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        is the True Roman Catholic Faith - under Petrus Romanus - the Last True Pope
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PROOF of Our Credentials

It is common knowledge, that at the time Jesus appeared
at the time of His birth, there were signs in the skies.
So how would it make you feel,
if you discovered that the appearance of the Two Witnesses,
and the major spiritual events they have been prophesying about
have all been accompanied,
by signs in the skies?
Answer: We are not here to make you feel comfortable. 
Enjoy this page.
Video: Proof that Obama and Francis were Prechosen by the illuminati
TRANSCRIPT: Proof that Obama and Francis were Prechosen by the illuminati

“And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars…” (Luke 21:25)

Obama and Francis are in fact, the 2 beasts - that are spoken of, in the Book of Revelations, in the Bible.  They have been propped up - in their current positions of power, by the illuminati.  The illuminati are ‘an occult group’.  And symbolism, is very important to them.  The positions - of the planets in our solar system, is of great importance to them – because the illuminati act, and live according to the planetary alignments.  And so, now, I will ‘clearly reveal’, and expose, their dark deeds.  I will expose, just how much they rely, on planetary alignments, for their plans – especially their plans, for Francis and Obama, to go through.

Now I am not an astrologer.  And I do not encourage ANYONE, to allow ‘the position of the planets’, to govern their lives.  [(The Most High True) God Governs MY life, NOT the Planets].  But, in order to understand the connection between Obama, Francis, and the illuminati - we need to have ‘a basic understanding’, of how ‘the illuminati’ see the planets.  And so, let’s begin, with a quick summary, of ‘the meaning of the planets’:  What, does each of the planets symbolize, to the illuminati?
At the Center of our Solar system, the SUN, represents ‘the all seeing eye’ – or, the god of light
For the Illuminati, MERCURY, being so close to the scorching Sun, represents the devil
VENUS, represents ‘sexual promiscuity’ – what the world calls “love”
The EARTH, represents ‘those being controlled, by the other planets’ – at least, that is the illuminati interpretation. 
The MOON – simply represents ‘another goddess’, that the occult people worship. 
MARS – represents war, and military strength.  To the illuminati, it also represents ‘the enemy’.
JUPITER, represents ‘personified Divine authority’ - Jupiter represents the so-called “divine authority”, that is currently manifesting, through ‘the antichrist in the religious arena’.  At this point in human history, it represents – the one seated in Rome - Antipope Francis.  Jupiter represents ‘the false authority’ - that also manifests in the feminine form, through Queen Jezebel.
The planet SATURN, is personified by the baphoment, and “the sower” – who sows seeds.  In these End Times, Saturn represents Obama, who IS, “the antichrist” - who rules over the Political arena – the enemy incarnate, seated, in the White House.
URANUS, represents ‘the false heaven’ – the occult version, of Heaven.
NEPTUNE, represents ‘the beast coming out of the sea’ - the one who holds the trident.  Neptune is ‘just another symbol’, for ‘the enemy’.
PLUTO – the coldest and furthest planet from the Sun, represents Hell - or the false god of the underworld.
The minor planet CERES, located inside the orbit of Jupiter, “represents harvest time – the close of the age”.
And now, with ‘the hidden occult meaning’ of the planets - exposed, let’s see what the Solar system looked like, on the birthday of Antipope Francis. Now keep in mind, that it is quite uncommon, for multiple alignments of 3 planets to happen, at the same time.  Let’s see how many multiple alignments were happening, on the birthday, of Antipope Francis.  It is, as easy, a playing “connect the dots” - but only in a straight line.

Birthday of Antipope Francis - December 17, 1936 
There were 5, planetary alignments, taking place, on that day.  It was a day, when almost every planet, was in ‘an alignment’, of some sort.  Francis, is the one who is referred to, in the Book of Revelations, as the beast rising out of the sea.  “Rising out of the sea”, is symbolized by the planet Neptune.  On Francis’ birthday, Neptune was involved in 2 alignments.  Neptune, was aligned with Mars - symbolizing war; and it was aligned with the Earth.  According to the planets, he was the perfect candidate, to rise out of the sea, to make war against the inhabitants of the Earth.  He would be the one, to bring ‘the false heaven’ – symbolized by Ura-nus, to ‘the Roman Catholic institution’ on Earth.
And he would do so during the Close of the Age – symbolized by Ceres.  Francis, is also represented by Jupiter.  When he was born, Jupiter, was at the closest point in its orbit, to Ceres.  And so, in the eyes of the illuminati, Francis, would be, their perfect representative, to manifest at this point in human history, in the religious arena.
Note: Do you think it was a coincidence that the five pointed star - the same five pointed star that appeared in the skies, as a sign on his birth, appeared on Jorge Bergoglio's Coat of Arms when he was a Bishop in Argentina?  The star was such an important symbol to him, that it also appeared on the first draft of the official Coat of arms of the one who so proudly calls himself "Pope Francis". The following image, is the first draft of his coat of arms.
Did you know, that the grapes next to the star, were replaced on the final version of the coat of arms, with spikenard - the plant from which oil for anointing was derived? That plant is mentioned in the Bible.  And why would that imposter pope do such a thing? Since Francis has no anointing from Heaven, he symbolically anointed himself, by putting the symbol for the oil of anointing, spikenard, on his official coat of arms.  It is so simple, a child could understand.  How are YOU doing?  Can you see how the top horizontal gold bar on his papal hat, has the corners turned upwards, to symbolize horns? Can you see, how the cross in the middle of the sunburst image, appears to be piercing the "IHS" - or, forming an upside down cross, inside the H.  Symbolism is extremely important, when designing a coat of arms.  Do you really think, that no one involved in the design of his coat of arms, caught the most obvious hidden meanings, of these symbols?  What you think, will not change, the Truth.  Your opinion, can not change, who Francis Truly is.  He is the enemy incarnate, and fully manifested, in the religious arena, in the person of Jorge Bergoglio.
Obama’s Birthday - August 4, 1961
Now let’s look at Obama’s Birthday.Obama was prechosen by the illuminati, to be the President of the United States.  There were not many alignments taking place on Obama’s Birthday.  But there didn’t have to be. Remember, that Obama, is represented by Saturn - the planet, with the big O, around it.   On that day, the planet Saturn, was at its closest point in its orbit, to Jupiter.  In other words, the planet representing ‘the horned devil’, was at its closest point, to the planet representing ‘the one with divine authority’.  And notice how right next to them, is the Earth.   This group of 3 planets, represents the 2 beasts, of the Book of Revelations, rising up, against the Earth.  And this ‘group of planets’, is very close to Ceres.  Ceres represents the close of the age.  It is easy to see, how the planets revealed - from the day of his birth, that Obama was the perfect candidate, to be raised up, by the illuminati, as ‘the antichrist ruler, of the End Times’.

Obama’s Inauguration as President - January 20, 2009
Now let’s move forward, to the time when Obama made his grand entry, into the political arena – let’s move forward to the day of his inauguration as President of the United States.  That, is, ‘a date’, the illuminati, could easily control.  The illuminati, made sure, that event took place on a day, when the planets, would reflect their agenda.  Notice, how almost all, the planets are aligned, in opposition, to the Sun?  This is a planetary sign, for the antichrist – working against, the Son, of God.  At the same time, Jupiter - representing the one with divine authority, is lined up with Neptune - the beast rising out of the sea, to make war - symbolized by Mars, upon the earth.  Now some people might be thinking, that it was ‘a coincidence’ in 2009, when Jupiter, Neptune and Mars lined up perfectly, on the day, when Obama was inaugurated as President. 

Antipope Francis Elected - March 13, 2013
But it wasn’t.  And that beast, was about to be given a new name. The election day of Antipope Francis, was ALSO carefully chosen by the illuminati.  It also took place, on a day, when Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars were lined up.  Do you know, what the odds of THAT are?  Once again, Jupiter - the planet that represents Francis, was lined up with Neptune, “rising out of the Sea”, while at the same time, it was in line with Mars, symbolizing war.  Francis would be the Beast coming out of the sea, to make war on the people.  While at the same time, Obama - represented by Saturn, would be the antichrist - manifesting in the political arena; at the close of the age – symbolized by Ceres.  Together, they would work with the enemy - symbolized by Mercury.  Can you see it?

Antipope Francis’ Inauguration - March 19, 2013
His inauguration day, was also carefully chosen by the illuminati.  Francis was falsely installed as pope, on a day when ‘the beast rising out of the Sea’ - symbolized by Neptune - was united with the enemy, Mercury, against the Earth. Uranus - symbolizing the false Heaven, that Francis would proclaim, is also, in line with the earth - but also with Mars.  Francis would wage war on the people of the Roman Catholic institution on Earth, by proclaiming ‘a false Heaven’.  At the same time, he would be united with the political leader Obama, who is represented by Saturn.  United with the devil, in a satanic unity, through the planet Mercury.  Together, they would illuminate the earth, with the false light of the illuminati antichrist – symbolized by the Sun.  But they would not meet in person, until the perfect day – a day chosen by the illuminati.  That day was March 27, 2014.
Obama and Francis meet in Rome - March 27, 2014
It was a day of great significance.   They waited to meet, until a day when each of the outer planets, was in a 3 way alignment.   But there was Jesus Christ the Lord –  represented by the Sun, in the midst of them.  Jesus, would bring their dark deeds to the light, through the ministry of the Two Witnesses – and through this video.  Now is a good time to take a break from the planets, for a few minutes.  There is something very important, that you need to know.  When the Two Great Antichrists of these End Times, Francis and Obama met, they decided to be so bold, as to boast, of their illuminati roles, right in front of everyone.  Remember, Obama, is represented by Saturn, the Sower.  And so, in front of everyone, he boasted of who he truly represents, by sowing seeds.   At the Vatican, Obama presented seeds to Francis – as a public declaration of ‘the seed of the antichrist’, being sown, inside the Vatican.  This is why Francis, decided to open the gates of ‘the Vatican garden’ to the public; this was to symbolize, his desire for all to see ‘the seed of the enemy’, growing, to full fruition, inside, that institution.  Obama, then went so far, as to mock the Catholics, by drawing people’s attention, to the carrot seeds – to rabbit food.  Francis would later show off the fruits of Obama’s carrot seeds, by admonishing the Catholics not to “breed like rabbits”.  These events were all pre-planned, scripted, and staged, as an illuminati boast. 
Francis and Obama's Real Names
Both Obama and Francis, know full well - those aren’t their real names.  Francis, knows that he is simply Jorge Bergoglio – a man with no anointing.  And Obama, is really Barry Soetoro – a foreigner, who is not eligible to be president. 
DECODING Francis and Obama's GIFTS
To boast of their deception, Francis, offered Obama ‘a gift’, while stating publicly, that the gift was from an ordinary man named “Jorge Bergoglio”.  In doing so, Francis was boasting in front of everyone, that he is NOT, ‘the True Pope’.  And what was that gift, Francis offered to Obama?  Francis called it a medal, of “the Angel of Peace”.  Medals are given to honor people.  In giving Obama the medal, Francis was publicly honoring Obama, the Antichrist – and as what?  As “the angel of peace”?  Let’s take a closer look at that medal. 
Notice how the Angel, is dressed in armor.  This symbolizes an Angel going into Battle – not, an angel of peace.  Notice how the Angel is covered in Eyes. [Note: The symbol on the elbows and shoulder, is the deliberate symbol for the Sun in alchemy.  As was mentioned earlier in the video, the Sun, represents the all seeing eye of the illuminati.  And that, is how the Angel is covered in Eyes.  Whoever crafted the medal, even stretched the symbol horizontally, to make the meaning more obvious.] This symbolizes the N.S.A., or “Big brother” - the eyes of the antichrist.  Notice how the Angel, is looking under his left arm, in a very deformed position.  That Angel is in fact a demon – a fallen angel, who is unable to stand upright, and whose posture is deformed.  Notice how the Angel is holding a large pod – a pod, that is partially opened - in such a way, that the person looking at the medal, cannot see the contents?  The pod, symbolizes the baby Moses – a figure of Christ.  In other words, in front of everyone’s faces, Francis is boasting, telling the people, that Obama is the one – who is ushering in the so called “golden age of the antichrist”.  Francis, is telling everyone, that Obama is the Antichrist – the antichrist who is now sowing seeds, inside the Vatican - with the blessing of ‘an imposter pope’.  Now I mentioned earlier, that Jesus would bring their dark deeds to the light... 
MYSTICAL MARRIAGE of the Two Witnesses - January 4, 2007
And Jesus Christ the Lord, is doing just that, through His Two Witnesses.  What most people don’t know, is that the Two Witnesses were brought together, to begin their ministry, on January 4, 2007.  But Obama, Francis, and the occult world, are ‘well aware’, of that historical fact.  And so, how would the people in the occult world, interpret the alignment of the planets, on that date?
Notice how Saturn, and Jupiter, are both prominent, on that day - because both planets, are in alignments.  But something isn’t right.  Saturn, is blocked - from ‘the beast rising out of the Sea’ - represented by Neptune – it is blocked, by the Sun.  There seems to be some sort of ‘intervention’ going on here.  And notice, how the alignments of Saturn and Jupiter, are disconnected, from the Earth?  However, the Two Witnesses - representing Heaven come down to Earth, are now, on the Earth – and this historical fact, is forever represented by 2 alignments.  The Earth is protected from the devil - symbolized by Mercury. The Earth, on THAT day, is protected by the Sun – the Son of God, that is.  The occult people know, that in Biblical language, the Sun, also represents the Son of God.  The occult people know that the Moon - that reflects the light of the Sun, also represents the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Both these Heavenly bodies – both the Sun and the Moon, were in alignments with the Earth on that day – a day when the Last True Pope, Pope Peter the Last, was Mystically married, to his wife, Mary Romanus, in order to begin their ministry, as the Two Witnesses.  Notice also, how the Earth, is in an alignment with the Moon and Venus?  This is to symbolize that the Mystical marriage, is indeed, a Blessed marriage; a marriage protected - by the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
The Two Witnesses appeared on the scene in 2007, because Christians would need to know that ‘the mark of the beast’, was about to manifest. 
Last Warning: The Mark of the Beast is Coming this Christmas - December 17, 2012
Alarm bells were ringing all over the planet, as Christmas Day, 2012 approached.  At the same time, alarm bells were ringing, as the Mayan Calendar, would end, on December the 21th.  Around that same time, on December 17th, the Two Witnesses issued their last warning - that the Mark of the Beast, was fast approaching.  On that day, the Earth, was in an alignment, between the two planets - that symbolize the antichrists – Obama and Francis.

The Day after the Last Warning - Mark of the Beast is - This Christmas - December 18, 2012
The Warnings Stopped on the next day, December the18th, as the time, of the Harvest of Souls, was now at hand.  Ceres represents the Harvest, and the close of the age.  The Earth, in line with the Sun, represents that it is in FACT ‘the Harvest of the Son of God’ – the Harvest spoken of, in the Bible – represented by signs in the Heavens.
The Day The Mark of the Beast was given to the inhabitants of the Earth

The Spiritual MARK OF THE BEAST Fully Manifested on Christmas Day - December 25, 2012
And then it finally happened: December 25, 2012, Christmas Day – that dreadful day, when almost everyone on the Planet, received, the spiritual, Mark of the Beast.  That is the day, in 2012, when the Earth and the Moon, were at their closest alignment, to Ceres – the planet, that represents the Harvest – of SOULS that is!   This happened, when the Earth, was NOT in line, with Saturn, and Jupiter.  And why was this?  You might be wondering…  Because the Holy Angels of God – the Most High, TRUE God, gave ‘the mark of the beast’ – ‘the mark’, was NOT, given, by the antichrists. And both of those leaders are fully informed, and aware of the fact, that the spiritual ‘mark of the beast’, has now fully manifested.

The Day AFTER the spiritual Mark of the Beast FULLY MANIFESTED on Christmas Day - December 26, 2012
The next day, a very important sign appeared in the heavens.   The Earth and the Moon, with Ceres, became perfectly aligned with Venus – symbolizing the harvest time, the harvest of SOULS, had now taken place.  These 2 alignments, on that day - involving 6 celestial bodies, disconnected from the Sun, is just another sign, that it is now the fullness of time – that time foretold in the Bible, when “the whole world, is in the power of the evil one.”  (1 John 5:19)  Now after watching this video to this point, I can understand that some people, might be having doubts, about the illuminati’s role, in timing, important world events, with planetary alignments.  And so, at this point, I will ask, you, the viewer:
9/11 - September 11, 2001
Do you really think, the Illuminati – who put pyramids on the US dollar bill, were not involved in 9/11?  Remember, Mars represents war.
Obama signs the Patriot Sunsets Extensions Act - May 26, 2011
And can you now see, why Obama, signed a bill that has to do, with the all seeing eye, of the N.S.A., on this day.  It was a day chosen by the illuminati – their “all seeing eye”, is represented, by the Sun, of course.

Obama signs NDAA, legalizing indefinite detention - December 26, 2013
Obama dictated a very unjust law, that was at war with the Constitution, on this day.  Do you really think there was no illuminati involvement…

The Sandy Hook School Shooting - Dec 14, 2012
…the day ‘the Sandy Hook shooting hoax’ took place?  It was a day when the leaders - symbolized by the largest planets, were aligned with the devil, symbolized by Mercury?  Do you really think, the illuminati had nothing planned…
Boston Marathon Bombing - April 15, 2013
…the day of the Boston Bombing  - a day when 3 planetary alignments, intersected the Sun?  Do you know what the odds of that are?
 Do you really think that Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden Killed - May 1 2010
was actually killed, on the day, when Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the moon - 4 celestial bodies, were each involved in 2 planetary alignments?   Not likely.  Remember the Columbine School Shooting?
Columbine High School Shooting - April 20, 1999
It also took place, on a day, when 4 celestial bodies, AND the SUN, were each involved,  in 2 separate alignments.  It is important to keep in mind that, at that time in history, Saturn represented ‘another manifestation of the antichrist’ in the political arena.  And Jupiter, represented ‘the infiltration of the freemason agenda’, within the Roman Catholic Institution. Speaking of ‘that institution’,
Francis installs 20 Cardinals - February 14, 2015
…the day Francis chose to install 20 Cardinals,  has ‘an illuminati stamp’ on it, don’t you think?  And speaking of ‘illuminati stamps’...
Francis: “Who am I to Judge?” - July 29, 2013
– the illuminati, sure picked an “interesting day”, for Francis to ‘publicly deny’, the Judgments, that have been revealed from Heaven.  And, can you see…
Francis: “The Lord has redeemed… Everyone!...  Even the Atheists” - May 22, 2013
…why the illuminati chose this day, for Francis to bring his False Heaven to Earth?

Francis “You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven” - September 11, 2013
The illuminati, sure gave Antipope Francis, an interesting day, to turn the words of Jesus, upside down  [ “Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe” (John 20:29b)] But The Most High True God...
Pope Peter the Last is made Pope in Rome - the uncanonically elected Pope revealed in the prophecy of Saint Francis - April 8, 2007
…was the one who chose the day, when He made Me, the Last and Final True Pope of this Era.  It was a day, that shook the entire universe – in ‘a Good way’. 
Notice the 3 planets, experiencing 3 alignments - that each involve 3 planets?  [333 is the number of the Blessed Trinity, in Heaven]  That is because the devil’s plans, moving through Obama, to bring war to the people of the Earth, are NOT going to manifest, as planned, during MY papacy.  I am, Petrus Romanus.  And your world, just got a little more interesting.  Because, I have nothing to prove, to anyone – these are ‘just the facts’ – the facts, are the proof, and stand on their own.  I have just ‘put them together’, in a way - to make them ‘more accessible, to others’. 

Now anyone who considers themselves to be “Christian” – anyone who considers themselves to be “spiritually awake”, will seek to quickly verify the facts, that have been presented in this video.  And I encourage, everyone who watches it, to do likewise.  I will leave some links in the description box, that will help you to do so, quickly, and easily.  I am, Pope Peter, the Last and Final True Pope, of this Era.  And you, are quickly, running, out, of time
(More Illuminati Staged Events)
Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize - December 10, 2009
Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Food plan - February 9, 2010
ObamaCare - March 23, 2010.
The Oil Spill in the Gulf was NOT An accident - April 20, 2010
Military intervention in Libya - March 19, 2011
Obama sworn in for a Second Term - January 20, 2013
West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion - False Flag Missile Attack - April 17, 2013
The War in Iraq - March 20, 2003
Oklahoma City bombing - April 19, 1995
The Obamas had their homosexual union “officially blessed” - October 3, 1992
The Gulf War - August 2, 1990
Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. - April 4, 1968
Gulf of Tonkin Incident - The Vietnam War - August 2, 1964
Assassination of J.F.K. (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) - November 22, 1963
Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Triggered by a Deliberate HAARP Induced Earthquake - March 3, 2011
Staged Fake Death of JonBenét Ramsey - December 25, 1996
JonBenét Ramsey performs as Kate Perry at the 2015 Superbowl in Phoenix Arizona - February 1, 2015

More Signs in the Skies

The day the Abomination of Desolation Fully Manifested - October 3, 2009
Notice that the Earth is in the middle of a big alignment between Uranus - that represents the false heaven, and Mercury - that represents the enemy of souls.  There is a lot of symbolism in all those alignments.  But the most important one, is the fact, that the Most High True God - symbolized by the Sun, on that day, gave the people of the Earth over to what most of them wanted: a heaven - on Earth, apart from their Creator.  In other words, the people on Earth, were handed over to 'a false heaven', with the devil - symbolized by Mercury.  The other interpretations, will only distract people from that most important one.
The day the Hour of Mercy became the Hour of Divine Justice - July 5, 2007
Notice the alignment between the Sun - representing the Sun of God and Jupiter - representing the Antichrist in the Religious arena - who was Benedict XVI (- a man whose anointing from Heaven, had just been transferred to Pope Peter the Last, at that point in human history).  Jesus, the Son of God, is now starting a spiritual war - symbolized by Mars, by allowing the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution on Earth, to be ruled by the Antichrist in the religious arena, Benedict XVI - symbolized by Jupiter.  The meaning of the other alignments is simply an elaboration of this fact.

The day Blessed Holy Water was given, as an antidote to the spiritual mark of the beast - April 2, 2013
Notice how the Earth is blocked by the Sun, from the false heaven - symbolized by Uranus?  The Sun - representing the Son of God, Jesus Christ the Lord, in His Great Mercy, gave the antidote, to the false heaven, or the spirit of the antichrist, moving through the baptismal waters.  The antidote is Blessed Holy Water.  And you can get some for free by following the instructions on this website - you can get your own Blessed Holy Water, in a matter of minutes. Yes there are many other alignments, that reflect the significance of that day.  But focus on the most important one.
Need more signs?  We will be posting more on this website, as the clock ticks down on this current generation. 
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Interesting Trivia Note
This page, "PROOF of Our Credentials" was added to this website, on April Fools Day, 2014.  And why was that the perfect day to add this page?  Because the Testimony itself, is the proof of our credentials.  How can this document even exist, apart from the Creator of the Universe?  But most of the people who visit this website, are so blind, that they can not see that.  And so they will go to this page, looking for signs.  How can anyone see the signs on this page, and not see that the Testimony is dictated from Heaven?  Even signs can not help the people of this wicked and depraved generation who are mere human shells without souls.  And why is that? - you might be wondering... because how can people who are blind - see signs?  They CAN not, and they WILL not, and they WON'T.  It is like the people in the time of Noah.  They could NOT see the sign, of the Ark.  They could not see that only a man with the strength of the Most High True God could build it.  They could not see the open door to the Ark.  They hated Noah, and God.  They hated the sign of the END, that the Ark represented.  They hated the flood waters when they came.  They hated the fact that they were outside the Ark, as they took their last breath.  They all, drowned in their own hatred, and in their sins.  Sound familiar?
Liferaft anyone?  
Sorry, the Ark walls are a bit thick.  Perhaps you will need to come inside, so that we can hear your response.
Happy April Fools Day everyone! God has a sense of humor too. 
Do you want to see what God did on April 2?  Click HERE.

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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