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Many people have been wondering why the mark of the beast has already been made manifest.  It came as a great surprise to my husband and I, when, in the early hours of this morning [- early morning, November 24, 2013], Jesus Christ the Lord, spoke to the Two of us from His Throne in Heaven, with the following words:

“Why was the mark of the beast given?  The Mark of the beast was given on Christmas Day 2012, because, on that day, peoples’ hearts, were the furthest, from Me. I gave, ‘the mark of the beast’, through the Holy Angels – who administered My Divine, Wrath – to those, who were in ‘the state of mortal sin’.  “The Mark”, is ‘a spiritual one’. Even if, they were Baptized, “Christian” – it doesn’t matter!  Because they had ‘a TV in their homes’, and they neglected to live, by the Ten Commandments.  And so, through ‘serious neglects’, the people of this Earth, were in ‘the state of mortal sin’ – having no relief from the churches– especially, the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution; because ‘the abomination of desolation’, is “set up”, in all of them! 
So why did Jesus come on Christmas Day - of all days?  Jesus explained to us, that He came on Christmas Day, because He had to pick a day – because he had to pick a time when no one was expecting it.  And on Christmas day, the only person, who was expecting, was His mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Remember, Jesus instructed His followers to stay awake, to keep watch, and to pray.  Jesus explained to us,
“People were told to stay awake – meaning “spiritually” – but instead they fell asleep – referring to ‘spiritual death’, ‘the state of mortal sin’.”
Now many people remember the words of Revelations 13 [Rev 3:17], where it is written, “that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark” – of the beast that is.  Some people believe, that ‘the mark of the beast’ was something that people could only receive, by knowingly choosing, to receive it. This may be true, concerning ‘the PHYSICAL mark’. People can obviously choose, whether or not they want “the implanted microchip”.  And Yet Jesus has ‘quite a different explanation’, for ‘the SPIRITUAL mark’.  Jesus explained how people received the spiritual ‘mark of the beast’, in the following words:
“They bought the lies from the pulpit, and sold their souls in doing so”
In other words they gave money to the churches to be sold, ‘the lie’ that they were “saved”. In doing so, they fulfilled the words in the Bible, where it speaks about buying and selling, and the Mark of the Beast.  Now that being said, earlier this morning, Jesus DID give some very consoling words, to the people of these End Times.  He spoke of something, that shocked the both of us.  He said,
“The indelible seal, given to those who will make it, can not be removed”
And so we asked him, “What does this mean?”  And Jesus replied,
“The indelible seal, is for ‘those who will make it in the End’, and make it to My Era of Peace.  They are also, from the Twelve Tribes, of Israel…”
And so, we asked Him, what He meant, by the words, “the Twelve tribes of Israel”.  We asked what “the twelve tribes were symbolic of?  Jesus replied that the 12 tribes, were symbolic of…
“…all the people who have responded to My call, from the different parts of the Earth – who have ultimately decided to ‘let go of this world’ – and in doing so, make themselves ‘worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the coming Era of Peace.”

These are the people, spoken of in the 14th chapter of the Book of Revelations, where it speaks of the 144,000.  Even though most of the people on the Face of the Earth presently have the mark of the beast, there is still a short time, that remains, when people can apply the antidote – Blessed Holy Water.  So Read Testimony of the Two, and get ‘the antidote’ to the Mark of the Beast.  Follow the instructions, and become a member, of the Faithful Remnant - become, one of the 144,000. You don’t have much time left, so choose wisely - this time!




“For the cup of My Wrath has been completely filled, and now, it is being poured over the nations as we speak.  All sorts of plagues are about to ensue over mankind, none of which can be stopped; but they are not meant to hurt My Elect – My favored ones; but only those who take the chip and seal their fate.  You are about to see even more disasters, like never before – these disasters people will not take lightly, for so many will be affected, and such a large population, will die.  I will gain the ears and attention from some people, who will have to question: life after death.”  

(-Jesus, Wednesday, March 2, 2011)




“And now, it has come to this: that people are more disconnected from reality and their neighbor, than ever before in history. That is why the Great Warning must come to unite hearts and souls to their Creator – if possible.  For right now, hardly anyone is ready to meet Me, at their Judgment.  And so, the microchip implant, has come, and will be implemented very soon.  I must reach souls before this chip becomes the next convenient way, in order to live.”   

(-Jesus, Thursday, May 12, 2011)




“There are going to be many more martyred, than what was first thought.  Many will be martyred for the faith, or they will be microchipped – not being able to withstand the pressures from the One World Government leaders.  I am giving you a bit more of the puzzle, My children – to start warning people, that they have very little time to prepare, for the coming financial collapse of North America, and the World currencies.  ‘The collapse’, may be months away, but it is certainly not years – I can guarantee you that much.  But I will be in control of when it happens.” 

(-Jesus, Friday, July 15, 2011)