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"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed one MILLION words of Divine Revelation
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Media propaganda Exposed
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses.)  
“But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid; for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified.  He is not here; for he has risen, as he said.  Come, see the place where he lay… And behold, Jesus met them and said, “Hail!” And they came up and took hold of his feet and worshiped him. Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid; go and tell my brethren to go to Galilee, and there they will see me.”  While they were going, behold, some of the guard went into the city and told the chief priests all that had taken place.  And when they had assembled with the elders and taken counsel, they gave a sum of money to the soldiers and said, “Tell people, ‘His disciples came by night and stole him away while we were asleep.’  And if this comes to the governor’s ears, we will satisfy him and keep you out of trouble.”  So they took the money and did as they were directed; and this story has been spread among the Jews to this day.”
“Media propaganda, is growing in the news, now more than ever before.  Think of the Media as a giant octopus, spreading its tentacles wide and far, over everything it touches; and what ‘oozes’ from these ‘palms’, is disgusting, it is lethal, it is poison, meant to paralyze, while the victim is slowly being eaten away - alive.” 
“The Media is a giant octopus, and is in charge of getting the people moulded and ready and desensitized to what’s coming next.”
“People are literally walking around in a daze, brainwashed, into believing everything is fine, and acting on impulses, that do not, come from them; but they are being manipulated, in every way possible to man's bitter end.” 
“The HAARP machine is the chief culprit in this mysterious earthquake that happened all of the sudden.  More of these are to come in the future; but as I said, the USA, will be the next one directly effected.  Trust My children that My words are True.  You will see the California earthquake in your time, and you will witness such devastation, just through the media, for even now I tell you, they are not telling you everything.”
“What has happened, is a nuclear meltdown.  No amount of newspapers, nor media cover-up, can change the reality of what has happened.    They can try, and try, and still try, but eventually the truth will be released, for I will make sure this happens.”
“There is nothing the governments can do about it, except resort to a media blackout.  There will be more media blackouts like these, in the coming future, for as the natural disasters get worse, it will become harder for the people to report on them.”
“For is not the conscience, My voice, My children?  Telling people the difference between what is right and what is wrong?  But so few have one these days, they prefer to be told what is right and what is wrong, by external sources, such as the media or mainstream news.  Their ‘truth’, is in what they see, but cannot perceive - their ‘truth’, lies in the television.” 
“There never was a plane, My children, nor were there passengers on the ‘supposed plane’.  But everything that the media told the people, was a straight-out-lie.  No truth can come from such deceivers.” 
“You will see even more videos, which will show the media’s ‘holes’, in their representation of the facts.   This truly is an example, of ‘do not believe everything that you see or hear.  There were no real terrorists, only hired ones, on a different plane, heading somewhere else.  The people were murdered.  Those in the Towers were sacrificed.  I tell you now My children: because you have this truth, you will be hated even more by people – especially by those who bought into the 9/11 media propaganda.”
“But he [Ron Paul] has become smarter with time, relying less on the press, but by making his own voice heard – through alternative streams of media.  He has become, ‘a beacon of light’ to the nationsBut, will they choose him?”
“The media, is using, entertainment and politics: to sway the voters, in the audience, at home, and abroad – to think a certain way; and to view them – a certain way; to be truly disconnected, from reality.  They are using psychology, on the people, My children, and it is very vicious.”
“Fukushima, is much worse, than what the media, is telling the people.  All people, all plants, all animals, are being ‘slowly poisoned’ - because the ‘amount of fallout’, coming off these three plants, or 3 reactors, is: tremendous.”
Romney, is part, of ‘the media establishment’.  He is their ‘front man’, just like, Obama was.”  
“The media establishment presents you with one choice, because they are against the lives of the poor and the middle class.  They only care about themselves and their own jobs.  So you can not trust them.”
“What you witnessed today, were souls, who chose not to listen, to filial instruction, and guidance, but instead, they chose their ‘alternate-realities’ to turn to.  Why?  Because the Truth, is not ‘palatable’ – to their mouths, or ‘endearing’- to their ears, or ‘pleasant’ to see – with their eyes… The World, in essence has become: of one mind.  Only those who strive: to break free – from ‘the tentacles of the giant octopus’, can, and will survive what is coming – at least on ‘a physical level’.  But spiritually, what you don’t like to hear My people, is that you have souls – that you need to care for; that you need, to nurture; that you need, to nourish with the truth, with true love, and, with holy examples set – by those around you.”

Special Note:  Here is just one example of the current extent of Media Propaganda.  Mr. Syunichi Yamashita, the "Fukushima Radiation Health Risk Advisor" is giving a public lecture, on the dangers of Fukushima radiation.  In this following video, at 4:11, Ya-ma-shit-a (syllabic emphasis included here for pronunciation purposes only; all other implications are merely coincidental) states, "Radiation doesn't affect people who are smiling".  This video is a case study example, of Media Propaganda, and One World Government PSYOPs (psychological operations).  Be sure to carefully discern the stream of continuous lies in this video, in order to learn more, about the extent of media propaganda, in our current culture, that would allow a person like Yamashita, to believe, that others would actually believe these kinds of statements - particularly those within the Japanese culture.
Additional Notes from the Two Witnesses:  Fabricated and deliberate media propaganda extends to the alternative news, and internet bloggers as well.  The Governments, are using paid disinformation agents, to blog disinformation, and to post videos on controversial topics.  They often post videos, that are filled with confusing facts and contradictions.  But how can you easily recognize the disinformation agents?  There is an old saying, that goes like this, "The devil will tell a thousand truths, if he can get you to believe one lie".  When we discuss with Jesus, all the lies being spread by the Global governments, Jesus teaches us how to discern, or to recognize the disinformation, in 'the Spirit of Truth'.  We can not just hand you this ability on a silver platter, but here are some tips, on how to begin recognizing the disinformation.  The disinformation agents, will most often, spread their message in such a way that pushes the question, "What do you think?".  They will also try to force the truth, into a category they created, called "conspiracy theory".  The disinformation branch of the One World Government wants the average person to believe, that truth is only subjective - a matter of opinion.  The disinformation agents rarely present the truth, in a way that is objective - in a way that presents it as factual information.  And when the disinformation agents present the Truth in an objective way, they are only allowed to do so, by poisoning their presentation with, confusing statements, offensive language, hints at religious extremism, or hints at mental disorders.  When people post factual information that is in any way considered to be a threat to the One World Government propaganda agenda, the disinformation agents will blog statements that are offensive, or repulsive, or extremist, in an attempt to get the viewer of the information, to associate it with extremist and antisocial behavior.  This should help you to understand, why so much of the information out there, falls into the above categories.  But one category you were probably not expecting, is the category of presenting the truth, as fiction.  One of the most famous examples of this, is the presentation of the moon landing hoax - it truly was a hoax, and that hoax was fully exposed in the 1971 James Bond movie, Diamonds are Forever.  And since this propaganda technique - to get the viewer to associate the intelligence leak, with fiction - since this technique has been used through Hollywood for more than 40 years, there is a lot of truth, that is actually considered fiction, by most people.  One of the most recent extreme examples of this, is the 2014 television series "Intelligence".  This series can easily be seen on YouTube, by downloading the videos.  The TV series "intelligence", is in fact, a boast of the current technology, the Global governments are now in posession of and using, as One organization, against the people of these End Times.  The Truth is, that all the Global Governments are working together, because they value prestige, position and power, over serving the needs of their citizens.  And that is why the ebola virus has been introduced to Africa, and allowed to spread - even though the 1995 Hollywood movie "Outbreak", revealed that the Global governments are well equipped and ready, to contain it - and have been for more than 20 years!  Can you guess W.H.O. introduced ebola to Africa?  Now that you understand how media propaganda works, that should not be too difficult.  You see, they often label things, the exact opposite, of what they are.  For example, what is "a peacekeeper missile" - when a missle can only bring death and destruction?  How can Obama be the winner of "the Nobel Peace Prize", at the same time the U.S. is launching regular drone missile attacks on innocent people in multiple foreign nations? How can Michelle be "the first lady" of the United States, when she is in fact a transexual named Michael?  There are many more examples, of how the illuminati run One World Government, is using its media propaganda machine, to turn your world upside down.  But perhaps the biggest example, is how they use their religious branch - that is presently being run through Antipope Francis over in Rome - to tell the people that they are "good, holy and saved", at a time in human history when almost everyone, has received 'the mark of the beast'. 

Have you been entertaining the desire to watch propaganda for curiosity's sake?
The "Former Family" members' desire "to PUPPET" - because "the PUPPETED", can ONLY desire to PUPPET; and the ones fed PROPAGANDA, can only feed OTHERS, "propaganda".  So the desire for the Remnant to look back at and view PROPAGANDA, for curiosity's sake, is most definitely NOT coming from 'the Most high True God'.  But it's the ENEMY! - working through 'their former family's DESIRES' - to try to STEER them towards 'lies and deception' - and AWAY! - from the Truths written in the Testimony.  Because the TESTIMONY, breaks the media's 'HOLD', OVER, the minds, of those who CHOOSE, to have 'the indwelling of the True Holy Spirit', in their SOULS - that can ONLY be received, by 'the humble HEART' - through the USE of the Blessed Holy Water, and Heartfelt Repentance.  The REASON, people 'HATE', the testimony - 'with a PASSION!' - is because, they have been 'FED', LIES! -  deceptions, and smoke screens - ALL, of their lives!  They have been BRAINWASHED to BELIEVE! - in "DECEPTIONS", as 'a way of life' - and so the MAJORITY of people, do NOT have 'ROOM', nor do they DESIRE, the life-saving TRUTHS, IN the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord.  For the majority of them [98%] are FULL! - and that's why they will NEVER!!! - receive Salvation.

WARNING - DO NOT, allow your mind to wander into the many TOXIC VIEWPOINTS of media propaganda

It is REALLY important, that YOU do not allow, your mind, to WANDER, into propaganda - because, there are SO many, "DISINFO agents" OUT there. YouTube, SPECIFICALLY, has BECOME, "a VERY, DANGEROUS place" - because of ALL, the VIEWPOINTS, that people, are 'PUSHING, on their LISTENERS', in order to CONFUSE them - so they can't POSSIBLY! - find "THEE Truth".  SIMPLIFY your life - by CLINGING, to the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the Lord - for it is THROUGH, His TESTIMONY, that YOU will stay "ROOTED, IN Him".  But if YOU, go OFF, and 'ENTERTAIN', all sorts of "VAIN CURIOSITIES", about the world EVENTS - you RISK, becoming "ENSNARED", in 'the WEB, of LIES' - that the MEDIA, CONTINUALLY weaves, for PEOPLE, to get ENTANGLED in.  The REASON for the Testimony, in THESE Times, is so that, PEOPLE, CAN, be ANCHORED, to the TRUTH! - because there is SO much information, on the WORLD-wide web; and SO many, "TOXIC viewpoints".  In the TESTIMONY, Jesus makes EVERYTHING "plain, and SIMPLE"; but you need 'the heart of a CHILD', to rely HEAVILY, on 'what HE has revealed' - instead of on 'your OWN understanding'. (February 12, 2017 update)

For those who are struggling withan addiction to propaganda
You need to refrain, from watching, ANY propaganda, whatsoever.  And REJECT your desire, to be "CURIOUS, about the POLITICAL arena", and what is going ON, in the WHITE house, and with the OCCULT people.  ASK for the Grace, to FOCUS instead, on the Most High TRUE GOD - and HIS Divine Will and plan for your life... you ARE 'taking in, GARBAGE! - PROPAGANDA' - and so WHAT is going to come OUT!?   Understand?  You NEED to lift up to the Most High TRUE God, ALL of the words, that the enemy sowed, IN you through OTHERS - and through MEDIA propaganda, and TRADE them, for 'the transforming words', of your CREATOR, instead.  Simple!

"Diabolical statistics" are being used as a means to fuel the global human cull

The 2017 Global population estimate of 7.5 Billion, is currently exaggerated by more than 1 Billion people - according to the Creator of the Universe - who actually has the most accurate statistics on every imaginable topic - just in case you were wondering.  But most people don't COUNT, on the Most High TRUE God for the answers in these End Times; because most people are turning to the one world government - who are currently quite busy with their global human cull, through abortion and many other diabolical means.   The global governments have been quite successful at getting almost everyone to look the other way - as they present fake overpopulation statistics to the masses, while selling "the convenience of abortion", as something to look at instead.  The statistics are "diabolical", and CRITICAL to the illuminati plan - because they actually serve to MOTIVATE people into being "willing participants, in the global human cull".  Most people really have no idea that the spiritual beings, or fallen angels known as "demons", hate all human beings, and have in fact been using the illuminati and world leaders, in an ongoing effort to systematically crush and extinguish the human race.

It is also important to come to terms with the fact that the suicide statistics have been heavily doctored to hide the spike and ongoing surge in the international suicide rate, since the mark of the beast manifested in 2012. 

Remember that the one world government people use 'séances, with demons', to get their marching orders from "the father of lies" - and so is it so difficult to believe, that they, "didn't want to be honest", about the REAL statistics?  Was HITLER, "forthcoming" - in revealing the accurate details of the unfolding of HIS plans for global domination?  "Diabolical statistics" - really isn't such a difficult concept to comprehend, once you come to terms with the simple fact that, "history repeats itself". (March 5, 2017 update)

Are you one of the people who has been drawn to "the book of Enoch"?

Unfortunately, "the VORTEX, of the fallen angels" - THAT is, the CERN, portal to the ABYSS - has 'DRAWN you', into 'the book, of ENOCH' - which IS, "the TESTIMONY of the fallen ANGELS" - "THEIR story, ACCORDING to the demons".   The BOOK of ENOCH - was most ASSUREDLY, "DEMONICALLY inspired".  The ILLUMINATI - have made SURE, that it is made AVAILABLE for people - WHO desire, to be 'filled with DECEPTION'! - and to SEE things, through 'the fallen ANGELS', eyes' - and how THEY see, "god".  It IS, so that PEOPLE, will "IDENTIFY, with the fallen angels" - and FALL! - WITH them! - INTO the abyss.  It is MUCH better, if YOU, would CHOOSE! - to SIMPLY, be NOURISHED, by "the SIMPLE Truth", of the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the LORD - RATHER, than choose to WADE, into "the dark WATERS", of CONFUSION, and "DIABOLICAL mystery".  You REALLY NEED to reject 'your DESIRE to embrace VAIN curiosity' - and STOP FILLING yourself, with PROPAGANDA; and 'the POISON that comes from the PROPAGANDA agents' - in "YOUtube land".  HOW can you believe ANYTHING! - that they say! - if you CLAIM, to believe 'the TRUE Spiritual REALITIES', that are revealed in the TESTIMONY. (March 8, 2017 update)

Did you ever wonder how the enemy hooks people on propaganda?
They get drawn in, to look at "one PIECE of their grand design" at a TIME; he GETS them 'so FOCUSED on the DETAILS' - and "the MINUTEST, facts" - that they FAIL to see, "the bigger PICTURE"; they FAIL, to see, that they are "CAUGHT, in a WEB" - of, ILLUMINATI, LIES! - and they 'LONG to see MORE'.    THIS is why Jesus said, "let your YES's be "yes", and your NO's be "no", for ANYTHING else comes FROM the DEVIL!"   The SIMPLER, the Truth IS, the EASIER it is, to discern.  The more COMPLEX, the Truth is - or the more COMPLEX people MAKE it - the HARDER it is, to discern.  There are "TWO CAMPS!" - there are 'THOSE who are FOR the Most High True God'; and there are THOSE who are AGAINST Him; there IS nothing in the middle.  EVEN though Jesus speaks about "HALFWAY christians", or "MIDDLE-minded christians" - they REALLY ARE simply, "SATANISTS" - in HIS Eyes.
What is the best way to wean off of media propaganda?
It's SIMPLE! - NO more "propaganda"!  WHY not instead, discern "a PSYOP".
The Most High TRUE God, IS CALLING, His Remnant, to discern PSYOPS! - to DISCERN, 'the CULTURE, of the ILLUMINATI' - in ORDER to CONFRONT: the TEMPTATIONS, that, are given, to EACH Member's INTERIOR life.  THIS is to HELP, the Faithful Remnant 'STAY in the front SEAT'.  If they can 'STAY in the TRUE Holy Spirit' while WATCHING a PSYOP, then it will be MUCH EASIER to stay in the True Holy SPIRIT, when they walk out the FRONT DOOR, into the WORLD AROUND them. Because what's REFLECTED, in the PSYOP, IS! - "what the WORLD AROUND them has become!" - for the MOST part.  Any "RESISTANCE", to DISCERNING a PSYOP - IS actually a RESISTANCE to: DISCERNING one's INTERIOR life; because the REMNANT are being "PSYOPED" CONTINUALLY! (January 19, 2017 update)
It is essential when discerning psyops - to always skip over all the spiritually toxic pornography and extreme violence and extreme horror, that has been inserted into all forms of hollywood video production, even childrens cartoons, in these End Times. Understand?  Press pause, and then scroll ahead to the next scene.  It is also essential to reject "all the demonic clusters of all the people in the production", using the deliverance prayer, after it has ended. 
Important note: Make sure you are using a safe version of AdBlock Plus on your computer, BEFORE trying to use the following links.
HERE is a good place to start (Link updated August 17, 2017 - it may not work outside of North America), "Person of Interest":
If that above link stops working, or if it is not available in your country - you can simply Google the following word string: watch person of interest online free
There is REALLY no reason to go past Season 2 of Person of Interest (- better to choose a different psyop to discern, once you reach the end of season 2)
Another TV series that would be appropriate for the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant to discern, would be "Intelligence" - a series through which the CIA boast, of their contact lens computer display technology - that they have been using for many years now.  In fact, contact lens computer display technology, has replaced teleprompters, on many television studio sets - but only for "the illuminati elilte" - who are in fact mere human shell puppets, for the devil. "Intelligence":
It would also be good to watch the "Truthseeker" series, that is currently still available on YouTube at the following link:
 (March 09, 2017 update)

Have you been DISCERNING "psyops"? - or simply using them as "a daily portal to the world of false realities"?

NO more PSYOPS! - after 7 pm - as a RULE.  It is "a GOOD rule" - because how ELSE, are YOU, going to be ABLE, to 'wind DOWN'? - in 'the late EVENING'?  And REMEMBER, ONLY one! - per day.  And SOME days - there WON'T be time. (June 09, 2017 update)

Important Note: The reason for the above "rule" is simple: The human subconscious needs time to SORT through and PURGE the many spiritually toxic images it encounters in "a psyop" - and this natural process takes time.  And because this process requires "mental WORK" - that "WORK", or "mental ACTIVITY", will actually keep you up at night, if you don't give yourself time to wind down, so that your subconscious can purge naturally.  So BE "a good STEWARD of the Gift of sleep": have a peaceful evening; and don't create "a BACKLOG of spiritually toxic images", in your subconscious, that you can't POSSIBLY process, before retiring for the evening.  Simple! 
Project MKUltra – a.k.a. "the CIA's mind control program" 
Luke (a.k.a. "the new AARON") is a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been watching the string of MEGA DISASTERS in the news?

You NEED to understand, that "END TIMES MEGA-DISASTERS in the NEWS" - are VERY! - different - than 'TAKING in propaganda'.  Yes! - these ARE "the End TIMES", and THINGS are QUITE 'different' now.  And, WE, AND the Most High True GOD, 'respect' your CHOICE.  You are IN for "quit the THRILL ride!" - as, Jesus, has JUST informed us that, He's NOT! - 'HOLDING back', ANY more! - but He's GOING to UNLEASH Disaster.   (September 08, 2017 update)

What is the best way to cope with the End Times Events unfolding?

As far as the End Times EVENTS UNFOLDING? - you SIMPLY need to 'take it ONE day at a time'.  The "ADVANTAGE" that the Faithful REMNANT have, is that they 'KNOW!' - "Why things are escalating" - and "WHY, the natural disasters, are getting WORSE and more FREQUENT".  Whereas MOST people, will LOOK at the DISASTERS, and they will SIMPLY, SEE it, as, "ANOTHER Hurricane!" - or "ANOTHER earthquake" - or, "ANOTHER, volcanic eruption... but the WORLD, keeps on SPINNING".  THEY, will NOT be able, to 'put it TOGETHER' - BECAUSE of, the AMOUNT, of "MIND control", their GOVERNMENTS have OVER them, THROUGH 'their LOCAL media.  EVEN in the MEDIA! - they are doing, 'WHATEVER they can', to DOWNPLAY, 'the SEVERITY', of the current disasters.  EVEN "the media GIANTS", ARE 'aware' - that it is "the Time of the APOCALYPSE" - and THAT is why, they put out STORIES, MOCKING the End TIMES - with Headlines, like "the END of the World", or "APOCALYPTIC storm" - and they WILL 'CONTINUE to do this' - until there are SO many disasters! - HAPPENING ALL at once - that they will NOT be able, to 'SUPPRESS, the TRUTH' - or 'DOWNPLAY it', in ANY way!  And EVEN the REPORTERS, will be 'FILLED with fear', at what's coming! (September 22, 2017 update)


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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