The Testimony of the Two Witnesses
       is the True Roman Catholic Faith - under Petrus Romanus - the Last and Final True Pope
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed one MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."
"The Institution"
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
“And now, O priests, this command is for you.  If you will not listen, if you will not lay it to heart to give glory to my name, says the Lord of hosts, then I will send the curse upon you and I will curse your blessings; indeed I have already cursed them, because you do not lay it to heart… But you have turned aside from the way; you have caused many to stumble by your instruction; you have corrupted the covenant of Levi, says the Lord of hosts, and so I make you despised and abased before all the people, inasmuch as you have not kept my ways but have shown partiality in your instruction.” 
Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ?  Shall I therefore take the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute?  Never!  Do you not know that he who joins himself to a prostitute becomes one body with her?  For, as it is written, “the two shall become one.”  But he who is united to the Lord becomes one spirit with him.”
“Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues; for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.”

When Jesus Christ the Lord, arrived on the scene, more than 2000 years ago, He arrived on the scene, as “the King of the Jews’. 

But did the Jewish people recognize Jesus - as their Messiah?    No. 

Did they reject Him?   Yes

Now, more than 2000 years later, Jesus has come again, a Second Time, through His Two Witnesses  – through Myself, and My wife. 

Did the Christians, of this era, Recognize His SecondComing

In other words: Did Christians, reject His words – the Words of Jesus Christ the Lord Coming to them, for the Second time, in History?   The answer, is Yes. 

Now back then, Jesus had His 12 apostles.  And just like He had a few devoted followers - at the time of His first Coming, so too, do I, HIS TRUE REPRESENTATIVE, have, a small following – I have my little flock – that is also known, as “the Faithful Remnant’

Who am I, you might be wondering? – For starters; I am a validly ordained Roman Catholic Priest.  I have been a priest now for more than 10 years.  And I am one of the youngest Popes ever – in all of history!...

But what about “pope Francis” over in Rome? – you may be wondering…    That Antipope, over in Rome, has no anointing whatsoever!  He has a big ‘smiley face’ mask - that he wears, in order to deceive “weak-minded people” - who are easy victims, to ‘false externals’.  But that Antichrist, named “Francis”, is no pope;  He is ‘the devil in disguise’.  And He is working closely, with that antichrist over in the White House – named Obama, working carefully that is: to bring souls to ruin.  Do the research for yourself, and see, how the two of them, have been working to promote the homosexual agenda.  Take your time, because they have both done ‘a lot of work’, and you will have much reading to do.  Both Francis and Obama, are mere actors, and puppets.  They are front-men for the luciferians - the ones who are behind, the freemason agenda.  Obama and Francis, have sacrificed their souls - not in the service of their fellow man, but in the service of their “father down below”.  The US President has successfully turned America, into the Obama Nation of Desolation; and Francis, has been worshipping, the abomination of desolation, set up, in each of the churches, that are under, his satanic power.

So who am I, to reveal ‘these very important matters’ – you may be asking? I am the Last True Pope of this Era.  My name, is Petrus Romanus – And that Name, was given to me by Jesus Christ The Lord Himself - as He spoke to my wife and I, from His throne, in Heaven. 

Now some people watching this video might be a little skeptical, and you might be thinking, that “I need help”.  Perhaps you didn’t know, that I receive Daily Counsel from Jesus Christ the Lord Himself, who is well seated, on His Throne in Heaven – and  I am ‘provided for’, quite nicely, with more help, THAN anyone could possibly, ever imagine….  Rather, it truly is you, the viewer of this video, who are in serious need, of help. “What kind of help” - you might be asking? 

Well for starters: You desperately need some Blessed Holy Water.  It is a special gift ,  that has been given from Heaven, for these End Times – a gift that Jesus Christ the Lord, desires you to have. It is a gift without price; without donating, and without mailing.  Simply go to My website, and quickly get, some Blessed Holy Water.  You can only benefit by doing so.

And while you are getting some Holy Water, Listen Up!  One thing Jesus Christ the Lord wants people to hear, now – and I will repeat The words, He recently spoke with urgency to my wife and I - from His Throne in Heaven.  He said: “Come out of her My people”.  Jesus was quoting Revelations 18 verse 4.

“Come out of her my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues”. When Saint John heard Jesus speaking these words, he didn’t know it at the time, but he heard Jesus speaking to All the people, who attend, the Religious institutions, throughout the entire World.  Come out of them!  Because ‘the abomination of desolation’ spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, (Daniel 12:11) is now set up in all of the Churches - and has been, for quite some time now.

You All, will need to use, the Blessed Holy Water to be healed of ‘the spiritually toxic effects’, of attending a ‘religious institution’ – because ‘the abomination of desolation’, is most certainly, set-up, inside.  You will also need to use the Holy Water, in order to be healed of the effects, of watchingTelevision.  You will need to use the Holy Water, to be healed of a divided heart. You will need to use the Holy Water, to be healed of ‘the mark of the beast’.  But most importantly, you will need to use the Holy Water, to get your soul back
What’s that?  You never lost your soul?  You’re just fine”? – Read what ‘the Just Judge’, Jesus Christ the Lord, has to say about that – in His own words.  Read Testimony of the Two Witnesses dot com. The clock is ticking down, and you don’t have much time left. I am Pope Peter, the Last and Final True Pope of this Era.  And you, are quickly running out of time.
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“I laid-out these laws to help loosen the burden of man’s sins, but the church has rejected Me as ‘an institution’, and has brought about much pain and suffering in souls, by refusing to help them out of their sins - by enabling them to commit more, and grievous.  The church has failed in so many ways as an institution.”
“The institution of the catholic church, as a religious organization, has betrayed Me and sold Me to satan, for more than thirty pieces of silver.  To keep the cash flow coming in weekly, the priests have renounced their faithfulness to Me.  To keep their pockets full of ‘blood-money’, they refuse to preach on the atrocities of abortion.  To listen to the cries of the feminists’ agenda against all male authority and True Sovereign Headship, they have brought condemnation on themselves.  For who was the first one who listened to satan in the Garden of Eden?  Eve was, and she brought the blood of all of her sin upon the whole human race.  That is who the Jezebellian priests have become like – unto Eve listening to satan, profess his headship over them.” 
"The church will pay, for what she has done to My little ones, through neglect, and bad leadership.  She will have a mill stone tied around her neck thrown into the sea.  I am referring to ‘the institution created by man’.  Thus the wage of sin is death – not only physical but spiritual.  She has 'spilled the blood of My Saints' for too long, and now ‘My Cup’ has been enkindled against her.  She has become “the great harlot”, ‘the whore of Rome’, and now she will go down, very hard, and very fast."
A mud volcano recently popped up in Rome. And that would be symbolic of what?
"The abuse cases within the roman catholic church, are ‘piling up’ as more and more victims have come forward, making claims that they were abused, by priests.  Most of the claims are true, but not all...  That ‘financial institution of indifference’, will be crushed physically.  Rome, and the Vatican, will fall, with cracked walls, everywhere.  No stone will be left unturned, upon the other, and all will weep and mourn for that great city: for Babylon the Great has fallen, and all will weep and mourn, with a mourning that will last – a lifetime...  Such will be the Fury of My Wrath, against that city."
"It is the Faithful Remnant, who recognize the spiritual realms, as being more important, and above them.  No human being, on the face of this Earth, is smarter, and can outwit, one Angel, or demon.  That is why you, My son, have been chosen for this: because you do not try, to outwit the devil, and his minions, on your own strength; but because you wait, on the inspirations, that come from the True Holy Spirit.  Good is more powerful than evil; and evil, can never be good; they are directly opposed to each other.  The church cannot compromise and expect to stand, for it will surely fall and crumble as an institutionThe church must choose teams as well; whereas My Faithful Remnant – My True Church, already has."
"Tomorrow is Sunday, My children, and you know what that means: the satanists and luciferians, will be gathered together to pray at their ‘altar to mammon’.  I however, will not be there, for I am not amidst such sins, of false affirmation, and false holiness; but, I am asking, you both, to go and witness, what once was My Church, and what has become of this diabolic institution.  You will find a mass to go to; any time is good – for I know you will pick the right one, and witness particularly: to the priest’s homily; to the peoples’ response.  Notice: the brainwashing techniques, he is going to be using; and also the zoning-out in the peoples’ faces; see what you are not missing on a weekly basis.  Worship Me always in the Spirit of Truth and Sincerity, and I will come to you, always; but I will not come to false worshipers and false adorersThe Spirit will not be there, except in your discernment.  The peoples’ faces will draw a blank, and the priest will lose his words – for that is My Judgement on St. Nicholas Parish.  That should help you with your search.”
"Many, are called; but few are chosen – which means many of you will read this, with utter contempt, for the message given – for My words.  And others, will have, an ever-living, burning fire, and desire, to spread this message, as quickly as possible.  The ‘gates of hell’ will not prevail, against My Church – those of My True, Faithful Remnant; but, the ‘gates of hell’, will prevail over the souls of the wicked, within that institution.  I am much more, than “a revolutionist”, or “prophet”, or “kind-hearted man”.  I AM the Living One.  I am the Bread Eternal.  I am Life-Giving Waters to those who would drink.  This is to counteract the lies, of liberalism – with the truth."
"The church: is not infallible, any longer – for the Holy Spirit, has been withdrawn, from that institution.  Only places of worship, where I am the main focus, and the center – of true worship, will the Holy Spirit dwell.  The Holy Spirit, has been offended, by many – in that institution, and will only dwell now, within the people, who are on My team – who are ‘rooting for Me’, and desiring for Me to conquer sin and death in them, once more; but the institution – that is the hierarchical structure, is crumbling.  There will be a massive ‘Schism’ – within its walls, and then you both will know, that it will be time to go.  When this happens – physically, it will be a sign to leave.  ‘The Schism’ has already taken place, on a spiritual level; but soon, it will take place – physically, and it can not be stopped.  The chaff will be separated from the wheat, once more."
"Because people of these times are deaf and hard of hearing, it will be difficult for some to recognize: that I have removed Myself from that institution, and uncanonically elected a new Pope.  You will be saying Mass in public soon, and it will only be a small room with just a few other souls.  When the media, tries to get involved, with all of this – that is the unfolding of these End Times, do not be concerned, for I have already given you the words to use against them.  Drastic changes” have come – I repeat Myself once more."
"Why should I come, to the ‘dogs’ within the churches?  So that they can vomit up My words?  No My children, the Word will Judge them.  People will be ‘passing sentence on themselves’, for either: they will neglect My words, and the True Shepherd of My Faithful Remnant Flock – who is there, to rescue them, from the hands of the wolves, in temporary charge; or, they will abandon My words, and My True Shepherd, and go aimlessly along with that institutional abomination.  For at the root it was good – because it was founded by Me; but corruption and pollution has gotten into the highest ranking officials – there, up to what once was the Prince of the Heavenly Host – No more."
"Now the institutional church is sinking, and I am merely ‘cutting it loose’."
“For truly all I desire My children, is that the Faithful Remnant, and those in the hierarchical institution, be told the Truth in plain form.  As you know, I am no longer in that institution; and I have even removed My presence from the rebellious priests, and laypeople – for the spirit of rebellion, is not welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Those who embrace that spirit, and hold on to it tightly, will never enter into Eternal Rest with Me; because I am against the shepherds of this generation, who prophesy or speak lies in My Name: – by saying that they are ‘holy’, when they are full of wickedness and depravity; by telling the people that there is no need for circumcision of the heart, but they can continue to profane My Name and Statutes.  My Ordinances and My Laws still continue to this day: to be rejected; to be ignored; and to be reproached. So therefore I say: that the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, will become, in itself, apart from Me, a reproach and derision, for all the Nations to see.  I tell you now My children, ‘the mark of the beast’ is already in the churches – people in many cases are baptizing their children, in the ‘spirit of abominations and desolation.’  Yes it really is that bad.  The confirmations taking place – in most cases, do the same as well – for what are the people being confirmed in?  It is more like the ‘sacrament of affirmation – affirming every abomination under the sun.  And what has become of the Sacrament of Holy Orders? – Except that those doing it, are not truly anointed, and they are transferring their own evils, upon the victim.  Because if the heart is not turned towards Me at that time, it is merely witchcraft.  And what of the Sacrament of Marriage?  What has become of it?  But a blessing, perpetually, upon, adultery.  I do not bless people living together – through common law or otherwise; but this “church”, and the people under her, are permitting these ‘vile abominations’ to continue.  They might as well be as the Anglicans are: blessing ‘homosexual acts’– perpetually.  And what of the Sacrament of the Sick?  What has become of them?  People are more sick – more today than ever; and I am referring to: ‘of the mind’. Because their hearts have turned away from Me – more ailments, and more sicknesses come.  Are they being healed in these “sacraments”?  In most cases the answer is: “no”." 
“For I am King!  But not of this World!  I am a spiritual King; and desire to reign – in peoples’ hearts – forever.  Your being Vicar, will be ‘made known’ – soon; and the people will be forced to act – soon; and the Testimony will be finished – soon; and the bridegroom, will come, to collect, his bride – soon.  People, as a whole, are not expecting this ‘curve ball’, in their designs, and plans for human history.  But, I tell you, My son, that I am with you, wherever you go, and that My Authority – given to Me by God the Eternal Father in Heaven, has been given to you, for He has appointed you, as Prince of the Apostles, and My True Vicar: because, of your obedience, and humble docility to the True Holy Spirit – of the Moment, insofar as you are able; because you are still not perfect.  But God the Eternal Father in Heaven does not need to work with perfection – how would he come, to live in peoples’ souls, and draw them to Himself; and what journey would they need – but they would be completed?  ‘Perfection’, is what is needed on a daily basis.  The institution itself has failed, and where they have failed – I will prevail.  I, will raise up My Sheep; I will help them find Me; I will heal their broken hearts; I will give them what is necessary – for their salvation; and as, it was written today, in Ezekiel My children, “I will feed them, in Justice!”  
“His views are flawed.  His upbringing, was severely flawed.  His religion, is severely, flawed – for it is not the religion, I founded that he practices; but it is a religion, of Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees – of My time.  Heretical teachings, he, is, embracing, within that institution.  It is not My institution – not the one that I founded, and I am not calling him to go there any longer – because he is being poisoned, by the ‘spirit of the antichrist’. Yes the ‘spirit of the antichrist’ is very real N., and it has permeated every facet of the Earth upon which you dwell.  It is tearing down, all, that I, have built up, in My faithful remnant followers – within that institution.  They are beginning to lose their faith – in Me; and they are embracing, every evil under the sun.  When you have My Ten Commandments, written on your heart, there is no excuse before Me, for your sins.  I am greatly displeased with your sins, N., but I love you still; and to show you, how I love you, I want you to be healed – from them.  Therefore I am the physician you need.  You, do not need the hierarchy to heal you, nor can they if they tried – because the enemy can not cast-out the enemy. I have sent you, My ‘prince of the apostles’, one of My Two Witnesses, My representative, and My Vicar here on Earth – and surely, he is despised, by many – within that institution.  Just as I, was despised by the Pharisees – for telling them the truth, even though they knew it to be true. As long, as he clings to the institution My children, his soul will go down with it – as those, who cling to the institution, when the Truth has been revealed to their hearts, go down as well.  The institution is ‘a sinking , oil, tanker’, and it is causing much trouble for My faithful Remnant followers.  How can they be saved, if they cling to a sinking ship? The churches are poison, because they have allowed the spirit of Jezebel – inside them.  The spirit of the antichrist dwells in fierceness there.  Remember the enemy is a roaring lion looking for ‘souls’ to devour; and ‘weak souls’ within that institution, who can not see the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  My priests, are enlightened by the Truth.  There are not many left; but most have sold their birthrights, for tax-exempt status, and for worldly positions of power and influence.  These are not at all what I founded My disciples on.  The crux of the faith, has been damaged beyond repair.  If souls do not flee that institution, and the evils therein, they risk being separated from Me for all eternity; for even at The Great Warning they will say “Lord, Lord…” and I will tell them what their punishment is; and there will be rebellion; and some of them will refuse the graces, because they have been poisoned so badly within the churches.  Even I, can not control a person’s free will. 
"There is a new boat I want My followers on, and it is very different, than the institution itself; and the boat, will sail these souls to safety; because the cross of redemption is what is necessary, in order for souls to be saved.  It is not comfortable what I am asking, of My followers; but just like in My time, when the Pharisees took over the law and the scriptures, and often distorted them to suit their own purposes – so too are they doing this again; but this time through the Roman Catholic Hierarchical structure.  It is better that My Faithful Remnant followers, have no routine, within that religious institution, and, have no faith in those ‘princes of demons’; than to be fed, so much poison – only to the detriment of their own souls."
“Many have ‘fallen away’ from the True Faith, and are settling for nothing less: than lies.  For prestige, position, power, and ungodly authority – these, are the things, that the priests now strive for – within that institution.  I can not bless, the homilies, of those priests, who seek to distract the people, with ‘silly myths’, and heresies.  For I do not, bless any sin, in any one.  For I am the law; and the prophets – who came before Me, have proclaimed this Truth.  The fundamentals, of, the Catholic Faith, have been ‘disregarded’, shunned and rejected – by that ‘institutional hierarchy’… What is true, is true; what is holy is holy; what is evil is evil; and there are no ‘grey lines’.  What the ‘institutional church’ has done – as a whole: over ninety percent, of those within that institution, have violated the law – My laws, and have taught others to do so; they have relaxed, the need for holiness, reverence, and fraternal correction; and have become passive, in their teachings I truly abhor, the ‘institutional church’, for what it has become – for the evils it chooses to embrace.  They are not My body.  For where the body is, there the eagles will be gathered.”
“It is not the one, that I founded; for I do not condone the ‘false maxims’ of this “church”.  It is foreign to Me, and I do not recognize it.  So many are wondering: “what, has happened, to the institution?”  And I tell you it has become a desolate place –filled with desolate teachings, and, desolate doctrines: of mammon.  Not the rules, or laws – that have been set-up, from since the beginning; but instead: lawlessness, and anarchy, have, taken over the churches – have taken over: that institution.  For these things, can only breed: contempt – for the faith, for the truth, and, for love.  These things are outside My Kingdom.”
"The ‘spirit of blasphemy’ is strong within that church, My children – within that ‘institutional hierarchy’, for they have allowed many sins and abominations, to go: unaddressed.  The people there are following their own designs – their own plans; and the priests have cast them aside saying: “You have no need of a shepherd – you, are your own shepherd”.  They have failed to direct My Faithful in the ways that they should walk – and that is: upright, with humble and contrite hearts – always.  Because of this neglect, they are allowing the ‘faithful’ to be poisoned – as they themselves, have been.  But too much noise is in the World, and this does not allow the True Holy Spirit to communicate.  Therefore I ask My children, to set themselves: apart from the World; apart from the institutions; apart from their churches – to find quiet time to be alone with their Maker, as the priests no longer: want to instruct the faithful; want to instruct souls on ‘the path to holiness’.  As the priests refuse, and the ministers relinquish their duties, I have taken it upon Myself to nourish them, in quiet places.  I will give them the food they have been waiting for through My words. The Holy Scriptures are very important – yes; but it is also important to be open to ‘new revelations’.  Since when did the True Holy Spirit stop revealing things?  Since when did ‘true private revelation’ end?  I say to you it is ongoing.  The Roman Catholic Institutional Hierarchy, has tried to suppress this truth, for long enough – has tried to make the people: dependent, upon them – instead of the True Holy Spirit’s revelations in the moment.  They have not encouraged the people: to be docile to the True Holy Spirit in the moment; nor to be docile, to My Graces – being needed, for salvation.  And they, have neglected to teach the children, in the churches: all the ways that I have commanded – that they should followIt is by these neglects, that they are no longer My institution. Those who are seeking life in the Truth, will find it; but those, who are comfortable with death all around them – well that is all that they will find.  For I am coming to take those who want to go with Me – who desire to be nourished for a time, times, and half a time.  It is, too late, to be converted, or to convert your neighbors - to any religion; because all of the institutions have become corrupt.  Now all that matters, is that you prepare your hearts for what is coming, by reconciling with Me on a daily basis – and that is how you will get out of ‘Hell, on Earth’.” 
Lilly is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
“The institutional church wants Me to conform – to the bar that they have set; but I will never do this - for I would be going against Myself if I did, and I am not ‘divided’ in any way.  Therefore the institutional church has failed to teach the people: where the ‘true bar’ is set.  So the people strive for less holiness – each, year.  And now finally, holiness is not even spoken of any more, nor is ‘sanctity’ and ‘truth’.  But the words of ‘the world’ are used to confuse the people – so they can not distinguish between the ‘things of man’, and ‘the things, of God’.”
“And really even though this is called a New Church, it truly is the same as of old.  But so much of the beauty of the faith, has been ‘marred’ by the institution; the beauty and ‘reverence for the Gospels’ – have been ‘diluted’, over time. The Gospels to most people are simply ‘stories’ – that have no relevance to their lives.  There is a ‘serious disconnect’ – between the ‘faith of old’, and the people of today.  They are being nourished – with poison; but not – to grow closer, to Christ; but farther awayThey, have many ‘stumbling blocks’ in front of them, within that institution; but most of them are blind, and they cannot see – where they are going, and where that institutional church is headed. 
“Redemption can be found through no other than Jesus Christ the Lord.  No institutional hierarchy can save you.  In the beginning the Church was not a ‘hierarchy’: there was one leader; and the others were disciples; and the leader himself was a disciple – of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  But what the institution has become today, is unlike anything I have ever seen in the past –  truly, it is ‘a house of horrors’. But the True Faithful Remnant Church, will be sustained until the End: because they sought after, Jesus Christ the Lord; and they sought for Him to come to them; and they sought to be pleasing in His eyes only.”
“I know how to take care of your ‘spiritual welfare’, more than those in the institutions.  I have the solution to all of your problems, and whatever your cares are, I ask only that you lift them up to Me, so that: you may be blessed, with ‘a cross your own size’; with a cross you can carry – with My strength, you can get through all those coming trials.  Your personal struggles are My struggles too. 
The religious institutions have ‘become one’ with their governments, and it is not safe to go to any of them any longer.  If you have a good priest then pray for him.  If you have a minister you go to regularly, then tell him the truth; inform him of what you have discovered – yourselves.  If you go to any religious leader on a regular basis, then it is your duty, now that you have been informed, to warn him of the coming dangers – in his own institutionFor I tell you: religion, and the state, have become one; religion, and the government have become one.  If you have faith seek to preserve it.  You know who is speaking to your hearts, and you must make a decision on how to respond to this message.”
“Remember I told you in the End Times, that brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers, would deliver each other up – to death, by getting them to renounce their faith in Me, and adopt ‘worldly maxims’.  This is where My children must be strong, in turning to Me to be their strength.  For the synagogues and the churches have become “white sepulchers”, and so I am asking My children not to be afraid – to leave them behind.  I am asking them to focus, on what they know – now, to be true in their hearts; so that when I do come, at the Great Warning, they will be awake to receive Me.  But all the institutions are asleep; and if they continue to go there, they will fall asleep as well.  I can not guarantee that they will ‘bounce back’, for so much ‘toxic venom’ is in those places.  If you want to be a ‘healthy-minded’ spiritual individual, who seeks to obey the Commandments, that are written, on your heart, then you must never go back, to those places, where you will surely be stripped, of all goodness, and all Life.  Seek Me to come to you in your hearts, and I will come and make My home there.”
"There is only, one truth, one law, and one set of Commandments; and I do not give anyone permission to sin, nor to lead others down the wrong path.  Almost 99% of the people, in this world, are living in false realities that they have created – for themselves, as ‘a buffer’, to the truth; or they allow: people to create realities, for them to live in.  The whole purpose of propaganda My children, is to create ‘a different reality for people to embrace’, so that those seeking power and influence, can gain more power over them.  And this is what has happened, to ‘the institutional hierarchy’ – to the churches everywhereThey have created alternative ‘religious realities’ for people to live in: where there is no mention of sin, of Hell, of Judgement, nor of accountability.  In this religion, they have made themselves, into 'gods', saying that they can ‘live in any reality – they choose’, and that there will be no consequences."
“The religious leaders have fooled the people, so that they, the people, no longer want to live, in the Truth, that I have revealed.  But instead they settle, for what the institution, has put, before them.  Everyone will be accountable on the Day of Reckoning – some, more than others.  But they will all have to pay the Judge – that is Me, what they owe.  And indeed they will not get out until they pay the last penny.  Even though I am Merciful, people must repay, what they owe.  They must change their ways and repent, or suffer dire consequences.” 
“Unless you eat My Flesh and drink My Blood, you have no life in you.  For this is why I came: so that, you might live, and have life to the fullest. This is for all of the Protestants out there, who have ‘protested’ My ‘Real Presence’ in My Eucharists for so long – believing only that it is a “symbol”, or “a memorial feast”.  You have been deceived for so long.  And now, even though many of you have joined, the structure of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, you still cannot have My Presence.  Because I have removed My Body and My Blood, from all, the Roman Catholic institutionsand there is nothing that you can do about it.  For there was a time when you could benefit from My True Presence; but you denied Me in that time, focusing not on the Spirit of My words, but on ‘man’s understanding’, and ‘man’s approval’.  How many fell away, from after following Me; after they heard Me speak such words, they were truly appalled at My Presence.  And afterwards they would not follow Me any longer because they saw that My words were too hard and too difficult to hear at the time.
”Sin is what keeps souls in bondage – to the enemy.  And My Wrath is focused upon souls, who ‘stubbornly embrace’ – evil.  No matter how small  the sin nor how big it is, My people are called to live without committing ‘sins in their lives that are avoidable’If they choose to hold on to ‘secret sins’ while rejecting others, I can not hear, their prayers.  This is what has happened within the institutional churches:  They have allowed sin to govern the lives of the people, and, have given them numerous excuses to embracing it; they have been encouraged to see themselves as “weak”, and, “only human”.  This, is not acceptable, before Me, or God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  And so, the prayers within those institutions – within those ‘formidable members’, are not reaching God the Eternal Father in Heaven’s Ears.”  
”Continue to listen to the True inspirations of the Holy Spirit in the moment, My son, and know that I am leading you throughout all of this.  For I am your Shepherd: you hear My voice, you listen to My words, and reflect upon the deeper meanings, that are carried in them.  You have the wisdom, knowledge, love and understanding, to guide My Faithful Remnant, to their ‘safe havens’, to their Refuges.  I do not need the ‘institution’, to accept you, for they, have rejected Me – who founded it.  They have pushed Me away, and ‘taken over’.  They have ‘commandeered the ship’ that I built.  They are the ones who ‘fired the captain’.  So without a captain ‘steering their ship to safety’, all those who are attached to it will most assuredly ‘drown’.  There is no salvation in that ‘institution’ nor any other institution, that has ‘branched off’ from the one I first began
“However, in this case, it is the True Church, that has not ‘branched off’, from the Truth; but has branched off from the falsehoods – has branched off from ‘false leadership’, keeping the root, firmly, in Me.  It is the True Church that has separated itself, from ‘the false one’, from the ‘sinking oil tanker’, from ‘all sinking oil tankers’, from the ‘black sludge’ that has covered the many institutions, including what once was My ownI have ‘laid the Foundation’, for this Church, and I have determined, that it has now been established – firmly founded on ‘Faith in Me’ and ‘no human structure’; firmly founded on, Truth, and blind Obedience to the True Holy Spirit of the Moment; firmly founded, on Wisdom that can only come forth, from My Mind.”
“Everyone within that institution is crying peace, prosperity, security, in being with ‘the true church’.   But they are all in denial of the fact, that their churches have become desolate, their priests filled with propaganda, their services - empty and void of the True Holy Spirit.  No matter, how uncomfortable the Truth is, if people love Me, then they will embrace Me – which is to embrace: the truth, and reality.  Pope Benedict is a freemason – one of the highest ranking officials.  Except, he sits, upon a throne, of blood. The blood, of the church, is upon, his hands, for ‘giving-in’ to the freemason agenda, working, in the highest levels of the Vatican.  One, cannot get any higher, than the Pope himself – who is in fact, an antipope. Therefore, he is no longer, My Vicar.”
“Even with the World, as wicked, as it is now My children, I still extend My Mercy, to those who will receive it.  But, there are not many out there, willing to be merciful – to themselves, or, to their neighbor.   When I said “I desire mercy not sacrifice”, I was referring to ‘an evil age’, a time, when routine, and ritual, and almsgiving, would take the place of mercy.  What good, are all of those things – in those ‘institutional abominations’, if sins are embraced by the whole community?  What good are their sacrifices to Me, if they are merciless with their fellow man?  I tell you now I cannot grant Mercy, to those, who refuse to show mercy.  Being a sinner and knowing it is one thing, but these people in these institutions proclaim themselves “christian”, but at the same time, commit ‘horrible abominations’ in My Sight.  They see themselves as “good people”.  But I have not come to call “good” people to Myself, nor “nice” people’ but I came to call sinners.” 
“I told you, you would witnessthe Abomination of Desolation’ My children – and you haveWhat was standing, in what once, was Holy Ground?  In the place, that used to be, My Sanctuary?  Women, My children.  Out of all of the things, that you witnessed during today’s ‘services’ (it may seem: very small – yet, it is not in My Eyes) - it is the fact, that women, are being allowed, to ‘prance around the altar’, to be ‘lectors’, to have ‘positions of influence’during, the “mass”.  This is one of the reasons – one of the top reasons, that I have left: all of the institutions.  For they have all: compromised, in allowing women, to have the same ‘equality’ as men, in what once, was My Sanctuary.  There is no place for them there – at all, My children.  This is just ‘one more step’ for them, to desire, to become priests.  And they already have this desire – in their hearts – for ‘the seeds of deception’, have been planted – in their souls – through: the affirmation of othersThey believe they have a right to be there.  Then I have a right to leave My children, it is that simple. It is ‘the spirit of Jezebel’ that has: ‘taken over’ all, of the institutions – to the point, where men are simply floundering in their identities and roles, within the religious communityShe – as in ‘the spirit of Jezebel’, has turned peoples’ hearts inwards, towards themselves.  For that spirit only focuses on self, and does not regard My authority – moving through any of My Messengers.  Now the Spirit has fled the churches – that is The True, Holy Spirit.  Why?  Because the people would rather: embrace, the demonic spirit of Jezebel, and affirmation of each other; rather than My True Holy Spirit, who would ‘convict their hearts’, so that their consciences could work.”
(-Jesus, Sunday, September 30, 2012
“The institution, that they keep going to, is corrupt!  Yes, but aren’t all institutions, ‘corrupt’ in their own way? - I hear this question asked as well My children - “Yes”, the answer is a definitive “yes”.  But!  To those who have been given much, Much is expected.  ‘The bar’ was set very high, for the Roman catholic institution – to teach My people, the Ways that they should walk; to teach them repentance, for the forgiveness of their sins.  My people, you walk around believing, that all of your sins have been forgiven – because you go to a man dressed in black – from head to toe, in ‘a secretive box’, devoid of the True Holy Spirit.  But he has no counsel, nor wisdom to guide you - to the right path, because I have withdrawn My Counsel, from the priests, ministers, and rabbis.  I am not ‘picking’ on any one institution; but the Roman catholic institution, was Mine!  I cannot: recognize her, any longer!  For souls, are being ‘lost to the devil’, through her negligence, and ‘direct perversity’ – of My words; ‘distorting the truth’, and ‘making excuses for peoples’ sins’.  This is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form!   You have been ‘worshiping yourselves’, My People, because I am not there.  You are ‘taking in feelings, and nostalgia’, but nothing there will sustain you.  You have become ‘just as corrupt’, as your priests: because you, have: ‘a conscience’; and you know you are not ‘filled’ – with My Spirit; but ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, is in every service, and in every ‘mock, mass, ceremony’.  I am not listening to ‘the priests’ prayers’ either.  Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation; and find out what I am asking of you.  Come, drink of ‘the waters of life’, and be healed of your sinsDespise the water I give to you!  And ‘the Judgment of ‘the beast state’’ will ‘come upon you’.”
“There was a man, who built his house, upon the rock.  And the wind blew; and the rain fell; and the floods came.  And the wind, beat heavy, upon the house.  But it would not fall.  There was another man, who built, his house, upon the sand.  And the wind blew, and the rain fell. And the floods came.  And the wind, blew hard against his house.  And it fell.  And great, was the fall of it.  I, am referring to the Roman Catholic institution My children.  When I spoke the parable - to My disciples, afterwards, I gave them the deeper meaning : I showed them, I was referring to those, who, would stand, with their Creator – during times of tribulation; versus those, who would fall – because, they built their faith, upon people – upon others’ opinions, and beliefs.” 
“As you heard Me last night My children, I was very much filled with anger: for I saw what had happened this Sunday, in all of the churches in thatinstitution”, and around the World; and I saw how the people, were ‘being lied to’; and how, their ‘ministers’ just ‘wanted to take’ from them – without ‘giving any nourishment’ – in return.  I say – to the false shepherds: the measure they gave, will be the measure, they receive.  If they gave ‘emptiness’; if they gave ‘satan’s agenda’ to the people, in exchange for ‘the True Gospel’, then he is waiting for them – in the afterlife!”
“Now in this time I am ‘seeking to get through the hardness of peoples’ hearts’ – within the institutions.  But they are ‘reluctant’ to follow: My advice – even though they know it is I speaking to them.  They would rather I didn’t tell them these ’uncomfortable truths’; and that they would rather: ‘keep Me marginalized’in their bibles – so that there Is ‘no room’ for Me to speak – elsewhere; so that ‘even though they know’ – ‘I am speaking – to their hearts’ – they can, and doshut Me out, and go ‘back to their bibles’ – to their ‘satanic fellowship’; to their ‘greedy pastors’. Why My children would they do this?  Because they are ‘wicked souls’ who ‘refuse to repent’; and when Mercy is offered they choose to show: none – to themselves, or Me.”  
“I tell you My People: He is no longer in any of the churches nor any of ‘the institutions’.  And He has indeed left: the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution.  He ‘founded His Church’ – His True Church, on ‘the Rock’, of Saint Peter - and that is: those souls who will listento Him, and do ‘what He tells them to’ so that ‘their joy may be full’.  He has desired that I come to nourish you, with ‘My Maternal Presence’.  And so I am here, your True Mother, from Heaven.”
“I stand before, the Lord of Hosts, and I am His Angel, and Commander, of His, Armies.  So great, is the Host, of Heaven!  And I, am ‘the Angel with the Sword’: with ‘the Flaming Sword’…  Now, He has ‘sent Me out’, once again, with ‘a flaming Sword’ – to bury deep, into the hearts of sinners – everywhere!  And He has ‘commissioned Me’, to take Armies, of ‘the Host of Heaven’, and go out to ‘all the churches – round about, and administer: His, Divine, Wrath!    Now this is going to happen – within ‘the next little while’, because: you both are in ‘the Time of the End; and ‘things, are different now’; and just as I protected, Elijah, with ‘the Heavenly Host’ – at his side, so too do I protect the both of you!  As I have been ‘commissioned’ to do so.  And I have been assigned, as ‘your Guardian Angel’.  And I have been assigned, to protect ‘the Testimony going out to All the Nations’.  And I have been assigned to protect Our Lord’s website, from being shut down.  ‘The priests, of Jezebel’, are many, in this World; and they are all ‘going to be taken down’.  Because the Most High True God has ‘this purpose’ in Mind.  And I will carry out His Will against all, of the Nations.”
“I am showing the people that I am ‘not messing around’; and that when they ‘take-on My Testimony’, they are taking on: ‘the Whole Host of Heaven’.  But have courage My children, because I have sent Saint Michael to ‘take down’ the Priests of Jezebel.”
“I tell you my people, once again, ‘the abomination, of desolation’ is here now – on the Earth.  It is ‘set up’, within all of the ‘institutions.  It is ‘set-up’, within most peoples’ homes.  ‘To revere sin’, above ‘striving for holiness’, means that it is ‘set-up’ within your own hearts!... What I am telling you is True.  Whether, you will ‘listen’, is between, you and, your Maker.   Because in these times, I am simply, ‘a messenger’.  I am, Our Lady, Queen of all hearts!  And I am praying that you will make ‘good decisions’.  Repent in your heart, and stop going to the institutions!” 
Why, would I ‘enter in’, and be with people – ‘of this Age’!  I am disgusted, at this ‘wicked, and perverse, generation’ - for they, are faithless! Polluted! and vile creatures!!  I, am in Heaven now; and during this three and a half years I have been ‘ruling, with a Rod of Iron’Discipline is what souls need! – to ‘get back on the right track’!  For too long, they have ‘seen me’, as some ‘old, poor, shepherd’!  They have seen Me only as ‘an infant, child’!  Or they see Me only as having ‘feminine, qualities’!   “Queen Jezebel”, has ‘taken over’,all the institutions! - therefore, I am not, in any of them! The priests, have ‘sold their anointings’, for ‘riches in this life’!”
“When you were at the Cathedral My son, you sacrificed much… At most of your masses, you unitedMy Precious Blood’, with ‘the blood of the unborn souls.  This, even caused, the principalities, and ‘powers at work’… to become: enraged!  So they ‘got together’, and I heard it all, as I allowed it.  The ‘angels’ got together, and ‘devised a plan’, to kick you, out, of the Cathedral… But it was all ‘part of My Plan and Grand Design’: For the Roman Catholic Institution, to reject, their future Pontiffthereby, ‘severing themselves’ –from Me (and you my son)… For ‘the anointings’ have been removed from them.  And they are in a spiritualfamine and desert’.  But they ‘will not acknowledge this’ for they are ‘stubborn souls’!  They bowed, to the Jezebellians,within, ‘that Cathedral’… And it was ‘the Cathedral’, that caused, ‘the abomination of desolation now spread, over the whole World!  It was, your brother priests, at the time. Their choices, to crucify you My son: led to this ‘spiritual famine – all, over the World’; led, to the ‘mark of the beast’, that is in all, the churches; led, to My Presence, being removed, from the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution; led, to ‘the Schism’… Because I am Just.”
“‘The institution has managed, to ‘snuff out’, divine revelation, for years!  Because, they are against, those, who want to represent, ‘the True Image of the Most High True God’. They would rather he be kept ‘locked-up’ – in their churches, and in their biblesBut the Lord Jesus Christ, is ‘bound’ nowhere.  For remember “the Spirit goes, where it wills”.  He is ‘free’, to move, and act, and speak outside ‘the institution’.  For He is not ‘bound in chains’ – at ‘the foot of their altars’.  And they do not control ‘the voice’, of their Creator.  Now His voice is scarce in the World; but He is ‘speaking on a regular basis’ through the both of you.  And souls, who desire, the Lord Jesus Christ – to speak to them, will be drawn, to His websiteto His Testimony.”
(-The Blessed Virgin Mary, Monday, December 10, 2012)
For it is evident to those, who visit His website, that you worship, ‘a different God’.  And they believe, that theirs is the one, who will protect them, from the Most High True God’s wordsThey believe, ‘the way, that they have come to know ‘the bible’, that this, will protect them – from your God.  They see, your God, as mean; angry! – and ‘filled with wrath’For I tell you my brother and my sister: that this is exactly, how Ahab, saw me.   He evencalled me’: his enemy!  But it was he, who was ‘the enemy of the Most High True God.  And it was Jezebel, who ‘vowed before her Baal’, to ‘take me out’!  And she cursed me! – by the name of: the Most High True God.  But the curse ‘only fell back upon her’ – as she was ‘devoured by the dogs.’” 
(-Elijah, Tuesday, December 11, 2012)
“The people are going to be ‘devoured by fire’.  They did not like ‘the fire of Truth’flowing through My Testimony.  And many, are already experiencingthe beast state.  They think they can escape ‘My Justice.  But I am ‘reaching in to all the institutions around the World’ – that ‘the mark of the beast may be upon them’.  For as Elijah has said to you boththey have ‘beastly natures’ – without My love to guide them.  They will ‘spiral into oblivion’.  They can’t go deep enough!  People can still repent if they choose to.”
“They do not worship – the way God, the Eternal Father in Heaven,wants to be worshipedFirst of all, they are worshiping the wrong ‘gods’ in their institutions…  worshiping false ‘gods’!  They do not know ‘the True God’!  And through Our Lord’s Testimony, they are ‘face to face’ with the Omnipotent, God! – whether ‘they like it or not’…  you give them the necessary warnings ‘they need’! – in order to be ‘saved’ from His Divine Wrath!...  People, are not ‘putting their Creator – first’!  So when they die, he puts them ‘last’.  So continue to warn, about ‘the dangers’, and ‘the perils, of sin’ - so that people, can choose to ‘flee far from it’!” 
Benedict, is ‘falling short’ in so many different ways.  He has ‘sold out’ – he has ‘sold’, the Roman Catholic Church – ‘the institution, that Christ founded: for money.  He ‘appears’, as ‘conservative’ – on the outside.  But is also, ‘ultra-liberal’ on the inside’!  He has become: ‘a deceiver’, and is ‘opposed – to the Christ’. Therefore, he does not have: the anointing, of ‘True Vicar’. You, Pope Peter, have been given his ‘anointing’.  I tell you “the glory of the olive” has fallen!!  And ‘the two olive trees’, are ‘the lampstands’, of the Most High, True God… He is abolishing: the hierarchy, of ‘the institution – so that all can benefit – if they want to!  There is ‘no room’ for lukewarmness’ in being ‘pope’!   But you, Pope Peter, have ‘the fortitude’, and the zeal, to ‘carry on’, in Christ’s mission: here, on Earth – in directing His ‘Faithful Remnant Church’ to Him; even, if it is for, His Justice and Discipline.” 
“It is just like the beginning of Christianity: there are ‘very few, Christians’.  There is ‘a parallel’ in the Bible.  I never intended, that buildings would become ‘churches’; but people, were to be ‘churches’.  But the people neglected their souls, for the sake of ‘fellowship’ with one another.  When I came the first time, ‘the temple veil, was torn in two!’ – symbolizing ‘the destruction of the old ‘institution’ – because after that, My ‘church’ became people’s hearts.  Now people have each other and that’s all they have.”

“And now, O sons, listen to me, and be attentive to the words of my mouth.  Let not your heart turn aside to her ways, do not stray into her paths; for many a victim has she laid low; yes, all her slain are a mighty host.  Her house is the way to Sheol, going down to the chambers of death.”
But how can 2 BILLION so-called "catholics" be wrong?
(edited and updated on April 16, 2017)
How can 2 Billion catholics be wrong?  That is like asking "HOW, can the 2 billion blades of freshly sprouted grass on my front lawn, be green?"  We already KNOW "the grass is GREEN", and "the 2 Billion are wrong".  And so, the reason we are including this section in the Testimony, is because that above question about those in the institution, is actually a question that Jesus Christ the LORD recently asked US - His Two Witnesses.  He asked us that question, because he HEARS the hearts of all those who see His Testimony - and has heard MANY of them scoff, as they blurted out those words.  And now, with all that in mind, and to answer HIS question, we have gone out for several cups of coffee, and shared many lighthearted conversations.  And so KNOW that the following blog - unlike most posts on this website - the following, is simply being presented, to help the people in that institution to have more interesting conversations.  And why is THAT?  Because they have already RECEIVED their mark!  They all have A mark, of CAIN - and THAT, is actually an F.  Did you know that Fukushima starts with an F?

The obvious answer #1: If being right about something is reflected by the majority consensus, then how can the OTHER 4 billion people on the planet, be WRONG about the so-called catholics who attend the institution?  (Remember, the question was "HOW?")  If being right about something is reflected by the majority consensus, then how could all the crowds who shouted out that Jesus should be crucified, be wrong? - even though they were in fact "the voice of the majority at the time" - speaking against a vocal minority - in their eyes.  Based on this last historical point alone, the notion of moral objective Truth, being reflected by the majority vote - has no basis in reality.  Perhaps that is why The Most High True God didn't do a moral survey poll of the Israelites, before handing Moses the 10 Commandments.  Just saying.

The obvious answer #2: The warnings in the Bible, about "the abomination that makes desolate" being set up in the holy place (Daniel 11:31b; 12:11) - those warnings indicate that there WOULD in fact come a time in human history, when the people in the religious institutions, would all be WRONG, about what was set up RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM; because how could it be "the holy place", with the abomination set up there?  The 2 Billion CAN be wrong, because the abomination of desolation IS now set up, RIGHT in front of them, in their "local catholic church".  And just because all of HEAVEN can see it, 'set up' there - doesn't mean, THEY can.  If they COULD... SEE it... then there really would have been no point in the Prophet Daniel, TELLING THEM ABOUT IT!!!  Even Jesus Christ the Lord said, "WHEN you see..." (Matthew 24:15) - implying quite subtly, that it would be RIGHT THERE, in FRONT of them! - for a TIME, and they would REFUSE to see it.

The obvious answer #3: The remarkable sign, of "the demonically DISFIGURED Pope" - Benedict XVI, choosing to step down, in order to be replaced by "the masked SMILEY face pope" who followed, should throw a few red flags to 'anyone with eyes to see'.  The INCREDIBLE suggestion, that AFTER becoming "demonically disfigured", Benedict allegedly "CHOSE", to be the FIRST pope in 600 years to resign the office, in an institution that focuses on TRADITION - is simply put, "beyond the grasp of all common sense and reason".  The immutable fact remains - and that is the fact that Benedict's Historical resignation, is the result of a cover up, of a terrible Scourge - the Divine Scourge that removed the Holy Anointing and countenance from the Pontiff Benedict.  And where did that Anointing GO - in 2007 - BEFORE he resigned?  The anointing COULDN'T go to Francis because he hadn't been propped up by the illuminati yet.  So where did the anointing go?  THAT is the obvious question, that almost NO one wants to ask - every time a horrific photo of his face pops up; PROBABLY, because all they can think about, is looking at something less horrific - like "smiley face".
The obvious answer #4: WHEN Benedict lost his anointing - what happened to "the validity" of ALL the masses? - where he was invoked as "Benedict our pope"?  Perhaps you might want to look that one up in the Code of Canon Law - not to imply that the Most High True God is "bound" by that code - because He ISN'T; rather, it would just be something interesting to look up.

The obvious answer #5: In the time of Sodom and Gomorrah - the time of Lot; AND in the time of Noah - EVERYONE was wrong, except those 2 families.  And history DOES have a tendency to repeat itself.  That, would be "a solid historical proof", of how 2 Billion institutional catholics could be wrong, by the way - AS they presume to wait, for the revealing of the already unveiled abomination of desolation and the mark of the beast - that were foretold in the Scriptures.  But just because they are waiting for these things to manifest on THEIR terms, doesn't mean that those prophecies have not yet been fulfilled and have become fully manifest.  Interesting that the Faithful Remnant Church is a church made up of "the Family of the Most High True God" - now isn't it?

The obvious answer #6: They - the 2 billion, have the mark of Cain - and that "spiritual fashion accessory" doesn't lend itself well to credibility.  In fact, it is like the story of the frog in the pot of water, that is slowly heating up.  Right now, the Institutional catholics, are ALL "steeped in LAVA" - and they have "a church of LAVA" (- that is now descending RAPIDLY into the Eternal Lake of Fire) - and they have their antichrist pope.  Who can argue with THAT! - SOLID, theology?  (Apparently the water evaporated, and the pot melted - just in case you didn't 'get' that one)  Personally, I think they are all "RIGHT" - they DESERVE their abomination, Francis, and the MARK.  It is "an ETERNAL love affair", that I most certainly, will not intervene to break up.  Let them, BOLDLY proclaim their faith in THEMSELVES, APART from their Creator - to their own bitter end.  After all, the mark of Cain, is "Hell" - and that's EXACTLY, what all the people in the spiritual reality of Hell DO - as a way of Eternity.  I am only here to gather those who have ALREADY been "set aside", by their Creator - the 1%.  It will be like cleaning the oil off the birds, who were pulled from the slick, next to the sinking oil tanker.  Most birds won't survive.  And I have already "gotten over" that.
The obvious answer #7:  I don't look anything LIKE Barney!  I'm not fat, cute, cuddly, smiley, or purple.  No wonder, the 2 BILLION prefer Francis, who DOES in fact dress up in purple vestments, from time to time.  And just in case you don't see the connection, they can be wrong because they cling to "a dancing purple dinosaur of a beast of a man" - instead of the ONE with the TRUE Anointing from above.  Simple.
The obvious answer #8You can't buy me, to tell you that you are now "Saved".  Actually, if you look it up in the Testimony - you will see that "High Fives with JESUS in the FLESH" - is the only guarantee of Salvation - so to speak.  Let the institutional catholics continue to pay a BILLION dollars a week, to the institution that tells them they are saved apart from their Creator - because He has left that institution, and withdrawn His anointings and His Presence.  The people in the institution prefer to BUY their Sellvation, through tithing - and that is actually what got them 'the mark of the beast' in the first place - their "buying and selling" (Revelations 13:7) - apart from True and heartfelt Repentance.
The obvious answer #9:  WITH the mark comes "a fixed will" - fixed on routines, resolutions and RITUALS!!!   To make this really simple, the 2 Billion actually had their wills FIXED on their resolution to cling to that institution, when they received the mark.  The "MARK", wasn't a reflection of them being "RIGHT" - and so, that's "HOW", they were actually "marked", WRONG!  (- once again, "How the 2 Billion are WRONG!")
The obvious answer #10Faculty removal.  With each satanic host they receive in the institution, more intellectual faculties are being removed.  They want to be "in personae satanae", by receiving "the body of the enemy of Souls" in their hosts - all the while calling themselves "good, holy and saved".  How can they be right, about ANYTHING! - with a spiritual life like that?  Mary and I DID recently (Summer 2016) witness a recent satanic service in that abominable institution at the request of Jesus Christ the Lord Himself - and we can testify, that indeed, MANY of those insititutional so-called "catholics", actually SMILED, after receiving their satanic host, and after experiencing "faculty removal" - simply because they were so far in the back seat, in their interior lives, that the demons were rejoicing THROUGH them - at "Hell's KINGDOM" becoming even MORE manifest - THROUGH them, WITH them, and IN them.
The obvious answer #11:  How can all the Jewish people in the Jewish Institution, be wrong, for 2 thousand years?  Because at His FIRST Coming, THAT (- being wrong for the next 2000 years), is how the institution He CAME to, responded - and history DOES repeat itself.  If people want to argue, that at the time of His SECOND Coming, Jesus Christ the Lord is going to treat "the institution" He COMES to, DIFFERENTLY - then they had better have a pretty compelling argument as to WHY that would POSSIBLY be the case!  Because we can already SEE, 'HOW', Jesus COMES to the institution, when He arrives on the scene.  And for the record, He DOESN'T tend to wait and then show up at a time when He simply gives everybody in 'the institution of the time', "high fives".  Try THIS one:  HOW would it be fair to the JEWISH people, if Jesus arrived at the CATHOLIC insititution, in a way they were prepared for - and in a way that they EXPECTED?  It WOULDN'T be fair!  And The Most High TRUE God is PERFECT, in ALL His ways!
The obvious answer #12:  When Jesus came at His FIRST Coming, hardly ANYONE in the institution RECOGNIZED 'the time of His COMING'.  So how would it make SENSE, that EVERYONE in the WORLD, would recognize the time of His SECOND Coming?  At a time when almost EVERYONE has been brainwashed by "PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN PROPAGANDA" - that propaganda kind of NONsense! - in FACT MAKES "cents", Dollars, 10% tithing - and makes PROTESTANT religions "very lucrative" indeed!
The obvious answer #13: In the eyes of all of Heaven - referring to the actual CURRENT perceptions of ALL the Holy Angels and Holy Saints in Heaven - the people who attend the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, all have the mark of the beast or the mark of Cain - and that means that they are either "BEASTS" in human form, because they are without their Souls; OR they are "HELLIANS" - a term Jesus has used when referring to the people who are actually SENTENCED to, and EXPERIENCING the Eternal Flames of HELL in their interior lives.  This is just an immutable and historical fact.  You can even find it in the Scriptures:
"And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If any one worships the beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also shall drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured unmixed into the cup of his anger, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up for ever and ever; and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.” 
(Revelations 14:9-11)
The obvious answer #14 through 2,000,000,000(Remember, when everyone in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution was given the spiritual mark of the Beast, on Christmas day in 2012 - they ALL, received, their individual Judgment - 2 BILLION, SEPARATE, INDIVIDUAL, Judgments.  And so...) If you attend the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution - then you will simply need to look in the Mirror, and try to figure out why you are so angry - in order to find THOSE answers - reflected in your OWN personal perceptions, of your interior life.  Fake Barney smiles don't count by the way.  It's time to lose the Barney costume, and look at what's on the inside.  The hard TRUTH, is that EVERY SINGLE one of those 2 BILLION, received their INDIVIDUAL Judgment, from Jesus Christ the Lord on Christmas Day 2012 - and so, there are in FACT, about 2 BILLION SEPARATE verdicts that HE gave - for those in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution at the time - one for each individual.  (Yes, this is a little repetitive, BUT necessarily so...)  Take your time.  Read them all - IF! - you get a chance.  If you want to argue that your Creator's VERDICT - is "UNJUST" - for any ONE of them - we can ASSURE you, that would be a very POOR - as in "SPIRITUALLY poor" decision.  Better to become a Member of His TRUE Church, the Faithful Remnant - than to be miserable for all Eternity.  Simple.
Geoffrey is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Why are the people in the institution choosing to go down with "the sinking oil tanker"? 

(December 19, 2016 Update)
The people in the institution are CHOOSING to go down with "the sinking oil tanker" - and that is "the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution" (- or their local protestant church even...), because their hearts are full of black sludge, and they go to the institution to KEEP! - their hearts! - FULL! - of black sludge.  Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed to us (His Two Witnesses), that EACH DAY! - SO many people are shocked to discover at the end of their lives, that 'the Door to the KINGDOM of Heaven' is SHUT to them.  They 'EXPECTED', the Gates of Heaven to be OPEN to them.  BUT! - when they finally "STOOD, before those PEARLY GATES" - they discovered that those GATES were forever locked SHUT! - TO them.  And WHY? - because they loved "the ABSENCE of Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High True God, in their lives".  They loved it so much, that since October of 2009 they have been doing "weekly pilgrimages" to their local institutional abomination of desolation - to sing songs of praise in response to His ABSENCE.  They pay the MINISTER - to PREACH words of self-affirmation, self-holiness, self-righteousness, and self-deception - as "the substitute, THEY PREFER", to LOVE, in His ABSENCE.  And so, the ONLY ETERNAL REWARD they can RECEIVE for "their LABORS" - for the laborer deserves his wages - is "His Eternal ABSENCE"!  So simple! - even the youngest children who are attending the institutions and rejoicing in "His ABSENCE" WILL understand - at their Judgment.  Since 2009 - The priests at the local institutional abomination, have been praying over the so-called "hosts" - PRAYING 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST' into those little wafers of bread.   And their congregations are LINING up for MORE!  WHAT! - do YOU think, your CREATOR, is going to do about that? - on a global scale!  We shall see what happens next. 
And speaking of the NEXT major event in the Apocalypse: Many people are still waiting for "the apocalypse" to begin.   And that is because, many years ago, the illuminati gave to HOLLYWOOD, the job of presenting SO many different versions of "the apocalypse" through their productions, to the viewer - that the viewer would be DESENSITIZED to "the REAL thing", once it actually began.  In other words, the illuminati commissioned those Hollywood productions because they did NOT want people to RECOGNIZE the Apocalypse once it began manifesting right in FRONT of them.  Remember the 1970's movie, "Apocalypse NOW"?  That's just ONE of many examples, of a PSYOP, DESIGNED to confuse and desensitize the viewer to the REAL Apocalypse.  And now, at this time in human history, the people ARE, effectively, desensitized to the full manifestation of the End Times Apocalypse that was mentioned in the Bible - the Apocalypse that HAS been underway for a few years now.  And this "desensitization" is simply PART, of the Most High True God's Divine Justice, in these End Times. 
And so, to make a long story short: Yes, the people in the religious institutions ARE going to church on Sunday, in order to FILL their hearts with 'the spirit of the antichrist', and then returning home, to watch "Apocalypse Now" on their televisions - as they watch the news for any sign of some so-called apocalypse, mentioned in the Bible.  Perhaps "X-men Apocalypse", will be on next Sunday; or "Zombie Apocalypse", "Undead Apocalypse", "Android Apocalypse", "Ninja Apocalypse",  "Starship Apocalypse", "Quantum Apocalypse", "L.A. Apocalypse", "Apocalypse Earth", "The Apocalypse", or my personal favorite, "the Left Behind Series" - because, unfortunately, EVERYONE in the religious institutions, has NOW been "left behind", by their Creator.  And once again, for the record, they were left BEHIND - AFTER, He walked OUT the front door of the religious institutions, and never returned.  Hope that helps! - as the clock ticks down, to your VERY, important, appointment - with Him.  There's NO need for surprises! - as we now have that appointment FULLY unpacked for you in advance.  You are welcome!
Luke is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Funny Thing

Jesus said, speaking to His Two Witnesses, AND, His FUTURE Faithful Remnant to be:  If a million people (1,000,000) agreed, that jumping into the ocean, and drowning, was a good thing, would you do it, My child?  If ten million people (10,000,000), agreed that abortion was a good, and acceptable way to dispose of unwanted life, would you agree with them?  If twenty million people (20,000,000) decided, it was alright to have sexual relations with one another, outside of the bond of Holy Matrimony, would you agree with them?  And finally, if fifty million people (50,000,000), decided it would be a good thing, to disagree with Me, and all of My Ways, and all of My Commandments – if they agreed to scoff, mock and ridicule Me, continually to no end, and embrace everything which is offensive to Me, would you agree with them?  Just because hundreds of people have decided, through their own wanton ignorance, that you both are living in sin and are worshippers of the devil, does not make them right, even if thousands agree on that. For the funny thing is, My children – is that those who are against you, worship the devil, and all his minionsSo if they are the ones who are against you – those who choose the possessed state of mind and being [- "the assailants"], if they are the ones fighting against you – day in, day out, does it make any sense that you would see yourselves as on the wrong team?  How can satan fight against satan?  Surely his kingdom would not last.  It is what they accuse you of, now, that they accused Me of in the past: calling Me ‘the prince of demons’.  Is that how I cured the lame?  Is that how I cleansed the lepers?  Is that how I cast out the demons of infirmity in the peoples?  Is that how I clothed sinners in True Righteousness – by getting them to repent of their sins before Me?  And if sin, is what the devil wants, and you both are doing your best to be cleansed of it, then what power does he have over you, except that which you give to him?  Render to Me, the things that are Mine, especially your souls, and to no one else, for though the World may agree on sin, I disagree, and I am about to show them, how much I disagree, with sin – especially sins being committed openly, they are the worst kind(Thursday, April 8, 2010)

As you read the Word

The Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution has been TEACHING the people in the pews, to justify THEMSELVES, as they read the Bible.  And so the Members of the Faithful Remnant really need to STOP! - IDENTIFYING, with Biblical Characters who are now in Eternal Flames.
Jesus fed the 5000.  Do you see yourself, as one of THEM? - because it would be VERY dangerous - SPIRITUALLY, to do so.  Because, what happened NEXT?  Did Jesus have 5000 followers?  OR, were the 5000 so filled with 'miracles, signs and wonders', that there was no room for 'LIFE', left inside them?  Perhaps this clue from the Bible will help:
"And after he [-Jesus] had dismissed the crowds, he went up into the hills by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone."
(Matthew 14:23) 
Did the 5000, FOLLOW Jesus to the Cross? - or was He "there, alone", as well?  Were the 5000 to be found in the Garden of Gethsemane to console and encourage the 11 FAITHFUL disciples, when Jesus was arrested by the soldiers?  The 5000 were gone - just like all the people who found the Testimony, and were nourished by it for a time -  they SAW the Sign of the Testimony, and then they left, to do 'their OWN thing'.  Oddly enough, the next time we see such a large crowd like that in the Bible, they are shouting "Crucify Him!" (Luke 23:21)  - because the TRUTH is, that they 'HATED' the words Jesus spoke. 
What about Martha, the sister of Mary?  Are you identifying with THAT Biblical character, who is now (- according to Jesus Christ the Lord) "bathing in Eternal Flames"?  And why would THAT be?
"...a woman named Martha received him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching. But Martha was distracted with much serving." 
(Luke 10:38b-40a) 
WAS  Martha "drawn, to the Light of TRUTH", that was radiating from Jesus Christ the Lord? - OR! - DID she prefer, to HIDE with her demons, in the kitchen, while 'APPEARING on the OUTSIDE', to be "serving". In fact, Martha's demonic cluster tried to PULL Mary, AWAY from Jesus, and TOWARDS 'the outer darkness' with her personal DEMONS.  Martha was so BOLD as to try to COMMAND! - Jesus, to bow to 'HER will'! - and this "IMPORTANT clue", is carefully recorded in the Bible:
"...Martha was distracted with much serving; and she went to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.”
(Luke 10:40)  

What about Nicodemus?  Was Nicodemus "drawn to the LIGHT of CHRIST?"  If NOT, perhaps Jesus "JUDGED him on the SPOT"?  See if YOU can find the answer, HERE:

"Now there was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and said to him, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that you do, unless God is with him.” Jesus answered him...  ‘You must be born anew.’... but you do not receive our testimony... And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God.  After this Jesus and his disciples[- WITHOUT Nicodemus...] went into the land of Judea;"
(John 3:1-3a, 7b, 11b, 19-22)
What about Joseph of Arimathea?  Was HE "drawn to WORDS of TRUTH and LIFE coming from Jesus"? 
"Now there was a man named Joseph from the Jewish town of Arimathea. He was a member of the council, a good and righteous man [- in the eyes of the PEOPLE], who had not consented to their purpose and deed, and he was looking for the kingdom of God [- STILL looking for Eterhal LIFE in fact, because he DID NOT FIND, "LIFE!" in Jesus...]. This man went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. Then he took it down and wrapped it in a linen shroud, and laid him in a rock-hewn tomb, where no one had ever yet been laid."
(Luke 23:50-53) 
No, he wasn't.  As a member of "the INSTITUTION at the TIME" - THAT "Joseph", was INSTEAD, drawn "to HIS DEAD BODY!" - JUST like the Members of the Institution, working "behind the scenes", are today.  Notice, that the Bible NEVER says, Joseph RENOUNCED "his POSITION", as 'a member of the council'.  Know that, "PRESTIGE, position, POWER" - are "the 3 killers!" - just like "flattery, affirmation and tolerance".  And THAT is why he is NOT even mentioned, in the Acts of the APOSTLES.

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  The SCRIPTURES were "designed to be read, TWO ways". In the ONE way, people, could seek, to justify THEMSELVES; OR, they, could seek, to JUSTIFY, GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - AND 'the works, that He did'.  PEOPLE can look to the Scriptures - and 'be JUSTIFIED!' - and 'SEEK self-RIGHTEOUSNESS'; OR they could, SEE the Scriptures, through the EYES of the TRUE Holy Spirit - to know 'EXACTLY, what I was ASKING, FROM them'. There were, 'MANY people' - that I met - ON My journey; and as PEOPLE, 'READ, the Scriptures' - they could choose, to IDENTIFY, with 'any ONE of them!' There were, 'MANY lessons!' - that I taught, IN the Scriptures - about "MAN'S, self, PERCEPTION" - that was VERY, "corrupt!"  But I ALWAYS, 'POINTED, the PEOPLE, towards, the Truth' - of "GOD'S, perception".  Was I "ASKING people to CHANGE"?  EVEN back THEN?  Yes! - I was!  But "change WHAT"?  CHANGE! - how THEY! - perceived, "the ONE, who MADE them"!  Because ALL they KNEW, was, 'a GLIMPSE', of the One, who made them.  But, I was "the FULFILLMENT", and AM! - "the FULFILLMENT", and EXAMPLE, of 'the ONE, who MADE them'.  People, do NOT like, to THINK! - about, 'My DIVINITY' - because, in THAT way, I am "raised ABOVE them".  YES! - I "EMPTIED MYSELF, and became, a man" - AND walked, IN the flesh - WITH My Disciples! - and 'FOR! - My Disciples' - and 'FOR, My future APOSTLES!'  But WHAT was mankind's, RESPONSE? - to Me, coming DOWN, to 'THEIR level'?  "KILL him! - GOD! - INCARNATE - is 'not WORTHY to live'!"  And SO! - I DID 'warn AHEAD of time' - "Do not JUDGE! - LEST you be Judged".  And, My WARNING, was, "DO, NOT! - JUDGE! - 'the One who SENT Me'."  And 'the PEOPLE'S response', was to CONDEMN, 'the One, who CAME, to SAVE them from THEMSELVES'!  I have COME again! - in My TESTIMONY - and the PEOPLE, have RESPONDED 'the SAME way'! - and they REFUSE! - to show ME - 'THEIR GOD!' - "the One, who made THEM" - 'ANY, compassion'.  But, 'THOSE opposed to My TESTIMONY', WILL use, "SCRIPTURE" - as 'THEIR defense, for NOT LISTENING to Me' - THIS time!  JUST as the Pharisees, and 'the RELIGIOUS people' - back THEN! - used "SCRIPTURES", as 'an EXCUSE! - to, REFUSE! - to listen, to Me'.  And SO:you WICKED! - and PERVERSE! - generation! - I will NOT! "bear WITH you", much longer; but 'your TIME' is COMING to an End.  For "EVERYTHING is passing away"! - save My WORDS.  My WORDS will NEVER, "pass away". THAT is 'why, in ORDER to have Eternal Life' - you NEED to have, MY Word, "LIVING, and ACTIVE".

And so, just because someone is mentioned in the Bible - and they AREN'T "Judas Iscariot" - DOESN'T mean that they are all 'model Christians who made it to the Kingdom of Heaven'.  And now that MORE of 'the BIGGER picture', of the lives of Biblical Characters, is being revealed - some readers might be naturally drawn to the following Biblical passage:
"Those who heard it said, “Then who can be saved?” But he [-Jesus] said, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.”  And Peter said, “Lo, we have left our homes and followed you.”  And he said to them, “Truly, I say to you, there is no man who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive manifold more in this time, and in the age to come eternal life.” 
(Luke 18:26-30)  
"Who can be SAVED?" - but for WHAT?  Notice, that Jesus didn't say, "for the sake of testing the waters", or "for the sake of vain curiosity", or "for the sake of personal vindication", or "for the sake of witnessing great miracles", or "for the sake of a personal platform in society", or "for the sake of lifting personal afflictions", or "for the sake of getting ahead in THIS life".  He said, "for the sake of the Kingdom of God".  And so, this is a reminder, that - for the Members of the Faithful Remnant - it's ALWAYS time to purify your personal intentions and renounce all your secret motives and hidden agendas - and trade them for 'your TRUE Vocation, as a child of the Most High TRUE God' (May 21, 2017 update)
Matthew IS a Member of the Faithful Remnant

...but unlike Matthew above - unfortunately, MANY people chose to be "SAVED" from the floodwaters of demons, by becoming "Members of the Faithful Remnant" - "for the WRONG reasons"; and this was QUICKLY found out - and they are no longer "Members", as a result.   And NOW, with so many of the "FORMER Members" of the FAITHFUL Remnant, desiring to take on the Two of us (- the Two Witnesses), we asked Jesus "the MOST uncomfortable question", we could THINK of.  We asked, "Just how 'LOYAL', ARE the REMAINING few Members of the Remnant, to the both of us - in appreciation of all that we have done for them?"

Jesus said:  EVERYONE in the Remnant is being tempted to betray you - as it WAS, 'the SAME', when I walked with MY Disciples.  THEY WERE not, "LOYAL", FOLLOWERS.  They NEEDED 'much DISCIPLINE'.  They were "TRAINED, by DISCIPLINE".  BUT! - when 'the PRESSURE', was turned UP - in THEIR lives, and I was about to be CRUCIFIED - THAT, was "their big test".  They ALL "scattered, and hid".  And SO it is happening AGAIN, in My SECOND Coming through you both.  "The Kiln tests the potter's VESSEL".

“Awake, O sword, [- the words of the enemy of Souls] against my shepherd, against the man [- PPTL] who stands next to me,” says the Lord of hosts. “Strike the shepherd, that the sheep may be scattered; I will turn my hand [- "Discipline"] against the little ones. In the whole land, [- "Sodom and Egypt"]  says the Lord, two thirds [ - "a greater PORTION"] shall be cut off and perish, and one third [- referring to the Faithful Remnant] shall be left alive. And I will put this third into the fire, [- referring to Spiritual purification] and refine them as one refines silver, and test them as gold is tested. They will call on my name, [- "the Most High TRUE God"] and I will answer them. I will say, ‘They are my people’; and they will say, ‘The Lord is my God’.” 
(Zechariah 13:7-9)
Interesting note:  "Awake, O sword?"  What does that MEAN for the FUTURE of Pope Peter the LAST?  And WHO "stands next to HIM"?  Standing beside PPTL is his "very, PATIENT" Holy Guardian Angel, Saint Michael - who said, in the Testimony, "I, am ‘the Angel with the Sword’: with ‘the Flaming Sword’..."   Well then, it looks like Saint Michael is going to be VERY busy!  Because, yes, the DEVIL used "the sword of his words" against Jesus, in the desert - as the devil protested, and quoted Scripture passages.  And THEN the Most High TRUE God responded, with HIS Word.  (July 01, 2017 update)

Due to some disturbing recent trends - the call now goes out - "not to abandon the institution, and to stay INSIDE"!

The Korean Ferry Disaster (April 2014)
The Sewol Ferry Disaster
304 people perished, by staying inside, AS the ship SANK!  The announcement that broadcast through the public address system as the boat was capsizing and sinking: "Do not move. Just stay where you are. It's dangerous if you move, so just stay where you are". ( )
The Grenfell Towering Inferno (June 2017)
It is REALLY quite clear, that
"Hell has NOW come down to Earth" - just in case you were waiting for, "a SIGN"
And if you don't agree with that conclusion, then ask yourself THIS question,
WHERE is God, in that building?  Why didn't HE intervene, to get those people to safety?
Why didn't their Guardian ANGELS simply lead them to the stairwells?
At least 80 people perished because of the "STAY PUT POLICY" that was in effect, in the event of fire.  ( )
Fire action sign displayed in a block near Grenfell Tower (Getty Images)
Sexual perversity and drugs in the Vatican (July 2017)
"...faithful Catholics must not abandon their Mother, the Church, in the face of such evil."  ( )

Jesus said: As long, as he clings to the institution My children, his Soul will go down with it – as those, who cling to the institution, when the Truth has been revealed to their hearts, go down as well.  The institution is ‘a sinking, oil, tanker’, and it is causing much trouble for My faithful Remnant followers. [- those who will FOLLOW Him, out of their CHURCHES]  How can they be saved, if they cling to a sinking ship?  There is a new boat I want My followers on, and it is very different, than the institution itself; and the boat, will sail these souls to safety; because the cross of redemption is what is necessary, in order for souls to be saved.  It is not comfortable what I am asking, of My followers; but just like in My time, when the Pharisees took over the law and the scriptures, and often distorted them to suit their own purposes – so too are they doing this again; but this time through the Roman Catholic Hierarchical structure.  It is better that My Faithful Remnant followers, have no routine, within that religious institution, and, have no faith in those ‘princes of demons’; than to be fed, so much poison – only to the detriment of their own souls.  (February 20, 2012 (July 09, 2017 update)

Mona is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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