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"Then he said to them...  there will be terrors and great signs from heaven...  This will be a time for you to bear testimony... I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which none of your adversaries will be able to withstand or contradict...  you will be hated by all for my name’s sake...  By your endurance you will gain your lives."
(Luke 21:10-19)

The Celebrity Death Fakers
Everyone has got to have a hobby. 
One of ours, is exposing the notorious celebrity death fakers...
Because we can.
We just ask the King of Heaven,
if we have any doubts, whatsoever

JonBenet Ramsey
(Child beauty queen, singer, dancer) - now has a new name, Katy Perry (musician, model, actress).
Katy Perry:  Fake Birthday: October 25, 1984  (6 years earlier)
JonBenet Ramsey - her real name - Born: August 6, 1990,  Fake Death Staged on: December 25, 1996
For those who may be wondering why there is an illustration of multiple planetary alignments - an illustration of the planet positions on the date of the staged and faked death, here is the reason. The illuminati plan major events, to coincide with multiple planetary alignments.  The illuminati run the CIA.  It is nearly impossible for a celebrity to fake their death and take on a new identity without CIA involvement.  If you want to know more about the illuminati connecting major events to coincide with multiple planetary alignments, watch our video at THIS LINK on this website.  This has nothing to do with astrology.  It is merely "signs in the skies" - something that is mentioned in the Bible, in the New Testament - in fact, something the TRUE CHRISTIANS are to look for, in the End Times.
While this may be difficult to believe - the fact that Perry IS Ramsey - do not be concerned.  We have a long list of proofs in front of us.  We are simply waiting for the right time, to present them.  We have successfully presented forensic evidence in the past, while working with a forensics expert, and a retired police officer - to prove that U.S. President Obama is in fact married to a man named Michael (see video on Antipope Francis page); to prove that Serena and Venus Williams are in fact male tennis players, in skirts (see video on Antipope Francis page); to prove that Alex Jones is in fact Bill Hicks (see video on this page).  This investigation, is actually one of the easier ones to prove.  And here is why:
1. Photo Tampering: Almost all the photos of JonBenet Ramsey on Google images, are flipped horizontally.  And the reason they are flipped, is that Ramsey or "Ramses", as Jesus likes to point out (her Egyptian illuminati name), has an identifying mole, on her neck. 
2. The identifying mole:  Find the mole, flip the image, and you can find that same mole on Katy Perry, in exactly the same place.  Perry has 2 moles on her neck - the one from her youth, the one visible when JonBenet was NOT wearing a collar around her neck to hide it, is the lower one, that is clearly visible, just above her right shoulder. 
3. Eye color:  Ramses and Perry share the same eye color - an icy cold greyish steel blue color.  On Google images, at least 5 different eye colors can be counted (the last time we checked - the Ramses page on Google images is edited frequently, so this could change).  The extreme variation in eye color - the tampering, is just another red flag, that something isn't right.  Some of those images with photoshopped eye color are there, because the illuminati-run tabloids, like to color JonBenet's eyes emerald green.  And why is this?  Because the illuminati are in the process of propping her up, as an incarnation of the goddess Isis.  Notice how the CIA-funded and run terrorist organization, ISIS, appears on the scene, around the same time in history, that Perry, in her music video, Dark Horse, appears as the goddess Isis, standing on the very summit, of an Egyptian illuminati pyramid?  That is not a coincidence.  The color associated with Isis, is emerald GREEN.  That is not JonBenet's real eye color - but the illuminati make sure that everyone sees her photoshopped emerald green eyes; they make sure they see the young JonBenet version of Perry as Isis - from her youth.  Ramses also has very large eyes in relation to the rest of her face, and so does Perry - since they are the same person.  The overall face point ratios will really tell the story - when the two faces are overlaid using video editing.  You will have to wait for the video to see the perfect match.  We are busy with other projects at this time, and also look forward to the release of that video.
4. Teeth: They both have the same teeth positions (Ramses had baby teeth - yet the teeth are identically prominent, when they do not line up).
5. Ear Contour:  They share the same ear contours - and yes, we have the visual forensic proof, using photo forensics, even though the CIA did everything they could to hide JonBenet's ears.  Have a look at the photos, and count how many CLEAR shots of an ear, you can find, and then compare that to the number of photos you had to look at.  That ratio, is another red flag, that something is wrong with the official story.
6. Hair Color:  They share the same color hair roots.  JonBenet as Perry likes to dye her hair, and so the roots will only be visible if she was photographed a few weeks after her last dye job.
7. Lip Contour and cheek dimples: They share the same upper lip contour and cheek dimples - of course, JonBenet's images need to be flipped in order to get the match.  And when you do, you will see that the top ridge of the upper lip contour on both the young and old (Perry) images of Ramses, have a very distinctive contour. Just to the right of the cupid's bow, the ridge contour on her upper right lip, is distinctively higher.  Like her mole, this is just another, unique and very easy to find identifying feature that Perry shares, with herself, JonBenet Ramsey.
8. Personality:  They share identical facial expressions - as the above photos illustrate.  (- and that is an understatement)
9. Talent:  They share the same skills - singer and dancer. 
10. Exposed from the Highest Heaven:  And of course, the most important thing they share - the same identity in the eyes of their Creator, who is Jesus Christ the Lord.  (Yes, we did ask Him.  And Yes, from His Throne in Heaven, He has spoken to us about JonBenet's faked death and her illuminati resurrection as Katy Perry.  This section dedicated to that topic, is here because of those dialogues.  And one of those dialogues will be posted soon, on this website, in the 2015 Archives section.)
11. Evidence Tampering: The photos on Google Images have not only been flipped - but some of the most important photos - the ones that reveal the specific features of the ear contours, have been visibly sprayed over, with photoshop paint - and this tampering is clearly visible once the image is enlarged, using photo editing programs.  In addition, the quality of the photos of Ramses, in her youth, has been deliberately and systematically diminished, to the point, where her identifying features, are extremely blurry.  Are we, the public, supposed to believe, that there are only a handful of high resolution images of one of the most photographed children in the last 2 decades?  Of course not.  The multiple blurred images of JonBenet are the result of evidence tampering, for the purpose of covering up a CRIME!  Yes, you read that correctly.  The Justice Department, the Police Department, the CIA, are still, all working together, to falsify the official public records, for the purpose of promoting a luciferian cult agenda - the illuminati agenda, that is now running the CIA, from the very top down.   So glad, we do not live in the U.S... eh?  But of course, CSIS is their Canadian branch, just as MI6, is their UK branch, the KGB is their Russian branch, and the MSS is their branch in China.  They all work together as one.  You will need to read more of the Testimony - this website, to learn the Truth about the current state of Global Governance, in which you now live.
12. Parents: Obviously, Katy Perry has different parents than JonBenet.  That was part of the deception deal.  And that familial severing, has left Perry in a lot of pain - this pain is visible and unbridled in a Vimeo Video titled "Katy Perry Uncensored Raw Talent" - a video of her first tour when she was in her teen years.  At 8:05 in that video, she explains her backstage tears with the incomprehensible words, " know when you hate your parents so much that you miss them?"  That statement makes perfect sense, when you consider the fact, that she was talking about her biological parents - whom she can only see in secret, because of the life of deception, that she has agreed with them to live... for MONEY!   Help her to reunite with her REAL parents, by exposing her deception, so that she can end the charade.  She will thank you in the long run.  Our new video, that fully exposes Perry as the adult version of JonBenet, will help you do just that.  Coming soon, to a website near you... actually, it is this website.
13. illuminati rebirth:  During the 2015 superbowl halftime show, in Phoenix Arizona - JonBenet is raised up on top of the beast, as she rises from the ashes, like the Phoenix - symbolized by her dress of flames.  This was an illuminati boast and sign to the world, of Ramses' rebirth, as Katy Perry.  Isis - the Egyptian goddess she represents to the illuminati, also had wings.  See the flying parallel?  No?  Whether you do or not, will not change the facts, and it will not change the Truth.  JonBenet, a.k.a. Katy Perry, is a world-class deceiver - an antichrist, of historical proportions.
14.  The "Jesus" tattoo:  Perry has one on her wrist ...and Madonna wears a cross.  So what.  Judas was one of the twelve disciples - remember? 
Heath Ledger
(Actor) - now has a new YouTube name, J. Knight, DAHBOO7, DAHBOO77, DAHBOO777 or simply (if you say it while playing chubby bunny) "double o seven" (CIA alternative news controlled media opposition).  Mr. Ledger lost the role of James Bond 007 to Daniel Craig, and so this was his CIA consolation prize.  Mr. Ledger was the Joker or "J", in the Batman movie "the Dark Knight", and so he likes "J. Knight" as a new YouTube Channel name.  Obviously, it is very difficult for Mr. Ledger to let go of his false realities - and his YouTube Channel names reflect his very deep personal and psychological struggles - especially after playing the demonically possessed Joker character - by actually summoning demons to manifest through his mere shell of a human being for that role.  The CIA obviously don't mind exploiting a washed out actor, who has severe spiritual and psychological issues.  But Ledger's Channel names are also, just another example of how the illuminati controlled CIA like to boast of their deceptions.  After all, 007 was a British CIA agent, was he not?  (The CIA and MI6 work together as one, just in case you didn't know that).  And so, the historical fact that Ledger mocks his listeners, with a veiled 007 YouTube Channel name, as he tells his listeners exactly what his CIA handler relays to him, is nothing more than a boast.  Ledger's last film, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, is simply a Hollywood send-off, for Ledger, as he embarks on his new identity, and new life, as Double O Seven.  Well done, "Mr. Bond!"  Or should we call you... "James"?
Heath Ledger  Born: April 4, 1979   Faked Death Staged on: : January 22, 2008
Bill Hicks
(Comedian, impersonator) - has been using a new name, Alex Jones (CIA fabricated alternative news controlled media opposition).  Hicks has a special op - where he plugs the date 1776 - uncoincidentally, the date the illuminati was founded.  The illuminati run the CIA.  The CIA hired Hicks to become Alex Jones - the name of a REAL radio personality, who was "removed" from his position, so that Hicks could assume his identity.  The Illuminati used Hicks to BOAST of their plans and accomplishments, by putting the name "Alex Jones" on their film titled, End Game - a historical documentary of the illuminati's plans.  Hicks is also paid by the CIA to plug the phrase, "You ARE the Resistance!" - Hicks uses this CIA Psychological Operation on his listeners, because that is what the traditional Americans want to hear - they want to believe that their traditions are being defended somehow; and the CIA use that weakiness, to draw Americans to that false-patriotism and nostalgia-triggering term, "Resistance".  Watch our production below, that we put together while working with the Bassetts, to expose Hick's Game - in the End Times, that is.
Alex Jones  Born: February 11, 1974 (Remember, A.J. is the name of a REAL person, who was "removed" by the CIA and then replaced by Bill Hicks.) 
Bill Hicks - Born: December 16, 1961   Faked Death Staged on: February 26, 1994
Here is our video that we co-produced with the Bassetts:
Paul Walker
(Actor) - is now in the process of representing himself with a new name.  Notice how, near the end of his last movie, The Fast and the Furious 6 - Vin Diesel, his close friend, casually walks out of a burning car, like an illuminati phoenix, rising from the flaming ashes, unharmed?  This was an illuminati sign to all Walker's friends, that Paul Walker was also unharmed - physically - during the Hollywood staged fake death car accident - also known as predictive programming.  The burning car exit, was Walker telling his fans where they all could go, as he wanted nothing to do with them, ever, again.  Getting caught on camera after his faked death, gave the plot away.
Born: September 12, 1973  Faked Death Staged on: November 30, 2013

Michael Jackson
(Transsexual transhumanist musician) - who is in fact a woman, is now in the process of presenting herself, with a new name.  Did you ever notice how Jackson couldn't pull off a man's voice, EVER?  Did you ever notice how narrow her shoulders were, when she stood next to an actual male?  Apparently female DNA really didn't help her with the little charade.  The title of Jackson's last album, "Escape," gives away her plan.  Perhaps if she hid herself a bit better at her fake funeral, it would have been a bit more difficult to prove.  Even though there are still a lot of smoke screen cover-up reports, about her getting caught on camera after her faked death - the fact is, she simply got caught, too many times.  One photo of that surgically mutilated nose, and mutilated chin combination, are as good as an unsmudged fingerprint.  We would strongly advise AGAINST, allowing the CIA plastic surgeons, to do any further modifications.
Illuminati rebirth name:  Still waiting on Michelle for that one.  Should be getting one any time now...
Michael Jackson, Born: August 29, 1958  Faked Death Staged on: June 25, 2009

River Phoenix
(Actor) - now has a new name, Mark Dice (CIA fabricated alternative news controlled media opposition).  Like Bill Hicks' naughty little brother, Phoenix pretends to expose the illuminati - all the while, boasting of their works.  A true illuminati member, Phoenix uses his 'man on the street' interviews, to destroy the integrity of the average American in the public eye - thereby serving to justify the illuminati global population reduction program - you know, the one carved into stone, on the illuminati erected Georgia Guidestones.  Phoenix's YouTube backup Channel is called The Resistance - He gave it that name because that is what the traditional Americans want to hear - they want to believe that their traditions are being defended somehow; and the CIA use that weakiness, to draw Americans to that phrase, and to the CIA controlled government opposition front men, like Phoenix, and Hicks.  On another note:  Perhaps Phoenix's greatest work is his YouTube video titled, "Is Mark Dice River Phoenix? Do Govt.Shills Spead Disinfo To Confuse Real Truth?"  Phoenix uses yet another alias YouTube Channel, "The Alien Fossil Project", to discuss, how his other alias, "Mark Dice", can't be who he actually is, River Phoenix.  Watching Phoenix insult himself, from multiple angles, is truly a new genre of entertainment - like some sort of personal roast?  Is that what you call it River?  A+  Thanks R.P. for your contribution to the art world.  One of the funniest things we have ever seen.  "Funny" - in the sense of "bizarre" that is.  For isn't it strange, how Phoenix got so lost in his efforts to deceive others, that in the END, he ended up hiding in the shadows, and insulting himself, through yet another false identity.  He has successfully flushed himself, down the toilet of lies and deception, and is spiralling downwards, further, and further, each and every day, along with his personal fake death friends - Ledger, and Hicks, just to name a few.
Mark Dice: Fake Birth Date withheld. 
River Phoenix, Born: August 23, 1970   Faked Death Staged on: October 31, 1993
So why did Phoenix choose the name Dice?  Because every time he thought of how he would deceive his fellow Americans, the roll kept coming up snake eyes.  Phoenix is as reptilian as his friend, Hicks - who always took pleasure in duping his listeners into wearing Infowars t-shirts with a coiled serpent on them, and the phrase, "DON'T TREAD ON ME" - a veiled way of calling his listeners, "serpents".  Watch and see, Heaven's Response, to that little prank:
Special Note concerning the INFOWARS REPTILIAN PLAGUE: As a direct result of the release of this above video, the CIA had to develop a new IRIS program.  What is an IRIS program, you ask?  An IRIS program, is a video effects program that automatically superimposes a HUMAN iris, over Bill Hicks' reptilian eyes.  If ever you want to see this program at work, simply download one of Hicks' recent videos in HD - load the video into a video editing program - zoom into the iris - take a close look, frame by frame, and eventually, you will see the video edited iris, superimposed over the reptilian one.  This effect is often only visible, when Hicks' reptilian eyes manifest significantly.  It shouldn't be too difficult to find some good clips.  Here, look at how easy it is:
The above video frame is frame 25 from the 2 minute 57 second mark in the video.  This video was Alex Jones' frustrated response to our above video exposing his reptilian eyes.  In this video, "Alex Jones to Retire",  Jones is MOCKING GOD for giving him the plague of reptilian eyes.  Jones is MOCKING his Creator, as he FLAUNTS his new video editing program, that masks the effects of the plague - a plague that he most definitely has, to this very day - a PHYSICAL plague effecting everyone at  And so, this above photo reveals, why Jones mocks the idea that he would have to retire.  After all, why would he have to retire, now that his true REPTILIAN colorful eyes, are hiding behind a Hollywood Video Effects program?... unless of course, we leaked out the existence of his little cover-up.  Bye Alex.  You would do well to cash out of your retirement plan asap - because there is only so much your CIA handlers can do, to cover up your MESS of a shell of a human being.  But of course, you, Alex Jones, will ultimately do, what your demons tell you to do. And so will the rest of the Infowars Reptilian Team Members: Darrin McBreen, Joe Biggs, David Knight...
Question: Did you ever wonder how we can post such HARD EVIDENCE against a TRILLION DOLLAR ORGANIZATION named the C.I.A. - the all SEEing EYE of A luciferian organization run by the enemy of souls himself?
Answer: Because even the illuminati know, after years of closely monitoring us, that the Testimony - this Website, is in fact the Website of Jesus Christ the Lord.  And because the illuminati know the spiritual laws - better than most so-called "christians" - the illuminati know, that if they take down our website, there will be immediate and severe consequences.  They may HAVE to take this website down, at some point.  But WHEN they do, they, in turn, will be immediately dealt with by their Creator... Directly.  And We, are simply, not concerned.  And THAT, is why, this page, is posted on our website.  Because the sooner our website is taken down by the CIA, the sooner, that organization, along with the illuminati, and this Era, will End.  Now some may scoff, at this paragraph.  But those who want proof, will look at the date, the video exposing Bill Hicks was released - they will look at how the value of plummetted as a direct result of us releasing that information - they will look at the proof, of the existence of the IRIS video editing software we have so meticulously presented above.  They will verify the forensic proof in the video, and the forensic and planetary proofs concerning ALL the death fakers on this page.  Word will spread.  Infowars will fall.  Period.  Bye Bye Billie - Hicks, that is.  And good riddance, to all his slithery friends.  IF you repent - and you won't (- because this has already been revealed from Heaven in the Testimony), then there is hope for the lot of you.  But the god you serve, has been, and always will be, money.  You will all get along with Judas, quite well (- he was really good at hiding bags of money, in places he could never return to - one thing you all have in common).  The hard Truth is, the illuminati, all lost their souls, BEFORE the spiritual mark of the beast, manifested, on Christmas day, 2012.  Perhaps that, will help some readers, understand the reptilian eye Plague, a bit better ;)
Brandon Lee
(Actor, son of martial arts expert Bruce Lee) - now "Chris Greene", CIA alternative news "AMTV" or Alternative Media Television.  It looks like Brandon's staged death, of getting shot in the head while on a movie set, was actually predictive programming, for what his plastic surgeon would ultimately do to his face.  And it looks like the "K", stands for "Crow" - the name, of his last movie.
Chris Greene - Birth date not available.  Wonder why.
Born: February 1, 1965   Faked Death Staged on: March 31, 1993

Jonathan Brandis
(Actor) - now has a new name, Adam Kokesh, CIA alternative news platform "Adam vs the Man".  Brandis thinks that he can hide behind a beard and a buzz cut.  Not so.  His baby face and limited acting ability, have clearly revealed his True identity.  The show is now over Mr. Brandis, but don't let that stop you, from trying to get absolutely ANY, new gestures.
Adam Kokesh Faked Birthday: February 1, 1982  (6 years later) 
Jonathan Brandis - Born: April 13, 1976  Faked Death Staged on: November 12, 2003
(Actor) - death faker.  His last film, gives the whole plot away.  He is currently trying to figure out, how to represent himself.  Perhaps a shaved head, and a nose job?  Robin?  What do you think?  Black shoe polish on your skin - Bingo!  May we suggest, going by the name "Bubba".
Born: July 21, 1951  Faked Death Staged on: August 11, 2014

(Musician, actor) - a CIA death faker, who died at a later date.  You know - the one who, just for fun, would get all dressed up, every now and then, and then just show up at a "...look alike competition".  He is now deceased.
Born: January 8, 1935   Faked Death Staged on: August 16, 1977

(Singer) - has been using a new name, Rush Limbaugh (CIA fabricated alternative news controlled media opposition - talk show host).  The fact that he has a massive mole that he just can't seem to get rid of, under his left eye, compounded by the fact that he boasted about faking his death, before the event, and has familial ties to the CIA, make this an easy case to prove - too easy, in fact. 
Rush Limbaugh - Fake Birthday: January 12, 1951
Jim Morrison, Born: December 8, 1943.  Fake Staged Death: July 3, 1971. 
(Actress, talk show hostess) Everything was going fine for Ms. Rivers, until she proclaimed from the rooftops, "EVERYONE KNOWS THAT MICHELLE OBAMA IS A TRANNY" (in part, thanks to OUR YouTube Video - that was co-produced with the Bassetts, who are simply members of the Faithful Remnant, of course).  As a result, the CIA quickly scheduled the removal of her podium.  You see, the illuminati transhumanism LGBT agenda - transforming people into the opposite gender - opposing God's gender plan and design for each individual - is not supposed to be made public - especially, that agenda fully manifesting in the White House, in the bed of a homosexual president, and his male lover, who Barry calls "Michael".  Unfortunately for Joan, she could not keep her mouth shut, while exiting a comedy night club recently - when the prominent people she was with, were caught on video camera.  Her raspy voice - with her signature nodes on her vocal cords, emerging from beneath a botched plastic surgery facial, is unmistakable. Thanks for that little piece of gossip, Joan, it was your best roast ever.  Are you feeling the heat yet?  We love your new hair cut - it helped us match your ears, to your earlier photos.  Anyone have doubts that was J.R.?  The ears are a PERFECT photo forensic match.  Need more hard evidence?  The unique plastic surgery indents on her face, the short stature, the raspy voice, the celebrity caliber event, and the fact that the prominent people being videotaped, drove away with her in the back seat, should get you going.  More proof, can be found below the multiple planetary alignment image, that confirms the illuminati's involvement in choosing her fake death date.  This is not an opinion.  Joan Rivers, officially faked her death.  That is an immutable historical fact.  Period.  ...especially, since Joan has no mute switch.  And why is this?  Joan Rivers is in fact a demoniac - a mere human shell, for the demon, named "gossip".  Until she repents, that is her official resume, before all of Heaven.  Is this page on this website, a "gossip" page?  To some people it is.  But before all of Heaven, it is simply shining the Light of Truth, on people, who would much rather, their dark luciferian deeds remain hidden forever in the darkness... of space even.  Not with this website and the red lines however...
Born: June 8, 1933, Fake Death Staged: September 4, 2014
Jesus Christ the Lord said: …Joan Rivers was caught. It is going to be difficult for them, to fake peoples’ deaths now – especially with you two, right on top of it – on top of the solar system that is – exposing the multiple alignments taking place.  In other words, the illuminati have been caught.  Bye, infowars!  It’s only a matter of time, My children.
[For those who do not understand the reference to infowars: The illuminati have been using their CIA run propaganda outlet, infowars, to boast of their global agenda, through the illuminati boast movie, "End Game", and through Bill Hicks plugging the date the illuminati was founded - 1776, along with the date that symbolizes their plans fully manifesting - 1984.  What is that slogan Bill Hicks always proclaims?  “the answer to 1984 is 1776” – meaning, the answer to all the manifestations of the illuminati plans on the global stage, is the formal re-establishment, of the illuminati, ruling over the Global Governments – the present reality.  We then spoke with Jesus about the reactions, that people will have, when they see all these revelations on our website, about the celebrity death fakers]
Jesus said: …some will cry… they were betrayed – by the death fakers.  The death fakers betrayed their fans – for money.  Because what people do not know, is that celebrities, do not care about their fan base.  Celebrities, are self-obsessed, individuals.  They have to be, in order to play so many different roles.   And they are psychopaths, in their interior lives.  They had to go against their conscience, in order to become an actor, or actress.  And they had to swear allegiance to the devil, at some point in their career, in order to continue.  Just, like the freemasons, have certain levels - Hollywood is, a pyramid structure as well.  And what’s at the top of the pyramid?...
The death fakers actually have a lot more in common, than you could possibly imagine:
SELF-OBSESSED: All of them.
Homosexual Hollywood roles: Heath Ledger played a homosexual cowboy in, "Brokeback Mountain".  River Phoenix played a homosexual street hustler in, "My Own Private Idaho".  Robin Williams played a homosexual drag club owner in, "Birdcage".  Brandon Lee did not have a homosexual role that we know of, however, he does share the exact same name - Brandon Lee - as an Asian American Homosexual Pornographic Film Actor... interesting, to say the very least.  What are the odds of that?
Death staged in the middle of a Film shoot:  Heath Ledger faked his death in the middle of the filming of his Hollywood sendoff film, "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus".  Brandon Lee faked his death in the middle of filming his Hollywood sendoff film, "The Crow".  Paul Walker faked his death in the middle of filming his Hollywood sendoff film, "The Fast and the Furious 6" ... six, of course being, another form of illuminati stamp - when they actually use it that is.  River Phoenix faked his death while shooting, "Dark Blood". Why deliberately stage a death in the middle of a film shoot?  Because that additional free advertising, means they get MORE MONEY!  The end of a Hollywood actor's life, always causes their last film to get more sales.  The people behind the fake death, can go the "virtual securities" prediction market, that has been given the name Hollywood Stock Exchange, wager on the success of the film, before the faked death, and then cash out on the surge in stock prices, after the fake death event spikes the success of the movie, they wagered their money on.  It is a variation on "insider trading".  There is already a lot of online chater about how the founder of the HSX, has a striking resemblance, to another Hollywood Death faker.  Don't waste your time looking at the plastic surgery scars, because there are 1000's of Hollywood death fakers out there - after all, how many times, have you watched someone, fake their death, in Hollywood?... in a MOVIE!
Rewarded with CIA Controlled Alternative News Platforms:  Using their fake names... Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Chris Green, Adam Kokesh...
Leaking Clues of their Fake Death Plan before they died:  Elvis' last film, "Change of Habit".  Michael Jackson's last album, "Escape".  Paul Walker's last film, featured his best friend, Vin Diesel walking out of a vehicle in flames.  Jim Morrison talked about pretending to kill himself on multiple occasions, before he faked his death.  Ledger said "I only do this because I'm having fun.  The day I stop having fun, I'll just walk away".  He walked away.  Bill Hicks of course, while on stage, boasted just before his faked death, "A cheque falls in my lap, and I am a producer named Al..."
They are worth more dead than alive:  Michael Jackson's album sales skyrocketed as soon as her Fake Death was announced.  Paul Walker's Fast and Furious franchise, could finally put out their six DVD set, for a whole new run of merchandising.  Elvis' record distribution had the same results.  Get the picture? - the very lucrative picture, of WHY, celebrities fake their deaths?  And that is before, the CIA sets them up, like Katy Perry, riding, on top of a BEAST, to tell the world, WHO resurrected them.  
Illuminati Names and Parallels:  JonBenet RAMSEY - named after the illuminati Egyptian god "Ramses".  River PHOENIX - the name of the Greek flying creature that rises from the ashes - an illuminati favorite.  Lee's fake illuminati name "Greene" - the perfect match to JonBenet's emerald green photoshopped eyes.  Michael Jackson's illuminati transhumanist podium, actually matches that of a transhumanist girl, named Justin Bieber (watch our YouTube video on her True gender).  The transhumanist and illuminati LGBT spokeswoman named Bieber likes to be presented to her audience, while on tour, wearing massive steel wings - Just like Katy Perry, wearing Isis wings in her Dark Horse video, and flying around during the Superbowl.  Transhumanist Perry appears with transhumanist beast legs, at the end of her video, ET, next to a naked transgendered female (notice the waist indent points), who is in fact, a symbol of Michael Jackson.  This is of course, the ongoing illuminati soap opera story - that can be traced back to the end of Michael Jackson's Video, "Will You Be There", where she is embraced by the winged goddess Isis, on stage.  Who ever thought, JonBenet would actually grow up, to be promoted as Michael Jackson's illuminati spouse?  If you consider the fact, that Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley - daughter of the most notorious illuminati death faker of all times - Elvis, the evidence then really comes together, like cement.  Let's not forget how Brandon Lee's dark winged Crow character, symbolically matches both Bieber's wings, and Perry's Isis wings.  And notice the similarity, between Brandon Lee's Crow face paint - in his exiting movie, and Heath Ledger's Joker face paint - in his exiting movie.  Notice how the corners of the mouth, are extended - just as the plastic surgeon did to Joan Rivers. These people, are mere "ingredients", in one big illuminati soup bowl - that is continually offered as a human sacrifice, to the devil.  And that is just another reason, why their names on this page, are all green - reptilian, scaley, green, to be exact.  They were all duped by their illuminati taskmasters - they were told they would be lifted up, on a pedastel - to the devil.  They are all, now, without Souls.  Mission accomplished everyone! - the illuminati mission to steal from you - to steal your "pearl of great price", that is.  Apparently, you all chose to "cash out".
Note: this above paragraph on "names and parallels" - is done in "connect the dots" style - and can ONLY be understood by people who have extensively researched those people and the specifics mentioned.  In other words, it is "for advanced researchers only".
QUESTION: Do the Two Witnesses have the names of more illuminati Hollywood death fakers - names that they are ready to post, on this page, along with coinciding evidence of multiple planetary alignments - just for starters?
ANSWER: Yes, we are holding back more names.  Because we are simply waiting... for the NEXT Hollywood Death Faker to step up to bat.  Let the games begin!  We are waiting.  And for your information - the new identities of people like the facially disfigured transhumanist who calls herself "Michael", and the one who simply "Walked Away" from his burning car, will be posted, at our leisure, as soon as that information is available.  And no, we are not going to ask Jesus to reveal those names.  Remember, this is just one of our hobbies.  If you suspect that a celebrity faked their death, and want to get a screen shot of the planets on that day, the website is the one we used for the above illustrations, before using Windows Paint, to add the lines.  Have fun with that.
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