The True Roman Catholic Faith          
                  Under Pope Peter the Last

The Escalation of End Times Events


Following "Justice Sunday Mass", a series of events was unleashed upon the Earth,  


An Escalation in the Manifestations of the Justice of the Most High True God

It Now Begins
- or suddenly stops, and "The Escalation" begins, isn't it?
Here are some of the signs, of the Official Close of this Era
- from the time of Noah, to the time of Pope Peter the Last.

April 8: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has now been completely, abolished

April11: The biggest solar flare of the year, an M6.5 (CME) coronal mass ejection

April 15: Boston Marathon False Flag Attack, resulting in an immediate loss of freedoms

April 15: Gold's Biggest One Day Percentage Drop in 30 Years ("gold plummets")

April 16: 7.8 magnitude Earthquake hits Pakistan,  3:15 p.m. (biggest in 40 years)

April 17: Waco fertilizer plant False Flag, 2 days before 20th anniversary of massacre

April 18: Internet Privacy Bill CISPA means 'no more privacy' (no more freedom)

April 19: Police State Lockdown Paralyzes Boston, 7.2 Earthquake in Northern Japan

April 20: 7.0 Earthquake in Sichuan China leaves hundreds dead, thousands injured

April 21: Unanswered Questions, "HEY BRO, WHERE'D YOUR BACKPACK GO?" 

April 21: Meteor turns night into day in Argentina, Unprecedented flooding U.S. Midwest

April 22: Canada announces terror plot at opportune time in order to curb civil liberties

April 23: The results are now in, "the American Dream", is, "the American Nightmare"

April 28: Americans are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer, than a terrorist

May 01: 3 in 10 American voters, now believe an armed revolution may be necessary...

May 03: The highest-energy gamma-ray burst ever detected in history strikes the Earth

May 06: Armed revolt against the American government, is planned for the fourth of July

May 20: "The biggest destructive tornado in the history of the World", hits Oklahoma

May 24: 8.3 Earthquake hits coast of Russia, one of the deepest recorded in History

May 31: El Reno Oklahoma EF5 Tornado widest ever recorded in History, 4.2 km

June 18: Americans, are no longer protected from abortion, in their automobiles

June 28: Obama, Bush, now recognized as war criminals by international community

July 04Sandy Hook False Flag Gun Control PSYOP is now, no longer deniable:
Sandy Hook Busted Wide Open


July 18NASA downplays significance of precedent-setting Massive Coronal Hole in Sun

(The significance is: The black area in the photo below, is where the solar wind is departing from the Sun at a much faster speed than normal.  Solar wind speed will determine the intensity of the ion tail, and dust tail, of Comet ISON.  Solar wind speed will also have a significant effect on the trajectory, and possible breaking apart
of Comet ISON 
  NASA has already announced that the Planet Earth will pass directly through, ISON's tail, sometime in 2014)


(Photo: The European Space Agency/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory,
or SOHO; 2013/07/18 13:06 - Edited)


August 02: The United States now defines itself as a Nation of terrorists, governed by terrorists

August 04: Constitution-Free Zones in the United States now extend inland 100 miles from border

August 09: Still need proof of the Escalation of the Justice of the Most High True God?

August 12: The Formal Declaration that Obama is the Fulfillment of the Antichrist:
Obama is the Antichrist. Welcome to the End Times

August 28: Entire North American Power Grid to be turned off in the cold month of November

(Does it make any sense to test the entire system at a time of the year, when any major failure in the test,
would actually CREATE, a major crisis?  Apparently, the answer is yes),



August 29: 100 Articles of impeachment against the US President, as he creates more almost daily

September 06: US False Flag NUCLEAR Attack on South Carolina EXPOSED!

September 14: Scientists are unable to locate the melted reactor cores below the Fukushima plants

September 16: The U.S. Navy Yard Shooting False Flag Event - originally planned for 9/11/13, but delayed because it would have fuelled the national protests taking place on that day.

September  24: Pakistan's 7.7 magnitude earthquake was so powerful, the Earth now has a new Island

October 04: Asian Giant Hornet Scourge, kills 42 and injures 1600 in the past 3 months

October 11: U.S. Truckers head to Washington to demand Obama's Impeachment

November 07: "The strongest landfalling tropical cyclone in world history", "the storm of the century"


Note: There will be fewer escalation events posted on this page after this point. 
You can check your local daily newspaper, now that you know what to look for. 
Make your own list, and share it with your friends.  
March 11, 2014: Michelle Obama's true gender is revealed to all the nations:
Irrefutable Proof that Michelle Obama is a Man - Video with transcript

On the Horizon...

HAARP: HAARP SBX-1 platform, returns to California Coast for Terraforming Operation

Aborted from the Home:With no mercy, horror, torture, murder, mayhem, chaos

Drones: "Their power of hurting men for five months lies in their tails" (Rev 9:10)

Unintended Consequences of Boston Massacre: Obama Indicted, for war crimes

Impeached: Obama can no longer dodge impeachment by playing "the racist card"

November: The approach of Comet C/2012 S1, (ISON) 'the Sungrazer Comet'


Finally: The realization (- one that finds its origins in 'the Garden of Eden story'), that God's
"fruitfulness", is, and always will be, perfectly separated, from the ability of people, to reject, what He
is asking of them.  God's "fruitfulness", is, and always will be, perfectly separated, from the ability of people, to reject His request to eat from any tree, in the Garden of Eden, except for one in particular. 
The Most High True God's "fruitfulness", is, and always will be, perfectly separated, from the ability of people, to reject the Testimony, He gave to the World, as "the Recipe for Salvation". People will soon come to the realization, that the Garden of Eden was full, of good fruit, and so too, was the Testimony.  But for most people - for those who chose to fill themselves with "other things", once again (as history repeats itself), it will be too late. In other words, God doesn't need man's cooperation, in order for His Plans, to be "fruitful", and neither do we need yours. But it would be better, if you cooperated, for
YOUR sake.


“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return there but water the earth, making
it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goes forth
from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I intend, and prosper in the
thing for which I sent it.”

Video: National Martial Law is Coming - GET OUT OF CHICAGO

 Do you think, that our warning to get out of Chicago, was in vain?
You can watch "the escalation" continue in the daily news.
But as the End Times events unfold,
one thing we know that you will never forget,
is our warning to get out of Chicago.
Here's just one more reminder.

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Jesus said: FEMA, also known, as Federal Emergency Management Association, is nothing like, what is
stated, My children.  You, have been doing your research for many years now, and it, is about, to pay off
FEMA has been mandated, to build ‘large detention centers’.  They are not there, to aid the people, in their survival.  But they will be the primary workers, in the ‘Global Population Reduction Program’.  They are the
ones in charge: of the FBI, of the SWAT teams, and, the Department of Homeland Security.  “Homeland” -
what does that sound like My children?  Perhaps it sounds a bit like ‘what Hitler referenced’ – his own home
country to: his “motherland” or “homeland”.   


These people, have evil designs, for the population of the World, and they are about to invest, their time and
energy, in practising, especially in the Chicago Summit Meeting – the NATO Summit Meeting.  Chicago, will be
under National Martial Law’,under, this current President of the United States.  I am suggesting, to all Chicagoans,
to flee their City, if they do not, want to be part, of ‘the roundup’. 
This, is a Warning, for there will be, police force used against those ‘protesting, this summit meeting’, and there will be ‘riots staged’ as well.  But what happened in Toronto, will be nothing compared to what is about to
happen, to the state of Chicago’, for martial law is coming.  
But first the One World Government People, want to practice, their tactics, on ‘the unsuspecting bystander’, and ‘peaceful protesters’.  They have something ‘very big’ planned; and because I am Just I am Warning the people ahead of time:  Get out! – while you still canMove!  Because, this ‘martial law’, is not going to end, but is the beginning, of the unfolding, of the Scourge, coming, to the United States of America.  It is thebeginning, of
The End.