The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

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SPECIAL NOTE:   Before reading ANY messages from ANY OTHER so-called "prophets" out there,
be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

2016 Quick Links:
"The Jews answered him, “Are we not right in saying that you are a Samaritan and have a demon?” Jesus answered, “I have not a demon; but I honor my Father, and you dishonor me."
(John 8:49-50)
"The Pharisees went out and took counsel against him, how to destroy him. Jesus, aware of this, withdrew from there. And many followed him, and he healed them all."
(Matthew 12:14-15)
Just as it happened 2000 years ago, when so many of the followers of Jesus Christ the Lord, fell away, and chose to turn to the chief priests in order to plot to destroy Him - so too, is this happening again, in these End Times - the time of His Second Coming.  And the Most High TRUE God has revealed, that the satanic priests of  the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, are now calling us, "demon worshippers suffering from schizophrenia".  Perhaps they forgot that "A Kingdom divided against itself CANNOT stand" (Mark 3:24) - and the "Our Daily Prayers" page on our website, is in fact THEE most spiritually aggressive internet page AGAINST 'the kingdom of the devil' - simply because ALL those prayers ARE being HEARD, when they are prayed from the HEART, by people with SOULS! - the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  And the Remnant YouTube Channel Video testimonies - are in fact proof to all the nations of THEIR spiritual transformation, "for the better".  The efforts of the assailants to label us as "schizophrenics", actually creates "quite the amusing paradox" - because according to their definition, how could Jesus Christ the Lord NOT be "schizophrenic"? - when He claimed to be "One God in Three Divine Persons".  Even without common sense and reason, the assailants are still going to need to find a better approach.  WE suggest, they TURN BACK to 'the God who CREATED them', REPENT from the very depths of their heart, USE the Blessed Holy Water, and MAKE a video testimony!  We are still patiently waiting.  But then again, so did the FIRST Noah - but only for a time.
"They would label Me as 'a schizophrenic' too My children - if I were to walk 'physically in the flesh' in these Times.  The world, is so toxic, that were I to appear 'in the flesh', walking, the face of the earth, as God, and as man, they would seek, to crucify Me - a second time.  So I cannot come back like that.  I died once, and for all - of mankind.  There would be 'no merit', to their killing Me - a second time.  But no - instead you both, represent Me to the people, and, they crucify you - not physically - because "no harm can come to you physically" - remember?  They crucify you psychologically, spiritually, and socially!  Understand?" 
Need proof?  Here is a summary of a 2012 PSYCHIATRIC assessment, of "the Historical Jesus" - that was published online, by psychiatric doctors.
"The New Testament recalls Jesus as having experienced and shown behavior closely resembling the DSM-IV-TR (the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 1994 edition) – defined phenomena of auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, delusions, referential thinking paranoid-type (Paranoid Schizophrenic subtype) thought content, and hyperreligiosity... The hallucinatory-like experiences that Jesus had in the desert while he fasted for 40 days (Luke 4:1–13) may have been induced by starvation and metabolic derangements... Epilepsy-associated psychotic symptoms are possible... The absence of physical maladies or apparent epilepsy leaves primary psychiatric etiologies [- implying the cause of the disease is primarily psychiatric in nature] as more plausible. As seen with the previous cases, Jesus’ experiences can be potentially conceptualized within the framework of paranoid schizophrenic or psychotic disorder, not otherwise specified. Other reasonable possibilities might include bipolar and schizoaffective disorders... There is a potential parallel of Jesus’ beliefs and behavior leading up to his death to that of one who premeditates a form of suicide-by-proxy.
One important Scripture passage that was overlooked by those psychiatric doctors, as they sought ways to condemn "the historical Jesus" with labels, was this one:
“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get."
(Matthew 7:1-3) 
And for the record, it was only a few weeks, after that above psychiatric judgment was published, that 'the mark of the beast', befell the inhabitants of the earth, including ALL those who published it.  We DO look forward, to any and ALL psychiatric judgments that may be expressed against us.  Know that Jesus has His Gavel "warmed up and ready".

Actual email: Sometimes when I pray... to Jesus... I feel a little more united to His Will.

PPTL: Remember, being united to Jesus’ WILL, is NOT about, “FEELINGS”; it is about, ‘a FIRM resolve, to DO, what He is ASKING of you, IN the Moment’.

Actual email:  Sometimes when I pray, especially to Jesus... I'll get this heart pain... Is this normal?

PPTL: BEING united, to His HEART?  Yes, you WILL experience, ‘some SUFFERING’ – and THAT, is because, of the HATRED, that others have TOWARDS you – AND Him.  THAT is not, ‘YOUR cross to CARRY’ – THEREFORE, you NEED to reject your DESIRE, to be yoked to the INTERIOR lives of the WICKED; and ask for the Grace to be yoked to all of HEAVEN, instead.  Although PART of you, is united, to His Divine WILL – there is STILL, “a back DOOR”, that the ENEMY, is using, in order to CONTINUE, to AFFLICT you.  Whenever you EXPERIENCE, these kinds of AFFLICTIONS, you NEED to call on Saint RAPHAEL, to come and HEAL you; and to call on Saint MICHAEL, the ARCHANGEL, to do the same – and to DELIVER you, from ‘the power of the EVIL one’.

As the 2016 US election approaches, many Members of the Faithful Remnant are getting more and more excited about "the Third Term Prophecy" in the Testimony - the one concerning Obama's third term.  We have learned to patiently "wait and see" - HOW the Words of Jesus Christ the Lord ARE fulfilled - KNOWING all the while, that AS He speaks, He SEES, "the fulfillment" - because He exists OUTSIDE of space and time.

PPTL: WE do not know EXACTLY, how “the Third Term PROPHECY” is going to be fulfilled – whether the ANTICHRIST, will actually STAY, in the WHITE house; or whether, he will simply, ‘ASSUME power OVER the United Nations’.  Jesus likes to ALSO keep US in suspense.  HE knows EXACTLY, ‘HOW’, each prophecy is going to be fulfilled... There are going to be some “VERY intense times” ahead for sure!

Some Members of the Faithful Remnant are living in "spiritually hostile environments".  Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

PPTL: We are going to ask for “a SPECIAL intervention”, from the Blessed Virgin Mary... TO, REMOVE, ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, FROM your household.  When you... are praying, the Holy Rosary, this would be “a VERY, important prayer intention”... because that SPIRIT, is AGAINST the Most High True God; and for people to CHOOSE to embrace it – THEY are making “a VERY poor choice”.  This is not “WISHY washy christianity”; but THIS IS, ‘the BEGINNING’, of REAL Christianity – PURE, and UNCENSORED.

There are many obstacles to the Christian life.  So turn to Jesus Christ the Lord, who overcame them ALL!

PPTL: The spiritual life, is SO simple, even a CHILD can understand it.  You have had MANY obstacles and hurdles, on your PATH.  Does this mean, that you are simply called to let them REMAIN?  Are you NOT called to turn to your CREATOR, and ask Him to HELP YOU, “overcome”, those inconveniences, or mountains?  YOU, STILL have much to LEARN – with regards to what the TESTIMONY, TEACHES.  Jesus Christ the LORD, is not “RAISING the bar”, SO HIGH, to make it IMPOSSIBLE, to REACH – EXCEPT, by oneself – oneself can NOT, POSSIBLE, REACH, ‘the bar’ that the Creator of the UNIVERSE has SET, for each individual human being, on the Face of the Earth.  THAT is why MOST of them HAVE, ‘the mark of the BEAST’, AND the mark of Cain.  THESE are the individuals, who chose “WICKED lifestyles”, and REFUSED, to have their lamps LIT – at the time, of their Judgment. 

Here is a special universal message for all those Members of the Faithful Remnant who are "all IN".

PPTL: Because YOU, are, ‘CHOOSING, to leave everything behind’, for your CREATOR. THERE IS, “IMMEASURABLE Joy”, AND Life, and GRACES... as you CHOOSE, to persevere – EVEN as ‘the Tribulation INCREASES’.  We ENCOURAGE you, NOT to give up – but to, ‘TURN, all the MORE’, to Jesus Christ the LORD – for HIS Strength.  Because, without HIM, you WILL not make it!  NO man, can be SAVED, without JESUS.

Whenever people without Souls want to share their "inspirations from demons" - remember that the demons, simply HATE the truth!
PPTL: ANY time, people, OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, APPROACH you, and start to SPEAK, about “worldly THINGS” – you can SIMPLY, either RESPOND, with corresponding TRUTHS; OR, excuse yourself, from the conversation.
The women in the Faithful Remnant need to know, that 'the spirit of jezebel', would be MOST pleased, if they would simply look for "a QUICK fix", to its reign in their Souls, and then do something else - ANYTHING else.

Actual email from a woman in the Faithful Remnant:   I remember that asking for the grace of self awareness is helpful AND obviously rejecting the vile Jezebel spirit....what additionally can I do to fix it?

PPTL: AS for ‘rejecting the spirit of JEZEBEL’ – that is ‘a DAILY, battle’, for WOMEN, in these End TIMES – even, the ones, in the Remnant.  But what is MOST important, is ‘HOW you are choosing to fill the VOID’. You NEED to ‘resolve in your HEART’ – to embrace your TRUE identity, as ‘a WOMAN of the Most High True God; and ASK for the GRACE, to remain in PRAYER, always!  THIS simply means, that you desire your HEART, to be ‘CONNECTED’, to your Creator, at all times; and that you, will STRIVE, to, ‘REMAIN connected’, and have ALL obstacles, REMOVED – that is, ‘DEMONS and SINS’ – that could come between YOU, and your Creator.  ONLY, Jesus Christ the LORD, can DELIVER, His FAITHFUL Remnant, from the POWER of the EVIL one; and He DOES so on a daily BASIS – ONLY requiring us, to do OUR part.  PRAY for the Grace, to COOPERATE, with the SALVATION, of your Soul.

One problem that many "cradle christians" in the Faithful Remnant sometimes experience, is the tendency to live their faith in such a way as to be seen by others.

PPTL: N., the HARD truth, that you NEED to hear, is that, SOMEWHERE, along your journey, YOU, began to BELIEVE, that “being a CHRISTIAN”, was ALL about “the OUTSIDE”! – what was PRACTICED, on the OUTSIDE of the individual; but NOT, DISCERNING, ‘what was going on BENEATH, the surface’. Right NOW, you HAVE been embracing, ‘the TESTIMONY’, on a SURFACE level – but NOT really ‘digging IN’, and UNPACKING, what is REALLY THERE!...   It’s NOT about ‘just DOING what you’re TOLD’, because you’re going to get in TROUBLE, if you DON’T – THAT is actually, ‘how NAUGHTY children, think’.  It is NOT about ‘doing things SLOPPILY’, so that your PARENTS, need to SCOLD you – for doing, ‘a poor JOB’ – THAT is not “TRUE Christianity”.  If YOU, DESIRE, to be ‘a TRUE Follower’, of JESUS Christ the Lord – then YOU WILL, ‘RENOUNCE, your CHILDISH ways’, and ‘RESOLVE, to be, [the person] your CREATOR, MADE you to be’. Is JESUS, “LAZY”; does HE GIVE “HALF-HEARTEDLY”, to His Faithful REMNANT?  Does He, “just GIVE, a LITTLE BIT”; or, does He ‘give His ALL’ – so that His REMNANT can LIVE, in True PEACE – WITH awakened CONSCIENCES!  

When a Member of the Faithful Remnant, stops climbing towards their Creator, they become like those in the religious institutions - human "portals, to the abyss".  Here is a warning to those who have stopped climbing.

PPTL: The ENEMY, wants... you “spiritually ASLEEP” – just COASTING, in the SPIRITUAL life – while EVERYONE AROUND you, experiences “AFFLICTIONS”.  YOU need, to reject, your desire, to be YOKED, to the INTERIOR lives, of the WICKED! – and ASK for the Grace, to be YOKED to ALL of Heaven, instead.  OTHERWISE, WHAT sets you APART, from ‘THOSE who have RECEIVED, the Mark of CAIN’? – because, they TOO, see themselves, as “GOOD, Holy, and SAVED”! – WHILE they simply ‘COAST – DOWNHILL’.  YOU need to make GOOD resolutions, to STAY IN the front seat ALWAYS – FOCUSED, and SPIRITUALLY awake; OTHERWISE, the demons WILL do ‘the driving’; and WHERE, did they DRIVE, “the SWINE”, they ENTERED INTO?  (Luke 8:33)  RIGHT off a cliff.  THEREFORE – DO better!

When people choose to look at us through "the demonic entity of the assailants", they can only share "bad inspirations"; and in turn, experience, "Divine Justice".  Here is an email that was sent out to one poor Soul in the Faithful Remnant - because that individual was "CHOOSING, to be spiritually poor".

PPTL: Oh N.!  You REALLY need to STOP accusing us FALSELY...  WE, are treating you, “QUITE FAIRLY” – before the WHOLE HEAVENLY COURT!  And WE, can attest, to the fact, that YOU have CONSISTENTLY responded, to our COUNSEL, with accusations, MISTRUST, AND ‘veiled abuse’.  Is THIS how you want to CONTINUE, your “relationship”, with your Creator?  The REASON, HE allowed ‘THOSE THINGS’, to HAPPEN to you, is BECAUSEyou ARE guilty, BEFORE Him, of ‘ALL THOSE things’ – those PEOPLE, AROUND you, MANIFESTED.  What you CARRY, in your HEART – ACCORDING to the spiritual LAWS, you CAN, be TREATED, the same way, by peoples’ DEMONS.  JESUS, Christ the Lord IS “the spotless Victim”; but YOU are not!  You NEED, to REALIZE, that “SPIRITUAL sanity”, is ‘TAKING responsibility’, for your “INTERIOR, CHOICES”; NOT just exterior.  You KNOW, "WHO", is giving us ‘the inspirations’, to share, in Daily Counsel – yet you CONTINUE, to ACCUSE, JESUS, FALSELY!  THAT is, “NOT a wise, move”.   PLEASE, DO NOT ‘TREAD, UPON us’, as though we were “serpents” – because THAT, is, “BLAPHEMY”.

It is very important that people practice "custody of the eyes", and "custody of the imagination" in the interior life.  In these Times, there are SO many "spiritually toxic immodest images", in magazines, on billboards, in movies, and even on some YouTube video thumbnails that pop up on "the watch list".  Those images are so spiritually toxic, that if ever they should reach your heart, they need to be immediately lifted up to your Creator, for "file deletion and overwrite".  Here is another way of explaining it.

PPTL: Pornography, IS, “a mortal SIN”...  If you CAME across “an unclean PICTURE”, and averted your EYES – that is ONE thing; but, to ENTERTAIN, the images, is NOT ok.  The Most High TRUE God knows your HEART; and He knows ‘how you chose to RESPOND’, to the GRACES – when the TEMPTATION CAME. 

What is required of those with a Soul, in order to be pleasing in the sight of the Creator?

PPTL: JESUS, did not come to the Earth, in order to, ‘rub SIN, into peoples’ FACES’ – No.  HE came, to SHOW people, ‘the Path’, that LEADS, to ‘the Salvation of their own SOUL’.  And NOW, in these TIMES – you MUST, CONTINUALLY, REMAIN, “FAITHFUL” – to your CREATOR – by CLINGING to Jesus Christ the LORD, in each and every moment. ‘DELIVERANCE’, is NECESSARY.  PRAYING the DELIVERANCE Prayers from the HEART, on a daily BASIS, will HELP you.  The LORD Jesus Christ is LOOKING for ‘SINCERE, HEARTFELT, REPENTENT, sinners’; NOT, “the SELF-righteous, Christians”.  REMEMBER, He did not COME to call the RIGHTEOUS – as in “the SELF-righteous”, to repentance; BUT, He CAME to call SINNERS!  And ‘the BAR’, that He has SET, is NOT “OUT of reach” – you SIMPLY, NEED to CONTINUE, to DESIRE to COOPERATE, with ‘the OUTPOURING of GRACES’, on your SOUL; and COMPLETELY, REMOVE yourself – as in ‘CUT off’, all THOSE, who were 'IN your social CIRCLE' – that can ONLY BE, ‘a SPIRITUAL, distraction’ – filled, with DEMONIC inspirations... and RESOLVE, that you are WILLING, to be “HATED, by ALL” – for the SAKE of the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the LORD; because THAT’S what it takes.

Actual email:  Something just happened to me that I do not quite understand.  I just had a short nap.  I woke up because I experienced a feeling like I was vibrating or so. The sensation came about 3 times, I believe. I knew I was awake but I could not move or open my eyes. All I was saying to myself was "Jesus protect me. Saint Michael defend me".  I woke up with a slight gasp or breath of relief of some sort. As if I had just been released from something. I don't understand. 

PPTL: What you experienced, was actually, a DELIVERANCE, from ‘a LEGION, of demons’.  So thank the Most High TRUE God, for His MERCY.  YOU must have made some SERIOUS resolutions – for GOOD! – in your INTERIOR life.  And the LORD, has heard your PRAYER

Interesting trivia note.  When Mary and I first began our journey together as the Two Witnesses, the constant flow of New Divine Revelations required tremendous faith, in order to even begin to process.   But one particular experience, or "SIGN", REALLY 'stood out', among the others - as it helped to catapult me FORWARD in faith - to the point where I simply became transformed, by every shocking Revelation that Jesus revealed - immediately, and without question.  Sometimes of course, I would pause to ask, "HOW is that True", as I waited on the understanding; but I simply resolved to be transformed by everything Jesus said, nevertheless.  The particular experience I am referring to, is all those times I would ask Jesus about the meaning of a dream that I had the previous night.  The experience of what would follow, was so life-changing, because Jesus would often decode the dream in more detail than I could recall - AS the memory of those details then returned to me.   Understand?  Here, perhaps THIS will help:

Actual email:  I had a dream.  I dreamt that Antipope Francis was moving around with a monstrance [- the physical stand that is used to display the host] with a supposedly blessed host in it. The scene was partly at my house, and in Rome.  The next thing, the figure faced me smiling and I saw the face of my mum...  Then I woke up.   I haven't told anyone this dream because I've been trying to understand it. 

PPTL: The DREAM, is actually ‘a WARNING to you’ – NOT to worship, your former mother; and her DEMANDS on you.  For truly she SEES HERSELF, as “a GODDESS”; and the DREAM, REVEALS, that SHE, is into self-WORSHIP.  That is WHY, you saw, antipope FRANCIS, HOLDING, the MONSTRANCE, with the FACE of  your former MOTHER, in it – BECAUSE, antipope FRANCIS, ‘bows to WOMEN’, and WORSHIPS them, and KISSES their feet.  Do NOT ALLOW ‘your former MOTHER’, to PULL you away from the TESTIMONY, and from the True FAITH – because her DEMONS WILL try!  KNOW that, YOUR SALVATION, IS BETWEEN, ‘YOU, AND your Creator’.  Understand that YOU are RESPONSIBLE – for ‘the LIFE’, that YOU CHOOSE, to LIVE, BEFORE Him.  You can CHOOSE, to live according to His WAYS, and be ‘UPRIGHT, in HEART’; or, choose to bow to JEZEBEL – moving THROUGH, your former MOTHER – and be ‘crushed’, by the WEIGHT, of, her jezebellian ways.  THIS is difficult, to hear – because, we have not even MET you, in PERSON! – and you are simply EMAILING – so, FAR apart; but, the TRUTH, REACHES across OCEANS and PIERCES the heart, of the LISTENER. 

Special Endnote: Now with Project Blue Beam technology, the One World Government would have access to the details of the dreams, that THEY PROJECTED into the minds of their targets.  The OWG use this alien technology weapon to infuse false realities into "particular targets", as they sleep.  Perhaps this is a good time to remind you to always pray your bedtime prayers, from the heart.

Many Members of the Faithful Remnant are now beginning to see some VERY BIG SIGNS, of the Most High True God's Divine intervention, in their lives.  And let's not miss the obvious here folks: "The Sign of a SOUL!" (- every time they look in the mirror, for starters).

PPTL: WE know that the Most High TRUE God, is MANIFESTING in your LIFE – in a BIG way!  And HE is SHOWING you things, of ‘HIS workings’, and HOW He operates, on a UNIVERSAL level.  That is WHY, YOU are part OF, ‘the TRUE Roman CATHOLIC, Faith’.  Yes, the Most High TRUE God, IS using you, to REACH out... with the TRUTH; WITH bread from Heaven – and THAT is ‘the TESTIMONY’.  The TEST for YOU, in all of THIS, is to remain ‘HUMBLE’ – before your CREATOR.  Because, HE is, ‘MANIFESTING’, BIG Signs – AND in FRONT of the PEOPLE – that if they would ‘CHOOSE, to BELIEVE, in the TRUTH’, then they, could have ‘the OPPORTUNITY’, to have Salvation – to have ACCESS, to the SAVING TRUTHS, IN the TESTIMONY.  But YOU, are also sharing, IN, the persecution and SUFFERINGS, of JESUS – when He went from town to town, from village to village – proclaiming, the Truth, TO the nations – AS a living Testimony – to WHO, He was speaking on behalf of.

There is no need to be concerned about former family members plotting interventions, against the Members of the Faithful Remnant.   Do you know why?  Because they are fighting "the God of the Old Testament".

PPTL: KNOW that the Holy ANGELS, SURROUND you; and the PEOPLE, will be BLINDED at the DOOR; and for what they are PLOTTING, AGAINST you, WE will bring them ALL! – as in, ALL of your PERSECUTORS... BEFORE the THRONE of the Most High TRUE God, for immediate Chastisement.  PRAY, for “Holy Detachment” N. – YOU are going to NEED it!  You have extended “the olive branch” TO them – KEEP doing so, through the videos; but, DO not waste your breath, in sharing, the Testimony with them... let the Most High TRUE God, ACT! – on your behalf; let the Most High TRUE God, ‘Arise’, and His ENEMIES be scattered – and ALL THOSE, who hate HIM, FLEE! – from before Him.  Remember throughout ALL of this, to practice, ‘TRUE Humility’.

"And whenever the ark set out, Moses said, “Arise, O Lord, and let your enemies be scattered; and let them who hate you flee before you.” And when it rested, he said, “Return, O Lord, to the ten thousand thousands of Israel.”
(Numbers 10:35-36) 
Actual email:  Me and N. have been arguing... we bicker at least once a day... and I don't know why?

PPTL: Reject your desire to bicker and ARGUE... and ASK for the Grace, to KEEP the TRUE Peace of the Most High True God, in your heart ALWAYS.  And BY the way, the KINDS of things, that you TEND to ARGUE about, WOULD actually reveal "demonic STRONGHOLDS in your SOUL" - but ONLY if you wanted to share them WITH us, so that we can HELP you tear them down. 

Why is Daily Divine Counsel from the Two Witnesses so important?  The Members of the Faithful Remnant often forget, that the emails they send us are all "prayer intentions in disguise".  And if we don't get to their email fast enough, their Holy Guardian Angel will lift it up to the Creator. Therefore:

PPTL: No Counsel?  No Healing.  No Remedy, for 'your spiritual illness'.  Understand?
Here is "just a sample" of the Daily Divine Counsel that was sent to Members of the Faithful Remnant around the World, today.
Actual email:  N. seems put off by the knowledge that you have a wife.  She has grown up in a catholic family knowing and being taught that priests and popes did not have wives, and so she gets put off of reading the Testimony once she hears things like that.  I guess having grown up in a strict catholic family, it's hard for her to comprehend that truth. 
PPTL: The reason I have “a wife”, is because, my Cross is too HEAVY, to carry, as one PERSON.  The Most High TRUE God, in His MERCY, and LOVE, gave me “a HELPMATE” – to HELP me! – BRING, “the GOOD NEWS”, of the TESTIMONY – to all the NATIONS.  She ALSO represents, the True CHURCH – AS, the True Church IS, “the Bride, of CHRIST”; AND, I am HIS, “Anointed”.  Simple.

Many people come to our website, and judge it, with 'the eyes of the world'.  Here is the message, they are ALL PERSONALLY receiving - sooner, or later.

PPTL: By the same judgment you have PASSED, you have received.  We respect your CHOICE.  And the Most High TRUE God does as well – as “He SATISFIES the desire, of EVERY human heart” – EVEN if they desire “flames, unending”.
It is quite normal, for people living in the time of the Apocalypse, to experience afflictions, in their interior life.  But that doesn't mean you are called to TOLERATE them, even for an instant!

PPTL:  As FOR the PROBLEM of becoming ANXIOUS, about your SPIRITUAL LIFE... well THAT is simply because, SOME are CHOOSING to embrace FEARS, doubts, WORRIES and ANXIETIES – and letting those DEMONS ‘EAT at them CONTINUALLY’.  And so, you NEED, to let EVERYONE know, that they HAVE to stay “on TOP of their INTERIOR CHOICES”; they MUST resolve to STAY ‘in the front SEAT’ – FOCUSED on PLEASING their CREATOR – in each and every MOMENT; and ALSO focused on ‘working TOGETHER, to solve problems’.  WHAT better WAY, to leave ‘NO ROOM for ‘the spirit of sabotage’ – than to be CONTINUALLY focused, as a FAMILY, on SOLVING, PROBLEMS!  The CHOICE to FOCUS on problems, without turning to JESUS for the SOLUTION, ONLY is ‘an INVITATION’, for Him to give you MORE problems, that are BIGGER! – in order to TEACH you “what a PROBLEM is”.  Understand? 

Both the former family members of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, and ALL those on the One World Government payroll, have been experiencing "some interesting insights" in their interior lives lately.

PPTL: AS for “the FORMERS”? – and the One world government – we will CONTINUE to bring them before the THRONE of the Most High True God, for “CONTINUAL Chastisement”, as they are most CERTAINLY “doing ALL that they CAN” – to ALTER, the PERCEPTIONS, of the Faithful Remnant.  WE are praying “the TRUE Reality”, into ALL of them! – so that, THEY cannot escape, 'the TRUTH, that is in FRONT of them'

Don't let the all the MSM disinfo agents, waste your time, with fabricated news stories - even if you are afflicted, with 'the spirit of vain curiosity', for just a moment.

PPTL: AS for your desire, to satisfy “VAIN CURIOSITY” – you SIMPLY need to ‘REJECT that desire’; and ASK for the Grace, to FOCUS on PLEASING your Creator, in each and every MOMENT. TURN to Jesus, when you are “BROWSING the WEB” – and SIMPLY ASK Him, that if THERE is ANYTHING, that is WORTH, ‘drawing your ATTENTION TO’ – pray that HIS Will be done.  It’s SO simple!

Many people were "VERY upset", by the staged events, that took place in Orlando Florida in the early hours of this morning.  You can thank "the CRISIS actors" and the illuminati-controlled MSM, for 'that little production'.  Because normally, people pay a lot of money, to see scenes like that in a movie; but this staged event was brought to you "free - compliments of your illuminati-controlled One World Government", and its GLOBAL LGBT agenda.  The Government leaders are now "simply mocking, the people they rule over" - who for the most part have lost all common sense and reason.  Because if they HAD common sense, and reason - they would IMMEDIATELY recognize the fact, that it is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE for ONE gunman, to do THAT much damage, in a small enclosed space, at close range!  Apparently "thinking", is now "NOT an option", for most people.  And the MSM, AND the Global Governments, are now FULLY aware, of that fact.
Actual email:  There was a shooting last night  in a orlando gay club 50 dead and 53 hospitalized i felt i should let you know immediately.

PPTL:   AS, for the Orlando Florida SHOOTING – AT “the gay club” – THAT was in fact, “a LIVE, drill”.  THAT’S all. NO ONE died.  And NO one got injured.  It WAS, “a FALSE FLAG attack” – BROUGHT TO you, by, “your own GOVERNMENT”.  THEY carry out, HUNDREDS of them! – ALL OVER the United States, and the REST of the World.  So DON’T “buy in” to their LIE!

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And know that we ARE praying for ALL "the VICTIMS of the ORLANDO FLORIDA GAY BAR SHOOTING":  We are PRAYING that EVERYONE, who was DECEIVED by the MSM and the crisis actors, receive "the INFUSED knowledge" that it WAS in fact a false flag staged event.  Because we really DO care!
We DID say that we would call out "the death fakers" - just not in the way people expected
"And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; if he does, the new wine will burst the skins and it will be spilled, and the skins will be destroyed. But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins."
(Luke 5:37-38)

Over the centuries, this above Scripture passage has been applied to many different scenarios; but ONE thing that people always seemed to miss as they did so, was the answer to the question, "What is this wine that is being referred to?"  Is it, "The wine of DRUNKENNESS?"

"Wine drunk in season and temperately is rejoicing of heart and gladness of soul."
(Sirach 31:28)

It IS in fact "the wine of GLADNESS".  And where can one, obtain 'such a vintage', in THESE End Times?

"There is an outcry in the streets for lack of wine; all joy has reached its eventide; the gladness of the earth is banished."
(Isaiah 24:11)

Only the Members of the Faithful Remnant, can obtain "the wine of gladness", in these Times.  But why are some of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, 'so SAD' inside?  This is a question, that many of the people who are "on the sidelines", are asking.

"And no one after drinking old wine desires new; for he says, ‘The old is good.’”
(Luke 5:39)

Because they can't live their old identity AND their new Vocation (- note the change that was made to The Armor of God prayer).  The ones who are clinging tightly to their old identity - in doing so, are REFUSING to allow the True Holy Spirit to TRANSFORM them.  How can it? - if they prefer to identify with 'the human shells filled to the brim, with demons' - those in the beast state; those with the mark of Cain  "The wine of gladness" - referring to, "a SOUL, animated by the TRUE Holy Spirit" - cannot be found in those who have received 'the spiritual mark of the beast' - as their Souls have been set aside; it cannot be found in those who have received 'the spiritual mark of Cain' - as their Souls are now LOST, in the fiery torments of Hell; and it cannot be found in the Members of the Faithful Remnant, who stubbornly CHOOSE! - to harbor "a divided heart".  Simple.  If they, want to yoke themselves to the interior lives of the WICKED, instead of yoking themselves to all of HEAVEN - then they HAVE their reward.

And while we are on that topic: Do the Two Witnesses drink wine?

"Wine and new wine take away the understanding." 
(Hosea 4:11)
There is ONLY room, for the True Holy Spirit, in our Souls.  In fact, 'the spirit of alcohol', casts OUT 'the True Holy Spirit'.  We do however like to add a bit to our spaghetti sauce, from time to time, just for flavor - along with a bit of raw sugar, and some fresh picked basil, and fresh roasted garlic - whenever those cooking ingredients are available.
Here is "just a sample" of the Daily Divine Counsel that was sent to Members of the Faithful Remnant around the World, today.

Speaking of gladness... More and more Members of the Faithful Remnant, who fell OFF the Ark, are NOW realizing, that they are in fact 'MUCH worse off', OUTSIDE the Remnant, with 'the mark of Cain'.  HERE is a Universal letter, that applies to ALL those, who are desiring to get BACK aboard the Ark, in order to experience 'RELIEF', once again.  Of course, it would be better to desire "a heartfelt relationship with their CREATOR"; but "RELIEF", is a good start, don't you think.

PPTL: If you are TRULY sorry, and you have repented from the HEART, then the Most High TRUE God, will FORGIVE you.  ALL He asks, is that you make a VIDEO TESTIMONY – sharing with the NATIONS, HOW you found the Testimony; HOW you began to take it for Granted; and HOW you came back to your SENSES; How you chose to be OVERWHELMED’ – AND decided, to give UP, and BE WITHOUT, ‘PROTECTION from the Most High TRUE God’ – HOW that affected your LIFE; and HOW you chose to RECONCILE with Him, ONCE again.  It only needs to be, a MINIMUM of 3 minutes long.  But YOU are going to need a script.

Diving-off, the Ark of Salvation - the ONLY Liferaft in these End Times - to go "swimming for bottom-feeders", is always an option; it isn't a GOOD one - but nonetheless, it always remains, "an option" - especially for people who enjoy making "BIG problems" for themselves.

Actual email:  I seem to have fallen into a dark place and I can't seem to get myself out. It's been a real struggle with my former family and letting go of them... I am being rewarded with worldly riches that mean nothing to me... being financially rewarded for my bad choices... the demons are doing their best to keep me 'happy' where I am at [- no longer a Member of the Faithful Remnant], but... did not bring me any peace or joy.

PPTL: The REASON you find yourself in SUCH “a dark PLACE” at this point in your LIFE, is because of EVERYTHING, that you have been GIVEN, by the Most High TRUE God – that you chose, to take for GRANTED.  You THOUGHT you could have, ‘ALL the rewards of Heaven’, and ‘the rewards of HELL’...  YOU are CHOOSING, “poorly” – AS in, ‘to be SPIRITUALLY poor’ – as you YOKE yourself, to ‘THOSE, who are in the BEAST state’ – AND, who have ‘the MARK of Cain’.  The Truth IS, you PREFER, ‘that STATE’ – RATHER than, ‘what your Creator has set ASIDE for you’ – BECAUSE, you SEE it, as being “TOO difficult”; and you would have, to give up “TOO much”, in order to follow, ‘the path to SALVATION’.  It is much easier for YOU, to ‘keep calling us, into DOUBT’ – to keep, ‘a little HIDDEN room, filled with “WHAT ifs” – WHAT if they aren’t, who they SAY they are? – WHAT if, ONE day, the TESTIMONY, turns out to be “FALSE”?   WHAT if, EVERYTHING goes back, TO ‘the way, it WAS’?  N., you CANNOT HAVE both: the TRUE Reality, AND, your FALSE realities!  You CANNOT HOLD on, to ‘your DOUBTS’ – and EXPECT to have FAITH.  It’s that SIMPLE.  If you REALLY want to CHANGE, you will SEVER yourself, from ‘THOSE who choose WICKEDNESS’; THERE is no other way... If you want to BE, ‘under the Most High TRUE God’s, HEAVENLY Witness Protection Program’ – then you WILL sever, all ties, with those in ‘the beast state’, and those with ‘the mark of CAIN’ – ESPECIALLY those, in your former family.

Actual email:  How can I convince my [former family members] to change and leave the Roman Catholic institution?

PPTL: The "PRIESTS" [- referring to the "in personae satane" priests of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, and ALL the so-called "priests", outside the Faithful Remnant Church] have ‘ALL lost their anointing’ – and THEY are, simply, ‘ADMINISTERING the SPIRIT of the antichrist’ – TO the PEOPLE – which IS, “a COUNTERFEIT, holy spirit”.  There is ‘the TRUE Holy Spirit’ – who is ‘the THIRD Person, of the Blessed Trinity’ – who CONVICTS, ‘hearts’, IN the Truth, and TEACHES, people – wherein they, have SINNED, and offended, their CREATOR – so THAT, they can DESIRE, to “MEND, the broken, RELATIONSHIP”.  But, WITHIN, the Roman Catholic HIERARCHICAL Institution, and all OTHER, religious institutions – there IS NO ‘MENDING’, of ‘the BROKEN RELATIONSHIP’, between, ‘GOD, AND man’ – ONLY, through the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith (– LED by), myself, AND, my wife –WILL, LEAD, people, to ‘MEND’, their ‘BROKEN, relationship’, with the Most High True GOD.  The ROMAN Catholic Hierarchical Institution, CONTINUES, to AFFIRM people, in their SINS; they WILL not “bind up the WOUNDED”; INSTEAD, they pour SALT on the WOUNDS, of the people – and call THAT, “healing”. JESUS, does NOT ‘approve’, of ‘what THEY, have done, to the Roman Catholic, HIERARCHICAL Institution’ – as IN, ‘ALL of the FREEMASONS’, and, “the ILLUMINATI heads”, have managed to ‘SET-up’: “PUPPET priests”; cardinals, bishops, AND lay people – with ‘their OWN SATANIC agenda’. It IS, “the COUNTERFEIT catholic church”, LED BY, antipope Francis.  And that CANNOT be changed! 
"You shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God"
(Exodus 34:14)
"In spite of everything let us give thanks to the Lord our God, who is putting us to the test as he did our forefathers."
(Judith 8:25)

PPTL: The Most High TRUE God is “a JEALOUS God” – AS is stated, in the Old TESTAMENT.  And SO, you CANNOT put ANYTHING else – or ANYONE else, before HIM.  IT is “not COMFORTABLE”, what He is ASKING, in THESE TIMES – from, His TRUE Followers – but KNOW, that HE is not ‘CHALLENGING you, beyond, what YOU are able to PASS’, with HIS Graces.  You ARE “being put to the test”.  It IS as though you are LIVING, in ‘the time of the ROMANS’, and the True Christian Church is under SEVERE persecution.  HISTORY (Ecclesiastes 1:9), is REPEATING itself, once AGAIN!  Jesus, even SPOKE of these ‘TIMES’, in the NEW Testament – people “delivering up their FAMILY members” – to DEATH...

"Brother will deliver up brother to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death; and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake." (Matthew 10:21-22a)

...WHY?  BECAUSE, in these TIMES they have RECEIVED, ‘the mark of the BEAST’, and ‘the mark of CAIN’, AND are THEREFORE, “spiritually DEAD”!  The PAINFUL Truth is – or “UNCOMFORTABLE Truth”, IS that ‘NO love can FLOW THROUGH your former family TO you’, in their state; but ALL they can DESIRE, is 'for YOU to CONFORM to THEIR ways’ – to their RITUALS – TO their HABITS, of “self-HOLINESS”.  THEY are ‘without LIFE’; BUT, they DO have ‘ACCESS’, to “the Tree of Life”; they have ACCESS to the TESTIMONY – IF, they WANT it. 

"Indigestion" you say?  When a woman of the Faithful Remnant has a grumbling stomach…

PPTL: As for the GRUMBLING, in your STOMACH – THAT is actually CAUSED, by ‘the spirit of JEZEBEL’ – and so when you HEAR that sound, you NEED to grab the BLESSED Holy Water, and use the Blessed Holy Water DELIVERANCE Prayer; and ALSO Bless your STOMACH – and ask the Most High TRUE God, to ‘ROOT out that VILE SPIRIT’, from your Soul.  You may NEED to go to the washroom – after; BUT that is simply ‘part of the PURGING process’.  Hope that helps. 

The role of a woman in the Remnant, who is enjoying "a BLESSED Marriage", through the use of the Blessed HOLY Water, is QUITE different, from anything, anyone else out there is living.
PPTL: WHENEVER [your husband] is talking to people, and you are AROUND – you NEED to be ‘in PRAYER, and COMMENDING them to the IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine JUSTICE of the Most High TRUE God.  PRAY that God, the Eternal Father in HEAVEN’s “Heavy HAND”, is on them – that 'HIS Will' be done; NOT theirs!  Understand?  AS, “a wife”, you HAVE, “a MAJOR INTERCESSORY role”, IN your family – and you are CALLED, to ASK for Graces, to be poured out – upon your family; and ask the Most High TRUE God to BLESS your family, and PROTECT them from the EVIL one... Understand?
Have you noticed that there have been a lot more overcast days, in recent years?
PPTL: The whole WORLD! – is “Sodom and GOMORRAH”.  “Homosexuality”, is embraced by EVERYONE – EVEN, “heterosexual men and WOMEN” – embrace it, through tolerance.  Understand?

Actual email from a woman in the Faithful Remnant: The greatest thing I noticed is that, normally, my inclination, is to complain against Jesus; but now, I am able to thank Jesus and in fact joyfully take [physical discomforts] as an opportunity to share in the sufferings of Christ... Today, I realized and I was convicted with the fact that, there is a secret room in my interior life, seeking self and importance.

PPTL: It is GOOD that you are recognizing your WEAKNESSES, as a WOMAN.  IT is not EASY, to ADMIT when you have been WRONG; but it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY – to ALWAYS strive, to LIVE, in the Truth – no MATTER, what your FEELINGS, may TELL you.  What is SURFACING, IN your Soul – IS, “the feminist AGENDA” – that HAS been ‘PROGRAMMED’, into ALL women – FROM, ‘a VERY, young age’.  It is “spiritually toxic”, and the Most High TRUE God, desires to ‘draw OUT’, the toxic VENOM – so that, you can be HEALED, FROM, ‘the feminist agenda’.  MILLIONS, of women have been POISONED BY it – and the ENEMY, has found “a back DOOR”, INTO, these women’s HEARTS.  And USUALLY, it is when ‘the WOMAN’, is “INCONVENIENCED”, that “the LEAD”, begins to SURFACE – even MORE so.  'RECOGNIZING the PROBLEM', is HALF of the BATTLE.  And you are THAT much closer TO ‘the Solution’. 
Once you get your Soul back, you need to remember to stay focused on your Creator.
PPTL: You have MANY Spiritual Gifts, AND Blessings, and GRACES! – and THEREFORE, ‘MUCH MORE’ IS expected, FROM you...  REMEMBER, you are “only one MEMBER”, of the entire BODY – and you HAVE, ‘the PERFECT, ROLE’, IN, the Body, of Christ.  He has GIVEN you, “a UNIQUE set, of Spiritual Gifts” – TO be used, for HIS Glory; and for ‘the building UP’, of His Remnant CHURCH...  Focus on ‘building UP the weaker Members’; but, at the same TIME, do not ALLOW, ‘their WEAKNESS’, to drag you down!  Understand? 
When I was growing up, I always preferred to sit in the front seat - simply because of my height.  You see, "the back seat", wasn't that comfortable.
PPTL: AS for the “PHYSICAL pain”, and AFFLICTIONS, you have been EXPERIENCING, that is ‘SIMPLY a reminder TO you’, of the NEED, to STAY in the front SEAT, of your INTERIOR life!  MANY people, have ‘taken the back seat’ – and THEY have allowed, the DEMONS, to ‘STEER them’, their whole LIVES, towards EVERYTHING, that is PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY harmful, TO them.   And NOW as ‘a Member of the Faithful REMNANT Church’ – you are CALLED, to BREAK away, from ‘the DEMONIC inspirations’, and HOLD ON for dear LIFE! – to EVERY GOOD INSPIRATION from the True Holy Spirit; and EVERY Word that comes forth, from the MOUTH of Your Creator.  THIS, is ‘what will HELP you, to SPIRITUALLY survive’, THESE, most “TROUBLESOME”, times – as in “the Time, of Trouble and Tribulation”.
Remember each day, to reject the demonic clusters of everyone you have ever thought of, and everyone who has ever thought of you.  Demonic clusters, are in fact, 'one of the Plagues, of these End Times'.

PPTL: Be SURE that you are rejecting ‘the demonic clusters’, of EVERYONE, in the Faithful Remnant, on a DAILY basis – THIS is ESSENTIAL – BECAUSE, you are PART of ‘the body, of the CHURCH’ – THEREFORE, when ONE Member, is “sick”, it effects ALL of the Members – THAT is WHY, “PURIFICATION”, is ESSENTIAL.  The WAY to PROTECT yourself, from ‘being INFECTED’, by ‘the SICKNESSES in OTHERS’ – is by REJECTING their demonic CLUSTER as SOON as they come to mind.  Any TIME you think, of “former FAMILY members” – REJECT, their, demonic CLUSTERS – and ASK for the Grace to LIVE your True VOCATION, as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant Church, and ‘a [child] of the Most High True GOD’.

Who are "the most PSYOPED people on the PLANET" - in THESE End TIMES?...  Congratulations!  Apparently, everyone with 'the mark of the beast' and 'the spiritual mark of Cain', are now, "no longer targets" (- as the clock is simply ticking down, on "their time of consolation", in THIS life).

PPTL: EVERYONE, IN the Faithful REMNANT, IS being ‘BOMBARDED with MEMORIES’ – FALSE memories, that are being ‘IMPOSED, ON them’ – from former FAMILY, and former FRIENDS; because the Truth IS, ‘those PEOPLE’, are not ‘the SAME’; they are ‘in a MUCH worse spiritual state’, THAN ever before.  But THEY desire, that ‘the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT’, REMEMBER them, for “who they are NOT!” – in ORDER to trap them, into ‘RETURNING, to their former lives’.  The BOTTOM feeders, are “very HUNGRY” – and the ENEMY, is WORKING, “FEVERISHLY”, THROUGH them – to TRY to PULL, people, ‘OFF the ARK’ – through nostalgia.  When the PEOPLE outside the Ark, have been PROGRAMMED, by PROPAGANDA – for YEARS! – according to the SPIRITUAL laws, they can ONLY DESIRE, to program OTHERS – with ‘the SAME propaganda’ – because they ARE “extensions, of the GOVERNMENT” – of the One World Government.  The family UNIT, has become, “a GOVERNING body”; THEREFORE, THEY act, ‘the SAME way’ – that the GOVERNMENT reacts, to people, who FIND the Truth, and expose Government LIES. WHY do you think, THEY PLAY “OLD MUSIC”? – from the 60’s and the 70’s? – in GROCERY stores?  Because it KEEPS the people, ‘IN a different TIME in HISTORY, THAT no longer EXISTS!’  Why do they PLAY music, ‘everywhere’ – because it keeps the PEOPLE, ‘SUBMISSIVE’, TO, “subliminal PROGRAMMING”; and PACIFIES, their RESPONSE, to the Truth.  ONE, song, on the INTERNET, or RADIO – ENTERTAINED, for LONG enough – CAN, CAUSE, an INDIVIDUAL, IN the REMNANT, to FALL into “SERIOUS, sin”!  And yet, it is ACCEPTED, as “NORMAL” – by EVERYONE else! – OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant.  'MORTAL SIN' HAS become, “the new FAD and TREND”, IN society – and THEREFORE, they are ALL, SPORTING, ‘the MARK OF THE beast’, OR ‘the MARK of Cain’.  It is JUST!

Did you know that the TRUE purpose of Heavenly Consolations, is to help people to focus MORE, on "the GIVER of the Gift"; and NOT 'the gift itself'?

Actual email:  I realized today I believe I’ve probably been hit with a CERN wave. My head’s been foggy yesterday and today. My focus isn’t right, I’m noticing there has been distraction from True Peace for extended periods of time. It is very unpleasant.

PPTL: YES, WE, just spoke with Jesus, last night – and HE informed us, that, they HAVE indeed ‘turned up, the CERN waves’, AT this time – SO, you SIMPLY need to STAY "in the front seat" – remain FOCUSED, on your CREATOR; be PATIENT, for ‘the WAVE’ to pass OVER you – BECAUSE it WILL!  THIS is simply ‘a TIME of TRIBULATION, and THICK darkness’.  The ARK, is going THROUGH, “a FOG bank” – at THIS time.  BUT, the Most High TRUE God, HAS assured us, that 'it WILL pass' – and the CONSOLATIONS, WILL be coming once again – ONLY to help, EVERYONE, ‘REGAIN their focus’.

Actual email:  I came across your website, and am wondering why you believe you are one of the two witnesses from Revelation?

PPTL: Because I AM.

When you pray the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it IS important that you turn to the True Holy Spirit, and ASK for special Graces, at EACH and every BEAD - if you can.  Do you know WHY?

PPTL: YOU, have been GIVEN, ‘MANY spiritual Gifts, Blessings, and GRACES, from Heaven’.  You SIMPLY need to remember – the GRACES are not “FEELINGS”; BUT they are, ‘DISPOSITIONS, of the SOUL – TOWARDS, the Most High TRUE God’.  The GRACES, ‘INCLINE, the Soul’, to draw CLOSER – TO, the Most High TRUE God

What do "the bottom feeders" hate - even MORE, than the Testimony of the Two Witnesses?

PPTL: The PEOPLE of ‘the mark of the BEAST’ and ‘the SPIRITUAL mark of CAIN’ – are ‘WITHOUT Graces’. And if YOU ‘YOKE yourself’, TO “THEIR feelings”, AND share, in ‘their DISBELIEF, in the TESTIMONY’ – then how WILL you find ‘TRUE Fulfillment, in your CREATOR’?  Because THEY are ‘THREATENED’, BY, ‘your LIVING Testimony, AGAINST THEM!’  Understand?  You SIMPLY need to persevere; and keep, ‘COMMENDING’, your former FAMILY, to ‘the HEEL of the Blessed Virgin Mary’; and to ‘the JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD’ – BECAUSE, the BLESSED Virgin Mary, and God the FATHER, are, ‘your TRUE, HEAVENLY Parents’ – NOW.

And remember, to always look UP, and turn to "the MERCY", of the Most High True God, as you strive to endure and overcome the coming tests.

"And you shall put the mercy seat on the top of the ark; and in the ark you shall put the testimony that I shall give you." 
(Exodus 25:21)

Remember, there are REALLY only TWO testimonies to choose from.  In the End, EVERYONE in these End Times, is ONLY going to be holding on, to ONE of them!

"Now the chief priests and the whole council sought false testimony against Jesus that they might put him to death."
(Matthew 26:59)

It is never a good idea to send us an email, complaining about other Members of the Faithful Remnant.  The Most High True God, is lifting UP! - His Faithful Remnant - so that THEY in turn, can look UP to HIM.  And when they DO so - they quickly discover, the words of "fraternal correction", they NEED in order to help their brothers and sisters IN the Remnant.

PPTL: WHAT you are struggling with the most, IS your desire, ‘to LOOK down on OTHERS, in the REMNANT’ – who are ALSO struggling: "the WEAKER members".  You HAVE been ‘giving IN’, to ‘the CONDESCENDING spirit’ – and so, you SIMPLY need, to ‘REFOCUS’, on your OWN, personal RELATIONSHIP, with your CREATOR; and EVERYTHING else, comes into PLACE. If YOU were to FOCUS, on FIXING, and MENDING, ‘the RELATIONSHIP’ between you AND ‘the True Holy SPIRIT’ – YOU would have, ‘enough TIME’, on your hands, to DO your OWN spiritual HOUSECLEANING – and THEN the spirit would SIMPLY ‘CONVICT you’, to FRATERNALLY correct, your brothers and sisters, in the MOMENT.  But if YOU! – don’t, want, to fix, ‘what is BROKEN’, in YOURSELF! – then HOW can you help others?

Eye twitching = Luke 6:42?  Really?  All this TIME?

PPTL: The EYE-twitching is ACTUALLY ‘a SIGN’ from the Most High TRUE God, to REMEMBER, to ‘take the LOG, out of your OWN eye – BEFORE, you can even find the SPECK, that is in your neighbors’.  The SPIRITUAL life is so SIMPLE; BUT it takes ‘the heart of a CHILD’ to LIVE it...  KNOW that that IS, “a physical Sign” – that the TRUE Holy Spirit, has given TO you –to convict your HEART – in the TRUTH.  

Actual email: I know I've been really shaky, especially when asked what's going on in my interior life, because at that moment my mind goes blank and it takes a moment for me to calm down, to actually be able to answer the question.

PPTL: Right NOW, the DEMONS, become ‘STARTLED WITHIN you’ – as SOON as ANYONE, attempts to ‘call you OUT’ – on what you’re EMBRACING, in your INTERIOR life, in the MOMENT.  REMEMBER to reject, ‘the demonic CLUSTER’, of each Member of the Faithful REMNANT; and ASK for the Grace, to LIVE your TRUE Vocation – AS a Member of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH...  IN, Christ’s Body – the TRUE Church – where ALL the Angels, are Gathered... you have ‘MUCH to be grateful, for’.  It IS ‘an IMPORTANT lesson’, to UNDERSTAND, that you are “ENTITLED, to NOTHING”; yet, ALL that has been given TO you, is ‘simply a GIFT, from your CREATOR!’  What will ALSO help, is if you REJECT 'your DESIRE, to let people, PUSH your BUTTONS’!  You NEED ‘the Grace of SELF-control’.  Understand?

In these End Times, EVERYONE on the planet is being bombarded with impure images, through every imaginable form of media, and billboard. But there IS "an antidote".

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." 
(Matthew 5:8)

PPTL: ASK for the Grace, of TRUE Humility, and TRUE Docility, to the Divine WILL, and PLAN, of your CREATOR.  FOCUS on ‘doing what is PLEASING, in HIS Eyes’...  There are MANY, men, IN the Remnant CHURCH, and they are ‘STRUGGLING, with lustful thoughts, and desires’ – THAT is why, IT is critical, TO pray, for PURITY – EVERY day – because “the PURE in HEART”, are BLESSED – and WILL EVENTUALLY, SEE, The Most High True GOD. 

Actual email: Whenever I'm praying the rosary, whenever I'm doing deliverance prayers, whenever I read the Testimony, sometimes when I turn to the True Holy Spirit, I get hit with the helmet of corruption. What IS this?

PPTL: REMEMBER to COMMEND, your former FAMILY Members, to the Divine Justice of the Most High True God; and REJECT their demonic CLUSTERS.  ASK, for the Grace to live your TRUE vocation – as, ‘a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant Church’.  You are getting ATTACKED, with the helmet of CORRUPTION, when you want to be CLOTHED, in the helmet of SALVATION – because of “prevenient DEMONS”!  REMEMBER, it is, ‘the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS’, that actually FILTERS, ‘a person’s ability to RECEIVE’, the Testimony, and be TRANSFORMED by the TRUTH, that is written – THEREFORE, ANY time, you do DELIVERANCE prayers, or read the TESTIMONY – CALL on Saint MICHAEL, to DEFEND YOU, and to stand by your SIDE.  Can ANGELS, be “in multiple PLACES at ONCE”?  You BET they can!  It’s not just the SAINTS – who could BI-locate. HOW much more PERFECT, are the Heavenly ANGELS.  And SO, YES, Saint MICHAEL, can be MANY, MANY places, AT once. 

There will always be "distractions" - and even more so for women.

PPTL: You NEED to focus – on ‘YOUR spiritual life’; and your RELATIONSHIP with the Most High True God.  THIS must come, FIRST and foremost.  Because the DEMONS, have you ‘SO focused’, on ‘what OTHERS are doing AROUND you’ – that AFFLICT you - YOU cannot SEE, how YOU, are ‘ALLOWING afflictions’, in the FIRST place.  THEREFORE... NO more PROTESTING!...  The SPIRIT of JEZEBEL, wants to KEEP ‘her stronghold’ IN you! – and the WAY, that she DOES this – is by, ‘your INTERIOR life, CHOICES’ – that DO! – afflict, others!  YOU have, become SO used to “GRUMBLING”, against, “the MAN!!!” – and THAT in fact, is ‘CRUSHING’.  THEREFORE, YOU need, to RECOGNIZE, that JESUS, is “a man” – and His HEADSHIP, is MOVING, through ME – His True Vicar, here on EARTH... for a REASON!
Interesting note: Today, Jesus Christ the Lord asked my wife and I (the Two Witnesses spoken of in the Book of Revelations), to pray an entire Rosary, of the Blessed Virgin Mary - for the specific intention, of ENDING Antipope Francis' "papacy".  Jesus ALSO asked us to pray for the END of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution.  Normally, we don't share our personal prayer intentions.  But, today just happens to be the FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the video mass, we offered, to end the "papacy" of Antipope Benedict.  That was just the introduction.  The BIG story here is: JESUS gave us that mass intention, 4 years ago.  Perhaps we forgot to mention "that little detail", in the past.  And since the abolishment of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Holy Rosary, has now taken its place, as "the greatest intercessory instrument", the Human Race (- with SOULS!) IN the Faithful Remnant, now HAVE.  It looks like the unemployment lines in Rome, are about to get a little bit longer!  NOW - would be the BEST time, for ALL the so-called-priests of the RCHI, to CASH out, of their retirement plans.  Just saying.  We really don't expect any will. 
The Mayan human sacrifice temple at Chichen Itza, Mexico

The closing ceremony for the illuminati-run U.N. “2015 International Year of Light” was recently held in Merida Mexico.  Merida was chosen, because it is the closest major city to the Mayan Human Sacrifice temple at Chichen Itza – the kind popularized in Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto”.  The location was specifically chosen by “the global illuminati leaders”, as a means to symbolically boast, that the human race, IS being sacrificed, to “the shining darkness”, or “dark MATTER”, that THEY began pouring out of the CERN Hadron Collider during that year.  Here is the link to that "celebration":

"If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!" 
(Matthew 6:23b)
The demons present “a FALSE light”, to the people; but the TESTIMONY, IS “the TRUE Light of Jesus Christ the LORD”; because HE ‘EXPOSES’, the WORKS, of “the FALSE light” – which IS in fact, “DARKNESS” – DARKNESS so GREAT, that it is called, “SHINING, darkness” – to the WORLD.  EVERYONE outside the Faithful Remnant Church, SEES themselves, as “self ENLIGHTENED”; but because they are ALL, without the Most High TRUE God – THEN they are without the TRUE source, of Eternal LIGHT, and LIFE – who IS, Jesus CHRIST the Lord.  For EVERYONE, outside the Faithful REMNANT Church – to prefer, ‘HIS, or HER, own WAY’ – APART, from Jesus Christ the Lord (– the SAME Jesus, who, speaks in HIS Testimony) – there is ONLY “Eternal Flames”, awaiting them.  Because, it IS “the false PROPHET”, and “the BEAST”, that WILL, be thrown into the Lake of Fire, AND Brimstone.  “The false PROPHET” – referring to: ALL those who bear false WITNESS, against ‘the TRUTH’.  And “the BEAST” – is referring to: ALL those PEOPLE, who have RECEIVED, ‘the mark of the BEAST’, OR ‘the mark of CAIN’ – DESIRING, to CONTINUE to be fed, ‘THE lies’, from ‘the SPIRIT of the antichrist’.  “The spirit of the ANTICHRIST” IS, “the shining darkness”.
"And the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who in its presence had worked the signs by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped its image. These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with brimstone."
(Revelations 19:20)  
Here is "just a sample" of the Daily Divine Counsel that was sent to Members of the Faithful Remnant around the World, today.
PPTL: What is GOING to HELP you the MOST - in ADDITION, to what YOU have ALREADY discovered, in the TESTIMONY - IS, if you SIMPLY resolve, to CHANGE! – for the BETTER! – every DAY.  RESOLVE to COOPERATE, with the inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in the MOMENT – as WELL as ALL, of the COUNSEL, that you are RECEIVING, from us – and HAVE received, from us.  Rejecting your DESIRE, to COOPERATE with ‘the inspirations, from the evil SPIRITS’, will help as well.  You SIMPY need, to ‘REFOCUS’; DESIRE to stay, ‘UNITED’, to the DIVINE Will, OF your Creator – in each and every MOMENT – and He will HELP you, to overcome, the day’s TRIALS.  Remember, APART from Him, NOTHING can be accomplished. THEREFORE, it only makes sense, to STRIVE, to ALWAYS, BE united, to His WILL – AS, He is PERFECTLY ‘United’, to the Will of His Father, in Heaven. 
EVERY day, we are ‘BRINGING before the Throne’, of the Most High TRUE God, the ONE World Government, AND the illuminati – for IMMEDIATE, Chastisement, AND “faculty Removal”.  And what the REMNANT, have been EXPERIENCING, lately, is called, “BLOWBACK”.  SO, the illuminati, want to use “project BLUEBEAM”, to CHANGE, the REALITY, OF the Faithful REMNANT.  The only REASON, they DO this, is because the Faithful REMNANT are “the ONES’, who ARE, UNPLUGGED, FROM, the SPIRIT of the world, AND illuminati propaganda”.  The Faithful REMNANT are ‘the ONES, who ARE AWAKE’, and they KNOW, ‘what is REALLY going on’, WITH the world, AND the churches. 
The Faithful REMNANT, have an obligation, to CONTINUE to EXPOSE, the ONE world GOVERNMENT, AGENDA; AND, REVEAL to the NATIONS, as WELL – how THEY, became spiritually AWAKE, to ‘the SPIRITUAL Realities’, that are GOING on, ALL around them; how THEY – the Faithful REMNANT, have been ‘SET free’, from the LIES, of the ENEMY; and how THEY – the Faithful REMNANT, have been given “NEW Life”, in Jesus Christ the LORD – to HELP, set, the captives free – by their TESTIMONIES; and ALSO to receive ‘HEALING’, AS well.

At this point in human history, it would be considered "normal", for each Member of the Faithful Remnant to "feel" a bit overwhelmed - at LEAST for a moment.  I should know, I had "a feeling" once - I sent it to the Eternal Lake of Fire.  Here, perhaps THIS will help:

PPTL: You, NEED, to offer up, a decade of the ROSARY, or even the ENTIRE Rosary, for: the Most High TRUE God, to SIMPLY, DELETE, the FILE, of “the OLD, YOU”.  ASK the Blessed Virgin MARY, to dig her HEEL, IN, to the old YOU; and ASK her to SEND you “special GRACES”, to LIVE your new VOCATION, as “the NEW, you”.  Because what is HAPPENING, is that ‘the former FAMILY members’, are starting to pray, “the OLD IDENTITY”, of EACH MEMBER, of the REMNANT, INTO them – THROUGH sending WITCHCRAFT! – to SEND them ‘DESIRES’, to embrace ‘their old, SELVES’ – to get them to look back at ‘their old LIVES’, SO that ‘the Graces STOP flowing’.  SO, you NEED to RESOLVE, to live your TRUE, vocation – that your CREATOR has given to you. The WORLD has ‘THEIR desires’, FOR you – but your CREATOR, has, ‘the PERFECT Plan’, for your LIFE.  And SO you NEED to make the necessary RESOLUTIONS – to live ‘HIS Plan’, for your LIFE. EVERY DAY – ESPECIALLY, first THING, when you wake UP in the morning – SIMPLY resolve to LIVE ‘the Divine Will and Plan of your CREATOR! – for that DAY’.  ASK for ‘prevenient GRACES’, to be SENT – AHEAD, of the Temptations, for that day; and resolve to COOPERATE with the GRACES, for that day!  THIS will prevent you from becoming ‘OVERWHELMED, with THINKING about the future’.

Actual email: Question about the Rosary. I know we're supposed to pray the Apocalyptic mysteries once a day at least, but is it alright to pray the other mysteries as well?

PPTL: It is best NOT to pray the other mysteries.  Stick with the Apocalyptic Mysteries for now.

Did you know, that one of the traits of the WOMEN in the Faithful Remnant, is that they are making resolutions, EVERY day, to change for the BETTER!

What YOU REALLY need to FOCUS on, at this time, is doing everything WELL, and ‘OUT of Love for the Most High True GOD’ – ESPECIALLY as ‘a woman’, THIS IS not easy – because “SELF” wants to CONSTANTLY ‘get in the way’ OF ‘the LORD’S Plan for your life’.  THEREFORE, you need to be VIGILANT, in REJECTING the DEMONIC CLUSTER of your FORMER identity – EVERY TIME the lead SURFACES!  Let that be “your FIRST, recourse, to prayer”.  And THEN, you SIMPLY NEED to pray for the Grace, to LIVE, your TRUE VOCATION – as ‘a DAUGHTER of the Blessed Virgin MARY!  YOU are called to have ‘a LOVING, DOCILE and MATERNAL HEART’ - BUT, NOT without ‘HARD work’.  THIS means, that you need to CONSTANTLY, be, ‘MAKING the NECESSARY resolutions’ – EVERY day, to CHANGE, for the BETTER! – to BE, “a BETTER housewife”, “a better SISTER”, “a better FRIEND”, “a better COMPANION, to your husband” [- depending on your current vocation of course].  If YOU, do NOT MAKE these ‘RESOLUTIONS’, and take ‘the necessary STEPS to CHANGE – then the DEMONS will ONLY ‘pull you BACKWARDS’ – because that’s ALL they can do; they can ONLY, ‘REVERSE, your SPIRITUAL growth’. THAT is why it is ESSENTIAL, that you PRAY your DELIVERANCE prayers, from the HEART! 

Have you ever suffered from neck pain?  Remember, the Testimony IS "for the Healing of the Nations".

Now, the NECK pain that YOU have been experiencing, IS “a desire to be STUBBORN, and STIFF-NECKED, in your WAYS” – THIS means, when the TRUE Holy Spirit Guides you in ONE direction – there is ‘an IMMEDIATE reaction’, to BE – PULLED, in the OPPOSITE direction...  As you KNOW, for WOMEN – it’s ‘the YOKE of JEZEBEL’.  FOR men, it’s ‘the yoke of Jezebel AND Ahab’.  ANOTHER thing that will help you, is that youREJECT your desire to be INFLUENCED by others...  What is most IMPORTANT, and what must come FIRST, is your relationship with the Most High True God.  When you make Him FIRST, and FOREMOST in your life – then ALL of the OTHER, “social INTERACTIONS”, are put in their PROPER place. 


Here is a good daily prayer to pray:  Lord Jesus Christ, Most High TRUE God, please write your Testimony on my heart, mind and Soul.  Amen.

"Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
(Mark 14:38)

"To keep watch" - what does this mean?  It means to keep watch over the Soul.  What does it mean “to PRAY”?  It means to continually ask, seek and knock.

Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."
(Matthew 7:7)

It isn’t easy – and that’s because ‘the best things in LIFE’, aren’t “easy”.  “The EASY road”, has been set aside for those who prefer to float downstream, towards the waterfall.   Better to always swim UPSTREAM – towards ‘the SOURCE’, of the Life-giving Waters; than to be swept away, with the current.

Actual email: The [CERN]waves make it difficult to spiritually focus while praying, how can I secure my focus and make sure my prayers are heard? I've been asking St. Michael to walk beside me, defend and protect me; sometimes asking for all of heaven's intercession to help me focus… but some help in being shielded while praying would be awesome. I've consecrated my spiritual focus to [the protection of] St. Micheal the Archangel.

PPTL: May the Most High TRUE God MULTIPLY ‘the EFFECTIVENESS’, of your prayers. TURN to the Blessed Virgin MARY, and simply ASK HER, for ‘the GRACE of a fruitful PRAYER life’.  And then PRAY!  Pray ALWAYS!  NEVER stop!  THIS MEANS, CONTINUALLY ASK, seek, AND knockSEEK the True Holy Spirit; ASK for Graces; SEEK to be delivered, and KNOCK, on the Door to HEAVEN, FOR INTERCESSORY Prayers. STORM! – all of Heaven, with your PRAYERS!  The more you POUR, your heart out, to your CREATOR – the more He pours OUT, UPON you – HIS Abundant Graces, AND love.

"Do not grumble, brethren, against one another, that you may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing at the doors."
(James 5:9)

“I can do nothing on my own authority; as I hear, I judge; and my judgment is just, because I seek not my own will but the will of him who sent me."
(John 5:30)

PPTL: REJECT your desire, to JUDGE – BASED on EXTERNALS; and ASK for the Grace, to JUDGE, with RIGHT Judgment – ACCORDING, to the MOVEMENTS of the TRUE Holy Spirit. 

Did you know, that the topic of ‘the reptilian plague’, is a great way to start a conversation? – especially, “when someone gives you the EYE”.

PPTL: WITH regards to ‘seeing SLITS’, in your neighbor’s EYE?  You NEED to TELL them, when that happens… BECAUSE, of the Times, we are LIVING in  - AND, WITH ‘the reptilian PLAGUE’ – the Most High TRUE God, is making it ‘VERY easy’, to ‘tell the DIFFERENCE’, between THOSE, who are ‘letting things SLIDE in their interior lives’, and those, who are ‘STRIVING, to stay SPIRITUALLY awake, and alert’.

When “accidents happen”, because of “silly mistakes” - it is actually ‘a Sign’, of something that needs to be fixed.

PPTL: You must not take, “MISTAKES”, like the one you mentioned… ‘LIGHTLY’; it is ACTUALLY ‘the spirit of SABOTAGE, and AUTOPILOT’ – that you NEED to ‘reject’.  BETTER to do it NOW – before those ‘MANIFESTATIONS’, come back! – and BITE you! – in ‘a much more SEVERE way’.  ASK for ‘the Grace, to COOPERATE, with the TRUE Holy Spirit IN the Moment – when PROMPTED to DO so.  ASK for the Grace, of SPIRITUAL Focus, AND, PRAY for the Grace to STAY, IN the Front Seat – ALWAYS.  RIGHT NOW, the DEMONS, POURING out of CERN, are TRYING to ‘PUT the Remnant, “in the back seat”’ – EVEN, IN the smallest things – so that THEY, can ‘take over the steering’. NEVER before in all of HISTORY, HAS, ‘GOD’S PEOPLE’, NEEDED to FIGHT! – to stay SPIRITUALLY awake – AND, ‘STEERING’ at ALL times! 

Exercising “freedom of religion”, in these End Times, can at times require a little “legal expertise”. Some former family member “BOTTOM feeders” – have been tempted to contact local police, in order to “BULLY” Faithful Remnant Members.  The reason this is being posted in the Testimony, is because “the BOTTOM feeders”, need to know, that the Faithful Remnant Members, HAVE “the best legal Counsel in the entire Universe” – and are NOW, phoning the local authorities, to file “harassment” charges, in response to such tactics, as needed.  Understand?  Now while this update may be “a little uncomfortable” to read - compared to the persecution of ‘the FIRST, TRUE Christians’ 2000 years ago, it is really, LITTLE more, than “a WALK, in the park!”

PPTL: If EVER, the police, were to ‘CONFRONT you’, on your FORMER, FAMILY’S behalf – you can always TELL them:  “YOU are of age.”  “YOU are RESPONSIBLE, and YOU are TAKING CARE of yourself.” “You want NOTHING to DO, with your former FAMILY – and that is your CHOICE.”  "THEY, ONLY want to do you HARM." “They do not agree with your BELIEFS."   "It is a FAMILY dispute."   "You are NOT missing."   JUST in CASE, NOW you have, “the LANGUAGE to use”.  YES, you NEED to go to the local AUTHORITY – and TELL them EXACTLY, what HAPPENED… Understand?

Actual email: Last night as I was sleeping I was bombarded with dreams of nostalgia and former family and friends… Is there anything I've missed… to allow this dream to keep resurfacing? 

PPTL: IN as much as you have CONSENTED, TO, in the PAST, ‘embracing MEMORIES’, and ‘the spirit of NOSTALGIA’ – you will need to REJECT it; you will need to RESOLVE, to stay in ‘the present MOMENT’ – ALWAYS!  RECOGNIZE, that when DREAMS of ‘former FAMILY members’ COME – that the Most High TRUE God, is simply ALLOWING you, to be TESTED.  HE wants you to choose HIM! – out of your own free WILL. You KNOW, when He was ‘in the DESERT’ – EVEN the DEVIL, TEMPTED Him – with ALL of the things, that belonged to the DEVIL.  And SO, YOU are being ‘tested’, by the Most High True GOD – as He is ALLOWING, the DEVIL, to TEMPT you – to return to your former LIFE.  But you are not called to ‘BOW’, to the temptation; but be CONSISTENT, in REJECTING, and RENOUNCING, ‘your former LIFE’, and ‘your former IDENTITY’.  When the devil SEES, that he has LOST, and that every ATTEMPT, that he MAKES, to pull you BACK, ONLY makes you STRONGER – in pressing FORWARD, with your CREATOR – then he will ‘back off’; and THEN, he will move ON to someone who is WEAKER – and tempt THEM, WITH ‘the same temptation’.  HERE, PERHAPS THIS will help.  In the BIBLE, IT is STATED, “REMEMBER NOT, the former THINGS…”  Wonder WHY.

Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.  Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”
(Isaiah 43:18-19)

When people outside the Ark – especially the women - make a video, to testify to the nations – it is important, that they realize, that their motives, will not be hidden.  For the Members of the Faithful Remnant, let this following Counsel, be a reminder of “what NOT to do”, when recording a video.

PPTL: You KNOW for YOURSELF at this TIME, that your VIDEO was “NOT sincere”; and your HEART, was still DIVIDED – AS, you were speaking.  We HOPE, that YOU, CAN, be “BRUTALLY honest WITH yourself” – about, ‘WHERE you stand’, with regards, to the TESTIMONY.  It is VERY CLEAR, that YOU, are ‘FILLED, with UNFORGIVENESS, and RESENTMENT’ – as to ‘WHAT, your CREATOR, is ASKING of you, at this time’.  We STRONGLY suggest, that you CHANGE, your attitude – AND fast!  You NEED to, ‘repent’ – FROM the heart – as your VIDEO, was no MORE than, ‘a litany of BOASTS’, as to ‘what the demons ACCOMPLISHED, in you’ – with YOUR consent.  ASK the Most High True God to give you ‘the DESIRE to return’ – because, you do not ‘HAVE it’, right now… JEZEBEL, is “ALWAYS miserable”.  WHEN will you women LEARN?

Actual email: I have a persistent heaviness on my chest and I find it difficult to breathe… I really don't know what to do about this.  

PPTL: Are you USING the Blessed HOLY Water, and praying the Blessed HOLY Water DELIVERANCE prayer, in ORDER to get RELIEF, from ‘the PRESSURE on your CHEST’?  You NEED to reject ‘your DESIRE to HAVE a HARDENED HEART, towards your Creator’; and ASK for the Grace, to have a SOFTENED heart – towards Him.  Because you CANNOT have, ‘a softened heart’, towards those, who have ‘the spiritual mark’, AND, have ‘a softened heart’, towards Him.  Remember, you cannot HAVE, “TWO MASTERS”?  You are EITHER, serving the Most High TRUE God; OR, working AGAINST Him.  When you experience, ‘the HEAVINESS in your chest’, it is ‘a SIGN to you’, that you are ‘working AGAINST Him’.  So FIX it.

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are still living with ‘those with the mark’ – referring to those who have received, before all of Heaven, “the mark of an F”, from the Most High True God.

PPTL: WHILE you are IN, ‘that HOUSE’ – you SIMPLY ‘WILL’, to DO ‘what is NECESSARY’, in ORDER to avoid, “unnecessary CONTACT” – with those in the BEAST state.  They can ONLY receive “inspirations, that will PULL you AWAY, from the Most High True God”.  Can you not make your MEALS, and then eat in your ROOM?  Stay in PRAYER – while you are at home. Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY. If your WILL, is ‘UNITED’, to Jesus Christ the LORD – then, you have found ‘the WAY’.

For those who have had their Soul returned to them, and who sincerely desire to BE the person your Creator MADE them to be.

PPTL: It's not about what you talk about; it's what you resolve to DO.  It's NOT about "lip service".  Repentance, must be 'from the HEART' - or, it ISN'T, "repentance".  PRAY a decade of the ROSARY - and, ASK the Blessed Virgin MARY, to DIG her HEEL into "the OLD N.".  And then ask the Most High TRUE God for the Grace, to live your TRUE VOCATION, as 'the NEW N.".  Choose!

Many times we mention in our Divine Counsel, “spiritual strongholds” that need to be taken down.  Once those strongholds are REVEALED, it is ALWAYS best to turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary for help - BEFORE The Most High True God is forced to ACT. And many Members of the Faithful Remnant CONTINUE to be Scourged, by their “Loving Creator” – because Discipline IS Love! 

Actual email: I was having 'a thickening of skin' in the centre of my scalp...  It started getting bigger, since about 3 weeks now… I am eager to know if TMHTG is conveying something through this Sign.  Is there some correction that need to made in my interior life?

PPTL: You are STRUGGLING with… INTELLECTUAL HUBRIS.  And THIS is caused, by ‘your DESIRE, to SEE yourself, as… HIGHLY INTELLECTUAL… The thickening SKIN, on TOP of your scalp – IS, “a Scourge”, and ‘a SIGN to you’, of BEING, “THICK, HEADED”.  THIS MEANS, that YOU are not ALLOWING the True Holy SPIRIT – to TRANSFORM you; but, you are “INTELLECTUALIZING”, the Testimony; and DISSECTING it! – so that it loses all MEANING, and PURPOSE, in your LIFE! – and this is KEEPING your MIND, “DULL!!!” – in the SPIRIT.  And THAT is WHY it is DIFFICULT for YOU, to ‘stay AWAKE’, while PRAYING the ROSARY.  You NEED to FIGHT! – the DEMONS; by TURNING to Jesus Christ the LORD, for HIS Strength, to overcome.  UNDERSTAND?  Now you KNOW ‘what is afflicting you’.  WE suggest that you OFFER ‘a decade of the ROSARY’, for the Blessed Virgin MARY, to dig her HEEL, in TO you! – to, crush the SERPENTS, that HAVE been MENTIONED.

Actual email: …the wind.  Upon seeing it the first words out of my mouth were "Jesus protect us!  Saint Michael defend us!"… Must be a tornado.  We do live in part of tornado alley…  I told N. and N. to pray, as we began to wait out this intense storm.  Through it all only a 'few' medium sized branches fell in the yard, and there was some 'minor damage'... We just finished taking a drive through the town, and things are pretty messed up.  We even saw an entire tree, uprooted, and lying on a house… we don't know if an actual tornado touched down or not.  At this point it seems to just have been some INTENSE wind gusts. 

PPTL: It was SIMPLY “a PASSING storm”. The PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL REALITIES “INTERTWINED”, ONCE again! – SO that you could SEE “the PHYISICAL EQUIVALENT”, to the SPIRITUAL STORM, that was ‘ROCKING’, your HOUSEHOLD.  YES, the SPIRITUAL ATTACKS ARE INCREASING; but SO is ‘the PROTECTION of the Most High TRUE GOD – AND, the MANY MANIFESTATIONS, of His MERCY’, and ‘JUST ENOUGH SIGNS’, to keep the REMNANT, ‘AWAKE’.  Yes, you are in “tornado ALLEY”; BUT, no SCOURGE, came near your TENT – no PHYSICAL harm came, to your household.  It is ‘SIMPLY, a REMINDER’ – to ALL of you! – that, the SPIRITUAL BATTLE, IS “RAGING”!  And there is ‘no TIME to REST’ – EXCEPT, AS is necessary.  But you MUST STAY, “SPIRITUALLY, AWAKE, and ALERT” – for when those spiritual STORMS, ‘arise’, in your INTERIOR lives.

Having problems moving FORWARD, because of your past FAILINGS?

PPTL: What you NEED to do, is forgive YOURSELF, for ALL of your PAST ‘faults and FAILINGS’; and ASK for ‘the Grace to move FORWARD’.  You are not CALLED to dwell, on your SINS; but simply FOCUS, on doing BETTER, the NEXT time.  You are called to LIVE, in the True Holy Spirit of the MOMENT – GIVING Fraternal CORRECTION, AS is NECESSARY; and ALWAYS ‘RECEPTIVE’, to fraternal CORRECTION, as WELL.  LIVING in ‘a TRUE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY’ – YOU are STILL called to EXPECT the unexpected.  Not EVERYTHING is going to “run SMOOTHLY” all of the time; but the MOST High True God CONTINUES to Provide for your needs.
There are so many distractions lately. And in fact, most of the "so-called christians", actually have their heads in the CLOUDS - AND are without their Soul!
Actual email: Why should you be believed, when so many others through the years have falsely claimed to represent God?... You claim that Jesus has already returned and left, unnoticed by many. Jesus described His return in Matthew 24:30 like this, "Then will appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." (Matthew 24:30)

PPTL: It is ALSO stated, Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”(Matthew 25:13)  YOU did not “KEEP WATCH over YOUR Soul, AS was INSTRUCTED – along with BILLIONS of others!

Actual email: How can I overcome feeling so awkward in front of the camera when recording my video, and seeing myself as camera-shy?

PPTL: THAT is why, EVERYONE in the Faithful Remnant, has been INSTRUCTED, to PRAY a decade of the ROSARY – FOR “a successful, video recording”… you STILL have a Soul.  THEREFORE, you CAN, pray, the ROSARY.

After people fall off “the Ark of Safety” - the ones who stay there, often wonder what happened.

PPTL: RIGHT now, you AREBELOW the WATERLINE” – because, the DEMONS, have you focused, on “what YOU want, to do, with your life”.  YOU want ‘the Most High TRUE God’ to “BLESS, bad CHOICES”.  HE will not DO that!  But, YOU need to pray for ‘the Grace of TRUE Spiritual Vision’ – so that, YOU, can SEE.

The Members of the Faithful Remnant, need to simply allow US, to be The Two Witnesses - while they do “their part”.

PPTL: PRAY for the Grace, to go DEEPER, into the Testimony.  ASK the Most High TRUE God, to SHOW you, ‘how He works’.  DO NOT look for ‘the INTERIOR voice’, of jesus – speaking, TO you – because, it IS, the devil – DISGUISED, as Jesus, MOST of the time!  Do not LISTEN, to ‘those INTERIOR voices’; ONLY respond, to ‘the CALL of the MOMENT’ – by LISTENING, to the TRUE Holy Spirit, GIVE you, the INFUSED knowledge, that you need – in ORDER to ‘move forward’.

"They arrested the apostles and put them in the common prison. But at night an angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and brought them out..."
(Acts 5:18-19)

Actual email: The first disciples were beaten and imprisoned. Jesus Himself, the King of Heaven, was not spared... How much more then will it happen to us?

PPTL: Yes, the FIRST disciples WERE ‘beaten’, AND imprisoned; but, REMEMBER what was revealed, IN the Testimony: the Most High TRUE God, is SIMPLY asking, ‘HIS Followers’ – His FAITHFUL Remnant Church – to endure “a WHITE martyrdom” – and that IS, “SOCIAL, suffering, AND humiliation”.  But those in the Faithful REMNANT – as LONG as they PERSEVERE – WILL reach, the FULLNESS, of the ERA of Peace – AND, they will not DIE!  They have been PROMISED, “ETERNAL Life” – BOTH Spiritual AND Physical!  Understand? 

How quickly the Members of the Faithful Remnant forget, that “the GOVERNERS”, are GOVERNED by DEMONS – the SAME demons, that GOVERN, their “former family members”.

Actual email: What should we do when it becomes illegal to be a member of the Faithful Remnant?

PPTL: Perhaps, at SOME point, the Most High True God will ‘ALLOW’, True CHRISTIANS, to be “IMPRISONED”, by their GOVERNMENT – BUT! – HE will give them, ‘the NECESSARY Strength’, to endure.  ALREADY, SEVERAL, FORMER, FAITHFUL REMNANT Members, were ‘PUT to the test’ – and THEY were ‘SENTENCED’, by THEIR! – “family members”, or “bottom feeders” – to, “the ASYLUM” – to, “mandatory, medication”.  BUT! – EVERY TIME, this has HAPPENED, TO a Remnant Member – it was in FACT, “the HAMMER, of the Most High True God’s JUSTICE”, COMING down HARD, ON them! – BECAUSE, of their ‘WICKED interior CHOICES’, and ‘CONTINUED, backsliding’.  AS for politics – LET the government leaders, LEAD themselves, AND the people… The MOST High TRUE God, HAS “His Heavy Hand”, upon them ALL.  “POLITICS”, is like ‘the WORLD of DEMONS’ – because THAT is what ‘POLITICIANS’, use – “DEMONIC games”. 

"And as he sowed, some seeds fell along the path, and the birds came and devoured them."
(Matthew 13:4)

Actual email: When I went to make this [video], the crows started squawking like crazy and they kept flying back and forth overhead the whole time - and even as I left the area, they kept flying between the trees above me, and followed me out of where I was recording… Once I was out of the area and back on the street they were quiet, like they had no problem.

PPTL: REMEMBER ‘the Word’, that was sown along the PATH. Jesus EXPLAINS this, IN “the parable of the SOWER”.  And SO, the CROWS, are actually “a PHYSICAL manifestation, of the ENEMY’S presence, NEARBY – READY to PLUCK, out, those WORDS, that YOU, proclaimed, to the viewer”. ONE way, the enemy WORKS, is to GET, the Faithful Remnant, to PROCLAIM the Truth, FROM the ROOFTOPS – but INWARDLY, having, no CONVICTION, or DESIRE, to LIVE it!  THAT is what YOU, are STRUGGLING with.  SO… SIMPLY REMEMBER to put, ‘the WORDS of your CREATOR’, into practice.  Be “a DOER”; NOT just “a hearer”.
Everyone who finds the Testimony knows it to be True.  That is just a fact.  But only a FEW, will LEAVE the false sheperds; and this following Message is for those who are called "the FAITHFUL Remnant":

“‘I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear evil men but have tested those who call themselves apostles but are not, and found them to be false; I know you are enduring patiently and bearing up for my name’s sake, and you have not grown weary. But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first. Remember then from what you have fallen, repent and do the works you did at first. If not, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent.”
(Revelations 2:2-5)

PPTL: For INDEED, the TRUTH, has ‘CONVICTED your HEART’.  And you KNOW, that JESUS Christ the LORD, is INDEED, ‘with, His TRUE Faithful Remnant, FLOCK’.  Because, the INSTITUTIONS, have ALL, ‘sought their OWN gain’ – at, the EXPENSE, of peoples’ SOULS.  THEREFORE, He LEFT them – DESOLATE. BUT, as He PROMISED, He would NOT, allow ‘the gates of Hell’, TO prevail, against, ‘His very OWN’ - AND in these TIMES, that is ‘His TRUE, ROMAN Catholic FAITHFUL, Remnant Church’.  The INSTITUTIONAL, hierarchy, has ‘ABANDONED, the first Love’, that they were CALLED to’.  They were CALLED, to SPREAD, ‘the UNDEFILED, PURE! – GOSPEL’.  THEY failed!  And WHERE THEY have failed, as is WRITTEN, in the TESTIMONY – JESUS Christ the LORD – the Most High TRUE God, WILL prevail!  He WILL, ‘prevail’ AGAINST, “the gates of Hell”! 

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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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