The Testimony of the Two Witnesses
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This page is a collection of short summaries of various topics
that can be found throughout the messages. 
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses.)
“Our Lord taught many lessons and they are hidden throughout ‘all of Scripture’; and only those who seek them will find them. He, is unveiling 'the Secrets of His Heart' through, His, Testimony.” 
“How many souls have been chosen to be lost?  It is only through their free will that this is so.  No one is predestined, for Heaven, for Hell, or for Purgatory, but I simply know the choices that they will make to end up in one of those places mentioned.  And so, I ask that all those who are righteous would come to Me and let Me lead them to safety.  They are going to need My help as the One World Government plans, move in on them.  I will intervene as I have said before - My Great Warning will come upon the World, at a time they are not expecting.  Everyone must choose the path that they will follow - either good or bad.  And they must continually embrace the effects of their decision in the afterlife, because when it comes down to it, the decision they make in this life, on how they will live their lives, will ultimately affect their destination.”  

Who are "The CHOSEN"? - "For many are called, but few are chosen" (Matthew 22:14)

Did you know that the Most High True God has in fact "CALLED", everyone on the Face of the Earth at some point in their lives?  But what does it mean to be "one of the CHOSEN ones"?  It means that only a very FEW 'CHOSE' - to respond to "the Call of their Creator in the moment", and 'to persevere in RESPONDING to that Call, as a way of life'.  Do YOU know, "What your Creator is calling you to do NEXT"? - because that is the question that is ALWAYS on the hearts, of "the CHOSEN ones".
SALVATION - "Saved from WHAT?"
"SALVATION", IS 'a Gift' - GIVEN, to THOSE, who DESIRE, to be 'SAVED,FROM, their DEMONS'!   
"CAN the Bible save you?"

The Bible... CANNOT save you!  ONLY, 'faith in the Most High TRUE God' - along with DOING what He is ASKING of you, in His TESTIMONY - can GIVE you "a CHANCE at Salvation". (March 5, 2017 update)

“Many people right now are living their ‘heaven’, and they do not seek “Thy Kingdom Come” in their hearts any more, for the ‘kingdom’ they desire is already here – a ‘kingdom’ of mammon and beast.  My Kingdom is not of this World, but is still here, on the Earth - in few chosen souls.  And My Kingdom will remain for Eternity, whereas the enemy’s kingdom will fade into oblivion and nothingness – forever.  Good will triumph over evil.  ‘The battles’ may be lost for most but ‘the war’ is still going on.  I win ultimately but the enemy wants to take as many souls as he can with him.  Heaven or Hell - people must choose where they want to go based on the choices they are making now in this life.  They cannot have both.  No matter what society says, you can’t be a saint, and a sinner, nor be an angel and a demon, and go to Heaven, for the divided heart will fall because it stands for nothing.”


Question: Is there any difference between 'Fallen angels' and demons?   Answer: Not REALLY, "a big difference" - because "fallen ANGELS", became "DEMONS - AFTER they fell"!  Because they LOST, 'their BEAUTY', that the Most High TRUE God, had GIVEN them - and became "DEFORMED, UGLY creatures" - instead.

“Many people, take My voice, for granted, My children, they are selfish, and they do not realize, that just because they can hear My Voice, that does not make them Saints.  A Saint is someone who is self-sacrificing, who seeks self-mortification – of earthly desires, so that My Will, can be accomplished, in them.  Right now, there are hundreds of false ‘visionaries’, around the World, and they did not start out that way, but money, greed, power and fame, took the place of the messages, they could have been receiving.  Instead now, the enemy comes to them, disguising himself as Me, and these people listen, with itching ears.” 
(Sunday, January 23, 2010)
“True freedom, is not being able to sin without punishment - but that is what society says is ‘free’.  To be free on the contrary is to truly be free, from all the chains of sin, and all of the burdens from this life…”
"Let him who says “he is saved”, be called ‘a liar’, and ‘a thief’ – for that is 'stealing away' My Own Judgement; and because, the soul does not really know, if they are saved, or not – then it is the sin of presumption.  To presume something, is a falsehood, and a lie."
(-Jesus, Saturday, August 21, 2010)
“After the fall, Adam and Eve, didn’t even look, as pretty, as I first made them to be, because sin ultimately disfigures the human body in the flesh; even though it produces many blemishes upon the soul, the flesh - follows, hereafter.  People, who are embracing grievous sins in their souls, and who refuse to repent of them, will have disfigured faces and bodies after a time.  However some deformities, are simply ‘crosses’ that people must carry, so that, they can be more purified of this life.  So-called “ugly” people, may actually have, a softer, and sweeter heart, than the most physically attractive out there.  You must carefully discern the inward being of each soul you come across My children, so you do not misjudge them, and harshly.” 
“Man was Created, not to be complete, without his female companion.  It is a yearning I have placed in all men’s souls – even, the homosexual men.  But women nowadays, are believing falsely, that they cannot be satisfied with one man – this is the devil’s doing; for I created: one man, for each woman; and one woman, for each man, that the two may be joined together.  Not man and man – did I create them; nor woman and woman, did I form them; but turning inwards they seek after each other’s sex, so that, no amount of love can flow; but sensuality and perversity remain.  But man, and woman, were created equal, in the sense that they are each equally deserving of My Love for them.  But man was created first, and woman under man’s headship.”
Here is a special note for couples at the time they find the testimony - couples who consider themselves to be "married":  When YOU and your "spouse" received 'the MARK of the beast' - December 25th, 2012 - ALONG with, the MILLIONS! - of couples - around the WORLD, ALL MARRIAGES, were "dissolved".  THIS was not "OUR doing"; BUT 'the One, who made YOU!' - HAS 'DONE this'.  And in THESE times, it is up to EACH, "INDIVIDUAL" - to CHOOSE! - the PATH, they WANT to take - ACCORDING to, 'the DICTATES, of their CONSCIENCE'.  And TRULY - when they FIND! - the Testimony - that IS "the Voice of their conscience" - the Voice of their CREATOR, that was "COMPLETELY snuffed-OUT of them" - when they RECEIVED 'the mark of the BEAST'.  And now you KNOW, the Testimony, to be, "AUTHENTIC, and TRUE" - and YOU! - have to decide, if you are going to take, "the necessary steps", to becoming a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT.  You will need to get yourself some BLESSED Holy Water.  You can DO so HERE.  And THEN pray THIS prayer, from the Heart.  After you have done this PLEASE email us.

"The remnant of the trees of his forest will be so few that a child can write them down." (Isaiah 10:19)
“It is just like the beginning of Christianity: there are ‘very few, Christians’.” (-Jesus, Friday, December 13, 2013)

"What you need, is to take your ‘spiritual lives’ much, more seriously – than you have been.  And realize, that your bodies, are not,’ to be worshiped’ in any way, shape, or form.  Because your bodies will decay, but your soul, will live onEither in Heaven with Me, or, the other place – which is Hell.  Or, the other place, which is Eternal Hell.  There are only three destinations.  Start, living, for, your Creator; and stop living for yourselves – and your own ‘greedy gain’." 
"Heaven, is for ‘all repentant sinners’.  Heaven is for all people everywhere, who ‘respond to My Graces’ – who ‘respond to the Truth, with love’; who ‘desire to live in the Truth’.  For I am the Truth, and those who knowingly embrace falsehood and ‘false realities’, have no part in My Kingdom.  There is no television in Heaven.  There is no ‘video games’.   There are no movies, or ‘worldly entertainment.  There, is only room for: peace, love and joy.  Those other things are mere distractions, and rob souls of these."
“Many souls have been deceived - that is many Christians especially, with a pre-conceived notion that there is no hell.  You will meet Christians like these once again.  But tell them the truth: If there is no hell, and Heaven, is a place where souls want to Be with Me, then where do the souls go, who refuse to be with Me – who refuse to accept Me and love Me who decide to be filled with hate instead?  That is where the proof is.”
“‘Hell is very real’, and ‘there are souls that go there’”
Note:  According to Jesus Christ the Lord, The biggest lie the devil uses, is that the devil does not exist and God does not care.  The Truth is that the devil does exist and the people do not care; and man has used the gift of his human intellect, to distance himself from his Creator. (-Jesus, December, 2013)

PURGATORY – The only PURGATORY, that is LEFT, is for THOSE, in My Faithful REMNANT
"The only PURGATORY, that is LEFT, is for THOSE, in My Faithful REMNANT, who are being ‘PURGED’, and PURIFIED – of all ‘WORLDLY desires’.  And the Faithful Remnant to BE – whom I will call OUT, of ‘the beast state’ – to ‘LIFE-giving Waters’."
IMPORTANT NOTE: Purgatory - as in "the spiritual destination" is now empty.  The OFFICIAL declaration was made on this website on September 3, 2015.
“People who strive for Purgatory alone, will not make it; but only those who strive, for Heaven, and persevere, will make it – though they do not go there directly, always.  But Heaven is a place for souls who want to be with Me, for Eternity.  Purgatory, is a place where souls, want to, share Me, with other things, in life – other desires.  When that becomes a person’s ‘permanent reality’ – that is, when the soul chooses not to grow in Love, then its’ will is fixed, and only hell awaits it.” 
"If only more people would be open to the intercession of their ancestors - their family - praying for them: to find the TestimonyMost people who find the Testimony, My children, have 'a loved one', who has died, and is either in Heaven, or in Purgatory.  But what they don't know, is that if they cooperate with the graces, and are docile to the prayers of their ancestors - who are suffering, in 'temporary flames' - then their ancestors, many of them, will be released.  Because souls in Purgatory, can not help themselves; but they can only pray for others.  And for the ones that are in Heaven: every need that they have, is fulfilled; except, that their 'desire', for their family members to be there - in Heaven with them, is not completely fulfilled.  I too want souls 'saved'.  But the people, in Heaven, and in Purgatory - share the same desire.  The only difference is, the ones in Purgatory, are suffering - because they refused to pray for others while they were alive.  They must make amends.  It is good that they had 'faith'; but it's not enough to 'have faith - in Me'.  People need to 'actively spread' their faith as well.  "No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bushel basket, but on 'a lampstand'.  The ones, who hid, 'the light', from others, are 'suffering', and being 'purified' from that desire. 
(-Jesus, Wednesday, December 4, 2013
If you tend to feel "a little, uncomfortable" - and "a little UPSET", every time you read the Testimony - then know this:  The WORDS of the Testimony, are "NOT comfortable" - for peoples DEMONS!  And THAT is why, you are so "upset" - because you have become "ONE, with your DEMONS."  LIFE-giving Water is OFFERED at the Testimony - IF you come to your senses.  But "SALVATION", IS 'a Gift' - GIVEN, to THOSE, who DESIRE, to be 'SAVED, FROM, their DEMONS'!
“I am giving you a bit more of the puzzle, My children – to start warning people, that they have very little time to prepare, for the coming financial collapse of North America, and the World currencies.  ‘The collapse’, may be months away, but it is certainly not years – I can guarantee you that much.”

(-Jesus, Friday, July 15, 2011)
“The timetable, I can not give you as of yet, because it is always changing – because of peoples’ choices.  I could give you the final date; but then where would the fairness be to everyone else?”
“For the Elect, time is short, and is passing by – just as the flowers fade – so too, will this era – End.  You see it’s not even spring yet, and the flowers begin to fade, close to autumn.  Let him who has an ear, hear what the True Holy Spirit is saying, to all of the churches.”
Note: For those in 'the beast state', and for those who have decided to be outside the Faithful Remnant, they can be called to their eternal home, at any moment.  And so their time, is very short, indeed.

“The truth about 9/11, has now come to the surface, in many different circles on the internet  You can see from all of the videos you now have watched, that it truly was one of ‘the biggest hoaxes in human history’.  There never was a plane, My children, nor were there passengers on the ‘supposed plane’.  But everything that the media told the people, was a straight-out-lie.  No truth can come from such deceivers… You will see even more videos, which will show the media’s ‘holes’, in their representation of the facts.   This truly is an example, of ‘do not believe everything that you see or hear.  There were no real terrorists, only hired ones, on a different plane, heading somewhere else.  The people were murdered.  Those in the Towers were sacrificed.”
“For indeed many souls, are ‘dead’ right now, My children.  With only ‘a faint flicker’ – of light, left, in some.  I desire that all people - all nations, all tribes and all tongues, would come to Me: to have life; to have spiritual life.  Oh yes people, are ‘alive’, and ‘walking the Face, of this Planet Earth’.  And they ‘appear’, to be filled, with happiness, laughter; but it is all, a façade.  For what is happiness and laughter? – without ‘living in the Divine Will’?  I tell you My children they are ‘living for themselves’.  Because if they were living for Me they would clothe themselves in sackcloth, and in ashes; and they would desire unity with My Will; they would forsake their ‘idolatry’, their covetousness, and all their abominations; and thus: die, to self – so that they can live – for Me!”
"You protestants! – will strain a gnat, in order to swallow a camel!  You are just like your brothers – the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Jewish elders – you are all alike!  When I see you, I am, disgusted, with ‘what you have become’: filthy rich, in your homes, and palaces – while the people, are ‘filled to the brim’! – with iniquity.  And you do not offer them, a solution.  But you protestants! – only seek to compound, their problems.  You false teachers, and false guides! – are “a brood of vipers” – seeking, to dig your fangs, into, your listeners – in order to paralyze them.  Oh the day is coming, when you will wish you had never been born!  You all need to be thrown into the sea. Only, if you repent, and turn back to Me, will I forgive you.  Only if you listen to My Words – you blind guides [Note: Here Jesus is telling the Protestants, that they need to read the Testimony in order to repent and be healed.]; because, I curse your ministries – all of them!   Your foul and festering, sermons.  And your blasphemous, talks – and that is calling good “evil”, and evil “good”." 

"My name is Holy of Holies, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and My name is Jesus Christ.  I am coming back as Ruler over all the nations of this Earth.  Those who are with Me, are with Me.  Those who are against Me - against My plans, against My Kingdom, and against Peace, Truth, Justice and Love: Woe to them, they will be cast into the Ever-Burning Lake of Fire, because they have denied Me, and to deny Me, in fact, is to hate Me; to hate Me is to hate Life and Truth.  There is no Life in Hell, neither is there any Truth there."

And so, why does the Faithful Remnant worship the God whom they refer to as "The Most High True God"?  Because "the god" everyone else (- as in, "everyone who prefers to be OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant"), worships, is in fact "a demi-god" - or "an evil spirit".  The Members of the Faithful Remnant in fact, worship the Creator of the Universe - who has revealed Himself as "the God, above, all other Gods".  Here, perhaps this will refresh your memory:

"There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all, who is above all and through all and in all." 
(Ephesians 4:4-6)
"For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods.  In his hand are the depths of the earth;  the heights of the mountains are his also. The sea is his, for he made it; for his hands formed the dry land.  O come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!  For he is our God,  and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand." 
(Psalm 95:3-7)
"For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; he is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the peoples are idols; but the Lord made the heavens."
(Psalm 96:4-5)
"For you, O Lord, are most high over all the earth; you are exalted far above all gods."
(Psalm 97:9)
"For I know that the Lord is great, and that our Lord is above all gods."
(Psalm 135:5)
"Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!  For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised,  and he is to be held in awe above all gods. For all the gods of the peoples are idols; but the Lord made the heavens." 
(1 Chronicles 16:24-26)
"But the Lord is the true God; he is the living God and the everlasting King. At his wrath the earth quakes, and the nations cannot endure his indignation."
(Jeremiah 10:10)
"And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent."
(John 17:3)
"And they sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, “Great and wonderful are your deeds, O Lord God the Almighty! Just and true are thy ways, O King of the ages!" 
(Revelation 15:3)
Note: His NAME, IS "Jesus Christ the LORD" - the Most High True GOD.  There are MANY "false jesuses" out there - and "YESHUA", is ONE of them.  QUITE the 'affirming name'! - that is NOT! - "the Name of Jesus" - because 'the demons', HATE "the Holy Name of Jesus". There are many different names that people are using online, to refer to the god they worship - names like: JHVH (- just add vowels and you get...) - Jehovah, YHWH - Yahweh, JHWH - Yeshua, etcetera.  The origin of these names can all be better understood, by looking at the following article.  But know that God, the Creator of the Universe did in fact manifest Himself, FULLY, in the flesh, in the Person of Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus Christ the Lord is presently speaking to His Two Witnesses, from His Throne in Heaven, and has made it extremely clear, that His Name is "Jesus".  And He calls "His Spirit", the True Holy Spirit.  And He calls "His Father", God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.  And the devil, hates, the Holy Name of Jesus.  Now with all this in mind, WHY do you think, there are so many "PROTESTANTS", or "rebellionists", who are following the enemy's lead, in calling Jesus "anything BUT", the name that most offends, "THEIR father", down below?  So WHAT is Jesus' name?  To the devil and his followers, "Anything BUT Jesus helliluyah!"... ABJH? - sure, they can EVEN call him THAT!  And if you need more proof, notice that the illuminati - the ones who worship the devil by name - in their Hollywood movies, they have inserted "an illuminati stamp" - one that usually occurs, in the first few minutes of the film.  The "illuminati stamp" - is when someone shouts out the Holy Name of "Jesus Christ!" with unholy disdain.  AND so yes, the devil DOES in fact permit his followers to use the name of Jesus, but only in such a way, that expresses how much they hate Him; and only to offend Him.  Do you want to know where YOU stand before your Creator, when you invoke His Holy Name?  Why not try this little prayer, from the heart:  "Lord Jesus Christ, please give me the Grace, to say your Holy Name with Love, with every beat of my heart, from this moment forward, for all Eternity, Amen." - and see what happens.  Of course, in THESE Times, you will need to use the Blessed Holy Water first, and repent from the heart, in order for Him to even HEAR your prayer.  You will find instructions on how to do so, throughout the website.
“Do you think: there are many ‘religious leaders’ in Heaven, My children?  I tell you, there are ‘not many’ – because they sought to be ‘the gate’, and pretended to open people, to ‘a false kingdom – of heaven’; where the rewards – that would be given, would be materialism, and sensualism.  Do you think Ghandi, is in Heaven My children, or Buddha? How about Krishna – did he lead many souls, to the Kingdom of HeavenWhat about: Mohammad? – is he here with Me?  I tell you: Hitler, would have had ‘a better chance’ to be here with Me, in ‘the hour, of his death’, than all of these ‘religious leaders’ from the past.” 
"It is, for those, ‘that stubbornly refuse My Graces’, that the Doors to Heaven, will be shut to.  It is those, who knowing, with full knowledge, of their consents, choose ‘to embrace wickedness’, that the Doors of Heaven are shut to.  It is, for those, ‘who seek to profit, from another man’s hurt’, that the doors of Heaven are shut to; for those, ‘who rejoice, in evil, and their brother’s pain’, that the Doors of Heaven, are shut to.  The Doors of Heaven are only open to those souls, who will respond to the Graces being given to them – who desire ‘to seek in order to find’, who desire ‘to knock in order for the Door to be opened’, who desire ‘to ask, in order to receive’, so that their joy may be full."
"For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the archangel's call, and with the sound of the trumpet of God.  And the dead in Christ will rise first; Then we who are alive, who are left, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and so we shall always be with the Lord.  Therefore comfort one another with these words."
Note: On the topic of the the rapture, Jesus said:
"Oh My people when will you learn? – how I operate!   When will you see Me, in the Truth?!  I am not ‘coming down, from the Heavens’, to ‘rapture’ you!"
Jesus Christ the Lord explained to us (His Two Witnesses) that the biblical references (1 Thess 4:16-18) that have been interpreted by some as "a physical rapture", those biblical references, are in Truth, describing the rapture of the soul from the body at the time of death, to meet Jesus in the sky, or clouds, or air - referring to the spiritual realms. Jesus explained, that these passages of the Bible (above) have been misunderstood, and presented to the people, with "great errors" and for money.

Remember that at the time these scripture passages were written, there were great persecutions of the Christians.  And so the writers, wanted to console their fellow Christians ("therefore comfort one another"), that Jesus was waiting for them, and is very near.  And this is true.  The rapture thing, is very lucrative, for many churches; and proclaiming that 'false reality' (of a physical rapture) gets many people hooked, and focussed on another distraction from the most important calling, repentance.  You won't hear repentance drilled into the people, but you sure will hear 'the rapture speal' drilled in won't you?  It (the physical rapture deception) is truly 'all about the money'.
I have ‘given you over’, to the Foreign Governments, that they may do to you as they pleaseGet your hearts and souls ready to ‘meet your Maker!’   Because that is how you are going to be ‘raptured’.  Get your hearts and souls ready – by repenting of all evildoing; by seeking to have ‘a clear conscience’; by spreading these messages to others; by ‘getting informed’; by ‘making peace’ with Me – before I come to take your souls, from your bodies, to give you the ‘necessary foretaste’ of your reward, for ‘the choices you are about to make’.  I am impartial.  And, the just, along with the wicked, are going to be punished.  What separates the just from the wicked souls, is their desire to be united with Me, in the afterlife.  Welcome to “the rapture”, my people.”
Think of Planet X or Nibiru, as one of the biggest automated I.Q. tests in human history.  All the global government leaders need to do, is calculate the amount of time, that each I.P. address spends with Planet X Nibiru stories open, and then they can easily give everyone a ranking, or placement, on the darwin scale.  If you want to get above "Amoeba", then it would be best to never look at another one of those ever again!  [Bonus commentary from Mary Romanus: "Does that mean they just reach out at "all the CRAP", and take it IN, and INGEST it? - because they 'don't CARE', what it IS?  Pope Peter the Last: YES Mary... that wasn't my INTENTION (as I wrote the above), but funny enough, that DOES apply!]  (March 4 2017 update)
"There is only, one truth, one law, and one set of Commandments; and I do not give anyone permission to sin, nor to lead others down the wrong path.  Almost 99% of the people, in this world, are living in false realities that they have created – for themselves, as ‘a buffer’, to the truth; or they allow: people to create realities, for them to live in.  The whole purpose of propaganda My children, is to create ‘a different reality for people to embrace’, so that those seeking power and influence, can gain more power over them.  And this is what has happened, to ‘the institutional hierarchy’ – to the churches everywhereThey have created alternative ‘religious realities’ for people to live in: where there is no mention of sin, of Hell, of Judgement, nor of accountability.  In this religion, they have made themselves, into 'gods', saying that they can ‘live in any reality – they choose’, and that there will be no consequences."


The reason you [- referring to the Members of the Faithful Remnant] are not 'focused on SIGNS', is because the Most High TRUE God, MANIFESTS Himself, TO you, in 'a profound WAY', EVERY day! - in "the SMALL things".  BECAUSE, it is 'in the SMALL things', that the Most High TRUE God, will be found.  BECAUSE, HE does not "show off"; but is TRULY Humble.  YES! - that is "QUITE the CONCEPT" - that 'the CREATOR, of the known UNIVERSE', is "HUMBLE".  And so REMEMBER, that as "TRUE Christians", you FOLLOW, "a VERY, HUMBLE! - God"; and EVEN in THAT! - HE! - can MANIFEST Himself, on a GLOBAL scale - and an even LARGER WAY - when He NEEDS to; but NEVER in VAIN.  He TRULY, has SO much "WISDOM, and INSTRUCTION", to impart - to His TRUE Followers; and His TRUE FOLLOWERS - are "Humble"! 

Special Note: The REASON the Two Witnesses, and the Members of the Faithful Remnant have become "Blessed beyond BELIEF", is simply because we can SEE 'how Blessed we Truly ARE' - and because we can SEE it, we KNOW that we are "TRULY Blessed", and there is no NEED for "belief".  "Faith", on the other hand, is "believing WITHOUT seeing".

"Moses, and Elijah, are not coming back!  Now true Christians would understand this – as it is appointed, for every man, to die once.  When, have I ever brought some one, back to life? – and taken them from Heaven, to live on the Earth againThis, is ‘absolute nonsense’!" 
"My True Followers will find: True Peace, True Love and True Joy – embracing My Will for their lives. And My Will simply, is for them: to renounce the World, and all of its trappings, to be purified, to become ‘holy and of sound mind’, to become ‘honest with themselves before Me’, to become ‘worshippers of their Creator!’  I seek, hearts to be filled with repentance.  I seek hearts who are ‘longing to be loved by their Creator’, I seek out hearts, that are lost, but ‘Want to be Found!’.  There are so many souls who do not want to be found, and they rejoice in all types of wickedness; and therefore they will perish – as all ‘stubborn sinners’ do.  But I will bring back to My Fold the ones, who desire Mercy; who desire: Truth, Love, and Sincerity - who desire to be healed." 


You NEED to know, that, there are 'MILLIONS, of children - with 'BESTIAL'! - parents; and THEIR HOLY Guardian ANGELS, are "watching OVER them".  EVEN though, they, are "suffering INTENSELY" - they are STILL being "sustained by the Most High TRUE God".  WHO, can know, the mind, of the Lord Jesus Christ? - EXCEPT that, "HIS Ways, are ABOVE man's ways"; and He HAS "a PURPOSE", for ALLOWING, 'EVIL', to HAPPEN, to them.  KNOW that, 'the JUSTICE', is being "STOKED!" - for their "bestial parents"; THEY, are going to SUFFER - SEVERELY! - for 'their CONTINUED abuse', of YOUNG PRESERVED Souls.  THEREFORE, SIMPLY 'ENTRUST them', to the CARE, of their GUARDIAN Angels - EVERY DAY! - and KNOW that, your CREATOR, has MUCH MORE INVESTED, in them - than you EVER POSSIBLY COULD! 

REFUGE - Caves and Refuges

You NEED to understand, that 'the REFUGE', that is REFERRED to in the TESTIMONY, is PRIMARILY referring to, 'seeking SPIRITUAL refuge, in the Sacred Heart of JESUS, and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin MARY'.  As for "your PHYSICAL refuge" - that is not ALWAYS a guarantee; YOU will need to BLESS! - your dwelling, with the BLESSED Holy Water - ACTIVELY DESIRING, AND PRAYING for, 'your DWELLING place, to be PROTECTED, and to be DELIVERED, from the demons'. Understand?

My disciples are not perfect, and they know they are not. Yet they seek ‘perfection’ in all that they do – to be ‘perfect as their Heavenly Father is perfect’.  They seek to be knowledgeable in ‘what pleases Him the most’, and they ‘seek to do these things with love’.  My Father created out of Love, and does everything, with Love!  So much Love does He have, that, the person, of the Holy Spirit, comes forth - from that Love, animating all life!  That, is how, I expect, My Followers, to be – to love, perfectly, in as much as they can.  For that is the True Source, of all, that is, in existence: Pure, Spotless, and Holy - Love.
“As long, as people remain entrenched, in ‘the mires of this life’, they can not be free to love Me.  For to love Me, is to hate this World and all the trappings of it.  To love Me, is, to deny oneself, and, to pick-up one’s cross, and, to follow Me – no matter how tough it gets.  No matter what peers, family, friends, or others, say, and do, you are each responsible for your own choices in this life.  And you must choose the path you want to walk.  The path that leads to Eternal Life, or, the path leads to Eternal separation, from Me.”
(-Jesus, Saturday, June 2, 2012)
“What you witnessed today, My children: was the blind, leading the blind; was obesity – everywhere that you looked; was, children learning to be psychopaths when they are younger; in essence, no discipline, from any paternal figure, and no motherly love.  Truly, the United States of America, and Canada, are the poorest of countries – poor, because love, is becoming scarce.  Where there is no love, you will not find Me present in a soul.” 
(-Jesus, Thursday June 16, 2011)
Love does not seek out ‘selfish intentions’; and love does not sin,intentionally - so as to offend, Me, the Most High True God.  “Love, bears all things”, all ‘changes of the times’without ‘compromising principles’.  “Love endures ‘all things’” – an example of this is when I said, “Blessed, are you, when men, revile you, and persecute you, for My Name’s sake; for your reward will be great, in Heaven” – this is “endurance”.  “Love ‘hopes all things’” – means that those, who are embracing ‘true love’, will hope in their Creator - who made ‘all things’ and ‘every circumstance’; who knows all adversities, and inconveniences.  And above all: “Love, never, ends”.  I, am Love – but not in the ‘fuzzy’, ‘feeling’, ‘sense of the word’.”
"Awake My people, from your slumber.  Rise up –out of the darkness, into the light.  Guard yourselves, for the Day is near!  For the time is coming, when you shall be leaving everything – once again, to follow Me: First, to be among My Elect, you must cast off the deeds of darkness in your souls, and seek true repentance from the heart.  My Ten Commandments, are a good reflection for you, for if you break one, you have broken them all.  So humble yourselves, and make ready; for the bridegroom, is coming – to take his Bride, away from this wicked generation of souls." 
(-Jesus, Wednesday, February 1,2012)
All are sinners My children.  But very few will admit this.  Sin, is a reality, they can choose to ignore; but they cannot ignore the consequences, of embracing sin.  Again, mercy, is what I desire – of a humble and contrite heart before Me – always.  But only those who see themselves as sinners will understand this.  And as I said, not many do.  Oh, out of self-righteousness, they will proclaim themselves “sinners”; but a true sinner, recognizes the need, for repentance, and their Savior.  ‘False sinners’ call themselves by that name, so that they can embrace ‘false humility’ - they accept their sins, and refuse to change.  But ‘true sinners’, desire to grow in holiness – because they know, they have fallen short, of the glory, of God the Eternal Father in Heaven. You will learn the difference between these types, in person, My children.” 
(-Jesus, Wednesday, August 1, 2012
“Now I have told you the difference between a ‘false sinner’ and a ‘true sinner’.  And remember a ‘true sinner’, acknowledges their sins, and desires, to stop, so they do not experience Eternal Death.  But ‘false sinners’, keep on sinning – saying they are weak.  And the second part – of what I have not told you My children, is that they say to themselves very confidently: “I will understand, because I am human too”.  But what they ‘so purposely’ forget, is that I never committed a single sin – against My Father in Heaven, or against neighbor.  People would ‘just like to bring Me down’ – to their level, and ‘current way of thinking’.  But this is ‘not at all’ what I expect from My Followers.  On the contrary, it is what I expect from My enemies. “ 
DRAW, "a CLEAR LINE", between 'the FALSE prophets', and 'the TRUE prophets':

"Would that all the Lord’s people were prophets, that the Lord would put his spirit upon them!” (Numbers 11:29b)
Now of COURSE, this is in reference to "TRUE Prophets" - and how THIS ties in, as it is the same TRUE Holy Spirit - moving through the Blessed Virgin MARY [March 4, 2016 Messsage] - as she EXPLAINS the CALL, of each Member of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH - the CALL, to BE, "True PROPHETS of the Most High TRUE God" in these TIMES!  All of the pastors, ministers and RABBIS - SOLD! - their "prophetic calling" - for MONEY! - power, prestige and POSITION in SOCIETY.  And the WAY Jesus called His FIRST Disciples to FOLLOW Him - is how He is CALLING, His NEW Disciples! - in this "NEW ERA" - of TRUE PEACE - to Follow Him; He IS calling! - the people, to leave EVERYTHING BEHIND - and "EVERY ONE, who REFUSES, to follow, Jesus Christ the Lord" - BEHIND!   The SEVEN Gifts of the True Holy Spirit - the seven SPIRITS OF the Living God - ARE in, the TESTIMONY!  But you HAVE to read 'BEYOND! - the Words', and take in 'the MEANING'. The TESTIMONY IS "the Spirit of Prophecy" - and ALL Members of the Faithful Remnant, are CALLED to be "TRUE Prophets".  And this SIMPLY means, to be, "BEACONS, of TRUTH, and LIFE, in this WORLD"; it DOES NOT MEAN, "to PREDICT, something to HAPPEN before it happens" - so that, you can, say, "AHA! - I was RIGHT!!!" - that is NOT! - "the definition of a TRUE Prophet".  But, a TRUE Prophet - speaks TRUTH, always! - and NEVER lies.  PROPHETS, are "IMPERFECT" - in THESE Times [- referring to the Time BEFORE the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on earth]; "FALSE prophets" - are "absolute FAILURES!" - in these Times.  YOU must decide, what YOU want to IDENTIFY with: a TRUE PROPHET, of the Most High True GOD; or a FALSE prophet of the WORLD.  EITHER you are 'CONFORMING your will, to the Most High TRUE God's expectations'; OR, to the WORLD'S!  But you CAN'T do both! 
"If any one sees his brother committing what is not a deadly sin, he will ask, and God will give him life for those whose sin is not deadly. There is sin which is deadly; I do not say that one is to pray for that. All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin which is not deadly."
(1 John 5:16-17) - Note: this is proof, that even the early Christians could distinguish between the sins that brought immediate death to the soul, and the sins that did not.
"Evil, if allowed to reign in a soul will snuff-out the goodness to the point of death to the soul - which is in fact the definition of a mortal sin...   mortal sin is death to the soul.  I leave My Grace with those who will respond; but those who have fixed their will on evil, I cannot help.  And so, I allow them to make their free-will choice, but I also show them the consequences for their sins against Me."
Be ready, with your lamps lit”.  Which means, remain ‘spiritually awake’, and in ‘the state of grace’, so that you may be ready when I come, to Judge the living, and the dead.  For the living are not many; though they claim to be ‘alive’, they are ‘dead’ to MeBut the ‘dead’ – that is, the souls in ‘the state of mortal sin’, who can receive no graces to grow in the spiritual life, are many in this World.  But you are alive, if you have My Life within you.  You are living, if your conscience is ‘awake’, if your souls are ‘at True peace with Me’then you are in ‘the state of grace’.  This is what I mean, by being ‘ready and waiting’." 
So who are the illuminati?  Remember, when the devil went looking for luciferians, people who would worship the devil by name?  
"Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.  And He fasted forty days and forty nights, and afterward He was hungry.  Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them; and he said to Him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” Then Jesus said to him, “Begone, Satan! for it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.’”  Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him."
Jesus refused to fall down and worship the devil - but the illuminati, are in fact the ones, who DID fall down and worship the devil, and in return, the devil gave the illuminati all the governments of the world, all the intelligence agencies of the world, all the media outlets of the world, and even the Hollywood film industry itself.  Simple.
A special note taken from our mailbox: Now there is much that has already been revealed in the Testimony, about the illuminati.  But here is an actual response I recently sent to someone, when the topic of the illuminati was raised:  The biggest news story, outside the Testimony, right now, is that the Illuminati - the ones who were behind pushing the lie of evolution on a global audience, are now the ones who are leading the DEvolving trend - without souls (they are the ones giving that trend "a kick-start" - since they lost their souls before the mark of the beast came).  And all the people outside the Remnant - are the ones who, like the illuminati, will not find "immortality", but have instead found "immorality", and are Doomed to be written out of the human gene pool, along WITH the illuminati, for the simple reason that they are like-minded - "monkey see; monkey do", so to speak... (monkey not go to human Heaven).  It may not sound like much on a first read.  But it is an immutable part of human history.  And THAT, is the story the illuminati hate, to hear.  Best to teach it to your children, and your children's children, and so on, and so forth, for all Eternity.  Because children need to know, that monkeys found their proper place in Creation; but the illuminati, were actually removed.  And so, DO the illuminati owe the monkeys, an apology?  Yes, they do!  And to help them find the words, they can reminisce about the 'Planet of the Apes' Hollywood movie series, for all Eternity - as they actually forever live, beneath the rule, of the beasts - as in, an even lower life form, in the Eternal Lake of Fire.  Not quite sure what to call it.  Glowing embers?  Ash?  Who knows?  They, most certainly, will.  Not comfortable to hear - for them.  But for us, the Divine Justice of The Most High True God is indeed comforting to both hear and read.  And so too will it be, for all the generations, of the Faithful Remnant.  Now that's, a nice bedtime story!  (Cue applause and Cheers from all of Heaven!).
demons - are NOT STRONGER, than 'YOUR, free will!
KNOW this: the DEMONS are not STRONGER, than 'YOUR, free will!' The DEMONS, their ONLY objective - is to DISTRACT people - from FINDING the PATH of Salvation, or from WALKING the Path of Salvation; THEY! - are 'the ones', that CONTINUALLY! - give people problems - so as to "BURDEN them".  Whereas the True Holy SPIRIT, ONLY, gives 'the SOLUTION'.  THIS is why SO many PEOPLE are "BURDENED, by PROBLEMS" - they have NO idea 'how to solve', on their OWN.  But YOU! - have found, "the ULTIMATE Source of TRUTH and Life" - IN the Testimony - so that YOU! - can LEARN, 'HOW to rely more HEAVILY, on your CREATOR' - from MOMENT to MOMENT.

TRADITION - "You MUST leave ALL tradition BEHIND you"

You MUST leave 'ALL tradition' BEHIND you, and ALL 'the rituals that you are USED to', in the institution.  It's TIME to learn how to be "a TRUE Follower" of the Most High True God - not "just a HEARER".  You NEED to sever ALL ties with "that SICK satanic institution"! - if you HAVEN'T already. Do not pray ANY! - of their prayers; and REMOVE! - the STATUES, and the PICTURES, from your DWELLING place - as they SIMPLY 'DISTRACT', people, IN these times - WITH 'the outward APPEARANCE! - of being religious'. 
IRELAND - the land of "dem-MIREISH folk"
The TRUTH! - is! - that, NO one in IRELAND, escaped, 'the MARK, of the BEAST' - when it came, CHRISTMAS day, 2012.  The Truth IS, that (M)IRELAND FAILED! - the Most High True God; they 'TURNED their BACKS!' - on Him, and took 'the FEAST day of Saint Patrick' - as an EXCUSE! - to get DRUNK, on "saint PADDY'S day"...  What has IRELAND DONE, to the MEMORY, of Saint PATRICK?  For THEM, he is 'a REMINDER, to INDULGE in DEBAUCHERY and DRUNKENESS' - and they TURNED, "ONE of the Greatest Saints", into "a HORROR! - for future generations"!  And 'the SPIRITUALITY, of Saint PATRICK' - does NOT APPLY, in these Times.   Back THEN, in HIS TIME - absolutely! - because 'the True Holy SPIRIT', was working in a DIFFERENT way, with 'a DIFFERENT, generation' - with DIFFERENT, people - who were 'FOCUSED, differently' - MOSTLY, on the OCCULT, and WITCHCRAFT (- and know that his PRAYER is still quite effective).  And so Saint PATRICK, was SENT - to EXPOSE! - "the occult people"... He exposed the DRUIDS, as being "FRAUDS!" - that created "COUNTERFEIT miracles"; and INSTEAD, shared, 'the story of Jesus CHRIST', as an ALTERNATIVE, to 'the (m)irish folk'.  Where are the Irish immigrants from?  Just ask, and they will TELL you, "I'm fro... Mireland"  And yes, they DID "drop the m", over time.  Are they still "proud to be MIREISH"?   You can always ask one, and see... if they are STILL "steeped in SIN", that is.  You need to understand, that "ALL of Ireland, is CURSED"!
Side note: If English is your second language, you need to know that "MIRE", is actually another way of saying "DUNG".  And "MIRELAND", is actually "an accurate allegory, for the entire face of the earth" - in these End Times!  And so if you are READING this right now, is it because of "the LUCK of the MIRISH"?  No, it is actually because of a TEMPORARY Grace, that is given to "a select FEW" of those who are OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety, so that they can FIND the Path of Salvation in these End Times, by actually DOING! - what their Creator is asking of them, in each and every moment.  And so, how have YOU, been doing, lately?... with that Grace.
“And what has become, of young people My children?  But they, have been ‘shaped and formed’, without listening, to their conscience.  Their minds have been formed, in the darkness – wearing night time clothes, during the day, all dressed in black from head to toe, showing as much flesh as possible – to the public.  ‘Education’ in truth My children, has become ‘a sham’ to them. It is no longer about ‘learning a trade’, or ‘being given skills’ – to help have a better quality of life.  No, it has become all, about the partying, and the social atmosphere.  They are in ‘a bad state’ My children… So in short, My children, young people, have no excuse before Me whatsoever and My Testimony applies to them, as well.  They believe: they can ‘brush off My voice’ in their conscience, because ‘I will always love them’; or ‘the higher power, will not interfere, with their choices’; or, ‘no one can see, what is going on’ and ‘they are accountable – to no one’.  But I see it all My children.  And young people are in – for ‘a rude Awakening’ at their Warning Experience.  The ‘best thing’ they can do  for themselves now, is quit school, quit the partying, quit the drinking, and quit ‘all immorality’, and start listening, to My voice speaking – in their conscience.”
(-Jesus, Saturday, September 8, 2012)
“I, have visited many, of the college campuses and Universities in the World My children – all at once.  And I can tell you that these places, have become ‘havens’, for young people, to practice ‘all types of immorality’.  The professors and the teachers are paid, to teach what they are told to teach – no matter how immoral or degrading it may be for them, and the students.  I tell you the teachers have ‘a heavy price to pay’, for not ‘walking out’ when they should have.” 
“You have deciphered, The Beatitudes quite well My children - because there are many different ‘interpretations’ – of them; but only one Truth.  I was speaking to the hearts of the individuals - in the crowd, who had chosen to serve: God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  Though, they did not ‘know him’ that well, I was revealing – through the Beatitudes, that I was the Son of God.  But how is this possible?  Because, the Beatitudes, are not ‘human thinking’.  Even, at the time, people found it ‘quite hard, to grasp’ or even ‘understand’ what I was referring to - because they had to have the heart of a child, in order to do so.  With the Beatitudes, I was ‘bridging the gap’, between God the Eternal Father in Heaven’s children, and Himself.  Up, until I came My children, these “attitudes” were never embraced; for they, would reveal, the relationship, between God the Eternal Father in Heaven, and his children.  Yes, the people had ‘heard’, “prophets” before.  And I was ‘convicting their souls’, so that even if they would deny Me as being the Son of God, they would at least be faced with the truth of My prophetic role.  Even if they refused to see Me, as “the Messiah”, through the Beatitudes I would show them, that I was indeed blessed - no matter what evils: they could think about to do to Me, or say to Me.  And My disciples who were there, would be taught with this lesson, how, to respond to adversities – that would be ‘coming their way’.  It was a consolation for them to know: that they would be Blessed, as long, as they endured: ‘all of the atrocities’, coming at them - as long as they stayed, in the Truth.  It is not about ‘picking and choosing’ which Beatitude to follow, for they are ‘built - upon one another’.  If you exclude one, then you can’t practice any of the others.  It is more, of an ‘examination of conscience’, than anything else I have told you thus far My children.  People, who were confronted with My Beatitudes, had to make: some tough decisions on ‘how they would respond to Me’.  The same goes for the people of this generation.  For I am impartial.”   
(-Jesus, Wednesday, September 12, 2012)
"And what were souls ‘baptized in’, by My Apostles, My children?  But they were baptized, in the fruit, of repentance – namely, the True Holy Spirit.  How can souls, even desire, True Baptism, if they are not following Me My children?  How can they desire, to love My Commandments, and My ways, if all that they are doing, is ‘clocking-in’ every Sunday, to their local church?  The faith is, not something that is only acquired part-time.  And souls who have the gift of faith, must fight to keep it, in these times you are living in.  What is faith, My children, but a desire that is given – as a gift from Heaven: a strong desire, to believe, all the truths, that I have revealed – whether it be through Holy Scripture, or through My Testimony, or through My Two WitnessesFaith is what keeps the consciences of souls: alive, and awake.  But it is a gift, that must be asked for.  And I only give this gift to souls, who seek repentance, from the heart.  Otherwise, My words seem irrelevant, and make no sense to them.”
“Life is not about: how big your house is; what, ‘type of car’ you drive; or, what, the newest fashions are.  Life is not about: status, and positions of power in society.  But I gave you this life, to work – your way – back to Me; to show Me – by the way you choose to live now, that you want to be with me in Eternity – to be with your Creator.  I gave you all, this life, to ‘bear fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven’; to produce ‘good things’ with your hands.  I gave you this life, so that you may be blessed in all that you donot cursed.  But when you refuse My Ways and My Commandments, then problems start to emerge, in your lives.  What is life, My People?  Without, purpose?  Without, love?  Without hope?  Life, can be good – but only if you reconcile, with, your Creator – who desires to be your Savior.” 
“Those children, who became possessed, in Talisay, Cebu, Philippines, were engaged, in some ‘witchcraft’.  They opened: “Pandora’s box”; and were ‘not able’, to close it.  The exorcisms done – on them, were not ‘long-lasting’, because the demons returned.” 
Respond in the spirit of the moment to the graces being poured, so that you can be fulfilled in the Truth.  When I ask you to give a hundred percent, what that means, is to say “yes” to what I ask of you a hundred percent of the time – this is what you are all called to strive for; to be in complete union with My Will for your lives; to be children of the Divine Will; so that you can enjoy Eternal happiness with Me.
“Seek ‘fasting’that is, ‘abstaining from all immorality’?  Did you seek your God – with your whole mind, and with your whole heart, and with your whole Soul?” 
The Members of the Faithful Remnant are NOT called to make their bodies weak by fasting from PHYSICAL nourishment.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant are called to MAKE the DEMONS weak! - by "fasting from SIN", and then disposing of the demons accordingly, into the Eternal Lake of Fire.  This isn't "a difficult concept" people!  Let those in the religious institutions fast from PHYSICAL nourishment, as they are fed 'spiritual poison'; and allow THEM to stand on their platforms of prestige, position and power as they DO so, before others. Understand?  Each MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT, are CALLED, to 'EAT properly' - both, SPIRITUALLY, AND physically.  Because in THESE Times, there IS, "a tremendous AMOUNT, of PRESSURE, from OUTSIDE the Ark", to CONFORM, to 'the will of MAN', and to 'the ways of the WORLD'.  It IS, "a demanding LIFESTYLE", and takes self-DISCIPLINE, to BE "a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT".  And EACH MEMBER is RESPONSIBLE, for HIS or her own HEALTH.  The DEVIL, gives, 'the inspiration, to FAST from food', in THESE Times.  But what did JESUS say? - in, the BIBLE?  "It is not what goes IN, to, a man - that DEFILES him; but what comes OUT of him". (Matthew 15:11)  And in THIS, He was REPRIMANDING, 'the PHARISEES', for FOCUSING, the people, on "EXTERNALS" - RATHER than, 'the HEART, being right, with their Creator'.  LET those, who are "WITHOUT the bridegroom", FAST! - from food! (Matthew 9:15) But the BRIDEGROOM is 'WITH, the Faithful Remnant CHURCH'; the Bridegroom is 'WITH, His BRIDE'.  This is "a WEDDING Banquet" - so don't DEPRIVE yourself of NOURISHMENT.  Deprive yourself, of "the DEMONS, that are FILLING those who are OUTSIDE the Wedding Banquet", instead!
“In exactly twenty-four (24) days, you will celebrate, the coming of My Son – the Lord Jesus Christ, in the flesh.  And as this is ‘a time for rejoicing’,in the Heavens; and as this is ‘a time of great feasting’for us, I know that many of you, will not be celebrating, with us; because you prefer the celebration of: ‘the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and material presents and gifts.  None of these things can ‘bring you closer – to the Most High True God; but fasting – from the ‘worldliness of this life’, will.  Consumerism, is very prevalent,during this month – all the way, and leading – up to His birth. You buy, buy, and buy, hoping to be filled with ‘some consolations’ - but neglect this time: of self-sacrifice’; of selflessness; of ‘remembering your God coming into the World’.  It is ‘a time of lamentation’, because the World, is, ‘without God’… I am asking ‘all of My children’, to put on ‘sackcloth and ashes’ – to ‘treat this month’, as a time, for ‘reconciliation’, - with your Maker.  Because so many of you are ‘steeped in sin’...  But how many of you will ‘open your hearts’ – to “baby Jesus”.  How many of you will allow your hearts to become ‘soft’, and ‘malleable’in His Hands?  Will you turn, to the ‘True Christ Child’, and allow Him, to live inside: ‘a clean soul’?  But I tell you now, He will not come to souls, who are filled with ‘gangrene’; who are filled with ‘the World’. Because, He seeks, ‘a clean and pure heart’ to dwell in.  If you fill, yourselves with this life, and everything in it, then you leave no room for ‘the Christ Child’ to come to you.  The best you can do for your souls, is: to come, and be nourished – with words of Truth, Life, and Sincerity; and prepare your hearts to receive “Baby Jesus”.  Because I tell you My Son is not in any of the “eucharists” out there!  He is not in any of ‘the communion celebrations’His Presence, has ‘been withdrawn’!  And so if you want to come to Him, and ‘be reconciled with Him, and receive Him ‘worthily’ – then come and ‘prepare your hearts’, so that, you may partake, of ‘the Tree, of Life’.” 


There are HUNDREDS! - of contradictions, in the Testimony itself.  If you choose to LOOK at it, with "the human INTELLECT" - but, if YOU choose, to read the TESTIMONY, 'WITHOUT scrutinizing it', then, SO much more, will be revealed to you - BEYOND the words.  And AS you seek to see the Testimony through the Eyes of your CREATOR - know that the Jewish people found many contradictions in the Teachings of Jesus Christ the Lord as well.  (February 1, 2017 update)
Special note: ARE there INNUMERABLE "contradictions" in the Testimony, that PROVE that "there is no WAY! - the devil would reveal or EXPOSE so many IRREFUTABLE TRUTHS - that are in fact OPPOSED to his kingdom" - referring to the Truths in the Testimony.  And this reveals the FACT that the Testimony's very EXISTENCE, CONTRADICTS all the naysayers, who claim it is "of the devil".  For the record, the naysayers at the time of Jesus, 2000 years ago, claimed that HE was "of the devil", as well.  And because they DID so, NONE of them, were "OPEN, to what, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, was PROCLAIMING, THROUGH His Son Jesus Christ the Lord".  And they USED! - their "WILLFUL IGNORANCE" - as an EXCUSE, to CRUCIFY, their ONLY hope of Salvation.  SHAME, on, THEM!  (Eternally speaking)

PERFECTION - NOT! - what the Most High TRUE God is expecting!

KNOW that, the MOST High TRUE God - is NOT 'expecting', "PERFECTION", in EVERY, AREA, of your LIFE!  He SIMPLY, is ASKING, 'people' - in the Remnant - to make "the firm RESOLVE" - to DO! - what He asks of them; and to resolve to PERSEVERE! - by CONTINUALLY, RENOUNCING themselves; PICKING up their cross; and FOLLOWING Him!  The "APOSTLES" - the FIRST apostles, were NOT "chosen", because they were "SAINTS!"  The first apostles were CHOSEN, because, they were "SINNERS" - and "BIG sinners!" - in NEED! - of 'a lot of REPENTANCE' - and THEREFORE, 'a LOT of Grace!'  NO excuse!  (February 25, 2017 update)

A hypothetical rebuttle from "the barney camp": "But it is WRITTEN!!! - "You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)"
Our reply:  Yes, but He made YOU! - now didn't He. ("food for thought")
BIRTHDAYS - “Let your loins be girded and your lamps burning..."  (Luke 12:35) 
In the Faithful Remnant, "EVERY day is Christmas day!"  Did you know that you CAN celebrate your birthday as "a child of the Most High True God" every day as WELL?  Now you DO!  And on that topic, there is one Scripture passage that everyone needs to remember on their Birthday: “Let your loins be girded and your lamps burning..."  (Luke 12:35)  Now since the Most High True God has Commanded everyone to keep their lamps burning, why on earth would people want to celebrate their birthday, by blowing out the burning light that symbolizes the gift of each year that they were given? (- and I am referring, of course, to the candles on a birthday cake).  And as people blow out those candles, why would they want to make "a wish" - instead of a prayer to their Creator? - YOU know, "the Most High TRUE God" - the One who is responsible for GIVING each individual, the gift of another year.  Now it is GOOD to have things that you "wish" or "hope" for; but it is BETTER to turn that desire into a prayer, by lifting it up to your Creator -  and then to surrender that desire to His PERFECT Divine Will and Plan for your Life - because that just makes sense!  But to EXCLUDE your Creator, from ANY wish or plan that you may have for your life, does NOT make any sense, at all!  Remember, the people outside the Faithful Remnant don't have a lot of common sense and reason - and so don't EXPECT them to understand.  Happy Birthday Everyone - for those in the Faithful Remnant!  (February 2, 2017 update) 

And, we don't CELEBRATE birthdays in the Remnant - but we DO celebrate 'the Gift of LIFE' - and we THANK the Most High TRUE God for BRINGING you! - INTO THIS world; and, ON to THIS, "spiritual JOURNEY"! (February 25, 2017 update) 
GRATITUDE - EVERYTHING, “belongs to the Most High TRUE God”
ALWAYS! – be grateful, for 'WHAT, you HAVE been given'.  BECAUSE, the Most High TRUE God GIVES – AND, the Most High TRUE God ‘takes AWAY’ – TEACHING you! – “detachment”, from earthly things.  EVERYTHING, “belongs to the Most High TRUE God”.   So treat EVERYTHING that He has given TO you - “WELL”! - because you are simply “BORROWING it”.  This includes “TIME”, and EVERY BREATH! – as well.  (February 4, 2017 update)
SPIRITUAL MATURITY - "...seeking the APPROVAL of the Most High TRUE God..."
In your OLD life, you had, 'a CERTAIN way, of DOING things' - and that is, 'however you FELT, like doing things'.  That is 'the OLD you'.  And there is no ROOM! - for "the old you", IN 'the Era of PEACE'!  You are CALLED, to be "a NEW man"! - in Jesus CHRIST - FOCUSED, on serving HIM!  You are NOT called, to serve, 'man'.  And you are NOT CALLED, to 'seek, HIS, approval!'  You are called, to seek 'the APPROVAL of the Most High TRUE God' - and RECOGNIZE, 'the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT', when YOU receive "fraternal CORRECTION".  It's NOT about "WHO'S right!", or "who's WRONG" - THAT is "SPIRITUALLY immature"!  BUT, SPIRITUAL maturity, is a GRACE - that you NEED to ASK for - so that, you can (1) 'LEARN, to RECEIVE! - 'the KNOWLEDGE, of fraternal correction' - (2) HUMBLE yourself - before the Most HIGH TRUE GOD! - in the moment; and (3) resolve to CHANGE!  You are not CHANGING, "for your fellow MAN"!  You NEED to CHANGE, "in order to be PLEASING, in the Eyes of your CREATOR"!  Your Creator "LOVES you!" - BUT! - HE, desires, that His CHILDREN, 'SEEK Him!' - and seek His WILL.  So WHENEVER, you are GIVEN 'a TASK' - DO it, out of LOVE, for the Most High True GOD! - and do it WELL - as though JESUS, was "in the room WITH you" - either doing the task WITH you, or 'SIMPLY WATCHING'.  Understand? (February 25, 2017 update)
One thing that will HELP you - is if you RECOGNIZE, that everything, you have been GIVEN [- including "time"...], you are simply 'BORROWING, from your Creator'.  It ALL, belongs to HIM!  And HE has "ENTRUSTED you with it". So YOU need to RESOLVE, to be "a better STEWARD, of ALL of His Gifts" - even the MATERIAL ones!  Understand?  (February 25, 2017 update)
REPETITION - Have you noticed that there isn't much of it in the Testimony?
Many readers have noticed that there isn't a lot of repetition in the Testimony.  And why is THAT? - you might be wondering.  Because Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High TRUE God, knows EXACTLY what has NOT yet been stated in His Testimony, and He SIMPLY does NOT stop SPEAKING, to His Two WITNESSES (- "His TRUE Brother and Sister").  In other words, that IS "a problem"... for the PROTESTANTS! - whose "jesus", is DEAD! - DEAD silent - as in, sitting in the "DEFENDANT" box in "THEIR court case", as THEY accuse HIM - with "choice quotes from the BIBLE" (- in their OWN fantasy interior lives) - to FORCE Him to let them into "THEIR heaven" - where  any sin, is tolerated; they just need to find the right quote from the Bible, in order to prove it!  There is so little repetition in the Testimony, because the God of the Two Witnesses is "The LIVING GOD!" - Who in fact Created the Universe - and through His TESTIMONY, is doing "a NEW thing".  Do you 'GET IT'... YET!?  The Universe was in fact Created with "black holes" - and we DO understand! - how it is, that so MANY! - PEOPLE! - struggle with the Testimony.   Rest assured, that there is 'a PLACE', set aside, for EVERY one who reads it.  Better to allow the Light of Truth that pierces the inward depths of your being, to TRANSFORM you in the Truth; than it is, to get sucked back into the outer darkness, and misery, and despair, and hopelessness, and TORMENTS, of those 'OUTSIDE the ONLY Ark of Safety in THESE End Times' - the Ark where the Faithful REMNANT find Refuge.  Would you like me to REPEAT THAT?  Didn't think so.
ENGLISH - Will ultimately be the OFFICIAL Global Language

The official language in the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth, will ULTIMATELY, be English - and that is "simply an observation" (- of the Most High True God, who in fact exists outside of space and time - as difficult as that may be for some of you readers to comprehend).  And that is the reason we encourage the Members of the Faithful Remnant to ONLY produce videos in English.  Does that make SENSE?  Sure it does!  Did you know that 'multiple languages' was actually a curse on the human race - the punishment for the building of the Tower of Babel? (Genesis 11:1-9).  Now you do!  And to help everyone make the LINGUISTIC transition to the Era of Peace, here are some classic examples, of how YOU can begin to phase out all the OTHER languages.  When you hear... Na Zdorovie? (a Russian toast) - why not hear,  "Nice driveway"!  Habla espanol? (a Spanish language question)  "Habla nice DAY everyone!"  Kateri Tekakwitha? (A Mohawk Saint) "Kateri, take a walk with ya!"  Eyjafjallajökull (- the Icelandic volcano no one can pronounce) - "The ice on fire VOLCANO" - simple!  Yeshua? (Hebrew)  "Yes you a all going to have to answer to the Most High TRUE God, under His REAL Name, Jesus Christ the Lord... in ENGLISH!"  And that is why we encourage the Remnant Members to translate all future videos to English.  Perhaps YOU can translate a bit better than WE can, since we always strive to only speak in English.  We look forward to seeing the fruits of YOUR translation efforts, in your next english video - no matter WHAT your first language was. Understand?  Sure you do!
FAILURE - What are the 5 stages of Apocalyptic Failure?  

What ARE the 5 stages of Apocalyptic Failure?  No doubt, this list will be heavily debated for many years; but that isn't a good enough reason to hold it back:

Stage 1: Attending ANY religious institution after the abomination of desolation was fully set up in October of 2009, and then walking away, telling yourself that you received a blessing.
Stage 2: Receiving the mark of the beast in 2012, and then wishing everyone a merry Christmas! (- or "happy hanukkah", or "cheers", or whatever you said...)
Stage 3: Bathing in the dark matter after it began pouring out of the CERN hadron collider (September 23, 2015), and then rejoicing as your humanity began to be systematically eaten away by the demons, pouring out of the Abyss.
Stage 4
: Receiving the mark of Cain in 2015, or after discovering the Testimony and rejecting it -  and then going about your business as if nothing happened.
Stage 5
: Finding yourself among the more than 100,000 people each day, who suddenly discover that they are simply "OUT of time!" - in THIS life - and YET, they are so inhuman in the eyes of their Creator, that they go directly to the Eternal Flames - because, just like ALL the dogs out there, they aren't entitled to a Judgment - they're JUST! "recycled" - back into nothingness.

What did YOU think of my list?  Actually, that was just "the short list".  Here, have some more - and just for fun, let's call them "the BONUS stages of Apocalyptic Failure":
Bonus A: Being among the members of the clergy in the Archdiocese of Kingston Ontario, who personally met with the Two Witnesses and rejected their Testimony, and thereby IMMEDIATELY lost their priestly anointing, BEFORE October of 2009, in doing so.
Bonus B: Celebrating Christmas on December 25th, AFTER having received the mark of the beast, on that day (- in 2012, 2013, 2014... etc)
Bonus C: Wearing black spandex in public, while pretending that you never heard the expression, "the emperor has no clothes" (- and PLEASE! - do not hesistate to blurt that salutation out LOUD, as you walk PAST people who are undressed like that... lol)
Bonus D: Looking in the mirror AFTER you received the mark of the beast, or the mark of Cain, while secretly believing that you look attractive.
Bonus E: While outside the Faithful Remnant in these Times, choosing to believe that you are "good, holy, and saved".
Bonus F: Finding the Testimony of the Two Witnesses online, and stubbornly refusing to do what is necessary, to get your Soul back.
Could an individual easily use up the entire alphabet while editing this bonus section?  Yes.  But here's where it ends.  The whole point of this list, is not to torment the people reading it - the ones who are choosing to be "chronically addicted to failure".  But RATHER, the point of this list is to help "the addicts"! - help THEM understand, "THEY'RE the ones who are sick".   Jesus said: But if they refuse to see "their TRUE state" before Me I CANNOT HELP them!  (Jesus Christ the Lord IS actually one of the editors of this website, and He IS "free to chime in", ANY time He likes!)  PPTL: Some people ARE catching on, to the fact that all this TIME, their "epic FAILURES", have been made before ALL their Holy Ancestors in Heaven - ancestors, who SIMPLY aren't expecting their former loved ones with the mark, to be joining them any time soon.  And it IS the people who are catching on to 'the TRUE spiritual realities' - who are CHOOSING to become a Member of the Faithful Remnant, either out of LOVE, OR fear of their Creator.  Are you "too FULL of yourself" to become a Member?  Then that's on you!
TYPOS - Have you been choosing to focus, on all the typos in the Testimony?
Actual email from a former Member of the Faithful Remnant: I have seen in the Testimony, throughout, page after page, two words here, two words there, close together.  Is this a test from the LORD?  Or just typing mistakes?   I have been wanting to ask this for a long time.
Actual reply: YOU are simply REVEALING to us, that, you are STILL, 'so FOCUSED, on "the LETTER! - of the Law", that you don't HAVE, the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT' - BECAUSE, the TRUE Holy Spirit, would NOT 'distract you', with "TYPOS", in the Testimony; BUT! - the ENEMY would, and IS!  GET!!! - your HOUSE, in ORDER! - BEFORE, it is TOO, LATE.  CALL! - on, the Most High TRUE God, for MERCY!  ASK Him, to RE-CREATE you! - so that you can RECEIVE! - the Testimony.  Because ALL you have been DOING, is "FILTERING", EVERYTHING! - that you read, THROUGH, "the PROTESTANT spirit".  ASK! - the Most High TRUE God to SHOW you, 'HOW! - this is TRUE'.  You MUST! - FACE, "the UGLINESS", of, 'the DEMON, that you are EMBRACING - BEFORE, you can, 'OVERCOME', it - and ONLY! - by HUMBLING YOURSELF, and TURNING, to JESUS - for help.
Special Note:  For the record - being that there is only the TWO of us; and that there IS no "panel of writers", WORKING with us; and that we do not HAVE, ANY, MAJOR, publishing company, or even an OFFICE!...  You need to know, that there have been MANY times, when we have been so BUSY, that we were simply unable to thoroughly proof-read every word that we posted online; but because the new content is so IMPORTANT - we often make HASTE to PUT it online, in order to share the "Overflowing Spiritual WEALTH", with the nations.  And it is interesting to note the fact, that the free program we use to word-process and publish the website, often removes a random line or a random word spacing - AFTER, we save our edits and close the edit page, in order to publish the update for the nations.  It isn't "EASY", but SOMEONE has got to DO this - in order for ANYONE, out there, to survive, these End Times.  Understand?  And if you thought 'THAT' was shocking, know this:  We don't always write down EVERY word that Jesus says - and OFTEN, a word is MISSPELLED.  We do our best, but we are not "PERFECTED" yet.  And SO, YOU are going to need get over it.  Remember, the Bible was copied by hand, but it wasn't actually published until about 1400 years after the New Testament was written - and so, WE think, we are actually doing "a FANTASTIC job!" in making "the ULTIMATE Testament" available to the nations - no matter what anyone else out there thinks!  And Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High TRUE God, is helping us with this task, at the same time.  Did you know that the entire Bible has about 3/4 of a million words in it? and the Testimony is already over the 1/2 million word count mark.  Not bad, for "TWO! - witnesses".  And just for some fun trivia: Did you know that one of the main reasons so much care is put into communicating 'EMPHASIS' in the Testimony - is because - for MOST people (- statistically speaking), the admonitions they read, in the Testimony - like the one above -  WILL be their last.  And so when it comes to admonitions, we always strive to make it, "a GOOD one!"  And on another note: How ironic is it, that some people interpret UPPERCASE letters as "YELLING" - when ACTUALLY, 'all of HEAVEN!' - IS yelling at them, to come to their senses, as they read, even the lower case words.  Now THAT'S pretty ironic!  NOW let's move on to another topic...

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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