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Narrator: On December the fourth, and December the sixth, 2012, something extraordinary happened - something that had never taken place, before, in history.  The Suffering Souls, the Unborn, spoke, for the first
time - to the human race.  The hundreds of millions of Souls, who had the experience of being aborted from the wombs of their mothers, gave two messages, for the World to hear.  These messages were given in dictation to the Two Witnesses, as each word was carefully written down.  The messages were then recorded, in video format, within hours of hearing them.  The recordings were made, with ALL the original emphasis included, so that their message, could be accurately conveyed, to each listener… Here... is their message.



Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We, are ‘those without a voice’! – until now

The suffering Souls, the unborn, said: We are those, who have suffered, at the hands of our persecutors, and tormentors – our “mothers”, and, our “fathers”, doctors, and nurses.  We were entrusted, to their “care”, and “protection”.  And we were given, ‘as a gift’, to the World.  We have been: murdered!, and rejected.  We are ‘the forgotten ones’ – in many ways.  We, are ‘those without a voice’! – until now.  For the Lord, Jesus Christ – who
we know now but can never see, has permitted us – to speak.
There are over 100 Million of us… and “our parents” never saw our faces

There are over a Hundred Million (100,000,000) of us, in ‘a certain place’ – a place that is ‘prepared’, just for us.  And we can never see the Face, of Our CreatorBecause our lives were taken from us.  We hear, the excuses, our “mothers”, and “fathers” use, in order to ‘abort us’ – in order to ‘discard us’, as though, we were garbage to them.  We lived, in ‘the cruelest of wombs’!  And our “mothers” hated us.  But we never knew why.  For we had not been born yet. We had never even ‘entered the World!  And “our parents” never saw our faces

Our blood, is on “our parents’ hands”unless they repent
And now, we are those, who cry out to the Lord for Justice.  It is not ‘women who need justice’ – for themselves; but we are the ones who have been ‘poorly mistreated’ by our own “mothers”.  For in, ‘all of our sufferings’, she was the one who was ‘primarily responsible’.  Our blood, is on “our parents’ hands”unless they repent.  For
we do not hold, this sin against them, as long as they are ‘remorseful’
Abortion, is ‘such an evil’!...  So ‘in His Justice’, He has ‘removed Himself’
Abortion, is ‘such an evil’!  And thousands are ‘added to us’ every day.  It is not fair that ‘our lives were taken
from us’!! – that we did not get ‘to experience the gift of life’.  We have been robbed!  And ‘all of our sufferings’, was not in vain.  For the Lord Jesus Christ, is listening to our prayers nowHe, has robbed, the churches.  And He has taken His Presence, from the people - and ‘rightly so we souls, say!   For you have ‘spat’ upon His Presence, inside your ‘own souls’.  And you did not take advantage, of the gift, that was ‘given to you’ for many years. So ‘in His Justice’, He has ‘removed Himself’, from the ‘wombs’, or ‘souls’, of people.  You are not
‘bathing, in His Presence’ – and rightly so!  For you cast us aside, whom you could not see!  And we, have
cried, and cried, and criedmany times! – asking Him, to ‘vindicate us’ – against, ‘our enemies’
Life, is not, a choice!  It is ‘a gift
Life, is not, a choice!  It is ‘a gift’.  You “mothers”, and you “fathers”: have been ‘taking the place’ of the Most
High True God.  And you have been the ones deciding: whether or not we live, or die. But we wanted, to live
And to share our lives with you!  And show you much love from our hearts!  Now we are ‘forever separated’,
and you cannot know us as your sons, and your daughters.
Do not listen to the lies, that “we will be reunited again”!...  You don’t know us!

Do not listen to the lies, that “we will be reunited again”!  This can never happen!  So serious is the act of abortion!!  You were ‘our murderers’, and you ‘collaborated’, with the doctors, and nurses – to kill us!  Now how are we to respond to you now?  You don’t know us!  And you chose ‘not to know us’ – so that we are left, with only ‘praying: the Most High True God’s Justice’upon you!

We are ‘not’ “your children”!!  And we did not ‘become angels’!
Such afflictions, have ‘come upon you’ – after, we were aborted!  But you cannot hide – your guiltNow is the time to repent of murder!! – so you are not ‘included’, in the Most High True God’s Acts of Justice – on this
Earth.  We are ‘not’ “your children”!! And we did not ‘become angels’!  And we are ‘forever trapped’ in our ‘state of being’. Never can we enter the Kingdom of HeavenNever can we see the Saints.  The only consolation that
we have, is the Lord Jesus Christ’s Love, for our souls!  But His Love is enough – for He ‘sustains us’. 
“Pro-choice”...  people want ‘the right to murder without consequence’

Do not listen to people, who ‘call themselves’ “pro-choice”.  For we are ‘the result’ of ‘that movement’These, people want ‘the right to murder without consequence’.  But if ‘consequences’ do not come in this life (without repentance), then they will come ‘in the next’.  

“Planned parenthood”… want to sacrifice: our souls – for ‘more power’
“Planned parenthood”, we know of.  They are responsible, for putting ‘many of us’ here.  They are ‘an evil organization’ – who want to sacrifice: our souls – for ‘more power’.  They ‘pretend’ to console our “mothers”,
that they are making a choice that is “best” – for the both of us!  They lie, they cheat, and they steal.  And we
are ‘crying-out for Justice upon them’ as well
Abortion, is ‘a mortal sin’part, of ‘a human cull’… We are killed, every day!
To ‘all of our “parents” out there’: abortion, is ‘a mortal sin’.  And keeps you out of the Kingdom of God – if you refuse to repent.  Abortion, is part, of ‘a human cull’We are the ones being culled!  We are killedall the day long’.  Not even our “mothers” want us.  And our “fathers” are ‘filled with as much hate’.  The doctors and
nurses say “they are only ‘doing their job’” – so then, were the soldiers, under Hitler – as they murdered the
Jews in cold bloodWe have heard people ‘speak of the Holocaust’; but we are more than ‘what happened to them’!  We are killed, every day! 


Thursday, December 6, 2012


They chose, to show us: no mercy! – in our “mother’s” wombs
The Suffering Souls, the Unborn said: We, have been silenced, for so long! And now, we have the chance, to speak against: our persecutors, and murderers.  For the Lord Jesus Christ, has given us this time now.  What
the World, is getting, they are deserving of! – in every way!  They chose, to show us: no mercy! – in our “mother’s” wombs and outside.  And we have prayed, for many years’, that we would be vindicatedagainst,
our enemies!  Vengeance belongs to the Most High True God!  But He also allows souls, to ‘partake’, of His Vengeance – against, His enemies; and those, who are ‘our’ enemies, are His, as well! 
We are murdered, every day… There are garbage bins – full, of us!

We are murdered, every day, because of the selfishness, and greed, of our parents!  Abortion, should not even, be ‘legal’!  As it is just ‘another name’ for murder.  There are garbage bins – full, of us! – behind hospitals.  Are not hospitals to care: for the sick, and the dying? – or ‘the most vulnerable’ – which we are?  You doctors, have taken, an oath, to protect us!! – to protect, ‘all life’; and you have ‘sold yourselves’, to ‘the chief, of murderers’ – to ‘the enemy himself’! – so that your pockets, can be filled! – with ‘blood money’!  It is our blood that is on ‘your hands’, as well! – because you seek ‘to make a profit’ – from murdering us!! 

And we, are banished, from Heaven!
The Lord Jesus Christ, has explained, that His Presence, has been ‘withdrawn – because the ‘ministers’, and ‘shepherds’, also fill: their pockets, with ‘blood money’ – by refusing to help – souls’, find, the necessary ‘tools, and ‘equipment’ – to make it to Heaven.  And we, are banished, from Heaven!  Because of greedy: doctors,
and nurses – because they ‘seek to profit’ – from our blood! 
It is ‘uncomfortable’ to hear… but it is more uncomfortable to experience it!
We souls, are innocent, in ‘every way’!  And just as the Lord Jesus Christ, was ‘innocent’, of ‘all sin’ – and He
was Crucified! – and died ‘an excruciatingly painful, death’! - we die, the same way, every day!  They suck, our brains out, with ‘a vacuum’. They put ‘a tool’, in our heads, and scramble, our ‘insides’; they ‘rip us apart’ – limb by limb, and we can feel everything –ten times more, ten times more sensitive!!! – than if we had been ‘cut from’,
the umbilical cord.  Our “mothers” ‘know of our suffering’ but they don’t care!   They become ‘of one mind’ with
the doctors, as we are ‘slaughtered’.  It is ‘uncomfortable’ to hear, about the way we are tortured; but it is more uncomfortable to experience it! - the way that we did!  And as we said before, more are added to us, every day.
The RU486 pill, is just as evil… then we find ourselves, in, ‘this place’
The RU486 pill, is just as evil, because our “mothers”, are pregnant with us!  And we are ‘conceived, in her womb’.  And she ‘slips, this pill inside her’, and never knows, if we were there, or not!  She doesn’t even need
to know, if she was pregnant with us!  We feel our “mothers’” hearts, then, ‘a cold wind’! - ‘blows over us’, and
we are rejected.  And the life, that had just been conceived, is ‘snuffed out’.  And then we are in the dark.  And then we find ourselves, in, ‘this place’
Contraceptives, are ‘just as bad’… They hate us! – without cause!
Contraceptives, are ‘just as bad’ – for they don’t even want ‘the possibility’ of conceiving us!  They hate us! – without cause!  We are ‘an inconvenience’ – in their eyes, and ‘as such’ we ‘must be disposed of’!   And then
‘life goes on’, for our “Mothers”, ‘without us’.  But she feels ‘the pain’ and ‘the absence’
Abortion is ‘long-lasting’, and ‘the effects’, do not ‘go, away’!

Abortion is ‘long-lasting’, and ‘the effects’, do not ‘go, away’!  Because the Lord Jesus Christ, has ‘allowed us to know’, what our “mothers” and “fathers” ‘experience’, once we are ‘gone’. First they go through ‘denial’, then their hearts are ‘eaten at’ – day, by day.  They become, devoured by ‘post partum depression’.  And the depression never ends!  So they go to their doctor again – for drugs, for some ‘anti-depressants’, and some ‘pamphlets’, on ‘how to deal with their “guilty conscience”’! 

Our “mothers’” hearts are convicted – she knows the truth.  She has ‘killed’

But the pills do not help, because ‘our “mothers’” hearts’ are convicted – she knows the truth.  She has ‘killed’… Our “mothers”, can not ‘escape the guilt’!  And then, ‘sickness sets in’Followed by vomiting!  They never, ‘tell them’, what, the effects, will beafter, they kill us!  And these are only ‘physical effects’.  Our “mothers” can not enter the Kingdom of Heavenuntil they reconcile, with their Creator.  And we, do not have ‘any remorse’ for them!  For we, are, ‘completely disconnected’ from their souls! We do not have ‘a longing’, to be with them! - as they murdered us!!  If they repent, then they can work on their own relationship, with ‘the Creator’.

And we, are so ‘excited and filled with Joy!  At the Lord Jesus Christ’s Justice!!
But we have prayed and prayed – for the Most High True God’s Justice!  And now, it has come, with ‘the outpouring, of poisonous gases, and chemicals! – from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.  And now,
it will come again! – upon all souls upon the Face of the Earth this Christmas!  And we, are so ‘excited and
filled with Joy!  At the Lord Jesus Christ’s Justice!! – upon, the souls, within those ‘institutions’.  For they
‘aborted’ His Presence from their souls; and now, they are all ‘bathing in the presence of the antichrist! 
Let them, have, ‘what they want’!”  They don’t want life
‘The spirit of the antichrist’, is ‘the murder of the conscience’!  So we souls say, “Let them, have, ‘what they want’!”  They don’t want lifeinside their wombs; and they don’t want life ‘inside their souls’.  So we the unborn say: “Praise be to the Most High True God’s Justice!!”  They are all going to receive ‘the mark of the beast’!
this Christmas, if they go to ‘any of those places’ – where He ‘is not’.  “Come, Lord Jesus Christ, and let Your Justice Reigndown upon ‘this unmerciful Earth’!”
What is Abortion?  Abortion is when a mother chooses to kill her child, while the child is still in her womb.  She may choose to kill her baby for reasons such as appearance, selfishness, greed, convenience, and other things. The way that abortion is done is HORRIBLE!  The baby suffers horrifically - because their bodies are ripped
apart – while they are fully conscious and aware of what is happening to them. This is what I know about
Abortion is the most HORRID thing that a mother could do!  God gave us babies as a blessing.  Babies are innocent.  They can’t do anything about what is happening to them. 
They depend on their mothers to care for them while they are in the womb.  But many mothers choose to kill
their babies who have no chance to protect themselves!
People who choose abortion are hypocrites!  They would not have wanted their own parents to have chosen to abort them but they choose to abort their own children.
People have no right to choose life or death for anybody!  But they feel that they have the right to choose death for the most innocent in our society, and even in our world. 
Babies DO feel pain while in the womb!  They are human beings!  But they are so much more sensitive. 

Imagine being a new life, waiting for life, just to have a painful death in the darkness, before ever having a
chance to see the light.  These babies DO want to live!

It’s God’s choice for anybody to live or to die!  He is the only one who has the right to decide when a person’s
life is over. When a baby is conceived, is that not ALSO God’s choice, even under a sinful circumstance? 

Even when a woman is raped, does God NOT have the right to make an ugly situation into something beautiful, by bringing new life into the world?   But it is by aborting their children, that parents choose to cover up the ugliness of rape, with horror of torturing and murdering an innocent child in the womb. 

When I think about abortion, I get upset and sad because mothers and fathers choose to abort their children;
their innocent children for no good reason at all.

I can’t express just how horrible abortion is.  Just for your own information, abortion is a mortal sin; a one way ticket to eternal death, for all of those parents who choose abortion, unless they repent! 

God hears the cries of the unborn; He hears the cries of the thousands upon THOUSANDS that are killed each and EVERY DAY, as they are being tortured through abortion, and He is furious that the innocent are being slaughtered!  Mostly slaughtered to cover up sin! 

Don’t you realize that God knows about your “secret sins?”  Don’t you know, that God hears every thought - because He needs to know them all, in order to Judge you fairly? 

Abortion is the most horrible thing that I have ever heard of!  If you reject this message in this video, you are
still responsible, but at least I have done my part, in spreading the truth. 

But if you receive this message and would like to know more ‘uncomfortable truths,’ you can go to
testimony of the two  Find out what the “Unborn” have to say about abortion!  You will find
some very important links, in the description box, of this video.

Martial Law In America

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