The Testimony of the Two Witnesses
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"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed one MILLION words of Divine Revelation
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Don't abort the unborn!
Don't abort the Testimony!
“I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.”
“But Jesus turning to them said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children.”
“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s spirit dwells within you?  If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him.”

An Urgent Message from the Suffering Souls, The UNBORN
A video by the Two Witnesses
Video Transcript
Mary Romanus - On December the fourth, and December the sixth, 2012, something extraordinary happened - something that had never taken place, before, in history.  The Suffering Souls, the Unborn, spoke, for the first time - to the human race.  The hundreds of millions of Souls, who had the experience of being aborted from the wombs of their mothers, gave two messages, for the World to hear.  These messages were given in dictation to the Two Witnesses, as each word was carefully written down.  The messages were then recorded, in video format, within hours of hearing them.  The recordings were made, with ALL the original emphasis included, so that their message, could be accurately conveyed, to each listener… Here.. is their message.
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The suffering Souls, the Unborn, said: We are those, who have suffered, at the hands of our persecutors, and tormentors – our “mothers”, and, our “fathers”, doctors, and nurses.  We were entrusted, to their “care”, and “protection”.  And we were given, ‘as a gift’, to the World.  We have been: murdered!, and rejected.  We are ‘the forgotten ones’ – in many ways.  We, are ‘those without a voice’! – until now.  For the Lord, Jesus Christ – who we know now but can never see, has permitted us – to speak.

There are over a Hundred Million (100,000,000) of us, in ‘a certain place’ – a place that is ‘prepared’, just for us.  And we can never see the Face, of Our CreatorBecause our lives were taken from us.  We hear, the excuses, our “mothers”, and “fathers” use, in order to ‘abort us’ – in order to ‘discard us’, as though, we were garbage to them.  We lived, in ‘the cruelest of wombs’!  And our “mothers” hated us.  But we never knew why.  For we had not been born yet. We had never even ‘entered the World!  And “our parents” never saw our faces

And now, we are those, who cry out to the Lord for Justice.  It is not ‘women who need justice’ – for themselves; but we are the ones who have been ‘poorly mistreated’ by our own “mothers”.  For in, ‘all of our sufferings’, she was the one who was ‘primarily responsible’.  Our blood, is on “our parents’ hands”unless they repent.  For we do not hold, this sin against them, as long as they are ‘remorseful’

Abortion, is ‘such an evil’!  And thousands are ‘added to us’ every day.  It is not fair that ‘our lives were taken from us’!! – that we did not get ‘to experience the gift of life’.  We have been robbed!  And ‘all of our sufferings’, was not in vain.  For the Lord Jesus Christ, is listening to our prayers nowHe, has robbed, the churches.  And He has taken His Presence, from the people - and ‘rightly so we souls, say!   For you have ‘spat’ upon His Presence, inside your ‘own souls’.  And you did not take advantage, of the gift, that was ‘given to you’ for many years. So ‘in His Justice’, He has ‘removed Himself’, from the ‘wombs’, or ‘souls’, of people.  You are not ‘bathing, in His Presence’ – and rightly so!  For you cast us aside, whom you could not see!  And we, have cried, and cried, and criedmany times! – asking Him, to ‘vindicate us’ – against, ‘our enemies’

Life, is not, a choice!  It is ‘a gift’.  You “mothers”, and you “fathers”: have been ‘taking the place’ of the Most High True God.  And you have been the ones deciding: whether or not we live, or die. But we wanted, to live!  And to share our lives with you!  And show you much love from our heartsNow we are ‘forever separated’, and you cannot know us as your sons, and your daughters.

Do not listen to the lies, that “we will be reunited again”!  This can never happen!  So serious is the act of abortion!!  You were ‘our murderers’, and you ‘collaborated’, with the doctors, and nurses – to kill us!  Now how are we to respond to you now?  You don’t know us!  And you chose ‘not to know us’ – so that we are left, with only ‘praying: the Most High True God’s Justice’upon you!

Such afflictions, have ‘come upon you’ – after, we were aborted!  But you cannot hide – your guiltNow is the time to repent of murder!! – so you are not ‘included’, in the Most High True God’s Acts of Justice – on this Earth.  We are ‘not’ “your children”!! And we did not ‘become angels’!  And we are ‘forever trapped’ in our ‘state of being’. Never can we enter the Kingdom of HeavenNever can we see the SaintsThe only consolation that we have, is the Lord Jesus Christ’s Love, for our souls!  But His Love is enough – for He ‘sustains us’

Do not listen to people, who ‘call themselves’ “pro-choice”.  For we are ‘the result’ of ‘that movement’These, people want ‘the right to murder without consequence’.  But if ‘consequences’ do not come in this life (without repentance), then they will come ‘in the next’.  

“Planned parenthood”, we know of.  They are responsible, for putting ‘many of us’ here.  They are ‘an evil organization’ – who want to sacrifice: our souls – for ‘more power’.  They ‘pretend’ to console our “mothers”, that they are making a choice that is “best” – for the both of us!  They lie, they cheat, and they steal.  And we are ‘crying-out for Justice upon them’ as well

To ‘all of our “parents” out there’: abortion, is ‘a mortal sin’.  And keeps you out of the Kingdom of God – if you refuse to repent.  Abortion, is part, of ‘a human cull’We are the ones being culled!  We are killedall the day long’.  Not even our “mothers” want us.  And our “fathers” are ‘filled with as much hate’.  The doctors and nurses say “they are only ‘doing their job’” – so then, were the soldiers, under Hitler – as they murdered the Jews in cold bloodWe have heard people ‘speak of the Holocaust’; but we are more than ‘what happened to them’!  We are killed, every day! 
Part 2 begins here:

The Suffering Souls, the Unborn said: We, have been silenced, for so long! And now, we have the chance, to speak against: our persecutors, and murderers.  For the Lord Jesus Christ, has given us this time now.  What the World, is getting, they are deserving of! – in every way!  They chose, to show us: no mercy! – in our “mother’s” wombs and outside.  And we have prayed, for many years’, that we would be vindicatedagainst, our enemies!  Vengeance belongs to the Most High True God!  But He also allows souls, to ‘partake’, of His Vengeance – against, His enemies; and those, who are ‘our’ enemies, are His, as well! 

We are murdered, every day, because of the selfishness, and greed, of our parents!  Abortion, should not even, be ‘legal’!  As it is just ‘another name’ for murder.  There are garbage bins – full, of us! – behind hospitals.  Are not hospitals to care: for the sick, and the dying? – or ‘the most vulnerable’ – which we are?  You doctors, have taken, an oath, to protect us!! – to protect, ‘all life’; and you have ‘sold yourselves’, to ‘the chief, of murderers’ – to ‘the enemy himself’! – so that your pockets, can be filled! – with ‘blood money’!  It is our blood that is on ‘your hands’, as well! – because you seek ‘to make a profit’ – from murdering us!! 

The Lord Jesus Christ, has explained, that His Presence, has been ‘withdrawn – because the ‘ministers’, and ‘shepherds’, also fill: their pockets, with ‘blood money’ – by refusing to help – souls’, find, the necessary ‘tools, and ‘equipment’ – to make it to Heaven.  And we, are banished, from Heaven!  Because of greedy: doctors, and nurses – because they ‘seek to profit’ – from our blood! 

We souls, are innocent, in ‘every way’!  And just as the Lord Jesus Christ, was ‘innocent’, of ‘all sin’ – and He was Crucified! – and died ‘an excruciatingly painful, death’! - we die, the same way, every day!  They suck, our brains out, with ‘a vacuum’. They put ‘a tool’, in our heads, and scramble, our ‘insides’; they ‘rip us apart’ – limb by limb, and we can feel everything –ten times more, ten times more sensitive!!! – than if we had been ‘cut from’, the umbilical cord.  Our “mothers” ‘know of our suffering’ but they don’t care!   They become ‘of one mind’ with the doctors, as we are ‘slaughtered’.  It is ‘uncomfortable’ to hear, about the way we are tortured; but it is more uncomfortable to experience it! - the way that we did!  And as we said before, more are added to us, every day.

The RU486 pill, is just as evil, because our “mothers”, are pregnant with us!  And we are ‘conceived, in her womb’.  And she ‘slips, this pill inside her’, and never knows, if we were there, or not!  She doesn’t even need to know, if she was pregnant with us!  We feel our “mothers’” hearts, then, ‘a cold wind’! - ‘blows over us’, and we are rejected.  And the life, that had just been conceived, is ‘snuffed out’.  And then we are in the dark.  And then we find ourselves, in, ‘this place’

Contraceptives, are ‘just as bad’ – for they don’t even want ‘the possibility’ of conceiving us!  They hate us! – without cause!  We are ‘an inconvenience’ – in their eyes, and ‘as such’ we ‘must be disposed of’!   And then ‘life goes on’, for our “Mothers”, ‘without us’.  But she feels ‘the pain’ and ‘the absence’

Abortion is ‘long-lasting’, and ‘the effects’, do not ‘go, away’!  Because the Lord Jesus Christ, has ‘allowed us to know’, what our “mothers” and “fathers” ‘experience’, once we are ‘gone’. First they go through ‘denial’, then their hearts are ‘eaten at’ – day, by day.  They become, devoured by ‘post partum depression’.  And the depression never ends!  So they go to their doctor again – for drugs, for some ‘anti-depressants’, and some ‘pamphlets’, on ‘how to deal with their “guilty conscience”’! 

But the pills do not help, because ‘our “mothers’” hearts’ are convicted – she knows the truth.  She has ‘killed’… Our “mothers”, can not ‘escape the guilt’!  And then, ‘sickness sets in’Followed by vomiting!  They never, ‘tell them’, what, the effects, will beafter, they kill us!  And these are only ‘physical effects’.  Our “mothers” can not enter the Kingdom of Heavenuntil they reconcile, with their Creator.  And we, do not have ‘any remorse’ for them!  For we, are, ‘completely disconnected’ from their souls! We do not have ‘a longing’, to be with them! - as they murdered us!!  If they repent, then they can work on their own relationship, with ‘the Creator’.

But we have prayed and prayed – for the Most High True God’s Justice!  And now, it has come, with ‘the outpouring, of poisonous gases, and chemicals! – from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.  And now, it will come again! – upon all souls upon the Face of the Earth this Christmas!  And we, are so ‘excited and filled with Joy!  At the Lord Jesus Christ’s Justice!! – upon, the souls, within those ‘institutions’.  For they ‘aborted’ His Presence from their souls; and now, they are all ‘bathing in the presence of the antichrist! 

‘The spirit of the antichrist’, is ‘the murder of the conscience’!  So we souls say, “Let them, have, ‘what they want’!”  They don’t want lifeinside their wombs; and they don’t want life ‘inside their souls’.  So we the unborn say: “Praise be to the Most High True God’s Justice!!”  They are all going to receive ‘the mark of the beast’! – this Christmas, if they go to ‘any of those places’ – where He ‘is not’.  “Come, Lord Jesus Christ, and let Your Justice Reigndown upon ‘this unmerciful Earth’!”
Editor's Alert: The current rate of abortion in China alone, reflected in the 'Official Statistics', is at 1500 per hour, 13 million per year with, and a total in excess of 336 million abortions since the 'one child policy' began.  If you do the math, and factor in the abortion statistics, for all the other countries, it would be quite accurate to say, that the Global abortion rate, is now rapidly approaching ONE ABORTION PER SECOND!  China's one child policy was abolished in October of 2015, because their preferential genocide of unborn females, resulted in a gross imbalance in the national male to female ratio.  But the damage was done - and the result was an ENTIRE NATION! - psychologically damaged with an End Times Plague known as "Only Child Syndrome".  And to make matters worse, the one child policy left the entire nation ETERNALLY DISGRACED, with the historical precedent, of being the country primarily responsible for the introduction and production of "chinese sex robots".
Although China's "One child policy", has been CHANGED - the ABORTION rate still continues.  And it is actually STILL ongoing - under the GUISE, of "their BIRTH limit policy".  See the FOLLOWING article:

(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
Marisa is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
"When a child dies, through abortion, at least the child will continue on in happiness, because it was free from sin - except ‘original’.  Though these souls can never truly 'see' My Face, or behold My Presence because I am a Just God, they are ‘Forever Content’; but at the same time, they are crying to Me daily, for Justice upon ‘those who stole their lives away’."
“As the women murder children in their womb, so too am I murdered in their hearts.  One out of every four women - depending, or one out of every three women, have committed the act of abortion, or they have encouraged their friend to do so, or they know of someone who wanted to and didn’t try to stop it.  That’s where mankind is at.  This is what they call ‘the better half’?  I say no!  What the World sees as good I often view as evil.  That is why your views about life and love, will seem very boring to some – life of selfless sacrifice is seen as boring.  Imagine My children, people see evil and sin, as exciting, and taking risks, but they do not realize the risks they are taking.  Oh foul and festering man, you know who you are.  You feed on the hearts of the young and bleed them of their lives.  You will pay for your iniquities before Me, for you have not sought repentance but a deadened conscience, filled with affirming thoughts.  Your time will come, you women of the Earth, and just as the child met with the heavy hand of your justice, so shall you too meet with the heavy hand of Mine, unless you repent.”
”The feminist agenda is no good: it is what brought about the legalization of abortion; it is what introduced contraception, which means, contrary, to conception, contradiction, to go against birth; it is what formed the mind of a woman, to introduce contraception, in the form of an innocent pill, to mask murder, in the womb - to mask ‘murder of a woman’s dignity’ in the name of ‘a woman claiming her own body’.  Oh how terrible is the feminist agenda of the collective consciousness of women, how indeed horrifying it is to see so many women united: in their desire to crush Me; to crush the Lord’s anointed; to commit murder.  Why can they not be united in charity and love, in dignity and respect, in humility and patience, in kindness and cheerfulness, in hope and forthcomingness?  Because, in short, they desire allegiance with the devil, and his kingdom, more than what I have to offer their souls.”   
“The women have their rights now, to choose life or death, for their little one, for their baby.  But the time is coming when they shall have no choice.  They call themselves “pro-choice” as of now but soon they will realize, they have indeed been working for the wrong team; and they will be the ones who are sacrificed and their child’s future, ‘for the sake of society’, for the ‘good of humanity’. How can mankind be good without Me my children?  People with common sense and reason can see through the façade the government puts in front of them.  But common sense and reason are very scarce even now, and soon, their there will be none left.  I am going to allow humanity to turn on itself.”
"Millions of babies, are aborted – every year, through unjust laws to kill: the innocent, in the wombs of their mothers, by their mothers’ consents.  I have given life as a gift; but it has been ‘spat upon’ and rejected time and time again.  Therefore, the ‘mercy’ that was shown, to My ‘little ones’ – who cry to Me day and night, for Justice – on: their murderers, this ‘same mercy’, will be shown, to the World: which is none...  The reason these things will happen is because of the unborn.   So many of them did not get the chance to live the life that I had planned for them.  So therefore My People, You will not get the chance, to live much longer."

A video by the Two Witnesses
"Millions and millions of babies, who can never see my Face, plead for mankind’s destruction, as their lives have been taken from them.  You see: the ‘mothers’ who choose to kill their own children, to ‘offer sacrifice’ to ‘the god of convenience’, only, have those souls, praying for Justice to come upon them.  No longer is there any ‘maternal’ tie, with the child.  The child can only see, that it never had the chance, to live.  There is no bond with the ‘mother’ whatsoever.  And women are walking around deceiving themselves, saying that their baby “is an angel in heaven watching over them”.  I say to you No!  The children that they took the lives of, are crying out to Me for Justice upon: their ‘mothers’ - make no mistake it is just ‘a word’." 
“I offered mankind My Own Flesh and Blood, but they would rather eat their own flesh, and blood, before partaking in anything I have to offer them My children.  This is a most grim day and age in which you are living - an evil time, where love, is no more.  How can souls love without My Spirit, to guide them?  All that is left, when My Spirit is removed, is all of the trappings of Hell.  Grinding-up their babies, and putting them into capsules, and eating them, is truly one of the most, grotesque, evils, of this time.  But it gets far worse, My children.  The crimes of humanity against humanity, are going to increase – exponentially.  And with this, will come massive ‘economic upheavals’, and bigger earthquakes; larger tornadoes are on the horizon as well.  Because people, are choosing ‘extremes’, in this time.”  
What she gave birth to was not ‘a genetic mutation’; but what other mothers, are going to be ‘giving birth to’ – will be ‘as horrific’, as what you saw.  For it is Just, and Right, that they be given: “Blood, to drink”, as they have spilled much blood: innocent, pure and unspotted - blood of the unborn.  It is their due.  They are going to reap what they have sown.”
“The fruit, of a mother, who loves life, will be a normal baby – if she has not committed: the act, of abortion; then I will bless her, with a child – that is normal.  But most women are desiring: death, in their wombs – inside church, and outside.” 


“A major Scourge is coming upon North America – because, of their sins; because of their ‘heartlessness’; because of their ‘atrocities’ – against the unborn – who have to suffer intensely in the wombs of their mothers – that this is all, coming, about.  I will not hide it My children: America, has ‘a Bull’s eye on its Wings of Freedom!’
“I know: what mankind has chosen to do, with: the gift of Life – either in the womb or elsewhere.  I know the pain and suffering, that has been caused, upon ‘My little ones’ – the unbornthey cry out to Me, begging Me, to End, this Era.  And I am granting their prayers.”
“My ‘Motherly Heart’, yearns, for more childrenMothers, do not kill your babies!  Do you not know, that ‘the Wrath of God’, rests upon you. Do you think that you will be able, to escape: His Just Punishment – for your souls?  Do you think, that you can ‘get away with’: murdering the child within your womb?  Because ‘he doesn’t forget’. And surely, ‘they are carved on the palm of His Hand’.  And His Hand, holds: ‘a Gavel’; and punishment is coming upon all of you ‘wicked women’, if you do notrepent in your hearts’before Him.”  
“The Truth is not ‘convenient’ at times, but that does not mean that you should ‘abort it’ – when you feel ‘uncomfortable’Know that when you are ‘uncomfortable’ that then you are growing!” 
“I was sent, to the Blessed Virgin Mary – to give here ‘the good news’ – that she, should bear a Son, and call His Name, Jesus!  That ‘the power, of the Holy Spirit’, would ‘come over her’, and she would conceivethrough Him.  What a miracle it was!! – for her to ‘conceive’ withoutknowing man’… But at the same time, ‘great news’ was revealed – to the both of them, also, ‘a great scourge’ came.  For Herod, became ‘jealous’; and he thought his ‘empire and kingdom’, would be ‘threatened’ – by the birth, of the Coming Messiah.  So evenbefore, she was able to give birth (through ‘Divine intervention’), the child’s life was in danger.  And Herod, ‘sent out’ his soldiers, and had them kill: all the males, under two years of age!... For indeed, Herod, represents all those, who want to kill lifebefore it is conceived; who desire “death!” – before life can ‘enter in’; before life, can be born.  This was not: “just life coming into the World”!  But He – the Lord God of Hosts, is: ‘the Light, of the World’.  But peoplejust like ‘in that time’, ‘hated, the Light’, and want ‘to snuff it out’ as quickly as possible!  So in their response, to ‘the gift of life’ – within their wombs, and within their souls: the Lord God of Hosts, is ‘striking’ all the people – ‘a Heavy Blow’! – striking their foreheads, with ‘the mark of the beastI, and ‘the Holy Angels’ under Me, as well as Saint Michael, and ‘the Heavenly Armies’, have been ‘sent-out’, with the Vengeance of the Most High True God… For never have they all experiencedthe flames.”
How can I bring about ‘the Close of this Age’, if everyone was ‘to turn back’; if everyone was to repent?  The Testimony is not so much ‘a formality’, as it is ‘the formula for salvation’.  And it [was] given – in ‘this time’, where ‘no one is able to receive’ (- save the two of you), save the children.  They are My Faithful Remnant – the small ones – the ones who do not ‘identify with sin’; and the ones, I have preserved – through graceWhy do you think people are murdering their children?  Because they want, ‘My Graces to flow to their souls? – or they want children, to bring ‘innocence and purity’ into the World?  Well then, I told you before, “This place is Sodom and Gomorrah to me, and must be destroyed” in part, and fully renewed.” 
“The Church, is ‘in a most troubling time’… where, are her children?...  “Humanae Vitae” – Human life is sacred, and is to be protected! – above all else!  The church, has… allowed families, to embrace: all forms of contraceptions and evils – so that ‘life’, is ‘no longer permitted’.  When I wrote my encyclical, I was ‘inspired by the True Holy Spirit’ – at the time: to give the people – “the sheep”, exactly ‘what they needed’, the antidote, to the horrors, of ‘the coming culture of death’!”  
And HERE, is 'a Closing note', from your Creator:
Jesus Christ the Lord said:  "Unless abortion is banned, I can not, I will not sustain the United States of America. Things will continue to 'heat up'; things will only get worse."
(- Jesus, October 14, 2013)
And finally, "a LAST Word" from The Unborn - as they PRAYED to the Creator of the Universe

The suffering Souls, the Unborn, said: Be merciless to humanity, as they were MERCILESS, to US!  Give them blood to drink - as THEY spilt, OUR blood!  Righteous and TRUE, are Your Judgments O God - Righteous AND True! (- The Unborn, February 3, 2017)

The third angel poured his bowl into the rivers and the fountains of water, and they became blood. And I heard the angel of water say,  “Just are you in these your judgments, you who are and were, O Holy One.  For men have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and you have given them blood to drink. It is their due!” And I heard the altar cry,  “Yes, Lord God the Almighty, true and just are your judgments!”
(Revelations 16:4-7)

The ONGOING PRESSURE to commit the act of abortion

Did you know that every Member of the Faithful Remnant is being TARGETED by "their FORMERS", and subconsciously programmed, to COMMIT 'the act of abortion' - by aborting the Truth from their heart.  And so what is HEAVEN'S response?  This following END NOTE is addressed to the Members of the Faithful Remnant.
We are WELL AWARE of 'the BATTLE' - and, the SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING, of 'the SATANIC prayer intentions', of the ASSAILANTS, on the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  You MUST 'FIGHT this' - by TURNING to Jesus Christ the LORD for STRENGTH - throughout this JOURNEY.  You DO, have, 'a whole ARMY against you'!  EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, has been TARGETED, by "their FORMERS".  BUT! - the Most High True God GIVES you 'the Strength', to be united to HIS Divine Will.  YOU simply need to ASK.
It is REALLY going to help you to reject, 'your DESIRE, to feel FALSE compassion - towards "your former FAMILY members"; and ASK for the Grace to SEE them, ALL, through the Eyes of the Most High TRUE God; and the GRACE, to show the Most High TRUE God, "TRUE Compassion" - always.  THEY! - want you, to "ABORT, the Truth from your HEART"!  But you must GUARD, 'the Gift of LIFE' - that YOU have been GIVEN.  It's that SIMPLE.
ALL the PEOPLE, who have 'FALLEN off, the Ark', CHOSE to fall! - and, they CHOSE to "abort the Truth, FROM their lives", because "it was TOO uncomfortable to BEAR!"  JUST like ALL of the WOMEN, OUT there, who CHOOSE to abort, "the INNOCENT child, in their WOMB" - because of "the DISCOMFORT", and "the INCONVENIENCE", that child BRINGS. 

There ARE! - two APPROACHES, to 'the Gift of LIFE': EMBRACING, the Gift; NURTURING, and LOVING, the Gift; and DESIRING, the Gift to GROW! - and to SHARE that Gift with OTHERS.  And the OTHER approach, that 'the FALLEN Members' chose, was to BURY the Gift; ABORT the Gift; and LIVE, with 'the EFFECTS, of, "post-partum DEPRESSION".  Because, they CHOSE to SEVER, themselves - FROM the Truth - that was, 'given TO them'; AND, "abort the child".  YES! - JESUS has explained, this PARALLEL - TO us - JUST recently.  THOSE in the Faithful REMNANT, have been 'ENTRUSTED with the GIFT of LIFE', in their Souls - the Gift that they are CALLED, to GUARD! - PROTECT! - and SEEK to share with OTHERS.  But the ONES, who chose 'to fall OFF' - MISSED "the conveniences" and "the COMFORTS", of their OLD lives; and they 'CHOSE', to MURDER, the Truth - in their CONSCIENCE; and ABORT, 'the CHILD', that they were CARRYING!  Very SIMPLE.

The ONLY way, FOR, 'the MEMBERS of the FAITHFUL Remnant', to PERSEVERE, in these Times - is by 'TAKING a STAND!' - with ALL of HEAVEN - and with the MILLIONS, of INNOCENT, children - who have been SLAUGHTERED! - because, of the SELFISHNESS! - GREED, and ENVY, of mankind.  UNLESS the Faithful Remnant, ADOPT, the SAME ATTITUDE, of the UNBORN - towards this "most WICKED! - and MERCILESS, generation" - then EVENTUALLY, the ASSAILANTS, WILL! - "chip away", at their INTERIOR lives - SLOWLY! - and they WILL, "abort the TRUTH" - that has been GIVEN to them. 

This is "SERIOUS!" - folks; this is "NOT a game".  The Most High TRUE God, is GRANTING, "DIVINE, JUSTICE!" - at the REQUEST, of the UNBORN Souls.  BECAUSE! - THEY! - were "robbed" - of 'a chance, to live, and THRIVE!'  They were "ROBBED", of 'a DEEPER  relationship with the Most High True God'. Their LIVES, were 'taken FROM them' - WITHOUT, their consent!  Their MOTHERS, AND their fathers - were "MERCILESS".  Their MOTHERS and their fathers went AGAINST, their CONSCIENCE; and 'GOING against the Voice of the Most High TRUE God' - in one's CONSCIENCE, has become 'a way of LIFE!' - for ALL of mankind.  And, for the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant, who CHOOSE to "snuff out the Voice, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in their CONSCIENCE", and who CHOOSE, to 'FORFEIT, the LIFE, that HAS been ENTRUSTED to them' - it WOULD have been "BETTER", that they were never BORN! 

"The Son of man goes as it is written of him, but woe to that man [- referring to both men and women] by whom the Son of man is betrayed! It would have been better for that man if he had not been born."
(Matthew 26:24)

MOST, of the TESTIMONY, is "UNDERSTATED", folks!  But HERE, is 'the BIGGER PICTURE' happening, "BEHIND the scenes".  This GENERATION - this, "GODLESS! - WICKED! - MERCILESS! - MALEVOLANT! - and ACCURSED! - generation" - is COMING to a CLOSE! THOSE, who desire, to LIVE - 'WITH the Unborn', when they return - and, who desire NOW, to CONSOLE them! - by BECOMING, "Members of the Faithful Remnant" - and by PERSEVERING as Members of the Faithful Remnant - WILL! - SHARE, in "the SPOILS" - and "the REWARDS", and "the GIFTS" - and "the BLESSINGS" - and "the CONSOLATIONS!"  Because, this IS! - "WAR!"  This IS! - 'the BATTLE, of Armageddon' - or 'the BATTLE of Gog and MAGOG' [- that began on March 1, 2017].  This IS! - 'ALL, of HEAVEN!' - versus - 'the WICKED! - OF the earth'.  And, HEAVEN, is SIMPLY "getting warmed UP!"  The DIVINE JUSTICE that is coming to HUMANITY - as "FULL recompense", for the SINS, of the FLESH! - AND! - for "abortion" - will be "IMMENSE!" 

And SO, WE advise, ALL 'the Members of the Faithful REMNANT' - to HAVE, 'the ATTITUDE', of the Unborn SOULS - towards this, "WICKED! - world".  THEIR ATTITUDE? - is "PRAISE, be! - to the Most High TRUE God's, DIVINE, Justice!"  The TESTIMONY, has been 'STORED up' - for MANY years! The TESTIMONY, IS 'the Most High TRUE God's, RESPONSE' - to, MANKIND'S, MURDEROUS ways.  The TESTIMONY, IS! - "the CREATOR'S, Vengeance, on the WICKED"...

"For the day of vengeance was in my heart, and my year of redemption has come.  I looked, but there was no one to help; I was appalled, but there was no one to uphold; so my own arm brought me victory, and my wrath upheld me.  I trod down the peoples in my anger, I made them drunk in my wrath, and I poured out their lifeblood on the earth.” 
(Isaiah 63:4-6)

...And THAT is why, MOST people, CAN'T! - STAND it!

Footnote: We would like to inform ALL the Members OF the Faithful Remnant - that the UNBORN Souls, are NOT! - PRAYING! - for "the CONVERSION, of the ONES, who STOLE! - their LIVES!"  They are NOT! - PRAYING! - that "the MERCILESS!", BE granted MERCY!  The ONES, who have, been SHOWN the Testimony, and who have "ABORTED it! - from their HEARTS, upon READING! - the Words, of their Creator" - are GOING! - to "The LAKE, of FIRE!!! - and TO, "CESSATION, of existence".  They ARE! - GOING, to "BURN! - for ALL ETERNITY!" - BECAUSE, of 'their, MURDEROUS! - ways'.  EACH DAY, THEY, 'REJECT the Testimony' - they "ABORT!" - the Truth. Those who COME to the WEBSITE - to "MOCK!" - the TESTIMONY - are "ABORTING! - the Truth"; and they WILL! - share, IN 'the TORMENTS!' - OF, the LAKE of FIRE - with ALL of "the assailants".  ONCE again, WE! - the Two WITNESSES, who have been "ABORTED, by, the WICKED, of this generation" - are NOT! - PRAYING! - for, "the CONVERSION, of, "the FORMER, FAMILY members", of, the Faithful REMNANT"!  WE, are praying, that they EXPERIENCE, 'the FULLEST measure, of the Most High TRUE GOD'S, Divine JUSTICE, IN their LIVES!' - and that, THEY receive, "a TRIPLE portion" - AND! - that, the FLAMES! - of their torments, 'INCREASE!' - EVERY day!  WHY?  Because WE have "CHOSEN teams"; and we have CHOSEN - to BE, 'WITH, the Most High TRUE God' - the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, for ALL ETERNITY! - LIVING in Eternal HAPPINESS, and BLISS! - in the PARADISE, that is COMING to the Earth - AFTER! - THIS, "HORRIBLE! - WICKED - ABOMINABLE PEOPLE" - are, COMPLETELY! - wiped off, the MAP!  WE suggest, that, the FAITHFUL Remnant - who WANT to survive, have 'this SAME, attitude' - this "SPIRITUALLY, SANE, attitude" - towards the WORLD!

Luke is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

 But HOW can the Most High TRUE God give "the UNBORN" - who are "IMPRISONED as they await their unjust SENTENCE" - a VOICE?
Inmates plea for help, as searing heat bakes prison

Here is a Link to just one of the many websites that are covering this news story

This news story is just a sample of the ABORTIONS of HUMAN lives that are CURRENTLY underway in the prisons -  as the cries of MOST prisoners can't be heard outside the fences.  This is the Most High TRUE God putting 'His Heavy HAND on them', as they cry for JUSTICE - as He USES the MEDIA, to call ATTENTION, to the INJUSTICE that is HAPPENING - across, the United STATES - with PRISONERS, being KEPT, IN, "DEPLORABLE conditions"...  MANY - who are NOT EVEN, "convicted criminals", but simply being detained - and WHO knows "for how LONG?"  In OTHER words, the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE! - is "intervening", in THESE times, to GIVE! - those, who are being treated "UNJUSTLY", a VOICE; to GIVE people 'the OPPORTUNITY, to FACE, HOW, they have been TREATING, their fellow man'.  The Most High TRUE God, is "more MERCIFUL" - than the PEOPLE are.  Because MANY prisoners are going to die of HEAT exhaustion - as, the GUARDS, "MERCILESSLY withhold, NOURISHMENT" from them.  And this CANNOT be AVOIDED.  Because there are TOO many prisons; and the "APOCALYPTIC HEAT", is ONLY going to increase.  (July 22, 2017 update)

Are the Two Witnesses tearing families APART?

Actual email from a Member of the Faithful Remnant: "Today has been an intense day, for seeing all the falsehoods women embrace. I ran into several women from my past, especially one I had shown the Testimony to...  She had read the Testimony at a time when she was considering abortion, and so she kept the child out of fear. It can be really baffling how people prefer to remain ignorant despite finding the truth."  (October 7, 2017 email) 
And SO, ONE more unborn Soul escapes - as they were in fact REMOVED from "ALL the torments of Hell's family of demons"... in THIS case - referring to "the family of demons" that were just WAITING to pounce on that innocent child, and DEVOUR them, in the womb.  Thanks BE to the Most High TRUE God - the GOD, of the Two Witnesses! - "the GOD of Life itself!"    (October 8, 2017 update)


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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This IS! - "a new branch, of Christianity", and we have EVERY right! - to practice our Faith. As EACH! - individual on
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