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(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise indicated.)

 Francis, the Son of Perdition
- spoken of in the Gospel of Saint John 17:12, "The Great Judas" of these End Times
is now seated in-side the Vatican...
on “the chair”, of the Antipope
- and -
Obama, the Man of Lawlessness
- spoken of in the Second Book of Thessalonians, Chapter 2
is now seated in-side the White House
on “the seat” of the Antichrist, in the Obama nation of desolation
For indeed, Francis and Obama are 'united as one'
in "the spirit of the Antichrist"

“And there came out from the camp of the Philistines a champion named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span… When the Philistine arose and came and drew near to meet David, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet the Philistine.  And David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone, and slung it, and struck the Philistine on his forehead, and he fell on his face to the ground.”
“Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: “I am the first and I am the last; besides me there is no god.  Who is like me?  Let him proclaim it, let him declare and set it forth before me.  Who has announced from of old the things to come?  Let them tell us what is yet to be.  Fear not, nor be afraid; have I not told you from of old and declared it?  And you are my witnesses!  Is there a God besides me?  There is no Rock; I know not any.
“Thus says the Lord God of Hosts, “Come, go to this steward, to Shebna, who is over the household, and say to him: What have you to do here and whom have you here, that you have hewn here a tomb for yourself, you who hew a tomb on the height, and carve a habitation for yourself in the rock?  Behold, the Lord will hurl you away violently, O you strong man.  He will seize firm hold on you, and whirl you round and round, and throw you like a ball into a wide land; there you shall die, and there shall be your splendid chariots, you shame of your master’s house.  I will thrust you from your office, and you will be cast down from your station.  In that day I will call my servant Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, and I will clothe him with your robe, and will bind your belt on him, and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah.  And I will place on his shoulder the key of the house of David; he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.  And I will fasten him like a peg in a sure place, and he will become a throne of honor to his father’s house.” .

Over in Rome, the pope who calls himself “Francis” is talking about presenting a new “deeper theology of women”.  This should come as no surprise.  Near the beginning of his time in Rome, Francis began bowing to women, and washing their feet.
Did Jesus ever wash, or kiss the feet of women?  No, he didn’t.  Can Francis, possibly be ‘an imitator of Christ’, by washing the feet of women – even if he claims, to be imitating Christ’s example, in doing so?  No.  Jesus said he came to serve - but to serve how? By bowing to ‘the whims of people’?  Most certainly not!  And yet Francis, would have people believe, the exact opposite.
As Francis physically bows to women, he is in fact worshipping, ‘the collective will of women’ - as one of his false gods.  And he is now, ‘in so deep’, that he is proclaiming, we need a new “feminine theology”.
This new “feminine theology”, began to be more visible, during the papacy of Pope John Paul II, when he made the serious error! - of allowing women in the sanctuary.  Does God tolerate women in the sanctuary, in the Kingdom of Heaven?
Even though John Paul the Second, made “the mistake” of allowing it, the answer - even by ‘the look on his face’, is clearly, No.
The pope who so proudly calls himself Francis, is now revisiting a term that was introduced by pope John Paul II – another one of that pope’s serious errors – Francis is using the term, “feminine genius”.  
So what is this “feminine genius” Francis is talking about?  What “truths” are we going to uncover, by taking a closer look, at this so-called “femine genius”?  If we are going to learn anything about this topic - worth remembering, it will only be through focusing on the Truth!  Let’s review some of the “ingenius moves”, that prominent women have made throughout history – starting, at the beginning…
Was it “ingenious” of Eve, in the Garden of Eden, to eat the forbidden fruit?  Hmmm.  Eve certainly looks quite enamored with that serpent.
But No.  It was a very stupid thing to do.  It was a very stupid move, on Eve’s part - when Adam trusted her, to be alone in the Garden.  And her decision, was so bad, it actually marked the starting point of sin, in the human race.
Was it ingenious of Lot’s wife, to look back at the city of Sodom - when she was forbidden to do so?
No.  “No” – that is, unless, you want to call ‘being turned into a pillar of salt’, a sign of God’s approval.  Lot now had to put both the city of Sodom, and his wife, behind him.  For did not Lot’s wife become - in her own mind, “the salt of the Earth!”
Can you imagine what would have happened to Lot, if he had followed his wife’s example or even taken her advice, at that most decisive point in his life?  If Lot had turned to “the feminine genius” in his wife, at that point, it would have been the end of him….
Moving right along now… was it ingenious of Sarah, to suggest to Abraham, that he go into her maidservant, in order to conceive a child? 
No.  Sarah’s “faithlessness in God’s promise” to Abraham, was not ‘a sign of genius’, it was a sign of impatience.  It was extremely bad advice she gave him, and there was not a trace of genius, that can be found in her inspiration - in her suggestion, whatsoever.

Now up to this point in the Bible, it is very difficult to find any proof, of the existence, of “the feminine genius”.  What about Moses’ wife.  Moses was a great man indeed.  Surely, his wife, would be a timeless example of “the feminine genius”?  And so, was it ingenious of Zipporah, to abandon Moses, when he needed her the most?  
No.  Even though this Bible story is not often shared, it is true: the wife of one of the greatest leaders in History, simply abandoned Moses when things got tough.

It was most certainly not, the most intelligent move, on her part.  In fact, it was quite stupid – which is, the exact opposite, of “genius”.
And So… “is God “anti-female”? Is that what this is all about?  No – most certainly not!  God wouldn’t have created women, if He was.  
God created woman, from man.  God created woman, so that she ‘could turn’, to man’s headship, in order to be purified of her sins, and so that in doing so, one day, she could enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  
God created man, so that man, in turning to God’s headship, could be purified of his sins, and one day, enter, into the Kingdom of Heaven.

These Bible stories I just shared with you, are all an important part of the theology of women – a theology, that has been buried deep, by so many women - who enjoy bathing in their own hubris.

But I have shared with you ‘the true theology of women’, revealed by God, through the writings found in sacred scripture – in the Bible.
And nowhere in the Bible, is the theology of women, more clearly stated, than in the book of Sirach - where it is all summarized, in just one sentence.  You can find it, in Chapter 42, in the words: 
“Better is the wickedness of a man than a woman who does good; and it is a woman who brings shame and disgrace.”
This, is “the true theology of women”.  It is the true theology women need, in order to embrace the Truth, in order to live in the Truth, and in order to get to Heaven.  That antipope over in Rome, who proudly calls himself “Francis”, is in the process of turning “the True Theology of Women” upside down, in order to distract and flatter women with falsehoods and lies, and he is doing it for money – at the expense of their souls!  Do not listen to him.

For more important truths, that you need - in order to get to the Kingdom of Heaven, read my website, Testimony of the Two Witnesses, dot com. 

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(This information is being provided to warn people of the presence of 'the antichrist' spoken of in Scripture,
and to warn people how that 'spirit' is fully manifesting now, in our present time.
These excerpts are in chronologic order, therefore, Antipope Francis is at the bottom.)

“I wish to remind all those who consider themselves “priests”, of the following: Your ‘anointings’ have been removed (121101); Your masses are invalid and in fact you are not only worshipingthe abomination of desolation’ (- a desolation because Jesus is not there, and an abomination because you are calling it “holy”), but you are feeding “your flocks” ‘the spirit of the antichrist’ each time you preach or hand out “communion”; and you will be held ‘even more accountable’ before your Creator for these horrors now that you are fully informed and ‘without any excuse whatsoever’” (121130)
“There is no more Mass: for there is so much poison in one service, that it would do more harm than good to the souls attending.  Those who still go are drawn in by ‘the spirit of the antichrist’ and not, by any means, devotion to Me.  However, the righteous who attend there are having their eyes opened, beginning to see “the abomination of desolation”, in the church - which is in fact: man’s rejection of God and desire for self-worship, self-adoration, self-affirmation, and self-wisdom.”
Do not be alarmed at these ‘phenomenons’ for they are not miracles, though many people will claim they are – especially those who follow the antichrist, especially CNN; but they are ‘mere demons’, in their ‘own-made ships’, which are right in Hell.  More and more of these aliens will appear in the future.”
“Stop listening to the false counsel of ‘the false holy spirit’, and ‘the false jesus’ – otherwise known as ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, or ‘World’.”
“My messages bring truth, life and peace.  But the antichrist wants none of those for My Faithful Remnant followers.  And so, I am permitting him, a short time, to deceive even My Elect – even My Chosen ones – for is it not written, that the stars lost their shining and fell to the Earth”
“The demon of an antichrist’, masquerading as ‘one of My Own’.  Those who fail to discern his lies, deceptions, and folly, do not fall under the title of My Elect, or Chosen Ones…But there is no excuse, the sheep are just as responsible: for they hear My voice and they know Me; and they follow Me out of ‘the antichrist churches’, into True Worship; and they flee the ‘abomination of desolation’ - which is people turning themselves, into ‘gods’.” 
“What the World wants now My children, is ‘Global leadership’ – to be ‘united as one’, in the ‘spirit of the antichrist’. …as the ‘false satanic catholic church’, begins to govern the people ‘with an iron fist’, making ‘harsh demands’ upon them, just like in Nazi Germany, and also China – as this begins to happen – before they can incorporate their whole plan, I will have My Great Warning experience, to protect My Faithful Remnant Church – from the deceits, now embraced by the ‘false satanic catholic church’…The antichrist reign will be brief, and I will come with myriads of angels, and cast the evil one from his throne, down to the abyss, for I am the Lord Thy God, and thou shalt have no other ‘gods’ before Me.”
“The antichrist will set up his kingdom here on Earth, and he will be preached as a ‘good and holy’ man, from ‘the false prophet’.  People, will be told, that, I was never God nor claimed to be, and they will accept this non-sense, because – it will be forced upon their minds through brainwashing.  They will be told that I was just a prophet; but that the true messiah, had not arrived yet, and the people desperate, for a solution to their problems, will believe that the man claiming to be Christ is Me.  But only by tricks, deceptions and lies will he be able to deceive them, by holograph images, portrayed in their minds, they will believe what they see, as ‘true miracles from Heaven’.  Babies will be ‘claiming’, that he is indeed the messiah.  Toddlers will be rejoicing in his presence, as a sign to the people of his authenticity and kindness.  He will copy almost every miracle that I did – that has been recorded in scripture.  Remember, I only did three and a half years of public ministry, and so will he.  Healing the maim, the deaf, the mute, people will wonder at his works.”
“It is as though Hitler has ‘taken to power’ once again, and the Soviets have invaded North America.  Instead of using bombs My children, their ‘weapon of choice’, was simply psychological, social and biological warfare.  With these tools they intend on taking command of the entire nation… But I do have some wild cards that they are not fully expecting… My Two Witnesses …will call down My Justice upon the antichrist and his entire kingdom; will make war with the antichrist and his followers and win; will declare to the nations the true identity of the antichrist; and will tell the people not to worship him – for he, is ‘a fraud’, and ‘a manipulator of the masses’.”
“People are already celebrating ‘the kingdom of heaven’ in their hearts, saying they do not need a Savior, for he is with them!  I tell you this is the ‘spirit of the antichrist.’”
“Yes the ‘spirit of the antichrist’ is very real N., and it has permeated every facet of the Earth upon which you dwell.”
“The churches have failed as a whole – to nourish My people.  And now, on this night, the ‘spirit of the antichrist’, has descended, upon all of the churches, in a very profound way.  It is as though ‘black sludge’ is covering, all of the institutions.” 
“The Roman Catholic Church, has become: like ‘the sinking oil tanker’, that has sunk to the bottom, spilling-out ‘black sludge’ everywhere.  Because the spirit of the antichrist is so strong within that ‘collective organization of people’, then, they are ‘fully immersed’ in the ‘black waters’.” 
“I have sent My Two Ambassadors, to declare War upon the antichrist, and the One World Government’s Agenda, and to proxy on behalf of Me.”
“Christians” have chosen to compromise: what is extremely important, for what is useless - in directing them to Heaven.  Many people fall into this category My children – because they believe compromise, is the solution, and that they are being “good christians” if they do.  But what in fact they are listening to, is ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, for there is no “compromise” in ‘True Christianity’.”
“Unless they pray for the grace to desire to flee, ‘the abomination that makes desolate’, then they will only desire to stay – to keep ‘getting flooded’, by ‘the spirit of the antichrist’.”
“Choose true peace; not the peace, of ‘the antichrist’.  And then you will be: on the ‘right path’.  Until then, you are ‘wandering around’ My people, looking for one ‘high’, after another.”
“So I no longer come, to your souls – through – ‘unconsecrated hosts’, through desolate hosts’; but ‘the enemy of souls’ does; and ‘the spirit of the antichrist’ is what you are all receiving.” 
“The coming, of “the lawless one”, by the activity, of the devil, is about, to manifest – to the fullest degree!  Because he hates man, and desires: that all their souls be lost.  Obama may have “triumphed”, in this “election”, but he forgets, that: I, win, the war.  Indeed, I have already won it!  He is not ‘just a mere man’, but is ‘the desolate one’ – the one, who makes ‘all things desolate’By his very nature, he has an inclination to murder, to mayhem, to chaosOn the surface, he seems personable, friendly and popular with all of the people.  But underneath ‘all of that’, is a heinous plan: for world governance - of all of the nations, by ‘the enemy incarnate’… Obama is ‘not at all’ what he seems like on the surface; but is a tyrant, who will rule ‘very hard’ this term.  He is not, ‘sent, from above’; but from beneath, the surface of the Earth… My Two Witnesses are herenot to perform ‘signs and wonders’ – for the whole World to see; but ‘signs and wonders’, will come: ‘the antichrist’ will perform, many of these signs.” 
(-Jesus, Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - U.S. Election Day Results) 
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“On the Earth: government leaders, are gathered together, around their table – and what is in the midst of them? – is the antichrist.”
“I would rather My People, ‘stay at home’ – on Sundays, and read My Testimony online, and be nourished – rather than go, to ‘their weekly service’, and receive ‘the spirit of the antichrist.”
“Even now you are all ‘desolate’ – because He haswithdrawn His Presence’.  And what are you left with but ‘the spirit of the antichrist’!” 
“Now, they are all ‘bathing in the presence of the antichrist!... ‘The spirit of the antichrist’, is ‘the murder of the conscience’!  So we souls say, “Let them, have, ‘what they want’!”  They don’t want lifeinside their wombs; and they don’t want life ‘inside their souls’.”
“Most people, that go up, to receive, the ‘unholy communion’, the ‘unholy spirit of the antichrist’, are in ‘the state of mortal sin’.” 
“The Most High True God… showed me: what the priests, and the elders, and the Levites, were doing - behind closed doors!  He took me away ‘in Spirit’, and showed me, ‘the vile abominations’, that were being ‘committed’, in ‘His house’!  And I saw it all!  For He showed me through ‘visions’.  ‘In the spirit’, I dug a hole, through a wall – and on the other side, He showed me: all the creeping things, and man-made beasts, and images! - and idols! – the priests, the Levites, the elders, were worshiping.” 
“Because satan, was in the Vatican, and is still there!  And he rules over most of the people.  For his ‘satanic agenda’, has taken the place, of the True Gospel - of True Worship.” 
“Do people, want Me, to be, their Leader? – their Shepherd, and ‘their King’?  Or, do they prefer, ‘the antichrist, and ‘the antipope’ – to lead them, instead?... For all nations, are ‘connected’, through technology, and ‘the spirit of the antichrist’.  For mankind, has chosen, the antichrist, and antipope – to rule, over their ‘physical bodies’, and, ‘spirituality’ – no matter, what religion.” 
“The next, ‘antipope’, is about , to ascend, that, ‘blackened throne’.  And what comes ‘out of his mouth’, will be from ‘the bottomless pit’.  So the people, have ‘the antichrist’ – running their ‘governments’.  And now they will have ‘the antipope they so desperately want’.  But he, can only lead them ‘deeper into hellfire’. .. I leave them to ‘their antipope and antichrist’.  The clock is ‘ticking down’ even as we speak.  There’s not ‘much time left’.” 
“Over in Rome, right now, the “conclave” is under way - but it is all just a charade…But those deceivers and antichrists, over in Rome, believe, that they can deceive the people, even more, if they prop up another Antipope, to take Benedict’s place.  They know, that the people of this Generation, are so focused on “false externals”, that they will all be deceived, when they put ‘a pope costume’ on the next Antipope.  They think they will all get to keep their positions of prestige, position and power, in doing so.  So I say, “let them”.” 
(-Pope Peter the Last, Tuesday Mass, March 12, 2013)
“It appears that the New Antipope – Antipope Francis, is being referred to as “a pope for the poor”.  That new Antipope is wasting no time in showing his ‘true colors’.  For was it not Judas, who was so concerned, on the outside, with caring for the poor. [John 12:4-6] Is not Antipope, Francis, living on the inside, of a billion dollar Palace?  Remember the response Jesus gave to Judas.  Jesus said, “The poor you always have with you, but you do not always have me” [John 12:8
“‘The goats’…like: any kind of spiritual nourishment that is being offered, no matter how good, or bad - they, don’t, care!   And so, they, ‘the goats’, are quite content, in their ‘institution’, being fed ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, from the pulpits, and in ‘the most abominable communions’ – completely devoid of the True Holy Spirit.  You are inviting ‘the goats’, to their Judgment, at, a time, of Your choosing.  This, is ‘the other way’.” 
(-Pope Peter the Last, Thursday, March 14, 2013)
“That Antipope, does not have, Jesus Christ the Lord in his heart, and he has ‘no anointing from Heaven whatsoever’.  And yet, he continues to deceive the people - for that, is the calling he received from below.   Now many people are beginning to see, how thin the fleece truly is on that Antichrist – and his fleece, can only get thinner.”
(-Pope Peter the Last, Thursday Mass, March 14, 2013)
“And now, the abomination of desolation has been ‘set up’, for more that threeyears (-and I hope that some of you know what this means).  The Most High True God is not tolerating the false Shepherds - who deceive the people, for money.   And, the Most High True God wants everyone to know the truth about this new ‘antipope Francis’.” (-Pope Peter the Last, Friday Mass, March 15, 2013
“Jesus has taken away Antipope Benedict’s anointing, and given it to me - the Last Pope, Petrus Romanus.  (And for the record, there was no anointing left in that institution, for the new Antipope – “Francis”, to receive).  And now, without any priestly anointings, the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, is crumbling, on a spiritual level.  And sadly, when people go to that institution to receive sacraments, they walk away feeling absolutely empty inside.”
“Antipope Francis, greatly, displeases Me, My children, for he is, ‘an imposter’, and, ‘an antichrist’, and he wears, ‘many masks’.  The people, have yet, to find out, his ‘true colors.  I, have had enough, of ‘the Vatican’; because they usurp, ‘My Divine Authority’ – moving through, My True Apostles.  They, are corrupt, in every way, possible.  They preach, ‘peace’, to the people, and, ‘Mercy’; and, they, speak of Me, as only ‘a god, of love’.  This ‘institution’, in Rome, will, fall; will ‘crumble to pieces’ – simply because they ‘misrepresent Me’ – to the people’.”
“And I will strike, Antipope Francis, and thrust him down, from his eminence!   And he, shall, fall!  Because the truth, that the people, in that ‘institution’, do not ‘like, to hear’, is that they, have chosen, “a Barabbas” – to rule over them.  Because Francis, is, ‘a murderer’!  And if people do their ‘digging’, they will find out how much, he has been ‘involved’, in peoples’ death; and he has already, agreed, to continue, on, just, like Antipope, Benedict – in plunging ‘the institution’ and the people, into Hellfire!  He is not ‘My Messenger’!  And he is not ‘My Prince of the Apostles’; but ‘a deceiver’ and ‘an antichrist’!  You people, have ‘the antichrist’ over in Washington.  Now, you have, your ‘antichrist’, over in Rome.” 
“It has been revealed, that the Pope, who is currently inside the Vatican, is an Imposter Pope.  It has also been revealed, at this point in history, that ‘the Pope, who calls himself Francis’, has received, “the mark of the Beast”...reveals that “the glory of the olive has fallen”.  Because of his cooperation with the Freemason agenda, Benedict, lost his anointing, and became an Antipope.  The Testimony also reveals, that because the anointing was removed from the Chair of Peter – inside the Vatican, there was simply no anointing, for Francis, to receive.  Could Nostradamus be referring to Antipope Francis, as the Great Mastiff?...Francis has been declared to be, ‘an imposter Pope’, ‘an antipope’, and ‘an antichrist’, before all of Heaven.  He has no anointing whatsoever, and is currently suffering from spiritual insanity.”
Antipope Francis, greatly, displeases Me, My son - because of all the ‘wickedness’, he embraces, in his ‘interior life’.  And yet, presents ‘a soft, and humble, “mirage” – for the people to look at.  He is very clever!  And has ‘grand designs’, for that ‘institution’.  He will, bring about, ‘great changes’ – great, as in ‘size’.  But they will be ‘horrific’ – by nature.  Oh what evils, lurk beneath the surface.  And the people! – are all ‘mesmerized’, by ‘the father of lies’ – working through him.  Because ‘the enemy’, disguises himself as an angel of light.  But the ‘light’, that Antipope Francis, displays for the people, is not, ‘My light’.  Because ‘authentic humility comes, from a sincere desire, to do the Will, of God the Eternal Father, in Heaven.  But he,does not ‘desire this’; but instead, he ‘pretends’, to be ‘following Me’.  And he is notMy True Representative’ – simply because he presents ‘a false image’ of Me, for the people, to worshipI have warned you about this ‘church’, that they are building, My children.” 
“I am not part, of this ‘church’, in these modern times.  But I dwell within the hearts, of My Faithful Remnant, followers.  No amount, of ‘prostrating, on the ground’, now ‘kissing peoples’ feet’, is going, to get “this,Antipope”! – into Heaven.  For I declare, that Antipope Francis, is barred, from the Kingdom of Heaven – from this night forward, until, he repents! – and stops ‘lying to the people’.  This is My Decree from Heaven.”
“Apart from ‘true repentance’, the people, can do nothing!  Nothing! – can be achieved, by them, if, they continue, to worship, ‘the abomination of desolation!  And so, through the peoples’ eyes, Francis, is seen, as ‘a holy man’as he prostrates, himself, in front, of the altar, to be seen by others’! - and to get lots of pictures taken.  What man holds in high esteem I view, as ‘an abomination’.  In fact, when he ‘prostrated himself on the ground’, he was indeed ‘submitting himself’, to satan’s will – and with full knowledge.  Uncomfortable, as it is for the people to hear! – he is ‘nothing more, than satan incarnate’.  And that, is what is called “true love”.  I love you My people; but you are blind! – so I will see for you.  I love you My people; but you are deaf! – so I will hear, for you.  I love you My people; but you are lame! – so I will walk, for you.  What, am I conveying, to the people, My son?”
“Now the Bible speaks about ‘the man of lawlessness’, and ‘the son of perdition’, as though they are the same person.  But Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High True God, has revealed to His Two Witnesses, that ‘the antichrist’, is manifesting, in two differentarenas, so to speak.  The antichrist in the political arena, is Obama.  The antichrist in the religious and spiritual arena, is Antipope Francis.  This is the Truth - whether you believe it or not, will not change the fact, that this is the Truth.”
“See Francis’ facial expressions, in the next few days, My son, and watch ‘his mask’, come down.  For I will turn him ‘inside out’ – that the people, may believe, My word, over their ‘false, shepherd’ - over in the Vatican.”












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Exposing the Lies of ANTIPOPE Francis

“And there came out from the camp of the Philistines a champion named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span… When the Philistine arose and came and drew near to meet David, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet the Philistine.  And David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone, and slung it, and struck the Philistine on his forehead, and he fell on his face to the ground.”

(1 Samuel 17:4, 48-49)

And here is "the stone" - the Cornerstone Himself, that is!

Jesus said: Antipope Francis seeks to distract the people from the desert, they have in their ‘interior lives’.  For he knows, that the Heavens have been shut up, and that the people, are in ‘a spiritual famineHow does he know this?  No spiritual consolation, from the clergy; they are empty; they have no oil! - and their lamps, have gone out; they are malnourished! - they have no bread! - where is ‘true authentic joy’? - they have no wine! – because I am not with them. 

And I, am not re-filling, thewine vessels.  Because these are the End Times. People, who want to be filled with true Joy, must come, to My Banquet! – where there is, wine, oil, and bread!  Where there is honey, and milk.  Whereeverything is free.  Where they can eat! – until they are full; and come back for more

But the reason the clergy are so unhappy, and the people so empty – even though they deceive themselves through false externals, and ‘feelings’, is because, they have not acknowledged, their True Vicar – their True Holy Father, their True PopeNor, the Truth – flowing through My Testimony.

(-Jesus, Easter Tuesday, April 2, 2013)

Important Update: Antipope Francis over in Rome, does not have any "humility", but only pride.  He does not have any "True Joy" either, but only false externals, with which he seeks to deceive the people entrusted to his care.  For "True Humility", is the desire to be docile to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in the Moment, and to act upon them.  Antipope Francis, only acts on inspirations from his father down below, as he is completely cut off from Heaven, he is completely cut off from the Real Presence, his "priestly anointing" has been removed, he never received any anointing as Pope (because that anointing was removed from his predecessor Benedict XVI, and so there was simply no anointing for him to receive), and the True Holy Spirit fled from him a long time ago and has not returned to that "haunt of demons" dressed in white - nor will it ever, as long as continues his charade in that papal uniform.  What Francis is trying so desperately to keep out of the news, is the number of priests, committing suicide, all over the World - and their parishioners, family and friends, have Francis to thank for their passing (and not to Heaven), because Francis knows full well that Jesus Christ the Lord has removed His presence and anointings from the priests within that diabolical institution, and that they are desolate - and yet Francis prefers to knowingly deceive everyone, in their desolation, even to the point of their despair, and ultimate suicide - all the while living the charade that everything is just fine.

QUESTION: So why did the Antichrist, "satan incarnate" - seated over in Rome, in the body of the person who was formerly known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, want the name "FRANCIS"?  Can anyone possibly explain such a thing?

It is really quite simple.  Before satan was cast down from Heaven, he was known as "Lucifer", one of the Archangels.  When Saint Francis went to Heaven, Saint Francis was given the seat, that was left empty, by Lucifer's departure.  In his wrath and fury, when the Antichrist wanted to be made manifest in the religious arena, he wanted to take the seat of Francis.  It is really quite simple.  And here is the documented proof, apart from the fact, that the Real Presence and every anointing, has been removed from the Vatican, and everyone associated with that diabolical institution - all the priests, bishops, cardinals, right up to the Antipope (Francis) himself.

The following excerpts are taken from The Mirror of Perfection, by Brother Leo of Assisi

The vision of Brother Pacificus, wherein he saw and heard that the throne of Lucifer was reserved for the humble (Saint) Francis.

"Blessed Francis was standing before the altar in prayer, and Brother Pacificus remained outside the choir, also praying before the crucifix. And while he was absorbed in prayer he was lifted up in spirit and rapt into heaven, whether in the body or out of the body God alone knows; and he saw in heaven very many seats, and one amongst them was raised above the others, glorious to behold, adorned with splendor and many precious stones, so that he marveled at its great beauty, and wondered whose seat this could be. And he heard a voice that said: "This was the seat of Lucifer, and in his place will be seated the humble Francis. ... Brother Pacificus heard an inner voice say: "By this may you know the truth of the vision revealed to you, since Lucifer for his pride was hurled from his seat, while Francis by his humility has merited to be exalted and gloriously enthroned!"

So what will become of Antipope Francis?  Is there a seat reserved for him in Heaven?  Sorry Francis, but Saint Francis of Assisi is already seated there.  Unfortunately Antipope Francis has been Barred from the Kingdom of Heaven - this has been Decreed from Above.  Furthermore, Antipope Francis now has been marked and sealed, with 'the Mark of the Beast', and that mark will not be removed (apart from sincere repentance, and stepping down from his satanic position with the public declaration that he was an Antipope).  Antipope Francis has now lost a large part of the faculties of common sense and reason, and is becoming increasingly insane, as each day passes. 

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Obama is the Fulfillment of the Antichrist

In the Book of Revelations, in Chapter 12, it is revealed that in ‘the End Times’, “the great dragon”, who is the devil, (Rev 12:9), will be cast down from Heaven, to the earth; it is revealed that ‘all of his fallen angels’ - who are in fact ‘demons’, will be cast down to the Earth with him. It is so important that you, the viewer of this video, be fully informed: that this event – that was ‘prophesied’, in the Book of Revelations, has now, already been fulfilled.  The devil, and his minions, are now spiritually afflicting, almost everyone on this Planet.  It is now, ‘the fullness of the time’ Saint John described, when he said, “The whole world, is in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19).  And yet, there is still ‘a very small Remnant’, of the faithful who are left.  And the Faithful Remnant - at this time in human history, amounts to less than 1% of the World’s population. 

But how can this be? – you might be asking.  How could the devil and his minions be cast down to the earth?  How could everyone be wrong, and just a very few of the faithful, be on the right path?  How could most of the people - who consider themselves to be Christian, be under the power of ‘the evil one’, at this point in human history? 

The answer is quite simple.  It is because they, have forsaken Jesus Christ the Lord; they have forsaken His Ways.  The people have chosen to cling, to those things, that are evil; and they have chosen to call everything that is evil, “good”. 

But how could the whole World be this way? - you might be asking

Because of the internet, TV, radio, cell phones, computers, cable… the list goes on.  People around the world, are now all ‘interconnected’ - through technology, And even though ‘many sins’, are committed each and every day through this technology, the people are not repenting - they are not ‘asking for forgiveness’ for their sins.  People are connected by technology – and so are ‘their sinful choices’.  People are now connected, to such an extent, that ‘the worst part of every culture’, is being broadcast - in one form or another, to every country, on the face of the Earth. And when people embrace ‘sin’, some of them eventually ask for forgiveness – but most people only go through the motions, so that they get a lot of attention.  They humble themselves - but only in order to put on an elaborate show - so that they can keep on sinning.  This is NOT ‘the kind of repentance, that will result in God’s Mercy – but only, His ongoing and continued, Justice.

The Hard Truth, is that People, for the most part, are living lives, that are ‘completely separated from their Creator’ – and as a result, all families are broken.  And why is this? – you ask?  Because there is no True Peace in the families - holding them together.  Families are perpetually embracing lifestyles of mortal sin – as they have chosen to be entertained by violence, murder, mayhem and chaos.  And as a result, God cannot Bless, or dwell: with them, through them, or in them - anymore!  Through technology, not only has the enemy of souls, arisen in the hearts of men, and in families, but also through two - very prominent, political figures. The Book of Revelations, Chapter 13, explains how the devil, “the beast, rose out of the sea.” The sea, is a reference to the multitudes of people. The beast rising out of the sea, is a reference, to the Antipope who is seated, Inside the Vatican – the pope with no anointing from above, whatsoever.  “The beast”, is, ‘Antipope Francis’.  [(The 10 horns is in fact a reference to the 10 major world religions)].  Antipope Francis, is ‘the enemy incarnate’, in ‘the religious arena’ – “the beast”, who “rose out of the sea”.  And yes, it is true, that Antipope Francis is loved by millions of people - because, just like the devil! - Antipope Francis, bows to ‘the will of the people’; but Francis does not bow, to ‘the Will of God’.  Did Jesus ever kiss, the feet of man? Of course not. But Francis bows to man, and kisses the feet of man.  Antipope Francis does this as a sign to everyone, that he worships ‘the will of man’; and in return - Francis receives, the worship, of man.  The great reward he receives, for putting on such a show, of false externals, and false theology, is that He is lifted up, as ‘the object of worship’.  On a deeper level, Francis is encouraging the people to worship, the ‘father of lies’, through his desire, to be, ‘the enemy incarnate’. 

In the Book of Revelations, in chapter 13, we hear that the enemy of souls, the devil, manifests as a Second Beast. “Then I saw another beast which rose out of the earth; it has two horns, like a lamb, and it spoke, like a dragon.” (Revelation 13:11)  Almost everyone knows, that goats, have two horns, but sheep, do not.  The “two horns”, are a reference to Benedict and Francis – the two great Antipopes of these End Times; the “two horns”, are also, a reference to Obama, and Francis – the two great Antichrists of these End Times; But the “two horns”, are also, a reference to Obama’s two separate, personalities.  The earth, that the second beast rose out of, is a reference to people’s hearts.  The hearts of the people of this current generation, have become like the earth - ‘as hard as stone’.  The Second Beast, “spoke like a dragon” – and that means, ‘with the authority of the enemy incarnate’ - moving very slyly - through false externals.  The Second beast, is now fully manifesting, in the political arena, in the person, of Barack Hussein Obama. 

Obama, is not only ‘the President of the United States’, but he is also the first U.S. President to ever preside over the United Nations Security Council - that ‘satanic body’ - that is seeking to govern the entire Planet. Remember, how the “two horns”, are a reference to his two sides – his ‘two separate personalities’?  The beast, moving through Obama, can either “Speak like a lamb” – with the authority of the enemy incarnate; or, he can speak like a dragon, with the appearance of a lamb - this is ‘one meaning’, of the “two horns”.  And Obama exercises ‘the authority of the enemy incarnate’, over the United States, and over the United Nations.  To make matters worse, Obama has chosen to showcase his satanic power, by passing executive orders.  Obama is habitually claiming ‘the individual authority’, to mandate laws, apart from any democratic process, whatsoever.  He is ‘a dictator and a tyrant’.  He is, ‘the enemy incarnate’ - ruling, from the very top, of the political arena.

Mankind believes it can trample down everything of the Spirit, and get away with it.  But Obama, and Antipope Francis, are just two, of ‘the direct consequences’, for ‘the persistent sinful choices’ of the human race. The ‘most severe consequence’, for the persistent sinful choices, of the human race, is the fact that now, more than 99% of the world’s population have received the spiritual ‘mark of the beast’.  More than 99% have now had their human wills fixed – on their sinful choices – the choice to live in a spiritual state, where they are separated from their Creator.  It was once commonly known as, ‘the state of mortal sin’.  But now, more than 99% of the world’s population, are living, in an even worse state: they are now living in ‘the beast state’ – with their human wills ‘fixed’.  And unless they use ‘the Blessed Holy Water’, that is only available through the Two Witnesses, the people of this generation, who have received ‘the mark’, have absolutely no chance, of ever, entering, the Kingdom of Heaven.

With the devil, now cast down to the earth, and fully incarnate, as he rules over both the political arena, and the religious arena - everything, is NOT, “fine”.  The enemy incarnate, is now ruling over, a world of people who for the most part, are in ‘the beast state’.  And while the religious leaders, and the mainstream media lies to the people more and more, every day, the real news story, is that things will ‘most assuredly’ get worse - for most of the people, before, it gets any better - for the very few.  The Truth isn’t always comfortable to hear, but it is necessary, to set people free, from self-deception. And ‘the immutable Truth is this: Obama and Francis are the 2 beasts of the Apocalypse, that are spoken of, in the Book of Revelations.

You are all, now living, in the time of the Apocalypse. I strongly encourage you to learn more about the present ‘spiritual realities’, by watching the other ‘non-profit’ and ‘educational’ videos, that I am sharing - for your benefit.

Francis IS the Son of Perdition
Spoken of in the Bible

Today I am going to explain the prophecy of Saint Paul, where he foretold the coming of ‘theGreat Rebellion’, followed, by ‘the man of lawlessness’, and then ‘the son of perdition’.  Saint Paul makes this prophecy in his Second letter to the Thessalonians, in Chapter 2. 

First of all, why, are these horrible things, going to manifest, in the first place? – one might ask.  Saint Paul explains this in verse 10 and 11.  He writes, that it is “because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.  Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” [2 Thessalonians 2:10b-12]

But, you might say to yourself, “I do believe the Truth”.  Well, if you believe the truth, then are you reading the Testimony of the Two Witnesses?  The Two Witnesses are here.  And this Era, is rapidly coming to an End.  I am going to be quoting the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, and reading the Truth to you.  See if you can even get through this video.  And if you can’t - if you don’t believe this to be true, and refuse to repent, then you will be living in the delusion that Saint Paul Prophesied, and suffer the consequences he spoke of.  It is really that simple.  I hope you are still watching.  First,  I will speak about ‘the Great Rebellion’  What is the Rebellion that Saint Paul is speaking of?  Jesus reveals exactly what it is, in the Testimony.  In short, it is rebelling against the voice of one’s Creator, speaking, in the human conscience.  Almost everyone, on the face of the Earth, has, through rebellion, now “snuffed out” the Voice of the Most High True God, speaking in their ‘interior life’. 

Jesus said:  “To love freely without hindrance or force, is Divine and comes from above.  Mankind in general, does not seek this love - the love that comes from being God’s True children.  No, quite the opposite: mankind seeks approval and acceptance from one-another while disregarding what one truly should seek: the Divine approval and acceptance of God… mankind has turned away from its Creator and has sought out companionship with fellow creatures, instead.  They cling to one another and to each others’ egos, and neglect clinging to their Creator - who only wants to Love them and bring them to the Kingdom of Heaven.  So many protests, so many No’s.  When will mankind’s rejection of God cease?...  there are many who doubt the Truth, but that does not change what is True.  Just because others choose to live ‘in their own World without Me, having no consequences for their actions’ - does not mean that they will not have to pay ‘the price’ for their rejection of Me.  I only have Love to give to My children, and Discipline is Love.  Just because they ask Me for what they want, does not mean that I will give them that; but only what they need is truly good, for them…  for those who prefer the hot fires of Hell because of rebellion - against the Truth that is in them, well then that is where they will go - because they choose to…People… deny Me and go on believing that Heaven and Hell do not exist, and that their life is over after death… they have denied Me, and to deny Me, in fact, is to hate Me; to hate Me is to hate Life and Truth.  There is no Life in Hell, neither is there any Truth there…  I desire all to come to the Kingdom of Heaven; but not all will come, because they would rather have their ‘own kingdom’, where they are their ‘own rulers’ instead.  For ‘One Universal Kingdom’, there can only be one King - all others, are traitors, “Judases”, and are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Listen to My words again, My children, and reflect upon them - deeply, for what I am showing you, is ‘the human condition’: the condition is called “humanism” and you have already heard it proclaimed.” [-Jesus, Friday, February 10, 2012]

Now the Bible speaks about ‘the man of lawlessness’, and ‘the son of perdition’, as though they are the same person.  But Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High True God, has revealed to His Two Witnesses, that ‘the antichrist’, is manifesting, in two different arenas, so to speak.  The antichrist in the political arena, is Obama. 

The antichrist in the religious and spiritual arena, is Antipope Francis.  This is the Truth - whether you believe it or not, will not change the fact, that this is the Truth.

First, I will share with you, what Jesus has revealed, about the manifestation of the lawless one, in the political arena.

Jesus said: “The coming, of “the lawless one”, by the activity, of the devil, is about, to manifest – to the fullest degree!  Because he hates man, and desires: that all their souls be lost. Obama… is not ‘just a mere man’, but is ‘the desolate one’ – ‘the one, who makes ‘all things desolate’By his very nature, he has an inclination to murder, to mayhem, to chaosOn the surface, he seems personable,friendly and popular with all of the people.  But underneath ‘all of that’, is a heinous plan: for world governance - of all of the nations, by ‘the enemy incarnate’. Just as I, came – to the Earth, to sow ‘seeds of Life, and Truth in people; indeed, I am here again – through My Two Witnesses – sowing seeds of Truth and Life – within souls who want to escape ‘the beast state’.  Obama is ‘not at all’ what he seems like on the surface; but is atyrant, who will rule ‘very hard’ this term.  He is not, ‘sent, from above’; but ‘from beneath, the surface of the Earth’… It is better to run away and flee, from the Abomination of Desolation, in all of the churches.  And it is better to flee, ‘the Obama Nation’, that is set-up, in, “the white house” - not “white” at all, but “drips with the blood of theinnocent” - here, is the leader, that you wanted; instead, of My Laws, and My Commands, and My Love.” [-Jesus, Wednesday, November 7, 2012 (U.S. Election Day Results)]

And now I will share with you, what Jesus has revealed, about the manifestation of ‘the son of perdition’, in the religious arena.  Just yesterday…

Jesus said: Antipope Francis, greatly, displeases Me, My son - because of all the ‘wickedness’, he embraces, in his ‘interior life’.  And yet, presents ‘a soft, and humble, “mirage” – for the people to look at.  He is very clever!  And has ‘grand designs’, for that ‘institution’.  He will, bring about, ‘great changes’ – great, as in ‘size’.  But they will be ‘horrific’ – by nature.  Oh what evils, lurk beneath the surface.  And the people! – are all ‘mesmerized’, by ‘the father of lies’ – working through him.  Because ‘the enemy’, disguises himself as an angel of light.  But the ‘light’, that Antipope Francis, displays for the people, is not, ‘My light’.  Because ‘authentic humility comes, from a sincere desire, to do the Will, of God the Eternal Father, in Heaven.  But he,does not ‘desire this’; but instead, he ‘pretends’, to be ‘following Me’.  And he is not ‘My True Representative’ – simply because he presents ‘a false image’ of Me, for the people, to worship. I have warned you about this ‘church’, that they are building, My children.  I am not part, of this ‘church’, in these modern times.  But I dwell within the hearts, of My Faithful Remnant, followers.  No amount, of ‘prostrating, on the ground’, now ‘kissing peoples’ feet’, is going, to get “this,Antipope”! – into Heaven.  For I declare, that Antipope Francis, is barred, from the Kingdom of Heaven – from this night forward, until, he repents! – and stops ‘lying to the people’.  This is My Decree from Heaven…Jesus continues: “And so, through the peoples’ eyes, Francis, is seen, as ‘a holy man’ – as he prostrates, himself, in front, of the altar, to be seen by others’! - and to get lots of pictures taken.  What man holds in high esteem I view, as ‘an abomination’.  In fact, when he ‘prostrated himself on the ground’, he was indeed ‘submitting himself’, to satan’s will – and with full knowledge.  Uncomfortable, as it is for the people to hear! – he is ‘nothing more, than satan incarnate’.”  [-Jesus, Good Friday, March 29, 2013]

And Now, with all this being revealed, you may be wondering what Saint Paul was referring to, when he said, “Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false.” [2 Thessalonians 2:11]

The “strong delusion” Saint Paul was speaking of, is ‘the mark of the beast’.  This mark was sent upon almost everyone on the face of the earth above the age of reason, on Christmas Day 2012.  When the mark was given, to the people, this is what happened: their soul, was ‘set aside’; they lost their free will – so that their wills were then ‘fixed’; and they lost the ability to use common sense and reason.  And therefore, they could only exist with a ‘strong delusion’, about the current reality – the delusion, Saint Paul spoke of. I am sure, that you have much to think about.  And so, I will now leave you, with these closing words, from Jesus Christ the Lord.

Jesus said: “So the people, have ‘the antichrist’ – running their ‘governments’.  And now they will have ‘the antipope they so desperately want’.  But he, can only lead them ‘deeper into hellfire’.  Now as I said before My Mercy is being extended, through My Two Olive Branches – through you, My son, the Last, Pope – for people, who want to be nourished, in, the Truth; for those who want to repent, and ‘get right with Me’.  Otherwise I leave them to ‘their antipope and antichrist’.  The clock is ‘ticking down’ even as we speak.  There’s not ‘much time left’.  That is all that I have to say to the both of you for now.” [-Jesus, Monday, March 11, 2013]

Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, Most High True God, we pray that you would bless people, to use what little time they have left, wisely… Amen.


Exposing the Lies in the Homilies of Antipope Francis - What is faith?

This is the first video in a new series, that is so appropriately named, "Exposing the Lies in the Homilies of Antipope Francis". The point of this series is not to point out the little things that Francis says, that could be taken out of context.  The point of this series, is not to expose the many, small errors in his homilies.  The point of this series, is to expose the glaringly obvious errors in the homilies of Antipope Francis – errors that are so great, that they are in fact the exact opposite, of what Jesus Christ the Lord taught his disciples. This series, will reveal to the mainstream media, and to anyone else who is interested, how it is absolutely impossible, for Francis to be the Representative of Christ.

The first lie in the Homilies of Antipope Francis that I will expose, will be from the homily on February 21, 2014.

Let's begin, by recalling what the Scriptures teach about faith.

It is commonly understood, that “faith” is believing without seeing.

In the letter to the Hebrews, in Chapter 11, it is written,

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

(Hebrews 11:1)

There is also a well known story, that recalls how, after Jesus rose from the dead, Thomas, one of the twelve disciples, refused to believe in the resurrection.  Thomas said,

“Unless I see in his hands the print of the nails, and place my finger in the mark of the nails, and place my hand in his side, I will not believe.”
(John 20:25b) 

But when Jesus finally appeared to Thomas, Jesus said to him ,

“Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side; do not be faithless, but believing.”
(John 20:27b) 

Jesus rebuked Thomas for being faithless, because Thomas desired an encounter with Jesus, in order to have faith. 

Jesus then corrected Thomas with the words, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. (John 20:29) 

In other words, blessed are those who have faith, before they meet God face to face.

Now, with these basic teachings about faith fresh in our minds, let’s listen to what Francis taught about faith on February 21. Francis said, “Faith is a meeting with Jesus Christ, with God” 

Remember how the letter to the Hebrews teaches us that “Faith is the conviction of things not seen”.  So how can faith be “a meeting with Jesus Christ”. 

Remember how Jesus corrected Thomas, when Thomas refused to believe, until He met with Jesus. Jesus said to Thomas, do not be faithless.

When we meet with someone, we cannot have faith in their existence, because we then have Knowledge of their existence.  We know someone through meeting them, we do not obtain faith through meeting with a


Remember what Jesus said to Thomas, after Thomas refused to have faith in the resurrection,

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”.

In other words, it is not those who find knowledge of God in meeting Him who will be blessed, but rather, those who find faith before that meeting.  People who meet with God, without having any faith, will most likely be meeting Him at their Judgment, and in a very poor spiritual state.  And that is exactly what Francis is preparing his flock for – Francis is preparing his flock to be spiritually empty, with absolutely nothing to offer their Creator, at the time of their Judgment.  It is for this reason, that he said, "Faith is a meeting with Jesus Christ, with God".

Francis is simply a mouthpiece for his father down below - the father of lies - who would gladly proclaim a 1000 truths, if only he can insert one lie.  Francis is quick to turn the True Teaching on faith, upside down, in order to ensure the eternal perdition of the flock under his care.

For ages it has been taught that the Pope is infallible when teaching on matters of faith and morals - and so how can Francis possibly be a pope, if he doesn't even know the most basic teaching about faith itself? He can’t be the True Pope, and he isn’t!  Francis is an Antipope, and is shepherding his flock to Eternal Flames.  If you are a member of his flock, stop going to Church. Email me and request a free copy of the Testimony of the Two Witnesses – find out what the Most High True God is asking of His Faithful Remnant - in order to survive these End Times, and Live!

You can watch this, video with the transcript, simply by clicking on the link you will find in the description box below. Until Next time, I am Petrus Romanus.


  Today, 'the LIE in the Homilies of Antipope Francis that I will expose, will be from the homily he gave on the Sunday after Easter, in 2014 – the Sunday that many so-called Christians refer to, as “Divine Mercy Sunday”.

Now before I reveal ‘the LIE in Antipope Francis’s homily’, first, I am going to give you some very important background information, about Pope John XXIII.  It was under John XXIII’s watch, that the Second Vatican Council was convened.  It was a council that was taken over by freemasons; a Council, that introduced a large portion of the freemason agenda into the teachings of the Church.  The Council brought about ‘the rapid downward spiral’ of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, and was greatly influential in bringing it to its present point in human history – the point at which it is now, fully submerged, in ‘the spiritual flames of Hell’.

Antipope Francis chose to Canonize Pope John XXIII on this day – the Antipope, chose to formally declare, that Pope John XXIII, is now included, in the list of recognized Saints.

 -In other words, it was ‘not a good idea’ for Pope John XXIII to Convene the Second Vatican Council – and in fact, was one of the worst decisions made by any pope, in the history of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution.  In fact, it was ‘such a bad decision’, to convene the Council, that soon after, convening it, Pope John XXIII fell ‘gravely ill’, and he found himself on his deathbed!  As he approached the moment of death – John XXIII was shown ‘visions’, of what would be ‘the result’, of the Vatican Council he convened.  Having seen the visions, of ‘the disaster’ that would be the result, of the Second Vatican Council - John XXIII did, in fact repent – at the very last possible second, with dying breath.  His dying words, were, “Stop the Council, Stop the Council,”

And what I am sharing with you is no secret. Speaking of John XXIII, one author writes, “Perhaps the biggest mistake he made was to convoke the Second Vatican Council, since it provided an opening for the hidden enemy to infiltrate the Church. According to Pope Paul VI [- the pope who was elected after him], the Council of Vatican II was that “fissure” through which “the smoke of satan entered into the temple of God.” (June 29, 1972) http://acatholiclife.blogspot.ca/2014/04/the-canonization-of-pope-john-xxiii-its.html

Now with all this history – with all these facts, it should be clear to you, the viewer of this video, to see that Pope John XXIII’s decision, to convene the Second Vatican Council, was most certainly not, an inspiration of the True Holy Spirit – but instead, was one of the worst, human errors, of any pope in history. John XXIII’s decision to convene the Second Vatican Council, could not POSSIBLY, have come from an inspiration, from the True Holy Spirit.

But what does Antipope Francis say?  What LIE, does Antipope Francis proclaim, about John XXIII?  Antipope Francis said, in his homily, and I quote; Antipope Francis said…

 “In convening the Council, Saint John XXIII showed an exquisite openness to the Holy Spirit[“He let himself be led and he was for the Church a pastor, a servant-leader. This was his great service to the Church;”] …he was the pope of openness to the Holy Spirit.”


John XXIII spent many long years in Purgatory – but he is already a Saint, in Heaven. He is not in Heaven because of anything Antipope Francis said or did.  In fact, Antipope Francis’ Canonization Ceremony is invalid – because Francis, is not ‘a True Pope’, and has no anointing from above, whatsoever.  But Francis clearly wants John XXIII - the Pope, who ushered in, ‘the freemason agenda’, into the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution - to be included on the list of recognized Saints. 

And why would this be?  Why would Antipope Francis – a Freemason, want people to recognize the Pope, who ushered in ‘the Freemason Agenda’, [as one who is] to be recognized in the Canon of Saints?  The answer is really quite simple: Francis, wants HIS introduction, of even more of the Freemason Agenda, into the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, to be seen, as ‘the work of a Great Saint’ – when really – it can only be, the work of ‘the devil in disguise’.  Make no mistake: Antipope Francis, is, ‘the devil incarnate’, in ‘the religious arena’, in these End Times.

I encourage you to watch this video with the transcript – you will find some important links to the quotes as well.  You can find the transcript simply by clicking on the link you will find in the description box below.  I am, Petrus Romanus.

Today, 'the Lie in the Homilies of Antipope Francis' that I will expose, will be from his homily he gave on Palm Sunday, 2014.

Antipope Francis used his Palm Sunday homily, as an opportunity to pretend, that he was presenting ‘an examination of conscience’, to the people.  And because he was only 'pretending', Antipope Francis’ “examination of conscience”, was in fact, a deception; his entire homily, was ‘a lie’.  In fact, what Antipope Francis presented to the people, was nothing less, than a boast from ‘the enemy incarnate’ – it was, a boast, of ‘some of the greatest accomplishments’, of ‘the devil’, that have manifested through that Antipope, during his short, and Hellish term in office. Why do I refer to Francis as an "Antipope"? - you may be wondering. In previous videos, I have shared recent Divine Revelations, from the Throne of God in Heaven, that reveal the following: The Revelations from Heaven reveal that allanointings were removed from Pope Benedict - long before he was forced to step down.  And so, when Francis took his place, there was simply no anointing left for him to receive - no 'anointing from above', that is.  It was all a modern echo, of the story of King Saul, in the Old Testament of the Bible.  And like King Saul, Francis was fully aware of the fact that there was no anointing for him, at the time he took his seat; and yet he went through with the charade, of pretending to be God’s anointed, just the same.  But the father of lies, the enemy of souls, who lives in Hell, gave Francis 'some very big gifts', for pretending to be a Pope. And to glorify his father down below, Antipope Francis used his Palm Sunday homily, to showcase some of his father's accomplishments, that have been manifesting through him.

Because Antipope Francis is in fact, "the great Antichrist in the religious Arena", in these End Times, Francis naturally, wants to deceive people, so that he can lead them astray. Francis wants to pretend that he is capable, of teaching Christian morals, and the Christian Faith. Antipope Francis shared his "examination of conscience", because he wants the people to see him as a moral leader - even, as he boasts, of the enemy’s accomplishments moving through him - and mocking the people to their faces, as he does so.  And Palm Sunday was chosen as the perfect opportunity, for him to do so.

Now for those who are not familiar with 'what an examination of conscience is', here is a simple definition:  An examination of conscience, is a review, of one's past thoughts, words, deeds, and neglects.  The purpose of this review, is for the person, to determine, how much they have been either living, or ‘going against’, the Christian moral teachings, in their day to day lives.

And so, just what did Antipope Francis say? - you might be wondering. What are these, "boasts of the enemy", that came out of Antipope Francis' mouth?

The quotes I am about to share with you, are English translations, from an official catholic source [Translation by Joseph Trabbic http://www.zenit.org/en/articles/pope-francis-homily-at-palm-sunday ], and these quotes have not been altered in any way.  You had better brace yourself, because what 'the devil incarnate', in the person of
Antipope Francis said, about his accomplishments, on Palm Sunday, is not comfortable to hear.

Here are just a few highlights, of what Antipope Francis said:

He begins by asking - rhetorically, the basic question.  Antipope Francis says:

"Who am I? Who am I before my Lord?..."

Now what Antipope Francis was really asking, is "who is he, before his father, down below" - how has he been doing? - as he continues to do, his father - the devil's, bidding.

During his "examination" Antipope Francis gets around to asking, “the big question”.  Antipope Francis said - and I quote; Antipope Francis said:

"... Am I like Judas, who pretends to love and kissed the Master to hand him over, to betray him? Am I a
traitor? Am I like the leaders who hastily put together the tribunal and look for false witnesses? Am I like them?..."

But then Antipope Francis 'drops the bomb', so to speak.  Antipope Francis finally admits it, with the following
words:  He said:

"...And when I do these things, if I do them, do I believe that I save the people in this way?..."

There are many more disturbing things that Antipope Francis said in his Homily, and you will find them in the transcript to this video.

["...Am I like Pilate? When I see that the situation is difficult, do I wash my hands and not know how to accept my responsibility and let people be condemned, or condemn them myself?

Am I like that crowd that did not know whether it was in a religious meeting, a trial or a circus, and chooses Barabbas? For them it was the same: it was more entertaining to humiliate Jesus.

Am I like the soldiers who strike the Lord, spit upon him, insult him, have fun humiliating him?..

Am I like those leaders who on the following day went to Pilate to say: “Look, he said that he would be raised. Make sure that more deception does not happen!” and hold back life, block the tomb to defend doctrine, so that life does not come out?

Where is my heart? Which of these people am I like?"]

But when Antipope Francis finally, publicly, admitted, that he is in fact "the Great Judas" of these End Times - that
he in fact, is "the son of perdition" mentioned in the Bible; when Antipope Francis finally admitted his true role, with
the words,

"And when I do these things..."

...the debate, about 'his true identity', ended.  Antipope Francis is, the devil incarnate.

Now it is true, that ‘the enemy of souls’, is “the accuser of the brethren” (Revelations 12:10), but what most people do not know, is that Jesus Christ the Lord, is, “the accuser, of the Wicked!” (The Testimony of the Two Witnesses – look it up) - and I, am Petrus Romanus. 

I encourage you to watch this video with the transcript, simply by clicking on the link you will find in the description box below [...well done! - you found it].

Exposing the Lies in the Homilies of Antipope Francis - You must feel like a Christian?

Today, the lie in the Homilies of Antipope Francis that I will expose, will be from the homily on February 27, 2014. What does it mean to be a Christian.  A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ the Lord. 

Jesus said: "If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."

To be a Christian, is to be a follower of Christ – and this means to embrace the Divine Will of the Most High True God, and to prefer the Divine Will, over self-will.  To embrace the Divine Will, is to embrace all the 10 Commandments, and to live them.  To embrace the Divine Will, is to strive to always listen to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit of the Moment - in each and every moment of your life, and to be docile to those inspirations.

But on February 27th, Antipope Francis over in Rome, decided to introduce a whole new dimension, to the Christian identity.  He decided to focus the people on their feelings, and to make ‘feelings’, an essential part of being a Christian. 

Francis said, “One might say, 'I am a Christian!' but if you do not live like a Christian, if you do not act like a Christian, if you do not think like a Christian and feel like a Christian, something is amiss… if one of these things is missing, he [or she] is not a Christian, there’s something wrong.”

And so, Francis is now declaring that in order to be a Christian, one must “feel like a Christian”.  If you do not feel like a Christian, you are not a Christian, according to Antipope Francis.

Now when the Blessed Virgin Mary spoke to my wife and I, on December 17, 2013, she said:  “Know this, my dear children, that ‘Faith’, ‘True Faith’, in the Lord Jesus Christ – my Son, is not ‘a feeling’.  It isn’t even ‘a gut sense’.  It is ‘a choice’ to believe what you know to be true in your hearts; and the choice to act on that belief.” 

When Jesus Christ the Lord spoke to my wife and I on April 4, 2013, Jesus said: “During, My three years of ministry, I spent, much of the time, ‘giving’, of Myself, to the people - out of love, for God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  But My focus was never on the people! – and their ‘feelings; and ‘their desires’; and their ‘wants’ and ‘concerns’.  Though they would come to Me with them – often.  But I, would instead ‘direct their attention’, to what is most important. Though the people, were surrounded, by death; through walking among them I showed them Life!”

The reason I shared these two messages from Heaven with you - messages that can be found in the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, is so that you can see quite clearly, how Antipope Francis, is teaching the exact opposite, of what is being proclaimed from the Highest Heavens. 

Antipope Francis, cannot possibly be the Representative of Christ. Francis is turning people inwards - towards self, towards their feelings. He is turning people inwards, so that through self-deception, his flock can find a false identity, so that his flock can find ‘a false Christ’, so that each member of his flock, can become an antichrist, just like he is.   Francis is turning people away from Heaven, away from God, away from the teachings and example of Jesus Christ the Lord, as Francis shepherds his flock, straight into Eternal Flames.

Can you imagine, how long Jesus Christ the Lord would have lasted on the Cross, if He was focused on His feelings?  It was on the Cross where Jesus focused on God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, and prayed that His sacrifice would not be in vain.  And yet, how can His Sacrifice help anyone, who prefers to follow, that devil in disguise named Francis, who is shepherding people inwards, and downwards, towards their feelings.  Jesus can’t help them, and He won’t.  If you prefer Antipope Francis over in Rome – if you prefer to follow ‘the god that he has created’ in his own image and likeness, then truly, you have already received your reward.

However, if you prefer to reach out to the Most High True God – then Email me and request a free copy of the Testimony of the Two Witnesses – find out what the Most High True God is asking of His Faithful Remnant - in order to survive these End Times; and Live!   I am Petrus Romanus.



This is the face of the MAN - the Transexual, named "Serena Williams"

(For quick translation into another language, the translate button is located at the top of this page)

0:00 [Sports Announcer's voice from London 2012 Olympics Tennis Final]  "Began, with three aces!  Finished with aces!  Gold medal to Serena Williams, over Maria Sharapova!  6 - Love, 6 - 1.  And that is, a sensational Gold medal performance!

(0:26) Some people, will be able to take just one look, at this photo of Serena Williams, and immediately recognize, the face of a man. But for those who need a little more proof, you will find it here, in this video. 

(0:42)When Serena Williams took the podium at the 2012 Olympics, something extraordinary happened; something that is against all mathematical odds…

(0:54) The American Flag, fell, all by itself, right at the point in the National anthem, [sound of crowd in shock]  where the flag is normally mentioned, in the lyrics. It was a sign, for the whole world to see.  But what does it mean? 

(1:10) Most people who have seen a picture of Serena Williams have noticed that Serena has a face that appears to be very masculine.  They have also noticed that Serena Williams has an upper body, that appears to be very masculine.

(1:28) This video, will explain, ‘this common first impression’ of Serena Williams, and much more – it will even explain, why the Flag fell, at the London Olympics.  But first, we will take a quick look at a summary, of our last video.

(1:45) In a previous video, we used systematic,… investigative,… and forensic methods - to establish that Michelle Obama is in fact a Man [Voice of Barack Obama saying "Michael"], who prefers to dress up, and who prefers to present himself, as a woman.

(2:03) Michelle Obama, is, in fact, a man. 

(2:08) He is ‘a drag Queen’, whom American taxpayers have placed on a pedestal, and celebrated as ‘a woman’. 

(2:17) Michelle carefully uses illusions, created by fashion, to conceal his true male proportions.

(2:24) Americans pay top dollar, for Michelle’s wardrobe…

(2:29) …travel expenses, security detail, and every imaginable perk, as Americans finance, Michelle’s… [Voice of Barack Obama saying: “Michael and I, also want to..."] ... that is, "Michael’s”, ongoing deception.  Along with his partner Barack…

(2:46) …and their adopted children…

(2:49) …Americans have raised up, and celebrated, these two male lover, and have turned Michael and Barack, into the most powerful homosexual couple, on the planet.

(3:04) With that video now behind us, it is now time to take a closer look at…

(3:10) …wait a minute, that’s Conan the Barbarian!   My, what big biceps Conan has!

(3:17) Oh no!  That’s not Conan!  That’s Serena Williams!  What is a tennis player, who is supposed to be a woman! - doing, with biceps like those?

(3:29) Oh, he is smashing one of the strongest and most expensive tennis rackets on the planet, into pieces! - as though it was just a little stick!  Not only does Serena have ‘the Strength of a man’, but he also has ‘some very serious anger issues’ as well.  We will ‘get to those’ later.  But first, let’s look at why Serena has ‘the strength of a man’. 

(3:59) But before we do, some people watching this video, might think that the photo, of Serena’s biceps, was photoshopped. It is not surprising, that some people may believe that - because so many of the images of Serena Williams, that people have seen, have indeed, been photoshopped.

(4:20) Like this one – actually, the magazine editor removed the arms altogether.

(4:28) Or like this one.  Notice how the biceps and arms have been covered up.  Notice also, how the waist

from an actual woman, has been photoshopped onto this picture.  And so, now, let’s have a good look, at what Serena’s waist really looks like.

(4:48) Serena Williams has the waist of a man.  Does anyone in America remember, what ‘a man’, looks like anymore?  Perhaps this next image, will help:

(5:01) This is Serena Williams, without the facially distorting smile, and he most certainly has…

(5:09) …the Face, of a man.  Pink nail polish on those fingernails, and some plucked eyebrows, cannot hide - that Man Face!

(5:18) Serena Williams has the neck of a man.  Be honest with yourself.  Have you EVER seen a neck like that, on a woman?  And remember – Serena is NOT ‘a bodybuilder’; He is, ‘a tennis player’.

(5:36) Serena Williams has the Shoulders of a man. 

(5:41) Serena Williams has the Arms of a man.

(5:45) Serena Williams has breasts - that have been formed by Hormone Replacement Therapy, and those breasts are located: on the Upper Torso - of a man! – who likes to present himself, and who prefers to dress

up, as ‘a woman’.

(6:03) Serena Williams has the Lower Torso of a man.  Nice Man-Legs Serena!  Nice job balancing on those stilettos as well. 

(6:14) Serena Williams has a lower torso that is heavier than his upper torso, because of fat deposits, that are a direct result of hormone replacement therapy. 

(6:25) Serena Williams is NOT ‘little red riding hood’. He has the Bone Structure and overall body proportions of a man. 

(6:35) Serena Williams is in fact, a man…

(6:40) … who likes to deceive people, into believing, that he is a woman - by distracting people with his big facially distorting smile…

(6:50) …through flamboyant gestures and behavior; by deliberately raising his voice…

(6:56) …by wearing makeup; [sound of man laughing] by wearing women’s clothing, and by surgically altering his male genetalia. 

(7:04) Now it is quite understandable, how some people may be a little ‘shocked’, at this point in the video, “shocked” that is - to finally hear, the Truth!   And while in shock, some people may in fact, be entering into

‘the first stage of grief’ – a stage, that is known as, “denial”.  There is not much this video is going to do, to help you with the “shock”, but perhaps this next observation, will help you to get through “the denial phase”,

a little faster. 

(7:36) The most immutable and ‘blatantly obvious’ proof, that Serena Williams was born as, a baby boy, with Male Chromosomes, is the indent point at the waist.  Notice how a woman’s waist has indent points, on both sides, above the navel; whereas a man’s waist, has indent points below the naval.

(8:00) Now if we take a close look at the indent point on the waist of the woman, walking next to Serena, we can clearly see, that the waist indent point, is above the navel; whereas Serena’s waist indent point, is below the naval, and is located just at the top of the hip bone. Perhaps this will help. 

(8:23) Once again, the waist of a healthy woman, naturally indents above the navel. Serena’s waist indents, below the naval. Perhaps Serena could show us, where his waist indent point would be, if he in fact, was a woman...

(8:41) Thank you Serena… yes, it would be right about there. And because it is not, Serena Williams, has the DNA of a man. 

(8:53) Apparently that whole ‘gender deception thing’, did not work out very well for him, at all!

(9:00) Now some people, will argue, that ‘physical differences between white people and black people’, are responsible, for the different ‘waist indent points’, that are shown in this photo.  And so, let’s see if that is, ‘a credible argument’. 

(9:18) Here is a photo of a black woman.  Notice ‘the waist indent point’, is located above the naval. 

(9:26) Once again, a photo of a black woman.  Notice, the waist indent point, is most certainly, located ‘above the naval’... 

(9:37) In this photo, it is easy to see, that NO amount of muscle, can change, one of the most basic features, of a healthy woman - the feature that in fact, gives ‘a healthy woman’, her natural hourglass shape – and that is the indent point, that is located above the navel.  And so, the argument that Serena’s waist indent point is lower because of Serena’s black ancestry, has no basis whatsoever in reality. 

(10:10) Remember Serena’s Magazine cover?  Do you notice anything unusual about ‘the waist indent point’ on Serena, when you compare it to the only woman in this photo?  Perhaps this will help.

(10:25) This, is the typical ‘waist indent point’, of a man.

(10:31) Serena’s waist indent point, is located below his naval, at the top of his hip bone - because Serena, was born a male - and in fact, has been physically formed, by male DNA – that can be found in each and every cell, in his body.  He can ‘straighten and color’ his hair; put makeup on his face; and wear designer skirts and bras; but Serena Williams - can’t hide the fact, that under all those false externals, is the DNA, of a man. He may look like he is having feminine feelings; but science, is not backing that up.

(11:12) Most people do not know, that the human body is ‘naturally proportioned’ - based on a ratio between overall body height, and the size of a person’s head!  In this illustration, you can see how perfectly proportioned, a typical human body of each gender, is.  This illustration also reveals a description of how the shoulders are measured. 

(11:38) A healthy person with female DNA, has shoulders that are typically 2 and a half times the width of the head, as this illustration demonstrates.

(11:50) This illustration, reveals the typical shoulder width, of a person with male DNA – the shoulders are 3 heads wide, and the overall height is 8 heads tall – one head taller, than a woman.  Thanks for modeling the natural male proportions Serena!  Serena really is ‘a model’ – a model of male proportions.

(12:13) And that includes skull proportions.  If you like, you can compare the bulge in Serena’s eyebrow…

(12:20) …to the typical eyebrow bulge in the African male skull.  Of course, you could then compare it to…

(12:29) The much flatter eyebrow, that is found in the typical African female skull.  You will find, if you do so, that Serena has the bulge that is typically found , in the African male skull.

(12:44) Find a photo of Serena next to an actual woman, and the difference in eyebrow bulge, is easy to spot.

(12:52) Nice hairdo Serena!  And that person with the bulging eyebrows on the left, is Serena’s older brother, whose name is Venus.  Brother?

(13:03) Yes, “brother”.  Hormone replacement therapy, can cause breasts to form on a man, and can even cause fat deposits on the upper thighs…

(13:13) …but no amount of ‘hormone replacement therapy’, can flatten Venus’ eyebrows, or move Venus’ waist indent point, above the navel – the place where it is located, on all women.  But that is most definitely, ‘the waist of a man’.  And for those who forgot…

(13:32) This is what the waist of a healthy black male, with male DNA looks like.

(13:39) This, is what the waist of a healthy black woman, with female DNA looks like.

(13:45) And this, is Venus Williams – who most certainly does NOT, have female DNA. Nice earrings Venus.

(13:54) These two “brothers” - a term that also means “boys”, took the tennis world by storm, and deliberately used their ‘male advantage’, against women, in order to win at ‘a women’s sport’.  Well done Williams brothers!  Perhaps someone should have told them, when they were growing up, not to pick on girls!  But in fact, they were told repeatedly the exact opposite.  We will get to that point later.  And now, a few words from my husband.

(14:29) [Male Narrator Voice begins] Is it fair, for a man, who has arms like that, to compete in ‘a woman’s tennis event’…

(14:36) …against ‘a woman’, who has arms, that are only half the size?”  Remember, it is ‘a woman’s sport’, that we are talking about here – we are not talking about competing in ‘a transgender tournament’. 

(14:50) At this point in the video, it is now time to ask the obvious question: “How did a man, named “Serena”, get on a woman’s tennis court, in the first place?”

(15:01) Thanks to their father, Richard Williams, the missing part of their story, has now been publicly revealed.  Before the two boys were born, Mr. Williams carefully wrote down a plan – a plan that was 78 pages long.  In his plan, he carefully plotted out, how he was going to get out of the Ghetto, and become rich.  He knew that his plan would be a real ‘game changer’.  Out of greed, he would forever change ‘the face of women’s tennis’, by putting ‘the face of a man’ there, instead.

(15:34)  [Video Narrator voice] "Born in Compton California, one of Los Angeles' poorest suburbs, we learned that it was their father Richard who started them playing tennis before they were five.  He saw sport as 'their ticket out of the Ghetto'."  [Voice of Richard Williams] "I uh, had watched a tennis match on TV, and I really didn't see a match!  The match was over with, and they was giving this young lady $40,000.00 because she won a tournament.  And I figured since I worked for $52,000.00 all year, and this girl make $40,000.00 in four days, I knew I was in the wrong business"

(16:09) But here is the part of his plan, that he kept hidden - until now, that is.  Richard adopted two boys.  He immediately abused those boys, by giving them girls names, and by passing them off as girls.  He kept their true gender, carefully hidden.  He home schooled them, and through the use of brainwashing techniques, drilled ‘the game of tennis’ into them, every day. 

(16:37) Just before they reached puberty, Mr. Williams had the boys 'surgically mutilated', so that all traces of their male genetalia, would be forever hidden. 

(16:48) He then put the boys on hormone replacement therapy, so that they would grow breasts, and so that they would not grow any facial hair. 

(16:59) His plan seemed to be working, until Serena’s ‘male features’, began to emerge, from behind his feminine clothing – and people began making ‘uncomfortable observations’. 

(17:10) His plan has now finally, been exposed in this video.  Now that it has been revealed, that Serena’s success in the sport of tennis, was the result of his father’s plan, this leaves us with the question, “Was Serena ‘a victim’, of his father’s plan; or, was he fully aware, that by going along with ‘the plan’, he was making bad choices?” Perhaps Serena can give us 'a clue', to the answer… 

(17:40) [Video interviewer's voice]  "...Ok.  And growing up in L.A. what was your neighborhood like?"  [Serena Williams speaking] "I lived in Compton so I grew up there... I was so young I really enjoyed it; I didn’t know the difference between good and bad - it was all so good to me.  And when you're young, you really appreciate

things - it's like I've got to get my mindset back to that, you know I'm appreciating everything the way I...”  [rewind]  I didn’t know the difference between good and bad... [rewind]  I didn’t know the difference between

good and bad..."

(18:03) [Back to Male Narrator Voice] But Serena did have a moral compass – even when he was young.  Serena had a conscience, that told him the difference between good and bad.  And before he had his genetalia mutilated through surgery - every time he went to the washroom, Serena knew, that he was a boy. 

(18:22) Even though, he was given ‘a girl’s name’, and was told to dress up, and act like a girl – deep down inside, he knew full well that he was a boy. And so, in choosing to go along with his father’s plan, Serena

chose, to be ‘a deceiver’.

(18:40) In fact, Serena consciously chose to deceive the black community and the entire world, in exchange, for money! Serena has now won more than $50,000,000.00 in prize money - and is the only tennis player playing against women, in women’s tennis, ever to do so.  And so now, Serena has received his reward.

(19:09) This story would be incomplete, without mentioning the person, Serena and Venus referred to, as “Mother”.  It looks like “Mother”, has a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow. Now on to the next topic.

(19:23) The international Olympic Committee – “the IOC”, is also behind this deception.  As the Olympics approached, the IOC discovered that Serena Williams was in fact born a man – who chose to alter his gender through surgery and hormone replacement therapy.  And so the IOC had to make a choice: they could allow the transgender to compete, under the appearance of a woman; or they could disqualify him. 

(19:50) It was ‘mostly out of boldness’ that the IOC, wanted to see, if they could pass off a man, as a woman – to ‘the international audience’.  The IOC also wanted to make ‘a very big statement’, on behalf of the LGBT community.  The IOC wanted to tell the world, that “transgenders can excel, in the Olympics as well”.  They did this knowing full well, that there is no advantage for transgenders in male sports - the IOC did this knowing, that Women, who decide to present themselves as men, and compete against men, at the Olympic level - are almost guaranteed, a spot OFF, of ‘the podium’.  

(20:33) And so with full knowledge of the Global deception that they would be a part of, the IOC allowed the transgender named “Serena” to compete - under the appearance of a woman.

(20:45) Unfortunately - for athletes with female DNA, the IOC’s decision to allow Serena Williams to compete in the Olympics as a woman, gave ‘the transgender’, an unfair advantage; it gave ‘the transgender’, the Gold Medal! – on 4 separate occasions! The IOC was so blinded by their desire to deceive people, that they literally ‘threw the games…

(21:12) …by giving a man, an unfair advantage, over all the female athletes - who had trained all of their lives, to participate in a fair, Competition.

(21:24) And the competitors with female DNA were no match for Venus, either.  Venus and Serena stole the gold medal in doubles, at 3 separate Olympics.  Serena stole Gold in the singles competition, in 2012.

(21:42) And so, why is it so important, that Michelle… [Barack Obama saying, “Michael and I”]  …rather, why is it so important that Michael Obama, be included in this video? 

(21:54) “Birds of a feather, flock together”.  Serena, Venus and Michael, are all very much aware, of the transformations - they have each undergone.  And together, they are knowingly presenting the Black community, with two very powerful role models – one in politics, and one in sports. 

(22:16) Michelle Obama [Barack Obama saying, “Michael”] and Serena Williams, have been presented to the Black Community, as “role models” – of very powerful black women.

(22:25) To make matters worse, their ‘physical form’, has been presented to the black community, as a physical form that other women - especially black women, should strive to imitate. 

(22:39) While “Michael”, has presented himself, as a model of social status and power, for Black women; Serena, has presented himself, as a powerful and successful role model for black women. Because Michelle and Serena are both MEN...

(22:56) ...they cannot possibly be ‘role models’ for women.  It is one thing for them to embrace ‘the transsexual lifestyle’; but it is quite another, for them to be presenting themselves as women – while knowing full well, that they are intentionally deceiving others, in doing so.  Michael and Serena are both fully aware, that on multiple occasions…

(23:20) …they have succeeded, in deceiving men – especially black men, into believing that they have the DNA of women.

(23:27) This has gone on long enough!  The Black community has been deceived. 

(23:31) The black community has been presented with these two men, as role models of successful and powerful black women, for long enough. 

(23:41) The black community is being laughed at and ridiculed because they bought into the lies and deceptions, that were deliberately and carefully presented to them, by “Michael” Obama and Serena Williams. This mockery, of the black community, has GOT to stop!

(23:59) Serena Williams has fooled the world for long enough, and now it is time, for the world to know the Truth.  Serena Williams, was in fact, born, a boy. Shortly before he reached puberty, Serena Williams had his male genetalia, surgically mutilated. He began hormone replacement therapy, for the purpose, of using his male advantage, to win, at a women’s sport.  Serena and Venus Williams, are in fact…

(24:32) …transexuals.  The International Olympic Committee, knew exactly…

(24:38) …what Serena was doing when he wanted to compete; and yet they decided, that promoting ‘the LGBT agenda’, was far more important…

(24:48) …than giving female tennis players, a fair chance, at a gold medal. 

(24:54) Serena Williams, is one of the most celebrated deceivers in history - and now the whole world knows, exactly, what he did.

(25:04) The production of this video would have been impossible without the help of the Two Witnesses.  If you can handle the Truth, visit Testimony of the Two Witnesses dot com,

(25:15) …and find out what the governments, the churches, the mainstream media, and alternative media, are refusing to tell the people. But you had better fasten your seatbelt - because the Truth, isn’t always comfortable to hear.

(25:32) And remember, the Mainstream Media – “the MSM”, has NOT been telling you the truth about Serena, Venus…

(25:42) …and Michael; but instead, has been passing them off, as women.  The MSM cannot be trusted to tell you the Truth - even the simplest truth, as to whether the people who won Gold Medals in a Women’s sport,

were actually women, or not. 

(26:03) Now that you can clearly see, that these people are transexuals, it is now your turn, to get the word out [Barack Obama saying, “Michael”].  

(26:10) And while you are spreading the Truth, let your friends know that ‘Michael Obama’ [Barack Obama saying, “Michael”], is now out, of the closet.  Do it because it is the Truth. 

(26:21 ) Do it to let the world know, that their deception has now come to an end. 

Don’t let your Country down, by withholding the Truth, like they did. 

(26:34) [Sports Announcer voice] "...And that puts this victory, in proper context as well..."

President Barack Obama's homosexual lover, lives in the White House, and his name is Michael.

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(Girl singing)  “Oh say can you see?”

(0:11) This video, will present irrefutable, and scientific proof, that will establish, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Michelle Obama, is in FACT, a MAN! - who prefers to present himself, and who prefers to dress up, as a woman.

(0:30) This video will prove, that the person, commonly referred to, as “the first lady” of the United States, may be, ‘the first Queen’ at best – but he most certainly, is not a lady.  Let’s find out why.  This video will examine the following:

(0:49) It will examine Michelle’s male hands, male shoulders, male torso, male genitalia, and overall, male proportions.  It will also look at how, a carefully designed wardrobe, a wide hairdo, a persistent ‘facially distorting smile,’ and ‘carefully selected press photos,’ have all succeeded, in suppressing the revelation of Michelle’s undeniable, male, physical, form.

(1:18) While this information is “controversial and shocking” to say the least, it is being shared, because it is the Truth; it is being presented so that people can stop living the lie, that is being dished out by the U.S. Government, and the mainstream media.

(1:37) Many people are unfamiliar with the more ‘subtle physical differences’ that can be found between men and women.  While Michelle Obama works very hard to distort the more obvious differences, he fails miserably at hiding them all.  Let’s take a close look at some of the male traits that he has failed to conceal.  We will begin, by looking

at the hands.

(2:04) The scientific community, has known for a long time, that a man’s ring finger, is typically longer than a man’s index finger. Here are two clear pictures - that illustrate the differences in ring finger proportions, on male and female hands. Notice how the man’s ring finger is visibly longer than his index finger.  While it is not uncommon for a woman to have the ring finger and index finger at very similar lengths, it is almost unheard of for a woman to have a visibly longer, ring finger.

(2:45) See for yourself, by looking at both of your hands.  Relax your hands. Put them flat on a table.  Pull the fingers together, and notice the length of your ring finger.  Now compare it to the length of your index finger.  Your hands will now testify, against Michelle Obama, every time you look at them.

[Special Note: if you have the DNA of a woman, and your ring finger appears to be longer than your index finger, then do not be alarmed.  Some people who have the DNA of a woman, do in fact have ring fingers that appear to be longer than the index finger.  According to the scientific community, the diagram at 2:04 in this video testifies that the woman's ring finger is typically 2% longer than her index finger.  Because of the angle of the knuckles, the ring finger can appear to be a "similar length".   The ring finger can appear deceptively longer than the index finger, by simply angling the finger tips away, from the thumb.  Try it, and see for yourself.  Some people with arthritis may have ring fingers that appear to be longer for this reason.  The term "man finger" was used in the video (see 17:29), not to describe any part of people who have the DNA of a women, but rather to describe a part of men - who typically have visibly longer ring fingers than index fingers.  "Michelle" - who is in fact a man, does indeed, have "man fingers" - all ten of them!  Remember to use common sense and reason while watching this video - because it is in fact the sum of all the proofs in this video, that allow us to say with confidence, that the fact that Michelle Obama is a Man, is IRREFUTABLE!  This is not a statement that is based on any ONE proof apart from all of the others.]

(3:13) If we look at this x-ray of a man’s hands, we can see how the bone structure of the ring finger, is visibly longer, than that of the index finger.

(3:26) If we look at an x-ray of a woman’s hand, we can easily see, that the tip of the ring finger appears to be slightly shorter than the index finger.

(3:37) In this photo of Barack and Michelle’s right hands, even at a distance, Michelle’s ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger.  In fact, the ring finger is so long, that when we compare it with the one on the man next to him, it is easy to see, that the male trait, of prominent ring finger length, is even more pronounced, in Michelle.

(4:06) Here we see, a person [Ashton Kutcher] holding up their hand.  By the ring finger length, it is safe to conclude, that he is a man.

(4:16) Here, we see someone [Angelina Jolie], whose ring finger length clearly shows that she was born, a female.

(4:25) But in this photo - wait a minute, “Houston, we have a problem!” The ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger – proving that Serena Williams, the famous tennis player, was in fact born: a male[Note: this conclusion, was drawn after taking into consideration a number of telling signs, in addition to finger length.  In other words, "proving" - after the fact]

Both the shoulders, and flamboyant behavior, are quite telling as well.

(4:47) Here is a good photo of Michelle’s hands.  The ring fingers are both, visibly, longer than the index fingers.

(4:58) Once again, we have clear view of the hands.  It is undeniable: those are the hands, that emerged from the womb, on a male, child.

(5:10) Now that we have established, that Michelle has the hands of a man, let’s look at Michelle’s shoulders.  The shoulders are surrounded by bulging muscles - that appear to be very masculine. Notice how the carefully tailored clothing, hides the neck muscles.  Let’s find out why.

(5:32) Both the neck muscles, and the bulging shoulders, look like they belong on a man.

(5:39) In this photo, the hair and the clothing both serve to camouflage the neck muscles. Michelle’s face may appear quite “feminine” - to the undiscerning eye; but after taking a closer look, isn’t it amazing, what the very best make-up artists and hair stylists, can do to any person, who has enough money?

(6:01) And to help add to the illusion, Michelle often slouches forward.  This is done to make the shoulders appear smaller, but the masculine shoulders remain.

(6:13) Wild hair and dangling earrings, can pull the eye away from the shoulders, but once you have spotted them, they just don’t seem to go away.

(6:24) To make matters worse, men have more prominent brow features than women. As you can see, Michelle’s eyebrows are generally painted on, in such a way that they wrap around the male skull bone, that protrudes out at the eyebrows.

(6:42) Close up images of the eyebrows reveal a tremendous effort, at wrapping the paint, all the way around, this very prominent male, facial feature.  

(6:54) Once again, the painted eyebrows, do not match the size of the brow bone.

(7:01) Now what most people do not know about human anatomy, is that the body is ‘naturally proportioned’ - based on a ratio between overall body height, and the size of a person’s head! In this illustration, you can see how perfectly proportioned, a typical human body of each gender is!  This illustration also reveals, a description, of how the shoulders are measured.

(7:30) On a woman’s body, the shoulder width, is typically equivalent, of 2 ½ times, the width of her head.

(7:41) Here we have an example of a healthy woman.  As you can clearly see, her shoulders are about two and a half times the width of her head.

(7:53) A man’s shoulders, are typically the equivalent, of three times, the width of his head.  In this illustration, it is easy to see that this person, is in fact a man - based on the width of his shoulders, in relation to the width of his head.

(8:11) And here, we have an image of an extremely athletic man, whose gender is confirmed, by the width of his shoulders, in relation to the width of his head.

(8:23) Now, if we take an objective look at Michelle, we see that the shoulder width, is not compatible with the shoulders of a woman, in relation to the size of the head.  The dress, the pearls, the fancy hairdo, and make-up, can re-direct the observer’s attention, away from the proportions; but all the illusions, cannot make the physical reality that Michelle is a man, go away.

(8:54) Now let’s take a closer look at Michelle’s body proportions. Notice in this illustration that the height of a typical healthy man, is roughly eight times the height of his head.  The height of a typical healthy woman is roughly seven times the height of her head.

(9:14) This illustration reveals that Michelle stands at eight heads tall. At this point in human history, there is no amount of surgery that can change his body proportions.   His overall height is exactly 8 times the height of his head – proving, that Michelle cannot POSSIBLY be a woman.  The jacket was carefully chosen to diminish the ‘manly’ appearance of the shoulders.  Notice how there is a wide gap at the waist, to create an optical illusion, that the hips are wider than the shoulders.  Michelle is also wearing flat shoes.  He does not tend to wear high heels because if he did, while standing at five feet eleven inches tall - he would TOWER over almost all of the women, as well as most of the men, who were standing nearby.

(10:11) Here we can see Michelle standing next to a woman.  Notice how the woman’s shoulders on the far left are no match for Michelle’s man shoulders.  There are many ‘tricks of the eye’ going on in those dresses.  Someone has added a few pounds of necklaces to downplay the bulging shoulder muscles.  It is easy to see how Michelle arches his shoulders forward, to help with the illusion, just a little bit more.

(10:41) This illustration reveals how the hip and shoulder proportions, are naturally different, between men and women.  While men’s hips are smaller than their shoulders, a woman’s proportions, tend to be the opposite.  I am not able to show you an image of Michelle at the beach.

(11:01) However, when Serena Williams appears on a beach walking next to an actual woman, it is quite easy to see the physical differences between the body structure of a man and a woman.  Even when a man has breasts that are formed by hormone replacement therapy, the hip bones remain much narrower than the shoulders.  It is interesting to note, that Serena’s thin upper body and heavier lower torso, are almost identical to Michelle’s.

(11:34) So how then, is it possible, for Michelle to pose next to a man, and appear to have female body proportions?  Simply by turning the shoulders away from the camera, the shoulders appear to be narrower.

(11:50) Notice the difference when the shoulders are square to the camera.

(11:56) In this photo, we can see Michelle, turning the shoulders away from the camera.  And then, simply by bending the wrist, while relaxing the biceps, the upper arms appear to be more feminine.

(12:11) But look at what happens when the shoulders are square to the camera, and the man arms are plain to see.  The wild hair and stacked up jewelry can only do so much, to distract you from the uncomfortable truth.

(12:28) The biceps are fully flexed, because they are now carefully concealed, under a custom tailored jacket, with exaggerated shoulder pads, that make the arms appear smaller.  It is quite an effective illusion.

(12:44) But when Michelle is put next to a real woman, the male features simply jump out of the photo.

(12:53) In order to trick the eye, into perceiving the illusion of wider hips, Michelle typically wears dresses that are tight above the upper waist, but then flare out, at the hips.  In this image, we can see why Michelle will most likely avoid a simple V neck in the future.

(13:14) A square front view reveals the broad shoulders and the neck muscles.  But the super wide hair style, creates the illusion of smaller shoulders, and the stacked up jewellery steers the eye away from those massive neck muscles.

(13:32) But in this image, there is a convincing first impression, that these two people are both women.  And so how do they present the illusion that they are both female?  It is really quite simple:  The woman wears a loose shirt and tight pants, while, Michelle wears a tight shirt and loose pants; add a few feminine externals, and there, you have your illusion!

(14:00) In this image, it is quite easy to see, just how large Michelle’s shoulders and neck muscles are - especially when compared with the ones Barack has hidden under his suit jacket - with the padded and extended shoulders.  The bulging muscles under the big hair, were perhaps the inspiration for this image, that has been circulating on the web…

(14:24) So apparently, I’m not the only person who knows that Michelle is a man - and a very strong man at that, I might add!

(14:36) You will not find many pictures like this one, because when Michelle frowns, the fact that he is ‘a man’ frowning, becomes very plain to see.

(14:47) And when Michelle drops the charade, the feminine false externals drop like a lead balloon. [Caption suggestion] “My, what a very feminine and slender neck you have.  I wish I had one like that!”

(15:03) The manly features often stand out like a sore thumb - when the guard is let down, and the photo is unexpected.

(15:15) Let’s not forget the Adam’s Apple.  What most people don’t know, is that the appearance of the Adam’s Apple can be diminished through surgery; but it cannot be fully removed.  In this image, you can clearly see Michelle’s, Adam’s Apple.

(15:33) Once again, Michelle’s Adam’s Apple, is not too difficult to spot.

(15:39) The Adam’s Apple stands out in this earlier photo as well.  Notice the bulging neck muscles and heavy man brows, even on the wedding day!  Speaking of ‘the wedding day’, you must be wondering what happened to Michelle’s ‘male’ genitalia?

(15:57) There are certain undergarments, that some people wear, in order to hide their male genitalia.  It is similar to a ‘Sports Cup’ that men wear while playing contact sports.  In this photo, you can see a surprising bulge, that appears to be Michelle’s special cup.  This wardrobe malfunction, was revealed by the wind that was blowing, against him - revealing the contour of his form.  But that’s not the only wardrobe malfunction.

(16:28) In this picture, the lighting cast “the most unfeminine shadows” on Michelle’s manhood. This photo begs

the question, "How could the audience not notice?!"

(16:43) In this earlier wedding photo, Michelle’s body proportions are a close match to Barack’s.  Years of hormone replacement therapy may provide a touch of extra fat in certain areas, or a more, feminine looking skin tone, or change the voice a bit; but there is no amount of hormones or feminine gestures that will change the skeletal proportions of A MAN!

(17:09) Michelle’s body structure cannot possibly be that of a woman!

(17:15) Even Barack’s heavily padded shoulders, and the silhouette of a feminine mirror cannot hide the fact that Michelle’s shoulders are those of a man.

(17:29) Puffy dresses and big hair help to maintain the illusion of being a woman, but there are some things that simply cannot be hidden - like that protruding MAN finger!

(17:43) However, in this image, Michelle’s MAN finger [referring to his ring finger] isn’t the only issue! The biceps and triceps are disproportionately large; and while the dress pulls the eye downwards, it still can’t shrink those shoulders!

(17:59) Even the children who accompany Barack and Michelle play a part in the illusion.  Because, who would have suspected that the two girls might have been adopted?  Perhaps someone should tell them, that similar facial expressions, cannot change the genetic evidence.  But it sure is nice to see some truly feminine shoulders, on the daughters.

(18:23) Have you figured it out yet? Are you ready for your reality check? Brace yourself, here it is: The United States of America does not have ‘a first lady’.  But rather, the United States of America, has, it’s very First Queen - it’s first Drag Queen that is!

(18:45) Michelle has the hands of a man.  Michelle has the shoulders of a man.  Michelle has the physical proportions of a man.  

(18:58) Michelle has a male anatomy.  Hormone replacement therapy and surgical treatments cannot change the fact, that every cell in Michelle’s body, is stamped and sealed, with male chromosomes As a woman, I have absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind, as I proclaim it from the rooftops! - that Michelle Obama, is MOST CERTAINLY NOT, A LADY”!  I am a REAL woman.  I have gone through school and earned a degree in Criminal Justice.  I have learned a lot about people, and why they do the things they do.  While studying for my degree, I took many classes on forensic psychology.  I also studied 'the basics of forensics', and investigative skills.  Throughout my travels, I have had many encounters with trans genders and transsexuals.  And so with all this background knowledge and experience, it is with great confidence, that I now proclaim, MICHELLE OBAMA HAS DECEIVED THE NATIONS!  I have absolutely no doubt, that Michelle Obama is in fact, a man.  And now, a word from my husband.

(20:14) As my wife and I were working on this video, we thought about all the American Soldiers, who are risking their lives overseas, to fight illegal wars - based on the whims, of their Commander and Chief.  How is it, that so many people in the military, are prepared to go to their death - so that the President, can feel safe and secure in his White House?

(20:40) ...as he cuddles up every night, to his male friend, who prefers to dress up as a woman, and deceive everyone, from behind that big smile. Many people in previous generations have laid down their lives, for a noble cause.  But frankly, we are quite baffled, at this current point in American history; and, at what has become, of what once, was, a great nation.  I am speaking as one, who not only has a military background, but I am also a retired law enforcement officer.  The first seven and a half years of my career were spent as a police officer in Trinidad Colorado – a place that was well known as, "the sex change capitol of the world".  While I was on patrol there, it was not uncommon to encounter people who had traveled there, to seek gender reassignment surgery.  I can clearly see that Michelle is a man.  And I hope that you, can now tell the difference, as well.

(22:00) Time will tell, how the truths that have been revealed in this video, will transform America. But one thing is for certain: like it or not, Michelle Obama, is now, OUT, OF THE CLOSET!

(22:19) The production of this video, would have been impossible, without the help, of the Two Witnesses.  If you enjoyed this video, and are not afraid, of learning more ‘shocking truths’, about the current realities in which we are now all living, visit Testimony of the Two Witnesses dot com – but you had better fasten your seatbelt!  

(22:44) Because hearing the Truth, is not always comfortable.

(22:54) [Petrus Romanus speaking] "You (referring to a man), shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination" [Leviticus 18:22]

(23:09) [Mary Romanus speaking] "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment..."

(23:20) [Mary Romanus speaking] "...for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God." [Deuteronomy 22:5]

(23:28) [Husband speaking]  "You wanted an Obama Nation?"

(23:21) You Got It!

(23:32) But now... "A DOUBLE WOE" has come to America!

(23:37) Behold your QUEEN!  

(23:39) The QUEEN of Sodom!

(23:41) [The voice of Americans everywhere] Behold your queen, the queen of Sodom.

(23:41) [The sound of a very large audience applauding their queen.]

(23:50)  [The Two Witnesses Testifying in unison before all the Nations]  Behold your queen, the queen of Sodom.

(23:56)  [This is the actual inverted image with no altering or photoshopping whatsoever.  If you believe the image was tampered with, simply take a snapshot of the image from 23:40 and invert it yourself.  You will then see, that the image inverted, is identical, to what is shown in the video.  Notice how the color inversion of Michelle's white teeth, results in a black bar - that appears to be a man's mustache.  To close the video, we decided to simply zoom in for a closer look at Michelle's manly facial features, as the image faded out.  The absolutely horrific image that appeared next as a result, was not intentional; but we decided to leave it in the video, to help people better understand, that what lies beneath Michelle Obama's false externals, is "not what most people were expecting".  If you have access to a photo or video editing program, or know someone who does, simply follow the steps described, and you will most certainly find identical results.]

(23:56) [Girl singing]  “Oh say can you see?


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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