll of approximately a quarter million lives.  The cholera outbreak that followed affected more than 5%
of the population.  The earthquake was man-made, through the use of HAARP technology, and deliberately targeted the city of Port au Prince.   The Illuminati wanted the mass human sacrifice at Port au Prince, to honor their father down below, who is often referred to as ‘the prince of darkness’.  For them, it is ‘Port au prince of darkness’.  And let's face it, the Port they chose for their False Flag earthquake, wasn't on an island called "LOVEie".

6.  Pensacola
is located on the north shore of the Gulf of Mexico.  Just east of Pensacola, in Panama City in
2010, the Obama family staged a swim photo op.  The point of the photo op was to promote the deception, "the Gulf is safe" following the BP Oil Spill.  The reason why the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were told to “STAND DOWN!” when the biggest engineering challenge in recent memory was staring them in the face, is because the Oil Spill in the Gulf, was a deliberate event.  The illuminati wanted to put their ‘stamp of death’ on the Gulf food supply, and so they did.

7.  Oklahoma City is best known for the Oklahoma City False Flag Bombing.  Interesting to note that a very bold satanic organization has been recently pushing to have a satanic statue of Baphomet – a human representation
of the devil, next to the Ten Commandments, within the court of that Oklahoma Capital.

8.  In Red Lake Ontario, on 11/11 2013, flight 311 crashed.  There were only 2 survivors, with one survivor miraculously unharmed.  The crash was no accident.  The Illuminati enjoy using the number 11 as one of their stamps, as they boast of their accomplishments.

9.  The James Bay Hydroelectric Project
covers an area the size of the State of New York.  Its combined hydroelectric energy output, makes it one of the largest power producers on the Planet.  The Illuminati are
driven by an insatiable thirst for satanic power, and for them, this Power Plant is a deliberate symbol of that

10.  Washington DC has a street layout that deliberately incorporated occult symbols, including an inverted pentagram, with the bottom of it pointing directly at The White House – the seat of the Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama.  The Washington Navy Yard shooting that took place on 09/16/13 (9,6,3), was just another False Flag Illuminati stamp on the City that is ruled by the enemy incarnate and his transsexual partner, “Michael” – whose false externals are wearing quite thin.

11.  Chicago, "the City that endorsed Obama, the enemy incarnate".  The City was engulfed in hellish flames in 1871.  The Illuminati birthed their beloved Antichrist President out of Chicago.  And now the Illuminati plan is to stage a nuclear False Flag attack on the city of Chicago, as the catalyst for the declaration of National Martial
Law in the United States.  
NOTE - this page is where you can copy a high definition version of the above illuminati map to your
website or blog.  This is also where you will find the ongoing explanation, of the significance
of this map, with every dot on it explained.  This above text, is only the beginning to the unveiling,
of the illuminati agenda for North America.

Question:  But aren’t you afraid of exposing the illuminati?

Answer:  The illuminati do not like their works of darkness being brought to the light.  If they can boast about
it in a secret manner, that is one thing; but, when the illuminati’s plan is laid out with full visuals, and detailed explanations, that’s another matter altogether.  And so, the illuminati are quite upset.  But truly, they have
very little emotions to draw from; and their range of human emotions is very narrow.  Anger and hate, is really
all they can experience – even though the illuminati work very hard, at their false externals (- just like “Michelle” Obama does).  Under vigilant psychotherapy, it would be revealed to the masses, that the people in power,
and in positions of responsibility and authority, should not be there.  Does that answer your question?

The Hollywood Film “Brick Mansions” was set in Detroit.  And so why, in the middle of the film, is an image of a nuclear missile that is aimed at downtown Chicago, inserted?  The answer is simple – it is ‘predictive programming’ for the coming Nuclear False Flag Attack on the City of Chicago.

Rahm Emanuel was Obama’s Chief of Staff.  Rahm resigned to take the lesser position of Mayor of Chicago, as part of a special Government plan.  This image reveals, how close Rahm Truly is to the insane Antichrist dictator in The White House.  And so why would he want to leave, to take a lesser position?

The real reason Obama sent Rahm Emanuel to Chicago, is blatantly revealed in the movie, when the actor playing the mayor, utters the following declaration (at 78 minutes),

“I have to make the tough decisions for this City.  And I have sent THIS BOMB in there, to get rid of its biggest problem… Come on… you know it… they’re no better than animals…  As Mayor, I have to do WHAT’s BEST,
for all the people of this City. The hard working ones (interrupted by, “You mean THE RICH ONES” – a reference to the illuminati elite) – the ones who contribute… the ones who are sick and tired of this cesspool”
The big smoking gun, in this illuminati PSYOP, that reveals it is in fact predictive programming for the coming Nuclear False Flag Attack on Chicago, is easy to see.

At the 62 minute mark in the film, just after showing an image of a nuclear missile pointed at the downtown core of the city, there is a massive zoom out shot – but the further the camera zooms out from the shot, the more obvious it is, that THIS IS THE CITY OF CHICAGO, and NOT the City of Detroit.

The purpose of the coming Nuclear False Flag Attack on Chicago, is to bring about the declaration of Martial Law.  Obama desperately wants a declaration of National Martial Law, so that he can extend his dictatorship, with absolute power over the entire nation.  And so where is this declaration of Martial Law, to be found in the Movie?  The script of the film begins at the one minute mark, with the first audible words of a reporter saying, “Violence filled the streets, as the Mayor declared Martial Law today”

 Are there any obvious illuminati Signature stamps on the movie? – you might be wondering.  Yes, the most well known illuminati signature, is the image of Baphomet, the goat’s head, enclosed in an upside down pentagram.  And that image is clearly inserted in the movie at the 45 minute mark.  The image of the devil’s head is on the left, and the upside down pentagram is on the right, with the upside down cross.

But can there be yet another motive, that the illuminati have for Nuking Chicago?  That motive is revealed at the one minute mark in the movie.  The Mayor of the City explains that the purpose of the nuclear attack on Chicago, is to clear the land, for the “ILLUMINATION”, of a new construction development. “Gentlemen, this development is ‘a beacon of light’, in our dark city… situated on THE MOST VALUABLE PROPERTY, that this city owns.”  Now in the movie, the property is actually a slum.  But the most valuable property in Chicago, is the downtown core of the city.  And in the movie, at the 62 minute mark, the nuclear missile, is clearly pointed at the downtown core, of the City of Chicago – the city indicated by the zoom-out shot.

There are numerous other parallels in the movie to the City of Chicago.  There are numerous other signs in the movie, that it is in fact, NOT a movie about Detroit, but is in fact, entirely about the City of Chicago.  However, it is always good to leave some work for the other TRUE REPORTERS out there.  And so we have done just that.

You Can see how the City of Chicago falls at Ground Zero – at the Center, of the Illuminati Star that has been placed over North America, by the illuminati – at the following link:

Find out what each point on the illuminati star specifically represents, at this following LINK

It is common knowledge that “Brick Mansions” is the last movie that Paul Walker finished filming.  And now that the illuminati involvement in the film is undeniable, the question remains:  Did Paul Walker meet ‘an untimely fiery death’, in the same way that reporter Michael Hastings did?  Was Paul Walker’s death, the result of deliberate tampering with the vehicle he was riding in?  The illuminati have been involved in countless human sacrifices in North America over the past 50 years, and so that possibility can never, be fully ruled out.
IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Obama was propped up by the Illuminati

This video will expose the Illuminati Pentagram, that has been placed over North America.  Remember! - it is “statistically impossible”, for so many false flag events to line up perfectly, on a complex geometric pattern such
as this, when it is placed over an entire continent.   It is “statistically impossible” that is, unless those False Flag events are deliberately intended, to land there.

While most people know that Obama, began his political career in the City of Chicago, and is now seated in the White House; what most people do NOT know, is that Obama plans to show his gratitude to the City of Chicago - for helping him get elected, by authorizing a Nuclear False Flag attack on that city.  Obama has “a nuclear False Flag attack on Chicago” planned, as a catalyst, to elicit the ‘false compassion’ he needs, in order to justify his takeover of the United States.  Obama wants FULL CONTROL of the United States of America, and he plans to get it, with “the declaration of martial law”, that will follow, the ‘false flag nuclear attack on Chicago’.  It is urgent to get this news out, BEFORE the attack on Chicago happens – so that Americans know exactly what Obama is up to.  And now this video will reveal the illuminati connection, between Obama’s home town of Chicago - that is located at the center of the Illuminati Pentagram; and the African country of Kenya.  Kenya is known to many, as ‘the REAL birth place of the Anti-Christ’, who is “Barack Hussein Obama”.
Many people already know, that Obama was NOT born in Hawaii – and that his birth certificate was forged.  Many people are aware that Obama was actually born, in Mombasa, Kenya.  But what most people do NOT know, is that Obama was propped up into power, by the illuminati – a ‘not so secret organization’, that is now running the One World Government, from ‘behind the scenes’.   And so why would the Illuminati choose a person born in Mombassa Kenya, to prop up as the Antichrist President of the United States? – you might be asking.  The illuminati are really big into symbolism – especially symbolic numbers.  66, is in fact a symbolic Illuminati number.  The illuminati like to control world events, and to put their symbolic stamp on historic events, as a way to boast of their involvement.  You are about to see for yourself, the historic illuminati boast, of how they propped up the Antichrist President of the United States.  And it is really simple, to see ‘the proof of their boast’.

If you draw a line, from the center of the illuminati star over North America, starting at the City of Chicago and moving around the globe at a heading of 66 degrees, you will soon find, that the line follows a series of illuminati staged False Flag events, as it leads directly to Mombasa, Kenya – the birth place of the Antichrist.  Sound too incredible to be true?  See for yourself.  From Chicago the line first hits Toronto, Canada.

And so, 66 degrees from Chicago, in the sixth month of 2010, A G-20 Summit was held in Toronto; but it was no ordinary summit.  Many protesters were kettled, arrested and transported to ‘detention centers’ for simply exercising their right to FREE SPEECH.  This False Flag event in Toronto, was ‘a dry run’ for the planned round
up, of millions of Americans, as they will be herded to permanent FEMA detention camps, that are now set up, all over North America.  The G8 Summit was held in Chicago in 2012, where a haunting echo of the Toronto events took place.

From Toronto, still following the line at 66 degrees, it leads to Lac-Megantic Canada.
And so, 66 degrees from Chicago, On July 6, 2013 a hellish fiery explosion occurred when an ‘unattended’ 74
car train, carrying crude oil, mysteriously began to roll down the tracks into the city, causing an explosion that resulted in the deaths of 42 people.  The disaster was no accident.  It was in fact a False Flag event.  The
disaster consumed half of the downtown area in flames.
From Lac-Megantic Canada, still following the line at 66 degrees, it leads to Moncton, Canada. And so, 66
degrees from Chicago, in the sixth month of 2014, a False Flag shooting event occurred, where some police officers were allegedly killed.  The purpose of that False Flag event, was to justify the police purchase of Heavy Armored Vehicles and equipment – the equipment they would need, in order to take part in ‘the round up’.  This False Flag event was publicly set in motion, when Joe Biden announced the countdown phrase ‘New World
Order’ during his speech on May 28, 2014.
From Moncton, following the line at 66 degrees, it leads to St. John’s.  Saint John’s is a city named after the beloved disciple of Jesus.  It is considered by some to be the oldest English-founded city in North America.
Saint John’s is located at the Eastern tip of the Illuminati star.  It marks the eastern tip of the star, because the European Illuminati, see the American Illuminati as its ‘beloved disciple’.  But Saint John’s is also like ‘a sister
city to Chicago’ – as Saint John’s is also “a city that was almost entirely consumed in hellish flames”.  Saint
John’s went up in flames on the eighth of the month, in 1892.  The Chicago Fire happened on the eighth of the month, in 1871.

From Chicago, to Saint John’s, and as we continue at the same 66 degree heading, we come to Nairobi, Kenya.  Nairobi, is the capital of the country where Obama was born.  And finally, the 66 degree line that began in Chicago, leads us directly to the actual place of his birth, that took place in Mombasa, Kenya.
The American People believe THEY elected Obama.  The Truth is, Obama was carefully chosen and groomed to be the U.S. President – he was chosen and groomed by the Illuminati, so that he could usher in their antichrist agenda, under his dictatorship.   Please spread this video, before their plan moves forward.  If you enjoyed this video, read the description box below.  There you will find more important links, to our other videos and articles that expose the illuminati plan, for North America.

here often - as much more is about to be revealed.
Opening slide: This Video is Dedicated to all the innocent victims of the U.S. Government Missile Attack
On the City of West Texas. You already know the TRUTH in the depths of your hearts, and you are not alone.
Slide 2: In the 2 Video frames before the West Texas Fertilizer Plant exploded, the sound of an approaching
missile can be clearly heard.  (Missile sound is at 24 sec in the video)
(Small Video clip of Explosion with sound)

So what was the bright light to the left of the burning fertilizer plant, just before it exploded?
Slide show of missile pictures.

A missile, tends to form a crater (a Missile Crater image) when it explodes, doesn’t it?  Did anyone see (man
looks at crater) left behind, by the explosion, (West Texas Crater Image) at the plant?
Does the US Government have (Moab missile image) a missile, that is capable of such an explosion?
(Short video Clip of Moab Missile)
Narrator: The moab is big on fire power. This 30 foot monster ways more than 21,000 pounds, and carries ten
tons of H6 explosive.
Military Expert: When they were testing it umm, people thought they were actually testing small nuclear devices
Narrator: Pound for Pound this is less efficient , then multiple smaller detonations,
but the sheer destructive destructive force of one huge blast, plus the psychological effect of a nuclear style
mushroom cloud, is undeniable. 

Military Expert: You drop one of these and you can take out a large amount of target, in one big explosion
in one big boom; and that's what it does and does very very well.

Does the mushroom cloud, (Mushroom Cloud Left by a Moab Missile image ) left behind, by the Government missile, look anything like (West Texas Mushroom Cloud image), the mushroom cloud, left behind, by the
explosion in West Texas? 

Were there any missile fragments
Slide: The MOAB weapon produces a very large, explosive blast, with lesser fragmentation, effects due to a
thin-walled aluminum casing.
left behind?  Perhaps these gentlemen, (Men in decontamination suits ,looking for something image) can
help us find, the answer?

If it looks like a missile

If it sounds like a missile

If it explodes like a missile

If it leaves behind a crater like a missile

If it forms a mushroom cloud like a missile,
Then it has got to be… (A MISSILE!!!)
Martial Law is Now in America, and "it is not going anywhere"
Note: Due to a Just Decree from Heaven issued on January 12, 2014

The Testimony of the Two Witnesses is no longer visible online.

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