The Testimony of the Two Witnesses
        is the True Roman Catholic Faith - under Petrus Romanus - the Last True Pope
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed one MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."
Living in the TRUE Reality
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses.)

"...and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.''
(John 8:32)
I said that I would make “a bold statement”... and I have.

"When, Fukushima’s Reactor Four goes, they will have no one to blame but themselves.  And then they will have all of the evidence they need to understand, that they are in the End Times.  No one can escape the toxicity, of the physical reality of Fukushima, and the spiritual realities, within the institutions.  I said that I would make “a bold statement” My children and I have…  I have sent, My message, to the Four Corners of the Earth, in a physical way, through this disaster.  But who is awake and who is listening?  I sent, this disaster to tell everyone that ‘something is seriously wrong’ with the World.  But who is listening?  I have sent My Two Prophets out, to inform the people, of the spiritual equivalent, of Fukushima, and the spirit of the antichrist descending upon the churches.  But who is listening?"
(-Jesus Monday, May 28, 2012)

They... cannot escape... ‘the reality’, of radiation poisoning

"What, is within all the churches around, the World My children?... the answer is:  the abomination that makes desolate, the souls, of all who attend, to worship: the false ‘gods’ in that place...  I am separating: the sheep, from the goats.  And people are not listening, to My Messages on line, about the Abomination of Desolation, within all of the religious institutions…  If they ask somethingof Me in ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, then they will be ‘quite surprised’ with what they get – as I do not answer those prayers; but ‘the enemy of souls’ does…  This is very “unpleasant” to hear - as the Truth, can be discomforting.  Perhaps people will realize: that no matter how much they reject the truths in front of them, they still cannot escape... the reality’, of radiation poisoning: everyone, on the Face of the Earth; and ‘the reality’, of the coming, mutations."
(-Jesus Saturday, October 6, 2012)

Every facet of life... has managed to embracesome sort of poison’

"All of Heaven, is rejoicing, at the Justice, that is to befall – the Face of the Earth!  For the ‘wickedness’ of mankind, has been ‘demanding’ – ‘a Just response’...  And the only ones, who will escape, are the ones who refuse to attend, the institutions; and desire ‘true repentance’ from their hearts...  When Fukushima happened this was ‘an outward sign’, - or ‘physical representation’, of ‘the spiritual realities at work in this World...  For every facet of life, on this Earth, has managed to embracesome sort of poison’...  and ‘incorporate it into their realityTelevision, is ‘one, of those poisons’Movies, are another one.  Violent video games – another.  Immorality and licentiousnessall of these things, are part of ‘the enemy’s kingdom’!  So if people want to embrace those things, that are of ‘his kingdom’, then he will ‘rule over them’ – to a point.  And they will be ‘beasts – like ‘irrational animals’, with no common sense, and no reasoncompletely devoid of the True Holy Spirit.  And the ‘desire’ for the True God, that is in the depths of everyone’s being, will ‘simply be removed’!  Because they cannot have Him, and the false gods, and false comforts of this World!  For He will ‘not be shared’, with their idols..."
(-The Blessed Virgin Mary Sunday, December 9, 2012)

The governments, are ‘working together’... to distract the people

"They are ‘setting the stage’, for “terror, attacks”, on homeland soil...  The United States of Americatheir Government, and, the Russian Government, and, the Chinese Government, are ALL, working together, against, the people –foreign, and, domestic...  They are only interested, in “power” – the power, to inflict pain, and suffering...  Because, they are sociopaths, and, psychopaths...  But what is most important, for people to realize, is that all of the governments, are ‘working together’...  They will only appear, as ‘political enemies’ – to distract the people, from everything, the leaders all unanimously agree on.  The media’s role in all of this, is to make sure the people, see that there are two sides – to keep them in the illusion of ‘good guys and bad guys’ – when in reality, all the politicians are luciferian..."
(-Jesus Monday, February 23, 2015)

The True Reality of Hell, is... manifesting FOR REAL

"People in society as a whole, have trained themselves, to respond to the experience of observing a Hellish situation, with “DENIAL”... “And what is the first stage of grief?”...    And so, NOW, in THESE current End Times in which we ALL are now living - when the True Reality of Hell, is revealed, manifesting FOR REAL, in a person’s life... ALL of them, enter into… DENIAL...   But here is the TRULY SHOCKING part of the story: the people who want to live “in denial”, of the True Spiritual Reality – those people, have actually chosen to embrace, the false identity, of “the split personality”, that was created in them, and in turn fostered, by watching all the horror movies.  And that split personality I am speaking of is a reference to "the denial personality"..."

Hell, is about to fully manifest on the face of the Earth

"When CERN opens the portal to the Abyss on September 23, all the demons in Hell, will be unleashed - in a series of massive waves, upon the inhabitants of the Earth.  It will be "a flood of demons"... That "flood", will emerge from the Abyss, and will manifest in "waves", that coincide with the massive releases of "dark matter", or "antimatter", from CERN..The spiritual reality of Hell, is about to fully manifest on the face of the Earth.  As it does, the spiritual reality of Purgatory, will also fully manifest in the lives of the Faithful Remnant, on Earth.  Because the Kingdom of Heaven, is ALSO about to come down to Earth - as the Fullness of the Era of Peace, on Earth.  Because the Souls of the Unborn, in Limbo, will soon be given back the physical lives that were stolen from them, ON Earth.  But first, the Remnant will have to endure the coming 1335 days, that will begin with the opening of the CERN portal to the Abyss, on September 23..."
(-PPTL Tuesday, September 1, 2015)

The devil... will be ‘ANNHILATED from the Face of the EARTH’

"SOON, there will come ‘a TIME’ – when people will ‘no longer STRIVE’, to live ‘the Kingdom of HEAVEN’; they will just ‘LIVE it’ – because, it will be ‘NATURAL, to them’; because the devil, and his minions, will be ‘ANNHILATED from the Face of the EARTH’!  And when ‘THAT day’ comes, ‘ALL of Heaven’ – on EARTH, will Rejoice! – as we ALL COME down, to be, WITH, OUR people. AND I, WILL walk, on the FACE of THE Earth – ONCE again, in the Flesh.  And I TRULY WILL be King – OVER, My PEOPLE!  No matter, HOW much, ‘the catholics’ –the FALSE catholics – ‘BRAND’, that ‘spiritual REALITY’, as, ‘MILLENIALISM’ – it IS ‘the TRUTH!’  I AM coming back!  Because ‘HEAVEN’, is ‘a MONARCHY’!  And SO, ‘ONLY those’, who subject THEMSELVES, TO ‘the WILL, of My TRUE Holy SPIRIT’ – NOW! – will be ‘ALIVE, on the Earth’, when My KINGDOM comes..."
(-Jesus Wednesday, September 2, 2015)

That ‘WALL of demons’... actually CHANGES, their PERCEPTION

"Even NOW – MANY members, of the Faithful REMNANT, are EMBRACING, that ‘WALL of demons’, that actually CHANGES, their PERCEPTION, of the True REALITY; of the both of YOU; of My TESTIMONY; and of ‘the concept, of TRUE Salvation’.  MANY, MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT, are being, ‘PRESSURED’, by PROTESTANT, theology – to REJECT! – the TRUE, theology, of My TRUE, CATHOLIC, FAITHFUL, REMNANT, Church!...  Buddha did not ‘MAKE it’ – to HEAVEN; HE is in one of the lower LEVELS, of Hell. And THAT is where, PEOPLE are headed – who CONTINUE, to FOLLOW, that FALSE prophet’s way of thinking; he was ‘BLINDED, by self’. YES, he sought “ENLIGHTENMENT”; but the DEVIL tricked him, into seeking ‘enlightenment through HIMSELF’ – apart from the Source of TRUE Light – apart, from ME.  And SO, in fact, what BUDDHA, ended UP, ‘POSESSING’ – IN the end – was COMPLETE, and UTTER, darkness!  Yet all the WHILE, he ‘FELT’, very peaceful – as, he was so VERY, ‘asleep, in the world’."
(-Jesus Wednesday, October 7, 2015)


Messages that address "the FALSE reality"
Even those righteous... deluged by a false reality

"My priests... are living in sin with one another, by neglecting the souls in the pews... for there is no speak of Heaven, no speak of Hell, no speak of Purgatory – that would offend the Protestants attending.  There is no room for Truth nor Justice, nor Peace and nor Love; for actual hate is coming from the hearts of most priests towards their flock...  You will see and hear the poison being spread to My flock. I am disgusted with what My church has become: a coven of satanists, even those righteous, are becoming polluted and deluged by a false reality.  I am not a pushover priest.  I am not a pushover God, and recompense must be paid for the souls that are lost through neglect."
(-Jesus Wednesday, September 16, 2009)

It was the devil in him... trying to brainwash you into a false reality

"And this is how the Church got into trouble, in the first place... having her own mind; her own thoughts; and her own plans; apart, from what I was asking of her.  That is why, so many souls, are cut-off from My presence, because: they have been filled with pride; and sought their own way of thinking, and doing things...  It was the devil in him, taunting you, and trying to brainwash you into a false realityHis sole purpose in life, is to spread propaganda; and so is the devil’s.  You have met ‘one of his sons’... for he has indeed chosen teams."
(-Jesus Saturday, November 6, 2010)

People, do not embrace, ‘reality’

"For what the devil, ‘tries to do’, and is successful unfortunately (- a lot of the time): he tries to stop people, from ‘desiring to become Saints’ - from desiring ‘holiness’; and he seeks to scare them, in their ‘interior lives’, that they will be ‘attacked by him’ – if they persevere ‘in closeness to their Creator.  But this is not so! - for the Lord will protect those – who abide in Him; and ‘the attacks’ will feel like ‘fleas’, if their focus, is on Him. But as Elijah said, when he came to the both of you, “there are so many distractions”! – so that people, do not embrace, ‘reality’...  If people would only realize that ‘the Gifts of Heaven’ are of far more value, than ‘any comfort’ or ‘conveniences on Earth’.  For the Lord’s Wrath has been ‘kindled against this generation’... because of their refusal, ‘to get their houses in order’, and ‘to repent and turn back to Him’."
(-Saint Padre Pio On Saturday, December 15, 2012)

People... seek to preserve, their false reality

"And so, people, will continue, to seek to preserve, their false reality – that they have created; or, have allowed others to create for them; and they will seek to preserve their viewpoint, and their opinions – with a Price!  Remember, the enemy tempted Me as well, with power and riches and kingdoms!  And what have all the false prophets received – and what do they all have in common – but those three abominations...  They do not acknowledge the Truth... Therefore, I will deny, all of them, before My Father, who is in Heaven..."
(-Jesus Saturday, April 18, 2015)

EVERYONE on the Planet is now living... “a false reality”

"EVERYONE on the Planet is now living... the false identity, of “the split personality”, that was created in them... by watching all the horror movies.  And that split personality I am speaking of is a reference to "the denial personality"... The people want to embrace that “personality of denial”... that was created to DENY, “the HORROR”, and call it, “a false reality”...   And that, is why, most people are not using ‘the Blessed Holy Water’, and getting their Souls back.  Because they all believe falsely... that they are “good, holy, and saved”... apart from God, and apart from their Creator..."
(-PPTL Saturday, July 11, 2015)

Get, ‘REAL’, and stop LIVING in ‘a false REALITY’

"STOP ‘PLAYING, both TEAMS’... get, ‘REAL’, and stop LIVING in ‘a false REALITY’ in your INTERIOR life...  You focus WAY too much, on ‘what the DEMONS are doing’; and NOT enough, on what I am doing, within you...   ENTERING into ‘a false REALITY’ to escape ‘uncomfortable SITUATIONS’ – that is what YOU, have grown ACCUSTOMED to.  You CANNOT do that with My TESTIMONY, and ‘expect to SURVIVE’!.. take EVERYTHING, that I SPEAK to your heart, ‘SERIOUSLY’.  OTHERWISE, you SIMPLY WILL not, ‘MAKE it’." (-Jesus Tuesday, November 24, 2015)

Have you been getting sucked into "the VORTEX of the collective CONSCIOUSNESS of the world"?

The AMOUNT of 'FALSE' and 'AUGMENTED realities' that PEOPLE are embracing - has actually created "a VORTEX" - that TRIES to 'suck, the REMNANT, INTO'.  And so the WAY you avoid "getting SUCKED into the WORLD, AROUND you" - is by, REJECTING, "the collective CONSCIOUSNESS, of the world" - and ASKING for 'the INDWELLING, of the Blessed TRINITY', instead.  But, what JESUS Christ the LORD has revealed, TO us - is that BECAUSE He allowed Hollywood, to 'make MOVIES' - and, to 'create false REALITIES for people' - that according to 'the Spiritual Laws' - HE CAN! - in fact, 'ALLOW, their worst NIGHTMARES' - to FULLY manifest in the physical WORLD.  (September 18, 2017 update) 


All BETTER NOW?  Not according to the True Spiritual Realites!

Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.  Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?  I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.  The wild beasts will honor me, the jackals and the ostriches; for I give water in the wilderness, rivers in the desert, to give drink to my chosen people, the people whom I formed for myself that they might declare my praise."
(Isaiah 43:18-21)
What is MOST important, is that you REMEMBER, "YOU are IN, PURGATORY!"  And SO, you are BEING, "PURIFIED" - of all EARTHLY, and worldly DESIRES.  AND so, this IS going, to BRING, 'MORE lead', to the surface; and it is "ONGOING", and it never STOPS!  Remember THAT!   NOT that, there isn't, "CONSOLATIONS", and RELIEF - along the way; but, the PURIFICATION period, DOES not END! - UNTIL, you are WALKING, in, "the PHYSICAL Era, of Peace".  I hope, that gives you, "a TIMELINE, perspective" - as to how LONG, you will need to ENDURE!  But the MORE, you RENOUNCE, your FORMER self, and your FORMER ways - and your FORMER LIFE! - the MORE you choose NOT to remember, 'your old ways' - and 'who you once WERE' - the more you choose, to FOCUS, on 'who you are NOW' - and 'who, your CREATOR, has CHOSEN you to be' - it WILL, get 'a LITTLE easier'; but what the ENEMY, tries to DO, with EACH member, of the FAITHFUL Remnant, is 'GET them back, into their OLD IDENTITY - as QUICKLY as possible!'  BECAUSE, THEN, their PRAYERS, are "INEFFECTIVE"!  And THEN, they wonder WHY, their prayers aren't being heard; but THAT is because, they are CHOOSING, to live in 'a false REALITY' - or 'in a HELL, APART from the Most High True God'.  The MOST High TRUE God, hears 'the PRAYERS, of His True CHILDREN'; but what you were BEFORE, HE does not RECOGNIZE - that is WHY, it is "CRUCIAL", that you REMAIN, in your TRUE, identity - striving ALWAYS, to break FREE - from EVERYTHING that CHAINS you - to the PAST, and to 'an OLD identity', that SIMPLY, 'ONLY exists, in the MINDS! - of your former FAMILY, AND friends'.  You must REALIZE, that what 'the ASSAILANTS, of your PAST', are holding ON to - is 'a false IMAGE of you' - based, on, "DECEPTION!" - because you are 'no LONGER, that INDIVIDUAL' - BUT! - when you SLIP back into your old WAYS - that's WHEN, the attacks, are "more EFFECTIVE" - and that BEGINS "the SPIRAL - DOWNWARDS"!  You SEE, the ASSAILANTS, 'NEED', the Faithful REMNANT, to IDENTIFY, with "their former SELVES!" - in ORDER, to PULL them away, from the TESTIMONY, and from 'the ARK' - INTO, 'COMPLETE, death! - AND destruction'.  REMEMBER, what it says in the SCRIPTURES, "Remember NOT! - the former THINGS; BEHOLD, I am doing a NEW thing! - NOW it springs FORTH; can you PERCEIVE it?"  Your "FORMER FAMILY", CANNOT, PERCEIVE - what YOU have BECOME!  Understand?  But YOU can.  (October 8, 2016 update)
So WHAT'S the devil's ROLE in all this?

"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men who by their wickedness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse; for although they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man or birds or animals or reptiles. Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen. For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a base mind [the beast state] and to improper conduct. They were filled with all manner of wickedness, evil, covetousness, malice. Full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malignity, they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents [-referring to God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven and the Blessed Virgin Mary], foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Though they know God’s decree that those who do such things deserve to die, they not only do them but approve those who practice them."
(Romans 1:18-32)

If you WANT to simplify, 'the REASON, WHY the Most High True God, is ALLOWING, mankind, to BE, on their OWN, WITHOUT discernment' - WITHOUT the True Holy Spirit; and has given them OVER, to the devil - SIMPLY, REALIZE, that it is BECAUSE, of mankind's WICKEDNESS; and their "disordered NATURE" - and "DESIRE, to suppress, the TRUTH!"  THAT is WHY, He gave them OVER, to "a DELUSION"... He GAVE people, 'the OPPORTUNITY to be born', in order to CHOOSE Him; to choose to KNOW, Love, and SERVE, 'the Most High TRUE God'.  The ENEMY, the DEVIL - HIS role, in human history - was to take as MANY! - Souls - to "Hell" - to ETERNAL Hell, AS possible; and, his ROLE, is to PREVENT, PEOPLE, from finding the TESTIMONY; and finding the ARK, of SAFETY.  His role is to "INFLUENCE", THOSE, who have GIVEN themselves, 'OVER to him' - to PERSECUTE, the Faithful Remnant Church; and to INFLICT, 'pain, AND injury' - on 'the Faithful Remnant to BE' - so they simply do not DESIRE, to BECOME, "a member of the Faithful Remnant". HIS role, is, to try, to PROVE, to the Creator - that there is "NO love, left, in MANKIND" - and that they are ALL, "ONLY worthy, of DESTRUCTION" - EVEN the Faithful Remnant!  HIS role is to, 'TEMPT', the Faithful Remnant, to believe their CROSS is "too heavy" - so they FOLD.  His role is to ACCUSE! - the Faithful Remnant CONTINUOUSLY! - and "BADGER", their INTERIOR lives, "like a NAGGING WIFE!!!" - UNTIL, 'he gets his WAY'; until he has PULLED, THEM away, from, 'the Ark of SAFETY'.  The devil's ROLE, is COMPLETELY, OPPOSED, to the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE!  The PEOPLE under his INFLUENCE - that is 'ALL those with the mark' - UNTIL they're "set FREE" - can ONLY! - BE! - ON! - the devil's TEAM! - and 'working for his KINGDOM'. The DEVIL, will "MORPH, into, the PEOPLE, with the MARK" - because he HAS been GIVEN, 'THAT POWER', at THIS time - IN, human HISTORY.  BUT! - the Most High TRUE God, is MUCH, more powerful - THAN, "the enemy, of SOULS"!  And HE, CONQUERS, the DEVIL, his KINGDOM, and ALL his followers - IN the End.  GOOD! - TRIUMPHS, over EVIL. But STILL! - the WICKED, will do "WICKEDLY" - up UNTIL, their LAST breath. (October 8, 2016 update)
Do you have the SECURITY of, "A REAL, and AUTHENTIC, RELATIONSHIP, WITH! - God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN"?
"When people say, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as travail comes upon a woman with child, and there will be no escape."
(1 Thessalonians 5:3)

In 'the SPIRIT of the WORLD', people have "ALL SORTS of security blankets" - that they HOLD on to; or that they INVEST in; BUT, they will NOT "invest" into 'what is MOST important' - and that IS - "a REAL, and AUTHENTIC, RELATIONSHIP, WITH! - God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN".  IF! - you REFLECT upon it, it is QUITE easy, to SEE, that, ALL of "the PEOPLE, OUTSIDE the Ark" - have TRADED their INHERITANCE, of HEAVENLY RICHES, for "WORLDLY riches"; and in the END - they are going to END up "QUITE poor".  So [- if you are an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant, then...] let YOUR heart 'rejoice' - NOT in "earthly gain" - but IN! - the BLESSED ASSURANCE, of the ROAD, that you have CHOSEN to take, and 'WHERE', that Road is going to LEAD you - "the NARROW Road". (March 07, 2017 update)

What do the Members of the Faithful Remnant need to pray for the most, in order to be more successful in the spiritual life?

Well, simply resolving every day, to live your TRUE identity, as "a CHILD of the Most High True God"; and to DO, 'what it IS, the Most High True God is ASKING you to do' - FOR that day - will KEEP you "on the Narrow Path".  But, REJECTING the demonic clusters of 'those that you are in CONTACT with', REGULARLY - is going to HELP; because "DEMONIC CLUSTERS", build UP - in people.  And so you need to be 'VIGILANT', in TEARING down 'the enemy's kingdom' every day - AS, you seek to be 'built up IN, the TRUTHS, in the TESTIMONY'.  ASK, to be FULLY immersed, in the TRUE Spiritual Reality - FOREVER!  The SPIRITUAL REALITY, that YOU HAVE, "an IMMORTAL SOUL" - that you are called to CARE for; the fact, that, you have "a CREATOR, who is VERY much involved, in EVERY aspect of your life"; the fact that, you are "a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT" - and that is, 'the TRUE, MYSTICAL BODY of Jesus Christ the LORD'.  The fact that, you have ACCESS, to the BEST, COUNSEL, in the UNIVERSE - from the King of HEAVEN, Himself!  THESE are "only SOME", of, the Spiritual Realities. But THIS is 'what you're called to FOCUS on' - AS "a Member".  Yes, the DEMONS, and the DEVIL - DO exist! - BUT, they ONLY want 'to pull your attention AWAY' - from ALL of the BLESSINGS, and the GRACES, and the GIFTS - that your Creator IS bestowing upon you, and will CONTINUE to bestow upon you.  He HAS 'the rest of the world' - the DEVIL - HAS! - ALMOST the entire human race.  HOWEVER, he DOESN'T 'have', the small, few, "Faithful Remnant FOLLOWERS".  He is "HELLBENT on DESTRUCTION".  He has ALREADY, destroyed, the PEOPLE - with their CONSENT.  BUT! - the FAITHFUL REMNANT - HE is trying, "VERY hard!" - to 'take, AWAY, FROM the Truth in the Testimony'.  Because, WHY would he FIGHT - for, 'the ones he ALREADY has'?  He SIMPLY needs to keep them "subdued, in their STUPOR, and in their ILLUSIONS"; but, his MAIN focus - the devil's main focus - IS, to destroy the Faithful REMNANT.  The Most High TRUE GOD - will SIMPLY 'NOT allow that to happen'.  AND, the devil KNOWS this.  But he will try ANYWAY; BECAUSE he is "FUELED by pride".  He CANNOT! - SUCCESSFULLY, DESTROY, Christ's CHURCH, from the face of the EARTH - as he BOASTED, that he would TRY!  "The gates of HELL" (- that are sometimes translated in Matthew 16:18 as "the powers of death") - ALSO refer to, "the CERN portal to the Abyss" - WILL NOT prevail, against Christ's TRUE Flock. (March 15, 2017 update)

It's TIME for the Members of the Faithful Remnant to STAND your GROUND!

YOU are in 'a SPIRITUAL battle', and WAR - for your SOUL!  You're NOT battling, "flesh and blood".  The INSPIRATIONS, that the PEOPLE, are HAVING - outside the Faithful REMNANT - ARE, 'AGAINST, the True Holy Spirit'; and, they cannot HELP, but 'be against, the True Holy SPIRIT' - because they are 'WITHOUT, GUIDANCE'; they are 'WITHOUT, their LIFELINE'!  They have been 'cut OFF - from their CREATOR' - and how TERRIBLE an EXISTENCE, they have been SENTENCED to!   And so YOUR call, is, to embrace 'the TRUE Spiritual Reality', ALWAYS!   And to keep CONVERSATIONS, 'SHORT', with those, 'OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant' - who are "HOSTILE".  TURN to the TRUE Holy Spirit, IN the Moment, for 'WHAT you are called to SHARE'!  STAND, your ground; do NOT ALLOW them, to 'walk all OVER you'; or to TRY, to 'instill FEAR' - in your INTERIOR life - as 'the ENEMY', DESIRES, to 'wear OUT' the Saints, by 'his CONTINUAL coming, to ACCUSE them, before, the CREATOR'.  You are CALLED to LIVE, with 'a CLEAR CONSCIENCE', every DAY - knowing, that 'you DID your best', for that DAY! - RESOLVED in your HEART, to 'do BETTER', for the NEXT day. So KEEP, ALL conversations, IN the Truth; and the TRUE Holy SPIRIT will HELP you - and GIVE you the words, to share - to, 'STOP the enemy!', and to CLOSE his mouth! (May 06, 2017 update)

Are you aware of the spiritual battle that is going on right now?
Right NOW - there are, 'MILLIONS, of people', praying AGAINST the Faithful Remnant - as this IS, "the BATTLE of Gog and MAGOG" And, 'the ARMIES of the ENEMY' - are "ENCAMPED", AROUND, the ARMIES of the SAINTS, and the Saints THEMSELVES. (- And if you happen to be one of those people "encamped", and you are reading this right now... then know this: the vast MAJORITY of the people prayed AGAINST Jesus Christ the Lord too - and it didn't go well for them either... you will find out even MORE specifics when you finally meet them).  We are LIVING, 'IN!' - the Book of Revelations - at THIS time in human HISTORY.  And NOW! - more than EVER! - you are called to RECOGNIZE, as 'a Member of the Faithful REMNANT' - that YOU, are IN, "a SPIRITUAL battle" - for your SOUL!  And SO, it is CRUCIAL, that YOU do 'YOUR part' - in PURIFYING, and being CLEANSED, in your INTERIOR life, of all WICKEDNESS - because it is 'the WICKED ones' - who are going to perish.  Remember, 'FEAR of the LORD' - is "a GOOD, and HOLY, thing".  But MOST people, do NOT 'Fear Him', or have ANY reverence, FOR him.  With the TESTIMONY, you have been GIVEN, 'the ARK, of the COVENANT' - and, it can be "a BLESSING", or "a curse" - DEPENDING, on 'the DISPOSITION of your SOUL', to it.  So the more 'PURIFIED' you are, the MORE 'Truth', you are able, to receive - FROM, the True Holy Spirit (May 9, 2017 update)

What is "the FAST track" way?

PEOPLE, who live by 'the SPIRIT of the world' - and "FULLY immersed in the spirit of the world", in their INTERIOR lives - SIMPLY, 'say whatever comes to MIND' - and, they do not DISCERN, their INSPIRATIONS - because they CAN'T!  And YOU have been given 'every TOOL', that you NEED - in order toDISCERN your inspirations, before SHARING.  But it DOES take "an act of the WILL".  Because YOU need to choose, to "ONLY share the Truth" - and "your CREATOR", can WORK with that, 'desire'.  AND, WHEN you get to 'the point in your SPIRITUAL life' - when "NOTHING ELSE matters", but 'the TRUTH!' - then, you WILL have 'a continuous FLOW', of, "INSPIRATIONS from the True Holy SPIRIT" - like "a WATER fountain", of Eternal YOUTH - FLOWING, from 'the Throne of the Most High True GOD'.  That is 'one REASON, why people, outside the Faithful REMNANT, cannot stand the TESTIMONY' - because, the TESTIMONY is FILLED, with, "INSPIRATIONS from the TRUE Holy Spirit, that are 'COMPLETELY! - opposed, to the CARNAL mind'.  And SO, it is 'SO important', to use the Blessed HOLY Water, OFTEN - THROUGHOUT the day - and as you DO - ASK!- your Creator, to FILL you! - with 'His INSPIRATIONS', with His TRUTH! - with His Divine LOVE.  ASK Him, "to RECREATE you!"  Because 'the PERSON, SOCIETY, BUILT, up, IN YOU' - is SIMPLY "an abomination!" - and "NOT compatible, WITH, the LIFESTYLE, of a Faithful REMNANT Member".  And SO, YOU need, to RESOLVE, to SHUN! - your FORMER life - and "your FORMER ways" - and "your former IDENTITY"! - EVERY DAY!  And MOVE FORWARD, in 'your walk, with the Most High TRUE God' - and ACTUALLY, 'SEEK Him OUT!' - SEEK to be "RENEWED" - every MORNING! - with 'the GIFTS of the True Holy SPIRIT'.  RENOUNCE 'the devil and his kingdom - OF illusion'.  And TURN! - to the True Holy SPIRIT!  This ALSO takes "an act of the WILL"!  People in the WORLD, have LEARNED, to simply, 'GO where their DEMONS, TAKE them'; but THOSE in the Faithful REMNANT - are CALLED to be 'CARRIED, BY Grace'.  ASK the Most High True God - to GIVE you 'the necessary GRACES' - to get THROUGH the DAY!  Because THAT'S all you NEED.  DON'T worry about "TOMORROW"; the day's 'TROUBLES', are ENOUGH, of 'a test', to GET through!  RESOLVE to LIVE in His PEACE - CARRIED by Grace; and be RE-Created.  That is "the FAST track", way (July 5, 2017 update)

Is "the OLD you" trying to devour your NEW identity in the Faithful Remnant? - "BOOK your ROOM" NOW! - make "reservations" for "the NEW you"!

It would be BETTER, to live in the TRUE Reality - and fix "your CURRENT problems" - rather than travel back to the PAST - and RELIVE, how you solved problems BEFORE...  The biggest problem you're HAVING - is that your old IDENTITY, is trying to DEVOUR! - your NEW identity.   You see the TESTIMONY, is "new WINE" - and can ONLY! - be poured, into "NEW! - wine skins".  Therefore ONLY, "your NEW identity", can RECEIVE, the TESTIMONY, and APPLY it.  There is no ROOM for "the old YOU" -  in the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  YES, there are many ROOMS, in the Kingdom of HEAVEN! - but "the old YOU!" - will not BE there. (August 19, 2017 update)
Did you know that occult and WITCHCRAFT attacks often physically manifest in the form of a spider?

The physical manifestation of the spider, is ACTUALLY 'the Most High TRUE God's MERCY' - on YOU! - so that YOU have 'VISIBLE confirmation' of what YOU, have DISCERNED.  And it is SIMPLY "a WARNING" that SNARES are being SET for you! - through WITCHCRAFT.  And you're simply going to need to fight HARDER! - to stay in 'the front seat of your INTERIOR life' - and to have CONFIDENCE, that your CREATOR is SHOWING you, the TRUE Spiritual REALITIES manifesting AROUND you.  And so ASK, the Most High TRUE God  - to simply 'SEND, prevenient GRACES, ahead of ALL the enemy's snares'.   And ASK that you would be GIVEN enough GRACE, to get THROUGH that DAY - because that's ALL that's required.  A lot of FORMER MEMBERS became "OVERWHELMED", with the occult and WITCHCRAFT attacks - because they CHOSE to 'SWITCH their FOCUS - to IDENTIFYING as, Members being AFFLICTED, all the time'; INSTEAD of, USING, the ATTACK, as a MOTIVATION - to TURN to the Most High True God - for 'HIS Strength, in overcoming EVIL'.  REMEMBER where your focus needs to BE.  SIMPLY, on FOLLOWING 'the CALL of the TRUE Holy Spirit in the MOMENT'.  The DEMONS? - WORKING through OTHERS; the demonic GAMES - SIMPLY want to, 'ZAP you' - of your SPIRITUAL focus; and TAKE up all your TIME!  THEREFORE - DON'T GIVE them any of your attention, EXCEPT, with 'your VIGILANT desire', to ASK your Holy Guardian ANGEL, to DELIVER YOU; asking Saint MICHAEL to deliver the HOME - using the Blessed HOLY Water often. And simply FOCUSING, on, 'CALLING out, the WICKEDNESS that you SEE!'  And THEN "you've done your PART". (August 22, 2017 update)

Have you been focusing on "the judgments of others" around you?

WHAT you need to understand, is that 'the DEMONIC entity of the assailants', IS, 'the EYES of the WORLD'.  And SO, when you are AFFLICTED, by 'that evil SPIRIT' - it TRIES to change 'the WAY that you PERCEIVE, YOURSELF, and OTHERS, AND your VOCATION' - to LOOK at your situation, through 'the JUDGMENTS, of OTHERS'; INSTEAD of, FOCUSING, on using "TRUE Spiritual VISION".  Now, WHEN you look at 'a situation', with TRUE Spiritual Vision - it WILL! - be "the COMPLETE OPPOSITE", of WORLDLY vision.  And so when YOU are "Fraternally Correcting" - in the TRUE Holy Spirit - THAT is when 'the ENEMY' attacks, your MIND! - to try to get you to DOUBT, your DISCERNMENT - by accusing YOU, of 'the same THINGS', that you Fraternally CORRECTED, someone ELSE, about.  But EVEN THOUGH, you MAY, be "GUILTY, of EMBRACING the same SINS"? - you are STILL, CALLED, to BE, "your Brother's KEEPER" - by SHARING the Gift of DISCERNMENT; by TELLING him, 'what you have DISCERNED, is the PROBLEM' - or, what the evil SPIRIT is, that is AFFLICTING him.  YOU are called, to DESIRE, to SPEAK the TRUTH, ALWAYS!  And WHEN, you are 'in the HABIT of DOING this' - the PERCEPTIONS of others, WON'T MATTER; their "OPINION of you", won't matter - because as "a TRUE Prophet, of these End TIMES" - you are CALLED, to look at EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE, with 'TRUE Spiritual VISION' - and THAT "VISION", is the way that the Most High TRUE God, sees them, and their situation.  "The WORLD"! - has turned EVERYTHING, upside down - by calling "GOOD", evil - and "EVIL", good.  And THEY are SUFFERING for it!  And their SUFFERING will INCREASE - BECAUSE, of the CREATOR'S, "Just Wrath!"  And SO, AS 'His TRUE Prophet' - YOU, are CALLED, to SPEAK! - HIS Word - BOLDLY! - and to STAND, for 'what HE stands for!' - and to VALUE, 'what HE Values' - and to LOVE, 'what HE Loves - and to HATE, 'what HE Hates'.  And HE hates "sin".  BUT! - HE Loves, "the sinner". (August 30, 2017 update) 


Have you been staying anchored in the True Spiritual Reality through seeking...

(Daily Divine Counsel is a Heavenly Gift that is only available in these End Times, tothe Official Members of the Faithful Remnant Church
- the ones who are NOT ashamed of their FAITH - the ones who are proclaiming their Faith to the NATIONS, through heartfelt Testimony videos)
"But she came and knelt before him, saying, “Lord, help me.” And he answered, “It is not fair to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs."
(Matthew 15:25-26)
 "Do not give dogs [-referring to those with the mark of the beast, or the mark of Cain] what is holy; and do not throw your pearls before swine..."
(Matthew 7:6a)
Seeking Daily Divine Counsel - "CRUCIAL, to your spiritual SURVIVAL!"
It is CRUCIAL, to your spiritual SURVIVAL, that you make a PRIORITY to seek "DAILY" Counsel.  You NEED to pray, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a DECADE of the Rosary, under her title,"Mother of Divine COUNSEL", and "QUEEN of True HUMILITY" - invoking her intercession, to HELP you, to SEE, yourself, IN the Light of Truth.  (November 15, 2016 update)
Lilly is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Are you being OPEN with us about your struggles?

The more OPEN you are WITH us - the MORE we will be able to HELP you with your STRUGGLES.  The more you choose to CONCEAL - the less help we will OFFER - because we RESEPECT "your free WILL", and "the choice to go it ALONE".  But PEOPLE, who have CHOSEN, 'that APPROACH' - to go it ALONE - NEVER lasted LONG, as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant.  Because, EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, is PART, of "the entire BODY, of Jesus Christ the LORD".  For the sake of UNITY - all MEMBERS, are CALLED, to SEEK 'the CARE, of their Heavenly PHYSICIAN'.  And how they DO that, is THROUGH, "Daily Counsel".

Are you willing to RECEIVE what we are saying?

We ONLY speak in "plain form" BUT! - you HAVE to be WILLING, to RECEIVE, what we are SAYING - OTHERWISE, it won't MAKE sense to you.  MOST of what we say, is going to be "very UNCOMFORTABLE"; but, you are CALLED to EMBRACE, 'that DISCOMFORT', and MAKE the necessary CHANGES.
James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
He is now CHEWSING to make "the necessary CHANGES"
that His Creator is asking of him, in his life - and to be BLESSED for doing so!

We are not here to read your diary

Here is a universal message, that we sent out to one Member of the Faithful Remnant:  It TAKES HUMILITY - to RECEIVE, the SIMPLE, HUMBLING TRUTHS, in the TESTIMONY.  And even GREATER humility, to APPLY them!  But IN your emails to us - you are SENDING, 'SO MANY, THOUGHTS', that you HAVE throughout the DAY - that is "like a DIARY".  WE are not "HERE, to read your DIARY!"  We are HERE to HELP you WORK on, "the serious STRUGGLES in your life".  ASK the Most High True God - to GIVE you 'the Grace, to IDENTIFY, the current SINS, that you are EMBRACING' - and, share THOSE with us.  And we will HELP you, to OVERCOME them.  (In other words, don't share with us the litany of sins you commit and repent of in a single day; but instead, seek Divine Counsel to help you root out the ones you stubbornly continue to embrace.)

Have you been responding to our Counsel with anger?

Are you ANGRY at the Most High True GOD?  BECAUSE, He ISN'T going to HELP you if you are!  The Most High TRUE God works with your DESIRES.  And YOU have been "ONLY desiring to have problems"...  You are "a VERY PROUD individual" - and THAT is why the Most High TRUE God CONTINUALLY humbles you! - ALLOWING for your cross to get HEAVIER.  And you are NOT "LEARNING, from the LESSONS" - and THAT'S your problem!  APPLY the Counsel we have ALREADY given to you - BEFORE we give you any more.  Go OVER it! (March 25, 2017 update)

Do you desire to SEE yourself THROUGH the Eyes of the Most High True God?

ASK the Most High TRUE God - to SHOW you, what WE can see; NOT "what's COMFORTABLE!" - and "NOT what you UNDERSTAND"; but TRUE Spiritual Vision - to SEE, YOURSELF... the WAY the Most High TRUE God, SEES it; the WAY He's revealed it TO us.  May the Most High TRUE God BLESS you - and DELIVER you, from "spiritual blindness". (March 29, 2017 update)

Have you been "CONTENDING with your Creator" in your interior life or in your daily emails?

Do NOT 'CONTEND', with your CREATOR; and 'who HE set OVER you' - on ANY level - lest He SHOW you, "the consequences, of that desire".  He DOES want to heal you, of your PHYSICAL ailments...  When your VITALITY, returns - and your AILMENTS begin, to DISAPPEAR - RAPIDLY - then YOU will KNOW, that YOU, have STOPPED! - "contending, with the Most High TRUE God". (March 29, 2017 update)

Have you been turning to the Most High True God BEFORE writing for Daily Divine Counsel?

When YOU have resolved, to learn, what "Daily Counsel" is MEANT for - then the Most High TRUE God will HELP you...  But you need to stop WRITING us, NON-SPIRITUAL inspirations.  You NEED to turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit, for 'WHAT to share', in your emails.  The DEMONS, will GIVE you, "a THOUSAND! - things, to share" - but the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, will give you ONE! - that is for your SPIRITUAL growth.  It TAKES "EFFORT" - to TURN, to the MOST High TRUE God, for 'what YOU are called, to seek COUNSEL on'.  (April 10, 2017 update)

And so the Members of the Faithful Remnant RECEIVE Counsel from the Two Witnesses and THEN what?

Once, you RECEIVE Counsel FROM us, then 'YOUR call', is to 'APPLY it, to your LIFE' - and, RECEIVE, 'the REWARD for DOING so' - and 'the sole SATISFACTION, of LISTENING, to, the Voice of the PROPHETS, in these TIMES'.  Because when we SHARE, what the TRUE Holy Spirit is ASKING us to share, with 'EACH Member', OF the Faithful Remnant - it is NOT "to waste the Remnant's TIME".  But REMEMBER, when Counsel is GIVEN, the ENEMY 'COMES, to SNATCH AWAY, any SEEDS - that COULD be planted, in the Hearts of the Faithful REMNANT' - ANY "seeds of the Kingdom of HEAVEN".  And very OFTEN, the devil will send, 'the CARES of the WORLD' - INTO, the LIVES of the Faithful REMNANT, AFTER, they, HEAR from us.  But KNOW, that the COUNSEL, GIVEN, is ACTUALLY, 'the Most High TRUE God's RESPONSE' - TO, "the future Trial, or adversity". So when, the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT find, that 'ALL of a SUDDEN, their CROSS, got a bit HEAVIER' - THEY are called to REFER, to "the LAST COUNSEL that was GIVEN, TO them" - AS "the ANSWER! - to their current SITUATION" - and in THIS way, the Most High TRUE God, "goes AHEAD", of EVERY Trial, and Hurdle, IN their lives.  For THIS is how, HE taught US! - through 'giving US Counsel'.  And so WE are 'passing on what WE have learned', to the Faithful Remnant.  KEEP in mind, that the MOST High True God 'LIVES OUTSIDE of space and time'; and HE, can SEE "the WHOLE picture" - of EACH, 'LIFE', in the Faithful REMNANT; whereas we CAN'T!

And so, just for fun:  You might want to go through the emails you sent us, and look at how many emails YOU sent, that were actually PRE-answered in the Counsel WE sent - the Counsel that immediately PRECEDED your emails.  We really have nothing to prove - we're simply striving to help "those who DESIRE to be helped". (May 14, 2017 update)

Do you need help micromanaging your life?

Your SPIRITUAL life, is NOT, "on US!" - it is between YOU! - and your Creator.  We have shown you "the PATH", that you are called to WALK - through the TESTIMONY (- with more than a million words of encouragement).  And, we are HERE, to HELP you, with specific struggles - by SHOWING you 'what you NEED to do' - in order to OVERCOME, those struggles.  But we are not HERE to "MICROMANAGE", EVERY, ASPECT, of your LIFE.  The TRUE Holy SPIRIT, is with you - and will HELP you - if  you TURN to Him, and ASK, IN True HUMILITY.  But you MUST be "a DOER", NOT just "a hearer".  THAT is 'what is REQUIRED' - to be "a TRUE Follower", OF, Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord. (May 16, 2017 update)

Do you TOO, have lots of questions? - are you "curious", perhaps?

Do YOU know, that the PHARISEES, and 'THE LEARNED MEN', of Jesus' TIME, and EVEN, the LAWYERS - ALWAYS, had "QUESTIONS" for Him; but they WOULD not 'DO!' - what was being ASKED of them.  They were "VERY INQUISITIVE", and "CURIOUS" - about His CLAIMS, and about the KNOWLEDGE, that He had; but they SIMPLY 'WANTED, to tap INTO it'; they DID not want 'to KNOW, Jesus'; and CERTAINLY they did not "stand UP for Him" - as everyone, was 'seeking to CRUCIFY Him'.  There are TWO approaches, to being a REMNANT Member:  You can either "CRAVE KNOWLEDGE", for the SAKE of knowledge - so that you can "LORD it, over OTHERS - for what you KNOW"; OR, you can choose to be TRANSFORMED, by "the LIFE-saving TRUTHS", in the TESTIMONY.  You SEE, the WAY you treat the TESTIMONY - IS the way, that you treat, "the SAVIOR" - who is Jesus Christ the LORD.  And, if you WANT to, 'go and look, at ALL, of the NEWS' - and EVERYTHING else! - BUT, the Testimony - then, you have your REWARD!  We hope we have answered "your questions" - TO "your satisfaction". (May 16, 2017 update)

As the Two Witnesses read emails from Members of the Faithful REMNANT

The question, that WE need to ASK OURSELVES, WHEN READING emails - from Members of the Faithful REMNANT - is, ARE THEY, taking INITIATIVE, to 'GROW spiritually' - or 'GIVE back, TO their CREATOR'?  ARE they 'INTERESTED', in making TESTIMONY VIDEOS, and TESTIFYING before the nations?  Are they INTERESTED in 'EATING UP ALL our TIME'? - without FIRST, attempting to solve the problem on their own.  ARE they interested IN, 'LEARNING, GROWING, and LISTENING'?  DO THEY, 'SINCERELY DESIRE', an AUTHENTIC, 'SEEKING', RELATIONSHIP, WITH their Creator?  Do they want to be 'PLEASING' in His Eyes?  Do they WANT to serve Him "on THEIR terms"?  Or, serve Him according, to how HE, has 'REQUESTED', they serve Him?  Do they desire "spiritual NOURISHMENT", from HEAVEN?  OR, do they SIMPLY desire, "their VAIN, questions", to be answered?  Though SOME people believe that they are "CRITICALLY analyzing US" - THROUGH the emails, we send them - they have NO! - idea - AND we have JUST GIVEN "a SMALL SAMPLE", of 'what we can REALLY see'.   We see 'SO much MORE!' - than what, 'PEOPLE', BELIEVE, that we can see.  BECAUSE, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, has GIVEN us, 'the ABILITY, to read HEARTS, at a DISTANCE'.  And BECAUSE we can see 'so much more' - than, MOST individuals, on the PLANET - we can, SEE "the blind spots"; and we can SEE 'HOW, the evil SPIRITS, MANIPULATE, the people who EMAIL us' - at TIMES, to do "THEIR bidding".  Because we DISCERN, 'WHERE'S the motivation COMING from'? - to SEND, the EMAILS that they SEND - with 'the WORDS' and 'the THOUGHTS', and 'the PROBLEMS' that they send.  THOSE who 'give themselves over, to DEMONS' - as in, ALL those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant - can ONLY, HAVE! - 'BAD WILL', and 'EVIL INTENTIONS' towards us.  And their 'DESIRES' - AREN'T even 'their OWN!' - they're MERELY being 'PUPPETTED'!  And, we can ONLY 'PITY them'!  And, EVEN the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, are "RECOVERING, from being PUPPETTED, by demonic INSPIRATIONS".  Though the COUNSEL we GIVE, is "UNCOMFORTABLE", and may even SOUND, "HARSH!" - at times; FOR the sake, OF, 'SOULS!' - we CANNOT! - 'BOW!' - to peoples' FEELINGS; and we WILL not!  Jesus Christ the LORD NEVER 'bowed', to the feelings of OTHERS; YET! - He WAS and IS! - "ALL-ENCOMPASSING, LOVE".  JESUS FED, PEOPLE, 'TRUTH' - and THOSE, who DIDN'T WANT TO hear it anymore - SIMPLY 'left FOLLOWING Him'!  Did He "go AFTER THEM"?  No!  They CHOSE - they chose, 'a LIFE, APART, from Him'.  And He! - journeyed, with "a SMALL flock" - who were 'HUNGRY!' - for the Truth; AND for spiritual nourishment.  Jesus Christ the Lord is ONLY interested, in SAVING those, who will RESPOND, to 'HIS Merciful Love' - MOVING through His Testimony.  But Jesus Christ the LORD, WILL, NOT! - "SAVE" - PEOPLE'S, DEMONS!  They MUST be cast out! - of the INDIVIDUAL; or the INDIVIDUAL will 'go WITH them'.  And THEIR lot, is in the Lake of Fire.  And we "LOVE!" - mankind ENOUGH, to TELL them the TRUTH. (May 17, 2017 update)

But why! - WHY would they send "a HARSH email"?  The emails we send, are ALWAYS, "harsh on the demons" - and so, if you choose "to IDENTIFY with your DEMONS" - YOU TOO! - will see our emails as "harsh".  Is the Eternal Lake of Fire "HARSH"?  Yes it is.  Do all those who GO THERE, see the Creator of the Universe, as "HARSH"?  Yes they do.  Do WE, the Two WITNESSES, represent "the Creator of the UNIVERSE"?  Yes, we do.  It really isn't that complicated folks.  Those who reject their desire to IDENTIFY with their demons, and choose to be yoked to all of HEAVEN instead - WILL see, the Testimony, as "Love Speech".  All others, can go to Hell!  And I don't mean that "as a HARSH figure of speech".  They WILL, "go to Hell".  That's just a fact.  And if THAT makes you uncomfortable, that's NOTHING! - compared to "the Eternal Flames", awaiting ALL those, who choose to see our words as "harsh".  And FOR the record - it IS "an act of LOVE" to warn someone, about impending disaster, that can EASILY be avoided, if they would only listen, to the Truth.  And to all those parents who spoke HARSHLY to their children - when their children were about to be BURNED on the STOVE, or CAMPFIRE - or run out into TRAFFIC even: "WHY! - WHY, oh WHY! - did you speak so HARSHLY, to your children!" Let's round up ALL those children to launch "a class action LAWSUIT" against those harsh parents! (- because "that's just what people DO", in these End Times).

Mona is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you FULLY renounced ALL 'the satanic strongholds' that we have brought to your attention?

Jesus Christ the Lord, DOES "Love you" - and THAT is why, He TELLS you the Truth.  That is WHY, He will not TOLERATE "HALF-heartedness".  The WORLD! - is FILLED, with "HALF-HEARTED people", and THOSE who choose, to COMPROMISE, EVERYTHING! - of the TRUE Holy Spirit, for "the UNSPIRITUAL".  WE reveal, the things that are 'HOLDING, you back!' - from moving FORWARD, in your SPIRITUAL life.  You can CHOOSE, to RENOUNCE THEM, and ASK for the corresponding TRUTH; or continue your COURSE, with "full knowledge".  The choice is YOURS. (May 22, 2017 update)

Has "the KILN" been testing you lately? - because that's no excuse for "a total MELTDOWN"!
"So the angel swung his sickle on the earth and gathered the vintage of the earth, and threw it into the great wine press of the wrath of God."
(Revelation 14:19)
"When a sieve is shaken, the refuse remains; so a man’s filth remains in his thoughts.  The kiln tests the potter’s vessels; so the test of a man is in his reasoning.  The fruit discloses the cultivation of a tree; so the expression of a thought discloses the cultivation of a man’s mind.  Do not praise a man before you hear him reason, for this is the test of men."
(Sirach 27:4-7)

The ENEMIES of the Faithful Remnant, are most CERTAINLY praying, that 'the REMNANT see themselves, as "damned"; and they're even PRAYING, that the Faithful Remnant, 'ABANDON their vocation'.  And SO, yes, the Most High TRUE God, IS permitting, the Remnant, to pass through, 'the WINE press' - and "the KILN" does test 'the potter's VESSEL'.   The Most High TRUE God, ALREADY knows, what each Member of the Faithful Remnant, is 'MADE of', and how much, THEY can endure - until they reach 'their BREAKING point'.  But, if it WASN'T "a STRUGGLE" - and if it WASN'T "HARD", then, you WOULDN'T be IN, "a spiritual BATTLE".  The fact, that you are 'well AWARE', OF, the battle, raging, AGAINST you - and you are still FIGHTING, is "a good SIGN"! - to YOU! 

The MEMBERS that 'fell OFF' - 'gave IN', to being TRANSFORMED, by 'the words of the ENEMY' - praying, AGAINST them. And YES! - the demons, and the devil HIMSELF, 'PRAY against, the Faithful REMNANT' - by USING, 'the ASSAILANTS', AS "their HOSTS" - to PRAY through!  ALL of "the ASSAILANTS", are 'possessed by DEMONS'; and, the REMNANT, who 'FELL' - became "POSSESSED by DEMONS". BUT they CHOSE to! - "give IN, to the DEVIL, and his TEMPTATIONS" - and THEY 'ALLOWED him!' - to enter INTO them!  And SO! - they are "reaping the CONSEQUENCES of that choice"! 

The Faithful REMNANT, are 'FIGHTING, to stay SPIRITUALLY awake, and SPIRITUALLY focused' - while EVERYONE ELSE, is 'ASLEEP', and 'in spiritual TORMENT'.  And of COURSE! - the Souls, in Hell, 'WANT, the Faithful Remnant, to experience what THEY'RE experiencing'.  BUT! - the Truth IS: that NEVER! - WILL, the Most High TRUE God, 'ALLOW', His REMNANT, to be 'TEMPTED, beyond, their STRENGTH'

NOW, in THESE Times - YOU need to PRAY, and PRAY! - and PRAY! - and RESOLVE, to STAY! - 'connected', to the Most High TRUE God; because NEVER has 'the battle' waged SO fiercely, against 'the True CHURCH'!  IS Jesus Christ the LORD, 'FIGHTING, the BATTLE'?   Yes He IS!  He is FIGHTING, against ALL, of our ENEMIES!  BUT! - He DOES REQUIRE, EACH MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, to ASK, seek, and KNOCK - CONTINUALLY! - for the TRUE Holy Spirit, and for TRUE Discernment - as 'the whole WORLD!' - is "in the POWER of the EVIL one". 

REMEMBER, that the TEMPTATIONS 'pass' - as LONG, as you turn to JESUS, Christ the LORD - for "the corresponding TRUTH".  Remember, that "FEELINGS", are NOT 'based, in REALITY'; and that they COME and go!  But that Jesus Christ the LORD, REMAINS, "STEADFAST"!  And so He's ASKING, His Faithful REMNANT, to remain steadfast, and FAITHFUL, to HIM! - EVEN amidst all their TRIALS.  The FORMER Members, of the Faithful Remnant, 'GAVE up' - because it was EASIER! - than persevering.  THEY were "in it for the wrong REASONS" - and, once THAT was 'found out', there was 'no POINT, for them, to CONTINUE on'.  The Most High TRUE God, TESTED the Angels THEMSELVES! - so don't think for a MOMENT, that He WON'T "test", His FAITHFUL Remnant! - because He IS! - on a DAILY basis.

Note: Above it is revealed, that "The Most High TRUE God, ALREADY knows, what each Member of the Faithful Remnant, is 'MADE of', and how much, THEY can endure - until they reach 'their BREAKING point'."  And so HE LEADS each MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant - TO! - "their breaking point" - BECAUSE "He's NEAR to the broken HEARTED" - and "a BROKEN and contrite heart, He will not despise" "The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise." (Psalm 51:17). Instead, He will create in them "a NEW heart" "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me." (Psalm 51:10)Amen. (May 25, 2017 update)

Why is it so important to acknowledge the Counsel that is given by the Two Witnesses?

Because when you 'RESIST, ACKNOWLEDGING, the WORDS, of your CREATOR - moving through our COUNSEL' - then, you CAN'T 'experience', INTENSE Graces.  The DEMONS know this! - and that is why 'they fight SO hard' - to KEEP, people "BLINDED with PRIDE!"  But you are CALLED, to receive GRACES - and to ACKNOWLEDGE, "the WORKS, of your CREATOR, in your LIFE" - and be 'BLESSED', for doing so. (June 06, 2017 update)

Have you been experiencing any "resistance" to our Counsel?

KNOW that, you NEED to be 'discerning', even MORE so, in your interior life - and RECOGNIZE, that ONCE your Creator - SETS the Path in FRONT of you - and GIVES you 'the next STEP' - the DEMONS, ALSO know! - and they will do "ANYTHING, to STOP you!" THIS is simply, 'something you need to be made AWARE of'  - that, as SOON! - as, YOU! - have been, TOLD, 'what it is, you NEED to do next' - by 'the One who MADE you' - the demons are 'RIGHT THERE!' - to SEND YOU, "on a DIFFERENT path".  Because they are "SMART", and "CUNNING" - and so TOO! - do YOU! - need to be; but do not, EMBRACE, 'the WICKEDNESS', that 'the DEMONS', ARE. (June 08, 2017 update)

For those who have a tendency towards being secretive:

Many people have FALLEN off the Ark, because they actually BUILT up "a DESIRE to be secretive", in their correspondence with us.  It is IMPORTANT, for 'YOUR spiritual healing', that you ASK the True Holy Spirit, if YOU have 'that SAME, tendency, or PROBLEM' - and to help you IDENTIFY IT, and to ROOT it out.  Because in your emails TO us, you give us 'VERY little to work with'; hold back as MUCH information, AS possible; and that sends us "a MIXED message" - that you actually DON'T want our help!  Is THIS what you want to CONTINUE communicating? - through EMAILS, TO US.  PLEASE fix this problem, as it is "the MAIN obstacle", to YOUR spiritual growth. (June 10, 2017 update)
 Special note:  People don't tend to visit their "family physician", and force that individual to "GUESS!" - why they're there.  Please show us - the Two Witnesses - the same courtesy.  OR! - you can EXPECT - to walk away, WITHOUT, "your prayerscription".  We CAN read hearts at a distance; just as "physicians" can use an MRI on an unconscious individual - but if you TRULY WANT help, then you really need to share your struggles.
The importance of daily correspondence with the Two Witnesses.

There IS "a bit of a DANGER, in spending a lot of time EMAILING, and CORRESPONDING with other Members of the Faithful REMNANT" - BECAUSE, unless 'you're FULLY discerning, the content of each EMAIL, in the light of TRUTH' - it is EASY to get "sucked into IMAGINATIONS, and SPECULATIONS", about future events - or even, venture into WORLDLY, conversations - that can only HARM, EACH of you.  That is why it is SO much better, to stay "ANCHORED to the TESTIMONY" - and to WRITE us DAILY; EVEN one PARAGRAPH! - with "what you REALLY struggled with", THAT day. And we will HELP you, 'OVERCOME' - for there is NO TEST, that the Most High TRUE God hasn't PUT us through; and He has HELPED us overcome them ALL. (June 11, 2017 update)

Are the Members of the Faithful Remnant RESPONSIBLE for the legally binding decisions that they make in their practical life?

In your RESPONSE - you send us 'a LIST of your LEGAL problems' - and you're "PUTTING it ALL on US" - to solve, without making 'an ATTEMPT, to THINK, or turn to the True Holy SPIRIT, for GUIDANCE'.  You sent us, "very VAGUE, information" - saying, "HERE! - solve THIS!"  We KNOW that you are experiencing, "an OVERWHELMINGNESS" - but that is 'a CHOICE'.   With EVERYTHING your CREATOR, has given TO YOU - there is NO excuse, to STOP! - 'THINKING, and using common sense'.  We CANNOT be responsible! - for, the DECISIONS, that you make, in "your PRACTICAL life".  But, we can SEE, that you DO see, 'the problems', that you have, to overcome.  You have, some 'THINGS you need to ADDRESS' - as you have stated.  TAKE your time.  (June 17, 2017 update)

Have you been in the habit of 'seeking the SOLUTION', BEFORE writing for Daily Divine Counsel?

It is REALLY important! - that you do NOT! - send us "EVERY, little, minute DETAIL, of your DAY".  But PLEASE! - save, Daily Counsel, for 'what is TRULY important, and ESSENTIAL! - that you need HELP with'.  But FIRST, TURN! - to the True Holy Spirit for "the SOLUTION" - and if you STILL, do not KNOW - and it is "a BIG! - PROBLEM"? - then, you can bring it UP, in your EMAILS to us.  But PLEASE do NOT 'ABUSE the Gift of COMMUNICATING WITH US' - to dump 'EVERY little problem' - ON us! - to SOLVE.  YOU need to learn to be 'DEPENDENT, on your CREATOR - in EACH Moment'.  And He IS 'GUIDING you' - as LONG as YOU, are, RESOLVING, to 'be SINCERE, in your desire to help YOURSELF' - and, to be, "YOUR friend!" - as well. (June 27, 2017 update)

Have YOU been choosing to share 'ABSOLUTELY EVERY inspiration and THOUGHT that you HAVE', in your emails to us?

You NEED to understand, that there is NO virtue, in sharing 'ABSOLUTELY, EVERY inspiration, and THOUGHT, that you HAVE' - when you, are EMAILING us.  But in FACT! - your EMAILS, are BEGINNING, to "FLOG! - us" - with 'INSPIRATIONS, from DEMONS'; THIS is, "an UNCOMFORTABLE, Truth".  But, the MORE, 'SELF-control' you have - to TURN to the TRUE Holy Spirit, for, 'the WORDS, to share' - the LESS "AFFLICTING", your EMAILS, will BE - AND! - the LESS 'power', the DEMONS, will have, OVER you.  Because "WORDS" - are VERY! - important. And "WORDS", can TRANSFORM, and CHANGE! - 'a person'.  And SO, what YOU need to work on - is 'being TRANSFORMED by your CREATOR'S Words'; AND, turning to the TRUE Holy Spirit, to TRANSFORM YOU, and RE-CREATE you - ACCORDING, to 'the Divine WILL, and PLAN, of your Creator'.  (June 29, 2017 update)

"It isn't EASY", summing up a million words with JUST, ONE, WORD!

We KNOW, that you have been GIVEN, 'a LOT of Counsel' - and PERHAPS, it is "DIFFICULT", to apply 'EVERY little MORSEL, of Food'; BUT! - BY, SIMPLY, PRAYING "the AMEN" - in your INTERIOR life - EVERY TIME, YOU receive COUNSEL, from us - or, from 'the TRUE Holy Spirit of the MOMENT' - it is THEN! - that your CREATOR, begins to do, "a WONDERFUL and AMAZING thing", with your LIFE!  Because it's NOT about "following FORMULAS".  It is ABOUT, 'WHERE your DESIRES are!'  The Most High TRUE God is "listening to your desires".  And so we are SIMPLY "EQUIPPING you", with 'HOW to PURIFY, the fastest'.  THIS may seem, like "a LOT" - BUT! - if you SIMPLY, resolve in your HEART - to pray "AMEN" - and to say "YES!" - to EVERYTHING that is here - ALL of the Truth revealed - then your CREATOR can 'WORK with you' - if you would SIMPLY 'acknowledge, the TRUTH!'  That is ALL He is ASKING as "a first step".  Because He CAME! - to call SINNERS! - or "the SICK"; NOT "the righteous", or "those who are well" - who are in no NEED of His help.  (July 02, 2017 update)

Have you been doing the best that you can?

ALL your Creator is asking of you, is that, YOU do "the best that you CAN" - at following 'the CALL of the MOMENT' - and CHOOSING, to be 'PURIFIED', from "your former SELF".  And He WILL TEACH you - to LIVE, 'according to HIS Ways' - and 'HIS Commands'.  And He will TEACH you, 'HOW, you are CALLED to look at EVERYTHING'.  TOO many people! - have "DEMONIC vision"; and they LITERALLY allow 'the DEMONS', to look THROUGH them!  Yet, that is NOT 'how they were made to BE'.  And SO, YOU need to, 'LEARN how to use, the EYES, your CREATOR gave you'! - your "SPIRITUAL senses"; and 'the Eyes of your HEART'.  And THIS means that 'you look BEYOND the surface'; and that you DISCERN, EVERYTHING!   Are you CALLED to EXPERIENCE 'your Creator's LOVE'? - ALWAYS?   No.  But you are called to love HIM - "UNCONDITIONALLY" - and DO, 'as He ASKS of you' - out of LOVE, for YOURSELF, AND! - for Him.  Because your CREATOR, DOES, 'LOVE you'; BUT, NOT with "worldly love".  He LOVES you, with "DISCIPLINE".  Because HE knows! - 'what is GOOD for you'.  And HE knows, 'what you're CALLED to avoid'. (July 18, 2017 update)

It is necessary to use the Blessed Holy Water and turn to the True Holy Spirit before writing us

PLEASE turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit - before WRITING us, from NOW on.  Please do NOT write us EVERY thought, and inspiration, that comes to your mind.  LEARN the difference! - between the TRUE Holy Spirit, and 'your INTERIOR chatter'. (July 20, 2017 update)

Have you ever wanted to be someone else?

'Living VICARIOUSLY THROUGH, other peoples' DEMONIC CLUSTERS' - will NOT be TOLERATED!  BECAUSE, we CARE! - and we want to help YOU, to FIND, "the TRUE, identity", that your CREATOR gave you.  It REALLY is that SIMPLE.  One thing that Jesus Christ the LORD, explained to the BOTH of us, is the CONCEPT, of PEOPLE - VICARIOUSLY, LIVING, through OTHER PEOPLES, demonic CLUSTERS - IS! - "VERY spiritually TOXIC" - and, the person CANNOT be fulfilled - in doing so.  Because if THEY aren't "THEMSELVES"? - then who ARE they!  They can't BE, "anyone else".  In OTHER words - WHO will be "YOU" - if YOU won't?  (July 27, 2017 update)

Have you been discerning your experiences with "True Spiritual Vision"?

We can tell, from your emails, that you ARE growing, SPIRITUALLY - as, you DISCERN, with 'spiritual VISION', your EXPERIENCES.  And the Most High TRUE God - is HELPING you - to LEARN of "your BLIND spots" - so that you can FACE THEM, and simply, 'resolve to CHANGE', and fix the PROBLEM, and move ON with your day.  It IS 'the disposition of your SOUL, towards your CREATOR, that is MOST important.  A GOOD thing, to ask - in DISCERNMENT - is, "Am I open, to GRACES?"  "Is my heart SOFTENED, towards my CREATOR?"  "Am I MINDFUL of Him? - in each MOMENT, that He is WITH me?" "Have I INVITED Him into the TASK, that I am DOING right now?" - EVEN the simple task, of writing us an EMAIL.  Because, HE desires, to 'be INVITED into EVERY part of your life' - from the MOMENT, you wake UP - to the MOMENT you lay down.  And THAT is 'how close', YOUR CREATOR - 'DESIRES', to BE - WITH you!  Because He MADE you; AND, HE delights, in ALL that He has made. EVEN the ones, who have CHOSEN, to BECOME, "abominations" - IN His EYES? - when He MADE them - He 'REJOICED' over them! Even though, they went, 'AWAY from Him'.  EACH person, on the FACE, of the Earth - was Created, to give GLORY, to the Most High TRUE God - even THOUGH, 'the MAJORITY of people', REFUSED to DO this.  And so He is GLORIFIED, in His JUSTICE! - in His Divine WRATH being EXERCISED, OVER them!  THAT is why it is SO much better, to be 'under Heaven's Protection'; and, to ESCAPE the Wrath, of the Creator - that is set ASIDE, for 'those who refuse to ACKNOWLEDGE Him, as Lord of their LIFE'.  YOU! - are choosing, to ACKNOWLEDGE Him - as "your KING"; as a Member of the Faithful REMNANT.  And THIS makes you "SPIRITUALLY sane".  SO - HOLD on tight! - as He 'RAMPS up', the END Times Disasters - 100 fold!  And TRULY, you HAVE "a front row SEAT" - just like HEAVEN does! (July 28, 2017 update)

For those times when you find it difficult to receive and apply the Counsel

FIRST, you need to REJECT 'your desire, to be OVERWHELMED, by our COUNSEL', and ASK for the Grace, to RECEIVE the TRUTH, into your HEART - and be TRANSFORMED by it.  When you EXPERIENCE "resistance"? - grab the Blessed HOLY Water - and DO the Blessed Holy Water DELIVERANCE Prayer. You have 'SO many layers!' - that YOU, have 'ACCUMULATED', over TIME, in order 'to PROTECT yourself' - by NEVER letting people know "the REAL you" - that YOU, don't know YOURSELF. And SO, as long as you are 'willing to WORK with us' - we are willing to HELP you, 'climb out of those LAYERS'.  FIRST, REJECT your desire, to be GOVERNED, by your intellect.  And ASK for the Grace, with TRUE humility - ASK for the Grace to be governed, by the True Holy SPIRIT. And so you NEED to reject 'your DESIRE, to HARDEN your HEART - towards your Creator'; and BEG Him! - to SOFTEN it.  Because you DO NEED, "a Divine INTERVENTION" - to get OUT, of 'the PIT you are in'!  You NEED! - the Most High True God.  You CAN'T, "INTELLECTUALIZE", the TESTIMONY - and, EVERYTHING that is SPIRITUAL! - you can't DO it.  You will go 'FURTHER, on this JOURNEY' - if you CHOOSE! - to turn, to the True Holy SPIRIT, for the Grace of True HUMILITY.  Because THAT'S what you're LACKING. (July 28, 2017 update)

Do you ever feel VICTIMIZED by our Counsel?

You NEED to know, that - 'the DEMONS!' - will "feel" - "victimized", AND "picked on" - because they DON'T want to LOSE their STRONGHOLD.  What WE are doing is HELPING people - to, RECOGNIZE, 'WHO they are, APART from, the DEMONS - who gave them a FALSE identity'.  We want to HELP YOU find, "the real YOU" - so that YOU, can be "fulfilled, with the TRUE Holy Spirit ALWAYS".(July 28, 2017 update)

Have you ever been tempted to deluge us with words?

We CAN'T! - and we WON'T! - be responsible, for EVERY decision, that you choose to MAKE. And YET, the DEMONS, are 'working, QUITE hard, at getting YOU, to DELUGE us! - with WORDS' - ALL kinds of words! AND! - to deluge us with 'EVERY little problem you HAVE' - and NOW, 'a PHYSICAL affliction' - CAUSED, by 'an INTERIOR choice to embrace, PRIDE'. Yes, you ARE "uncomfortable".  Yes, you ARE "learning new things". But you are STILL, REQUIRED, 'to THINK!' - to USE the Gift, of, your INTELLECT - with the HELP of the TRUE Holy Spirit, to SOLVE problems. DO YOUR part - and the Most High TRUE God will do HIS.  Do NOTHING?  And 'His HAMMER' comes down, VERY fast.  If, you PASSIVELY choose, to EMAIL us - then, THAT is ASKING, 'the Creator', to RESPOND - because we have MANY! - people, to ATTEND to.  If YOU WON'T, 'FILTER, your THOUGHTS' - and WRITE, what is IMPORTANT - and put, 'CARE', into your emails - then, WE will simply SCAN them; and we MAY, ONLY respond to, TWO, THREE sentences.  Because it ISN'T "fair" to US - to FORCE us - to read, an entire BOOK - because "you're uncomfortable". (August 07, 2017 update)

Are "SOCIAL NICETIES" and "ETIQUETTE" really important to you?

We have gone over your emails, and it is CLEAR to us, that YOU are simply 'PRESENTING a picture of YOURSELF - that you WANT, us, to see'.  But if you DON'T, choose to be "SINCERE", in your EMAILS - then, we WON'T be able to help you!  "SOCIAL, NICETIES", and "ETIQUETTE", REALLY belong, on the OUTSIDE, of the Faithful Remnant Church.  You need to be "REAL" with YOURSELF - and REALLY 'open up your HEART TO us' - so that we can HELP you!   Do YOU, 'DESIRE', to grow and CHANGE? Because you CAN'T retain ANYTHING of 'your old IDENTITY', as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - because if you TRY, to stuff "your old IDENTITY", into 'your NEW IDENTITY'? - ONE of you is going to burst!   You need to learn 'to DIE to yourself' - so that YOU can live, for your Creator. (September 04, 2017 update)

Have you been emailing the Two Witnesses for Divine Counsel,DAILY?

It is IMPERATIVE! - for "your spiritual SURVIVAL" in these TIMES - that you EMAIL us DAILY - because THAT is 'your way of telling the Most High TRUE God, that, you are NOT going to "go it alone" - but that you SINCERELY, desire His HELP'.  Because it is 'such a SIMPLE, request' - to email us DAILY - the Most High TRUE God is "quite FAIR"! - in, DISCIPLINING, those MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, who STOP, 'emailing us as a PRIORITY'. (September 14, 2017 update)

Did you know that 'the COUNSEL we GIVE', isn't supposed to be used as "a REDIRECT, to what DIDN'T work in the past"?

When we GIVE you "Counsel" - it is CRUCIAL - that you FOCUS, on 'THAT Counsel' - as it is 'the TRICK of the DEMONS', to get you to "RELIVE", what you had TRIED, in the PAST, that was 'less EFFECTIVE'.  The COUNSEL is to help you, to become "WISER", and to in FACT, be MORE spiritually equipped, for "the BATTLE, of the day"(September 16, 2017 update)

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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